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12:00 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm assuming the article didn't speak of the UDID in positive light?
It lauded UDID registration as the best thing since sliced bread
My guess is he's getting DDoSed due to internet
I love that the article mentions that it's against the developer agreement, adds a statement from Apple saying they're threatening civil and criminal action against people who do it, yet concludes with… "eh, they haven't yet, so… you should totally do it."
12:05 AM
@MarkTrapp and then apple shuts down all the accounts!
Oh but they won't do it because the article says Apple would have to keep buying UDIDs to check who owns the account
Or they could just get a subpoena
365 DPS with 195 Vitality, Int, and Attack Speed. Level 56. Any good?
@MarkTrapp Yeah, Baio tends to get a little bit overexcited about this stuff I find.
Take that Arqade!
12:20 AM
@GnomeSlicE Clever
I suppose Gnome.SlicE would have been better.
I made a bid on an amulet with more than a day left. Someone outbid me with 5 seconds left.
@StrixVaria Because there's no point in trying to snipe before that point.
Q: I've captured some Great Prophets, now what?

RapidQAI've managed to capture two great prophets, but they aren't the same religion as the one I founded. I created Shinto, but now I have a Great Prophet from Buddhism and one from Confucianism. What can I do with these units? Is there a point to using them to spread different religions to my city? ...

12:30 AM
@fbueckert The Int amount may be more important than Vit; way I look at it - str always wants vit (melee), dex on weaps wants vit (same), dex on bows & int doesn't find vit as important (ranged)
@Alok 91 Int; it's not awesome, but it's respectable for level 56.
Its decent; but tbh for some reason I have a hard time selling some of these 'I think they're decent' stuff for really cheap (like, less than 3x the vendor cost)
On the plus side, I got an 800 DPS 1 hander for barbarians.
Are you playing a dex class by any chance?
@Alok Monk. :P
12:37 AM
Ah :) I asked because, after getting a lot of semi-decent STR drops on DH ... I'm beginning to get sympathetic to the conspiracy theories that drops favor a different class from what you play.
My solution is to work on getting all of them to 60 so they can find stuff for each other :D.
12:59 AM
Q: Is there any way to remove or replace the pre-rendered cut scenes from my installation?

Mr. NovemberDiablo 3 comes with a number of cut scenes, and as well put together as they are, I don't really intend to watch them multiple times. I've got Diablo 3 on an SSD, so if there's a way to remove these from my installation completely it would be greatly appreciated.

Is it just me, or did the AskQuestion® Mothership get a cosmetic upgrade?
There are "S" and "E" panels on the sides now.
@BrQAnt Those definitely weren't there before.
user image
Yeah, but did that happen with the Arqade launch, or some time after?
@BrQAnt those have been there for a while from what I recall
1:14 AM
Wow, just found out something neat.
Apparently if you don't have the cutscenes downloaded yet and you do something in-game that triggers one, it streams a low-res version from blizzard's servers.
Like youtube 420p quality
That's neat
@BrQAnt They got it when Jin added the lazers
Buh, these guys are amazing.
1:29 AM
Q: Is the Stats panel gone with Zynga's first big update?

benjynitoThere used to be stats available (see http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/56582/how-are-coins-distributed). With the most recent update from Zynga - is this gone? I guess it makes sense - seeing how un-statistical things like Words with Friends and others are.

@James @Sterno @fbueckert you know what just occurred to me, and made me feel like an idiot? I can vent to space to stop fires... facepalm
@agent86 Or... you could stop lighting things on fire you pyro. Also, a fire extinguisher might be cheaper.
@EBongo unfortunately, my guys apparently suck with a fire extinguisher. also, stuff tends to catch fire on it's own
1:45 AM
@agent86 Also, for you and others that asked how to decode QRs without a leetsauce phone (phisht!), here is a link - zxing.org/w/decode.jspx
@EBongo you probably missed this, but it is lol-worthy: us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5889888966
You'll need to download the image, gravitar doesn't seem to like to expose the image in their URL.
@EBongo I'll just hold my phone reeeallly close to the monitor.
or it could be a player called bad luck :O — ronnie Feb 1 at 11:43
So pro much
@BrQAnt Well, you can blow up the image if you click on it, but @agent86 's gripe was that he didn't have the technology to decode it. Actually I think this link is better given the extensive research I had to do: lmgtfy.com/?q=online+qr+reader
1:57 AM
@agent86 If you want funny posts; did you read us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5794090224
Q: When would I use Venom Hydra over Mammoth Hydra, and vice versa?

BrQAntOn paper, Venom Hydra and Mammoth Hydra seem very similar. Both have an AOE effect that deals damage per second to enemies that remain in it, except that Mammoth Hydra deals more (22% vs. 18%). I'm assuming that Blizzard wouldn't have designed them such that one is better in every situation. Wha...

@LessPop_MoreFizz always thinking outside the box. wipes proud tears from proud eyes
@agent86 Why do you think I was telling you to keep your unused rooms vented?
Hm, did they change how authenticators work for Diablo III? Used to have to authenticate every log in, now haven't had to authenticate since yesterday
@MarkTrapp Not a new change. They changed that for WoW a while back.
If your IP doesn't change, you'll only need the code periodically.
2:07 AM
I got to meet the actual factual @BrettWhite
@MarkTrapp Your install-specific GUID factors into it somehow too.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I play WoW too, but I mean, I've gotten asked for the code every log in in both WoW and Diablo III up until yesterday
@MarkTrapp Huh. I stopped getting daily authenticator checks right before I /wowquit about a year ago.
I don't know what the actual rules are, but as long as you're below some kind of suspicious-activity-threshold you won't get asked every time.
@OrigamiRobot don't forget @KateyHW and @AbbyT.Miller!
2:09 AM
This is the first time I've ever got a Taylor Swift song stuck in my head as a direct result of browsing Stack Exchange.
@IanPugsley Yes, I didn't know their usernames
Hmm is Desecrator fire or arcane damage?
@Alok Fire I think
@Alok Pretty sure it's physical, actually.
@LessPopMoreFizz: Ok good, my data-point-that-no-longer-applies is making the correct assumption.
@fbueckert: ... and you had to confuse me further :(
2:14 AM
Q: What type of damage is the desecration effect?

RapidQAI'm attempting to build up some resistances for the higher difficulty and was wondering what type helps against the desecrator affix.

Shows what I know.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I have a freakishly good memory.
I just never really bothered to look into it.
Good find, but that probably has the Brady guide in turns for its source; and that has a lot of incorrect sections (but in this case I'm giving it benefit of the doubt)
@fbueckert it (sorta) makes sense as physical - if it were fire, both Molten and Desecrator would be fire
2:20 AM
Guess we should be thankful there is no cold patches equivalent that snares you just for getting in melee range, ala Duriel
League of Legends is down, Diablo 3 is patching.
Darn it, I just want to play a game! :(
D3 is patching again? For what?
For "I didn't download 1.3 earlier this week"
If someone posts a placeholder answer on my question, is it bad form for me to self-answer?
2:31 AM
What is a placeholder answer, 'hang on I know this, will type it up soon'? I hope that isn't encouraged behavior
@Fluttershy No. It is never bad form to self answer if there's a good answer.
@Alok He answered the first half of the question, and then said "I'll edit the rest in when I figure it out."
@LessPop_MoreFizz Alright. Thanks.
I haven't killed a single Treasure Goblin in all of Hell difficulty. They just have too much HP. :(
(Either that or I unload everything on them, ignoring the purple mob in the room, with disastrous results)
@BrQAnt Gotta clear around them first.
@BrQAnt: Look for some indentation in the surrounding region border or a room corner etc. where you can trap them to do full dps instead of chasing all around.
2:45 AM
I usually keep a Hydra up at the forward edge of the screen as I advance to get the jump on enemy packs, so half the time the only time I notice a goblin's presence is a trail of gold leading away from all the loot after the battle has ended.
@Fluttershy Not since the pot nerf in 1.03 it ain't.
@Fluttershy See, if this was how Diablo was actually, then I would totally play it
(That is to say, Whimsyshire runs were profitable simply because of all the clouds there. Now pots/breakables only drop gold.)
I still cannot get over this sentence: "Mr. Edwards, 58, faces six counts of BEATS BY DRE HEADPHONES."
2:53 AM
Sometimes spam is just plain entertaining
@BrQAnt That sentence is just so perfect.
So right.
Oh, Gamehouse. "Coronation Street: Mystery of the Missing Hotpot Recipe" Hidden Object game....that is just scraping the bottom of the idea barrel.
> The Pocket Dimension: It's a bit like if Doctor Who was a hoarder.
I have never wanted half a bar of XP more than I do right now.
3:10 AM
@BrQAnt Why does everyone find more awesome stuff than me?
I found it on the auction house for 70k
@BrQAnt Revised: Why does everyone find much better stuff on the AH than me for cheap?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I've done this SO often.
@fbueckert I've gotten better, but yeah, I used to do that so goddamned much.
It took me forever to realize hyperbole is pronounced hi-per-bo-lee, not hyper-bole
3:14 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz This is why I avoid saying those words until someone else does.
@fbueckert OH THIS. Oh, this.
@AshleyNunn The brain would parse it, but it would come back without a match. It had to rely on context use-case to rough out the meaning.
In D3, different item slots favor certain stats, right? Like, you're likely to get better stat allocations of, say, int depending on whether the item is a helm or pants?
Jeez, I sound like a programmer with that.
@MarkTrapp Not really.
3:17 AM
@fbueckert That would explain why I dont understand it.
The only thing that's specific to item slots is maximum sockets.
@fbueckert What about movement speed? Lots of things I've read say "you should get +x% movement speed on your boots"
@MarkTrapp Hmm. Forgot about that one.
@MarkTrapp Some stats are only available on certain item slots
@LessPop_MoreFizz Unless it's a legendary/set item.
3:19 AM
Base stats like int and dex aren't ever an issue, but Movespeed only appears on slots x y and z, and attack speed only on a b and c, and life on hit only on d e and f, etc.
@fbueckert Correct, for which, see the question I got down voted a bunch for.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Link?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Maybe that's what I'm getting at. I dunno. I'm trying to be more efficient with my item purchases and I'm wondering if itemization rules like that are defined somewhere
Q: Which legendary items are useful at max level/in Inferno?

LessPop_MoreFizzLegendary items in Diablo 3 max out at level 62. This means that, strictly speaking, a Legendary item in any given slot, will not be the best item available in that slot. As with all things however, there are exceptions. You see, the thing is, there are a few legendaries, like The Flavor of Time...

The answer is high on info, but it's an absolute mess, and I'm pretty sure he's missing a few.
@BrQAnt I got a 700s dps bow off AH for around 2k, but in general prices seem to be skyrocketing - gz on the lucky find
3:27 AM
Is anyone playing a wizard past Nightmare? Trying to figure out what I should be focusing on in terms of stats
Err do wizards really focus on anything other than int/vit? Lots of Vit if you die too much or suck at kiting; else just enough to take the occasional 2 or 3 unlucky hits
I dunno, do they? I've been completely winging it up till now
Q: What are the names of all the books in Quantum Conundrum?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftThe book titles in this game are hilarious! What are they all?

@MarkTrapp I will add one thing from personal experience - atleast in Inferno, boots MUST have movement speed. When I ditched lower level boots w/ MS for some higher int, I kept cursing myself till I finally remembered to buy replacement when not playing.
Of course, since Movt Speed seems required maybe Blizzard will nerf that next :p
@MarkTrapp I am in Inferno and still winging it - so you really want a good answer from some other wiz; but higher Int (& hence dmg) helps a LOT. Also, Blizzard + venom hydra is awesome, even for a noob who doesn't use teleport
I'm already set on a build
3:33 AM
@Lazers This kind of strikes me as more of a trivia question...
Oh I just mentioned blizz/hydra coz that works well for me; there are plenty of builds that are good.
@Fluttershy Are trivia questions bad? I was going to ask something that falls in that category :(
@Alok I think, in general, the users tend to frown on them as they aren't really problems.
Hmm, by that token there should be no questions on lore or storylines
@Alok Honestly, I don't know the exact reason. ._. I just know trivia questions are generally unwelcome...
Oh well, I will post & take my chances :)
3:44 AM
@MarkTrapp or @LessPopMoreFizz might know better though! =D
Eh, I don't have a problem with that specific question other than it's another collectible/gamefaqs question
Trivia to me are things like "What day was Diablo 2 released?" or "Who's Max Schaeffer's favorite Powerpuff Girl?"
'that' being Quantum Conundrum or the one I just posted on D3 uniques?
The Quantum Conundrum question
"Who's Max Schaeffer's favorite Powerpuff Girl?" definitely not Bubbles, too upbeat - I guess Buttercup?
3:50 AM
@MarkTrapp Magic.
@GnomeSlicE Of all the unhelpful answers one could provide, that is the most unhelpfulest.
@MarkTrapp You're very welcome.
@Alok 'Who's Max Schaeffer'?
Creative guy for D1 & D2
Now in Runic games making Torchlight 2 - hmm, that is quite cartoony; maybe he did switch to liking upbeat chars :p
@Alok Torchlight isn't really cartoony.
It's just a different art style.
I actually haven't played it; just read all the angsty posts on D3 forums
3:58 AM
Heh. I just gave away some of my random unsellable junk to friends.
Q: What is the largest world map anyone has created in Minecraft?

travisWhat is the largest world map that anyone has created from exploring? Is there a maximum size? I'm curious, because I'm generating a map using Tectonicus for a single-player world where I have explored quite a bit and right now java.exe is using over 9.5GB of RAM.

Q: Is there a way to increase the resolution?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftThe game won't let me increase my resolution over 1280x1040. I have become spoiled by modern graphics. Is there a way to increase the resolution over this?

Q: Lore/back story associated with various legendaries and set items

AlokThere are a ton of sets and legendary items in Diablo III. Several of them are inspired from other game/story universes or some event in them. I found out about a few through the battle.net forums or Game Guide comments, and am interested in a complete list. Some examples: Guardian's Regalia: ...

Q: Appearance of sets on characters ingame

AlokIs there any resource for how characters look when wearing a complete set? I am specifically interested in Captain Crimson's Attire or Aughild's Treasured on a male Barbarian, but would prefer a general answer for all sets & characters.

4:15 AM
Hit level 60, doubled my DPS with one gear swap, ran into a treasure goblin, and turned it into sticky goo.
I guess this means I win.
4:29 AM
Q: Is there a way to turn on anti-aliasing?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftI've become spoiled by modern graphics. I'd like anti-aliasing in this game, but there isn't an option for it in the menus. Is there a way to turn it on? I've found this steam forum post, but either I am doing something wrong or it doesn't work for me. Maybe someone else will have better lu...

4:54 AM
Huh, you apparently get an email when you sell something on the RMAH
lololol There's a book in Quantum Conundrum called " ಠ_ಠ Book of Disapproval "
5:27 AM
Nooooo! They took away the only remaining heart! D=
Q: Civilization V Gods and Kings does not install

OakI have purchased Civilization V Gods and Kings but it is not automatically installed by Steam even though it's listed as a DLC so it should, how do I make it install?

Huh... I didn't even realize there were two people actively watching the Bridge to star that. <.< Cheers... Also, goodnight.
@Fluttershy Night!
7:29 AM
Q: Is there a chart showing all unit upgrade paths in Civilization 5 Gods & Kings?

OakIs there a chart showing the upgrade paths for the units? Something like Warrior → Spearman → Pikeman... for all of the units, similar to the chart on this site for vanilla.

2 hours later…
9:08 AM
Q: What effect does serial downvoting have on my rep cap?

fredleySo I was the victim of serial downvoting the other day, and just had it automagically reversed. Rather than simply removing the previous votes, I was given a bonus lump of rep with the reason "serial downvote reversal". The downvotes and the bonus show up on different days. Since a whole day's qu...

9:32 AM
Q: Does the choice of religion (not beliefs) has any impact?

OakI just had the chance to found my first religion, and am offered with a list of religions to choose from, such as Buddhism, Judaism etc. I understand that I then choose a founder and follower belief and they have an impact on the game, but does the religion choice itself has any impact? In other...

Q: When should I choose Ceremonial Burial and when Peace Loving?

OakI want to take a founder belief which will provide additional happiness. I'm unsure about the benefits of Ceremonial Burial vs. Peace Loving: Ceremonial Burial +1 Happiness for each city following this religion Peace Loving +1 Happiness for every 5 followers of this religion in non...

Q: Which is the most effective Sniper Rifle, and where can I lay my hands on one?

DMA57361As with the demo, I already find my Infiltrator Shepard is leaning towards sniper rifles as a primary weapon. So, excluding anything DLC or otherwise not in the core game, which Sniper Rifle has the highest DPS and which has the highest damage per individual shot? And where in the single player ...

Lots of posts saying "the best..."
super subjective
9:59 AM
@ickleislands Not really. If you read the linked question it asks for sniper rifles that excel in certain stats. That's completely objective.
The answers is what I meant
the question is fine in itself
Half of the answers state 'best' without quantifying why
I guess it's time to download the WoW beta
10:16 AM
Also, Zeus damn it. Apparently ANimal Crossing 3DS was pushed back to 2013 outside of Japan.
11:14 AM
Oooh, Research Assistant. Didn't know that was a badge!
11:29 AM
@QAdley Is it for burning ALL the tags?
@Wipqozn No! It's for burninating all the tag wikis!
@QAdley Even better!
@Wipqozn high-five
Incidentally, how does a tortoise high-five?
Or for that matter, how does a pork chop?
@QAdley Very slowly.
@Wipqozn Sexy
11:36 AM
Oh, it's almost July. That means The Dark Knight releases soon.
.oO( zzzzz )
11:49 AM
I am sick of people who get paid more than me being half as useful
I've just been told that the only way I can investigate an issue I'm having with a standalone report that doesn't connect to a database - simply shows a picture, with a parameter to show the picture or not - is to do a SQL profiler and email it over to him
12:07 PM
The Mario MArathon begins in 2 hours.
@Wipqozn Awww, I'll miss the start.
@RonanForman Well, on the bright, we're the top donator. our total donations being ~4x the second highest donator.
pentagram + pee + range... but only 3 hearts :/
12:15 PM
@Wipqozn That's a classic.
12:25 PM
depths 2 get
oh god
I still have 3 hearts (except out of 6)
@QAdp Binding of Isaac?
I'd normally just look at steam, but I'm not home so that's not an option.
That reminds me. I should try and get The Ship working.
half a heart... arcade room
I kept getting an error that wouldn't let me join servers. Most annoying.
I'm still no closer to getting mom. Bah
well I killed lust, so I guess that's one seventh of one item's progress. yay. ._.
12:33 PM
@QAdp: Re: Your response to my comment on tagging. That's what I thought our policy was, but I noticed Qak/Raven adding the Civ-5 tags to questions about the expansion, so I wasn't sure.
What I write doesn't necessarily match what others do
indeed, the overlap is monotonically decreasing
and I'm kind of powerlessly watching :/
mental note to self, don't try answering linux questions
@QAdp You could just rageban everyone.
I've actually noticed that as well. You seem to have a differing viewpoint from a lot of the community.
ALso, every time this songs comes up in my playlist I think someone is calling me:
ah, now I get it.
12:49 PM
blech, ded again.
Markdown only parses it even the v is the first param in the url.
I don't typically get this frustrated by roguelikes
I thought you were an old pro at Roguelikes?
I just like to play them and fail horribly at each and every one of them
Well then. The illusion has been shattered.
Okay, I am not typing out 30 lines of html for each of these damn fields. I need to come up with some function to do it for me.
12:53 PM
@Wipqozn Where?

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