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9:00 PM
One guy had tons of set gear too; and was using a crappy unique with bad dps ... guess probably someone with a credit card and no sense
@fbueckert Will consider it after I have a bit more gear; I'm sure everyone here has far better stuff than me
Ha - that list has @spugsley and @skovacs1 in Normal, it needs a lot of updating
@Alok :p yes indeed
Apparently @fbueckert is running around Normal with a Monk :p
9:05 PM
> dude worste advice ever, you're telling people to kite with caltrops and smokescreen when in danger...LOL, both are on the "1" key you twit. They'd have to change skill mid fight, which would then make using SmokeScreen not viable.
ye olde worste advice
@Wipqozn I assume you can change what skills are on what hot keys.
Need to enable the fairly buried elective mode to do so for skills of the same type though
Is this an obvious thing? I'm trying to work out how amused to be.
Only slightly then.
9:13 PM
All the links to legally dubious streaming of TV shows for the episode I want to watch have a 5 second audio lag. #firstworldproblems
@RonanForman Not very, but if you're an internet tough guy, you probably frequent the million and four websites that document it
Like ours.
@RonanForman: I thought of making a question on 'what do I need to know about the D3 interface' to document elective mode, allow quick join etc.; but got shot down in chat :)
@Alok Yeah, very open ended.
@Alok You're probably getting sick of people telling you this, but SE is about specific questions, not "tell me everything I don't know" lists.
9:17 PM
I'm not sick of it; I do get good tips on what not to ask here.
In the above case; I knew it was a bit open ended - but it is helpful to a lot of users, and addresses questions that come up very often (fairly sure there are around 10+ ques. on elective mode alone). Anyway, I didn't actually make that question so you can all relax :)
I got a shoutout on Mario Marathon by tweeting about how annoying the commentary was!
@Alok Fair enough, it just seems like your questions are getting shot down a lot in here :P
@StrixVaria Wow this is brutal to watch
@Resorath Yeah really.
I want to watch it but I really can't.
That's why I usually ask the borderline ones here to see if they're ok ;) Missed the lore one though, it was a tricky edge case (ingame lore allowed, out of game not) that I hadn't considered :/
Ya I can't watch this either. and why does the Indian guy make every word a sentence
@StrixVaria Oh god the production quality is abysmal
Thank. You. Mel. Get. Well. Soon.
9:24 PM
These guys must be stoned, unless this is what "hardcore gamers" look like.
We should really do a Arqade meetup at some point.
@Resorath That's what a bunch of guys with no self awareness and/or concern for the quality of their work look like
LOL! He lives with his Mum.
@RonanForman we'd have to host it at the center of the earth
@RonanForman This sounds good until you realize how spread out we are.
9:25 PM
When people think of bad let's plays, they picture people like that
So cliché.
@MarkTrapp I picture me.
@agent86 Maybe do NA and EU ones
@RonanForman Do you plays kazoos while playing? If so, you're close
@Alok I never updated my status on there. :)
@MarkTrapp Not that bad.
@RonanForman besides the people I already knew personally before joining here, I think most of the people I've met have been east coast or canadian... still quite a drive! you guys in europe might have an easier time.
9:30 PM
A Europe one would be cool, we could all go see @MadScientist
He's in Germany right?
So I have level 27 gloves with 101 int, 13 vit, 5% attack speed, 8% magic find, 2% crit, and pickup radius +5 yards. Been trying to replace it for a while, but when I can find anything remotely close, everything has a 250k buyout or higher. I think I bought them for like 5k
Even better we could all go meet at Minecon, seeing as that's in Europe next time.
@MarkTrapp drop the AS, MF, crit & pickup reqs and just search for say 120 int 40 vit with a 5k buyout? No access to D3 to check but shouldn't be that hard to find similar stuff
I have a shoulder with 161 Int and nothing else (well, 63 dex >_< ) - and I'm finding it very hard to get anything without going to 125 int or less
@Alok pickup radius is a quality of life stat for me. Don't really care about MF; crit and AS are good, but even dropping all of that, there's very little on the AH for >100 int > 25 vit.
I like seeing the ilvl on unidentified items. When I see that occasional rare ilvl 63 item drop, I can take a moment to savor the possibility it might be good before ID'ing it and invariably being disappointed!
9:40 PM
At any rate, I'm more thinking heck if a level 27 item has this amount of desirable stats, I'm gonna be living on easy street when I sell it
@MarkTrapp: Do you always filter by buyout? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/68639/…
@Alok Yes, but I'm not asking for pro tips on how to find stuff on the AH: I'm just amazed similar stuff to my low level item I bought for peanuts is selling for silly prices
I know, somehow when I post things on AH they never sell for crazy prices but if I'm looking for something similar it is often listed with some interesting markup :(
I think the highest selling price I got so far is some 12k (-15%) for a 3 slot armor with 83 vit and some GF
which was buyout though, so I underpriced :(
I've been getting low-level legendaries that I've been able to sell for 50-75k because people see "ooh orange"
Ok, so the 12k is 2nd highest - forgot I sold Starfire for 150k, its actually usable for its level though
9:48 PM
Glad to see we're still in the lead.
@Wipqozn It's a contest man.
@GnomeSlicE Yes it is.
The site that wins is morally superior than other sites.
Nobody is getting my current name change.
9:49 PM
@GnomeSlicE Why did you change it?
It needs to be more obvious.
@GnomeSlicE SE
GSEnomeSlice should work.
9:49 PM
@GnomeSlicE WE GOT IT
@Mana Did you? DID YOU?
I think the problem is the S doesn't stand out
I wouldn't have noticed the capital S if you didn't say something about ti meaning something.
@Wipqozn Because it's always capitalized, I know.
I could point something out here, but it'll be funnier if I don't.
Wait, so what does GnomeSlicE's new name mean?
9:51 PM
@MarkTrapp It's my response to the 'QAdp' thing going around.
@MarkTrapp I think it means he loves the new name.
@Wipqozn You're funnier if I don't! Burrrn
@Wipqozn No
@GnomeSlicE Yes, but what does it really mean?
@Mana It's about the disparity of your face.
9:52 PM
Should just rename to "Bring back Gaming.SE I'm not a fan of Arqade or people's enthusiasm thereof". It'll fit
@GnomeSlicE well that's just plain rude.
@RonanForman Oh snap
Let's try and examine the etymology of GnomeSlicE.
@Mana Sounds risky.
@Wipqozn most things in life are.
@Wipqozn So's crossing the road.
9:54 PM
@Mana It has its origins in late paleo-gallic tribes who then migrated across the Rhone, when it was assimilated into the northern germanic tribes and written as GnømëSłicë. The root Gnø- means "I hate", whereas the phoneme "më" means "change"
@Mana I've changed my mind, can you change my name to GnømëSłicë.
@Gnome Why don't you do it?
@MarkTrapp what does Słicë mean?
@RonanForman shh, don't tell him the obvious way to do it!
@RonanForman Because I just changed it. I can't change it for another month or something.
I thought.
@Wipqozn Oddly, "Eat at Joe's"
9:57 PM
> I hate change. Eat at Joe's.
Also, I don't actually want my name changed to that.
@GnomeSlicE == A bit of Wisdom
@GnomeSlicE I'd just like to point out that if I was elected mod, I would have been more than happy to change your name! (To "Wipqozn is Awesome")
@Wipqozn Good thing you will never, ever be mod.
@Mark I thought it meant "of names"
@RonanForman No, I hate change of all kinds.
9:59 PM
@GnomeSlicE We shall see.
@Wipqozn Never, ever.
Also, just bought Gods and Kings.
@RonanForman That sense of the word wasn't introduced until the Second Velociraptor War of Transnistria, where Vlad the Renamer sacked the castle of Joe, 4th viscount of Eastern Thrace
Viscount Joe being renowned for his network of serf-based eateries
Interesting, do you have this information in infograph form?
10:01 PM
hm... magdalene with 8 max hp and chargeable piercing tears at the end of Caves 1
What. Why does Desura give me an error when I try to re-download Out There Somewhere?
@QAdp it's just not fair
@Mana lol I'm going to die to the first bunch of jumping men
@QAdp pfft, newbie
10:03 PM
Oh please. The right term is 'noob'
after a while I've decided fuck this, I'm going to spoil myself 100%
and then the jumping men came and I lost two hearts
@QAdp Game?
It's the only game that gets people to continuously ask me, "what game is it?"
BoI I guess. Am I right?
too easy! no cookie for you!
@QAdp Oh, Team Fortress 2.
10:07 PM
@GnomeSlicE To the corner!
@QAdp nope.avi
So because I can get it it's easy. Guys, everything I can do is easy.
lol, health down pills
And your all idiots for not being able to do them.
looks fair
@RonanForman are you telling me "your"/"you're" is hard? :P
10:08 PM
Fuck you Desura. exeunt
hm... what's better, 1 heart every 5 rooms or 12 seconds of invulnerability every 3?
@RonanForman Welcome to my life.
@Fluttershy right click on the game in your Steam library and click 'Delete Local Content'
will cancel the download and remove it from the list
Question! If I asked a question, making mention of a step I took that didn't work... And then discovered that that very step did work after doing it a second time, should I self-answer stating that it was an odd bug? Or should I just delete?
@ickleislands I did this. It didn't work. I restarted Steam, and it was still there... Restarted Steam again and it is gone. So... I fear I asked that question in haste.
Been there done that
I didn't even read what you put
saw the title and answered :p
The question itself is probably valid
you could edit it so it fits with the answer
but if not there's no point in not nuking it
10:12 PM
@Gnome Why'd you say that?
@Fluttershy Is the non-working step reproducible and/or obvious? Or was it just a fluke?
would be worth testing
@MarkTrapp I'm assuming it was a fluke. My computer acts poorly at times. It is a pile of crap.
@Fluttershy I'd say delete then
10:16 PM
@MarkTrapp Gonna have to flag it for deletion. It has answers and can't be deleted. x_x
I'm a massive idiot
I bought number one when I had piercing shots and chocolate, thus only effectively losing ALL the range
and then I died
oh well
Q: Under what condition does the AI share an intrigue with you?

OakSo King Kamehameha just warned me that he is spying on Attila the Hun and that Attina is planning to backstab me with his fleet. Very cool. I also share intrigue with AI civs when I want to increase my reputation with them, but my question is, how does the AI decide whether to share an intrigue w...

Q: How do you open the door to Mr. Burks office?

user28015I am currently doing a Factory 0 playthrough of "The Missing Link" and I need to get into Mr. Burks Office. Now when I get there, there is a camera pointing at the door and one guard. I am unable to take out the guard or hacking the door without getting spotted by the camera. I know that there ...

Q: Do two Minecraft blocks connected diagonally form an effective wall?

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Q: Is Cthulhu harder, or just longer?

Joe WreschnigI've got Elder Sign: Omens for the iPad and after resigning my first game halfway through I've won the next six, five of which were on the so-called "hard" difficulty, and all of which were with a random four person party. I was very disappointed that the Azathoth game was basically the same as t...

10:32 PM
Reddit is gaining on us! D=
@QAdp Pretty much sums up every Modern Warfare video ever...
Okay, that was hilarious.
During the long intro I was thinking "great, here comes another series of shots carefully edited to make the player look skilled"
and… well, it certainly delivered on that expectation.
in other news
> Mmmmph mmmmph, mmmmm mmmmmp mmmmmph. Mmmmmph mpm! Mmmmmph mph mm! Hm mmmmmph, hmmmmph mm mmmmmph mmmmmph!
> -- --- -. -.. .- -.--
coincidentally my exams start monday \o/
10:51 PM
All this time it's been morse code?
Well it makes sense, doesn't it?
Q: How do the "Level range" fields work in the AH?

ayckosterI have an iLvl 63 one hand mace that deals 600 DPS and has some other goodies, most notably the required level is reduced by 8. This means this particular item can be used by level 52 chars. I checked if there were any such weapons available and found none. As my weapon surpasses every similar i...

Q: Can I make other sims to break up?

yasar11732If I know a sim has a partner, but I want my sim to be that sims partner, I can make other sim to break up? For example, if I romance it hard enough, will "ask to break up with partner" or similiar be available? Or is it impossible?

@GnomeSlicE I think its Binding of Isaac; seems fairly popular among g.se questions
11:11 PM
Kitten vs. Bunny Rabbit.
head explodes
@BrQAnt lol
rabbit got vicious at the end
kept the pressure up :P
Anybody see the irony in this?
@ickleislands What a stupped dog.
I think the dog is clever
Understands not to knock over the cans in case they have something in them
Its owner however... ;)
11:26 PM
@ickleislands Read the comments, did we.
I try to avoid youtube comments
it's the truth either way
every other dog I've ever met would have just knocked them all over
I left Megabyte Punch (which is 36 megabytes) to download a little over an hour ago. It's nearly done.
For fuck's sake, hurry the Christ up
bursting balloon looks amazing
11:33 PM
@ickleislands Okay, time to stop posting the suggested videos.
i know
I get stuck on youtube if I get linked a good video with decent suggestions
I am actually watching them all before I link :P
Did you just make that specifically for now?
because I don't believe you
@ickleislands No.
Q: So I heard you like Magic cards

OrigamiRobotAfter the people over at Board & Card Games made a promotional Magic card, I thought it would be fun to card-ify some of the people here. They were apparently very popular (mostly) and people were asking for more. So here are some of the cards I made. If you want to make your own, just dow...

I take it you haven't seen this.
No I haven't seen this
this looks interesting
11:41 PM
Well, enjoy.
congratulations on invoking my ADD and getting me off youtube
Back over to you, Youtube.
I love that short film.
@ickleislands Watch it, it's beautiful.
That is beautiful
11:44 PM
No it isn't.
Watch the goddamn film.
This is better
Also, I can almost guarantee that that guy pirated Sony Vegas, judging from the fact that he's asking about render settings.
@ickleislands I really doubt you've watched it already, since it's like 10 minutes long.
I have more monitors than you, don't make assumptions.
I've seen that Portal one, it's good, but I like the other one more.
@ickleislands It's not been 10 minutes since I linked it so...
me typing here != me not watching video
nor does me finding other youtube links
11:46 PM
@ickleislands It still hasn't been 10 minutes since I linked it, and the video is something like 12 minutes long.
So you can't have watched it all already.
for your 'favourite' video you should know that
Whatever, hasn't been that long.
@ickleislands Never said it was my favourite, said I really enjoy it.
It's a fantastic film.
I can't use Youtube anymore anyway, my internet has gotten too slow
some comment about cake
Whatever, I don't really care if you watch it anyway, I think it's great.
such a sad ending
11:52 PM
@ickleislands Good, isn't it? Wasn't expecting that first time I saw it.
I've been trying to watch the Portal one again because I don't remember it very well, but I gave up after only getting a few seconds buffered.
figured there was something up, no man would ever go through that much effort for a woman
@ickleislands ಠ_ಠ
it was the moment he got distressed about not colouring a single building
there was obviously something deeper going on
@ickleislands But you could see the girl by then, couldn't you?
11:55 PM
I can't get enough of this album.
you've linked this before
Oh, undoubtedly.
It's just as good now as it was then, presumably.
Well I don't think opinions shift that quickly
well obviously in some people...
I love all music though, and appreciate everything
Amen to that.
The choice between being deaf or being blind would be easy for me
11:58 PM
@ickleislands Tough, for me.
Right now I'd choose blindness.
I would become suicidal if I could never hear music again
@ickleislands I appreciate the visual arts as well. Tough call.
sure being blind would have some very severe side effects
but music makes the world go round

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