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12:01 AM
how the hell did it get to 1am without me noticing?
@ickleislands Time's sneaky like that.
I swear a minute ago it was 11
I was going to watch an episode of stargate and then go to bed
"civilization-5-gods-and-kings" comes in at 29 char
can't use ampersand or too ugly?
Can we do [civ-5] [gods-and-kings] instead?
@ickleislands Can't
12:11 AM
well for stuff like call of duty I've noticed that they're tagged call-of-duty and modern-warfare
for example
@ickleislands Uh, I think that's redundent
Since every game in the series has it's own tag I'm not sure why you'd need the series tag in addition to the game tag
To be frank I'm not sure if the series tag is needed at all. The first CoD game is called "Call of Duty" though. I think it'll be better to use the tag for that game. We have at least one question on it I think
right I'm going to go and collapse somewhere
I don't like the abbreviation, but Google seems to pick up on it. A search for "civilization 5 gods and kings faith worth" gets that question
The name "Gods and Kings" is in the body, which is where the search engine picks it up
12:22 AM
This is a dupe, but fucj searching from mobile so one of you kids can cast vote 1:
Q: Skyrim Thieves Guild Glitch?

Leo Lopez araizaOK hi guys i have been playing Skyrim alot now and I decided to do the thieves guild. I want to restore it to former glory. I have done the the extra mission like maybe 80 missions from Delvin and Vex. I got the special missions for Whiterun Windhelm and Markarth i need solitude. But!! i dont get...

oh god
my eyes
@LessPopMoreFizz the other version of that question you spoke of is here gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/47357/…
@LessPopMoreFizz: Dup of gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/37800/… I guess? Someone who knows Skyrim should check
Q: Skyrim Thieves Guild Glitch?

Leo Lopez araizaI have been playing Skyrim alot now and I decided to do the thieves guild. I want to restore it to former glory. I have done the the extra mission like maybe 80 missions from Delvin and Vex. I got the special missions for Whiterun Windhelm and Markarth I need solitude, but I dont get any more bul...

Q: Mario 63, where's the other side of Tick Tock Clock? (the backgruond)

musicwithoutpaperMario 63 (the 2D flash game based on Mario for Nintendo 64, has many of the same levels) has the Tick Tock Clock. When you access the level, you see a background with other platforms, and even a yellow star and blue angry smasher in the background (third section only I think). This is expected, m...

gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/38891/… should be the right question
@Alok agreed
anyway really going now
.o( zzz )
12:42 AM
A: How do I do the "Hook and Throw" maneuver?

Dude RancheroSperm on them, if at all possible.

lolwut? Is this... a typo (spam?)
@YiJiang It is not a typo. Nor is it game related. It is a troll.
@Fluttershy Why do these people not use correct grammar? Obviously "ejaculate on them" would achieve the desired effect. "Sperm on them" is just nonsense
@YiJiang Trolling is a art.
What type of flag did you cast, spam or offensive?
@TimStone I just put not an answer. <.<
12:48 AM
I don't think the people who feel the compulsion to take a dump on random websites have the mental wherewithal to spell a 4-syllable word like "ejaculate", so they go with "sperm"
@TimStone Sperm :P Nah, offensive
@TimStone "It is not welcome in our community"
Curse you Pineapple Smash Crew! Why couldn't you be like $0.14 cheaper!
Making sure I hit the right kill switch. :P
12:53 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz That's why the pose looks so familiar!
@Fluttershy I was just about to do that :D
@TimStone Great minds and all that. =P
1:04 AM
Music aficionados.... Listen to that.
@James, oh man, I made it to the final system and lost :(
I got torn up by some really strong rebel ship
I think I made some bad weapon choices, but I learned a lot and unlocked 2 new ships
@agent86 How can I play this game? >.>
1:14 AM
@Fluttershy right now you have to have pledged in the kickstarter, or know someone who has an extra beta key (which is how I got mine from James). I think they're targeting august for a release on Steam, though
I'd love to ask questions on the site, but since the beta's not widely available I'm a bit wary
don't really know if we've established when a beta crosses over into "valid question" territory
@agent86 Personally, I still feel that if it isn't readily available to everyone, we should wait... But that's just me. =\
@LessPop_MoreFizz I had to watch this twice before I got it. >.>
@Fluttershy The ad is coming out of his butt
@LessPop_MoreFizz Right. I didn't notice it the first time. =P
Q: How do I get a dead bulky PS3 to work again (momentarily at least)

BryceMy PS3 died recently (YLOD) and I am planning on getting a new one. However, there is a lot of data on it that I do not want to lose and I hear that the transfer process would go more smoothly if my PS3 still worked. Is there any way possible to (at the very least, momentarily) get my bulky PS3 ...

Q: Does downloaded DLC and games transfer from one PS3 to another?

BryceSince I may be switching to another PS3 soon, I was wondering if when you transfer data from one PS3 to another, does that data also include downloaded DLC? I ask because there is some paid DLC along with pre-order DLC and a few downloaded games that I don't want to lose or have to pay for again....

Q: Basic Military Setup

CanageekAlright, I lost a fortress last night due to neglecting my military (well, and not closing my airlock quickly enough.). I've been neglecting my military due to the fact the interface is the single most painful part of the game (that I've yet uncovered), and much of it is badly documented. Tasks a...

Time to see if I can ever manage to be controversial on Meta.
A: Why do we allow questions asking for guides?

LessPop_MoreFizzWhy do we allow them? Because we're Gamers, not Pedants. Okay, well those of us posting on Meta probably are pedants, but we should endeavour to restrain our pedantry insofar as it risks driving away users. The thing is, most of the time, when someone asks for a 'guide to x', they're really as...

1:45 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I've got almost a perfect record the other way... we should switch lol
1:56 AM
Q: Have whips been fixed in DF2012?

CanageekIn the last version of Dwarf Fortress I was informed that generally foreign weapons were not worth using, with the exception of whips and scourges, because the physics engine worked using speed and impact area, and turned them into lightsabers. Is this still the case in Dwarf Fortress 2012? I'd ...

Q: Mod / Tweak to increase the max selectable units in Starcraft 1

Gareth JonesI've been playing Starcraft 1 again, and have found the most annoying thing about it is that I can only select a max of 10 units at a time. This is most annoying when playing as Zerg, as I often select the lava (at the hatcheries) when wanting to select all my drones rapidly and make them borrow ...

Q: What do the colors of the city dots mean on the map?

Ben BrockaFor example New York is red (10M population), Boston is blue (4.5M) and Cincinnati is grey (2M). It seems the colors correspond to the population, but what are the thresholds? Is there anything special that the colors themselves dictate beyond an estimation of population?

Q: (Big Dreams, game dev) Where to start and how to build on my simple skills?

user1470376OK my background, I learned the ever basic C# for a semester. I have done a project in NetBeans (Java)(Small, it was a auto run CD and most of the source was given to me I just had to organize it mane make it user friendly as well as run). I have ever so basic understand of how OOP works. This i...

2:26 AM
Q: Diablo 3 J2ME Authenticator

icu222muchI am wondering where I can find/download the Diablo 3 J2ME authenticator?

2:40 AM
what say you bridge, is this:
Q: What is the best place to level in a finished difficulty?

dlanodI don't know if it's a common problem, but I finished Nightmare mode and had only just reached level 49. I can't enter Hell until I get to Level 50. What act/area/quest is the best to grind repeatedly to get the required experience as quickly as possible? Presumably the same place will be the ...

a dupe of:
Q: Most effective late-game XP farming?

ChrisSpoiler warning! Don't read if you haven't completed the game! I've completed Hell but am currently level 59 and farming xp as fast as I can to start Inferno. Because I'm a relatively squishy class (Demon Hunter) I can't quickly or easily run higher levels solo. I'm sure this is not the case or ...

@agent86 I'd like to say yes... But I'm not sure. One is unable to even get into Hell, and the other is asking specifically for hell.
@Fluttershy well, the difficulty doesn't really matter that much, since the game's the same regardless
@agent86 I'm only on Nightmare, so I couldn't say if that is true or not. <.< So I leave the decision to you.
well, so far I've found it's pretty similar until inferno (at which case leveling is not a concern, you're already at 60)
Yeah, dupe. Good answers on both though.
2:53 AM
This is stuck in my head
NetHack is the hardest thing ever and i really suck at.it and i die all the time. Why cant i stop plaaaaaying?
Glutton for punishment?
@AshleyNunn Hahahaha :P
It's not a fair game either, as far as I can tell. There are unavoidable deaths and stuff
@BenBrocka @James Got a second Solstice and a second Pearl dragon. =3
3:01 AM
@Fluttershy Where is all your hate now!? :P
@James With anyone who got two emerald dragons, or any number of Sakura dragons.
@Fluttershy Oooh, 2 of each of those :D
Luckily, the song I am listening to cheers me up.
Based on last year's totals, we have a good chance of remaining in the Top 10 contributors for Mario Marathon once SE makes their donation!
@Fluttershy nice :)
@AshleyNunn ah, the call of the roguelike.
@AshleyNunn if you own a wii, you should buy the chocobo mystery dungeon game for it
it's like a roguelike, but with more cute birds and less insanity
there's also some DS incarnations of the "mystery dungeon" series, notably Shiren (sp?) the Wanderer
3:25 AM
@Anna that is entirely likely.
@agent i played the pokemon mystery dungeon games and i like them.
Q: How are rare gems used when I purchase them?

RLHI recently downloaded Bejeweled-Blitz to my iPhone. A recent update has changed the application so that between each game, I am asked if I want to purchase a "Rare Gem". There are 5 different types of Rare Gems and, from what I can gather, the only way to purchase them is to purchase the one yo...

Nintendo DS |genre= Role-playing video game |modes= Single player |ratings= |platforms= Wii, Nintendo DS |media= |requirements= |input= |series = Chocobo series }} , is a role-playing video game published by Square Enix for the Wii. It is an installment in the Chocobo series that focuses on Chocobo and a Cid character. Gameplay The gameplay involves randomly generated dungeons and turn-based battles of the Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon title, though new elements have also been incorporated into the gameplay, such as the Job system, which features ten jobs. Different jobs change the a...
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (不思議のダンジョン2 風来のシレン Fushigi no Dungeon 2: Fūrai no Shiren) is a graphical roguelike by Chunsoft. It is the second videogame in the Mystery Dungeon series, and the first game in the series to feature all original characters. It was originally released for the Super Famicom in 1995, and has subsequently been ported to the Game Boy and Nintendo DS. A sequel, Fushigi no Dungeon: Fūrai no Shiren 2: Oni Shūrai! Siren-jō!(不思議のダンジョン 風来のシレン2 鬼襲来シレン城!), is available for the Nintendo 64. Fushigi no Dungeon: Furai no Shiren Gaiden "Onna Kenshi Asuka Kenzan!"(不思議の...
anyhow, good games :)
@agent86 Quantum Conundrum releases tomorrow at noon. I'll have my thoughts for you by this time tomorrow night. =D
@Fluttershy sweet :) Tycho from Penny Arcade seemed to imply it was very good
ok, I'm off, should've gone to sleep a half hour ago, ttyl
3:36 AM
@Agent86 those both look fun.
Bleh. Tiiiired.
Okay, seriously, [citation needed] on the whole discussion that Arqade had where it was decided that people are right to edit war to remove duplicated tags from titles, even when they're used conversationally. There are 22 questions on the front page alone that duplicate the tag in the title
@MarkTrapp I must be really tired, because I didn't understand any of this...
Methinks people were just annoyed at gameaddict for other reasons
real quick - does anyone have any good site recommendations for wallpapers (specifically, 16:10 wallpapers)?
3:41 AM
@IanPugsley I get mine from 4chan... <.<
preferably something beyond boobs and cars (I'm looking at you, wallbase...)
@IanPugsley I kinda frankenstein mine.
@Fluttershy also preferably somewhere that I won't have to scour myself with steel wool to get the nasty off
@Fluttershy judgeeeee
@IanPugsley The wallpaper board generally isn't terrible... Just stay out of everything else. >.>
3:42 AM
@Fluttershy I could've guessed that. :P
@Fluttershy Neither do I. Doesn't make any sense that 3 separate moderators jumped down gamedddict's throat in the span of 15 minutes saying something that's not even close to being correct
@fbueckert How so?
@MarkTrapp I still have no idea what you're talking about... Did I miss something?
Q: How can I flag people vandalizing my question with rollback edits?

gameaddicthttp://gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/73406/revisions They keep removing the game's name from the title which is absolutely essential for the question to make any sense.

@Fluttershy Your ahem link the other day was from there.
@fbueckert ._. oh
@MarkTrapp Oh, that... I'm in agreement with keeping the name of the game out of the title itself...
@fbueckert One day, you will forget about that, and I will stop feeling terrible.
3:45 AM
@Fluttershy I reserve the right to twig you about it until I do. :P
@IanPugsley What kind of wallpaper are you looking for?
@Fluttershy Strong enough to say if a user rolls it back, you should get in an edit war with them? If so, why aren't people's jimmies rustling regarding the extremely rampant practice all over the site?
@Fluttershy graffiti, comics, movies, tv, space, nature, architecture, technology...as long as it's not people or cars, I might like it
@MarkTrapp That was because having the title in his question made it seem too wordy though, wasn't it?
@Fluttershy If that's the reason it was so essential that the game name be removed, that's not the reason anyone gave on the meta.
3:48 AM
@IanPugsley Yeah... I'd suggest /wg/ on 4chan. Like I said, it's generally not as brain-bleaching.
@MarkTrapp I dunno then. I've just always been of the opinion that the tag does all the work, and that if I really feel the need to put the game title in, I'll put it in the question body.... Not the question title. But that's just me.
@MarkTrapp Eh, both sides were wrong, just that one was more wrong than the other. I personally see remove the game title as a positive style edit. Positive, that it may be beneficial, style because it's so minor it's almost not worth the effort in doing it unless there's something else that needs editing
@Fluttershy Sure, I'm of the same mind. But personal preference when writing titles isn't the same thing as insisting the minor edit stay for some policy reason. If gameaddict wanted the game name in the title, there isn't anything anywhere that says "no, you're absolutely wrong"
Oh, and rollback wars are never justified. Did I just repeat what all the answers have said?
@YiJiang All the answers said that: the three mod answers however added that gameaddict was in the wrong for wanting the title in the name because of previous consensus whereas I've been voted down to oblivion for suggesting that having a tag in the title is perfectly acceptable
So I'm looking for a citation that defines this consensus, because the only consensus I know was what I cited.
3:56 AM
A: Question with Vague title

Grace NoteIs it vague? Yes. Does it catch the eye as a result? Also yes, and this is a good thing as Ivo colorfully points out. The fact that it's particularly vague is not really any different than this question that also doesn't list the game name. On SO, people see a question tagged [c#], it should be ...

This is the one I found
(There was a dupe with a much more obvious title on Meta)
So I don't say that people shouldn't add game names to the titles. I'm saying we shouldn't require adding it to the title. — Grace Note Aug 12 '10 at 12:03
Right, that's an argument against requiring the game name in the title, not for removing it when it's already there.
A: Question with Vague title

tzenesA question title should contain the minimum necessary for people who know how to answer the question to recognize that fact. Long and excessive question titles serve no purpose. In your example, both questions are tagged [nethack] so that anyone curious about the title can immediately know th...

These were over the hugely popular nethack questions
why is everyone in meta so downvote happy
I think the minimum necessary argument would say that removing titles is a good thing
Or at least acceptable
this benign question has a net total of -8 votes jesus
3:58 AM
@MrNovember Look at the history
@YiJiang Eh, maybe: but if we're basing consensus off of one interpretation of one answer on a question from 2 years ago that's got numerous answers, including one with 3x as many score that defines a much weaker position… oof.
the revision history of the meta question? not seeing anything particularly enlightening
Oh, no, not this one, sorry. The other one
Meh. People are trigger happy because on Meta it's all opinions, and a lot of people disagreed with him. Vandalism is a strong word, and the fact that he took part in the edit war doesn't help
I figured, but it gets tiresome looking at meta and seeing that so often on just simple questions
gameaddict has been asking a lot of low quality questions and it seems like people were interested in putting him in his place
4:03 AM
If you think it's bad here, don't ever step onto MSO
I wouldn't think of it
Q: How to know if attack speed works on Legendary items listed in AH?

DrakeSome Legendary items in Diablo 3, like for example Inna's Glory, are bugged. They declare to have Attack Speed, but in reality bonus is not working when equipped. I just read the changelog of patch 1.03 and it seems they have fixed this bug, but only for new dropped items. Legendary items...

Q: How To Do Power Leveling Faster In Diablo III?

MaypasiaboatHow to do power leveling faster in diablo III ? The Diablo 3 , no matter which class you are playing with, getting to know a good way to do power leveling is quite important. In this article,diablo3goldteam.com here provide you fast leveling guide to help you level up your character on D3 like ne...

Q: How to Make WoW Gold Fast and Free In World Of Warcraft Safely?

MaypasiaboatIt is the common knowledge about the most of online role-playing game that game players can seldom have much fun if they don't have any game currency in their game account. As well as world of warcraft. Generally speaking, making enough wow gold to have the top weapons, armor and items takes a l...

Oh god spam
@GamingTopicsFromOuside If either of those get migrated....
4:06 AM
Heh, was wondering what Ubuntu had to do with power leveling
@MarkTrapp that's the secret of Tux
@LessPop_MoreFizz thanks
@IanPugsley Also mandolux.com
4:14 AM
So, @GnomeSlice is unable to send messages. When he hits enter, it just starts a new line. When he clicks send, his text just disappears. Anyone have any ideas?
Stuck shift key, maybe?
@fbueckert That's what I thought, too. But he's typing in Steam just fine.
Says he can't click the drop-down arrow next to messages either.
That sounds like javascript blocking or something.
Try force reloading? Ctrl + F5
@YiJiang Said he tried that too.
4:18 AM
Could be a stuck key or something.
But he can star stuff. <.<
Try bashing the Ctrl and Alt keys.
Has he tried a different browser?
Also, pop open the console (ctrl + shift + I on Chrome) and see if there's any errors
I think he's trying a different browser.
@Fluttershy They finally implemented hell banning in chat? :P
4:23 AM
@MarkTrapp lol
@MarkTrapp This was my first instinct.
@James "Telepathic Space Slugs are the coolest"
@LessPop_MoreFizz The two people who were completely opposed to it are gone now
@MarkTrapp Oh? Jeff and somebody opposed it?
Jeff and waffles? Or who?
4:26 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz waffles
@YiJiang event.layerX and event.layerY are broken and deprecated in WebKit. They will be removed from the engine in the near future.
and Uncaught TypeError: Property 'div' of object [object Window] is not a function
Although waffles was speaking for SE, so they're probably all against it
@Fluttershy The first is a warning that you can ignore. The second one looks interesting
@YiJiang He's saying he's getting like 76 to 288 hits on the first warning.
Says he gets both errors when either he, or someone else, sends a message.
The warning are caused by jQuery. They're of no importance. The error is the one that may be causing problems
Has he tried other chats? MSO chat for instance?
4:30 AM
@MarkTrapp Didn't realize Waffles was resigning.
Mainly due to extreme timezone differences with the New York office it seems
Let me see if I can repro it in Chrome. No, apparently not.
@MarkTrapp Totally understandable. I have trouble coordinating with my bosses who are 1 and 3 hours off from me, so I can only imagine how bad 14 is.
Yeah, same: my sleep schedule is completely out of whack with me being on the west coast and the rest of the team being on the east
4:47 AM
@YiJiang He said it persisted in Chrome and Firefox, and MSO rooms didn't work. So he gave up and went to bed.
Weird. Maybe some sort of proxy screwed up the JavaScript file he got
Also, he asked me to share this image:
Man... Next week can't get here soon enough. x_x Stupid broken mouse.
5:03 AM
@Fluttershy I played the demo for that. It was entertaining if very repetitive. 2D Platformer isn't my favourite genre so I'm not sure. Definitely more looking forward to trying out Quantum Conundrun which I pre-ordered as soon as it was up for pre-order. I like the portal-like aspects of it from what I've seen.
@Fluttershy I actually have a bunch of spare mice from the myriad mice issues I experienced in the past.
@Fluttershy If only my current issues were so straightforward. I'm getting all kinds of weird behaviour from my machine, primarily my graphics card drivers failing and restarting and periodic other misbehaviour which I generally cannot diagnose the exact cause (Mobo, GPU, PSU, RAM, I don't know - Hardware isn't really my thing). I don't want to have to take my machine in, but the fear of losing everything is quite gripping.
1 hour later…
6:26 AM
Q: How can I train skills on Master League PES 2012?

LeandroOn the 2011 version I could pay for training the player's skills, but I can't find the option on Master League PES 2012.

6:56 AM
Q: Patch 1.0.3: Loottable of Whimshyre (Ponylevel) on Hell changed?

oeziFrom the official Patchnotes: High-end items (items level 61-63) will now drop in all Acts of Inferno and Acts III and IV of Hell The new approximate drop rates are as follows: Hell - Act III and Act IV iLvl 61: 9% iLvl 62: 1.9% iLvl 63: 0% [...] I'd like to k...

Q: Does Minimum damage and Maximum damage tooltip make sense?

ericosg Minimum damage and Maximum damage values will now display separately in an item's tooltip (i.e. "+2-4 Damage" will now display as "+2 Minimum Damage” and “+2 Maximum Damage") Isn't that counter-intuitive? I simply don't get how this is meant to be logical and make sense. Every time I look a...

7:56 AM
Q: Is there a way to use the RMAH if all you have is a pay-as-you-go phone?

AllaWe have pay-as-you-go regular cell phones (no data plan or contract, no smartphones or tablets or land line). Diablo will not allow us to use our phone numbers when we try to sign up to be able to use the RMAH. Is there anything we can do to legitimately participate in that part of the game wit...

Q: Save server list in steam to file

kantuIs there a way to back up the favorite server list in steam servers ? This gets reset most of the times during updates and its a pain to get all the servers added to this list again.

Q: Are there any perks to being able to dual-wield the same weapon?

Jeff MercadoThe ability to dual-wield the same one-handed weapon seems like the most useless ability to have out of all weapon upgrades you can earn to me (golden doesn't count). e.g., If you wanted to dual-wield two SMGs, you'd just buy two different SMGs and equip them each in a hand and you have your "du...

8:33 AM
eugh god
i feel like i've been hit by a truck
@ickleislands Go to the hospital and, if appropriate, a lawyer. Getting hit by a truck is pretty serious :P.
no i just feel like it, the intensity of my lungs attempting to purge appears to have increased exponentially since yesterday
coupled with the fact my hair got wet in the rain on the way to work, which annoyed me
@ickleislands This is serious. Wet hair? Who knows what sort of consequences this can have? Depending on the content of the rain water, this could be serious - shave your head and clean your scalp thoroughly. Being annoyed is the least of your problems :P^2.
Shave my head??
Just... lost for words
I am run out of things to review
I can't speak to the difficulties of quitting smoking for many reasons, but I can at least provide some brand of exaggerated snarky remarks (I want to say witticisms, but that feels like I'm assuming that I'm witty which is something I often question)
8:48 AM
I have noticed that since I started trying to quit, I make stupid typing errors where I'm getting words in the wrong order or simply using the wrong word altogether
'I am run out of things' ??
the word 'have' definitely echoed in my head as I typed it
@ickleislands Review in what sense? Study? Criticism? Research? Watching old shows?
noticed in some comments i've made I've said 'am' instead of 'for' and stuff like that
@ickleislands That's actually fine. It seems intentional and is easily understood.
quitting smoking causes dyslexia
review in the sense of 'doing something that isn't work related while at work'
@ickleislands Sounds like research to me, but that's because everything relates to programming.
8:51 AM
@skovacs1 try making a comment like that to my boss
"why were you on youtube all day" > "investigating google's attempted implementation of using HTML5 to stream videos over the internet" > "what?"
bad example since they still use flash
but anything other than 'cake' is beyond her
we have some awesome conversations about shoes but i feel any attempt to talk about something intellectually stimulating results in her brain malfunctioning
@ickleislands "Why were you on youtube all day?" "Listening to it to keep up to date on industry trends and new technologies in the background while I was working on code."
I would never do that
@ickleislands Listening to music in the background while writing code?
Q: Nature's Prophet: Stygian Desolator vs Assault Cuirass

paranoid-androidSituation-independently, which of these items are better suited for Nature's Prophet, and why? Stygian Desolator Assault Cuirass Thanks :)

yes music is more like it
although I did watch the 2007 all things digital steve jobs vs bill gates recently
that wasted a good hour of my 'mid afternoon' lunch
8:58 AM
@ickleislands I usually work through my lunches and eat at my desk anyways - socializing isn't something I'm doing very actively.
I haven't taken a "lunch" since I started
and normally end up staying an additional hour each day for whatever reason
but then I also have Diablo 3 and WoW installed on my work pc
@ickleislands What conversations could you possibly have about shoes? "There's a sale at shoe warehouse." "Oh. Cool" or "Can I wear slippers on casual day?" "Sure/No" or "As I am not interacting with the public, would it be alright to wear more casual footwear?" "What did you have in mind?/No." "My nice black Rockport walking shoes." "They're formal enough so sure/No," or...I'm really stretching here.
shoes are important
I just place a lower value on them than others
such conversations are rarely in the context of work anyway
and I wear trainers to work
"why do you wear shoes like that to work?" is one of the few work related questions regarding shoes that I've experienced
:5048662 I don't know that reproductive organs are the issue. I'm not terribly attractive and as such have relegated appearance to a lower priority as a lost cause. I understand design and aesthetics as they relate to shoe selection, but there's a limited selection for a men's size 13/14/15 (brand-dependent), especially when I tend to dress in dark/solid colours.
my feet are borderline children's sizes
insert "closer to cooker" comment
heard it before
9:08 AM
@ickleislands I'm not familiar with this form of comment. One sec while I google this.
@ickleislands Thanks. That was somewhat clear.
@ickleislands I'd never heard of this one. I don't get it either.
I know right
Besides, I cook and I don't find shoe size to be terribly relevant.
I can't see it would realistically ever be an issue
I hate cooking too
one of these days i'll either find somebody who can cook for me who doesn't have an issue with me playing more games than they do
9:13 AM
Being tall is actually more helpful as I can more readily access various points of storage and change work spaces more easily.
or i'll wake up and realise this was an unattainable dream
@ickleislands I didn't say I hate cooking. I dislike cooking certain things, but having the right tools is immensely helpful to liking it more. I actually quite enjoy baking.
the 'too' should have probably been a 'though'
@ickleislands I'm now wondering how our play times compare to one another, but I don't foresee such a discussion being very productive.
I already have 300+ hours in Diablo 3, while still doing a full clear of DS on wednesdays, Tier 11 on Fridays, Tier 12 on Saturdays (World of Warcraft) and playing Civilisation 5 at least every other day
9:18 AM
@ickleislands My recent play history is a bad example as I've been having hardware issues with my rig so I obviously cannot compare.
I prioritise gaming over sleep
@ickleislands Who doesn't?
morning everyone
@QAppei morning
@skovacs1 normal people
9:19 AM
@skovacs1 to the extent where I didn't sleep for 48 hours on Diablo 3 launch day, while still going to work during normal hours
which means everyone outside this chatroom :P
@QAppei Checks clock. 3 AM is morning so sure. Greetings.
> I am The Markets and I'm sick of people telling me how I feel. People keep saying I'm 'concerned' and 'confused'. It's not like I'm the one to blame for everything going tits up - guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/20/i-am-the-markets
@skovacs1 in fact this will probably sum it up, I took a week off work for Mass Effect 3 and then ended up cracking my legitimate copy (EU) due to it being released a week later over here than in America so I could complete the game before it was released, I didn't sleep until I had completed the game
Last year I did exactly the same with Skyrim, it took me Friday > Sunday to complete it, without sleep
Before that I did the same with Deus Ex HR, no sleep
I have a habit of completing games in one sitting regardless of how long that sitting needs to be
I didn't do that with D3 because it would have been simply unattainable
I tend to take my time. I've done some 72+ hour sessions before, but as I usually take my time to do everything, to min/max characters, collect 1 or even 99 of every item, max out gold, skills and stats, explore every branch of the story with every character to at the very least attain all relevant possibly endings and combinations, one sitting doesn't work out for many of the games I play.
9:26 AM
I will not say something like 'I have completed skyrim'
I have certainly completed the main story, got dragonslayer, and did it in one sitting from start to finish
but did so at the expense of a lot of content
Let me put it this way, I went out of my way for DE:HR to knock out via double takedown whenever possble everyone with a gun in every hub in the entire game without setting off any alarms in order to carry each gun back to the nearest gun vendor and maximize profit.
My first playthrough of DX:HR infuriated me
I had a clean clear with 0 kills
except for ONE
now, you know in the epilogue
before you're rebuilt, you walk into a room that has three guards in it
and they're stood on the other side of a door
you open the door, they shoot you
i got through the entirity of that room, and then agro'd one of them and killed him, thinking that the epilogue wouldnt count
my non-lethal dealing of the 'waiting for the lift' scenario later in the game was excellent
I knocked everybody out and built a wall around the lift with boxes and stuff
In that same game, I also did the same in every enclosed dungeon area, carrying a payload of weapons and ammo throughout the entire dungeon up until when I would leave said dungeon, referring to my value spreadsheet to maximize the return on each thing that I could take out of the dungeon
in my destructive playthrough, I set up mines at all of the entrances and they never even got into the lift room
and while DX:HR is not Deus Ex
It was far better than invisible war was
it felt good playing it, because it had enough of what made the original special in it
albeit watered down
and the soundtrack was really nice
@ickleislands I built a wall around the stairs before progressing through the cutscene so the enemies wouldn't come up. Then I lured the enemies up the stairs, performing double takedowns as they went back after finding nothing. I also carried every box in the entire dungeon right up until the end of the dungeon in every dungeon. Hauling those boxes and crates up that elevator was a pain - multiple trips.
9:36 AM
I really like the mass effect soundtrack too
Is youtube broken atm?
or is my internet traffic being manipulated
yeah building of walls was time consuming but fun
The game would sometimes lose boxes through the elevator or crush me to death and I'd have to reload.
felt like you were beating the game using intellgence
my biggest issue with deus ex was the boss fights
@ickleislands works fine for me
@ickleislands My biggest problem was that it was crashy.
I had major issues with bosses
I never had a single issue with DX
@ickleislands They were mostly dull and uninteresting, but not really a big deal.
9:40 AM
they were a big deal
the game allowed you to do a non-lethal playthrough
yet the bosses required lethal take downs
I got to the first boss with an inventory full of darts
Oh Steam, why won't you start? What is it this time?
True. The forced lethality was weak, but ultimately irrelevant. I never used even the non-lethal weapons during my non-lethal playthrough. I only used takedowns and I took everybody down.
my steam appears to be behaving
but I had it open already
since I never turn my pc off
@YiJiang Speaking of which, I should check out the new releases on Steam.
@skovacs1 tranq rifle was HILARIOUS, most accurate weapon in the game
9:45 AM
@ickleislands less XP though and I was min-maxing.
@ickleislands I did use some non-lethal weapons during the ambush at the crash site if I recall though
Second I realised they'd ripped out the RPG system and that you could use any weapon as standard, I stopped caring about XP
did you save malik?
saving malik on a non-lethal playthrough deserves a second achievement imo
@ickleislands It was stupid hard. Many reloads
tranq rifle made it a lot easier because of how accurate it was
only issue was the bots
I found the game had little to no replayability though
@ickleislands I find the fact that the tanks explode, thus killing enemies near them to be a problem for the non-lethal run.
but I got more than 30 hours of playtime in total out of it so it wasn't that bad
@skovacs1 kiting for the win
9:48 AM
@ickleislands pretty much 0. One non-lethal and one lethal run.
couldn't even really play around with builds, since you ended up unlocking every useful ability by the end anyway
@ickleislands Sometimes during the ambush though, they just clumped too close to it
I dislike my IT department
they've done something to youtube
that allows the site to load but the video generates 'An unknown error occured' message
Forcing me to use a VPN -.-
@ickleislands They took the you out of youtube :P
I'm looking for a very specific song from the game which I really like
but I like 'everybody lies' as well
I think the one I'm after is the soundtrack that plays over the epilogue video
one of my favourite cinematics in a game ever
since it felt epic
but the actual part of the track I like is the arpeggio
since it is 'close enough' to inspired from the original game but fresh
9:57 AM
Oh god, MSE found the Win 8 preview iso on my desktop and is trying to scan it. Grrrr...

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