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12:00 AM
@GnomeSlicE Holy crap this is good.
@Wipqozn It certainly is.
I liked it so much I ordered the physical CD.
12:16 AM
us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5911771783 is actually a good post on D2 and what went wrong in D3
Q: How do I convert a city to my religion?

OakI want to convert a city to my religion, and it already has some followers of other religions. What is the process I need to take to convert it to my religion? Do I need inquisitors? Do I need missionaries? Do I need inquisitors and then missionaries, or missionaries and then inquisitors? In ...

12:37 AM
@IanPugsley I just did 138 damage in one turn in Magic... >.>
@Fluttershy did you win?
@murgatroid99 Oh yeah. <.< Opponent was at 3 health...
Before the attack.
@Fluttershy nice. I kind of expected that if you were at the point of doing that much overkill, it was probably because the damage wasn't killing them for some reason
@murgatroid99 I just wasn't attacking. I had a 6/6 with Landfall that let me put a 4/4 in when I played a land... And I could draw 3 cards due to other creatures. Then I had a 37/37 out there... And a bunch of other stuff. <.<
@GnomeSlicE I like it.
12:43 AM
@Fluttershy dayuuum son
Anyone else think this is NARQ?
Q: Does defeating mom count as finishing Binding of Isaac

DarestiumSince the original goal of BOI is to defeat mom, if you defeat her does that count as finishing the game? Since there are bosses after Mom. Also, to be "finished" does one have to have all the characters and items?

Q: Do Spectral Blades - Healing Blades get a bonus penalty in inferno?

nzifnabI'm considering trying out a melee wizard build for Inferno (now that monsters in acts 3/4 don't hit quite as massively!) but was wondering one thing... I know that Lifesteal (weapons with 2.5% damage turned into life) gets an 80% penalty (IE. it's only 20% effective) in inferno difficulty to cu...

Q: Does defeating mom count as finishing Binding of Isaac

DarestiumSince the original goal of BOI is to defeat mom, if you defeat her does that count as finishing the game? Since there are bosses after Mom. Also, to be "finished" does one have to have all the characters and items?

1:01 AM
1:20 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Obviously fake. Who the hell uses Outlook outside of work?
blargh, I totally almost sorta could've maybe won FTL that time :(
Five people playing one guitar.
@BrQAnt Could have been sent to a work email address.
@agent86 I don't know what that means.
@BrQAnt The same people that use internet explorer.
this is the better version :P
@Wipqozn FTL is a game. I came as close as I've ever been to finishing it
1:37 AM
@spugsley 'We have determined that drop rates of 1 rare per elite after getting 5 stacks, are too high and will decrease your fun as items become too common. To maintain the excitement of hunting for rare items, we are adding a new enrage timer (random_disconnect) if you take too long to get the Nephalem Valor buffs'
@agent86 I did like that one better... >______>
Someone list some good fantasy or sci-fi series I can read.
@Sterno zelanzy, amber chronicles?
Q: Can Curly Brace survive?

Fredy31One of my friends told me that there would be a way to make Curly Brace survive the fight at the core. Is there a way, or my friend is telling me lies? EDIT: Should also specify that I play the original version (free from Cavestory.org)

@agent86 Would this be it?
1:52 AM
@Sterno yep
Darn, no kindle version
I believe I have that exact edition, even
@Sterno also pretty much anything by Niven, Ringworld and the immediate sequels, for instance, although his ARM agent series is also quite good
the two uplift trilogies by Brin
hyperion (a 4 book series) by simmons
@agent86 Just grabbed hyperion.
Just found this list
1:59 AM
@Sterno it's a strange, almost horror book, but it's quite good.
I find that when the baby is fussy and needs to be held at 2am, books are good
haldeman, the forever war (forever peace/forever free as sequels)
alistair reynolds, chasm city/revelation space
I think he's done more books, but those are the two I've read
Hmm I assume some people here play WoW - would it make sense to use refer a friend if I only plan to be on starter a/c?
that's most of my library that hasn't already been covered, I have some "cyberpunk" I would recommend, neal stephenson, william gibson
No kindle version of ringworld either. grr
oddly, all the sequels are available for kindle though
2:05 AM
@Sterno SciFi I assume the classics (Asimov, Clarke) are already done? If not, def. Foundation & Rama series both. Would help to know other scifi/fantasy series or authors that you have read already
I've read a lot of Gibson, Stephenson, and Orson Scott Card as far as sci-fi goes. Fantasy is Game of Thrones series, Wheel of Time, some stuff by Brandon Sanderson
And somewhere in the middle of those, Dresden Files. Because those books rock. And some other Jim Butcher stuff
I mean, I've read other stuff too, but those are the ones that come to mind atm
I tend to not enjoy the more "classic" sci-fi stories. They always come off a little too stuffy for me
I'd recommend Terry Pratchett if you haven't read any of the Discworld series; def. not stuffy :)
Tried the Sword of Shanara series, hated it. Didn't care for Legend of the Seeker or whatever it was called either
I still have to read Game of Thrones lol, been slacking a lot on actual books lately; end up going for bite size stuff only
By more "classical scifi" do you mean hard scifi, or just those older, genre defining books in general?
2:11 AM
Piers Anthony's Xanth series (atleast the first 10-15 of them) are also entertaining. Just expect a nice setting & ideas rather than storytelling, he falls a bit short in that dept imho.
@Sterno You do know that you can email any PDF of ringworld to your Kindle email so it shows up there right?
Or "classical" as in the ones that tend to be more intellectual, exploring ideas and philosophies rather than focus on storytelling and action
@Alok I try not to be a dirty pirate like I was in my youth.
@YiJiang I'm not really sure, honestly. I might just mean "older", as in stuff written in the 50's, 60s, and 70s.
Well, its your only option in this case :(. Anyway, forget that then and go read Colour of Magic (Pratchett)
Hard sci-fi can be good, but I probably prefer more of a space opera overall
Maybe try a little PKD? You'll recognise a lot of his stories from their movie adaptations
2:17 AM
Hmm Discworld & Xanth are both basically fantasy not scifi; I'm assuming that is also an interest - but really worth reading the first book of each to see if you like them.
I've read a lot of Dick novels, actually
And yeah, shame that dude died before he could cash in
I really hate when I can get the paperback version of a book from Amazon for $7, or the Kindle version for $13 :P
Does anyone have any suggestions for a free host for a mercurial repo?
I've seen people suggest CodePlex, Google Code and BitBucket.
Curious if anyone here has any thoughts.
All of those seem good
@Wipqozn I've used google code and bitbucket
bitbucket's a bit better, imho
I ended up switching to github though, since that seems rather popular on the whole
2:23 AM
@Fredy31 No way.
I've been waiting for that since 2007.
@agent86 I don't believe it supports mercurial, which is what I've decided to go with. After spending a lot of time debating between merc vs git.
I have long-since lost interest in TF2 altogether but still would get excited for that.
@Wipqozn this is a true statement. mercurial and git are relatively similar, however.
This reminds me that I still haven't seen Meet the Medic.
2:25 AM
@agent86 From what I've gathered the largest difference is that merc uses multiple commands whihc do one thing, whereas git has fewer commands which do a lot more.
@Wipqozn in my experience, it's the other way around. mercurial is more streamlined, and a bit better planned, fewer commands and so forth. git is more of a mess of options and hacks, duct taped together
@agent86 That's what I meant, actually.
Git will have one command which handles a lot of different things (like checkout, merging, et ceterA), but is all done with options
I used to play teamfortress 2 when it was not free and there was about 2 hats per class. </hipster>
whereas merc has seperate command for checkout, merge, et cetera
@Wipqozn mmm, I'd say git has more commands and more options, but I haven't exhaustively tested this.
mercurial does more with less fuss, as far as I've seen
2:29 AM
@agent86: Do you prefer git or mercurial?
I've been deciding between both for awhile, and finally decided on merc for a few reasons (one of which is that it's apparently more compatible with windows)
Kudos to @TheArqade - the current Top Contributing Partner Site for #MarioMarathon! Over $1000 raised for @CPCharity - awesome job, folks!
@Wipqozn I like hg better, but git's so ubiquitous, and github's a really good place to host
@agent86 yeah. GitHub is the main reason I had a hard time choosing between the two. Because I really like GitHub.
@Wipqozn for my own projects, I'm more interested in the hosting than the day-to-day pain of managing the version control (my version control's not that complex anyhow) so I use git. if I had my druthers, I'd probably prefer hg though.
I've used both, and I agree with the saying that goes "mercurial is like James Bond, git is like MacGyver"
2:34 AM
For this project I'm planning to work on I think I'll just go with merc, for my next one I'll use Git and then decide which one I prefer.
@Wipqozn for hg hosting, I've used google code and bitbucket, and I prefer bitbucket a smidge.
@agent86 Any reason why?
I'm pretty sure there are hg extensions that let you interface with git repos, so you could probably use github for hosting if you really wanted to either way.
@BrQAnt ah, I see. I haven't used either yet, so I've been trying to decide on one.
@Wipqozn mmm, the interface is slightly better, and checking out/checking in is somewhat less painful. creating new projects is also less of a chore
2:36 AM
The pull request stuff that github does, though… man, it's great. It's like a nerd Facebook, except instead of liking things and posting pictures of our kids that nobody cares about, we fix bugs and upload code nobody cares about.
The social-ness of Github alone is one big reason to go with git.
@BrQAnt yeah, Github is one of the reasons I've had so much trouble choosing between the two.
@Wipqozn I think a succinct way of saying it is that google code is for projects, and bitbucket is for code.
so google code wants your page to be a wiki, and have a "releases" tab, while bitbucket wants to show you a commit history on the front page instead
they've both got similar options, just the focus is slightly different
GH leans toward the bitbucket side
personally I can't stand google code
Google Code angers me so greatly, if only for the reason that my email in the top bar is inexplicably not a link to my profile (and there's no separate link) when I go to code.google.com
hm, I see.
Well thanks for the input.
I might still wind up going with Git for GitHub.
2:52 AM
If you're just using it for your own projects and don't plan on collaborating with anyone, just flip a coin and try either one. You'll get a feel for what you like better.
@BrQAnt yeah, I think that's what I'll do. I'll start with merc, and then switch over to git at some point.
See what I prefer.
I like git, but it wasn't until I got how it worked under the hood that I really started using it and not fumbling around.
I like it because while it gives you enough rope to hang yourself with, it also gives you enough rope to do anything might need to do.
hg is more about having the One True Way to accomplish a particular task.
It might be harder to screw up, but if you don't like the One True Way, you're gonna have a bad time.
Dam can't a guy complete an achievement in WoW without being offered a guild invite. I've gotten more guild invite spam than gold farm spam
@MarkTrapp I have the same problem every time I pick up wow again. It's really annoying.
@BrQAnt That's good to know.
The guild level system must incentivize having dead weight
3:01 AM
@MarkTrapp Guilds just like being able to boast "We have X number of members!"
even if half of them haven't logged on in months.
I'm this close to completing What a Long Strange Trip It's Been. THIS CLOSE
@MarkTrapp Pretty much yes.
This achievement is the atomic sub card to my Elaine
All the XP you earn contributes to the guild level, up to a certain cap per day. So the most effective way to level up your guild is to invite as many people as possible.
To be fair though, some of the guild benefits are pretty great. Faster rep gain, cheaper repairs, more shinies from resource nodes, more XP
Just join whatever random max-level guild has a name that strikes your fancy, turn off guild chat, and reap the benefits
3:26 AM
I just won an 868 dps 2h axe for 1050 - it has a sell value of 1950, not to mention lvl 60 ess is 2200 :p
3:40 AM
Good evening, all
@Alok wait...what now? What the fuck does that even mean?
I'm so happy
3:52 AM
@spugsley cool
I'm happy for you too
@murgatroid99 Yes
@fbueckert I am not too scared to try Act 3...
A: How do I change my player name in Minecraft multiplayer in offline mode in Windows

Zach SuganoThe easiest way that I know of is to use a cracked client. That way you can easily change your username and keep track of different usernames that you have used on different servers.

Should we keep this, or should I flag it for deletion.
When you have unidentified loot
do you ID it right away or do you wait until you've got a few and then ID them all at once
@spugsley Sounds like the odds are stacked against you LOL
@spugsley ID it right away because the suspense kills me otherwise.
4:08 AM
@Mana you might not have noticed, but I did ragequit but then I came back to tell you that I hate you
@spugsley I've never played Diablo, but I assume Torchlight is similar. I ID everything when I remember it. Usually right away.
@Mana well @IanPugsley thinks it's crazy that I wait to ID all my shit. I like to have 8-10 rares before ID them
it's less efficient like that since I have to look at it again later when I go through and organize what can be sold on the AH and what can't.
It's like everyday is my birthday or Christmas :3
@spugsley Here's a cake to celebrate the occasion:
4:10 AM
@Mana do you know what I would do that cake?
@spugsley eat it? I dunno, looks pretty cool to me.
@Mana I would grow a penis just so that I can stick it in there.
You could also do some sensual licking of the icing off the top, if you're into that kind of thing.
And then nobody gets cake
@spugsley And here I thought you hated Dolan.
4:11 AM
@spugsley Wow, that's exactly what dolan would do.
@GnomeSlicE I hate Dolan so much I would fucking grow a penis
man, Gnomeslice's delivery was better than mine for once.
I won't live that down ever.
@spugsley ...I have no words
@IanPugsley I'd probably start with "What the fuck?!"
4:12 AM
@spugsley You need to go to sleep.
Aren't the two of you like
right next to each other
at the moment
yes >.>
Well, this is my thought process
I fee like if I had a penis, I would want to stick it in things so that I could ruin them for other people
but I just asked @IanPugsley is he ever felt this way and he said absolutely not
@spugsley That's not really how it's supposed to work.
Just - yeah ask him... >_>
@spugsley too late baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa‌​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
@spugsley You really need to go to sleep.
4:14 AM
A: How do you unlock more Summoner Icons?

Hi MOmSo it will only cost you actual money.... What kind of achievement is that?

^ @Mana pls ^
@spugsley I'd still eat the cake.
@OrigamiRobot I'm not tired at all. I have often pondered this
@Fluttershy .....now I have no words
@spugsley You have a fundamental misunderstanding of a lot of things...
@OrigamiRobot well, yes.
@spugsley Well, it's not like it just contaminates anything it comes in contact with...
4:16 AM
@spugsley Happy to help.
@James You around?
@GnomeSlicE I inspired you enough to post my penis thoughts on Twitter? >.>
@spugsley I just finished laughing.
hahahaha, I'm actually kind of flattered that you thought it was funny lololol
I find many things funny.
so do I!
4:20 AM
Also, how did you know that I tweeted it so quickly?
I thought everyone from GSE unfollowed me, hah.
@spugsley Like Dolan.
at the same time Bad Audio will kill
@spugsley WTF
@GnomeSlicE -.- you've ruined the moment
@OrigamiRobot ?
@spugsley Like your future penis will ruin future cakes?
@OrigamiRobot You're not my real dad!
4:27 AM
@OrigamiRobot what needs to stop?
Don't act like you dont know
@Fluttershy ummm it will, almost certainly
this is so stupid
it's like someone went to the bridge tonight and was like this place isn't stupid enough
@Mana You rang?
and then decided to double the sheer amount of stupidity.
I mean this isn't even clever anymore
4:31 AM
I'm sorry :(
when it was Raven Dreamer and FAE talking about his wood at least there was some subtlety involved
but right here it's literally "I want a penis to shove into things where my penis does not belong".
geez, I wasn't trying to start anything. It was a dumb comment. I can definitely delete it
@Mana Doesn't belong? Oh, I've been doing things wrong...
@spugsley I'm mostly joking
I don't actually care that much.
oh, okay.
4:33 AM
Enlightened Shrines at level 60: Completely useless, right?
On a tangentially related note, did any of you ever play 'the penis game' when you were younger, where you and a bunch of idiots competed to see who could say the word 'Penis' the loudest in a public area?
@GnomeSlicE Ever seen the movie 500 Days of Summer?
@Mana No, why?
@GnomeSlicE they play that game in it briefly at a wedding
and in a few other scenes
I always win that game.
By miles.
4:35 AM
I'd lose that game every time.
I don't like disturbing people in public.
Q: Is Cthulhu harder, or just longer?

Joe WreschnigI've got Elder Sign: Omens for the iPad and after resigning my first game halfway through I've won the next six, five of which were on the so-called "hard" difficulty, and all of which were with a random four person party. I was very disappointed that the Azathoth game was basically the same as t...

@GnomeSlicE ^_^
That comma is completely unnecessary
@OrigamiRobot Is this mode actually harder, or is it essentially like playing the Azathoth game twice in a row?
That one?
4:38 AM
In the title
My long, national over is finally over
@OrigamiRobot It's fine.
@OrigamiRobot it isn't but it's not wrong either
4:39 AM
I'm glad you both missed the joke
...And completely non-sexual.
@OrigamiRobot Cthulu, yes, madness.
I see where you were going with that now.
Get your mind out of the goddamn gutter.
You spelled Cthulhu wrong. How dare you.
@OrigamiRobot What ever
@GnomeSlicE Your soul will be eaten last.
4:42 AM
@OrigamiRobot Isn't that good?
@GnomeSlicE Do you want to live through all of Cthulhu's reign?
@OrigamiRobot there is no such thing as spelling Cthulu wrong
@OrigamiRobot Yes?
@GnomeSlicE You poor fool.
@IanPugsley twitch
Why is Cthulhu a meme, anyway.
4:45 AM
@OrigamiRobot Tulu, Cthulu, Ktulu, fuck it, don't matter
@IanPugsley Tulu is actually a name he used when he ghost wrote.
@GnomeSlicE Cthulhu is beyond a meme. He is unfathomable.
Well, then his reign shouldn't be too terrible.
Is it a Chocolate Reign? ^_^
(I know, that was bad. :P)
> Chocolate Rain. My face got burned and now it's not the same.
> I turn away from the mic to tell Luke I'm his father.
@IanPugsley ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
4:54 AM
@MarkTrapp you kids and your cults
I just realized Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain) is wearing Sennheiser PX-100 headphones in his video.
I love these headphones so much I bought another pair when they discontinued them for when my first goes bad.
Sorry that was mean. Go on.
> Chocolate rain. Double coupon Mondays are the worst, Chocolate rain. An old lady attacked me with her purse.
Also, just so everyone knows.
Megabyte Punch is awesome.
Oh SICK, there's a demo you can play on Kongregate. Play it!
The gameplay is a nod to Super Smash Brothers.
A: Do I have to get all the kills for the Federal Crime trophy in one game?

Alex TorresIt has to be all in one map. It's a very hard achievement on steam I believe only 0.2 players have it. It helps to have a friend kill the anyone who isn't an fbi agent

0.2 players - how many fractional video game players are there in the world?
5:07 AM
@YiJiang I'm guessing he meant 0.2%, saw that earlier, but didn't edit it.
Or it could be 0.2 = 20%, but that isn't rare at all
Why do people hack multiplayer games?
Q: What can be done to improve moderation of self-answered questions?

Shog9About a month ago, we rolled out a new feature: instant self-answered questions. So far, the reception has been mostly positive, and I've definitely seen some really good stuff posted in this form. But I've also seen something else, a side-effect you may have seen discussed here on MSO: Is S...

Talk of disincentivizing self-answered questions, something we do regularly on Gaming
Q: Can't set up a local LAN server on Minecraft 12w25a?

Shedo SurashuCan you help us? We're trying to create a LAN game from the latest snapshot of Minecraft. While in-game on my single player map, I selected "Open to LAN" but instead of giving me the LAN IP or my laptop's name, it gave me "localhost:12345" where 12345 is a random port. My brother is on Windows 7 ...

5:23 AM
Oh no! People are being rewarded for producing quality content!
@swasheck They want to win.
@MarkTrapp Ever Their praises, and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods. Iä! Shub-Niggurath!
5:40 AM
@OrigamiRobot Dude, don't say that in public, it's racist.
@GnomeSlicE Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!
Is Cthulhu rising tonight? Damn, I was hoping to beat Diablo 3 first.
@Sterno go out among men and find the ways thereof, that He in the Gulf may know.
Hold on a sec, I'm gonna go find a boat to ram him with.
Apparently that's all it takes. Cthulhu is a wimp.
@Sterno He'll just reform.
5:50 AM
@OrigamiRobot Next generation's problem!
@Sterno He reformed immediately!
And then sank beneath the sea again!
@Sterno The stars were no longer right.
The boat simply delayed him.
Man, it's really hard to not leave inappropriate comments on this
Now I want to play Cthulhu Saves the World.
Which in turn makes me want to play the soon-to-be-released Penny Arcade 3
6:16 AM
Q: Why does Blur Studio cancel second version?

EmAdpresWhy !!!? Why Blur 2 will not be produced ? What was the problem with studio... Blur1 was not successful ? Blur1 sell was low for studio and publisher ? Waht !!?

6:46 AM
Q: ow to know enemies' level and teir damage to player?

Jim ThioSometimes I see a whirling laser or some enemies chained together by some orange chain. Those ting kill a lot. I don't know ow much damage they cost. I don't know what kind of move they pull out against me. Others seem to know that. How do I know? I turn on every display in option.

1 hour later…
7:53 AM
oh god how hard can it be to get hearts drop in Depths 2
yeah, started with 10 hearts, lost 'em all
before getting to Mom
yes, Isaac, I want you to die. Everybody bloody wants you to die
8:40 AM
A: What are the names of all the books in Quantum Conundrum?

FluttershyThey are, in no particular order: ಠ_ಠ Book of Disapproval √7 Brides for √-7 brothers A Farewell to Argon Around the World in 80 Shifts Atlas Shifted Beowatt Beyond Fluffy and Heavy Ender's Gamma Goodnight Muon Great Exponentiations Heart of Dark Matter Henry^8 Hitchhikers Guide to Dimensions Ho...

These are so cute
Q: Does +percent damage-type increase a percentage of your weapon-damage, or only damage of that type?

BlueRaja - Danny PflughoeftFor example, the item Tal Rasha's Adjudication randomly has one of the following stats: Adds 5-6% to Arcane Damage Adds 5-6% to Poison Damage Adds 5-6% to Lightning Damage Adds 5-6% to Holy Damage Adds 5-6% to Cold Damage Adds 5-6% to Fire Damage In the case of, sa...

2 hours later…
10:18 AM
well that was the best sleep i've had all week
10:53 AM
Q: I've run out of credit!

KevinI've run out of credit and can't get to the final mission, and i've completed all side missions, HELP Can't seem to get any and that means i'm stuffed!

isn't in the list of tags to be cleaned up, and it looks like it should be
11:06 AM
I've taken my time to write an answer and the question still isn't closed...
Q: I've run out of credit!

KevinI've run out of credit and can't get to the final mission, and i've completed all side missions, HELP Can't seem to get any and that means i'm stuffed!

I went to bed and my Andariel's Visage was selling for ~1m with 4 hours left. I just checked and I have over 5m waiting to send to stash.
I'm doing a murder run of Deus Ex Human Revolution
100% kill of friends and enemies
everything that can die is dieing
That's more than twice as much gold as I've ever had at one time before :P
@ickleislands This sounds like a fun run.
It's the opposite to the pacifist run
just finished murdering detroit police station
11:13 AM
I've played Morrowind like that. There's not much story left in Morrowind when you kill all the plot-centric characters, though.
I just keep looping "I never asked for this" for each person I kill
We're about to be overtaken on the Mario Marathon donation leaderboards D:
"Please goddamit don't kill me!"... "I never asked for this"
Q: DOTA is hanging after launch

Inz4n3_DeviLop3RI have a system with: 1 GB RAM Pentium 4 processor No graphics card, 128 MB default for the GUI. Windows XP SP2. When I play DOTA, the game runs up to 1 minute only. After that, the entire OS crashes. My drivers are up to date. My friends are able to play, even with 512 MB RAM. What could b...

everybody in the chiron building is dead! DEAD! Time to arrange their bodies in compromising positions
11:40 AM
Q: How to get more than one friend

Ben kingMy friend became my friend and I unlocked one for him and a lot of other peoples codes and he unlocked the mystery box . Now I want to try with the same devices. It says friend added but I never see my name!!!!

Q: What tetriary class is a good choice for a Mage/Rogue?

ChaosPointDKWhassup. I have a 20/20 Mage/Rogue, with all the availible elite skills acquired. Now, as far as i have been reading on the RoM forums, Rogue/Mage and Mage/Rogue both get outpowered in PVP and PVE, hence is not a good combo. Could anybody tell me what class synergises well with both Mage and Ro...

@Lazers "My friend became my friend"
Wow, that "credits" question still isn't closed
Q: I've run out of credit!

KevinI've run out of credit and can't get to the final mission, and i've completed all side missions, HELP Can't seem to get any and that means i'm stuffed!


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