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4:00 PM
guys, I'm bored
@QAdley My brain is very much like a computer. Inputs come in, get filed away where they fit best.
This guy, though, is returning error: No match found for everything.
Q: Portal 2 end rooms

Marco MustapicI had a question about the ending:

@fbueckert My brain is a computer!
Can I edit this to "What was the item that flashed during the Portal 2 ending sequence" without giving away too much?
The title is just... so bad right now
@spugsley Go read about dan bloom! That will unbore you!
@OrigamiRobot I have the best of both worlds! Organic computer! Much better than purely electronic!
4:03 PM
@fbueckert How said I am purely electronic?
@spugsley Read: The Meaning of Liff
@OrigamiRobot Oh my :o
@OrigamiRobot My computer is a brain
@OrigamiRobot Your gravatar implies it.
@fbueckert I am not a robot, I am a little living boy.
4:05 PM
@OrigamiRobot Whatever you say, sir.
@OrigamiRobot I'm still not clicking those links.
@OrigamiRobot BLOCKED IN MY COUNTRY?!?!?
@QAna Welcome to draconian entertainment industries.
Caarnduncan (n.)
The high-pitched and insistent cry of the young female human urging one of its peer group to do something dangerous on a cliff-edge or piece of toxic waste ground.
4:09 PM
@fbueckert Your loss.
@OrigamiRobot We'll go with that, sure.
A: Can I get back into Oryx's chamber if I died during the fight?

eschria the mad godno, but i am Kalle, and i NEVER DIE ! SO F*** OFF NOOB!!!!!!!!

@fbueckert Flaginated
@fbueckert burninated
@agent86 burninating the countryside! Burninating all the peasaaannntsssss
4:11 PM
@spugsley Trogdooooooooor!
@spugsley Mum. Not mum. Peasants.
@fbueckert dugadugadugadugadugaduga
Oh no, what have I done!?
@spugsley now I need my head photoshopped onto trogdor so that I can post that when I burninate something
@spugsley Are you still bored?
4:13 PM
I can assign you more reading if you're still bored :P
@agent86 yes, a million times yes
@fbueckert less so, indeed. It is almost lunch time, so that is a plus I suppose
@YiJiang yes, more light reading :p
@spugsley then people could check out all my magesty!
I just sent an article about Doctor Who to South Africa. I love my job.
4:17 PM
@spugsley Hmm, not light reading, but one of my favourite stories: I don't know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility
(It's by the same guy who wrote HATETRIS)
Good to see we're still kicking every other websites ass with total donations.
@YiJiang That's an excellent read
@Wipqozn Given that it's now actually started, I'd say that you'll find sites like PA driving donations
I thought it was hilarious that Google was one of the top sites when it first started
Did somebody say photoshop?
4:25 PM
@RonanForman COOL TAPES
@YiJiang Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me.
I'm hoping we remain in the top 10 at least.
wait- there's a chatroom apart from the C++ Lounge that's actually active?
ironic silence
@DeadMG Yes
@DeadMG JavaScript should still be alive
There are several.
4:32 PM
But of course you would never set your foot in there would you? :P
those scum web developers, I wouldn't lower myself to speaking to them
they probably have the plague or something
@DeadMG multiple plagues
HTML and JS sound excellently like plagues to me
My reaction to the web dev chats.
@YiJiang JS Room is most definitly alive
4:39 PM
And so the hammer falls on Dan Bloom. HIs question is closed, never to be answered.
@agent86 Glad you figured out how to vacuum fire :D
Todays listening:
*sigh* When did reddit get Flash ads? Ugh...
@James oh yeah, I smart!
@agent86 You got the smarts!
4:48 PM
@agent86 PS: You can also vacuum bad guys trying to break into your ship :D
@James can't they open doors though?
I know very little about boarding as I don't ever do it personally
@agent86 I never do it but I do upgrade my blast doors so if theya re in the right spot when they get on my ship, I can de-air em while they try and break in :)
@James Upgrading blast doors allows them to be locked?
@fbueckert Yup. First upgrade allows that to happen.
@James Good to know!
I foresee many trapped intruders, slowly suffocating to death.
4:54 PM
@fbueckert I have never upgraded to the highest level of the doors but its not enough at level 2 to kill them, Does give you a nice advantage though :)
You would think just opening the doors though would suck them out into space :/
@James Doors don't need to kill them. Just trap them.
@James does that take extra power to your door system?
Then I can vent them and intervening areas straight into space.
I'm always short on power :/
@agent86 nope
4:55 PM
well, that and I always want like 8 weapon power units
and a hojillion shield power units
@agent86 I always go for shields :D
They should add in a doomsday weapon that takes 30 seconds to charge and all power possible.
It is so hard to predict what weapons you will run into. I can always predict how many shields I want :D
@James There's no prediction required. The answer is, "As much as possible".
4:58 PM
@James my problem is that I run into the weapons. and then I can't ever use them :(
I'll find 2 or 3 "3-unit" weapons and go :(
even if I find a really good 3-bar beam early on, I'm tempted to just trash it since there's a slim chance I'm going to have enough other weapons to take the shields down to make that effective
@fbueckert @agent86 I need to record another game attempt :D
Seriously folks. Listen to that remix. Once you're done listening to it, listen to it again.
Q: How do I take a message to another player in Animal Crossing?

ladenedgeFrom time to time, a neighbor will ask me to take a message to another player in my Animal Crossing: City Folk game: I have a message I want you to take to him. When I accept the mission, the neighbor will say something like: OK then, would you please tell <name> that I want to ta...

A decent list of ideas on how to improve D3.
5:03 PM
@fbueckert I can't see it because I'm at work but whatever it is, I approve
Me and D3 are not speaking atm
@spugsley Aww.
Tell you what: We'll do a Belial run tomorrow.
@fbueckert I can't even make it 5 mins in Act 2! There's no way O-o
@spugsley If that doesn't work, we'll murder the Butcher a few times. :P
@fbueckert A rational post in the Blizzard forums? What sort of madness is this?
@Wipqozn I know! Hence why I linked it!
5:05 PM
@fbueckert quick! someone tell this person that the devs never listen and they should just give up and quit making suggestions for improvements already!
>Diablo is a good game, Diablo 3 is not.

A few suggestions were pretty good. But why bother? Blizzard have their own view on what is fun and not. You having fun is them not having fun.
@agent86 I'm sure someone already has
That's supposed to be a quote.
@fbueckert markdown == fail :(
doing quotes in replies is busted, I think
@agent86 Sorry. Tried.
5:06 PM
> Let's say for instance I want a little bit of health and a main stat. Why can't I combine 2 gems of different types into one? Wizard tanks might want a little bit of Dexterity mixed into their Intelligence or Health.
This is totally pointless.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Why?
@fbueckert Because rather than just using 2 'hybrid gems' I can just use 2 gems.
More to the point, there will always be a stat that you want more than others and you want as much of it as you can get.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What if there isn't two slots available?
Hybrid gems in WoW existed because of the socket color system.
@fbueckert Then you should have to make a choice, because choices are interesting.
@LessPop_MoreFizz And why can't that choice include two stats at reduced values?
Any one stat of X value, or two stats of X/2 value.
That sounds fair to me.
> Please increase the density of champacks by 500% in inferno
5:12 PM
@fbueckert It's not about fair, it's obviously perfectly fair, it doesn't increase character power in any material way. Which is the problem. It's needless complexity that doesn't introduce any benefit.
@fbueckert ahahahahahahahahahahahaha
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, that one is stupid.
I'm thinking he's playing a Wizard or Demon Hunter, and kiting everything. And whining when he dies.
@LessPop_MoreFizz For the moment, let's say I agree that it doesn't increase character power. Why should everything increase character power? They introduced dyes, and that does nothing but cosmetic changes.
@fbueckert Because the only point of gems is to increase character power. They don't have cosmetic effects.
Dyes introduce a benefit: You get to look cool.
I don't see the benefit that justifies hybrid gems.
@LessPop_MoreFizz It provides additional choice to the player; if they want or need more in two stats, providing that open is a good thing.
And now I'm going to go ahead and disagree with the not providing character power.
They do so, just in reduced effect compared to a pure gem.
@fbueckert That's... kind of my point. Allowing hybrid gems doesn't provide an increase in character power from status quo.
Personally, I suspect the addition of the third artisan will provide similar services as jewels did in D2.
5:19 PM
Obviously compared to no gem, a hybrid gem provides some marginal benefit.
that's missing the point though.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What if someone decides they need more life, but don't want to give up a gem's worth of damage from their primary?
They could insert a primary/vitality gem, and have both.
If they decide they want more life at that point, they can replace it with a pure vitality gem.
The point I'm making is that it gives the player the choice.
And in my view, more choice is never a bad thing.
@fbueckert yes but Blizzard doesn't care about choice....they want us to play a game that fits their definition of fun.
ugh, man. I think I'm just going to keep playing until I stop having fun with it, and then shelve this game until they work out WTF they're trying to do with it
@spugsley They are limiting aspects from a design perspective I don't agree with, yes.
I understand where they're coming from, and I still disagree with the choices made.
The game is all about the RMAH for them. I'll state that up front. Everything they do is designed to make them as much as they can from the RMAH.
@fbueckert I don't even really care that they are making changes but it does kind of piss me off when they say things like, "We changed this because we don't think it's fun"
5:26 PM
@spugsley Their definition of fun is basically, "What would make this person spend money in the RMAH?"
Which is out and out wrong; that I agree with.
I'm stubborn, though, and view artificial limitations like the enrage timers as a challenge.
Fun fact: Belial hit his enrage timer yesterday, and I still beat him.
With <13K DPS.
@fbueckert I remember reading a comment on reddit where they did the math and noted that even if every transaction on RMAH were in the $200 range Blizzard would still not make a significant amount of revenue off it.
I do need to find that comment again.
@YiJiang They did cap item sales at, what? $1 per?
Commodity sales are where it's at for them; 15%.
So it's in their best interest to incentivize players to salvage their finds rather than auctioning them.
Q: What are Luckys?

Ashley NunnFor the silver ribbon in one of the levels where you need to crush stuff, it says I need to crush 6 Luckys. What are Luckys? How can I best crush them?

actually soup isn't a bad idea, might help my sore throat
Which, incidentally, dovetails nicely into the gem discussion.
The crafting cost reduction on gems below Flawless Squares makes it much more likely that people will be listing their excess on the RMAH, thereby profiting Blizzard much more than listing Squares and below.
5:33 PM
@ickleislands Soup is always a good idea.
Bah, can't find that comment right now. From memory, what the commentor did was to take Blizzard's revenue, take 1% of it (his definition of "significant revenue source"), then calculate how many $200 transactions it would take for Blizzard to make that amount off transaction fees
@YiJiang I take it it would take quite some time?
@fbueckert Shouldn't be too hard to do the math yourself. I can't remember the exact numbers, but the number that came out was quite improbable
@YiJiang If the cap is $1 per non-commodity, then it would take an insane amount of sales to match their 1%.
> Activision Blizzard unveils a record $4.7bn in revenues
5:41 PM
The repair costs did irk me a bit, but I got over. And then someone did the math and realized that hitting ONE barrell cost then about 100g of repair costs. Hitting fucking barrells!!!
But that's not Blizzard alone
@spugsley ahahahahahaha
I love to hit shit. Destroying stuff is fun. They decided that breaking barrells wasn't fun anymore
it's a barrel replacement charge
@agent86 and urns, and stumps, and trees
5:42 PM
that shit ain't cheap, and the economy being what it is
@spugsley They're talking about reducing wear and tear durability loss.
lol yeah that Diablo economy
making my stuff cost more to repair is just about the lamest fix for this problem that there ever was. ever
"people are dying a lot to get past this part" "well, we'll just make dying hurt more"
> Blizzard accounted for 21 percent ($251 million) of segmented net revenues
That's net revenue, which I'll take to mean profits
@YiJiang That's usually what net means. :P
5:45 PM
Alternatively, you can compare the transaction costs against the estimated retail revenue of Diablo 3
And as a sidenote, I have yet to see a legenary drop.
I suspect I will continue playing until that happens.
Guys! Quick! What do I want for lunch?
@Fluttershy Steak!
@Fluttershy Shoes!
Medium rare, with mushrooms!
5:46 PM
@Fluttershy Curried chicken!
Keep in mind that I live in the middle of nowhere in one of the most redneck states ever.
...Damn. Now I want steak.
I am back with soup!
@Fluttershy Then steak should be easy to find!
@Fluttershy chicken fried steak!
5:47 PM
@Fluttershy I live in the middle of nowhere without rednecks, but, without internet greater than 1MBit either
@agent86 Ooh... Good call. That's pretty redneck. <.<
or, failing that, fried chicken. I don't think there is anywhere in the south where you can throw a rock and not hit a place that serves fried chicken.
it's practically state law in texas
if you do manage to throw a rock and not hit one, then by law one must open there to serve the needs of the people.
@agent86 Believe it or not, we actually don't have a Popeye's or KFC near me. >.>
I don't think they will appreciate you throwing rocks at them though
@Fluttershy wat
5:49 PM
and "throw rocks" made me think of this ->
@ickleislands All Texans carry guns. They're all really good at persuading others not to use theirs.
wait, no, that wasn't appropriately shocked
@agent86 Yep. Closest one's like 45 minutes away.
@agent86 lol
nothing like a bowl of soup to fix any problem
I wonder if it would be possible to live solely off soup
probably the wrong SE site to ask that question on
5:52 PM
@ickleislands nutrition.stackexchange.com?
is there actually a nutrition?
is labelled as 'fitness and nutrition'
Now I want KFC.
There is also a Biology beta
hisses at Physical Fitness.
ughhh fitness is the worst
5:54 PM
@spugsley Eh? I'm about as geek as it's possible to be, and I don't see what's wrong with exercise.
@ickleislands also, bicycles.stackexchange.com has a lot of stuff about the nutrition of trail mix... ? I'm guessing that won't help your soup question, through : )
@fbueckert no, you don't get to claim that, you... you... person who goes outside!
FYI: Valve hired an Economist and he is blogging awesome things. blogs.valvesoftware.com/economics/…
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ooo, he's already started. Cool
@agent86 What is this outside you speak of
5:57 PM
Mmmhmm, arbitrage!
I'm not really going to act on the answer, it's more just curiosity :P
@AshleyNunn I don't know exactly, but @fbueckert told me some things that sounded downright scary
@agent86 Just because I'm a prototypical geek does not exclude me from being a geek.
and since it's a beta site, adding a question will help them I guess
@agent86 Interesting. It sounds like myth to me.
5:58 PM
And yes, I made up a word. Deal with it.
@fbueckert nothing wrong with it....I just hate it
@spugsley Then you need to find exercise you enjoy.
Such as dancing.

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