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8:00 PM
@Tristan link?
Q: Is this Fireplace Safe?

Sonic42I built a wood house that I'm rather proud of. I've built a fireplace that seem safe, but I don't want to risk burning my house down. I've seen plenty of tutorials online for making safe fireplaces, but most of them are more than 1 year old, and possibly obsolete. I tried reading the Minecraft Wi...

@GnomeSlice Touchscreens, computers, and cell phones all existed before the smartphone. Is it original?
The asker never said he wanted to know how fire worked. He just wanted to know if his fireplace was safe.
@OrigamiRobot I'm not trashing the game... I just found that phrase amusing.
@Tristan I think you are misunderstanding it.
8:03 PM
@Wipqozn Misunderstanding the question, or the comment?
I think he is saying that he likes how you gave him an easy to understand answer, without cluttering it with any theory.
@Wipqozn Hm... That could be it. It could also be more of a "I like how these answers covered all the bases." Maybe I'm just paranoid. <.<
EDGE's controls annoy me.
@Tristan I think he is defending your answer against the criticism.
@OrigamiRobot HoM gets you stuff in GW2, which is a good payoff for me. :)
8:08 PM
@Tristan that's what he meant
@FallenAngelEyes What kind of stuff?
Also, every damn MMO should split PvE and PvP skill balancing.
brb, chinese food
@FallenAngelEyes I concur.
@Tristan Which doesn't seem like too useful of a question alone though.
@Wipqozn General Tso? =3
@Wipqozn I like to think you're telling the chinese food that you will be right back....to eat it.
HoM It'll tell you there
@FallenAngelEyes I cant see it :(
Provided you have Eye of the North, you can use achievements in GW1 to get rewards in GW2.
@OrigamiRobot work filter?
@FallenAngelEyes yup
I was going to set up an SSH proxy, but it went haywire everytime.
8:10 PM
Curses. Well, check it out later. :) You'll have at least a few points for connecting the account, and if you have a set of Vabbian armor, that's more points.
@FallenAngelEyes Fortunately, I know how to use RDP and set up port forwarding. Yaaaayyyy!
@FallenAngelEyes 3/50 points :(
@OrigamiRobot Do you have Eye of the North?
Q: Towny Rent Warnings

Kort PlecoIs it possible to warn players a certain time before rent is due if they won't be able to afford rent? I'm open to installing further plugins to enable this, but it's rather painful to my players to have to replace torches and reclaim areas if they don't remember to pay rent and they lose their ...

Q: What are the effects of making my bitizens happy?

aslumDo they restock faster? Restock more? Get more customers? What about unhappy? Does that have any negative effects?

8:14 PM
@FallenAngelEyes No, I have the first two expansions.
@OrigamiRobot You need EotN to get the connectivity from GW1->2 for the HoM.
Whaaaaat, Helena the Third is free now! Go get it!
@FallenAngelEyes Are they anything more than aesthetic rewards?
Someone star that, that game is amazing.
@OrigamiRobot It's mostly armor, weapons, and minipets. There's no info on stats on any of it.
also Ranger pets
8:17 PM
@RonanForman Was this an attempt to make fun of Pony fans? Because... They seem to be in support of the show.
@Tristan All I can get from that is: "They were making fun of it by saying it's good."
@RonanForman Clearly this needs the opinion of @Wipqozn
@FallenAngelEyes I only care about minipets in the sense that I can sell them for a ton of money.
@OrigamiRobot You need them for the Devotion monument!
8:21 PM
50, to be precise
I have a bunch of the limited time offer ones from magazines and such. :x I like collecting them.
@GnomeSlice My PayPal can't take much more of this...
@GnomeSlice Dwebble!
@Tristan It looks so good.. x_x
@GnomeSlice It falls under the categories of my minion... Do I get any sort of bonus for that?
8:25 PM
@Tristan EXP bonus, I think.
Maybe a blue coin bonus.
Hmm... I should probably wait for my tax return to post before I buy it.. =\
Oh wow, Project Black Sun in on sale on GG.
@GnomeSlice 50% off.
I have enough Blue Coins to buy it with those. =]
does this
@Tristan Still? THe video said "Until the end of December 2011"
8:28 PM
@GraceNote Yep. It's still 50% off. =P $3.49
Also, this is hilarious:
Wow.... nice thumbnail youtube...
It's the ending sequence from a video game. It's hilariously bad.
> Save it for someone who cares, wench!
well, fuck. I have a girlfriend.
This is not how I was expecting it to feel at all.
That is certainly the most negative reaction I have ever heard associated with that.
(Not to mention, I thought the earlier determination was that you guys were not going to get together)
my head is splitting apart in confusion.
The earlier determination was both her and me being under the impression that the other was not interested in the other.
I have a question about a flag over on boardgames, but there is never anyone in chat....
8:42 PM
ugh, my knees are all shaking. I actually feel physically ill. This is awful. Something's definitely not right here.
Methinks this is something unrelated to you getting a girlfriend, then.
@Mana This sounds more like food poisoning than getting a girlfriend.
Even if it were a psychosomatic response, I don't think this would've been the correct trigger anyway.
@FallenAngelEyes I feel bad laughing at this but I did
@FallenAngelEyes fuck it, starred anyways. Oi, my head...
WOW. This actually just happened!
8:48 PM
@Mana You gonna be okay?
After several years of being completely convinced that no girl in her right mind would ever, ever be interested in me, I suddenly have a girlfriend.
You should probably go visit the clinic. Play it safe.
That would probably explain the extreme reaction. I am completely unadjusted to this.
anyways, enough sorting out feelings on a public online chatroom, I'm gonna go to class.
@Mana I want to congratulate you, but your previous comments make me think it isn't really what you want, so I don't really know what to say.
@Mana That sounds rather negative...
8:50 PM
@Mana Clinic, not class.
Q: Towny Rent Warnings

Kort PlecoIs it possible to warn players a certain time before rent is due if they won't be able to afford rent? I'm open to installing further plugins to enable this, but it's rather painful to my players to have to replace torches and reclaim areas if they don't remember to pay rent and they lose their ...

Am I to understand that this guy is charging people money for server space?
@Tristan More likely it's a Bukkit mod that adds in-game money to Minecraft and lets people rent houses with it.
@Ullallulloo Oh, okay. I saw the but I wasn't sure what it was.
@OrigamiRobot I lurk there, but yeah, it's veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery quiet.
8:55 PM
@Tristan That's impossible, considering I haven't been on LoL since you posted you made the request.

 Summoner's Rift

Because no one likes Twisted Treeline. Join our ingame chatroo...
@FallenAngelEyes That's why I dont go in there. I dont want to make a meta post just to ask this simple question
@RavenDreamer Huh... Weird.
@OrigamiRobot Maybe someone else has it too? I'm fairly sure it wouldn't be frowned upon
What's the concern, @Origami? Let me take a look
8:57 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I'm afraid it will come off as "OMG WHY WAS THIS FLAG DENIED U MODZ R SOOOO STUUUPID"
@Ullallulloo That... actually sounds like an extremely fun way to play Minecraft.
@Tristan Requests expire if they are not followed up on in due time.
@OrigamiRobot I'm sure an enterprising folded robot such as yourself would express your complaints in a less capslocky manner. It's a question about policy that may be applicable to others, so I'd probably recommend a post.
@GraceNote That must be it.
The longer I watch it, the harder I laugh...
@Tristan clearly a sport that requires an alcoholic beverage to truly enjoy.
8:59 PM
@OrigamiRobot What is the flag? There's no active flags at the moment so there's naught for me to investigate.
@agent86 I could see it being an event similar to the running of the bulls.
@GraceNote it's probably an off-topic or not constructive
@agent86 like most of them
@FallenAngelEyes you speak truth.
Booze makes everything better, except that which it doesn't.
9:00 PM
@RavenDreamer Except driving
@RavenDreamer Except for alcoholism.
Q: Is Mona Sax the Murderer of Payne's family?

k0pernikusMona Sax is an assassin working for Alfred Woden. I was wondering if she is the assassin of Max Payne's family. Vlad implied something along those lines, saying Payne should be thankful that he shot her. So is Mona Sax the killer of Payne's family?

@Origami If it's what I think it is, I'll poke someone at a later point to see if they're willing to re-read the flag, but the overall scenario is that I wouldn't put too much stake into the dismissal - we can still take action even outside that.
@GraceNote Right, it was already denied. I flagged this answer as not an answer because A) it is formated as a question and B) it is technically wrong.
9:02 PM
Yeah, that's what I thought it was.
@Lazers ...well, aaaargh, I was planning on playing that soon.
I just want to know when is wrong wrong enough?
You don't flag for a "wrong answer", ever. You only flag if it isn't an answer.
If it's just plain wrong, then you just downvote - moderators have no action to take on wrong answers.
It would be a nice question (as I said in my comment) and Alex P answered it in his comment.
If it's not only wrong, but the greater essence of the post is actually a question, then you could flag it on that respect. But if its inquisitive nature is more of a "Hey, OP, wouldn't this work?" kind of thing not worth its own question, then I could see a flag getting denied. I don't know how much that his particular inquiry stands on its own, you'd know better than I.
9:05 PM
@GraceNote Well, it seems I misread the denial....I missed the word "not"
Okay. Time to anti-procrastinate.
Time to crastinate?
@OrigamiRobot Heh, an innocent mistake. You aren't going to be penalized or anything. ♪
@GraceNote by you or the network, maybe not
@RavenDreamer Concrastinate! It's kinda like an exceptionally letter-added concatenation!
9:06 PM
I'll make fun of him mercilessly
@IanPugsley One of these days you'll grow out of that childish behavior. ♪
53 secs ago, by Raven Dreamer
@GraceNote I wan't worried about that. It was just very confusing to have read "flags should be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer". I was thinking "But it is wrong!"
Time to concrastinate!
@OrigamiRobot Ah, I see, I see.
9:08 PM
@GraceNote And it pains me to see a new user get downvotes like that. They are just trying to help after all.
I know how you feel
23 hours ago, by Grace Note
...that's an impressive amount of complete failure there.
@OrigamiRobot Dammit, I'm stuck in BC&G reading random questions now
@GraceNote @IanPugsley is just mad because I told him to run Thought Scour in his self-mill deck and I was right.
9:11 PM
Posted by Jeff Atwood on January 31st, 2012

Way back in 2008, we had Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, the founders and co-creators of Reddit, on the Stack Overflow podcast. We chatted about a bunch of stuff, but one of the things they said that always stuck with me was that Reddit always took an explicitly hands-off, no moderation approach to their content from the very beginning.

I found that a bit shocking, since I’ve… never seen that work. Certainly on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange we are very much pro-moderation — and more so with every passing year. We have literally hundreds of community moderators. We spend  …

@OrigamiRobot That's an exceedingly cheap mill.
@RavenDreamer, your physics horse thing is in this post :D
@GraceNote cheap as in mana cost or cheap as in cards milled?
although I'm having trouble determining if it's mentioned in a positive or negative light here, seems a bit mixed thus far... hmm...
Cost. 8 cards max for 4 of them isn't a huge chunk if your theme is around milling, but it's a nice start for only U.
9:13 PM
@agent86 I... I don't think it's for the positive :S
@GraceNote and it's a cantrip!
@FallenAngelEyes yowch, I think you're right, it seemed positive, and then not so much, and now pretty much downright negative
@OrigamiRobot I'm not actually aware of that term. The last time I ran Magic Set Editor was in 2006.
I played some Time Spiral and the one after that (WOOO GIANT KRAKEN BEAST!), but didn't entirely pick up on any new mechanics or terminologies other than "Exile" for "Removed from the game".
@GraceNote It lets you draw a card. It replaces itself as a card in hand. You dont lose card advantage.
@GraceNote They've added a whole bunch in an attempt to keywordify for (supposedly) more immersion
like "Battlefield" and "Exile" and such
9:16 PM
@OrigamiRobot So, a card that lets you draw while also doing something.
@FallenAngelEyes I dont understand how "Mill" isnt a keyword yet.
It's a strategy, not an effect, is why.
Now I want to remember the name of that giant kraken beast, but I cannot recall it.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, there's "Deathtouch" now yet no milling...
@GraceNote Mill N (Put the top N cards from your library into your graveyard)
It would save so much card space
@RonanForman That was awesome.
9:19 PM
@GraceNote Deep-Sea Kraken?
That was it, yes.
@Wipqozn What was?
@Mana congrats yo
@RonanForman The link I replied to.
@GraceNote, can you do something? There's a question here that is technically a dupe of this one although I think it's being VTC'ed as a dupe of another question. Can you fix it?
@Wipqozn Would you say they were making fun of the show?
9:21 PM
@Tristan Not at all.
@agent86 ...argh
I think they represented exactly what most people go through.
Awww crap, I was halfway through editing my nomination, changed tabs, and it reloaded, removing all my edits.
@GraceNote if it's a pain, the differences are probably minor enough that nobody will notice.
@Wipqozn Thank you, sir.
9:21 PM
"uh, mlp? Are you serious. That's stupid. several episodes later THIS IS AWESOME!!!"
@agent86 Which one actually has the same game?
Q: Help me remember the name of a 2d space game and save my holidays!

kronI'm trying to remember the name of the open-world 2d space RPG, where you save the galaxy of enslavement from an aggressive inter-galactic species, all while piloting an alien spaceship that your predecessors have discovered off-world. The game starts off when you reach our Solar system and deac...

@badp is "giri" short for something?
in the comments, the asker notes that Star Control 2 is the game he was thinking of.
oooh, time for me to get a new video card
will have to do some research
9:24 PM
@FallenAngelEyes In anticipation of a game?
@Tristan Well, my b/f has decided to upgrade his PC
whenever he upgrades, I get a new video card, as he then gets my handmedown video card
@FallenAngelEyes nooo don't tempt me. I have some discretionary funds that need to last me until late this year and I SHOULD NOT USE THEM TO UPGRADE MY PC.
(I'm a bigger gamer than he is, so the video card is a higher priority for me to have than him)
under no circumstances.
@FallenAngelEyes Do you ever make your b/f feel inferior to you since you have a better rig than he does?
9:25 PM
@FallenAngelEyes That sounds like an efficient setup.
@agent86 We just got some extra funds for something, so that's what prompted the upgrade :)
@Wipqozn All of them, in fact :D
@FallenAngelEyes I might get a bonus soon too. NOOO BAD TEMPTATION
@FallenAngelEyes You go girl.
speaking of temptation, time to go to the dentist. No, I don't think that was a particularly good segue. Yes, I am replying to myself, thanks for asking.
Q: What in-game pre-order bonuses are available for Final Fantasy XIII-2?

Mark TrappSo Square-Enix has decided to add in-game pre-order bonuses/DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2, but I'm having trouble keeping track of them all, and which retailers have what. What pre-order bonuses are available, and where can I get them?

9:26 PM
I'm an AMD user, so I need to check out the 6XXX line. I think the 7XXX series is a liiiiittle much.
@FallenAngelEyes I was considering one of those "newish" CPU+GPU combo chips, apparently the GPU gives discrete-level performance. Damn cheap too.
@Lazers I thought questions like that were considered too localized?
Q: New Gaming Promotional Grant Round 1- Go get 'em

Seth RogersWelcome to the New Gaming Promotional Grant Round 1! All users with at least 300 reputation are eligible to receive one free game from Gaming.SE. This round's featured games are Final Fantasy XIII-2, Soul Calibur V, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and The Darkness II. The catch? Simple - ask 8 q...

@GraceNote Yay!
Go. Apply. Now. Or black-feathered vengeance be upon ye.
(Or we just learn you're not interested in the set)
9:30 PM
@Lazers It's localized both in time and scope, considering pre-orders vary by geographic region for this game too, iirc. :/
@Tristan Yeah, it works pretty well. I get new shinies and he gets a card that still is good enough for us to play games together.
@FallenAngelEyes I need to date a gamer so I can have a similar arrangement.
@FallenAngelEyes Yeah, I've VTC
@GraceNote Applied. (why does this spelling not look right to me? @FallenAngelEyes what was that called again?)
@Tristan Semantic satiation
@gnomeslice Flotilla is 75% off
on steam
9:34 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Many thanks.
That's for like, overexposure to a word.
My pre-order DLC ears are burning: @FallenAngelEyes @Wipqozn "too localized" would be "There's a guy outside my door who pre-ordered FF13-2. What did he get?": something so useless to everyone else that it's not worth asking in a public forum. There's a finite set of DLC offered for the game
A: Too localized: by population size instead of geographical area

Joel SpolskyStop abusing "Too Localized." That is meant to close questions that are so specific to a particular place and time that they can only possible benefit the poster, or questions which would be obsolete in a matter of seconds. Just because there is a location in a question doesn't mean it's too loca...

@MarkTrapp yes, I agree about the region, but that wasn't the main reason I VTC.
My concern is that after the game is released, the question will no longer be of any help to anyone.
@Wipqozn It released today.
9:37 PM
@WorldEngineer Bought. :O
@Ullallulloo Duke Nukem Forever is 75% off as well.
@Tristan I saw. I have absolutely zero interest in that though.
@GraceNote I'm actually very curious on the subject of future eligibility vs. fulfillment of 8 questions
@Wipqozn That's not really true: the DLC is still available after the game launches. For a collector, knowing what was offered is important
@IanPugsley Did you read agent86's post asking about that?
9:39 PM
Would removing the word "pre-order" address the objection?
@Ullallulloo As you should.
@IanPugsley I asked and he says that then you just have to sit out the next round.
And then it's back to randomness.
@MarkTrapp That's true.
@Ullallulloo ah just saw that - that's good, then
@MarkTrapp So change it to "What in-game bonuses are available for Final Fantasy XIII-2?"?
9:41 PM
like I was super active in and , but had a total of maybe 4-5 questions each
@IanPugsley Yeah, I don't have over 4 questions in any tag, and that only in one.
@Tristan ?
Alright XBox players, ping me.
@Tristan Hm?
9:43 PM
@Tristan xbox or xbox 360?
@Wipqozn 360.
@Tristan take a guess :P (it's IPugsley)
@Tristan I technically have an xbox 360, although I rarely use it anymore.
I apparently got invited to take part in the Gotham City Impostors beta (ending on the 6th) but I can't play my 360 at the moment.
Who wants my beta key?
@MarkTrapp If the bonus DLC is still available post-release, I'd reverse my objection to it.
9:44 PM
@Tristan Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass.
@Tristan I got into that too!
Oh :(
Thought we could play together
@Wipqozn @FallenAngelEyes How's this?
@FallenAngelEyes Feel free to friend me. My GT is the same as my Steam ID. =P I can't play now, but soon.
@Tristan if you give your key away you won't be able to though
@IanPugsley Do you want my beta key?
@IanPugsley I won't be able to play the beta anyway. I just meant we could play other stuff together.
9:46 PM
@Tristan not if you or anyone else wants it but GCI looks neat (just looking at it for the first time now)
@MarkTrapp Sounds good. If the preorder bonuses differ by region though, you may want to specify yours, especially if you're asking for people to name retailers.
@MarkTrapp That works.
@FallenAngelEyes I think the question would actually be more useful if he doesn't.
That way anyone, from any region, can get an answer to this question.
@IanPugsley Are you on Steam?
@FallenAngelEyes I removed the part about where to find them: even in the same region, some DLC could be timed exclusives anyway
@Tristan yeah
9:47 PM
Q: New Gaming Giveaway Round 1- Go get 'em

Seth RogersWelcome to the New Gaming Promotional Grant Round 1! All users with at least 300 reputation are eligible to receive one free game from Gaming.SE. This round's featured games are Final Fantasy XIII-2, Soul Calibur V, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and The Darkness II. The catch? Simple - ask 8 ...

darnit, now I have to pick between Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and The Darkness II
I think I'll probably be able to ask more questions about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning but I'd rather get The Darkness II :(
@IanPugsley Add me on Steam so I can give you this code. nihilistronin
@MarkTrapp Ah, gotcha.
I should look up just what "Kingdoms of Amalur" even is.
@IanPugsley I never picked up the first. I've seen it cheap though. Worth it?
9:49 PM
@FallenAngelEyes the demo was fun, I never actually played the first game
Oh, haha
I read the comic adaptation, and am subscribed to the ongoing comic
Ah yeah, I forgot it was based on a comic
@IanPugsley The only rule is: You have to let me know how it is. =3
@FallenAngelEyes Only if there is a cheat to only play the Hell levels
9:50 PM
@FallenAngelEyes you wound me
@GraceNote It's kind of an action RPG
@Tristan definitely
@FallenAngelEyes That term has become so bloatedly useless, honestly speaking. I feel "Platformer" tells me more about a game, and all it tells me is "There are platforms you jump on", yet somehow I get a better feel of the game with it.
@IanPugsley I've only gotten into comics in like the last... 2 years? It was too overwhelming before!
This always happens. I got into the LotRO beta and couldn't play it, DCUO beta, and couldn't play it... =(
9:51 PM
@GraceNote Haha yeeeeah
@Tristan It's funny you mention those two, as I got into both of those on while on dialup.
@FallenAngelEyes Image and Top Cow are particularly good at not putting out overwhelming things
LotRO I actually downloaded on dialup and tried to play. Did not work well.
@FallenAngelEyes Did you ever get to play DCUO?
Top Cow (the universe in which The Darkness takes places) has all of four ongoings, I think
I got into the DCUO beta last year just before I went back to my parents' place in the US before vacation
@Tristan I played it post-F2P conversion.
9:52 PM
@FallenAngelEyes I hit max level pre-F2P... and quit less than a week later.
@Tristan Zam and I played it a lot for a while, then sorta stopped
we've played a lot of F2P games together
So the programmers town hall is about to start, who wants to head over there and ask annoying questions?
Wanted to get up to 30 so he and I could do the duo raids but kinda stopped before we got that far
@FallenAngelEyes You didn't miss anything. There was a serious lack of fun in that game.
@RonanForman I'm guessing they're getting enough from you.
9:55 PM
Oh, that reminds me.
@Tristan It was a fun enough diversion (for free). I also like collecting things, and there's a ton of crap to collect in that game. >_>
@FallenAngelEyes: Do you play on PvE or PvP servers when you play MMOs which contain such a thing?
I wouldn't have paid full price+subscription for it though
It hasn't started yet, and seeing as my dad will be there I'd rather not, although if the were sensible and annoying...
@FallenAngelEyes Could you fish, though?
9:56 PM
@Wipqozn Usually PvE
There's in general less asshattery and less low-level ganking
@GraceNote You could not :(
That sounds like right the wrong game for you
@FallenAngelEyes yeah, same. I played PvP in Rift, and I really liked it... but I think that's just because I was on a good server.
@Wipqozn I prefer voluntary PvP
I know in some games / servers you can't even do anything due to how bad it can get.
like arenas and such
9:57 PM
@RonanForman - are you done with the spleef arena?
@Grace Your advice of going to the clinic was sound...I have indeed caught some kind of bug that's going around.
I don't really like mixing open world PvP and PvE
@Mana I'm glad you did go to the clinic.
Though admittedly, I did kind of enjoy rifting in Aion
9:58 PM
@Origami I haven't finished decorating yet, although I can't put up the server right now...
But that happened on both PvE and PvP servers, as it was a basic game mechanic
@Wipqozn Funny guy. Although the effects did manifest themselves at their worst when she admitted that she has a crush on me, so...it might actually be the case.
@Mana Could be that in opening your heart, you also weakened your immune system for the moment necessary for the bug to stab into your actual biological heart.
@Wipqozn I'm surprised that wasn't a link to a certain video about love. One that gnome hates.
@Mana Wouldn't surprise me. If it's your first GF,it may prove to be a fairly nerve wracking experience.
9:59 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, it can get pretty awful.
I was just so taken aback. God, what a horrible way for it to happen. After acting like I was all disinterested and then asking her to confirm that she's not interested in me, she flipped everything on its head.

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