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12:00 AM
Would the show have a large focus on us misunderstanding each other due our craaazily different cultures?
Gnome's catchphrase is Meowzers!
What's this show called?
Wipqozn & Ronan's House of Fun?
That sounds more like a horror film, or a tragic documentary.
The Canadian & The Englishmen?
Now you're not even trying...
12:04 AM
oh, what's something you British people usually eat?
I rarely eat crumpets. moves plate to one side
Why does grad school tuition have to be so expensive; I'm "charged" $40k but I get a $40k assistant/fellowship that covers it anyways, so it's totally arbitrary to me...but not the IRS
So it just eats into the taxes I have to pay on that plus the stipend I get
@RonanForman We can call it Canadian Crumpet!
$40k? Ouch. Is that over 3 years?
per year; but it doesn't matter, it's all covered w/ funding
3 years? more like 4-5
12:08 AM
You like that syrup thing right, how about maple crumpet? That sounded better in my head.
@Nick wow. I thought £9k a year was bad.
@RonanForman Yeah man, maple syrup is all I eat!
I put that shit on everything.
@RonanForman such is post-secondary education in the USA
Gives you the energy you need before you go dog sledding to school.
I so want @Gnomeslice to use his catchphrase at some point.
@Wipqozn where do you live in Canada?
12:10 AM
ugh, the bad part of having long hair is -everyone- knows when its one of your hairs they found... I need more long haired friends.
@NickT Nova Scotia
What about that thing where you ski and shoot?
@James You could also cut your hair.
@Wipqozn Wayyyy to curly.
@James Are you?... Me?
12:11 AM
@RonanForman Um, no... Last time I checked I was still whom I am.
@James Are you sure?
Whom.. who... @fredley which one is it!?!? :)
Were you adopted? Have you come from a parallel universe? Have you endulged in timetravel!
@Wipqozn Fairly.. since we all live in my little world all of you may just be figments of my imagination... I suppose its possible one of them would think they are me and I am the figment but.. you never know...
I should write a script that automatically sends a Crashes through message whenever @Fredy31 joins chat
That way I get it in before him
12:13 AM
@James Who, whom is when it's not the subject, I think.
and I win
and he just looks silly
They forced us to call a game "Who's Watching Who" because of the 'rhyme' instead of proper grammar :)
crashes through @Wipqozn Script. NO.
@John, edited to remove ambiguity, obsolete comments removed, and reopened.
aww, it wont let me edit the whom to be who any more!
12:14 AM
@Fredy31 Now I want to do it even more.
@Fredy31 Was that a Punchy style crash through?
Just look at me making a script that posts a random Crash message BEFORE I get in the room
Let the crash wars begin.
@Fredy31 Oh it's on now.
doesn't even know how to code a script for the chat.
12:16 AM
if anyone is a SC2 expert, you may want to double check this question, and if you downvoted it you might consider removing said downvote:
Q: Starcraft 2 types of Games- no minerals to mine

SpooksHey I am pretty new to SC2, but I was wondering if there is a name or a way to search for StarCraft 2 games that start you off with a certain amount of resources, and you are unable to farm any more. I feel this would be more like warhammer 40k table top. basically a pure micro game.

@Wipqozn I burst out laughing because of that. It's time for sleep me thinks.
@agent86 LOL, Awesome.. Turn Blizzard's game back into WarHammer.. now that is Irony!
It shouldn't be that funny. Why am I laughing?!?
if anyone is a Minecraft expert, you should probably downvote/comment on this for being wrong:
A: Does length dilation affect the Y axis in the Nether?

Raven DreamerHeight is dilated at the same rate as length and width. (Aha! I've cleverly avoided all mentions of X, Y, or Z!) This portal Here, outlined in orange: Is exactly 16 squares below the foreground portal. The view from the nether is: Note that the orange portal is only 2 squares below in this p...

12:22 AM
is anyone around that's free for a LoL experiment?
LoL: not even once.
@DaveMcClelland what
@NickT I want to try science in LoL, but we need a fifth
what are you doing
you can inv if you want
12:27 AM
@NickT Sure, what's your name?
@DaveMcClelland What kind of science?
@NickT Do you have mumble?
Doripenem (common name doripenem monohydrate) is an ultra-broad spectrum injectable antibiotic. It is a beta-lactam and belongs to the subgroup of carbapenems. It was launched by Shionogi Co. of Japan under the brand name Finibax in 2005 and is being marketed outside Japan by Johnson & Johnson. It is particularly active against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Doripenem can be used for bacterial infections such as: complex abdominal infections, pneumonia within the setting of a hospital, and complicated infections of the urinary tract including kidney infections with septicemia. Primarily, doripen...
@DaveMcClelland yeah sorta
@GraceNote We're taking 5 people with promote and heal, promoting the first 5 minions in mid lane, and trying to rush
@DaveMcClelland ? you can only promote siege minions
12:28 AM
@NickT The first 5 siege minions
You can only promote up to 3 per wave (given 3 sets), and the cooldown is short enough for that to not need 5.
so one every three waves per lane
@NickT Confirmed and Downvoted (I spent a good deal of time fixing portal issues in the aether mod code to qualify myself as a MC expert in this area :))
A triple promote could be intimidating, but I don't think a quintuple promote can even feasibly work due to the fact that you probably won't get more than 2 siege minions (promoted or otherwise) in the same lane before at least one expires.
@GraceNote That's why we're healing them!
12:31 AM
Yeah, but tower damage increases per attack (admittedly to a cap), while Heal gets nerfed when used in quick succession.
My assumption of how your experiment goes (I still encourage you to try it out as I'd love to hear how it plays out.) is that it'll probably result in you blowing all of your heals before you can get the second promote. That's my hypothesis, at least.
@GraceNote We're starting the game now. I'll report back
Science must be done!
Good luck!
Just realized. Counter Strike is so Awesome that they can release it pretty much exacly the same 3 times in 10 years, and it still is awesome. Take that Call of duty.
@Fredy31 how is this different from CoD? they release the same damn game once a year (I think they're up to 7 or 8 or something) and it breaks sales records each time.
if it weren't for Valve Time (tm) they'd probably do the same thing :P
12:39 AM
@agent86 Very good.
and @GraceNote changed her avatar again. I'm now scared and disoriented.
@agent86 Meh. You get used to it.
@agent86 All I did was shift the cropping just now.
Same site, same image, same character.
@GraceNote cropping? that sounds scary too. now I'm double scared
@agent86 ...cropping an image?
The previous was focused higher up on a smaller square. I opted to widen the window of the image to contain more of the machinery.
12:43 AM
@GraceNote you said it again! argh. I'm going to have to be sedated now, I hope you're happy
I'm scared of the impending rep recalc.
@agent86 I don't know what to do with you.
@GraceNote Clearly you should sedate him, like he said.
@John It'll happen so fast, you won't even realize that it just happened so fast.
@GraceNote But I'll be missing so much rep!
12:44 AM
How much?
@John I could just recalc you now, and ease the pain.
@GraceNote I don't know, but it's never less than 30. :(
@agent86 I could do that.
@GraceNote you could just stop changing. and focus on keeping the internet permanently in this state. it's a big job, but I think you're capable.
@John yeah, but this is like having someone else rip a band-aid off.
@agent86 That's not really the issue here.
@John Say What!?
12:45 AM
@GraceNote there's an issue?
17 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
Q: Upcoming Reputation History Changes

Nick CraverBehind the scenes we've been hard at work making some changes to how we track reputation. Here are some of the issues we're aiming to address with these changes: Reputation Skew (your actual reputation doesn't match what's shown) Up/Down votes oddities (mostly with the daily rep cap, the magic...

Also the likelihood is that, thanks to Security being graduated, I don't really have to worry about potentially losing this image.
@agent86 Aye. Aye there was.
@GraceNote mmm, kay.
@GraceNote blargghhhhh
12:48 AM
@John Oh okay, I thought it would be scarier than that.
@John starred
I really need to stop relying on Gravatars to identify people.
Not all that many people keep changing, do they?
Everyone changes though.
I mostly changed here because I had an opportunity present itself where I could finally use her on a site thematically, something I couldn't do previously and thus meant I'd be conflicted on setting the chat profile there.
Given that I exceptionally like her, I'm actually probably going to stick to her for a much longer period than I've been sticking to images for a while.
12:52 AM
Hrm. As much as I love programming, I hate the bits that involve other people.
Solution - find a large enough explosion to eliminate the parts that involve other people.
Ah, yes, but that would render the project obsolete.
So that would have been a good solution a few days ago, not now.
As long as it doesn't render you obsolete, that still seems like you're coming out positive.
@GraceNote Well, yes, but still, I have work whose usefulness depends on these other people, which means it's worthless if I remove that aspect.
Given that it took time to do that work, that's a net negative for me.
12:54 AM
Honestly we should randomize Grace's avatar every 30 minutes
@badp I'm in favour of this.
It'd be the wheel of Grace.
If I had a full gallery and weren't as fond of Toybox Girl, I probably would endorse such a system. As it stands, though, there's still a >50% chance at any time that I'd have boring ol' Green Diamonds.
@badp >:(
@badp What about a high delay gif.
12:56 AM
that could be worked around. Theoretically
Hrm, I kinda sorta wrote my own protocol. Accidentally. This means I have to write a specification. Ugh.
That sounds taxing
@GraceNote Experiment over. Results: meh
@DaveMcClelland Oh?
@GraceNote We have another idea for science though, and need another
If you'd like to join us
12:57 AM
I might have dinner in a bit, let me check on that, but what are you sciencing?
Can't I just give people my code and say "here you go, work it out"?
@GraceNote It ended up just not being enough continual siege minions
@DaveMcClelland I figured that would be the case.
Science: Heimer places a turret in front of the tower at the start of the round. Everyone teleports to it, making it invulnerable. Beat on the tower forever
12:58 AM
@GraceNote Join us!
@DaveMcClelland That sounds awesome.
I mentioned dinner checking, did I not?
@GraceNote Go check
@StrixVaria If @GraceNote is busy, you're welcome to join
@ArdaXi Isn't that called "outsourcing"?
@DaveMcClelland Alas, I also have dinner forthwith.
12:59 AM
Everyone needs to stop this eating thing
@RedriderX It'd be in lieu of writing a spec altogether, so I'm pretty sure it's just called "sadistic."
I've seen some pretty fun starts with Janna, ghost, wards, and a team full of teleports.
@StrixVaria you should have responded with "I won't be your second choice!", and start flipping tables and stuff.
It would be awesome.
No chance
@RedriderX Or in my case self-defeating because I kinda depend on other people to implement the protocol for my app to be useful.
1:00 AM
@GraceNote No chance of science?
Janna teleports bot to start, ghosts up to the bush between the towers bot lane, and places a ward so the whole team teleports there before the other team's bot laners even get there.
Then it's a 5v2 or 5v1 level 1 surprise gank.
@DaveMcClelland No chance of being able to do it while also maintaining my current living conditions.
@GraceNote That is sad news
@Wipqozn If only I had that ASCII permanently handy.
I'd have otherwise loved to have joined in the FOR SCIENCEing.
1:01 AM
@GraceNote We probably won't get a full team, so we'll likely need to try this experiment another time
Well, you know where to find me.
@StrixVaria Do what I do - keep a simple TXT file open at all times that includes any handy things you'll need often.
@GraceNote Indeed I do. We'll probably science tomorrow
By the way, since I haven't linked this recently:
If you don't have Chrome, well, you'll just have to fix that problem first, won't you?
@ArdaXi I have Chrome; no worries.
@ArdaXi ...criminy...
@GraceNote t(ツ)_/¯
1:04 AM
This thing doesn't have any table flipping emoticons by default ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
@StrixVaria (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Right there.
I had to add it, but it was in the list of suggestions.
@ArdaXi I wonder if a Firefox version of that exists
2 mins ago, by Arda Xi
If you don't have Chrome, well, you'll just have to fix that problem first, won't you?
@Wipqozn ಥ_ಥ
1:06 AM
@ArdaXi ಠ_ಠ
@ArdaXi I do not consider that a solution.
@RedriderX Perhaps you don't realise the problem?
@ArdaXi So did you just have the string "cmomlddchhdnchpieaalgkpgaafohlbn" memorized?
It's a solution, but perhaps it's not an option which you can exercise.
@StrixVaria Yes.
(in reality, right-click the button and click Look of Disapproval) ;-)
1:08 AM
@ArdaXi Getting Google Chrome in lieu of a Firefox version?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I can't even listen to this.
@RedriderX No, the problem is that you're using Firefox.
The solution is to start using Chrome.
@StrixVaria The only one I have memorised is "milkhonmecplandlkfbjplfbdenjlkmp".
@ArdaXi And I don't consider it a good solution.
At work we have to support people who are using IE7. Every time one of those issues comes up I am thankful that I do the backend stuff, not the front end.
@StrixVaria Did you get to the Andre 3k/James Murphy freakout?
1:09 AM
@RedriderX Then what would your solution be to using that browser-the-size-of-an-operating-system?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Andre was doing some whining where I stopped. I didn't get a time because I was in too much of a rush to close the tab.
@StrixVaria There's a Chrome for that. code.google.com/chrome/chromeframe
@ArdaXi We can't just tell all our clients to install Chrome frame, however much we'd love to.
@StrixVaria Ah, I was thinking enterprise stuff.
@StrixVaria If you didn't here him yelling "I'm the Shit" then you didn't get to the freakout.
1:11 AM
@StrixVaria You almost can if it's <IE9.
Pizza's ready. Dinner time.
@ArdaXi Rather that than that Google-in-everything-I-do browser.
@RedriderX So get Chromium. Or Iron.
@ArdaXi Chromium has no flash.
@RedriderX Not... built-in, no.
By that logic, Firefox has no flash either.
The whole Flash-built-in-for-security thing is really Chrome-only.
1:14 AM
@ArdaXi Hmm, yes that's true.
Well, nite all.
@agent86 I prefer the chemistry one.
1:38 AM
I am home.
I have beer.
I am playing video games.
All is right with the world.
Q: Finding lost Ocelots?

ryansworld10I didn't realize that upon quitting Minecraft, your Ocelots automatically sit. When I logged back in, I went off adventuring again, but I didn't notice that my Ocelots weren't following me. Now I can't find them at all! How can you get Ocelots that are sitting down to teleport to you?

Q: Do bonuses to power damage affect damage from grenades?

JimmypottsI'm playing an infiltrator in mass effect3 multiplayer, and i want my sticky grenades to be very damaging, does anyone know?

Q: Why did Starcraft become so much more popular than Red Alert 2

What's up DocI'm looking for objective reasons if possible. Red alert came out in 1996, Starcraft came out in 1998 and RA2 in 2000. RA had an innovative storyline and a greater choice of units with a similar overall type of gameplay. While RA2 came later it added to the amount of units, each with a unique ...

Q: is war really like this? [ Call of Duty ]

mahen23I have been playing MW2 and recently MW3 and all that i've noticed with those games is that you are just part of an elite group that goes round and kill other soldiers, ON A MASSIVE SCALE. I mean, if you were to count the number of NPC's that you are killing in the game, at the end, you end up ...

answerer almost has reversal badge :P
@NickT my word.
that's a lot of down votes
@NickT Now it does :P
1:58 AM
I thought answering bad questions was frowned upon.
I frown upon it.
And yet it has a score of 20.
make it 19.
Because the answer is bad? Or just the question
People get pissed at me when I answer bad questions.
so that's what the patterned the new digital camo after
2:05 AM
That photo is enraging me.
He still has his goddamn combat boots on.
On the couch.
Whoa, there are some pretty great deals on GG.
Notably, 20% off Crysis 2.
yay, I actually get to do something productive on a Tuesday besides write...go into lab
not sure why I'm happy about that
Anyone want to render an opinion on Dear Esther?
@NickT It's excellent.
That said, it's not a game.
It's an interactive story.
So like The Stanley Parable or Elevator: Source?
I don't have a clue what she's talkin' about.
2:20 AM
I see where you're trying to click thar
@NickT ....... Fuck you.
Haven't you people figured it out by now?
Hah. I didn't even notice.
That's terrible.
Is there a GT/Forza equivalent for PC?
@NickT You're talking 'realistic racing' right?
Not really, now that I think about it.
PGR4 might be available on PC.
Project Gotham Racing 4 is the fourth title in the main Project Gotham Racing series, developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Development history Project Gotham Racing 4 was accidentally leaked by a Peugeot press release for a competition for a car designed by a contestant to be featured in the game before the official Bizarre announcement. The competition was won by Mr. Mihai Panaitescu with the Peugeot Flux. Shortly after, the game was then officially confirmed at X06, with a trailer titled Eclipse shown. The trailer was also made available to download...
Yeah... not really then. You're looking for a 'realistic' racing simulator, yes?
2:31 AM
yeah or campaign
@NickT Yes, but I mean you're looking for realistic racing physics.
Otherwise I'd suggest BLUR.
Live for Speed (LFS) is a racing simulator developed by a three person team comprising Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, and Victor van Vlaardingen. The main focus is to provide a realistic racing experience for the online multiplayer game and to allow single player races against AI cars. Users can set personal bests which can then be uploaded to LFSWorld in hotlap mode, and take driving lessons in 'training' mode. LFS is entirely distributed via the Internet. It can be downloaded and installed for free from the official website, but unlocking all of the features requires purchasing a license...
Fictional cars, though.
@NickT That's the only one I can think of, and searching it led me to this: overclock.net/t/409429/games-like-forza-for-pc
i.e. a forum about games like forza for PC.
Oh my. Gnomeslice's gravatar has been assimilated.
@RavenDreamer I wish there were a way I could make it automatically cycle between the four every now and then.
2:42 AM
@GnomeSlice Write userscript to make your gravatar appear a certain way on certain days, give everyone who frequents this room said script.
That's just silly.
Man, I need to play Flotilla some more, it's pretty great.
I wish it had online multiplayer.
Is that the "You have a fatal illness, time for one last tour of awesome around the galaxy?" game?
@RavenDreamer Yeah.
@GnomeSlice Well that's a switch. Usually everyone else is calling you silly.
You're moving up!
Ah shit...
I crashed one of my ships.
2:49 AM
@GnomeSlice How am I doing on your crew?
@OrigamiRobot Oh, that game ended after the mothership.
@OrigamiRobot That means you died.
I've started a new one with @RavenDreamer, @agent86, @Mana, and @GraceNote. Raven and agent86 died in the first level.
@John No, he survived.
The mothership is the final stage.
I think.
At any rate, I started a new crew.
@GnomeSlice You still didn't pick me?
@GnomeSlice Was I a hero? I was a hero, wasn't I?
2:51 AM
@OrigamiRobot You probably consistently had the most health of all of us.
@John Mods.
@GnomeSlice Mods?
@John You are unworthy!
@John This team is all gaming mods.
Well, it was.
@GnomeSlice Oh. That kind of mod.
It's hard starting out, your mercs have low stats.
2:53 AM
Huh. I can't believe that recalc actually gained me rep.
It's only 6 points, but that's far better than I was expecting.
Pineapple Smash Crew was just updated.
Apparently they fixed a bug where you could 'escape into the void from the starting airlock'. I wish I could try it, but they fixed it.
@John I would hate to gain 6 points!
@GnomeSlice That what I hate about patchnotes. They tell you all the good bugs when it's too late to try them.
@OrigamiRobot You...would?
And you can't play a steam game once it's started updating until it finishes. =[
@John Absolutely
2:55 AM
@GnomeSlice :(
@OrigamiRobot So you'd prefer to lose points then?
@John I did not say that.
@OrigamiRobot What would you prefer?
@John Multiples of 5.
@OrigamiRobot Ooooh.
On the plus side, accepting an answer here on Gaming got me back to a multiple of ten.
My internet may or may not die in a few minutes.
2:58 AM
RIP @GnomeSlice's Internet
@GnomeSlice I'm loving our odds right now.
@GraceNote You'll be lucky to survive level 3.
Once you get them leveled up they're much easier to keep alive.
@GnomeSlice Is death permanent?
@GraceNote has a new avatar I don't recognize
2:59 AM
@John Yeah, but you just end up with new mercs in the next level. Unfortunately, you only get to name your starter merc, the newcomers just get generic names.

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