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12:00 AM
@OrigamiRobot since @GnomeSlice isn't around I'll be the one to dubstep it up today: soundcloud.com/thissongisdylan4/be-prepared-for-the-bass
rumor has it that by virtue of a little plastic card I carry in a leather pouch, alongside a complex and intricate system of voice relaying network hardware, a set of flat discs covered in sauce and cheese will soon be hand-delivered to my front door. I must go now in order to prepare something sufficiently complex to receive them.
@Ian It just turned midnight! Now I have to last an entire day without listening to any dubstep!
@agent86 If I'm not mistaken, said delicious deliveries will be arriving in a cardboard rectangular prism, and the items are themselves typically constructed using leavened bread as a bottom layer. Receive from seller into hands into mouth; additional steps not necessary.
@agent86 Also, ordering pizza via phone...how plebeian.
@RonanForman I'll be sure to tell @GnomeSlice (right now!) to bombard you with links to dubstep
@IanPugsley well, I would have ordered via the INTERNETZ but the wife wanted something custom they they'd only do over the phone
@agent86 ...are you asking them to pick you up some groceries or something? How complicated is this special request?
12:10 AM
@IanPugsley she's pregnant. you figure it out :P
actually, that's kind of unfair, she just wanted regular bacon instead of canadian bacon. they don't do subs on specialty pizzas except over the phone
Candian Bacon is soaked in Maple Syrup, right?
@RavenDreamer I don't know what they do to foul with their bacon. it's unholy, that's all I know for sure.
@RavenDreamer Its actually an entirely different cut of meat from the pig than normal bacon is
Canadians put mayo on everything too. It's madness!
@Sterno But, mayo is tasty... especially on burger and fries...
Homemade mayo is very tasty
Anywho, @agent86 has talked me into ordering pizza... and maybe something with mayo on it :)
12:18 AM
@agent86 Oddly, my pregnant wife just requested pizza as well.
@Sterno I blame him, I think he has stock in tomatos..
Q: Getting Delphine & Esbern 'unstuck'

JakubSo I've gotten myself into the documented bug with Delphine & Esbern getting stuck @ the Karthspire. I used the PC console code of setstage MQ203 280 as I COULDN'T get them to get passed the first puzzle. Now they are STILL stuck at the first bridge, and I got 3 recruits for the blades, how...

12:32 AM
Heck yeah!
@Sterno What game is that??? I remember that screen shot from some where :)
Bard's tale?
.. I dont remember that being a party game though...
@James Yes! You can make a party of 6. In 2 and 3, you could do 7
I think I still have my old maps from 20 years ago on graph paper somewhere
@Sterno I remember mapping the sewers out only to discover they wrapped around!!
21x21 maps with magic wraparound for the win!
I think if I started playing it again my hands would have muscle memory and just know how to navigate through there :)
12:36 AM
I was playing Silversword on the iPad this weekend, which pretty much directly rips off Bard's Tale as far as gameplay, loot, and classes go. But it's missing three important things. 1) Apport Arcane, the teleport spell 2) Making you map yourself 3) 21x21 grids
And Roscoe's Energy Emporium
That should be enough Bejeweled for this year
12:49 AM
@badp You need more casual games. Try this: kongregate.com/games/BigFishStudios/fairway-solitaire
I have 3 different games running on 3 different steam installs on 3 different machines right now. I think I might be stretching myself a bit too thin
either that, or it's time to turn the xbox on
@DaveMcClelland Oh, that game....I wasted so much time on that game this weekend
@AshleyNunn I know, me too
Anybody got any fun, really obscure, facts? (Preferably ones that can be looked up on Wikipedia)
@Ktash This might be a nice place to start.
:This is not intended to be exhaustive. This is a list of current, widely held, false ideas and beliefs about notable topics which have been reported by reliable sources from around the world. Each has been discussed in published literature, as has its topic area (such as glass, and the misconception that glass is viscous) and the facts concerning it. History Ancient to early modern history * In ancient Rome, the architectural feature called a vomitorium was the entranceway through which crowds entered and exited a stadium, not a special room used for purging food during meals. Altho...
12:59 AM
@ArdaXi Heh, yeah, that's a fun page. I've unfortunately used something from this page already, and I'm making a competition so I don't want to draw from the same page twice
Well, still, like I said, it's a nice place to start. From there, you can get to fun pages like Brain which often have nice little trivia bits.
@ArdaXi Oh, that is exactly what I needed! :)
OH “Canadians are really Flanders to Homer's America.”
@Wipqozn @Mana @GnomeSlice
@ArdaXi Yeah, we are pretty nice.
1:22 AM
burn this with fire:
Q: Who wants to get big on YouTube by Gaming?

RyanA site called FPS Media, is where you want to go. As admin, I can publish your videos on YouTube, and you can share with the community on FPS Media. You just gotta sign up. http://www.fpsmedia.clanteam.com/forum

@Wipqozn way ahead of you.
1:42 AM
Q: Win 98 - Win XP Combat Flight Simulator Game

camiloqpAll I remember is that I played the game on either one of the aforementioned O.S's. It was a Cyanish color plane, which always on the demo version started with the engine on at an airport. If I can recall correctly, the plane you controlled was russian, and you could see different perspectives ...

1:56 AM
ugh, like 3 times that game I encountered a great general completely defenseless out in the middle of a battle. way to go, enemy AI
@agent86 Civ V?
@Wipqozn indeed
Yeah, the AI needs some work.
Although easier said than done, I don't imagine programming a good idea for a game as complex as civ is an easy task.
@Wipqozn, in looking at your comments, you may be interested in:
Q: AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

Benjol No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments, which you can easily click to insert. This script was inspired by answers to this question on meta....

@agent86 that would be really useful.
I make a point to always leave a comment, so this would save me quite a bit of time.
THanks @agent86
2:01 AM
no prob. I think there are some others who make use of it. I've got a few custom ones for ITGs that need more clarification, and off-topic shopping/game recs for example
sometimes a more "personal" comment is warranted, but often times it can be useful
@agent86 Yeah, more often than not I just leave a generic comment.
In most situations that's all you need.
2:35 AM
Q: How can I make games in C++?

danvicbezI want to make games for C++ (3D RPGs, FPSs, ect.). I've realized that you can't do things like these with raw C++ code, and I've seen multiple libraries and programs that assist in game development with C++. Can anyone recommend to me some programs and libraries that can help with these things, ...

I hope the Guild Wars 2 beta starts soon and, more importantly, that I get in.
@Wipqozn this
but modified to, "I hope the Guild Wars 2 beta starts soon, and more importantly, that I get in and @Wipqozn doesn't"
@spugsley I still don't understand why you don't want me to get in the beta but for you to get into the beta.
2:50 AM
@Wipqozn you taunt me all the time about the Diablo 3 beta! You deserve this!
@spugsley When have I ever done that?
@Wipqozn @OrigamiRobot just told me 'don't feed the troll'. You are the troll. In case you were wondering.
Does anyone know if you can kill someone with a pellet gun?
@GnomeSlice I have no idea.
@Wipqozn so I'm just going to smile :) and pretend that you aren't the worst.
2:54 AM
@spugsley well that isn't any fun.
Although I feel compelled to point out YOU started it :P
@GnomeSlice You can kill someone with pretty much anything you want.
@StrixVaria Where should I shoot myself, then.
@Wipqozn As was stated earlier, I regret nothing.
@GnomeSlice Bad day?
2:55 AM
@GnomeSlice I would recommend not shooting yourself.
@Wipqozn bleuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh
@GnomeSlice what happened? :(
@GnomeSlice yes you can, but not as easily or accidently as with a real gone. For a fun sensation of pain shoot your foot :P
@GnomeSlice Do you wish to talk about it?
Uh oh, @Mana is here.
2:58 AM
You know you need a better wireless network when...
> your PSVita is well into its 2nd hour of downloading a 700 mB program -- and it's not even half done.
Grr. I missed my guildwars 2 beta chance because the stupid diagnostics thing.
@RavenDreamer ...2 hours, that's it?
That would take me days.
@GnomeSlice Two days is not an unreasonable estimate at this juncture.
3:26 AM
omg skyrim
I want to lick it
it looks tasty
@agent86 you should lick it. It's delicious
@RavenDreamer I've been impressed how fast the ~300MB games I've been downloading have downloaded
@BenBrocka I'm betting you have better wifi.
The vita's downloading system is muuuuch nicer than the PS3's, but damn I wish they made it easier to find and download content I already own
download anyway, 1Mbps uploads :/
@spugsley oohhhhh yeah. totally worth it.
3:42 AM
@RavenDreamer what are you downloading?
@BenBrocka Lumines demo.
I'm... kinda balking at paying $35 for a game I already own, so I figured I'd stick with the demo for now.
@BenBrocka You should add me, by the way! I'm... RavenDreamer.
Ohhh yeah, I queued up all the demos to download but it doesn't download while I'm playing Uncharted
The downloadable game prices seem a bit too high right now, but I'm more eager for titles like Super Startdust Delta anyway
I'm also very lucky that some of my unfinished PSP games are availible for download...sadly not patapon 3 though
Ugh, the Vita's Charging animation is hideous and distracting
I've played the flash version of that.
@BenBrocka Uncharted 3?
the non-rythm game one?
Uncharted...whatever the Vita one's called
3:46 AM
Ahh, vita...
haven't got U3 yet
I am still bitter about U3 bricking my original PS3
@RavenDreamer Added. I'm Barakku on PSN if anyone wants to add me
@James No, it was their damn firmware update, right aronud that time :/
I had a fat PS3 and it bricked mine too, no Uncharted or GTA 4 which everyone said bricked their PS3
@BenBrocka I know, I read the notes, that firmware upgrade was to fix issues for uncharted 3. What bugged me is it was a known issue that they thought they had fixed 'well enough' ... meh.
I gave up on demanding a fix or having my PS3 repaired, it is a 5 year old system at this point, and fixing it cost 50% of a new console already
3:49 AM
Wii-U 's for everyone!
Speaking of Patapon, has ANYONE beat Patapon 3's final area? Good LORD it's brokenly hard
Pending the eventual apperence of the PS4 and the xbox 720.
@BenBrocka Yeah I got a new slim as well... but I have not dared try U3 on it yet... despite loving those games :)
I'm pretty tired of Nintendo, their consoles can wait until they have epic Kirby games on them
@BenBrocka Wii is the least whee system I own :D
3:51 AM
@BenBrocka Not that you're biased by your gravatar or anything. :P
@James it was the old hardware + the firmware :P don't blame uncharted
@RavenDreamer Most people don't even know what I am :( one of/my favorite Nintendo game ever and it's totally neglected. I did enjoy the sequel for DS though
@BenBrocka Did Sony officially admit that?
No one cared about creative platformers then though
@James of course not
@BenBrocka Then Ill continue on believing that their admission that U3 completely killed the caching system on older PS3s to be the cause :D
I srsly need to prune my PSN friends list, and it takes AGES for the Vita's friend list to load
@James Older PS3s is still the key :P
4:01 AM
Is this
Q: Do armor enchantments stack?

pfyonI have diamond helmet/chest piece/legs with protection 2 or 3 on each one. I'm wondering if there's any point to wearing all at the same time or would I be better off just wearing one piece with the highest enchant and the rest regular, unenchanted, diamond?

a dupe of this
Q: Will wearing multiple fire protection armor pieces stack their effects?

TheOmniAdamI'm digging into the Minecraft enchantment system, and looking at the wiki, I see the same type of protection can't be on the same armor type – but what about different armors? More importantly to me, can I wear several of the same kind of protection (fire, projectile, blasting) on different piec...

Wonder if the person who voices Cutter in U3 is the same person who voices Delvin in Skyrim
Man, the dialog in the ME2 DLC is some of the best, esp. Kasumi and Liara.
"It's clean." "It's a plant."
WHAT. Sony's doing this "online pass" bullsh*t like EA? Hate you Sony.
4:39 AM
@John Yes, the latter should be expanded to cover the former.
5:22 AM
I'm not sure I'm going to finish my ME2 replay+all DLC by next Tuesday
5:46 AM
Q: Farkos companion a snitch

SkyrimkilledI'm leader of the companions, and i killed a normal innocent citizen with farkos following me, now if he notices me he talks to me as if i talk to him and i want to know how to stop it, and besides that i'm hated in white run i murdered almost everyone there (including the blacksmithes) (Except t...

6:09 AM
@Lazers awesome question: After killing everyone in whiterun, why do they all hate me? hehe
1 hour later…
7:29 AM
Q: Upcoming Reputation History Changes

Nick CraverBehind the scenes we've been hard at work making some changes to how we track reputation. Here are some of the issues we're aiming to address with these changes: Reputation Skew (your actual reputation doesn't match what's shown) Up/Down votes oddities (mostly with the daily rep cap, the magic...

2 hours later…
9:51 AM
Q: Does the circle pad pro considerably improve the controls for Resident Evil: Revelations?

SietseI've played through the first level of Resident Evil: Revelations, without the circle pad pro. Having played through almost all Resident Evil games, I'm familiar with the "tank controls" of the series. However, the controls for this game seem especially clunky and sluggish. Does the circle pad ...

10:18 AM
Q: Does my female character need to "date" Alistar in order to make him king?

happy_emiI want my female human noble to become queen with Alistar. Do I need to be romancing him at Landsmeet time in order to make him king? (I already know I have to complete his personal quest). Also if I ask him to kill the final boss can my character rule as a queen alone?

11:12 AM
Q: How can I check how long I need to wait for the next bank deposit?

AlexI never know how long I have to wait until the next bank deposit. I know it's meant to be every 20 minutes and that there are events that annoyingly reset the timer without telling you, so I was wondering if there's a way to check how much longer I need to wait for the next deposit (assuming it w...

Q: How to build a house for NPC villagers?

OltarusI was trying to create a small village in Minecraft. As I am in Single Player and wanted some neighbours, I spawned a few NPC villagers using spawn eggs. Even though they are good neighbours (they don't play the music too loud and don't argue with their wives), they won't spend the night in any ...

Q: ds lite no wifi connection

dreaganI recently switched internet providers (Telenet, in Belgium) and I want to be able to connect my ds lite to my new router (which they also provided me with). It's a "CPN / SVG6540E" combined router/modem with wifi and EURODOCSIS 3.0 technology. When I add a new connection in my ds lite (through ...

11:39 AM
Q: skip extremely long and obnoxious first level of eggmanland (sonic unleashed)

dreaganIs there any way to skip the first level of the last continent (Eggmanland)? I'm asking because I've tried numerous times to beat it now and it is ridiclously difficult to pass. There a re six parts, alternating between normal sonic and werehog sonic forms and every time I try, I need at least an...

12:06 PM
Q: Civilization V versus Civilization IV

PierreI have Civilization V and enjoy it. Therei s for the moment a special offer on the AppStore to buy the previous version of the game at a really low price. Is there any interest to play that previous game if you already own the fith version?

Q: Should houses be destroyed?

fredleyhouses is a pretty useless tag. Since it's only got two questions to its name, should we edit those to remove it?

Q: When do redstone torches burn out?

fredleyI know that if I make a redstone circuit that switches too often, my redstone torches will 'burn out' and stop working. Under what circumstances does this happen? Will a slow circuit eventually burn out? If not, what's the maximum 'clock speed' for a circuit such that it will never burn out?

12:33 PM
Q: Tag synonym: lan-party -> lan

fredleyI don't see any reason why we need separate tags for lan-party and lan.

Q: Looking for top-down floating fortress battle game (PC, around 1999)

WabbitSeasonGameplay The game I'm looking for allows the player to control a large floating rock with all kinds of weapons built upon it and battle against another such rock which is AI-controlled. After destroying part of said other rock, the debris would float to your own rock, attracted by some kind of g...

Q: Which game did I see on tv?

palookaI caught a glimspe of a tv program here the other day, showing an interview with a computer programmer. He was making various kinds of "silly" computer games, and he won some art awards for it. He said he didn't care much about his games being defined as art, he claimed to create them for his own...

1:00 PM
Q: Spoiler: Question about Assassin's Creed Revelations story

ivantI've just finished my first play-through revelations yesterday, and something is bothering me since. Is there something that I've missed? (It's not impossible, as I was already quite tired and sleepy by the end).

1:20 PM
I assume everyone is sleeping:
Q: Civilization V versus Civilization IV

PierreI have Civilization V and enjoy it. Therei s for the moment a special offer on the AppStore to buy the previous version of the game at a really low price. Is there any interest to play that previous game if you already own the fith version?

1:37 PM
@Wipqozn You assume incorrectly.
I don't think it still qualifies for closing since he got rid of the "Should I buy it?" apect.
@Wipqozn Incorrect!
@Tristan Well, yes, just now.
Not when I posted it.
Although I had to edit it more to keep it on-topic.
@Wipqozn Conspiracy! Hey, did you ever finish Dear Esther?
@Tristan Yes, it's good.
I'm not sure if his new question captures his original intent, because it really looks like he is just looking for recommendation from users on whether or not he should buyit.
This new version is on-topic, but I don't think I would consider it a good question
@Wipqozn I thought it was pretty good, too. Also, I don't really see it being any different from the other "what are the main differences between x and y" questions we have already.
Oh! I got my first game badge! yayy...
1:42 PM
@Tristan is here! Hi @Tristan!
@OrigamiRobot Hullo. I'm still chatting from my phone. I can't even tether with the piece of crap. lol
@Tristan Was your router lost to the void of moving?
I also can't see the room occupants. Is @AshleyNunn in here?
@OrigamiRobot More like crushed during shipment.
@Tristan In my opinion the only version differences which should be allowed are the differences between two versions of a single game. For example, "What's the difference between the DS and Wii version of Ivy the Kiwi?"
1:45 PM
Well, she'll likely see the ping. I'm just hoping @AshleyNunn lets me know when she gets the package I sent her!
@Wipqozn I can agree with that.
@OrigamiRobot Have you graduated from using no one but Caitlyn yet?
oh my god my wifi didn't use to be THIS AGGRAVATING
Nothing has changed in the software or my house
@badp what's it doing? Disconnecting you?
just since a week or so playing on the cross-floor wifi is just an exercise in pointless frustration
I don't notice it while browsing the internet, but typically it works for 20 seconds and doesn't for 10
or works for 60 and doesn't for 5
still I keep dropping
let's remove all automatic choice from the router so that it doesn't change settings every 30 seconds or whatnot. Perhaps that's the issue.
2:01 PM
Oh, okay. IT's a duplicate:
Q: What are the main changes made to the game going from Civilization IV to V?

PierreWhat are the main differences between the two latest versions of the Sid's Meier Cilivization series? Is this only an improvement of the graphical interface (more 3D and highly detailed views) or is this more than that?

Q: What changes have been made from Civilization 4 to 5?

Stuart PeggI've read the surprisingly light Wikipedia article on Civ 5 and it seems to be lacking coherent comparison of features between it and its predecessor. I'm also reluctant to bring down the 4Gb demo on a whim... Please could I have some clarification on the following: Has the speed of conquest b...

I don't understand why oak didn't close it though.
2:12 PM
Do we have this on gaming?
Q: 1 question with new activity

Sha Dow Wiz ArdJust noticed this here on Meta: Cool, any details? Could not find any status-completed questions mentioning this. :) This message appears all by its own after I leave the browser open for some minutes (~5) and coming back. Clicking the message is displaying the new question, same result as re...

@fredley I imagine not, the functionality is still...quite beta.
It's actually been live on Meta for a week or two, just in a less-obvious form. Of course, it hasn't stopped me from compulsively clicking...
@TimStone Over here we really love compulsive clicking
Q: Does PSVita not support PSOne classic games?

TZHXAmazon's description of the PS Vita states: Vita can play PSP titles, minis, PS one classics, video and comics from the PlayStation Store However, when I log into my PSN account on my new Vita, go to the store and my download history, for Final Fantasy IX it says: Cannot download using...

Q: How do I keep skeletons from jumping in my xp farm?

UnionhawkI have a simple xp farm using a skeleton spawner. My main problem with it is that the skeletons won't stop moving. How can I keep them still while I kill them?

2:31 PM
now that I've disconnected from the TF2 server the holes have disappeared
@Tristan Nothing yet. But I think UPS usually hits my house mid afternoon so I will check when I get home tonight. :)
God, I'm such a rebel. Today I grabbed breakfast before showering.
I feel awful. Truly awful.
How is that... rebellious?
@Mana And so you should.
@Mana My word. You're a monster.
2:42 PM
Why is this... why is that awful and monstrous?!
Anyways, yeah, so besides that horrible act my day's been going pretty well I guess.
@GraceNote How is it not?
@Mana I fail to see how horrible acts would make your day go bad. I do horrible things all the time, and if anything it makes my day better!
@Wipqozn It's how I usually go about my day - eat breakfast, then brush teeth to take care of breakfast, then shower because now your teeth are clean.
Did RavenDreamer change his gravatar or is the mobile site just... off?
He changed it, yes
2:45 PM
@GraceNote I don't get why you would need to shower when your teeth are clean. Are you biting yourself in the shower?
@GraceNote I normally brush before and after eating breakfast.
@GraceNote Thanks. For some reason it was bothering me.
@Mana You mean you aren't?
@Mana Well, I'm certainly not going to clean my teeth while I'm showering.
@Wipqozn Do you eat breakfast in a public place?
2:46 PM
@Mana No.
@Mana I don't think @Wipqozn even knows what a public place is.
@Mana A morning spray of a variety of perfumes is a good way to handle this scenario.
But when I was at college, I showered at night, so it was more of a non-problem.
@Tristan Of course I do! uh, my room counts as a public place... right?
@Mana haha, yes. That was a good one.
2:48 PM
@Wipqozn Only if you let other people into your baseme- er... room.
@Tristan My room is a basement! How did you guess?
@GraceNote Haha, yeah. Perfumes. I have lots of those.
@Mana Good to know.
@Mana It's never a bad time to start stocking up
Q: Mallus Maccius No Longer a Fence

desaivvI began a new character with patch I completed the Thieves Guild story line, where Mallus Maccius pledges to me to be a fence for my services. I moved on and became the Guild Master. Now I am on a side quest to get to "Return the lexicon to Avanchnzel". So I decided to dump some of my...

2:49 PM
I live in an apartment... My upstairs is my basement, but it is also my kitchen. When I have girls over I never know whether or not they're coming on to me or trying to get a glass of water.
@rlemon Probably both.
Really? I'm kind of jealous, actually. My friend had a basement room. It was pretty cool... except he expected people to pee in a drain in the corner.
If your upstairs is a basement, then wouldn't your downstairs also be a basement?
@Tristan D:
@GraceNote sub-basement
@GraceNote good question.. to which I answer; UNICORNS!
2:50 PM
@fredley Whether you call it SL1 or B2, it's still a basement
@GraceNote One can never have too many basements.
@Tristan That's pretty disgusting. I just get them to use my upstairs bathroom.
@Tristan I prefer the term 'dungeons'
I just like the basement room. A lot cooler than upstairs.
@Tristan I did in minecraft once... fell right through the bottom... wasn't good times I tell you.
2:51 PM
@Tristan I believe my old plans for "House of naught but basements" is somewhere in the transcript.
I have a couple friends with crazy basements. But they also either have a bathroom in the basement, or it's just upstairs.
Our bathroom (shared house) is in the kitchen
@Wipqozn Is it cooler as in "neat" or cooler as in "the temperature is 20% lower in my sub-human dwelling"?
@Tristan The second one.
Yeah... That's why I want a basement room.
All Inclusive apartment + Two window AC Units === Temp control always!
2:54 PM
@rlemon I have a box fan and a window...
Guys, I was 16 when I moved out and got my own place.. i'm not advocating it... but it is nice......
@Tristan But you can regulate the temperature of a normal room by opening the windows
@Tristan Pro Tip: Cooler + Ice Packs + PC Fan Intake + larger PC fan output === DIY AC
@Tristan I should probably point out that I live in a split-level home. So it's not like I'm living in some raggedy ol' basement. It's furnished with hard wood floors and everything!
@Tristan I've tried a couple others with no success.
2:55 PM
Oh hey! I posted the largest bounty I've ever posted yesterday.
@OrigamiRobot Who have you tried? Success comes with continued use of the same Champs. I was terrible with Jax when I first used him.
@Wipqozn Still... pretty sweet.
I live in a Tri-Plex (i think that is the same idea)
@Tristan Oh it is.
The term duplex can be used to describe several different dwelling unit configurations: A duplex house is defined as a dwelling having apartments with separate entrances for two families. This includes two-story houses having a complete apartment on each floor and also side-by-side apartments on a single lot that share a common wall. By contrast, a building comprising two attached units on two distinct properties is typically considered semi-detached or twin homes but may also be referred to as a duplex. The term "duplex" can also be extended to three-unit and four-unit buildings, or th...
The rest of my family lives on the main floor as well, so it's like I have the whole floor to myself!
why does triplex redirect to duplex
2:58 PM
A: Are questions about game companies policies on-topic?

LessPop_MoreFizzSince nobody has actually proposed an answer that amounts to 'no', I'll step up and do so for the sake of voting, since simple downvotes on Badp and Oaks answers aren't really the same as having something to upvote. So really, there are actually two questions here. There's the one being asked in...

On another note, I may be moving to the Chicago area come September. O.o
@rlemon Edit, and redirect both to n-plex
@LessPop_MoreFizz +1
@Tristan I tried Rammus and Taric and Talon
And with that, I am off to finish this very very long drive.
2:59 PM
@OrigamiRobot I haven't tried any of them... Try a mage if one's available this week.
(I Started in Boulder on Friday. I am in Harrisburg, PA right now. NY tonight! Hooray!)
(P.S. Fuck Kansas. It is boring. Also Missouri.)
(P.P.S. Ohio and Indiana aren't much better.)

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