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12:16 AM
12:45 AM
@Wipqozn it's quiet. too quiet
@agent86 Exactly.
I can only assume everyone got together and through a secret party without telling me.
*whips out finger pistol* pew pew pew
it's been a quiet day all around. mostly I've been playing civ 5
@agent86 good choice
well, and I finished world of goo
12:46 AM
What Civilization you playing?
working my way through all of them for the cheevs. I think right now I'm roman
I am mopping the floor with the iroquois
ah cool
Some of us are playing Skyrim
Egypt is my favourite
@James I would play skyrim, if I owned it
which I don't
in case that wasn't clear
12:47 AM
Whats your steam account name? :)
@Wipqozn We did. There were cookies. They were excellent. But now back to the chat at hand, or something.
@TimStone Were they the cookies @spugsley made?
My answer to that has to be yes.
@RavenDreamer no Sean did it
12:55 AM
@agent86 Well, cant blame me I offered :)
goes to eat tacos
@James Of course he can blame you. That's what mods do around here, shove the blame onto someone else.
It's the single most important duty of all mods.
@Wipqozn Oh yeah, he does have a blue name doesnt he...
@James Indeed he does.
I don't think he's become corrupt with power yet though, I'm not sure
@agent86: Have you become corrupt with power yet?
@James I'm somewhat predictable and easy to locate on steam. if you have a coupon or something, I'd take it, but don't buy me a $60 game :P I have money, I'm just... miserly with it.
@Wipqozn hmm, how would I tell?
I mean, corrupt people tend to think they're not corrupt, I'd think
12:58 AM
LOL there are 39 search results for people called Agent86 on steam
@agent86 take ALL my coupons
they're worthless in a few days anyway
@agent86 Have I told you lately that you're my hero, and that I love everything you've ever done ever?
I'm the one whose id is 'agent86' with a very similar avatar who references g.se in his profile, and who is an owner of the g.se steam group
also the one I linked
Yeah I tracked it down, invitation sent :)
And now! A glass of OJ
@James Pulp or no-pulp?
1:00 AM
I really should pare down my friends list a bit
I have no idea what your steam name is, so I just mashed the "ACCEPT" button on all my pending invites.
@Wipqozn No-Pulp.. when I go for pulp I eat an orange :)
LOL, My common gaming name is Crysyn
@James pfft, you kids.
I always go for lots of pulp.
@Wipqozn no, of course not.
I <3 pulp
@Wipqozn Im 34... Im pretty set in my ways of wanting fruit a fruit and juice a juice :)
1:02 AM
@agent86 I laughed, so hard.
I really wish I could star my own messages.
Oh man, that was good one.
Drat, all this alt-tabbing crashed Skyrim, hehe
@James You could just use the steam browser
That's what I do. Keep chat open with that, and there is no need to alt-tab.
@Wipqozn cept I loathe that thing
@Wipqozn I'm glad my blatant abuse of my power was entertaining :)
1:06 AM
@James I agree that it's terrible, but it's better than alt-tabbing.
I usually have my iPad sitting next to me for browsing whlie in skyrim... I just dont today :)
@James whoa, thanks man, you shouldn't have
@agent86 Np, not the first random person Ive given a game too, wont be the last
1:07 AM
and yes I usually do just randomly give em out cause someone mentions wanting a game offhandedly ;)
well, I'll certainly enjoy it and pay it forward :)
jeez, I sure would like a new car...
and a butler...
and my own personal marching band which follows me around playing my theme song...
@agent86 Sounds good!
@Wipqozn haha, already told one of my friends I dont do down payments :P
@James Yeah, good idea.
I did buy him a nice sager laptop for x-mas this year though.. Gotten quite a few nice tech articles about memory systems out of it :D
1:09 AM
My word. You're such a generous fellow.
I try to improve the quality of life around me [shrug]
speaking of free things, the stackapps contest is just about over
I hope I created something prize-worthy during the contest
@James My word. You're such a good person.
Also, the best part about having my own theme song + band which follows me around playing it is that it would feed my ego and annoy those around me at the same time!
What more could I ask for?
@Wipqozn Coordinated cheerleader dance squad?
Whats music with out dancing afterall
1:12 AM
@James bonus points if they sing that gwen stefani song about bananas
@agent86 Ugh, cant stand her...
exactly :D the annoyance factor would be through the roof.
@agent86 youtube.com/watch?v=TFO2_pgWz9w (family guy link, dunno if its offensive or not :))
I spit out my beer during that scene (we had made a drinking game around watching family guy ;))
Test from the steam browser
God this sucks, but it worked :)
Q: What are the class quests?

John the GreenIt tells me whenever I select a new character how many "Class Quests" I've done. Those appear to be different from normal quests, as I know I'm done many as an Archer, and it says I've done "0 of 5" class quests. I don't see it explain what those are anywhere. What are those quests?

1:18 AM
@Lazers I miss @john's old gravatar.
As I'm sure many miss mine.
There's nothing worse than being stuck at a function, not because you're not sure what to code, but because you can't decide what to name it
@Wipqozn I have done that before (and the same with variables)
you could call it doThing and then come back to it when you think of a name
@murgatroid99 I could, and sometimes will, but then it bothers me.
I do it with variables as well.
@Wipqozn I know, and it would probably bother me too, but it might be better than waiting to write more code until you come up with a name
What does the function do?
@murgatroid99 executes a process. I'm going with "Execute".
I'm working on an assignment where we need simulate a CPU
@Wipqozn Wow, that sounds like a pretty big project
1:24 AM
Which CPU?
@murgatroid99 Yes, but it's the only project we really have for the class. It's divided up into four assignments, and in each once we extend upon the CPU a little more.
Right now I'm adding in support for multithreading
@Wipqozn I see. That sounds pretty cool
Yeah, it is.
@James Just a basic CPU, nothing fancy.
@James I've seen most of the family guy episodes, and there have been some truly foul things on that show, but this is not one of the worst
@Wipqozn Multithreading seems somewhat fancy to me :)
1:26 AM
@Wipqozn I remember a similar assignment in my architecture class.
I'm not a fan of Family Guy myself. I used to be before it was cancelled, but just don't like it anymore since it returned.
@agent86 I just share his feelings ;)
I really need to turn "paste" on by default in VIM.
@James I am pretty sure that being able to switch between instruction threads is essential to a processor being able to run one program and then another
@murgatroid99 I hail from the days of 286 processors.. multi-threading capable CPUs are fancy :D
1:30 AM
@murgatroid99 I don't think I had to do anything to this level of sophistication myself, we stopped at being able to do 32-bit math
@agent86 Oh, I have never actually made something like this myself, I was just remembering from a class I took that included the basics of how processors and operating systems work
@murgatroid99 Magic.
@Wipqozn Or just a bunch of really cool ideas
I have a Vita in front of my face now.
Arrived yesterday.
@RavenDreamer Any good? I ended up canceling my pre-orders...
1:37 AM
@James I mean, I won it from SE, so...
Michael Pryor sends his regards.
1:58 AM
d'aww, no memoyr card
@RavenDreamer It doesn't come with one?
That's strange.
@Wipqozn It has internal memory
@RavenDreamer ah, okay.
I haven't been paying attention to it, so I just assumed it lacked internal memory.
The PSP did, did it not?
@Wipqozn Just... probably not enough to store games on
@Wipqozn I have no knowledge of the PsP
@RavenDreamer Isn't one of the main things about the vita that you don't need discs?
2:05 AM
@Wipqozn I honestly only started paying attention to the Vita last week... after winning one.
@RavenDreamer oh, haha
Makes sense
I can't get the thing to turn on.
I dunno if it just needs more charging or what.
@RavenDreamer They did go back to 'cartridges' for the games of the PSP Vita. But it should hold two cards, one for a game and one for memory usage... and it should have come with one, even if a small one...
@James Yeah, it's got two slots
Though sony is known for making you want to buy more of their stuff when you buy anything of theirs.
2:07 AM
@James A prime example being they never included more than two-controller input slots for the PS1/PS2 even though it was standard for the era.
*need, not want I should say :)
I'm not sure why but despite loving Mass Effects 1 and 2, I'm not very interested in 3
@WorldEngineer You're not the only one.
I'm just not interested in it at all.
I'll probably buy it at some point, but I have no intention of buying it on day 1.
@Wipqozn It's very much like my issues with Civ 5 only more so
also the being in school thing and deadly serious this time
2:08 AM
since I've only a year to go
and I will need to figure out this whole "real job" thing
@Wipqozn Were the splitters 3rd party?
@WorldEngineer One word: Origin.
On that note
@RavenDreamer that too
I beat Mass Effect 1 again this morning.
Virmire and Ilos made me tear up.
@RavenDreamer No, I just meant that the console never came with 4-slots built in, you needed to buy the splitters frmo sony.
2:09 AM
@Wipqozn Gotcha
I've also been digging back into Strategy in a big way
particularly Alpha Centauri
@WorldEngineer I've been back into it lately too.
Was playing SC2 for a bit again, but I've moved onto Civ V.
which is basically the best 4 of all time as far as I'm concerned
AC not CIv 5
2:10 AM
SC2 is just too involved. You can't relax when playing it.
sc2 = starcraft 2
Civ 5 is good but it's doesn't "feel" right
@Wipqozn aware :P
I've still not played that either
@WorldEngineer There are a few things it could be short for, so wanted to be clear haha
@WorldEngineer Yeah, I've heard that from a few vetern civ players.
I think it might be buying Crusader Kings II when it goes on sale
2:11 AM
I only played Civ IV before Civ V, and I didn't play it that much.
and probably A House Divided for Vicky II
but other than that
maybe it's me getting older
Soul Calibur 2
fails at acronyms
but I don't game as much or for as long
2:12 AM
@RavenDreamer Exactly the game I was thinking of, haha
Aha! Turned it on!
I don't know
@Wipqozn I think I enjoy bite size gaming more
and gaming with friends unless it's strategy
@Wipqozn You still get to see it here in chat! And on Google+! And on every non-Gaming SE site!
2:16 AM
@WorldEngineer Oh yeah, civ v is not bite size gaming.
Holy crap, this thing is pretty.
@Wipqozn Alpha Centauri plays so fast that it can be
That's vanish for a week
what thing is this?
@RavenDreamer Thanks.
2:16 AM
I find myself increasingly drawn back toward things like Rayman Origins
I've never really been a huge fan of shinny graphics
also being an history junkie makes Paradox's titles especially addicting
I've over 1000 hours on Europa Universalis
though large chunks of that were me leaving the game on by accident
@WorldEngineer I have the third one, I haven't played it yet.
Bought it on steam sale for $1
2:30 AM
@Wipqozn get Divine Wind, it improves things massively
Death and Taxes is an excellent mod
it's definitely not a game for the non-self starter
you get missions that are sort of historical
magni mundi is coming soon if you want a more narrative/historical game
EUIII can get a bit...ridiculous
2:33 AM
if you like a more RPG style game, Crusader Kings
more simulationist/economic/political Victoria II is good
I am back. :)
welcome back
I trust your journey was a pleasant one?
@Ullallulloo wb
2:40 AM
@WorldEngineer yes :)
I should have packed more stuff though. Like gloves and something to sleep in.
3:05 AM
Q: What happens if you side with Zelazny?

Dan HowardI decided to approve of Zelazny and tell the truth to the doctor. I got the praxis but I'm wondering if there are side effects to this choice in the game. Any ideas?

3:26 AM
@GraceNote Urg. New champion. I'm conflicted.
Love the design, but I suck at playing squishy melee.
@RavenDreamer So you've told me
Well, it's still true... :<
I was thinking the other day, "Man, it'd be nice to have a fencer champion in LoL'
then BAM. Wish granted.
What a fairly random yet on the spot thought
3:30 AM
Don't you love it when that happens?
In other news, my procrastination wins out!
I got a due date moved 4 weeks back because the teacher originally scheduled some people during spring break.
It was due Monday, and I hadn't started it.
And now... I don't have to start it at all. Yet.
You... really should start it now
It's a fiction writing class. I know what I want to write, I just haven't sat down and started plunking away at it.
I still am having trouble ironing out details.
Ah, that kind of class.
Prewriting is always a good thing to do
3:32 AM
The idea stemmed from a DnD Character concept I had.
That is not an unfamiliar concept to me, hahahaha
Which was that of someone who was entirely convinced that they were stuck in a coma, and so was totally immoral about the world at large because "nothing's real, what does it matter?"
And I developed from there a group of monks who, basically from birth, train their minds to simply not process anything not native to their monastery.
So we've got this monk wandering out, clearly not in the monastery,
who's brain can either a) admit that it's been lying to itself for a decade
or b) find some alternate solution to explain things.
i.e., coma.
Still not quite sure how I'm getting him out of the monastery in the first place.
Maybe he'll just pull a Dorothy and fall out of the sky.
Do you have a plotline yet?
@GraceNote I have several. None I'm especially happy with.
3:37 AM
Ai. So many projects in this final semester.
Well, crud.
I've been waiting for this installation to complete for 20 minutes.
I finally figure it's crashed, and close it.
Minimize to my desktop... and find a popup waiting my confirmation on where it wants to install some ancillary file.
...which was probably the reason for the hold up in the first place. D'oh.
I feel like I'm having a serendipity overload tonight.
3:59 AM
Q: How do I fire the doombringer's secondary weapon?

zzzzBovThe help text states: Requires in air locked-on target to fire I assume this means the target has to be in the air, but how do I lock-on the target?

Q: Completed all Pre-requisites for restoring the thieves guild glory, but no trophy

JoJoI have finished the man questline for the thieves guild, done at least five quests to each major hold and finished the main one to establish bases in them. Still no trophy. Any thoughts?

Q: What source material is Lego Star Wars 3 based on?

Bryson DudaI've seen neither the Clone Wars TV show nor the movie, so I'm at a loss for what is happening in most of the cutscenes in Lego Star Wars 3. If I wanted to understand them, would I need to watch both the shows and the movie, or is the game based on just one of them?

@GraceNote Gorrila suit?!?!
You were the one wearing it, not me, so I imagine you should be asking yourself why you'd be wearing one.
What was I doing in said gorilla suit?
Also making one crazy scene as far as the newscast was going.
I'm reminded of attention blindness videos
4:02 AM
What are you blaming on @spugsley and I?
@RavenDreamer That's what I thought of when the gorilla suit was first mentioned because I saw one of those videos in class yesterday
@murgatroid99 Isn't it crazy!
@OrigamiRobot I think that's actually starred.
@RavenDreamer It would have been except that I have seen those before and my teacher accidentally paused when the gorilla was on screen
@RavenDreamer Now that you mention it, there was a similarity with how that went down. Except no one didn't notice OrigamiRobot.
4:05 AM
Oh you're blaming the occurrence of the dream in question on us?
@OrigamiRobot Mostly just the part where you're dancing in a gorilla suit.
@murgatroid99 Whoops
I still don't understand how I am involved.
@RavenDreamer yeah. He still got his point across because we knew we probably wouldn't have seen it otherwise
@OrigamiRobot Well, you were the one wearing the gorilla suit.
4:09 AM
@OrigamiRobot you were talking about singing and dancing right before @GraceNote went to sleep
Where did I get a gorilla suit? Especially at that time of night...
It was daytime at the time.
At least, at the time of the newscast. I spent the majority of the dream indoors except for some weird congregation, so excepting that point and who knows how long I'd been indoors since then, I didn't really keep track of time.
I was in a gorilla suit during the day? Now that's just silly.
Q: If I cancel an evolution. Can I evolve the same Pokemon later?

Michel AyresIf I cancel an evolution, can I evolve the same Pokemon later ? I cancelled (for tests) an evolution from Krokorok and now I don't know if I should capture another to get the evolution, or if there is any way to evolve him.

This doesn't need the fifth gen tag.
@OrigamiRobot There are a lot of questions tagged with fifth gen that apply to all gens.
I don't know how to approach this...
4:23 AM
The answer to this inquiry is actually going to affect how one considers tagging platforms, if you think about it.
The premise is the same - there's a root tag (even though it's not currently used, but it'd be just ) for the main element, and an appropriate subtag denoting the asker's specific version on the expectation that it has an influence.
That's what I mean. Should it be and ? That doesn't seem right.
Do we tag such things in accordance with the reality of the situation, or do we tag in accordance to the asker's original conception?
Ideally, the answer should be clear that it applies in all generations, for example.
Woot, got into the D3 beta
@Rapida Shuuunnnnn!!!!
4:27 AM
crashes through being AFK
If anyone else has it, I would love to play some
Think we would be in here chatting if we had D3? :)
...fair point.
Actually by this point there's a significant portion of the chat regulars who are in fact in the beta.
4:30 AM
@GraceNote Except @spugsley and she is very bitter about it.
@OrigamiRobot That would be why I said "...ouch" earlier.
Oi, 339 hours in Skyrim now
She's here! Hide!
4:38 AM
Ninjas. Ninjas everywhere.
evil evil steam... Why do you have all these games I have purchased but never have the time to play!
4:57 AM
I am looking pretty screwed right now.
I got a letter that seemed to be saying all my student loans got transferred to the Dept of Education.
So I've only been paying the DoE for the past four months.
Turns out, only 2 out of 9 loans actually got transferred.
5:13 AM
@OrigamiRobot >.<
So now I get to call on Monday and see if I can convince them that I can't pay $936 all at one time.
@OrigamiRobot Good luck!
So much for my plan to buy a new (used) car :/
I'm sorry. It comforts me.
5:28 AM
@OrigamiRobot You're apologizing for starring me?
Starring me comforts you? That could be the best thing I've heard all day.
Starring your :( comforts me.
@OrigamiRobot I'm glad my sadness can help someone.
It isn't very hard to make me feel better right now.
@OrigamiRobot sings happy song and does happy dance
in a gorilla suit!
@RonanForman The Race for Wool videos aren't on the GSE YouTube?
Ah they're on your channel.
You don't mind if I link one in a blog post, do you?
(With a reference toward you trying and failing to run through the forest. Because that's how I felt at this point in the map.)
5:48 AM
Q: How do I open the locked house in Balime?

ChrisHDogThere is a locked house in Balime with a "Quest Giver" inside that appears to need a key, where is that key located? Or how does one get into that house?

The amount of description some folks put into their MassEffect2Faces.com submissions scare me.
6:23 AM
That is... a special kind of hero.
The smile is especially terrifying
Just what I've always wanted... to play through ME as Santa: img33.imageshack.us/img33/5496/victoryr.jpg
That's... Santa?
Haha, supposed to be lol
The profile is actually pretty close. Can anyone guess who this is supposed to be? i966.photobucket.com/albums/ae148/matthewdpetersen/…
7:09 AM
Q: Save File's location?

RevI want to create backups from my save files for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. But I can't find them! Where are they?

8:04 AM
Q: Need help identifying old 90's PC game

BrianSo when I was younger I had this game that I never knew how to play, you'd start in this building with a giant computer that i'm pretty sure you could use to teleport, and I know the CD's artwork had something you'd find on a nuclear sign. That's all I have so I apologize about the vagueness of ...

3 hours later…
11:14 AM
Approaching a playable state:
user image
Very pwetty
The second picture looks like a pair of Van de Graaff generators
Isn't that what it is?
<-- doesn't actually know minecraft
... unlikely?
I don't think the concept of static friction applies in Minecraft
@YiJiang There's static friction alright, just no static electricity (barring Lightning)
@Oak They're just pwetty towers, full of horrible traps and dungeons
11:26 AM
@fredley just out of curiosity, isn't creating traps and dungeons in minecraft problematic, seeing as players can tunnel through everything?
@fredley Oh, right, of course
@Oak This map is designed to be played with 'Adventure' rules - no breaking blocks
Didn't know there was a mode with no block breaking
@John Do whatever you like with them. The only reason they're there is because we didn't have the channel at that point.
The videos were popular enough to warrent more filming, so we made a channel for them.
@Oak Well, there isn't, but it's just like real life.
Try and break a solid rock wall with your bare hands.
11:49 AM
@fredley +1 for lazers
@fredley so what is it, some sort of "which teams passes the maze first" competition?
so once somebody posted it a link to a frankly badass videogame theme or music menu and it's been looping in my head for 20 minutes now
chat search is being less than helpful
Let's hope it's in my list of videos I liked... sigh
12:04 PM
oooooh well.
this will do instead
12:41 PM
Q: Could anybody recommend me some games for my kid in ubuntu?

BakhtiyorI have installed tuxpaint, supertuxkart but would like to know which games are good for my kid who is 3 years old and likes to play games in computer very much. Thank you.

Heh, powerlord's still an owner here.
@RonanForman eh, only his gaming account has been removed, so he's still on chat (and stack overflow, etc.)
I know, it's just still funny.
Should I go out of my way to remove his access? I dunno
12:53 PM
I wasn't bothered to be honest. I doubt he'd abuse it now he's left.
I thought that at the end of the day he'd rather cut all the bridges.
If he does come back it won't be because, dawwww, we kept him his owner spot.
I c what u did thar
1:18 PM
Some mod is on top of their game this morning.
Went to send my comment to this "answer" when it told me I couldn't, since it was already deleted.
@Wipqozn That's Juan for ya.
Q: Is there any way to vault over an obstacle without taking cover first?

FallenAngelEyesWhen I'm running through an area that necessitates several vaults because it's narrow and blocked off by waist high objects, it's kind of annoying to have to slide into cover before every single obstacle. Is there any way to vault/jump over these without having to slide into cover first? Am I mi...


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