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3:00 PM
Well to those who don't know - a Triplex is an apartment building with each floor being a residence. They are generally a little larger than your high-rise apartments, and are not to be confused with a retro-fitted house that has been turned into apartments. so think really small high-rise
@LessPopMoreFizz Where in Missouri?
@Tristan I-70. Kansas City->St. Louis->and on through Illinois.
@badp, what kind of router do you have? I've had/known some that cave under high loads
@LessPop_MoreFizz Have fun man!
@LessPopMoreFizz St. Louis is nice. I'm two hours south of there!
3:01 PM
@Mana It is not fun! it is work!
@Tristan St. Louis was a good place to stop for dinner and BBQ.
I did not get to stick around.
@LessPop_MoreFizz You drive a truck?
@fredley No.
@fredley I was picking up a car in Colorado that needed to get out to NJ for an equipment install.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ouch
3:02 PM
@agent86 D-Link DSL-2640R
Really do need to go hit the road though!
Later all!
@LessPopMoreFizz well, if you like greasy diner food, I recommend Waffle House if you haven't tried it before. On the way back that is. Good luck man!
(p.s. somebody remind me later to finally get around to posting a large meta-bitching-post about how people overuse 'localized in time', particularly in context of our site.)
@Tristan I am well outside of waffle house country at this point.
@Tristan I'm in PA already.
@Tristan don't do it! Awful Waffle isn't worth what it does to your body...
3:05 PM
@OrigamiRobot Perhaps the upcoming free week could have someone more to your tastes
@IanPugsley Waffle House is amazing!
Hey guys. I'm not dead.
stick with local diners - failing that, Denny's
@LessPop_MoreFizz don't forget to write that post bitching about people who overuse localized in time.
@Wipqozn I hate overwusers.
3:07 PM
@GnomeSlice Excellent.
Welcome back, @GnomeSlice
@GnomeSlice: Feeling better than you were last night?
My internet access cut off at like the worst time, so everyone probably thought I died.
@Tristan it's got Taco Bell syndrome - tastes great, but it's terrible for you, made from bad ingredients, and destroys your stomach
@GraceNote Prossibly
3:08 PM
Nothing wrong with sticking to a single champ if it boils down to it, though instalockers could be your bane, haha
@IanPugsley Taco Bell is my favorite. @GnomeSlice I disappeared for a while too!
@Tristan Was it after threatening to shoot yourself?
@GraceNote Could he log in with my account while I'm not able to use it? I own over half of the champions. He could try them out.
@Tristan you need to find yourself a good local diner and pseudo-authentic Mexican food
@Tristan This is possible, yes, but this entails the typical thing of "You're giving someone else your password"
3:10 PM
@GnomeSlice I don't think people really understood the gravity of what you were talking about at the time.
@GnomeSlice not this time, no. But that's happened before.
@Mana Me neither. Bad day.
@Tristan I win.
Anyway, potty break.
@GnomeSlice whee
@OrigamiRobot Wanna try that?
@Mana That is the crappiest pun.
3:11 PM
@OrigamiRobot I thought it was hilarious.
Then again, that's because I find terrible puns hilarious.
@Wipqozn I'll wait for you to get up to speed...
@Wipqozn Because you're a terrible person. Terrible people like terrible things.
@Tristan Thank you! :)
@Wipqozn whoosh
3:13 PM
@Mana I don't understand the "whoosh" and the "up to speed"
@OrigamiRobot Answer me, robot! =P
@Wipqozn "crappiest" pun
@Mana should've said plop
@Tristan I don't even know what you are talking about.
@Mana Zeus dammit.
3:14 PM
Anyways, now that The Bridge has hit a new low I think we need something suitably classy to bring it back up to standard level.
@Mana Post a picture of me?
@Mana Poop jokes aren't classy?
@OrigamiRobot I can give you my login for LoL so you can try some champions out. I own 45 or so. I can't play for a while anyway.
Q: What can I do about a spotty wireless connection?

badp My wireless connection's strength over time. Please note the not overlapping wifi channels. While my wifi seems to hold up just fine during internet browsing and the such, except for the odd image that doesn't load at the first time, playing videogames on it has become an exercise in f...

@Wipqozn found one!
3:18 PM
@OrigamiRobot I have to go for now, but if you're interested, e-mail me. My steam ID @gmail
@rlemon MY word! So vicious.
sorry, i meant this one.
@rlemon I seent hat the other day. That's an awesome costume.
@Lazers On topic?
@fredley I don't think so. Wouldn't it belong on Super User, not Gaming.se?
3:21 PM
@Lazers Really?
@fredley Doesn't look like it. It isn't even tagged
@Wipqozn My thoughts exactly. It's a software problem, not a gaming problem (even though that piece of software happens to be a game)
technology hates me
@fredley It's not even a software problem. It's a network problem.
@OrigamiRobot ServerFault?
3:23 PM
@badp are you/can you run non-stock firmware on it?
I'm not too familiar with the relative scopes of SuperUser vs. ServerFault
@agent86 uhoh - what camp are you in? (*WRT, Tomato, etc.)
@OrigamiRobot I'd guess SU would be the best place for this, SF is more for sysadmin-type problems
@IanPugsley I think stock firmware on most routers sucks. practically anything's better :P
I run tomato on a couple of routers at home doing WDS, but whatever works on the router and is frequently updated are my only criteria
@agent86 yussssss Tomato
3:25 PM
@agent86 Agreed, although if you're outside the US support for things like DD-WRT can be patchy - a lot of localized routers are not supported
Hey, I found something classy enough.
Or that's my experience anyway
@fredley That's what I thought, but I have zero experience with ServerFault
@OrigamiRobot Me neither. I'm guessing you're not a sysadmin either?
@Mana dang, thought it would be a picture of me in a suit.
3:26 PM
@Wipqozn How does a pony put on a suit?
Oh, I like this song.
@Mana I'm assuming this is a video of you
@IanPugsley (it's not)
@Wipqozn Oh dear
3:27 PM
@Mana I'm assuming it for the reason of humor and choose to ignore your contradiction of said assumption
@IanPugsley IT'S NOT
@fredley hey, you asked :P
@Mana I wouldn't want to look like that kid either, I'm sorry
@IanPugsley oouph.
@Mana: Nice song mana. Thanks for sharing.
3:28 PM
@Mana :P
@Wipqozn If I wore a 'suit' like that in public I'd be arrested rather quickly
Just out of curiosity, does actually know if you can kill someone with a pellet gun?
@fredley Not if you were a Pony.
@Wipqozn That's a unicorn
@IanPugsley Hahahahahaha.
3:30 PM
@fredley a unicorn pony.
@GnomeSlice It's feasible, I would think. The task would be difficult, though, depending on how you went about it.
@GnomeSlice you should seriously seek professional help if you're considering this.
@Wipqozn Punicorn? Uninony?
@Wipqozn I'm just curious, chill.
@GnomeSlice Hit them in the eye you'd have a pretty high chance
3:31 PM
@fredley Of losing an eye, yes.
Or into their jugular at point-blank
@GnomeSlice @Mana totally does look like that kid, right? I hope he does, that'd be pretty funny :P
@GnomeSlice Not much between eye and squishy brain stuff
@IanPugsley Not really, except for the hair.
@IanPugsley Yeah, the hair's similar but not so much the facial features.
3:32 PM
Ah... Climb to the top of the Castle! makes you restart from the beginning of the chapter when you run out of lives, or quit to go do something else.
@Mana my cousin actually looks a bit like that kid too (at least from the screencap)
That's kind of disappointing because it's quite a good game.
@GnomeSlice Bludgeon them to death with it?
@Fabian How do you bludgeon yourself to death?
Also, heh.
Also, does anyone know a way to printscreen just one monitor when using multiple?
Could you get away with just printscreen just a singular application?
3:39 PM
@GnomeSlice you can also just edit out the second monitor with an image editor
@GnomeSlice single-app is probably better, though (alt+printscreen)
I always use that, myself
@IanPugsley Doesn't that just do a window though?
That's what I suggested and asked if it was feasible for your needs.
@GraceNote Ah, sorry, went away and didn't see that.
Let me try the snipping tool in Win7.
Ah, that should work.
> We're struggling to keep things afloat right now. Which is too bad because I have an awesome idea for a "Climb" successor.
Support them! =[
Although from your lets play, you didn't seem too impressed with the free one.
so I'm thinking about changing my gravatar but I have no idea what to change it to
3:51 PM
@IanPugsley What did you have before the Sean remake?
@OrigamiRobot did you ever see my proposition?
@IanPugsley Ahha
3:59 PM
those are all old though, I might want something new...
@Sterno Why do I find that a bit hard to believe?
@James the DLC comes with other stuff (which is expensive)
@James if the railworks train sim 2012 dlc can reach $1700, i don't see why ME3 couldn't be $870.
@IanPugsley I thought most of it was also available separately though? Like they mentioned that character you can buy for $10, or get for free with the collectors edition or some such...
4:11 PM
@James You might consider that this is probably the base price we're looking at
@GraceNote Even at $10 a pop I am finding it hard to believe there are 87 DLCs for ME3 already is all.
I've spent some ridiculous sums of money on a single game in the past, but $870 is a bit more than I'd be willing to stomach, haha.
@James It's not necessary that every piece is all $10.
@GraceNote Haha.. I can not, and do not want to, even count how much I have spent on World of Warcraft :)
@James ...what.
@James Have you read the article?
4:16 PM
@James I avoid this issue by not playing any games where I'd have to pay more than once to continue playing.
It says it counts the price of the Razer peripherals you have to buy for some of the upgrades
Also the new Websocket thing on meta appears to be pushing deleted questions to my homepage
@ThomasMcDonald Where is the article? Some googling is not showing me any more than that From Ashes DLC..
The linked one about the price of the ME3 DLC.
> I was doing some thinking this morning. If you add up all of the toys, artbooks, deluxe/pre-order editions, and everything else that nets you Mass Effect 3 in-game content, how much would the full price of entry be? Well, if you buy everything there is to buy (including pre-paying for unlocks), you will spend around the neighborhood of $870. Keep in mind that a lot of this is based on Razor accessories, which power up your "Collector Assault Rifle" to maximum power in multiplayer.
4:17 PM
Nevermind, saw what @Sterno posted Was a link :D
yeah, they've got this whole 'booster pack' model for the multiplayer as well. You can spend in-game credits on a 'pack' of single-use items and possibly characters. It wouldn't surprise me if you could spend actual $$$ on more 'booster pack' items.
Nice, so if you buy this hardware and that and that and that we will make a Multiplayer gun more powerful!? [facepalm]
@agent86 I hate that.
@agent86 Quite a few of the F2P FPS games are like that.. 'here are your normal crappy bandages, but if you give us $5 you can have ones that actually work!'
I dunno though... Epic released those stats for Unreal Tourney 2004 I think, where they said only like 15-20% of the people who bought the game ever played multi-player... So maybe its just trying to milk a few bucks out of those who take the game a bit too seriously?
... why does it say 7126 under my name? Does it add all the rep from all the sites I am linked to together or something?
@James yes, that's your network rep
4:23 PM
@agent86 Oh, guess that's neat.
it might be somewhat out of sync with your actual network rep. getting to 10k network rep means you get to see chat flags, fun!
@James that was a bit of a different era; back then PC multiplayer was very much a local thing (LAN parties and the like)
console multiplayer has changed things quite a bit
that said, I absolutely loved playing UT2004 online back then :)
@IanPugsley I've not seen that many of my friends go 'Well now that its on a console I can do multiplayer!'...
@IanPugsley So did I, hehe. was an awesome advancement of FPS games :D
@James I'm judging by the demo here, so I don't know how it's going to work in the final product. However, when I first started playing, I got 1x "medpack" that let me get up if I was downed. I didn't realize it was consumed permanently when I used it, I thought it was a per-match thing.
@James not ME3 specifically, no - I'm just saying the UT2004 online stats don't really say anything about console multiplayer. Halo, Modern Warfare, and Gears of War (for the 360, at least) have shown it's tremendously successful
4:26 PM
there were a few other things they gave me, as well as a "character unlock" - there were something like ~20 or so different characters. Also a couple of starter weapons
John the Green on February 27, 2012

When we last left, I was starving and being chased by several spiders during the night with no chance of finding nearby shelter.

I ran out of food, they caught up to me, and I died. This series of blog posts may be longer than we planned.

Oh well, I badly needed supplies anyway, so I hit “respawn” and wake up back in bed on my spaceship. Unsurprisingly, everything has grown. So I set out and start harvesting. Then it occurs to me, all those buildings were made out of iron blocks. The same stuff I could’ve made armor out of. Too late for that life, but this time I plan to take a …

now there are definitely games where the inclusion of multiplayer seems like a money grab - ME3 seems like one of those to me
I could expend points I gained from playing the game in order to purchase more "recruit packs" or "veteran packs" that supposedly contained more of these items
@IanPugsley I think they're trying to appeal to a wider audience - the whole experience is more... flexible now.
@IanPugsley Not saying the component isnt there.. and I am a huge fan of co-op FPS games.. Love em :) But those ME3 addons for empowering a gun to be more powerful isn't really targeting people like me. They are targeting that hard-core gamer, which is already known to be only about that 15-20% of the gaming community.
I suppose I should write another blog post...
I wrote what... two?
4:27 PM
you can play the single player as an action third-person-shooter (bypassing all the RPG elements)
if you want the best ending, you can either play the bare minimum of the single player and then a bunch of the multiplayer, or you can play the single player with extreme OCD, or some balance between them
@IanPugsley hehe, Play Fable's Multiplayer and tell me that POS wasnt done just so they could claim multiplayer :)
@agent86 That's just stupid.
I don't even know what kind of gameplay is involved in Mass Effect. I basically know nothing about it, hah.
@GnomeSlice eh, they're trying to get the Gears of War crowd to give it a shot. I don't really care, so long as I can play it "the classic way." I'll probably play a bit of the multiplayer and go 100% OCD on the single player, and get the awesome ending that way.
@James oh yeah, Fable 3? With the "co-op" that involved somebody playing as a throwaway hireling?
if it means they sell a hojillion copies and ME4 has a bigger budget, wooo
4:29 PM
@agent86 I thought it was a trilogy
@IanPugsley Yeah. laggy as hell desyncing POS throw-away hireling.
Went through that tournament with a friend, he saw everything happen approx 20min after I saw it happen.
@James maybe that was 2, actually (I never played 3)
@IanPugsley So hard to tell, 1 2 and 3 all had the exact same story :D
@James not exactly (and it's kind of the point)
One of the best third-person shooters I've ever played was Metal Arms
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System is a third-person shooter developed by Swingin' Ape Studios. It was published by Vivendi Universal and Sierra Entertainment on November 18, 2003 in North America for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It was released on April 21, 2008 for Xbox 360 through Xbox Originals. Gameplay Gameplay is in a third person perspective. Over seventeen weapons are accessible to the player, most of which can be upgraded through the use of upgrade kits strewn about in various locations in the Campaign. The game provides a multitude of standard-fare shooter wea...
Probably second only to Vanquish.
4:32 PM
@IanPugsley I dunno.. You're an orphan, you live in a city, get booted to the country side. You eventually find your 'special' and start progressing through a couple of towns, eventually you go to a bandit camp where your sister may or may not be/have been. You will then come around head towards the guild hall where an annoying guy will speak to you through a guild seal that no manner of being a spiffy hero can ever dull out.
I could go on, but I am pretty sure that is the start for all three games.. and even the towns you go to are, for the most part, the same as progressing through that.
I've played and loved all the Fable's.. But I do feel Fable 3 is just the original Fable game we were promised :)
@GnomeSlice I love this game so much.
Hey, everyone, BossBaddie took down their lunar pack sale, but it looks like they forgot about it on indievania.
@GnomeSlice Haha, Swinging Ape.. they wrote the memory system in the game engine I made Scooby and 2 transformers games in :)
@IanPugsley GIR. Everyone needs GIR
Is swinging ape still around though @GnomeSlice?? I thought Blizzard bought them up years ago...
Ironically thats how I get my WoW beta invites :D
4:37 PM
@James That was their last game. =[
@IanPugsley psh, yeah, and there's not going to be another book in the Harry Potter universe ever, and we're done watching Star Wars movies, right??
@GnomeSlice Ahh... makes sense :)
@agent86 Pft! After Voldemort there is clearly nothing interesting going to happen in the wizarding world!
Q: Treasure boxes in FF XIII-2

ChuIs it possible to permanently lose the contents of a treasure box or can you somehow return and redo something to respawn the box?

Q: glitch with the elder knowlage quest

base_trippok, so i was working on the main quest in skyrim involving the dragons.. and i made it to the part of the quest called "the elder knowlage" only to find that due to the fact that i had previously done the quest with the lexicon beforehand i can no longer complete the main quest. does anybody know...

Seriously, that two-game pack is amazing.
@fredley Is that quest actually translated as 'Knowlage' Or is that just.. a weird consistent typo?? :)
4:42 PM
@James I'm pretty sure that's an unintentional, but repeated, misspelling.
@James I keep committing my edits and realising I've missed stuff. Sigh.
@agent86 Haha, I was going to correct it but noticed he did a pass on the question and didn't change it so I thought maybe like the aussie version was spelled that way or something :)
main quest spoilers for skyrim: uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Elder_Knowledge
"Elder Knowledge"
Anyone know if there's an official release time for the PC version of ME3 yet? Not day... TIME. Need to know if I'll be up at midnight next Monday night. :)
@Sterno I thought Steam mostly did Midnight releases? (I am not pre-ordering Borderlands-2 from anywhere until Steam pipes in on the topic for example :))
4:46 PM
@IanPugsley Zombie GIR
@James It's not on Steam. Origin-only.
@Sterno They work out some exclusivity deal?
It's published by EA. Origin is EA's platform
A lot of EA titles are doing this now
@Sterno 2k isnt doing it again!? Why dear gearbox why would you go to the EA whores!?
Sorry for anyone who thinks calling EA whores is offensive :P
@James you're confused. he's asking about ME3
4:50 PM
@James He is talking about ME3
you brought up borderlands :P
@OrigamiRobot Oh! Whew... I feel soooo much better :)
@agent86 I didn't know you were a GIR too!
and I believe gearbox/2k is doing borderlands 2
That or you're tapped into our brain(s)
4:51 PM
@agent86 True, LOL... See how much of a draw ME3 has for me? :D
That explains it. I was becoming very confused. :)
@OrigamiRobot I'm built off of a bunch of open source stuff, so we probably run similar kernels :P
@agent86 I run off a popcorn kernel
@Sterno I was becoming very scared.. with EA's record of acquire and retire :)
@OrigamiRobot wondered what that smell was...
4:52 PM
@OrigamiRobot popcorn_2_12_135?
@fredley Stop correcting my english :P The language will never evolve if we do not keep poking the boundaries into common use!
I heard rumor there was going to be some sort of Gaming.SE event around Mass Effect 3. One week to go! Let's hear some details! :)
@James Sorry, incorrect grammar really winds me up..Especially using '..' interchangeably as a full stop and a comma..like this..
@fredley I'll keep that in mind to keep you busy ;)
@Sterno I suspect that Jin's comment about Lazers has something to do with it, but I have no further knowledge of anything planned.
4:56 PM
It's the same as using no punctuation at all making a long piece of text quite difficult to read the problem is exacerbated by people who seem unaware that their keyboard contains a shift key it makes reading people's questions and answers quite mentally taxing to me although you may feel differently
I haven't mentioned it for about a week, so I'd just like to say: I hate ITGs
@fredley One of the things I love about SE is that all that bad grammar and spelling can be edited away.
@Sterno it's a secret. there's something planned. it's going to be good. :)
Reading forums makes me cry.
@JasonBerkan Yes. Not only do we get good answers, we get readable answers!
4:57 PM
A: What plans do we have for Mass Effect 3?

Seth RogersSE is planning an epic promo around the Mass Effect 3 release. You will know when it's on. You will know... When it goes public, I'd encourage anyone interested to post about it on their personal sites, blogs and friends' sites. But until then, shhhhh, it's seekrit. That's all I can say at ...

I suspect that Gaming.SE will be attacked by Reapers on the release date
I am awful at flying in Battlefield 3.
I'm pretty sure you could hit the 200 rep cap every day just by posting ITGs.
However I just unlocked IR flares for aircraft because I shot someone.

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