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5:00 PM
@Sterno Go on then
I kind of want to make a separate Gaming.SE account that does nothing but ask and answer ITGs, and see how fast it can pass my regular account.
Worst case scenario: People get sick of all the ITGs and stop upvoting them. It's win-win!
@Sterno don't do this. we'd have to hurt you
@agent86 But they're perfectly acceptable for the site! And votes prove that people love them! I'd be giving the people what they want!
@Sterno Good point. Please do this.
@Sterno I doubt it. You'd have to flood the site, and the upvotes would stop.
5:02 PM
@JasonBerkan Which would be a win!
Disclaimer: I would not actually do this.
@Sterno Possibly. I wish we could find the serial upvoters and convince them to stop (on all the questions, not just ITGs).
I'm just amazed by the amount of rep that can be earned via ITGs
@JasonBerkan No you wouldn't, you'd just have to ask ITGs that could be asked with a stupid/misleading title that would get onto the supercollider
@Sterno If you really want to reap in the rep, ask with one account, answer with the other. As long as you don't upvote each other I believe this falls within the rules for having multiple accounts.
@Sterno if you don't agree with site or community policy, the correct response is not to subvert the system, even jokingly. It would be irresponsible for me to not say "this is a bad idea" :)
I have learned not to downvote ITG questions/answers unless they're already positive. Otherwise they always seem to get sympathy upvotes.
@agent86 Yeah yeah, that's why I mentioned my disclaimer :P
@Sterno Why don't you just ignore the tag - the questions then go away.
Q: Can enemies see Twisted Fate portal destination when teleporting to a bush?

astryadWell, the title is pretty self-sufficient. When playing Twisted Fate, if I choose to use his ultimate and teleport inside a bush, can nearby enemies see the destination animation (cards on the ground before Twisted Fate appears) ?

Q: Are Biggs & Wedge in or referenced in Final Fantasy XIII-2?

ChuAre Biggs and Wedge in Final Fantasy XIII-2 or is there an item or place named after them like in XIII? I've yet to clear the game but I'm curious about this.

I think... I think they need a new URL.
the winds of change are a'blowin. it wouldn't surprise me if they were forbidden in the near future
@GnomeSlice Excuse me?
5:06 PM
It's Big Bus Tycoons.
They need a new URL. Hah.
@GnomeSlice Oh like kidsexchange.com
@fredley Y...yeah.
@JasonBerkan Because it doesn't fix part of the problem. Reputation on Gaming.SE, and all SE sites, is in itself a game. ITGs seem to have a high reward/effort ratio. Even incorrect answers can get 50+ rep. Ignoring them doesn't make that magically stop happening.
Or therapistfinder.net
@Lazers I had to Google Biggs & Wedge in Final Fantasy just to be sure this question wasn't a troll. I'm such a Final Fantasy noob.
5:07 PM
@GnomeSlice I saw a t-shirt once: "I take the 'the' out of Psychotherapist"
@Sterno shrugs - I don't see it any different than all the people that blew past my rep just by asking and answering a few Skyrim questions.
@JasonBerkan You don't? Seriously?
@Sterno I was going to say the exact opposite.
@fredley I don't - they have shown knowledge in one single game for a short period of time.
5:09 PM
If you were to try to min/max Gaming.SE, the way to do it would be funny out-of-context question titles, jokes/images in your answers, and ITGs.
@JasonBerkan So? There answers are helpful to future visitors, unlike ITGs.
eh, don't take all of this too seriously. your effort in and your reputation out almost never correlate. Enjoy whatever you do to contribute, and don't sweat the points.
@agent86 Quite.
@agent86 This applies to all other SE sites
this is a leisure time activity for 99% of us, so ask yourself, "am I having fun doing aspect X?" and if the answer is no, don't do it.
5:10 PM
Why do all the people I follow not upload for ages, and then everyone uploads at once.
A: Why was Jabba immune to Luke's powers of the Force in Return of the Jedi?

OrigamiRobotThe Jedi mind trick only works on the weak minded. Jabba was not easily influenced. Watto was also immune. "Mind tricks will not work on me. Only money."

Very little effort.
@fredley (I'm chuckling at your incorrect use of there, BTW)
@agent86 Could also apply to all the hate towards ITG.
I'm a gamer. I like games. Gaming.SE is a game. It's fun to get under the hood and find the loopholes and tricks. It's not quite the same as "taking it seriously". I'm not getting mad, worked up, or lying up at night. Heck, I have a smile on my face discussing this. In honesty, it's probably more fun to complain about ITGs than to see them gone.
But if Gaming.SE were a game, ITGs would definitely be that trick you use to power-level your character.
@fredley That depends on how you define 'helpful' .
@Sterno I've never found ITG questions or answers to generate that much rep.
@Sterno there's a million ways to "power-level" if you want to put it that way. I don't know that I'd consider ITG to be the single, best "exploitable" hole in the system.
5:14 PM
@GnomeSlice My experience has been the opposite. I had a friend join the site and told him to get to 300 rep so he could be in the next game grant. He did it in 2 days with 1 ITG question and 1 ITG answer
@GnomeSlice Me either. Do we have any 2000 or 3000 point users with a large percentage of their rep from ITGs?
@JasonBerkan I hang my head in shame.
@Sterno Did he win the grant?
@GnomeSlice There hasn't been another one yet.
@GnomeSlice However you define it, ITG questions are about the least helpful on the site
5:15 PM
@fredley I dunno, I find them quite interesting to read. What if you defined usefulness on how interesting or entertaining they are?
@Sterno on average, you can expect to get 5.64 upvotes for an ITG answer. (4.44 for a question).
A skyrim answer, on average, nets you 9.79 upvotes
@agent86 Hooray for SCIENCE!
or 7.25 upvotes for a question
@GnomeSlice I agree they're quite fun, and I've asked one before and found it personally very useful, but no-one else looking for a point and click adventure set in paris will ever find or benefit from that answer
@fredley So?
5:17 PM
@GnomeSlice I'm not even trying to make a point!
@fredley Me... neither?
holy cow minecraft, 13.90 upvotes on average for an answer. 8.88 for a question.
@GnomeSlice Argh!
@agent86 Yeah, not surprising.
@agent86 Yes, they score better. But they require more effort.
5:18 PM
@agent86 I've basically only asked/answered MC questions and I'm in the top 20 rep-wise
@fredley How much of yer rep is from grammar? :)
Gah, why does connecting another monitor to my laptop make my desktop icon grid screw up on the laptop?
@Sterno skyrim answers? most of the time you can find the data on the UESP in about 2 minutes.
@James Ow. I wish I could edit other people's stuff here too :-(
Icons don't reach quite as far to the right as they should, and they have to be like an inch above the taskbar now...
5:19 PM
@GnomeSlice Windows can remember layouts for single monitor and dual monitor differently.
answering an ITG (if I don't already know the game) takes something like ~20 minutes or so of research, and then locating the screenshots and videos
@James Yeah, but I don't understand why it's deforming the icon grid.
to ask a really good ITG, one that's not going to get downvoted and closed, is not a trivial task either
@fredley LOL It wasnt meant as a dig I was just wondering if editing got you rep is all :)
Probably because the two are different aspect ratios, although I have them each set to their correct resolutions...
5:19 PM
@agent86 Except you almost never need to be right on an ITG answer. You just need something that COULD be right. That usually only takes a minute or two
I'm not saying I support them, but I challenge your assertion that per-unit-time-invested they're far more profitable than, say, skyrim.
@James No, I was well over the rep for editing once I started in earnest
@James And it's capped at 1k anyway
@fredley Ahh, and ahh again.
How is the smell of this soda so flagrantly different than it tastes? It makes the entire prospect even more bizarre.
@James "earned 54 reputation from suggested edits"
go to /reputation and it tells you
5:21 PM
@GraceNote What soda?
@GraceNote Like Bacon then?
@agent86 This is why we need to settle it with science! We need one user who does nothing but post 1-2 minute research ITG answers, and another that posts 1-2 minute Skyrim answers! :)
@AshleyNunn Diet chocolate fudge.
@fredley Bacon smells like it tastes
@GraceNote That's a beverage now?!
@GraceNote So does not
@fredley Imagine my surprise when I saw it in the store. I grimaced at the diet part, but there wasn't a non-diet version available for me to test.
5:23 PM
@agent86 I think we're both arguing a little too hard about this though. :)
@Sterno no, this is why we should just quit trying to understand reputation :) it's the worst metric ever, except for all the other ones we've had
@AshleyNunn Oh, by the way, if you liked Seiklus, you'd probably like Lunnye Devitsy.
@GraceNote That's a soda?!?!?!
@GraceNote I don't understand, if it's diet, what on earth is it made of?
Why is the number of question marks and explanation marks continuing to grow?
@fredley The distance between myself and the fridge (whereupon the ingredients list would be found) is longer than the distance I'm willing to walk at this particular moment.
5:24 PM
@GraceNote Internet?
It smells of a fair chocolate scent, but the taste... I can't say that it quite matches the scent.
@GraceNote chocolate soda is a terrible, terrible thing.
@GraceNote What's the name of the drink?
I've been where you are, and it's not a pleasant place.
@GnomeSlice "Diet chocolate fudge".
5:25 PM
@GraceNote ...I see.
@agent86 By soda we do mean 'fizzy drink' to my British ears right?
Y'know what will solve this? French Vanilla creamer.
my suggestion would be to get some good soda (whatever your favorite brand is) and dump some chocolate ice cream in it.
@fredley yeah, a carbonated, usually sweetened beverage.
@agent86 OK. We have milk-based chocolate drinks, but I've never seen or heard of chocolate soda
@agent86 I bought it not out of a craving for chocolate in my soda (I always did my floats with vanilla, anyway), but because of a desire for FOR SCIENCEing the prospect.
5:27 PM
@GraceNote you're brave. Like first monkey in space brave. WE SALUTE YOU.
@agent86 The first monkey in space was put there by scared humans, I doubt it had much say in the matter.
@fredley it's... terrible. kind of like adding something vaguely chocolate flavored to a pepsi or coke. or crushing chocolate flavored jelly beans into it
@agent86 I hate the term 'chocolate flavoured'. It implies all kinds of wrongness. Things should be made of chocolate, or not.
5:29 PM
@fredley Agree. I noted last week that my chocolate ice cream sauce was "chocolate flavoured". That worried me and made me wonder what it was made of.
Loads of ice cream has 'choclatey chunks!' in it now.
@fredley Agreed on that. In other news, I have made an apparently undisturb-able foam atop my drink with the latest experiment on this.
If you look in the ingredients, it even says 'choclatey [insert item]' for various things.
@JasonBerkan It's like the cheap margarine stuff they sell at the supermarket. It's so artificial they have to call it 'Spread'. Just 'spread'.
Wait, got it to back down now
5:30 PM
It's some chemical combination that approximates chocolate.
@GraceNote Ew
@fredley shudders
...hm. In no uncertain terms, I think the best way to call this is that the chocolate soda has cannibalized the French Vanilla creamer resulting in little impact at all on the end flavor.
@JasonBerkan Also: never buy 'bangers'. They're products that are not allowed to be sold as sausages, due to their miscellaneous contents.
@GraceNote Try putting in cocoa powder.
I don't have any immediately available, but I do have some truffles.
Which I'm just gonna eat, really.
5:32 PM
@GraceNote Do you have a pestle & mortar?
ooh BSOD on shutdown
@fredley An old fashioned one, no less.
@fredley Haha, I've earned 4 editing rep points :)
Anyone know what text-editors come with AIX? I've tried nano and vim with no success
@GraceNote Excellent. Time for some more SCIENCE!
@James One tag wiki?
5:34 PM
@fredley As in bangers and mash? Though I have no idea where I've heard that term before.
@fredley Didn't bother checking what :)
@fredley At a later date. As mentioned, I already ate the truffle.
I don't suppose we could get SE to give out copies of Metal Drift for the next game grant, huh?
@JasonBerkan 'bangers' is an old term for sausages, but it's now usually applied to stuff that's so low quality it can't legally be called sausages. Scary.
@GraceNote Aw
back to API library
5:35 PM
I guess I have 2 days to finish it off
@agent86 You need to work on your speed there, y'know.
The new color of this drink does not at all reflect the lack of any change to its flavor.
@GraceNote apologies. work and my wife both called.
I sincerely hope you had your priorities right on whose call you focused on.
5:41 PM
@GraceNote I've been happily married and employed for nearly 10 years running now. managing priorities is an important part of my continued success. :)
sadly, telling you not to drink something obviously nasty fell by the wayside temporarily. my apologies for the belated warnings :P
@Tristan I just got a call for my Front Door - I am not at home, but ten bucks says it was UPS with my package. I will check if I have a slip when I get home, but as far as I can think (because neither my wife or I are expecting anything else that comes via UPS) your package has made it to me (or at least to my city).
@AshleyNunn Remember the pail of water test before opening any packages! :)
@James I will pretend I understand you. XD
5:45 PM
@AshleyNunn Haha, sorry I forget that I live in my own little world ;) It could be a bomb! So you soak it in a pail of water, just in case :)
@James Ah. XD Makes sense. :P It's solid advice XD
@AshleyNunn or you could just unbox stuff in the bathtub (guy in a swimsuit, might be a teeny bit NSFW)
@James What... good would that do?
@GnomeSlice Old explosives were not waterproof.. yes Im old :P Shush.
@agent86 LOL: 'The videos feature banana dancing and man nipples, so if you're sensitive to any of those, you might want to sit this round out.'
!!! New Cube World Screenies!
Dragons and 2H weapons and Kingdom Walls, Oh My!
Q: How to visualize and export player generated parts of a Minecraft world?

ZommuterI build a few structure in different worlds which I'd now like to put into one single common world. Is there a way do this, preferably without having to manually select which parts of each world are hand-made?

Q: Managing paradigm packs and roles

DavidYellSo I've now got Serah to lv99 Ravager and lv99 Medic, and Noel to lv99 Commando and lv99 Sentinel. Is there any point in using the other roles? Other than just to level up the stats? For example I notice that although Serah is lv99 medic, she only has about 7 skills (not at my ps3) which seems o...

Q: How to stop winter? (Or, how to change a single biome in Minecraft / bukkit)

ZommuterAfter, copying my vanilla world to bukkit, the biome seems to have changed from tundra to snow (while the terrain is the same as I noticed by creating a new world with same seed). This means that there is a straight border between the tundra part of the world that I previously explored, and the s...

6:10 PM
what? a dirk gently TV series? internet, you did not inform me of this sooner. Shame, shame on you internet.
<-= debates ordering a Vita...
Yayyy!! My new phone came!
@Tristan Haha, Pressies :)
Can anyone with a PS-Vita comment on the usefulness of the 3G.. It would seem to me to either be sucked up by 1-2 games or overkill.. making it not that useful in extended usage.
6:25 PM
@Tristan what phone?
...It has 3G?
oh god Secure Suite
there's a password I don't know
@GnomeSlice One version does, and while I like large range connectivity (my iPhone and iPad have unlimited data plans).. It just seems... useless on the PS-Vita.
6:30 PM
I had it saved as a note in 1Password
it really irks me when companies don't put VAT in listed prices
ordering something for £45? here's another £9 you have to pay.
this is a crazy mathematical look at the castlevania medusa head
@ThomasMcDonald is that just on imports, or is that for anything?
VAT is on all purchases and is 20%
6:43 PM
most companies list prices inc. VAT
I really hate how new blog posts replace the chat button.
I think Italy made it a law that all prices must be listed with VAT
imports are handled separately iirc
@badp Yeah, it tends to be b2b products listed without VAT.
@agent86 Wish I could, can't do that on modem-router combos though
6:45 PM
Oh, so it's not something Fallout related.
@GraceNote it's a bit like sales tax
@badp ugh. I've seen major problems with routers on occasion that can cause those issues. If you can get some diff hardware, it might help, but if it's a upstream problem you're SOL
@agent86 I brought the router on my floor and now I could use it without trouble
6:47 PM
@GraceNote thats VATS
thing is, 1) I can't really do that and 2) it didn't use to be a problem
@Fabian Value Added Tax System, clearly.
@GraceNote Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System
Anyone here use a 30" monitor (or any other large one that does ~2500x1600 resolution)?
@badp hmm, maybe some sort of signal integrity issue then
6:49 PM
I'm curious what it looks like on games that don't have support for resolutions that high
@agent86 Haha, thats alot of praise for the sine wave :)
@Fabian Hyphenating is totally cheating.
I will say that VAT sounds better in italian: IVA.
Interest with Value Added?
In Germany it would be Mehrwertsteuer (Mwst)
6:50 PM
(Translated, of course)
Nah, Tax on Added Value. (Well, I is Tax V is Value A is Added.)
@Sterno depending on the monitor it either stretch/scales it in some manner or will black bar it.
...what, you go VA. That's not AV. That's not AV at all!
We can do it in one word, while you all need three ;-)
Not my fault the british are also backwards in word-order matters!
6:52 PM
@Fabian Yours is also a lot more fun to say, heeheehee~
@Fabian had it not been a word made of three components, I'd have been more impressed
@Fabian isn't this relatively common of the German language (single words with very specific and elaborate meanings)?
@IanPugsley iPhone 4s
@IanPugsley We just don't leave spaced in between, it's still a compound of three words
Q: How can I boost my health in Skyrim?

Chris RI made a bit of a mistake, I think, with my Skyrim character; I boosted my MP at the expense of my HP, repeatedly, and now I find myself at level 30 and so flimsy that many magic-tossing opponents essentially 1-shot kill me. I'd like some advice on how to fix myself here; I'm willing to grind a ...

6:54 PM
@Tristan I won't fuss at you because I know you're cool :P
Oh wow, the VAT has only been introduced first in 1954?
I thought it was way older than that.
@badp I thought it was part of the EU agreements, although my European history knowledge is fairly nonexistent.
@IanPugsley for what it's worth I didnt want an iPhone. But there really aren't any good windows phones on verizon
@Tristan no Android?
6:57 PM
@agent86 Wikipedia says somebody in Germany devised in 1918, but the first country to adopt it was France in 1918.
@IanPugsley I just replaced my third droid for a faulty touchscreen...
Obviously once I go investigate what's VAT like in the US, I get a list of states that do it one way, a list of states that do it the opposite way and a list of states where there's no consensus either way
@Tristan That's likely a model-to-model issue (unless you've switched with no success) - I've had my Samsung Fascinate for a little over a year, no real complaints
My e-Pimping isn't going very well. =[
@IanPugsley I'm sure it was that specific model but due to that I've decided to give a new os a try.
7:04 PM
@Tristan You chose poorly.
@RonanForman AWESOME
@RonanForman Hey, what was that LP you were rambling about yesterday?
I was halfway through a sheet of vector problems
'We' were going to do a minecraft LP where we force the community to decide what we do, thus getting them more involved.
7:12 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Bad idea?
What do you mean by 'decide what we do'?
Like, at every step?
7:13 PM
Set objectives.
Or in some cases if we were going to build a base, they'd decide what kind of base.
@OrigamiRobot I don't mind it so far. Anyway, did you see the offer I made you earlier?
Nice answer by a new user.
@Tristan I did see your offer.
7:17 PM
Soul Calibur 5 $20 off today on Amazon
@OrigamiRobot Aaaaaaand? lol
@IanPugsley Luckily I got it for free already :)
@RonanForman Force the community to decide what you do.... there is just something really odd about that wording.. "You must tell us to build a big castle!!! NOAW!" hehe ;)
Q: Can you purchase extra songs with in-game earned money in Guitar Hero World Tour?

EnderIn all of the previous Guitar Hero games I've played, you could always purchase songs from some in-game store, but I cannot find such a store in this game. Does it exist?

7:21 PM
@OrigamiRobot Haha, Well like I said, that is what it sounded like was being said! :)
image not found?
I feel like you're avoiding the subject @Origami
@Tristan I'm not going to turn down an offer to play champions for free.
Well email me whenever and I'll send you the info
7:28 PM
For some reason it says my password is wrong when I try synching my gmail with my phone, but I can log in through the browser just fine...
Sometimes apps give you a "wrong password" message (if they saved your password info) if the cookie/communication with the server broke
Skype does that to me a lot
Any idea how I can fix it?
@Tristan You don't happen to use two-factor auth?
a little too tall to onebox, but this bird knows what's up
7:34 PM
Someone wanna help this guy:
A: This must be a bug, but do you know how I can see my character again?

tylerand how do you do fix this for the xbox 360 step by step i have the code but dont know how to use it

New user doesn't know how the site works. I don't have time to write a helpful response.
he posted a new question, although I don't know if it's going to be all that useful
@agent86 It's a dupe.
@StrixVaria yeah.
@ArdaXi I honestly have no idea...
@Tristan Then you probably don't.
7:43 PM
@StrixVaria Console commands on...consoles is a dupe, but is there anything for fixing the invisible bug on consoles?
I think it already works as a comment. It says, "Hey, I have this same problem, and the existing answer is PC-only."
@Sterno it's a dupe as a comment even, though :)
@StrixVaria Stop commenting on the same questions as me!
@OrigamiRobot That is literally impossible for me to do.
Q: Skyrim invisible bug for 360 help!

tylerI got this lag after the brelyna spell, i have read about the code player.setactoralpha 100 but dont know if it can be used for a xbox and dont know how to use it. Where do I go to enter this code on my xbox?

Q: Cant seem to find the person to customize my horse?

tylerI think im supposed to talk to someone in the castles of main towns but none of the ones ive went to said anything about it? what city should i try and name of the person i need to talk to would be great

7:51 PM
@Tristan Is there the option to just log in again?
should accept your password again
@Ronan What is the price range of that HDD you were looking at, exactly?
@GraceNote HDD prices hiked recently because of flooding in Thailand, IIRC - likely between $100 and $150
Uoh, okay.
(If you ask me the relation there is totally lost on me)
@GraceNote used to be able to get a good 1TB HDD for $80 sometimes
@GraceNote there were apparently some manufacturing facilities in Thailand
I found a Tb one for £70 and a 2 Tb one for £85. But as I said before, I wasn't looking for SE to but the whole HDD, maybe like £20 of it or something.
7:59 PM
huh, they got that cheap?
My last drive was an SSD for a laptop, never considered "upgrading"
@BenBrocka I bought a 1.5 TB external HDD for like £85 a year back.
@Arda £ != $ They're around £85 now.
External? Gross!
8:01 PM
I got a 1TB external for...$200? over a year ago
@RonanForman I know.
I need an external to store my steam collection on :P plus backups
It was a little over €100.
Actually the one I saw was on sale, I wonder if it still is.
Prices haven't really come down again since the flooding then?
8:04 PM
Yeah it's gone back up to £110.
@John cool blog bro
@ThomasMcDonald Thanks! :)
@John Check my picture in the stars list.
@RonanForman I did, and I'm afraid I don't quite understand it...
It looks like 2 of you with Origami.
On a blue heart.
8:08 PM
2 of me?
Admittedly I had 1 picture to work with but still.
I'm seein' double here. Four Ronans!
@RonanForman Is one of them supposed to be me?
Ooooh. I can see that. I've never seen myself animated, so I didn't recognize myself.
You only had one picture to work with? We're friends on FB, there should be tons of pictures of me there.
I'm not good at drawing specific people, I don't really look like what I draw me as.
I only really looked through profile pictures.
8:15 PM
@RonanForman Wait, so you don't actually have an afro?
@RonanForman That's still more than one.
I saw one that I could really draw from. And yes but the rest of my face is different.
I'll try again tomorrow.
Is this for that Minecraft LP?
I see. Could anyone else tell it was me?
I don't think anyone else here really knows what I look like, except maybe @Wipqozn.
I could draw from your MC skin.
8:25 PM
That could work. That way it would link the guy in the picture to the guy in the game.
The Diablo 3 skill calculator thing was updated with their new rune changes.
I think Wake is still probably my favourite game.
Half my day has been wasted already.
@GnomeSlice DKR?
@StrixVaria Favourite indie, then.
8:40 PM
Dude just edited the duplicate link out of his closed, duplicate question
Q: Skyrim invisible bug for 360 help! how to fix bug on 360

tylerI got this lag after the brelyna spell, i have read about the code player.setactoralpha 100 but dont know if it can be used for a xbox and dont know how to use it. Where do I go to enter this code on my xbox? its the pratice spell that she uses on you and turns you into various animals but the bu...

I really hope that inferno difficulty on D3 is so hard that you actually have to coordinate with your allies on team composition. If throwing 4 random builds together is good enough to beat inferno, I'll be disappointed. I really want to have to strategize.
@StrixVaria I really hope it's soloable too, though
@Sterno That's fair. I hope it scales with number of players in a reasonable way.
I just think part of what made D2 get boring after a (very, very long) while was that everyone could just do their own thing without regards to what other people were doing and get along fine.
Having one character dedicated to stunlocking a single enemy isn't really viable solo, but could be really interesting in a party.
Yeah, it'd be nice if additional players changed the difficulty in such a way that it required teamwork. Like, sure, maybe with 2 guys you can still each do your own thing, but with 4 people, I'd hope not.
Playing with this build calculator, there are a lot of subtle ways that party members can interact beneficially together, and I just hope those subtleties aren't lost in a torrent of "KILL FIRE MURDER KILL HAHAHAHA"
8:46 PM
Q: I want to start skyrim as a mage but will robes give me any protection and will wearing gauntlets and boots effect how slow i am?

CHUNKI really want to start the campaign on skyrim again but as a mage being as the last two times i have completed it i have used melee and archery. Will i get owned by melee enemies because robes have 0 armor rating? Also, will gauntlets and boots effect my magic or speed as whenever i kill a mage...

Q: Can I take Legion on Tali's loyalty mission, complete all loyalty missions (including his), and still save my whole crew?

SternoIn preparation for ME3, I'm doing a replay of Mass Effect 2 and I want to know if I can take Legion on Tali's loyalty mission, complete all other loyalty missions (including his), and still save everyone in the crew. I know at some point, my ship gets invaded and collectors make off with a lot o...

Q: Who does A.D.A.M. talk to on the elevator up from the TRO section in Metroid Fusion?

Jack StoneA.D.A.M. has some suspicious conversation with someone on the elevator up from the TRO section in Metroid Fusion, asking if Samus "suspects anything". Who is the man that he talks to? PS: Sorry about the tagging, there was no Metroid Fusion tag.

Seriously, everyone should play it.
@Sterno Borderlands was good about that, though it mostly just amped up the difficulty, enemy tactics didn't really change best I could tell

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