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12:00 AM
You future self taught me well
Although when you went on a crazy rampage and killed all those childre I thought it was a bit overboard.
Just don't tell your future self I'll think that
Mana's a loose cannon
Basically, yes.
@MrNovember 'sup bro :D
@Grace Okay, that took a bit longer than I thought it would.
Question is up.
@Mana sup brah :DDD
12:13 AM
@sjohnston IT's funny because she's afk
ah well
well good fellows, I must be off. Toodles.
@sjohnston I answered the wrong question
I prepared for "What do I get after I beat the game". Wargh.
Oh well. I'm going to be out for another hour and a half.
@GraceNote I didn't realize there was a separation between what you get when you beat the game and a + game.
ok Crayon Physics Deluxe is super fun when you have a drawing tablet
12:24 AM
@Fall lucky!
Q: What does a New Game+ give me?

sjohnstonI hear Recettear has a "New Game +" mode that becomes available after you beat the game. What are the differences between this mode and a first-time playthrough?

Q: ArmA II: What is with the coop infatuation?

gravyfaceI've just purchased Arma II/Operation Warhead on Steam and worked through the tutorials. Having played a ton of tactical shooters over the years online, I figured I'd jump in and start playing as I always do with games. First of all, servers are generally empty; thought this game was more popul...

12:46 AM
Q: How much health does it take for Atma's Impaler to become cost effective?

Raven DreamerThe item Atma's Impaler has a unique passive as follows: UNIQUE: 2% of your maximum health is granted as bonus attack damage. The item's combine cost is 825, and the total item costs 2355. How much health do I need to make Atma's Impaler a cost effective +attack damage item? That is to say,...

G'night all
1:13 AM
Q: Can't comment on a nomination

Anna LearOver on the elections page, I see a link to "add comment" on every nomination except Arda's. This is in Chrome 13.0.782.112 on Windows 7. Don't know if that's at all relevant, but better more information than not enough. :)

1:30 AM
Moving stuff around while preparing to lay new carpet sucks.
Having said that... I found Conker's Bad Fur Day cartridge for the N64 underneath where my game systems are.
Just one more moderator nominee to have primaries...
Although it would kind of suck to have 11 nominees and be the one person that doesn't make it past the primaries...
1:47 AM
Q: Promotional idea - Stump the Gamers to win a prize

bwarnerSo I'm a big fan of the promotional grant idea, but I think we could also do something that targeted new users. How about a "Stump the Gamers" contest? The goal would be to try to get new users coming in and asking/answering questions. The top prize would be given to the most upvoted unanswe...

@MrNovember Out of curiosity, are you still in this room as well?
guess not ;_;
Interesting idea @bwarner.
@Manaಠдಠ wow yes i am
you have an EVO 4G, right?
1:56 AM
a what?
your phone
...how do I tell? :D;;;
It's a Samsung Nexus S
and there are bars
bars are a good thing right
oh yeah you got the nexus
1:57 AM
Oh, hey, speaking of which, did you hear about the stuff that went on at DEF CON?
wtf is def con
i have defcon
hacker con
on steam
no not the game
what happened
1:59 AM
so as is probably to be expected and as was anticipated there were some people from Anon + Lulz there
and they put a "beast" on the WI-FI that installs itself on your phone by acting like it's an update
and then grabs all your data and basically tracks everything
pretty ugly stuff, but if you're going to go to a hacker con and not expect that kind of stuff... shrug
i have no sympathy
actually i do but maybe not
2:00 AM
the EVO and the nexus are the same price with a contract but the EVO is better
hm, fair enough
at least, it's got a 5 star average rating and the nexus has a 3 star average rating
and my brother has an evo
which is pretty neat'
so, cool things about this chat: notifications, stars, avatars and stuff but it doesn't look like a 5-year old designed it, and quick to load in a browser
yeah i guess it's pretty neat
it's not as good as Xat, though
Xat master race
2:02 AM
the main bad thing is that it requires a bunch of stuff enabled including device storage for some reason, so I can't use it on my pho-- cringe
God, let's not talk about Xat.
Even jokingly.
apparently our water is brown
What, really? That sucks.
god damn it
i can't function without a shower
such anger
but i don't want to smell like brown
2:04 AM
Life choices, man.
important stuff
i'm taking the SAT october 1st
Chicks dig brown, I hear.
and then right after i get the results i get to apply to colleges
Oh yeah? I guess you kind of have to if you're in the US.
my flip flops are brown
at least on the east coast
west coast likes the ACT more
2:06 AM
What's the difference? Format?
SAT is aptitude and ACT is knowledge
something like that
a lot of people take both but i'm not very ambitious
2:07 AM
pfft, you should be
I can tell you what to do with your life, I'm older enough.
i'm going to be an english major
i'll be fine :)))
Up to edit previous messages btw.
You should take both
you looks awful
wow um Amanda told me i'm handsome
Is Amanda your sister?
no, she taught you how to debt ceiling
oh right
2:12 AM
nominate me for mode
but I can't it's not possible :(
@MrNovember Despite the name, nominations are self-nominated.
But he even has the perfect name for a candidate in an election.
how am i supposed to be the reluctant leader if i have to nominate myself?
Yeah, this system doesn't really fit for making the mods a bunch of dramatic archetypes.
We should rebel, maaaan.
2:15 AM
military coup
i can't wait to run a web store with hours running only from 9-5
In the new system mod candidates fight ferociously to the death, chosen randomly by lottery
Oh, that's your job? Are you doing it online?
no i'm joking
Well, I'm dumb.
the joke is that it's open the same hours that a physical store is even though that isn't neccesary!!
i hear you guys have a TF2 server
it was a good joke
phew, finally back. Stupid router
'sup @Thomas
2:30 AM
@Manaಠдಠ what
@Thomas I was just...saying...hi...:(
I was just coughing to death, so I thought I might pull out my laptop and see if there was any good trades going on
oh, okay
Hey, do we have a TF2 server?
um, no?
@MrNovember whoops :x
2:33 AM
wow Alex
I don't even know what to say. Truly a terrible show of site knowledge on my part.
@Manaಠдಠ No. OCReMix has some at blu.ocrtf2.com and red.ocrtf2.com
and by OCReMix, I mean "I run these servers"
2:46 AM
@MrNovember oh man, the crowd at the Pitchfork music festival goes nuts when the synth in Bay of Pigs kicks in
kind of hilarious
well i mean
i go nuts when that happens
yeah, me too. Total music chills.
@KevinY Thanks, looks like Jeff is going to take some convincing.
i didn't expect the productivity se to be so full of jargon
Q: How to prevent snail poo?

Tobias KienzlerWhen a station grows large enough beaming snail poo into the recycler becomes a tedious full-time job since the scuzzers don't care about it. Letting it on the floor is not an option since the floor gets quite littered then. So I'm asking for either a strategy to prevent snails from pooing, pre...

2:51 AM
this has gone unanswered for 7 months
I would presume this is the sort of hard question you refer to?
Although I'm guessing the real answer to that particular question is "It isn't possible"
I had a separate meta-topic about those kind of question, the ones where nobody is willing to go out on a limb and say "It can't be done" for fear of being proven wrong
@bwarner And that's the problem with asking really complex questions. Sometimes the more complex the less likely it is that there's an actual answer. Or when you go into theorycrafting, it's difficult sometimes to get other people interested in the question.
IMO, anyways.
Unanswered questions tend to be about more obscure games. But I'm hoping that if we can draw in more people, even obscure games will be covered
Sure, its difficult to get people to try to answer tough questions. Unless you offer them $100 to do it. If I'm in second place, you better believe I'm going to take the time to answer the tough question in front of me.
Aye, anyway, I seem to have regained normal breathing again so I shall reattempt to sleep.
2:56 AM
@Thomas glad to hear it. :) good night!
@bwarner I think Jeff wrote a piece about how monetary incentives were bad, and wouldn't work
@ThomasMcDonald On his blog you mean?
Isn't bounty basically the answer to incentives on this site?
@GnomeSlice Yo!!!!
I tend to believe that as well, if you get $100 for answering a question, why would you come back to answer more without said offer?
@Manaಠдಠ slaps
2:57 AM
@ThomasMcDonald Because you realize that its fun. If I got paid $100 to do something, and I enjoyed doing it, why would I stop just because I was no longer being paid?
heh. The problem with too much good music; not enough time to get around to listening to it.
@bwarner Because you probably didn't do it for the fun, you did it for the $100.
@bwarner That's too hit or miss IMO to rely on and consistently give out monetary awards for.
2:59 AM
Now if it was an unexpected $100, that's another thing
The first time, sure. But that's only because I didn't realize it was fun.
Museums: Historically Hardcore.
I get what you're saying, and I certainly don't want to make Stack Exchange all about money. But I do think it is a good way to get people to try it out. In the same way that I think you could draw a lot of new members if they knew having enough rep would get them free games on release day.
@bwarner It could be that one, I thought he compared something to how Google Answers used to work
of course it could be a complete fabrication of my mind
3:01 AM
I mean like let's take this free games type-deal. I had absolutely no idea that I was getting into this when I signed up on the site and started participating. And while I think this whole thing is really nice, it's still not why I hang around here.
@Manaಠдಠ Which thing?
I think it's better to award the members who stuck with your site despite having no real monetary incentive for it.
Jul 30 at 20:05, by GnomeSlice
Free things.
Yeah, if getting enough rep to get free games is why you sign up/participate, I don't see that being particularly productive.
Jul 30 at 19:58, by GnomeSlice
@ArdaXi Free things.
3:03 AM
I guess it could depend on how it's 'marketed'
But you guys seem to be assuming that someone's initial motivation for doing something will continue to be their motivation forever. I think that you need to give people a little incentive to try something new, and once you get them past that initial reluctance, they'll become members just like you and me.
@bwarner But how would the rest of the community react to that?
Jul 24 at 19:31, by GnomeSlice
Free upvotes for the next person who gives me free stuff.
I'd be deeply jealous of this one jerk who gets to get paid for answering stuff whereas I've invested an entire year and a month in here and gotten nothing to show for it (let's ignore the Witcher 2 for the sake of argument)
I don't know. Would you resent people coming here because they weren't "pure" enough to do it without any incentive? Or would you welcome them because they can contribute to the community, regardless of their motivation?
3:05 AM
Jul 24 at 19:02, by GnomeSlice
I need more free stuff.
@GnomeSlice <3
I would question how sustainable their community contributions were
Jul 24 at 19:05, by Oak
You know what I need? I need more cycles. That's what I need.
Jul 24 at 19:06, by GnomeSlice
stares blankly
Yeah. That happened.
@Manaಠдಠ Now who is being driven by money? You've gotten to participate in the site for a year, isn't that worth more than the little bit of money that someone got?
@bwarner Are you kidding? I got swag.
3:07 AM
@bwarner If they wanted to become a further part of the community, sure, but I don't think that free stuff will necessarily gain a large amount of members that 'keep going' once they meet the conditions for 'stuff'
@ThomasMcDonald That just seems elitist to me. Sure, there will be some people that leave afterwards and never return. But I just don't get the attitude of "Unless you come here for the right reason, you can never be a REAL member"
@bwarner It's less that I'd resent them and more that I'd just feel like I could deserve a bit of money too.
@Manaಠдಠ And you've gotten it, right? With swag and free games of your own?
Even if 50% of the users gained disappear after the contest because they aren't truly interested in the site, isn't it worth it to gain the other 50%?
@bwarner No, it's not me being elitist, I'm questioning how sustainable their contributions are because I don't think that people coming here with the motive of free stuff will participate with the same level of vigor (?) as those that answer questions on here because they genuinely enjoy it. I feel you're much more likely to get a spurt of activity that tails off once the conditions are met.
@bwarner (remember that I'm not arguing from my personal perspective)
3:10 AM
4 mins ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
Jul 24 at 19:06, by GnomeSlice
stares blankly
@bwarner I don't know. How much have we paid for new users previously?
@bwarner but I just feel like when you throw in actual money into the equation things get different. I have tuition to pay. I'm in university. I want to improve my drum kit. There are lots of things I could do with actual money.
The video games are nice but I would take $60 over The Witcher 2 any day.
The people that leave after the conditions are met are users that aren't interested in our site. We never would've gotten them either way. But the users that stay might never have realized the site existed if not for the extra publicity
@Manaಠдಠ I never actually said money, I said $100 of games.
Giving away $100 is just boring
3:12 AM
Well...fuck. scratches head awkwardly
Sorry, I said that in the question, I guess I was never really specific here.
@ThomasMcDonald The whole point of the promotional grants is to try to attract new users, right?
I still stand by my points, although it's not something I have any evidence to back up
I love these people playing Galcon...
@bwarner I feel like it's more to attract new dedicated users
@Mana Don't say anything about that guy's name... please.
3:14 AM
It isn't just to reward existing users, we don't need it. I'm just suggesting that we also try spending money to attract new users in a slightly more direct way.
Getting 1500 rep is no easy feat.
bionic beets
@MrNovember Shh.
@Manaಠдಠ There's a group of people that will never care about the site. Maybe they participate for the contest, maybe they don't. We don't care either way. For the rest, either the site is good enough to turn people into dedicated users, or its not. If it is, they'll stay no matter how you get them here. If its not, they'll leave no matter how you got them here.
@Manaಠдಠ Heh, I'm still at 600 on Stack Overflow and I've been a developer for 11 years...
@bwarner +1
3:17 AM
@GnomeSlice Perhaps you want me to not say Beets by Dr. Dre?
@Manaಠдಠ Heh...
@bwarner Fair enough.
i got your back eugene
too late joe
we lost the battle
but we'll win the war
I choose to believe that the site is good enough that if the kind of people care about see it, they will choose to stay. So I jsut see it as a question of how to get them to come check it out.
3:18 AM
@Mana be quiet, gawd.
LOL. OK, thanks for the debate. Now I can have Jeff squash the idea for good. =)
Either way, I need to head off to bed.
@bwarner That's true. It's damn awkward even messaging my friends who are gamers saying "hey...uh...ask questions and answer things on this site..."
Jeff is absolutely no fun at all.
Peace man! Thanks for the insight.
@bwarner Just preparing you man
3:20 AM
(Did @Mana get that reference)?
Then again that's what I did with GnomeSlice and it seemed to work out okay.
Anyway, same, I'm not used to 4am debates
In a bit chaps
peace maaaaaan.
So uh. @GnomeSlice, meet @MrNovember. @MrNovember, @GnomeSlice.
@GnomeSlice No, sorry. ;_;
@Manaಠдಠ ಥ_ಥ
3:21 AM
I'm a disapproved guy who reduces you to tears. Apparently.
I'm Mr. November, i won't fuck us over
That you won't.
Classic song.
Classic Napkin Squirrel.
3:23 AM
@GnomeSlice stares
i just downloaded knights of the old republic on steam
3 mins ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
(Did @Mana get that reference)?
time to look for mods
@MrNovember Man, this is why I love PC games. Mods.
you know what i love
people who want Steam to be the only way to get PC games, making the PC a glorified console
3:24 AM
I know.
silly Steam people.
Dammit, I can't find a napkin squirrel video online anywhere...
@MrNovember Wait, I just realized. You told me Recettear was a good game, but you haven't gotten past the 3rd day?
i think i got like a week or two in
3:26 AM
Q: Does an MMORPG have to have a lot of players?

JcubedCan a game still be considered a MMORPG if it only has, say, 20 players?

really big sky's menu transitions need to be faster
it's a fast paced shooter and it takes like 10 seconds for the game over screen to go away
it'd be like Rock Band having an orchestral soundtrack for the menus
"Napkin Squirrel, where a storyteller tells the story of a paper (origami) squirrel and what it considers fun — those that harm the squirrel in any way, shape, or form are said to be "absolutely no fun at all"."
Man, why does no one talk to @MrNovember?
He doesn't capitalize anything.
Sort of like you.
It's all about the style, maaaaaaaaaan.
3:36 AM
Anyway, that's the reference.
1 min ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
"Napkin Squirrel, where a storyteller tells the story of a paper (origami) squirrel and what it considers fun — those that harm the squirrel in any way, shape, or form are said to be "absolutely no fun at all"."
13 mins ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
user image
Ever watch 'Planet Sketch'?
Way back when?
1 min ago, by GnomeSlice ツ
i wonder if anyone has tried to make a my little pony se
that'd be the worst
3:37 AM
Sonic Colours is still the best vid he ever did
which, by the way, @MrNovember showed me, so you owe him your knowledge of DanielRadcliffe777.
3:39 AM
i did?
You did. You linked it to me randomly one late evening
"For some reason, this video fixes my earphones whenever one of the ear pieces cuts out.

So thanks, I guess."
and then I got back to my computer and was like LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
and I don't lol often so you should be proud.
oh yeah
i remember this
best video
3:41 AM
thanks comments for notifying me to turn down my speakers
"I couldn't quite hear the music"
oh god
the clipping
make it stop
although why I'm clicking on links to vids at the ending of Bay of Pigs is beyond me
where's the sonic colours one
gnome linked it, it's over their
This guy... is ridiculous.
Wh...who even... why?
It is a very good thing I didn't have headphones on when I clicked on those videos @GnomeSlice.
3:46 AM
@Kevin You're insane. You clicked on videos GnomeSlice linked?
@Manaಠдಠ You went back in time!
Ghzg ix the fuinnnest hting I've watche in a while
Oh wow, look, it's rubbing off on me.
@Manaಠдಠ Yeah, I know. It's crazy.
@Mana, @KevinY, tell me you watched i play sonic
I didn't and I don't have earphones at the moment so I feel like it would ruin the experience if I did
3:49 AM
It's not got any earrape in it.
it isn't blsring
it's like watching those SBAHJ vids without your speakers set to max
blaring, even
nyan cat enhanced edition
3:53 AM
@MrNovember Hah
@MrNovember claps
@MrNovember That reminds me of this gem.
the difference between me and you Mana is that i don't have a violent hatred of that song so
3:58 AM
you guys are videogame experts
what song is in this video
Fountain of Dreams.
That one Kirby song from the windy thing.
oh, right

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