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10:00 PM
> friend apparently was messing with my peofile information while i wasnt in the room and changed it to innapropriot stuff
Stop looking at me like that. Comedy = Tragedy + Time, and that's five years ago.
While we apologize for any frustration in the matter, the fact is that a breach of contract occurred. Upon that breach, the account's right to use the service is negated. The suspension shall stand as issued, and we thank you for your cooperation in this matter. #Cheers!
not innapropriot stuff, surely! that's the worst kind.
> Your son "o KiNG SpRaYa", was witnessed taking flight as though he were winged in COD: World at War. Taking advantage of infections is not accidental. Suspension Stands.
10:01 PM
As though he were winged?
@ThomasMcDonald Win.
My personal favorites are when the OP starts "I am innocent, I beat this guy and he told all his friends to report me, plz unban" and then the mod: "Uh no, you got banned for trying to sell cheats on your profile"
Did they actually check that it wasn't as though he was wearing a jetpack?
Kinda makes me wish steam would enforce their stuff a little
10:02 PM
Must have had too much Red Bull
I like the inept, poorly-spelled legal threats the most.
> was about to play black ops with my friend before i got off xbox live for the night like usual and before he could click the start to start the game a message popped up on both of are screens saying suspended until 12/31/9999 and i don't know why because i didn't even do anything wrong are gamer tags are FPSx Scavenger can u please look into it for me and tell us the problem or what ever is wrong and unsuspend us forever thank you.
@CruelCow They do, silently.
I know the owner!!!!
The lack of punctuation burns.
I love how he wants to be unsuspended forever.
> hello i just recently got my acount banned for no reason i was palying a game and it kicked me and said banned till 12/31/999999 i dont know why here is my gammertag weponkid please tell me why i got banned cause i did nothing wrong i sware im bummed please reply thank you.
10:03 PM
banned till 999999? that's optimistic.
what exactly is an "infection" anyway?
@ThomasMcDonald Godammit, make it stop.
@Brant Some sort of hack that allows you to activate godmode and noclip
> ...Well, I would like to point out that the auto-filter in the forums bleeped out nearly your entire post... (forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/41/t/52933.aspx)
10:05 PM
The best one I read was when he was asking why he got banned and he'd sent a message to one of the policy enforcement team asking if he wanted to pay for a modded lobby
@ThomasMcDonald You have been in suspension for Nine Nine Nine Nine Nine Nine...
> hi i was wondering why my acc was ban from yesterday and it says im ban for 9999 years and my gamertag is Cows x. i was just playing yesterday and i join a looby and played for like 5min and got disconected from xbox live...
these are hilarious
^ Relevant ^
10:07 PM
Do these guys ever unsuspend?
less relevant:
The best ones are always when the title complains about being banned multiple times. HOW MANNYY TIMES IM GOING TO BE BANNED? forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/41/t/40875.aspx
Gee, this is certainly the person's father speaking:
> This has to be a miss understand me son said he was playing call of duty modern warfare and he was in a public match and when he joined it people where flying everywhere jumping really high and he couldent reload and it evn showed on the screen i got infections from... and people where killing him throught walls like they could see through them....
Q: help me identify a 90's vertical scrolling arcade game

kkudiOk I would really appreciate it if I could get some guidance here. I have seen numerous youtube videos with vertical scrollers but none seem to match the description. It's probably a 1990-95 (i think - as it doesn't look too old, graphics were not bad considering the time) game, vertical scro...

10:09 PM
Noo, @Lazers, you cut off my double post!
how was i impersonating microsoft. (forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/41/t/40064.aspx) Seriously, some people
@CruelCow Aaaahahahahahaha!
> I think modding ruins the game, especially since i am a sniper-based player.
What also confuses me is how many people start their post with "dear xbox". As if they were talking to the console
10:12 PM
> Big Brother himself caught you using a Jtag. My sympathy levels are falling alarmingly. Apologies, but all associated content licenses with an account permanently suspended for Code of Conduct violations (Gold Membership time, MSP, etc.) are removed upon the enforcement action taking place.
Oh boy:
The faces at :13 seconds...
"subspenction" "perminatly" WHAT
@KevinY Wh...what?
tagged as "suspension, Help, gt suspension, Gamertag Suspension, hacked, account Suspensions, account suspended, Account suspended hoping for appeal, account suspended Microsoft liars, suspended, Permanently Banned!, banned for life suspended, ban, code of conduct, Banned Until 12/31/9999?, concerned parent, Help!, help me, hacking, banned 9999, hacked account, appeal for suspended account., hackers"
@badp @Wipqozn should retag that.
10:15 PM
> Or Ghost x was witnessed using his ghostly flight powers in COD: World at War. Suspension stands.
@GnomeSlice:They look weird/funny.
That's what us Vancouverites look like!
> my xbox live account was suspended from xbox live for the next 8000 or so years
give or take a couple either side
10:16 PM
> Sadly HighQualityHam was suspended for cheating, as they were witnessed LITERALLY... making pigs fly in COD:World at War. Another awesome gamertag bites the dust for a few thrills. G.J..
> why was i banded from xbox
I think I'll stop now before I actually get dumber
> "I am Bill J" was banned for blanket messaging: "IM hosting 15th prestige lobby... YOU CANNOT GET BANNED FOR THIS!!!" ...........suspension stands.
@CruelCow What, the past tense of ban isn't banded?
@KevinY Sounds like a question for english.SE
10:21 PM
To be honest, I'm actually surprised we haven't gotten any "Why was I banded from xbox" questions on Gaming yet.
> ive beened suspended untill THE END OF EARTH
> Huh... Well "extra hard" was banned for modding lobbies for 1600 points. It saddens me that a good gamertag was lost today...
@GnomeSliceツ Don't jinx it...
yesterday, by LessPop_MoreFizz
↑ speaking of spoilers
@badp I think that was already posted in here
10:25 PM
@Manaಠдಠ It was, by @LessPop_MoreFizz I believe.
> You were seen being impossibly awesome in WaW, which made the game horrible for everyone else.
No, Fallen was the one saying she disagreed with it
@Lesspop posted it and I do disagree with it
10:26 PM
yeah, that's what I said
1 min ago, by Wipqozn
@Manaಠдಠ It was, by @LessPop_MoreFizz I believe.
@Brant An infection lobby is a game where someone has modified it to enable certain kinds of hacks/mods/cheats known as 'infections'. They're called this because when you enter this lobby, you can become 'infected' with those hacks/mods. Sometimes you have to do a few things to get the infections to stick, sometimes you don't.
Now because these are so rampant, we're fairly prudent of who we suspend for them. A player is seen, by a member of the XBLPET to be actively using and exploiting these infections in game and only then are they suspended. There's a visible difference between someone w
Holy shit.
This is even worse then fridya
She claims it's a new song, but it's a remix of a song everyone hated.
whee, Merchant Level 7 by Day 5
Good job.
So who else here owns Frozen Synapse?
10:39 PM
@ArdaXi I don't own it. Nor have I even looked at it, or have any idea what type of game it is (FPS?)
@Wipqozn It's a turn-based strategy game
And a brilliant one at that.
@Manaಠдಠ What do they call you?
They call me Trinity.
@Manaಠдಠ Get out.
And why haven't you activated it on Steam?
10:40 PM
@Arda Doesn't that mean I have to download it through Steam?
looks interesting
I just may buy it
@Manaಠдಠ I mean, like, what's your username in the game?
@Wipqozn Can I have your second copy if you do?
@Manaಠдಠ Not necessarily, but it seems preferable.
Mana's really stoopid
10:41 PM
@Wipqozn I'm really impressed how she keeps going despite the negativity
SecretofMana. I deleted the game off my computer a while back though
@GnomeSliceツ No. I'm going to burn it. BURN IT!
@MrNovember <3
@Manaಠдಠ <3
@Wipqozn =[
10:42 PM
@MrNovember here also has Frozen Synapse.
it's 6:41 EST everyone, you know what that means??
Since we bought it together OMG BEST BUDDIES FOR LIIIIIFE
I linked Frozen Synapse in here months ago, when it was just a trailer.
it's time for Sonic Coulours!!
10:42 PM
Gee whiz, nobody gave a shit.
I'm assuming @mana and @MrNovember know each irl?
@MrNovember coulours?
@Arda Probably a different username then. Maybe Mana?
@GnomeSliceツ "I linked Frozen Synapse in here months ago, when it was just a trailer."
yes mana, coulours
10:43 PM
@ArdaXi No, that was me.
@GnomeSliceツ Exactly.
@ArdaXi Oh.
I get it.
@Manaಠдಠ Level 5, W-L 6-4?
@Arda Yeah...that sounds about right.
Likes playing against he who calls himself willshark?
10:43 PM
You know what web-based game I miss playing the most since it was overrun with hackers?
Yes, that's definitely me.
@Gnome heh
I used to play that
this is a fairly good trailer for the game
@GnomeSliceツ Sorry, did you link something?
10:44 PM
I used to be AMAZING at it.
@ArdaXi Oh, it's no good anymore, don't worry.
@Mana Check your email :D
Was overrun with hackers.
@GnomeSliceツ It isn't now you've linked it.
@ArdaXi I don't think I've played it in years. =[
@Arda But I can't log in to Frozen Synapse to play it. I deleted it off my computer.
10:45 PM
Fuggen hackers.
@Manaಠдಠ So re-get it.
@Manaಠдಠ un delete it.
And I don't want to download it right now, I'm downloading some sick tuuuunes
@GnomeSliceツ My word is better.
10:45 PM
@Manaಠдಠ unremove it
Jeez, Pawngame brings back so many memories...
@MrNovember There are five more songs on the vinyl edition of Kaputt. Isn't that amazing?!
I used to play this waaaayyyy too much.
(one of them is 30 seconds long though)
10:46 PM
i already knew that Mana you are really slow
@MrNovember :(
Well I'm downloading the demo now
@Manaಠдಠ Oh god, it's a hipster.
@Arda u r
@Manaಠдಠ You have two weeks.
10:48 PM
I think that deep down, everyone has some hipster tendencies.
@Arda :(.....
@GnomeSliceツ I was a hipster before you even heard of hipsters!
@CruelCow I was a hipster before it was cool.
That joke is so old.
@Manaಠдಠ He started it.
10:50 PM
@MrNovember what do you think about hipster jokes
@GnomeSliceツ Obligatory "That explains why it wasn't cool at the time."
@MrNovember remember #firewolves and how we had to keep the language down in there?
@MrNovember Who the hell are you, anyway?
Hmm, I should get caught up on gaming this weekend.
@Manaಠдಠ yep, good times :)
10:52 PM
I'm starting to sympathize slightly with their viewpoint in there at least for this chat. :(
@MrNovember (psst I think he's trying to make a point)
I mean look, we have children in here, like @Arda and the omnipresent @RonanFreeman
I like the part where the tutorial is a huge dick
"Now you're not a total incompetent. "
so basically what you're saying @Mana, is that you're a bad person
@Manaಠдಠ Hey you forgot someone
10:54 PM
@MrNovember We prefer to use terrible.
HI ROLAND. waves
@RolandTaylor Hi.
Roland best borderlands class
@Manaಠдಠ That point I made recently, with the analogy. That didn't arrive AT ALL, did it?
10:55 PM
Agreed. He really is quite a cool guy. Wait, was he the soldier or the other not bruiser dude?
the soldier
While I appreciate the concern for the use of potentially insulting language... why I am being informed of this room's flags?
@RolandTaylor You have over 10k network-wide or something like that.
@Roland You have over 10k rep on the network
so you get notified of flags cross-site
@Manaಠдಠ O.o I thought that still only applied to rooms you are in at a given time o.O
10:57 PM
It's not like whoever flagged it specifically aimed at you and said "ROLAND, JUDGE THIS"
@Roland Nope, not anymore.
@RebeccaChernoff is this your doing -_o :D
It's been that way for a long time, actually.
I've been notified of off-site flags quite often.
I've had this rep for a long time and this has only happened twice before
10:58 PM
Rooms I was never in.
anyway I like gaming so I'll stay :D
@Roland As far as I can tell it started two weeks ago
I haven't been on Gaming.SE enough
@RolandTaylor It doesn't notify everyone
Cool. Me and @MrNovember were just talking about how you're such a cool guy.
10:59 PM
Oh yeah :D
@Manaಠдಠ He can see that.
Hmm, I now have 10 games of FS running. Am I doing something wrong?
Frozen Synapse
A turn-based strategy game.
Q: How do I Avoid Those Raptors?

GnomeSlice ツTowards the end of It Belongs in an Ancient Ruin, you start to encounter some kind of lizard things that like to jump out at you from behind some admittedly conspicuous shrubbery. The problem is, knowing where the raptors[?] will come from doesn't really seem to be helping me avoid them very rel...

11:00 PM
oh, never heard of it
@Roland It's actually quite a neat thing. I highly recommend it.
@Arda Yeah, like I said: your opponent will probably be juggling 15 games at once.
I wasn't exaggerating.
@Lazers Wow, I almost had deja vu there.
Cool, I hardly have a lot of gaming experience tbh, compared to most, especially with turn-based strategy.
what is supposedly my doing?
Turn-based is the easiest form, really. Lots of time to focus.
11:01 PM
because, um
not my fault
The annoying thing is, is had a really clever draft of this question written out, but I didn't know how to tag it, so I left it. Looks like my draft is gone.
@RebeccaChernoff 10k+ rep cross-site triggering cross-room flag notifications.
This one isn't near as entertaining.
@Rebecca We know. Roland just likes to ping people.
@RebeccaChernoff I picked on you cause... it is fun to pick on people with super powers...
11:01 PM
@Roland Also annoying <3
feels a rush of exhilaration
oh nvm
I guess you missed the hidden (and lame) joke in my statement of picking on people with "super powers"
Wow, I suck.
no comment
11:04 PM
Dear Internet: Don't ever change.
Anyways, drum sesh time. Peace!
Wow, this guy sends in turns without loading the game.
Argh, I still don't know what the screen ratio of my laptop is...
@GnomeSliceツ What's the resolution?
@ArdaXi 1366x768
11:11 PM
Err... 683 : 384
That doesn't sound right.
Closest I get.
Windows 7
11:14 PM
What about 1360x768?
I forgot if Win7 has the aspect ratio listed in screen resolution properties or w/e it's called
@GnomeSliceツ That's about 16:9
@CruelCow Aha. That's kind of silly.
I was going with that too
The maximum resolution is 1366x768 and the next one down is 1360x768
11:15 PM
That's weird... only televisions with overscan are supposed to have a resolution like that.
Wolfram Alpha just got awesomer.
Q: How can I stop Minecraft from crashing while going to fullscreen on the Intel HD3000 graphics?

Billy ONealI'm using a laptop with both nVidia and Intel graphics cards. The Intel card is actually fast enough to play Minecraft, and I'd rather not use the nVidia card because it causes the battery life to drop to effectively zero. However, it seems I can't send the game to full screen while using the slo...

I guess I'll go with 16:9 wallpapers then.
Said to me this morning: "Hey, aren't you the guy who runs that website 'The Bagel?'" IT'S OATMEAL YOU ASSPICKLE
Based on the tutorial I'm most certain I will buy this
@GnomeSliceツ Oh, it's The English Muffin guy!
11:19 PM
I'll just play a few games first
demo and what not
@KevinY ಠ_ಠ
@Wipqozn Can I have your second copy?
You get two during the current sale.
@GnomeSliceツ I already told you I plan to burn it
out of spite
@Wipqozn ಥ_ಥ
Spite towards who/what?
that's a yes, btw
Osmos has music by Gas in it too?
11:23 PM
@Wipqozn Send me a challenge when you buy it, ArdaXi.
@ArdaXi Your username in the game is ArdaXI?! What a surprise! (lol et cetera)
ugh... minecrap
bye all
you can take a wild guess what mine will be
@Wipqozn It could also have been arienh4.
I hope "GnomeSlice' isn't taken...
11:24 PM
@GnomeSliceツ I doubt anyone would take such a name.
@ArdaXi It was taken on youtube, Platform Racing 2, and Apple Game Center.
Did the soundtrack of Osmos come with it in the Humble bundle?
I forget.
This is excellent.
Yes it did.
Q: What are some very good fansites for Fifa Manager 11 databases, tactics, formations, etc.?

NoCanDoI want to replay Fifa Manager 11 after a long absence and I'd like to update all the databases with fan-maintained ones. I'm looking for Fansites, where I can primarly download UEFA/EU databases like Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Scottland. North- and Southamerica, Africa and Asia wou...

Q: "Day Dreaming [Name]" game on Commodore 64

MPelletierNo, it's not Day Dreamin' Davey from NES, but another "Day Dreaming" game. It was on Commodore 64, and featured a man moving from room to room where he could play various games. I think the soundtrack was a chiptune version of "Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics version, not Manson). If not, it was very c...


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