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1:00 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Go for canned tuna.
@badp Yeah, I normally have Mackerel.
of the non-holy variety
add permasen and breadcrumbs.
(I'm actually fairly sure 'breadcrumbs' is not what I mean. Thanks for nothing Google Translate.)
I meant more like grated bread.
Yeah, breadcrumbs is probably what you mean
wouldn't that be the soft 'filling' of the bread stuff, rather than the fine grains of bread stuff?
1:04 PM
The "filling" is called "stuffing". You mean breadcrumbs
I think this picture is screaming to be mana'd.
I just can't decide if I should mana the scout, or the pony.
Choices choices.
@badp ah dang, you beat me to the joke.
Make him both
@badp stares
I know what you're thinking! You're totally the murderous pony, you think! And yet, it's the scout being D:, not the pony.
Upon reflection, the cowardly scout, who is running like a 12 year old girl is @Mana. That pony is a real bad ass after all, hardly sounds like mana.
1:13 PM
No, I know I'm the scout. I was staring at you because of the fake response-to-a-comment-I-made type-deal way up there.
@Wipqozn mana is more than that, truth to be told.
besides who would be the pony then?
Someone awesome.
Ponies kick ass.
Yeah, but that rules out the one choice I had in mind, Arda.
Oh, I know. Let's put it the SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE core in there, spluttering endlessly portal 2 references.
That'll work
argh, stupid router. flushes dns again
@badp do you mean croutons?
1:21 PM
Q: Is Charisma a usefull stat in Fallout: New Vegas?

happy_emiI'm beginning playing this game and I'd like to know is Charisma is worth putting a few points. I always play RPG as a diplomat character and I want to do the same here. However it seems that in FNW only the Speech skill is really usefull when it comes to find a diplomat way to solve quests. So...

Q: Please identify: DOS/Windows Shooter from ~1995

ExaI have another game I remember, but I don't remember enough. It could be a DOS game, but maybe it was a Windows game. I played it on a PC and I think it was about 1995. All I still know is that the game begins at a subway station. It's taking place in the present and the player is in some kind o...

user image
here we go. My artistic needs for the day are fulfilled.
@badp You monster
@DaveMcClelland For science.
@badp claps
To be fair though, couldn't you at least try to use the magic wand?
1:33 PM
@badp Make sure to paste that under @Mana's nomination.
if that's not enough portal 2, here, have MOAR
Is there a way to get a list of all my chat messages? I can find recent ones in my profile, but not a complete list.
(I think I overdid it here though)
@Wipqozn Nope
At best you can scope search to yourself but you have to specify at least one search term.
alternatively download all the transcripts!
1:36 PM
@badp There is no such thing
@GraceNote Dang. Was curious what my first chat message was. Thank you for the info.
@Wipqozn Have you ever been outside the Bridge?
@YiJiang Good point
@GraceNote I've said a few things in a couple rooms, but nothing major. The bridge was the first place I talked though, but I can not recall the first day I spoke.
Check the transcripts starting on 2011-04-06
(you appear to be a chat user since then - chat.stackexchange.com/users/12152/wipqozn)
1:39 PM
Q: Is there a utility to replace one block type with another within a region?

fredleyI'd like to be able to select a region (either with a graphical utility or command line) and be able to switch one block type with another, e.g. change all cobblestone in the region to stone. Does a program/mod exist that can do this?

Oh, is the chat account not created until you join a chat room? I assume it was created the same day you created your account.
@badp He ain't there unless his name changed.
@GraceNote It has not.
@Wipqozn It's created on the day you visit the chat network.
As such I'm just skimming for a blue Megaman.
So...I think it's better if we go with [game-dlcname] for our expansion/dlc tagging convention, as opposed to simply just [dlcname].
1:40 PM
@GraceNote Uncertain if I even had a gaming account then is the thing, I may have joined the network but never joined a room.
Search seems broken, why can't I search for a user saying 'a'?
You must've been terribly shy or something.
I tried that too :P
@DaveMcClelland Stop word
@GraceNote So it would seem
1:41 PM
I've gone over a week since your join date and no word from you.
Currently the votes on this question are tied but I think badp's convention is better. Is it okay if we go with that and try to unite all the expansion tags?
Okay, well thanks for looking.
@GraceNote What do you mean?
@DaveMcClelland Stop words are common words that just show up in sentences in general, hence they are commonly stripped from searches.
Otherwise, your search would be too saturated.
@GraceNote Ahh, I see. But I WANT my search to be saturated :)
1:42 PM
search for other user names perhaps?
Wipqozn: this is the first time you said the word "game" in chat: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/35?m=821213#821213
@Manaಠдಠ they are?
It was Apr 12, so that's about the time you joined
@Thomas heh. They were when I linked it.
@DaveMcClelland that's actually really helpful. The transcript shows my new avatar, not my old mega man one.
Thank you @DaveMcClelland
1:45 PM
@Wipqozn I do my best. There are some posts from you earlier that day, but that's about the timeframe I assume you'll be interested in
we might as well have searched for 'pq'
Apr 12 at 16:44, by Wipqozn
didn't IE9 just come out? o.O
oh my
The Portal 2 ARG, good memories
@badp I searched "wip"
I checked some earlier days too, just in case you never got noticed, but 12th it is.
1:45 PM
OMG, today is the 30th anniversary of the IBM PC. :O
Unimportant. When is the anniversary of the cow catcher?
@GraceNote What is a cow catcher?
@Wipqozn And now that I'm bored and looking, this is the closest you've ever come to saying "terrible mod" chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/35?m=821213#821213
@YiJiang It's a device invented by Charles Babbage. It's that grid thing on the front of trains, used to shove things off the tracks.
In railroading, the pilot is the device mounted at the front of a locomotive to deflect obstacles from the track that might otherwise derail the train. In some countries it is also called cowcatcher or cattle catcher. In addition to the pilot, small metal bars called life-guards, rail guards or (UK) guard irons are provided immediately in front of the wheels. They knock away smaller obstacles lying directly on the running surface of the railhead. Historically fenced-off railway systems in Europe relied exclusively on these devices and forwent the use of pilots, but this design is rare...
Charles Babbage invented that? Well... Newton did invent the catflap. Or was that an urban myth
1:48 PM
@GraceNote That was my first message, I didn't join gaming till the 8th. I ended up joining chat since I was sent some "you're awesome" e-mail (one of the top new usres).
Thank you @GraceNote.
You're a gentlemen and a scholar.
You're welcome. ♪
@YiJiang Yes. I consider it his greatest invention, myself.
Oh, I finally cast 30 votes in one day.
gots me some backpack expanders
NOw I just hit 40. Wonderbar.
On the very offchance that anyone else here has an active City of Heroes subscription, the Beta server is now open to test Issue 21.
1:54 PM
Walking through the review list has really increased my daily votes.
@Wipqozn goes to write a userscript that plays a sound whenever you get a badge
Cool. So I'm going to start editing tags involving dlc and expansions, so expect to see my name pop up a bit in the feed for the next bit.
@YiJiang You have no way of knowing.
jeesh, the sooner I get rid of this hat the better
1:58 PM
I shall proceed to moan in chat every 5 minutes until it's gone.
@Wipqozn Physics puzzles are so cute. And yes, there is an answer. You'd just have the assume that the table does have friction
@YiJiang How so? I can push anything off a table. Do they mean I pushed and released?
That is to say I gave it the initial push, then let it move itself the rest of the way, or did I push it along.
Even if it has friction if I apply enough force I will push it off the table, just a matter of being able to produce enough force.
@Wipqozn The former. The question isn't clear about that I suppose.
@YiJiang The answer is still unclear. For instance, said object can be a ball, and if I push it, it'll roll off the far end of the table.
2:03 PM
@Powerlord Exactly.
@Powerlord it says at rest, balls are unlikely to be at rest
@RonanForman On a perfectly horizontal table?
Not to mention the fact that, once again, if I apply enough force in my initial push I'll be able to push anything off.
@RonanForman unlikely =/= impossible
@Wipqozn a 2-ton weight? :P
@Powerlord SUPERMAN!
2:04 PM
@YiJiang You can't tell because there's an elephant in the way.
@Powerlord A small 2 ton weight
@Powerlord Hmmm, well a ball should be considered a wheel, no?
@RonanForman This can be at rest, but would probably be difficult to stop: trollandtoad.com/p112651.html
A pen would be a great example. No wheels, but I can easily push that off.
@YiJiang A wheel is round, but not all round objects are wheels.
2:05 PM
@GraceNote We need siege weapons, then
Hej, guys, so, should probably now be tagged , neh?
@Manaಠдಠ Probably
Besides, I can shove a square block of wood across a table and watch it fall off the far end. That wouldn't have wheels... but I could also push a hot wheels car across a table, which does have wheels.
@Powerlord not across the table, he clarified that earlier.
Hi guys! What's up?
2:08 PM
It also does not say what pushed it. You can't just assume it means pushed by a human hand.
@John Elephants
@GraceNote oooh fun
Gaming went from my 4th to my third site last night.
@Powerlord you could also push the hot wheel up-side down. So you pushed something with wheels, but the wheels played no part in it.
2:09 PM
@YiJiang I have not played that in a few days.
@Wipqozn True, true.
@YiJiang Ooh, that's a fort I'll always recognize.
So, are we all agreed that's a terrible question and we should close it? Oh wait, right, that wasn't a question on our site.
Is that a part of Nethack that I always died before I ever saw?
@John It's Dwarf Fortress
2:10 PM
@John Dwarf Fortress
More like Dwarf Awesome, amirite?
So that's what Dwarf Fortress looks like!
More like Boatmurdered.
@John Depending on your tileset and your favourite colors
@John If you play with ASCII graphics anyways. For the record, all the cool kids play with ASCII graphics (ASCII <3)
2:13 PM
@Wipqozn But I don't play with ASCII graph....oh...:(
@sjohnston Shuuuuuun
@Wipqozn I play with ASCII half the time. What does that make me?
@John A poser.
@Wipqozn :(
@John Half the man you ought to be
2:15 PM
@YiJiang Well, at least I'm halfway there!
Q: Cartoonish RPG game

Pieter van NiekerkI am looking for the name of a cartoonish RPG game that was released in the past 5-10 years. It was at the time rather graphic intensive. Gameplay was on a plain consisting of an open grassy area and a desert area. If I remember correctly there where Goblins and Creatures that made up the merch...

Q: whats the best way to play Olaf and how to build him?

Cem22lpIve recently purchased olaf but seem to struggle in games to get kills with him whats the best way to play him? and what should i build for him to be able to gank people and be effective in team fights aswell as 1 v 1's? And what runes should i take for him?

Q: Can we permanently miss the dragon buster sword in demons souls

Alexandre DeschampsYesterday, I killed the dragon god in demons souls. Since I died a few times trying, I haven't did it with pure white tendency. Then, I got a glimpse at the Dragon Buster Sword in the rock and realized that I needed to kill the dragon. If I get the tendency to full white again, and kill him as a...

And yes, @Wipqozn I am blaming autocorrect for your third ping.
@John A likely story.
@Wipqozn Yeah I gave away that I wasn't on a phone by typing too fast didn't I?
ooh, autocorrect for computers! That's scary...
Hum... @GraceNote main profile is security now?
2:26 PM
@Mvy On chat, yes
It'll change eventually, don't worry. You'll get lost as to who I am again soon enough. ♪
BTW mine has been reseted to SO?
ok fixed.
Does not change much though.
Grace is just switching his primary site around so she can infiltrate other communities' chat rooms by disguising himself as one of them.
Although I have to admit that Security.SE's favicon is cooler.
Shields up!
@Brant Their entire site is cooler.
I almost want to use it as a screen saver.
2:31 PM
@Brant Support the following :
Q: IT Security SE Logo Wallpaper

IsziJust wanted to post here, to officially request something that was mentioned in chat: An IT Security StackExchange wallpaper. I think the main site's "banner logo" (including: lion, shield, starburst, wings, "Tron lines", banner) would look great against its current backdrop color, as a full-s...

It's not a screen saver, but close :P
@GraceNote I suppose it's useless to flag that for moderator attention? :P
@Powerlord Hehe
2:56 PM
Is it just me or is the following question missing a tag to say which game it is?
Q: How to get perfect launch in NFSMW?

LazerSometimes, I get a perfect launch, and sometimes I do not. How should I accelerate to get the "Perfect Launch"?

Need for Speed Most Wanted
(I found that through the Not a Real Question site)
I think it was longer than the tag limit
That's why we were planning on nfs-most-wanted, I thought
It probably didn't get any other questions and was pruned
2:58 PM
Wawg, those tags still be a mess of both nfs-name and need-for-speed-acro.
There's a need-for-speed-mw that is at 2 count, so this one probably had nfs-most-wanted, which is 0 count now.
Nice find, @Powerlord
(Also stop beating my record. I don't think I'm even on the score table anymore)
@Powerlord What Not a Real Question site?
@Powerlord Neato
It's actually a game to match tags, descriptions, and scores with their questions.
@Powerlord Huh, funky
3:02 PM
Tagged, synonymed, merged. We now have nfs-most-wanted, with need-for-speed-mw linked to it.
This game reminds me of why we need to remove tags like "first-person-shooter"
I thought we came to a relative consensus about that here:
Q: How to tag the Need for Speed games?

badpWe currently have: nfsmw ×6 need-for-speed-world ×3 need-for-speed-hp ×2 need-for-speed-mw ×2 I think this makes it self evident that we should rather tag our games: nfs-most-wanted nfs-world nfs-hot-pursuit Thoughts?

@FallenAngelEyes We did, so I went with that consensus.
So, after the carpet is replaced in my room today, when I put things back in there, I think I'm going to move where the TV and game consoles are.
Q: Find a RPG Game on PS One

WarfaceAll I can remember is that the hero had a red bracelet with a bluish pearl on it that was from another planet (The bracelet). I can't remember the name but it was on PS One. His bracelet had special powers and can level up too. Sorry for the poor description but that's all I can remember off.

3:06 PM
I have an old rolling stand that has a whole bunch of junk in it. However, most of it is stuff I can just toss (seriously, I have some old VHS tapes of Anime in there), so...
Honestly, I'm still kind of confused as to how to tag stuff like that in general, as per this convo in the comments:
A: How should we tag Prince of Persia?

OakI think "pop" is common enough so that pop-warrior-within will be clear and obvious - especially if the tag wiki excerpt (displayed on mouse-hover) shows the full name.

@FallenAngelEyes I think it's become that we have to make a call on each one
In the case of synonyms, though, these are flipped with literally a single click.
I think we should tag Prince of Person: Cornucopia of Red Nights
@Powerlord After reading that, the "hot butter" song instantly became stuck in my head
@DaveMcClelland You know, Acrophobia was such a fun game when it was running.
3:10 PM
@Powerlord this game is neat
@FallenAngelEyes A quick rule in the game... for Gaming, a StarCraft 2 question almost always has the highest score.
@Powerlord Minecraft, too, I would assume
@Powerlord Hm, it tells you what's wrong when you answer but not the correct answer?
@DaveMcClelland Yup
@FallenAngelEyes Yes it does.
Tags in red are ones you missed (they're crossed out where you placed them), scores in red are also wrong.
I forget how it marks wrong descriptions.
3:14 PM
@Powerlord But say you have all 3 score answers wrong, it doesn't seem to tell you which is which then
@FallenAngelEyes It tells where the correct ones are, but not where you placed them.
@John Oh, god. I don't even want to start listening to the variations
@DaveMcClelland But they're fun!
3:34 PM
┻━┻ ︵╰( ಥ益ಥ )╯︵ ┻━┻
@Manaಠдಠ me?
No, flipping tables. I just can't get the flip symbol to display properly.
Gah, finally beat @Powerlord's record for the day, I'm done now. :P
@Manaಠдಠ I see it, I was just stating I am also fun.
I can never get the scores right, and on one, i had 2 starcraft questions and i didn't know which one had the rts tag
3:41 PM
I've only ever won that game once. The site was MSO.
38 mins ago, by Powerlord
This game reminds me of why we need to remove tags like "first-person-shooter"
or in this case,
Q: Attributes guide for Human Mage in Dragon Age Origins

WesleiI'm starting to play Dragon Age Origins and I want to know if there is a formula available for adding points to attributes of a Humam Mage on Dragon Age Origins. For instance, each X levels, add X points to This attribute and Y to that attribute. It looks like that Willpower and Magic are the mo...

@Powerlord why?
@RonanForman Because they aren't used consistently, and rarely to talk about rts or fps games themselves.
3:43 PM
it happened again!
Instead, it's like "Oh, I'm asking a question about Starcraft. It's an rts, so I'll tag it with the tag rts"
don't even get me started on
as a rule, give starcraft questions the highest votes
@Brant That was where I was going next. :P
ugh strategy
3:45 PM
34 mins ago, by Powerlord
@FallenAngelEyes A quick rule in the game... for Gaming, a StarCraft 2 question almost always has the highest score.
Having said that, I saw a Portal question outscore one.
(╯°□°)╯ /(.□. \)
and their scores were the only thing I had wrong. :/
It's annoying when there's 2 SC questions, which one's best?
Can someone link me to that game again?
Oh, found it.
3:48 PM
@RonanForman The one that has the word "tactics" in the description somewhere.
32.92 seconds
I find it funny that I hold the second and third fastest times for StackOverflow on that game.
Q: 2 Steam Accounts on 1 computer, installing games in 2 different locations...possible?

JotamideI recently gifted my sister some steam games and right now the only pc capable of running them is my computer. I know that is no big deal to have 2 accounts sharing a pc, but the problem is that she would be installing the games on her external hard drive, while I have my own games in the machin...

3:49 PM
all the tags on this question
@ThomasMcDonald Can we get rid of the tag?
Unless there's some legit reason for it...
Yeah, doesn't make much sense
I'll burninate it, most of them are on simultaneously with anyway.
Oh, looks like Juan created that tag, but it serves no real purpose
okay i give up
3:55 PM
also, I have a cunning plan to beat you all on that game
@Powerlord Killed with fire.
sorry homepage
I just saw "Why Japanese box art is better" over in the star list, but it's blocked where I work. I can only assume it compares the MM1 boxart for Japan and North America.
@Powerlord It doesn't even mention it.
Earlier we were discussing the ICO boxart
3:59 PM
Now, I have no clue about anything to do with Starcraft
Q: Display unit's range visually

PajaIs there a way to show any unit's range visually? When you siege the Siege Tank, the range-circle will be shown, like here. Is it possible to show similar circle for Spine Crawler, Roach, etc.? I want this especially for the Spine Crawler, to be able to position it precisely to break the pylon-c...


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