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4:03 PM
Heh. This was actually before Steam tracked them by itself.
5 million hours
612,86 years
I have to commend on you on that, @Arda. That is some amazing dedication you have
sigh Of course I can't get to the site with my usual video codecs on it.
@GraceNote You don't happen to remember a question related to close vote ties recently (within the last few months) on Meta, do you? I know I'm crazy, but I don't think I'm making this situation up. Search disagrees, though.
@GraceNote Looks like he started slacking those last two weeks though.
4:13 PM
Seeing as how this video only crashes Windows Media Player when I try playing it, that couldn't be USEFUL TO HAVE or anything.
@TimStone Not recently, but ChrisF is misled
Q: What determines the close reason in the event of conflicts here?

Grace NoteOn the Trilogy, at least as far as I've been told, the stated close reason in the event of a tie is the earliest given reason in the majority. Example, if all 5 votes are different, the first one wins. However, this question had at least 3 separate close reasons given in the sequence ABCB?. I c...

Jarrod notes in there that the old FAQ post was wrong on this. I'd post an answer myself but I'll let you take the glory here.
Ah ha
Thanks muchly.
I can't wait till I'm in my late 50s and retired. I'll finally be able to catch up on my huge backlog of games.
4:20 PM
@Wipqozn By that point your backlog will be 5 million hours worth of gameplay
@GraceNote Dang. I'll never have time to get through. Maybe when I die... I'll have lots of free time then.
Ohh, maybe I remember reading that post and then his edit comment on the FAQ. Wow, my brain really stretched that one.
@Wipqozn I think I have three console games sitting around that I haven't even taken the plastic wrap off of. :(
The only unopened game I have is Metroid other M. Which I may never get around to since they apparently turned samus into a whiny little girl.
Keep in mind that's because I have a lot of steam games
so they are technically neither opened or unopened
also a lot of games half finished
4:39 PM
Q: How to remove an acount from xbox 360

Itay MoavI have a second-hand xbox 360 with huge amount of old accounts, how do I remove them? I do not have xbox live.

@GraceNote You should see my other stats.
In-game, all those values show up as -2,147,483,647.
True dedication, I see
4:54 PM
Q: deathspank can't use inventory

FranI do not know how to use items that are in my inventory. I click and pick them up but cannot leave the inventory page with them. I am at the fountain but can't get the bucket out of inventory? I am standing near the dish but can't get the can of food from inventory. I have a Mac Pro so that y...

@GraceNote Dedication in the form of writing a tool that maxes your stats, yes.
@ArdaXi Psh, actual effort matters not in the face of a report card!
Fun fact, these values are all increment-only, so those values can never change.
If famous video-game characters looked like their actors.
I'm done now. Had to set you up for the last one.
Well done
I feel like a teacher's pet.
5:00 PM
That's an odd feeling
Well, it's like where you're trying to share something in the class, and only the teacher responds.
The rest just... stare.
They're staring at their handheld games. And probably getting better grades, as a result
You were allowed handheld games in class?
@ArdaXi On the Bridge, it'd be the point
And if you mean in college, yes, we were actually forced to play the DS in one of my classes, too
On the Bridge most people are too old to even remember what it was like.
@GraceNote Where the hell did you go to college, DigiPen?
5:03 PM
Where the hell did you go to college?
@ArdaXi Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Half Life, DS games...
oh man.
scribbles notes
Wait... where did I leave my Grace Note file?
@ArdaXi You too?
5:08 PM
@ArdaXi It'd be easier to find if it was tagged correctly. But don't worry, Gracenote will help you with that.
I give up. I give up following anything.
@Mana Well, Mrozek carries a dossier on all of the mods, myself included
Just have to go with the flow, maaaaaaaaaaaan. Even if that flow is leading you over the waterfall of insanity.
@GraceNote Somehow that doesn't surprise me at all.
Oh hell, got distracted and forgot to plug the batteries for my Wii controllers in. :/
I should just get a charging station at some point
@TimStone You're probably in it as well
5:13 PM
I do try to be noteworthy.
Hey, @Arda, have you ever seen a cockroach in the Netherlands?
Am I in the super awesome dossier of really cool people??
@Mana I don't even know if Mrozek knows you exist
It's OK, you shouldn't feel disappointed by that. We know you exist, which is far more important.
5:21 PM
Yay! I always wanted to have a fanbase.
@TimStone Actually we don't.
He could just be a program.
Oh, that's a good point.
My bad, @Wipqozn
Not to mention we could all just be brains in a vat, and @mana is just a figment of our imaginations.
...So I'm not even a separate brain in the vat? That sucks, yo.
@Mana You could be. But you could also just be a figment of of someones imaginary brain in a vat world.
If it helps, I've always just assumed you were a robot anyways.
Something like a semi-intelligent vacuum cleaner.
5:25 PM
bot.say("maaaaaaaan, " + bot.respond(context))
Called it.
also. I desire a glass of water. @mana, could you fly up to nova scotia and get me one?
"Would you kindly" is the keyphrase for future reference.
I am so sorry for my rudness.
I can only hope you will forgive me.
maaaaaaaan, me too.
brb, catching a flight to Nova Scotia
sounds good
make sure to fly first class
5:27 PM
If you fly on boot jets, you are first class.
@Grace Why are you so awesome?
@GraceNote OH!
I think I remember who it is now.
@Mana It's my specialty
Why did I have to specialize in Comp Sci...?
Maria. Fire emblem 1 (or the remake shadow dragon)
5:31 PM
@Wipqozn Wrong ♪
I blame everyone else.
Nice try, though
She is from Fire Emblem though, correct?
as in the series
5:32 PM
Really? Doesn't look like a Fire Emblem design though.
@Mana It's official artwork, as it were
Huh. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I'd link the full picture (of course, shopping out her name from the image), but then it'd be too easy to figure out who she is.
Is she from one f the games released in NA? If not, I'll never remember (since I've only played the ones in NA)
I wonder how well Chantelise would run on this PC.
5:37 PM
@Wipqozn Nope.
@GraceNote Yeah, I'll never remember who she is then.
Then we'll wait and see if anyone else will ♪
@Mana I think it does, I'm a rebel though.
That's why I thought it was either haruhi or a fire emblem character.
Hey, is Chantelise that playable with a keyboard, or is a gamepad recommended?
Gamepad is definitely recommended.
you might be able to get it to work alright if you reconfigure the keyboard, though
I just gave up on the default scheme and plugged in a gamepad
5:44 PM
Figures. I may have to unplug my wireless mouse's mini-receiver (I'm using my desktop's mouse with it now) and put it somewhere where I can find it again later.
Since I have no free USB plugs right now.
5:58 PM
@Wipqozn Oh, we're having a "Guess who the character in Grace Note's avatar is" game?
@TimStone Yes. She wants someone to actually remember though, not research it.
oh lame
Ah, in that case I won't say, I had to do a little extra checking to remember exactly who it was. :)
How do you people recognize characters from Fire Emblem games that weren't even released in English?
And I have returned, afternoon everyone
6:03 PM
Wait, unless you think it's Haruhi, @Tim, in which case we've all said that before only to find out that is not who it is
@Mana Living in Hong Kong probably helped in my case, since I doubt I would have had a chance to know otherwise.
Afternoon to Simon.
Nice to see you again @Mana
@GnomeSlice ...
6:08 PM
Q: Is this Batman equation for real?

a_hardinHardOCP has an image with an equation which apparently draws the Batman logo. Is this for real?

It can hardly be considered an homage to Dwarf Fortress if it's accessible and has an actual GUI.
@GnomeSlice viewed, linked :D
@Mvy Linked?
@Mvy :D
6:11 PM
@GnomeSlice I love how he tip-toed around saying Minecraft
@RonanForman Eh... can you blame him?
also is chantalese(?) any good? I'm looking at you @Powerlord
@Ronan Don't look at him, look at me.
@GnomeSlice Not really, being called clones is the last thing you want
Also yeah it's pretty good.
6:12 PM
@Mana I'll check it out once iTunes stops destroying my internet.
but why mention DF then?
@GnomeSlice? Check what out?
@RonanForman I think the game was intended as a Dwarf Fortress thingy.
@Mana I don't have you on steam I can see @Powerlord is playing it
@Mana The album you linked. I can't find the message in chat to reply to that one.
6:13 PM
what's you nik @mana ?
SecretofMana yo
I'm confused.
@GnomeSlice why?
How come the 'Never Surrender' EP by Redshirt Theory, and the full 'Never Surrender' album don't have any of the same songs on them?
You have got to be kidding me.
I just finished downloading the EP through iTunes, and when I google it, redshirt theory has a free download on their website.
6:15 PM
But your contributing to quality music!
Yes, but I would have been able to buy another one of their albums with the little money I had left.
A more expensive one.
More contribution.
At any rate, Never Surrender - EP is a sweet EP.
But I still don't understand why none of the songs are on the Full album...
@Mana What was that album you linked me again?
@Mana ?
Oh wow, it looks like Redshirt theory offers up most of, if not all of their music for free on their website...
@Wipqozn Sorry, I was trying to express frustration that doesn't actually exist towards GnomeSlice.
@Mana Too late, downloading Sitar Hero.
@Mana Gotcha.
6:20 PM
okay well I didn't mean for you to buy it but for you to listen to it
In other news. I really need to find some diamond, because I really need a diamond pick axe.
@Wipqozn /give diamondpick
Oh man, you play Minecraft too...?
I haven't played Minecraft in about a month...starting to miss it, I need to play more :P
@GnomeSlice give commands are disabled on the server I play on
6:21 PM
Why are these people so nice??
@Mana Indeed I do.
""Buy Now" your physical copy of "Never Surrender" and get your choice of another Redshirt Theory album free. (while supplies last)"
@Mana Wait. You do, I thought it was just me!
"For a mp3 version of the album click "download"!!! If you download, please consider donating :)"
@RonanForman He doesn't play.
@Powerlord Chantelise is very playable with just the keyboard. I haven't had any issues with it
6:22 PM
too busy trolling?
@GraceNote Yeah, I guess I should have just changed the setup then. Oh well.
@Mana I didn't change the setup
Really? How do you rotate the camera?
A or S
Apparently @Gracenote is just better then you @mana
6:23 PM
by having 6 fingers?
I thought you had to use V
V is lock-on
oh well.
@RonanForman Oh good, I've got 10.
@Grace Yeah, but if you hold it the camera spins
6:24 PM
Yes, you can use it to look forward as well
@GnomeSlice but 5'd be on the mouse
Is it anything like Recetear?
@RonanForman not if you chop one of them and relocate them.
@Wipqozn +1
this reminds me, why am I not playing Chantelise? bbl.
Finally got Xfire to startup silently...no more pop ups. Anyone use Xfire here?
6:28 PM
Man, this album is so great. Haven't listened to these guys in a while.
@Mana Because if you play now, I will be absent to handle some errands and thus I couldn't answer your questions.
Yeah, but it's not like anyone else could @Grace.
@Mana I like this.
@GraceNote Don't worry, I've got it covered.
@Gnome That is because it is an excellent album.
Awesome, my backup arrived. Thanks @Gnome, I leave it in your hands.
6:30 PM
Who's writing the blog post on Chantelise then?
With that comfort, I can be at ease as I head out on my errands.
Yeah, that's awful nice of you to go run errands for @GraceNote, @GnomeSlice
@RonanForman I'd nominate @Fallen, but that's just me.
I don't get no respect.
@Ronan Damn good question. I'd also nominate @Fallen.
6:31 PM
can you not type or express opinion?
@RonanForman finejeez
I have no idea who those names overlayed onto the video are referring to.
@Mana Download this for me.
You could all write it, stage it as a conversation about the game or something gimmicky like that
I really ought to get back to playing recetear, I haven't played it since I wrote that blog post
and I spell reccetear different each time!
@RonanForman I was just about to comment on that.
6:46 PM
@GnomeSlice You've already linked two entire albums on here
Q: Claiming free retcon tokens in Champions Online?

ArtlessPart of the release notes for a recent Champions Online patch states that due to power changes, a global retcon token is made available for each account, claimable in the Powerhouse. I'm a bit new to this game (began subscribing July 4th, then cancelled and re-subscribed mid-month), and I'm havin...

@Mana So?
Are you afraid that if you listen to to many things, your head will combust?
Maybe it will combust because of how uninteresting they all must be.
that being the case, it would not combust, but instead collapse.
@Mana 'My speakers collapsed too, after watching this.'
7:04 PM
Q: How do I know which Difficulty I chose in Witcher I?

HurdaI thought I started a game on hard, but the game seems too easy. Is there any way to tell which difficulty I am playing?

Swag get. :D
Also home get :(
@ArdaXi That's bad?
@GnomeSlice Seeing as I came home from vacation, yes.
@ArdaXi Oh, I see. That's a shame.
Hmm, I have like five of these die-cut StackExchange stickers.
7:15 PM
I liked you better when I thought you were dead.
@GnomeSlice Remember when you tried to kill me twice?
@ArdaXi No. :S
@GnomeSlice It's always such a pleasure.
@ArdaXi S...sorry...
@GnomeSlice Under the circumstances I've been shockingly nice.
7:18 PM
@ArdaXi Stop ruining my song with pings.
@GnomeSlice You want your silence? Take it.
@ArdaXi Wait, which circumstances?
I don't even know what you're talking about.
@GnomeSlice That's what I'm counting on.
@ArdaXi You promised you wouldn't do this anymore!
@GnomeSlice I wouldn't do what anymore?
7:21 PM
@ArdaXi This whole confusing GnomeSlice thing.
@GnomeSlice Oh, did you think I meant that? That would be funny if it weren't so sad.
@ArdaXi Jerk.
@GnomeSlice Go make some new disaster.
@ArdaXi When have I EVER made a disaster?? >:(
@GnomeSlice I'll let you get right to it.
7:23 PM
@ArdaXi :S
Defence Grid or GTFO
I hate you.
Go away.
I don't even want your free stuff anymore.
Woah, I'm the one who's supposed to say those things.
@Mana "You're bad, and you should feel bad". How was that?
nonono, it's "Your <x> is bad, and you should feel bad!"
I thought it had three parts...
7:25 PM
Maybe it's 'Your __ is bad, you're bad, and you should feel bad"
@Mana Damn
most certainly not
@ArdaXi Your __ is bad, and you should feel bad. Jerk.
hang on
Looking it up as we speak.
you all suck
@Mana is right.
7:28 PM
I had no idea that was a Futurama reference.
That is again because you suck.
Why is everyone so mean to me.
that's a good question
It's like a compulsive desire for me
I'm nowhere near this mean-natured towards anyone else and yet I HAVE TO BE MEAN TO YOU
@Mana It's the same with me and my younger brother
@Mana I know man, Robichaud said you were like the nicest guy in the world, and I'm just like ಠ_ಠ
7:32 PM
He said what?!
That guy's insane.
Are you hurt?
@Mana "Dude that [@Mana] guy is such a nice guy, like it's unbelievable."
wounded even!?!
No, I'm quite flattered. I just don't think it's deserved.
@Mana Hence the ಠ_ಠ
7:33 PM
@Gnome It's okay man, my name's right there on my profile.
I mean, if I was Richard Stallman, would I hide my name? Naw. And I'm like twice as awesome as Richard Stallman.
Wow, the message became too old to edit while I was editing it.
@Mana I don't even know who that is.
@Gnome Random guy who eats his own foot. It's unimportant.
@Mana I totally am.
You totally are(?).
@Mana I was going to ask if he was anything like Terry Tibbs. I have no idea why that's the name that I immediately associated with 'Richard Stallman'.
7:36 PM
@Mvy H'lo.
What you're are Richard Stallman?
Toronto, I have a friend that went there for a post-doc this year.
@Mana @Mvy I use the reply button for a reason.
@GnomeSlice you know who else used the reply button for a reason?
Hitler, man. Hitler.
@Mana That was @Arda... not me...
7:40 PM
Wow, SE chat is taking like 50 MB of RAM now.
And roughly 10% of my CPU.
That's a lot.
It's not that surprising, but it's annoying, because it makes Chrome freeze up.
@ArdaXi Chrome does that on its own sometimes.
Just reboot it.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, but in this case it's definitely due to SE chat.
@ArdaXi =[ Hard Refresh?
7:43 PM
Yeah, I just rebooted it.
Also Tweetdeck, because that also takes up a lot of RAM after a while.
Does anyone else feel like giving me free stuff?
@GnomeSlice Err... take a step back and realise how that sounds.
@ArdaXi Terrible, I know.
Terrible is my department
@ArdaXi But you're a jerk.
Any further free stuff from you will be tainted.
7:51 PM
@GnomeSlice Well, so much for that then.
@Arda Apologize.
Then I don't want your free stuff
Well, more stuff for me.
Q: My PS3 controller always comes on as controller #2, even though it's the only controller.

MBraedleyI recently bought a PS3 and whenever I turn it on, even with the controller, the controller always starts up as #2. This is hugely annoying as (for example) inFamous can only be controlled using controller #1. I have to manually change the controller over to #1 once I get into the game. Becaus...

7:52 PM
@ArdaXi I changed my mind.
I don't want you to have things.
@GnomeSlice Yet I have things.
Funny how that works.
@ArdaXi I don't want you to have things if I could have them instead.
Because I'm a jerk.
Which reminds me, I've still got to enter this key into Steam.
Have all the things!
@ArdaXi Which key?
@GnomeSlice 0360X-5DT7W-I27YK
7:55 PM
@ArdaXi Uh okay, I meant what does it do.
(Yes, that's the actual key. No, it won't work anymore.)
@ArdaXi Work?
It gives me the Humble Bundle.
Anyone want to play Minecraft for free until August 14th?
@ArdaXi @Mana
oh goody
7:58 PM
@ArdaXi Free things.
thunder storm. I love thunderstorms. So relaxing.
Anybody want a Steam gift of Galcon Fusion?
@GnomeSlice How did you get two copies?
@Wipqozn I never said I had one, I was just curious.
@GnomeSlice Gotcha.
8:00 PM
@GnomeSlice And then you'd be all "Well I don't have one!!!!"
Watching a video. Loving the sound effects.
I love how the creator obviously just made "choo" sounds into the mic.
Game does look interesting.
Free things.
> This account is already a premium Minecraft account and thus has no need for a Humble Indie Bundle code.
@ArdaXi what?
I bought a premium waaaay back.
8:09 PM
Yeah, I had no idea what you were talking about. Just googled it. Go notch.
8:25 PM
Q: How do I open the gate in the Familiar Forest?

ManaIn the Familiar Forest in Chantelise, there is a wandering traveller selling equipment and a gate, like the ones that would normally be unlocked in a stage by killing all the enemies. However, there are no enemies or hidden switches to be seen. Is this gate opened at a certain point in the plot o...

8:40 PM
Q: Which elemental gem determines the nature of my magic attack?

ManaWhen I use a magic attack with multiple gems of a different type in Chantelise, the nature of the attack seems to be determined by one of the gems I use(i.e. if there's an earth and a wind gem used together I might end up with a hammerorb that has wind properties. In this case, the nature of my a...


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