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6:00 PM
<politics>If I say Obama is a better president than George W. Bush...</politics>
Yeah, you're right. When I break it down to variables it removes the ambiguity I was seeing.
I think my favorite phrase from Recettear is "Pie-kay!"
Since you mentioned yayifications, @ArdaXi.
Fithos. Lusec. Wecos. Vinosec.
6:09 PM
so basically "use mono"
@Brant Oh, Terraria is written in .NET?
that's why using wine doesn't work
Not sure if it uses XNA or not.
What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?
6:11 PM
@Powerlord ask a question on English
What, no "I" to that?
I'm sure it will be really useful
I don't actually know anything about linux I'm just recalling things i read
@Powerlord You can't write something in .NET, unless you're terribly masochistic.
@Wipqozn Tag it as
6:12 PM
@RonanForman It could, but it'll be very painful. Mono is a better option.
@RonanForman I lol'd
@RonanForman Actually, wouldn't that be letter-rec ?
@ArdaXi If I can write things in Java, I can certainly write things in .NET, and maybe (just maybe) it'll be less painful
Oh my god, more Wipqozn edits.
@Powerlord .NET isn't a language. Java is.
@Manaಠдಠ I'm on a roll, what can I say. Only a few though. There will be more when I get home.
6:13 PM
@ArdaXi As I said I know nothing of linux, just saying words and you seem to make a conversation out of it
The only thing that comes close to a single language in .NET is CIL, and it's very masochistic to write a program in it.
@Wipqozn :(
@ArdaXi Java is also a library. Which is what .NET is.
Runtime, language, whatever.
@Powerlord Yes, but you can't write anything in Java the runtime, only in Java the language.
6:13 PM
Colour me confused
@Manaಠдಠ Cheer up young one! I'll destroy all the misuses of the genre tags before long
That's like saying you write something in Windows.
Mana has me wanting to go make an edit...
@ArdaXi Yes, but I can write code that compiles to Bytecode in more than just Java. Scala for one.
@Powerlord Exactly!
And then you write it in Scala, not in Java.
6:15 PM
anyway i'm off to see super 8, keep discussing complicated things
You know what I really want to talk about? Why NHibernate 3.2 is suddenly batshit insane and is only returning 10 rows when I ask for 50.
The thing about .NET languages is that most of the logic in them is done in the library rather than the language.
@Powerlord Depends.
Even the base types are .NET structs.
For C#, sure.
6:16 PM
(strangely, the same can't be said for JVM languages)
But IronRuby for example has a lot built into the compiler as well.
Of course, in the end it's all turned into CIL, so it has to use .NET structs.
@RonanForman will do
@Wipqozn Still going?
@ThomasMcDonald I'm actually doing my job now, crazy I know. I have made a few more edits though. When I get home I'll go nuts.
@Wipqozn WHAT?!
6:18 PM
Neat, Weebl has stuff on Spotify.
So who wants to go approve my edit?
A: Is the Nether infinite?

SourceTurtleFrom Minecraft Wiki's page on The Nether: ... Under the Lava ocean, there is a layer of Nettherack1 and Bedrock on the very bottom. Similarly, the very top of the Nether is Bedrock. 1 Or Bloodstone Basically, going up or down either way leads to Bedrock.

Leaked screenshot from CS:GO - http://t.co/JOLECpN
user image
Q: What's this multiplayer game with falling blocks of color and hypnotic rhythms?

KatieK Are you a swiftly falling block of four colors? Do you generate hypnotic rhythms in sync with player actions? This is the teaser for PAX Prime's Omegathon Round 3. What game will it be? This game will probably have a strong multi-player component, with short rounds and a clear winner....

@Brant Tsk tsk. CS:GO is going to be all about trousers.
Un fortunately, CS:GO will not have hats.
6:19 PM
A top hat and gas mask with a p90?!?!
@Powerlord The sequel to CS:S.
Counter Strike: Global Opposition?
@badp Offensive.
@ArdaXi Was this announced when I wasn't looking, or are you being sarcastic?
6:21 PM
@Powerlord Yesterday
forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=158178 <-- btw, I already knew you could spawn hats in CS:S.
@Powerlord This was announced when you weren't looking.
@Powerlord It hasn't been announced properly, but it's about to I think
Counterstrike GO still sounds like an iPhone version to me :/
6:21 PM
@CruelCow Like Valve would make an iPhone app...
Oh wait, that's what they said about consoles.
Oh God. An iPhone version of CS:S.
@CruelCow I am proved wrong.
Although... 0 screenshots? :/
Is that where you're all given just an AWP, having one button for bunny hopping and tapping to shoot?
6:22 PM
Hey, if they can make an iPhone version of DoDonPachi, I'm not surprised at how far they'd go.
> CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust, etc.).
> We didn't have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, but they did ask us to not give out any pictures or videos from there before it is released.
(That said I hear shooters are horrible on the iPhone, but that they went that far anyway is impressive).
what? A new de_dust? NO WAY. It's going to suck!
@ArdaXi I'm talking about the official store page
@ArdaXi Nah, it's just a single textbox: You got headshot through a wall
6:23 PM
@badp If they don't want screenshots leaked, I think they would be the first not to leak, don't you?
@badp and de_dust2?
One thing's leaking, another thing's releasing
Well we haven't even seen a Dota2 screenshot yet
@CruelCow They're going to have a DOTA2 competition at GAMESCON so we'll likely see some then.
Everyone, I'm leaving for home. Try to survive without me as best you can.
6:25 PM
@Powerlord We will, especially with Fallen going.
@Wipqozn I'm staying at work. You bum.
Well they are streaming it so they won't be able to stop it then. :D But yeah, that's what I meant, Dota 2 is (somewhat?) close to release and we have seen nothing, I wouldn't expect something for a half-assed announcement
CS:GO is going to be at PAX Prime, and Gabe has said DotA 2 is going to be finished "before [they] start worrying about Counter-Strike".
Clearly the best Exile Vilify video.
You know what I need? . And patience to finish this SourceMod extension.
Essentially, all the commands I have in extension.cpp need to be migrated to Vote.cpp.
and then have appropriate forwards added to extension.cpp.
That way, all my vote counting logic is finally in one place.
6:36 PM
I see I wasn't outdated by much
Q: Annoying auto foward in minecraft

WarfaceI'm sure that I'm not alone. Sometimes when I go somewhere or build something, all of a sudden, the character keeps going forward just like the W is stuck. But it's not. To recover from this I have to bash my ASWD keys on the keyboard (gently :P) and it's ok. Do it happens to you too guys? If so...

@Manaಠдಠ That's... what? But... what? What?
I lolled when I saw a thread named "Counter-Strike promos" when searching for the game by name.
@Arda I know. Beautiful, 'innit?
6:38 PM
I assume it's people talking about what the TF2 promo items for it will be.
Probably an AWP for the Sniper or summit.
Of course, CS:GO is still really only the second Counter-Strike game because CS:S was a remake of the original.
Which means Valve's "Can't make a third game in a series" is still safe.
@Powerlord Err?
Now, watch them eventually release a whole bunch of "3" games in a row (HL3, TF3, Portal 3, L4D3...) in 2014+.
Half-Life 2: Episode 1 is the third game in the Half-Life series.
It's just not called 3. Neither is CS:GO.
@Powerlord Err, wouldn't 2013 fit better?
6:42 PM
I think they're just going to release new Engie items and rebrand the game as TF3 in the process :P
@ArdaXi No, because it's really just the second part of Half-Life 2. (even though it's episode 1...)
thus making sure that Engineer remains the most unloved class in TF2!
everything fits together!
Still no crates 26-28, but I may have mentioned that.
Oh, this is great. Playing a Frozen Synapse game with two rockets, a grenade and a machine.
You have, and I'm actually kinda relieved for egotistical reasons
This means that I might get a chance of dropping one on my own on the 21st.
6:43 PM
@badp Yes, I know you're relieved.
But I want my Strange Huntsman, Strange Frontier Justice, and Strange Jag darn it!
Actually, how will they do 4 strange items for Sniper? Sniper Rifle, Huntsman, Kukri, and Tribalman's Shiv? Or will they throw a strange SMG in there, too...
We have strange demoman shields
I don't bother with the SMG, and won't even if they add bacon to it.
We have strange GRU 's
@badp Yes, but the strange demo shield can actually do damage.
A strange SMG would actually make sense.
6:45 PM
@Powerlord That's not true and you know it.
The Sniper shields don't do damage at all.
It'd be funny if a Strange Razorback counted the number of backstabs it blocked. :D
@Powerlord Good point, specified
@badp Yes, but as for damage-dealing melee weapons, the GRU is more likely to get melee kills than most of them, simply because you can keep up with most classes when they're equipped.
After all THERE CAN BE ONLY OOOOONE kinda shield.
If anything, they're the best Heavy melee to have Strange.
Conversely, Strange Fists of Steel would be the worst.
6:47 PM
imagines Strange sandvich
@ArdaXi Well, I had a peanut and picante provolone the other day.
@GraceNote And there we go.
@GraceNote Are you my imagination?
My logic was, if Mr. Saturn sells a Peanut Cheese Bar, then a peanut cheese sammich ain't that much of a stretch.
@ArdaXi I'm capable of fueling it
Err... er...
@Arda always a good plan.
6:50 PM
Hey, it was a successful experiment. That sammich was delicious.
Basically, you can't really have Strange variants of: Lunch Boxes (Scout/Heavy), Non-Milk Substance/Jar-Based Karate (Scout/Sniper), Battle Banners/Sashimonos (Soldier), Boots (Soldier/Demoman), Medi Gun (Medic), Shield (Sniper only), or Invis Watch (Spy).
Wrench is in the schema
but then only a few of the strange items are actually in the schema as unique items
@Powerlord Bushwacka
7:01 PM
@CruelCow Ha, wishful thinking there. They haven't made any of the Polycount set items into Strange items.
While I don't see why that would be a rule, Bazaar Bargain then
or saxxy :D
@CruelCow It's just that they haven't done it for any of the 6 item sets. Also, the Bazaar Bargain is too new.
Skewer would be pretty cool, but I doubt it
I'd have to double-check, but when they had the items to do it, iirc they've been doing 2 primary, 1 secondary, 1 melee.
Actually, was Strange Shotgun in the Heavy box or the Soldier box?
or both?
I also think they're trying to do the less used items as Strange items, hence the Strange Pain Train.
I just wish they switched the notification to chat messages
7:10 PM
Anyway, as I recall... Scout was Scattergun (p), Force-a-Nature (p), Pistol (s), Sandman (m). Soldier was Rocket Launcher (p), Direct Hit (p), Shotgun (s), Pain Train (m). Pyro was Flamethrower (p), Backburner (p), Flare Gun (s), Fire Axe? (m). Demoman was Stickybomb Launcher (p), Chargin' Targe (p), Grenade Launcher (s), Eyelander (m). Heavy was Minigun (p), Natascha (p), Shotgun (s), GRU (m). Spy was Revolver (s), Ambassador (s), Knife (m), Conniver's Kunai (m).
Wait, did two crates have Pain Trains?
No, my bad, it was Eyelander for Demo.
Spy was different because Spy has no Primary loadout slot, only Secondary, Melee, and PDA2.
The other 5 classes were all 2 Primary, 1 Secondary, 1 Melee for Strange weapons.
I just think we'll see a recipe like item + refined = strange item
@badp I could see that happening.
Also, I just noticed that my Quick Fix was never moved to my permanent storage area.
I'd feel embarrassed if I traded my only Quick Fix away.
@badp And then we'll see Strange Kritzkriegs.
Even without a Strange Engineer crate, my normal Primary and Secondary are both strange.
Whoa, my Tomislav isn't in there either? Or is TF2Items just not showing me images?
Oh, it isn't.
Never mind.
I think it's time for me to craft some stuff, or find someone with a strange Minigun or Scattergun to trade some of these strange items for.
7:19 PM
Q: August 2011 Moderator Election - Town Hall Chat

Rebecca ChernoffIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Town Hall Chat session with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. I am working with the can...

Oh wait, I was wrong, there is one Strange Polycount weapon: Strange Powerjack.
But it's also one of the least-used Polycount items.
Still, it means we could see a Strange Sydney Sleeper.
That would suck if they have a Strange Sydney Sleeper and not a Strange Huntsman.
"23.35% owners equip" <-- For the Bonesaw? Are you serious?
This is the only item in the game that has a direct upgrade, and it in fact has two direct upgrades now.
Oh great, now I'm in a game with this guy and all we have are rockets.
Neither of us is near a wall, so it's a stalemate.
Solemn Vow = Bonesaw + ability to see enemy health. Amputator = Bonesaw + ability to taunt to heal everyone around you.
You can't shoot the floor?
@GraceNote Rockets only explode on full-height walls.
7:27 PM
@ArdaXi Type 'explode' in the console.
@ArdaXi Then... what... happens when they hit the floor?
@GraceNote They... don't?
This is a battle fought in cyberspace.
Rockets fly on until they either hit a wall or fly off the map.
So there is no floor.
@GraceNote Well, sort of. I mean, there's a plane the characters walk on.
But it's intangible to rockets.
7:29 PM
I think it's safer to conclude rockets aren't affected by gravity.
Can't you aim down?
Or... pretty much any force besides the force that expelled it from the launcher.
@GraceNote You can only aim in two dimensions.
It's a top-down game.
So you're not playing TF2 like I expected based on the recent conversation.
@GraceNote I thought about asking what game he was talking about, too.
I'm talking about Frozen Synapse like before.
7:31 PM
You were talking about Frozen Synapse?
I wasn't part of the discussion regarding TF2.
@GraceNote Affirmative.
I blame Thomas' Law of Bridge Degeneration.
Wasn't that Wipqozn?
16 mins ago, by Arda Xi
@badp And then we'll see Strange Kritzkriegs.
Was it Wipqozn's? I thought Thomas was the one mostly opposed to it.
7:32 PM
@Powerlord I stand corrected.
Jun 28 at 13:39, by Mana
Wipqozn's law of gravitation. Every topic on The Bridge, must, inevitably, eventually return to Minecraft and TF2.
Argh, this is making my head hurt. I need a distraction.
This is a distraction.
@GraceNote How about a little TF2?
I had to do it. :D
7:33 PM
@GraceNote Minecraft?
You could always play.... rolls die The Ball.
Damn straight it's Wipqozn's law.
now excuse me while I spend my friday night fixing tags
@Wipqozn If anything, it should be Powerlord's law, as I'm the one who steers it to TF2 regardless of what everyone else is talking about. :|
@GnomeSlice will agree with that, I'm sure.
Ugh, Sydney Sleeper does have a lower use rate than the Huntsman. I hope they don't give it a Strange instead.
Then again, L'Etranger didn't get a strange, so...
@FallenAngelEyes This one is genius:
7:43 PM
Yeah XD
That image is slightly outdated :D
@CruelCow I know. After I updated the privileges article for the 10k tools, I told the other mods to please go and update the flagging stuff too. I guess this didn't happen...
Yeah where did you find that?
I see my changes to the 10k tools page didn't make it to Gaming anyway
7:54 PM
What is the stance on taggng a game and its series?
For example, taggingit as call of duty AND modern warfare?
hm, isn't there a COD:MW tag?
if you want a tag about the series you should make a -series tag
@badp no, there's a separate "modern warfare 2" tag
@Wipqozn is for the first game. should be used for the series.
I'm editing tags
7:55 PM
I believe is too long
so should I do call-of-duty-series and modern-warefare-2?
There are very few cases where you would need both the series tag and a specific game name tag. I can't think of any.
or just modern-warefare
Yeah, I'd rather just have the game name
However I wanted it to be what the community wants, not me.
7:56 PM
@badp Isn't that inconsistent with what we agreed on for extensions/dlc?
@Wipqozn Meta post?
Obviously we have , not
@FallenAngelEyes There was one, but I don't think it was ever resolved :/
@Manaಠдಠ Uh. Didn't we just agree on a game-dlc format for tags?
which is why I brought it up here
7:57 PM
@badp Well, it's just easier to remember if it's consistent as much as possible.
Q: How should we tag Prince of Persia?

Matthew ReadThe warrior-within tag was just created, and used in conjunction with the prince-of-persia tag. While the Warrior Within "subtitle" is unique to my knowledge, and fairly well-known, do we have a general rule for this? Obviously prince-of-persia-warrior-within is too long, but what about pop-war...

very similar to what I'm doing now
as in a specific case
@Manaಠдಠ eh, ?
I'd rather abbreviate expansions and keep the radix expanded
@badp That looks so ugly and unprofessional imo
@badp hmmmm. :|
Woot, I think I have a solution for this question:
Q: In Minecraft how do I randomise the output in a redstone circuit?

RedstoneDwarfI have 5 buttons and only one of these can be correct, all others must be false. These 5 outputs will go into 2 outputs, in between there needs to be a circuit which changes which single button out of the 5 will go down the "correct" output of the final 2. The 4 remaining buttons must go to the...

7:59 PM
@FallenAngelEyes hence the question mark
@badp I prefer manas tag, wow-cataclysm
I'd rather have both and , although for different reasons.

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