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4:00 AM
I'm sensing a lot of unprovoked hate towards me lately. Is it because I'm running for mod?
@Manaಠдಠ You are?
@Gnome ooohhh....:(
that video would be cooler if it were really an orchestra playing it
@MrNovember Yes, it would be.
so it should be avoided at all costs
@MrNovember +1
@Gnome I don't see any +1 on his thing, only on my dumb thing that I'm now going to regret having said when it comes back to bite me in the morning.
@Manaಠдಠ finejeez
assuming control, slowly
4:06 AM
Google+ Games commission is only 5% while Facebook's is 30%
ooh...that sounds like a bad thing.
Wait, is commission the thing they get paid or you get paid?
Man, with all the cleanup and moving stuff I did, I didn't realize it's already past midnight. :|
they get paid
4:07 AM
@Powerlord Nice job getting it done man. I suck at cleanup.
Who was it who had the time machine again? I want to borrow it.
Oh wait, I can't, because I sat down at the computer desk once or twice.
@Powerlord I think it's both me and Wipqozn.
ftp transfers are the worst
@MrNovember Why's that?
Granted, I don't use normal FTP any more... SFTP instead, since I have an SSH account on said server and my client supports it.
because these are large files i'm transferring and this ftp server keeps disconnecting me
4:12 AM
@MrNovember Ouch, that sucks.
@badp: Valve didn't rotate the crate series this week either.
@MrNovember Welcome to Problem Numero Uno with the gaming chat.
is that an xkcd bot
4:17 AM
@MrNovember Yes. badp likes abusing his power to make all sorts of feed bots here.
@Powerlord Good reconsidering skills there.
Anyway, I need sleep before work tomorrow.
I will see you all on the morrow.
Peace man.
> A bit of digging through Chromium's source revealed a public API that will take audio data via HTTP and turn it into a JSON response. Cool.
4:20 AM
Q: How can I use vending machines effectively?

sjohnstonWhen they're first introduced, vending machines are pretty expensive compared to my cash on hand. Since these things can only sell items for their base cost, I'm not entirely sure how to use them to turn any significant profit. What advantages do I get out of having a vending machine? How do I u...

nerde talk
omg nerde
oh man, Myths Retold is one of the best things.
Also, Tales From The #python Krypt:
are you jorrit
@MrNovember No, but that one Devin guy is ssbr
Devin Townsend?
4:28 AM
whoooo are yooooou talking about
remember when I posted that You Are Not Running Out Of Time thing
@MrNovember Pete Townsend?
oh yeah
@GnomeSliceツ no
@MrNovember =[
4:31 AM
@GnomeSlice You would probably like the Devin Townsend Project though.
@Manaಠдಠ Alan Parsons Project?
@Gnome Better.
@Manaಠдಠ ಠ_ಠ
No, I meant Alan Parsons > Devin Townsend
you've listened to one Devin Townsend song @Mana
4:34 AM
@MrNovember shh...
I've only listened to one Alan Parsons song too.
both are pretty great
Q: How can I use vending machines effectively?

sjohnstonWhen they're first introduced, vending machines are pretty expensive compared to my cash on hand. Since these things can only sell items for their base cost, I'm not entirely sure how to use them to turn any significant profit. What advantages do I get out of having a vending machine? How do I u...

The TommyKnockers reference...
4:36 AM
Oh hey @Amith.
I know you from the Ubuntu chat. How's it going?
@KevinY >:(
Heya @Mana
I just dropped by
@Amith I couldn't think of a worse time.
@Manaಠдಠ Unfortunately, I'm inclined to agree.
4:38 AM
@MrNovember Don't worry, you're cool. <3
Anyway, this is the closest thing I can find to a synopsis of the scene from the novel I'm thinking of.
But it's not entirely accurate.
Anyways, I am heading off to bed.
night Eugene <3
see you all later
night Joe~ :D
G'night @Mana
4:40 AM
Someone help me!
Good night @Mana
@GnomeSliceツ Are you in a bit of a pickle?
@GnomeSliceツ hehehe
How do I link to a page and anchor the link to a specific point on the page?
4:45 AM
In general, or on a specific site (SE)?
In general.
I found a way I can post about the relevance, but I need to have the link go to the part of the page.
I generally just say "Click this link, scroll down to 'this part'".
is helpful
How do I do it on an SE site then?
With the permalinks for each answer. more helpfulness
I mean't how do I post something on se, but... just... ugh.
4:50 AM
i hate it when people disconnect from facebook like 2 minutes after i send them a question
because you know they read it
Does this work?
@GnomeSliceツ umad?
@KevinY 'derp'
@GnomeSliceツ 'puddi'
4:53 AM
@KevinY '****'
ok i guess i'll just do the problems for stat that i think we're supposed to do <_<
Uh oh, why is that question's page borked now?
SE is broken!
you fucked up
@GnomeSliceツ :D
@GnomeSliceツ Okay okay I'll stop.
5:00 AM
2 hours later…
7:01 AM
Oh look. CS2 has been announced.
@ArdaXi without hats!
7:17 AM
CS2? where is this announcement?
7:51 AM
"global offensive" is a bit unoriginal tho'
8:25 AM
@oraclecertifiedprofessional And "Counter-Strike" isn't?
well, not after umpteen versions of the game, no.
@oraclecertifiedprofessional Exactly, it built up its name, but it was very unoriginal when it was made.
i would have gone with Counter-Strike: Unsubtle Encroachment
ok so the whole franchise is unoriginal
Now you get it!
or maybe Contradictory-Tickle: CheeseMonger
or maybe not
this is why i'm not in the game naming game
8:35 AM
come to think of it, they didn't put much thought into World of Warcraft either
this might turn in to a disappointment spiral
Q: How to choose race in World of Warcraft?

AlexRight after launching World of Warcraft for the first time I have to create a new character, when choosing a race, how are they different and what criteria should I use?

That's an awesome gamertag.
"oracle certified professional" complaining about generic names? :D
8:53 AM
i think you're confusing genericalness and originalibility
and no-one else has that name
Q: Please identify: Train simulation game/railroad construction

ExaI hope you can identify this game for me. It must be from the late 80's/early 90's and is about building railroads for trains with different colors. Each train has a destination which he must reach and therefore the user has to build rails, switches/crossings and so on. The graphics were quite m...

9:12 AM
@oraclecertifiedprofessional How about Counter-Strike 2: Trousers Wars. Generic, but honest.
"Woohoo, look at my Unusual Bermuda Pants with Worn Kneecaps!"
@badp nice
like TF2, but with trousers
Time for some more Atom Zombie Smasher
@ThomasMcDonald Funny, I was thinking the same.
So, um, what happens in that game when one side hits 7k?
Morning all
@badp Is that the right bound?
9:36 AM
Good point, it's 6k
@badp Apparently, as I just found out, the game finishes and you lose/win
And then you start over?
Because right now I'm losing 2526-3243 :/
Just wait until 80% of the territories are level 4.
9:39 AM
oh come on
this is lame
I spent 25 scientists to get planes that can fit 40 people
and then the planes get down to only load 31 people maximum
Yeah, you need to upgrade their load time twice to load them all on
Yeah, I chose to make them arrive faster instead :/
I did that first
1 load time upgrade means you can get 35 people on, 2 means you can get the full 40 (or it could be 38, I don't remember)
I'm trailing by 1k \o/
9:44 AM
I was trailing by almost 2k when I lost
It's when they have almost all level 4 territories that it gets impossible
oh god
because at the end of every month they get loads of points
why do you keep sending infantry away
snipers are stupid useless :/
Infantry are pretty good
9:45 AM
so are snipers
Compared to landmine + dynamite + blockade (true story)
zed bait is pretty powerful combined with artillery.
Final score, 4902 to 6000
The only thing I understood from the Epilogue is a slight Ico reference
10:14 AM
posted on August 12, 2011 by ivoflipse

With the growth of the Gaming Stack Exchange, and the loss of Grace Note as a moderator, it is time once again to hold Community Moderator Elections for 2 new moderators. The winners of this election will be joining our remaining group of moderators. We’ve got 10 candidates so far, but if you think you [...]

@badp Ico!
Man I remember that game... vaguely
The last vignette had a woman and a horned man having a slightly-less-horned child.
@ThomasMcDonald They're rereleasing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus on PS3 this year. I can't wait
@FallenAngelEyes Yay. I don't think I ever really understood what was happening in ICO though.
10:22 AM
It is kinda weird. I really liked it a lot though.
Shadow of the Colossus was a really emotional gaming experience as well.
10:33 AM
@FallenAngelEyes Nor I. I never really owned a PS2, so I was unable to play through them. My sister owned one so I was able to play through one or two games.
@Wipqozn If you have a PS3, I'd highly recommend getting the ICO/SotC bundle when it comes out.
@badp lol, level 4 barricade
@FallenAngelEyes Already have it pre-ordered.
When's it coming out? Late this year?
10:44 AM
lol, the game MIGHT be too easy now.
September iirc
Leading 5048-1204
@ThomasMcDonald the 27th of September
Q: Gaming Promotional Grant - Round 3 Game Selection Thread

Brett White ΨIn an attempt to keep this place's awesomeosity increasing exponentially (science words!) we're going to try to get the Gaming Promotional Grant going weekly. Yes, weekly. If you have no idea of what I'm yammering about, please follow the link. From what I heard from Grace Note, the previous rou...

@badp What did you change?
10:46 AM
^Shouldn't we pin this?
the 30th for you though @ThomasMcDonald
JP September 22, 2011
NA September 27, 2011
EU September 30, 2011[1]
@ThomasMcDonald Casual mode. All unlocks since the beginning. 5 instead of 4 units at disposal every round.
@FallenAngelEyes Change it to a link and stick some descriptive text in it though
Since it makes very little sense in the sidebar as-is
@ThomasMcDonald You're an owner now, can't you do that? :D
10:47 AM
@FallenAngelEyes Not edit, no
That reminds me, have I mentioned how much I hate NA box art compared to other regions (there are exceptions)?
Ico is a great example
@badp hmm, I fancy trying it with being able to choose your mercenaries
@ThomasMcDonald It just timed me out of the editing process mid-edit :(
@Wipqozn Yeah, Yahtzee had a good article on that
10:48 AM
that's great box art. That's art right there. This is the NA one :/
@FallenAngelEyes oh really? I've never read it. I'll need to.
@Wipqozn One sec, I'll find the link for you
@FallenAngelEyes thank you :)
I'd highly recommend his "Extra Punctuation" articles, they're very good
@Wipqozn But, but... American Kirby is so angry!
@GraceNote He's one bad ass pink mofo
@FallenAngelEyes yeah I keep meaning to. Thanks for the link.
10:53 AM
No prob
Also, lol: if you search rotten in google the second result is for transformers dark of the moon
@Wipqozn The title of that movie bothers me
For the longest time, I thought it was "Dark Side of the Moon" because my brain just kept inserting the word there
@FallenAngelEyes As it should, along with the rest of the movie.
I think it refused to parse the stupidity of the actual title
Also you may enjoy this @FallenAngelEyes:
10:56 AM
Why'd the inline link fail the first time?
@ThomasMcDonald then it's just too easy :P
@FallenAngelEyes not sure
Chats racist?
Wow, that Deus Ex Japan cover is way cooler
Evac, Artillery, Snipers, Smoke.
:1606576 That article pretty recent.
10:58 AM
@GraceNote I realize I was thinking of the wrong article with the kirby one. Since there is one that focuses purely on Kirby.
Well I'm sure there are several kirby ones, not exactly a secret kirby is ANGRY in NA
Aye. Don't need a new article to notice that.
@Wipqozn is that a video?
motherhumpers, I'm on mobile, I don't want to see your goddamn bloated promotional background load slooooooooowly.
@badp no it is not
It shouldn't be anyways :/
motherhumpers, I'm on mobile, I don't want to see your goddamn bloated promotional background load slooooooooowly.
@Wipqozn yeah, I had a large block of flash stuff appear for a moment
then it loaded the stupid goddamn bloated promotional background slooooooooowly.
Oh ads, how we love you.
11:03 AM
then finally the actual content
@Wipqozn Actually this was after an intersitial ad page, also with its different stupid goddamn bloated promotional background
@badp oh, that
yay for blocking flash by default.
@GraceNote So you never did get to answer sjohnston question I see.
@Wipqozn That's the wrong question and I prepared an answer to an entirely different question anyway.
@GraceNote Ah okay.
I couldn't help but lol at this:
11:23 AM
someone just offered me $60 for that engy cap
talk about overpaying
@ThomasMcDonald Tell them to go higher.
@Wipqozn They're scamming
I'm trying to string them along
11:38 AM
So it doesn't appear Vodafone does sim-only prepaid deals
I guess that makes choosing my mobile operator there easier: 1 ignored, 2 left.
Actually everybody there seems to hate prepaid
...yup, T-Mobile also doesn't seem to do prepaid sim-only stuff.
...nope. But the rates are stupid high. € 0.35 per minute? :/
@badp well snap
Is Rogers over there ?
Then again KPN does... €0.35 per minute.
I know they have some good deals on pre-paid phones
oh, I finally found information about Vodafone prepaid sim only boring stuff.
wow. KPM prepaid data rates are €2.5 per megabyte
and there we go, scammers reported
11:48 AM
↑ where's the catch? This offer seems to have better prices for pretty much everything
and the page is in English
there has to be a catch!
Wish I could help you @badp but I don't use my mobile phone a lot and I don't use it at all for internet. :/
I use Simyo for my provider, FWIW.
Wikipedia only listed T-Mobile, Vodafone and KPN as "real" providers, with the others piggybacking on those three
Perhaps it's wrong?
Hm. That decidedly doesn't look like a little girl like every other skill icon. That looks like Dhalsim.
And in true roguelike fashion, there's no teleport control. Awesome.
The other one I had before Simyo was Telfort
checks Dutch wiki
12:00 PM
aww man, a hornet just got me
It looks like Simyo and Telfort are both subsidiaries of KPN
12:12 PM
Well, I did what cool people do, and asked on Stack Exchange
Q: How can I effectively compare data plans available in a country?

badpI'm going to spend 5½ months in Netherlands, and need to be able to make calls to Italy without spending a fortune. After some hunting on Wikipedia I found that there are only three non-virtual operators in the country; I've since then started crawling the respective websites for information. Ob...

Yay coolp!
If you have straight recommendations tho I'll accept them :P
> Hey John, welcome to the site. oh hi! you're so friendly In the future, to ask a question, please use the Ask Question button at the upper right of the site. oh, oh, crap, okay, damn, I'm sorry. If you're confused about how this site works, please read the FAQ. yeah, yeah, I should've I should've
@badp Have you considered skype? It supposedly has great international rates. I assume it's agnostic of the country you're calling from as well, but have no personal experience with that
> By the by, I haven't heard anything about a way to fix this bug, so it might unfortunately mean that you'll have to wait for a patch. blech, thanks anyway You might consider getting in touch with the game's developer. thanks anyway. you're so helpful, thank you
> – Mana ಠдಠ aww, you were doing that face all through :( okay okay, I'll go away
Fact: @Mana is scaring people away! :P
@DaveMcClelland Yeah, but that only works while I'm at my laptop on wifi or whatnot
or if you can wrestle Skype to work via wifi on a mobile client... not an easy feat in my experience.
at all other times, Skype via mobile becomes stupid expensive.
@badp That makes sense. I've never actually used skype for calling to phones, so you already seem more informed about it than I am ;)
12:21 PM
Yeah, international calling rates to landlines are very good (comparatively), but that only does so much. :)
@badp Simyo is 10 cents per minute for calling within the Netherlands
let me check their website for you re: international calls
You have a smartphone, yes?
b/f says he dataplan is: 10c per 100kb, or 1euro for 20mb / 24 hours, whichever comes first
or 10 euros for 200mb/30 days whichever comes first
Hm, here I'm paying €9 for 2 GB/30 days :)
yeah it's expensive :/
hm having difficulty finding price for calling to Italy if you're still within the NL
12:25 PM
We'll see, we'll see. It really depends on the wi-fi coverage I get at university, all else I really need mobile internet for is bootstrapping GPS and the occasional email check/chat popup
gimme a min
@badp You can wardrive here like... everywhere
Oh look, I just found a tf2 manual I started writing ages ago
Should probably finish that...
Ew. Even more than from KPN proper, € 1,25 to Italy
@badp I'll read the Dutch-only part for you and see if I can find anything
oh... "PrePaid International customers can call eachother for free within-the Netherlands"
that's the catch
12:31 PM
woo, found a buyer for my hat
Big Kill + Tavish Crown + Pith Helmet + Armored Authority + 4 refined
on the Dutch page it says this is a temporary offer
"Tijdens de actieperiode (1 juni t/m 31 augustus 2011) bel je voor slecht 1 cent per minuut naar vaste nummers in Nederland en ruim andere 40 landen (starttarief €0,19)"
So from June 1st to Aug 31st
Although I'm not sure if I'll take that, I think it's only just over a buds + bills and it's gonna be some work to get it back into promos
yeah, I think I read something like that. somewhere.
It doesn't mention that on the English page o_O
Doesn't seem to list what happens after that time period :/
12:37 PM
@FallenAngelEyes then it must've been on the relevant pages of the KPN website.
@badp the... T-Mobile offer?
I just think KPN has offers that also expire on Aug 31st and thus I got confused :)
also yay 16k.
Ah okay
are these going to be hard to flip?
12:40 PM
depends on their mass and their existing momentum.
@badp ohohoho.
I'll also throw in torque, because it sounds sciencey: you also need good torque.
@ThomasMcDonald You know what isn't hard to flip? Tables: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Oh, I appear to have forgotten to make any salad to go with my pasta.
Fun fact: That is my favorite emoticon ever created
12:41 PM
I'm blaming TF2.
Actually, it could be the fact that we have no salad.
We have carrot & cucumber. Difficult to make a substantial pasta salad out of.
@DaveMcClelland That's because it's the best emoticon ever created.
Q: WoW: Get to Ogrimmar as Bloodelf?

DailyDoggyI have a lvl 11 Bloodelf and want to spend some of my honor points. I've heard that i could spend them in Ogrimmar. The only problem is getting there. How do i get to ogrimmar from silvermoon city? I'm not in a lvl 25 guild, so nobody can teleport me there :( Plz help!

Ohh, it looks like my Rackspace Cloud SendGrid account is still active
12:51 PM
despite the fact I currently have no servers on the Rackspace Cloud.
Argh, bugreporting taking so loooong

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