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12:04 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

My Ham DJDraw an ASCII house This is a window: --- | | --- Let's add some walls |. Put two spaces on either side of it so that the window has plenty of room. | --- | | | | | | --- | Now let's add a roof and a ceiling. To keep the window in the middle of the room, let's add one more row above ...

@PhiNotPi you there? I'm starting to implement your Maximized Affirmed Majorities algorithm
and I'm wanting to understand some things
so, on your tiebreaker step, you have me repeating step 2 over and over
why wouldn't I just create a random ordering of the candidates
and assume none of them are equal
in case you need more context:
2. If the ordering is incomplete (like A>B=C>D=E=F), then choose a second uniformly random ballot (without replacement) and use that ballot to tie-break any unresolved orderings.
As in, why pick a random ballot instead of a random ordering?
oh, am I selecting a random ballot from one of the ballots submitted?
12:15 AM
It's to prevent giving an advantage to "clones" (someone entered in the same bot twice)
I'm not generating a random ballot?
also, for your challenge, test cases will be tough
because of the random tiebreaking
I honestly don't know if I will ever post it as a challenge.
well, its good reference, so thanks :)
step 1 is definitely going to be the hardest to implement
ok, given a random ballot that doesn't include all of the candidates, how do I tie break the candidates that aren't included?
12:22 AM
Just exclude any ballots that haven't voted for Bernie
10/10 works every time
@GamrCorps Chrome sucks.
glances at starboard... ಠ_ಠ
@AlexA. how did we get to politics? :/
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ He said ballots and candidates.
@AlexA. uhhhhh whoops
12:32 AM
Yea, you can't say ballot and candidates on March 1st without it turning to politics ;)
@AlexA. I was gonna vote for you moderator, but since you're just gonna take that ballet out, I'm gonna just vote for bernie
@Maltysen I'm honored that you were going to vote for me for moderator, but I think Bernie would be a good choice.
I wish him the best in his PPCG role.
I dunno. That rep tax on bounties he's proposing sounds scary.
@BogSite but he's gonna use it to pay to teach us all how to golf better
@NathanMerrill Then that ballot only provides a partial ordering.
12:34 AM
@BogSite He cares about the low-rep users though
@Doorknob Starboard glances back at you
Draw another random ballot to resolve it.
@GamrCorps disapprovingly
True... But I'm so close to the 1% mark that I'm worried about my hard-earned rep :P
Trump's plan of building a wall to keep the Code Reviewers out is tempting though
he'll even use their rep to pay for it
12:36 AM
Dammit. Halfway typed out ninja'd :(
@PhiNotPi but where do the other candidates go relative to the rest?
for example, ballot 1: A>B>C>D
ballot 2: D>E>A
ballot 1: A>B>C>D - these are set in stone
but E?
It seems like E would be last, since the only vote cast for E put it below D. But I have no idea what system you're talking about.
I'm thinking you only looks at the candidates that we're already ordered.
So A>B>C>D>E
There is a potential argument for E>A>B>C>D, though.
12:41 AM
We should refer to the actual instructions.
learns public school had off today ಠ╭╮ಠ
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ why?
(I mean why they had off)
@Maltysen american elections
(do I have to specify "american"?)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ your school district gets off for super tuesday?!
12:44 AM
@Maltysen Yuuuup.
But, me going to a private Christian school, has no such a day. :|
Public schools here don't either, don't feel bad.
but why would the kids need to vote?
Or almost anywhere else it seems.
12:45 AM
@Maltysen They don't, it's presumably so that the parents don't have to waste time to drive kids to and fro.
Q: How does one "get rekt"?

Alex A.I often see people write "get rekt" to someone when that person makes a mistake or when they beat the person to a goal. It's not immediately obvious what this is intended to mean. I assume "rekt" is Internet speak for "wrecked," but why should someone seek out being wrecked if they've lost at som...

Hmm. That makes limited sense, since you'd think it would be easier for parents if their kids were in school.
@AlexA. ...
@Doorknob It's an honest question. I use it liberally but have no idea why other than I find it amusing.
12:48 AM
@AlexA. now you're just looking for rep :P
35 secs ago, by Alex A.
@Doorknob It's an honest question. I use it liberally but have no idea why other than I find it amusing.
you can look for rep and have a honest question
It's EL&U. I don't really care about rep there. :P
they aren't mutually exclusive
fair point
12:54 AM
@Doorknob The NeoVim bug we reported was fixed in a commit. I assume it'll be in the next patch release.
wow. In Kotlin, you can have default parameters that depend on previous parameters
class MamTournament(
        val players: List<Player>,
        val gameSize: Int = players.size
) {

You can do that in Julia too
And R
Rust doesn't have default parameters :(
Oh, that reminds me: @Sp3000 AHHHHH YUUSSSSSS
@Doorknob :(
1:02 AM
\o/ Donalt trump is losing in Massachusetts!
s/in Massachusetts/at life/
@Doorknob Do you use the official Rust Vim plugin?
is there one?
I know I installed something but idk what it was
It looks nice in solarized dark
1:05 AM
Fortran is nice too but of course I'm partial to Julia
Got my microUSB to Ethernet cord for my RPi \o/
now I can connect it to the internet
1:21 AM
pi@'s password:

The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
permitted by applicable law.
Last login: Tue Feb  9 10:38:58 2016
pi@tinyllama:~ $
\o/ \o/ \o/
@Mego I marked (what I assume were) your comment flags helpful, but I recommend a different approach: If someone leaves a comment saying that something is wrong and you comment back saying that it's been fixed, I generally recommend leaving your comment until the other person deletes their comment themself, or otherwise acknowledges your response in some way.
> tinyllama
my laptop's hostname is llama, so I figured...
I got the reference
I like it
do you name your USB's teensyllama?
Did you name your dog actualllama?
1:25 AM
Or just get a llama?
He adopted Optimizer
@MartinBüttner You haven't been rickrolled? o_O
He's been in The Nineteenth Byte so obviously he's been rickrolled.
I hovered over the link and saw that it didn't go to our site but clicked it anyway
I regret this
1:35 AM
user image
^ this depresses me :|
Two characters, 5 minutes max of thinking, 5 minutes max of description, and 26 upvotes VERSUS 5+ minutes of thinking, <5 minutes of thinking, and 2 upvotes.
Something is most definitely not right with that.
That's how voting goes a lot of the time. I upvoted Lynn's answer because it's a very surprising and interesting approach despite its extreme simplicity.
It's a regrettable situation... ^^
1:39 AM
@tac Done
@AlexA. yay! now it won't come uselessly up when I type "tag" into the box
Well, technically I didn't burninate anything; I removed the tag and since that's the only question bearing that tag, the zombie tag script should burninate it... at some point.
@AlexA. ah, you can have the credit anyways :P
Why thank you :P
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ +1 for hand-drawn ಠ_ಠ
1:42 AM
I especially like the handdrawn ಠ_ಠ
Q: Let's deliberate about [1p5]

tacBack in April 2011, @dmkcee announced the CodeGolf.SE First Periodic Premier Programming Puzzle Push. This proposal was so promising and interesting that even Jeff Atwood took note! The 1p5 tag was introduced to classify this new venture of code challenges, as a bit of a meta-tag. Today, this ta...

@tac that's way cool. Does it enforce ordering of parameters?
also, apparently, you can't use the value of the parameter to generate the value of the default parameter
its only for typing
1:51 AM
Q: Find the different letter

AMACBYou may have seen puzzles like this: Find the 0: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The challenge is to write a program that finds the index of the different letter given an image. Input Input will be an Image. The image will consist of one line of black text in the Helvetica 24 pt...

lol is that him?
No no, that would be against the TOS. This is my account that I let him use.
2:06 AM
It was created about three minutes ago and he's getting ready for bed, so no :P
Getting into the soul stealing fun side of programming early I see. :P
We'll see. He might have a better time gaining rep at Arqade, tbh. He could answer some of the questions I've seen there.
@BogSite You don't teach him how to stay up late??? Bad Father! Bad Geobits!
Oh he knows how to do that. Just not how to get enough sleep for school if he does ;)
2:12 AM
What games does he play?
Pokemon, Minecraft, Terraria, FF(7 so far), Mario [insert version here], Zelda... a bunch of stuff really.
Also various stuff on mobile. The icon is from geometry dash.
@BogSite Weren't you using a different anagram earlier today?
2:18 AM
@BogSite I noticed.
@SuperJedi224 Don't talk to me about it.
you're limited to changing once every 30 days though
There are ways around it
Was it Bigtoes or I Go Best?
I just assumed it was a different user trying to be confusing
Nope, that's me.
2:20 AM
It's just Geobits trying to be confusing
So... does anyone know why Eclipse has those additional "access rules"?
@AlexA. If I wanted to be confusing the avatar would change, too :P
** cough cough what's an ide ** @SuperJedi224
Look out, we got a real programmer in here >_>
2:22 AM
ms notepad for lyfe
I take it back. Actually using notepad for anything is hardcore. By "not ide" I assumed he meant some text editor that was still usable.
nah butterflies + cosmic rays for lyfe
pshhh initial conditions of the universe
When I was like 11, I used Notepad to write Python lol
Notepad = Windows.
2:24 AM
notepad is actually just terrible though
I don't think it pretends not to be
I don't know what it does but it can't even deal with copy/paste whitespace
@ZachGates Where were your parents when this was happening? That's gotta be some sort of neglect.
2:24 AM
^ they should have put you to bed
@BogSite Haha how so
Allowing their child to have to suffer notepad?
IKR, I'm scarred for life
It's like the old gruel of text editors.
out of curiosity now, what does everyone use?
2:25 AM
@BogSite "Dammit Zachary, you're to use an IDE when writing Python. Go to your room, skrubl0rd."
@AlexA. "What a n00b"
@Liam textwrangler
@Liam Depends on the situation but I've been trying to learn and use NeoVim.
I had been using Atom.
is that still terminal only aka guiless
@Liam If I have to be on windows I generally use np++.
2:26 AM
@Liam IDLE for Python, TextWrangler for HTML/CSS & JS, Xcode for everything else
@Liam AFAIK yes
MacVim has a GUI but I don't think NeoVim does.
yeah I use np++ on windows too. Geany on linux
I really should learn vim better
Geany makes me cringe
I use it the same way I use vi
As @Doorknob can attest, I'm awful at Vim.
2:27 AM
@AlexA. Same
^ execpt the doorknob part
@AlexA. can confrim
Everybody is awful at vim. Even those that think they're good at it are still awful at it.
Doorknob is great at Vim
That sounds really close to something Lenny would like.
2:28 AM
I'd rate my knowledge of vim at, oh, about 10%? Maybe 15% on a good day? :P
How would you rate mine? Statistically distinct from zero?
Some questions you shouldn't ask ;)
My skin is thick
And covered in feathers
And the blood of my enemies
Who killed them for you?
My mommy
2:29 AM
bird flu
My mom is the best. Legit.
@Doorknob How can your knowledge of something lessen heh
i bet she doesn't make cookies as good as my mom
@AlexA. just like seattle is the best place ever?
@Liam I bet she does. My mom could beat up your mom.
2:30 AM
@AlexA. My conscience had to hold back my initial reply there...
wait... am I doing it right
You're in seattle right. I'm in tacoma. Let's make them fight
@EasterlyIrk Well, it objective is, so...
we can meet in federal way, a half-way point of neutral territory
Rock-em Sock-em Moms
2:31 AM
@Doorknob Yo mama's so nice, she warms the heart of all who meet her. ooooooooh
@Liam Meet at the airport
@Liam Federal Way is halfway between Seattle and Tacoma? Damn, Tacoma is further away than I remembered. :P
<-- terrible sense of direction and general location ( checks google map )
I like the SeaTac idea. They can fight in the ticketing area with lots of glass everywhere.
2:33 AM
Yeah federal way is a lot closer to tacoma
seatac it is
$15 minimum wage
WA has $15 minimum wage? (or is it just Seattle)
Which apparently still hasn't been paid to a lot of airport workers...
just seatac i think
@ZachGates Just the city of SeaTac at the moment.
So at least the janitors who mop up the blood will be compensated fairly.
2:34 AM
or not
Well, better than the eight or so they'd get here, anyway :/
Actually, Seattle does have the $15 minimum wage now
In Memphis it's 7.25
That's more than I made at my first job
that's probably what it is in AZ where I went to school
2:36 AM
Yea, we're at the federal minimum here in Florida, too.
@AlexA. But we've invented electricity and automobiles now.
@BogSite ಠ_ಠ
@BogSite I almost made an age joke, but I decided against it ಠ_ಠ
I think I'm older than he is, so I'm allowed ;)
2:37 AM
You are, by about 8 years
Florida = bog site
You're my sister's age
@AlexA. @BogSite is your sister?? :o
To be fair, it's more than I made at my first job, too. It was either $5.15 or $5.25, can't remember. But then again, a lot of things were a lot cheaper then.
I think mine was $6.70 or thereabouts
@ZachGates Yes, because apparently everyone born in that year came from the same person :P
2:39 AM
@AlexA. Richi McRichpants
@AlexA. Is that not how it worked back then?
@ZachGates I don't know, it was before I was born. All I can do is speculate.
@AlexA. bookmarking....
Bookmarking what >_>
Aww come on. That would have been a great out-of-context quote to toss out later when the room is dead :P
There was a guy in my high school who went by DickDick (seriously). His name was Richard Richardson.
2:46 AM
Günther's dik-dik (Madoqua guentheri) is a small antelope found in East Africa. It weighs up to 3–5 kg (6.6 to 11 lb) when full grown. It has a yellowish-gray to reddish-brown coat. It has a short tail (3–5 cm) and horn (9.8 cm). It is found in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Uganda, as well as its most popular place of nesting, Egypt. It inhabits Egypt because of the large amount of sand, which it prefers to burrow into. == References... ==
Was he one of these?
it's spelled different
I don't remember a Gunther, so probably not.
Hahaha awww that was funny. I'm glad I can see deleted chat messages.
2:51 AM
Good night!
how do naming collisions work in SE?
Günther's dik-dik has a short...horn (9.8 cm)
reference: "SSC Antelope Specialist Group"
@Liam You have to multiply length times girth, plus the angle of the tip. You can't just take a ruler to it.
angle of the shaft, aka yaw
what a philistine
If you want to use outdated methods, sure.
2:56 AM
well you should tell the Antelope Specialist Group all about that
I'm not the one who did the measuring
They know. They know.
Downgoat's avatar looks a bit like a dik dik
I have work I really should be doing ಠ_ಠ
Aditsu's Law

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