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9:00 PM
I wouldn’t call it redundant here; if you wanna stress the American-ness.
Well it is called american, but it is mainly north-american
Here in 'Murica, we always stress the American-ness. 'Murica.
or more precisely perhpas usa-ian
You make it sound like there are any other Americans
@TimmyD Surely you mean Murica'
9:01 PM
Well is there an adjective like american but that relates only to the usa?
@flawr American.
@RenderSettings ಠ___ಠ
@flawr "from the United States"
9:02 PM
But every other country has an adjective like that!
@flawr US American.
@TimmyD ಠ_____ಠ
Seriously though, that's what "American" means in English: of the US.
So it should be USASCII
Start the movement. Be a hero.
9:03 PM
also, I do not get why they omit the o in United States of America
I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you are refering to as ASCII, is actually USASCII, or as I've recently taken to calling it, US/ASCII
Because that looks stupid.
@RenderSettings Hahahaha
@Dennis So what do you call someone from "los Estados Unidos Mexicanos" ... AKA, "Mexico" ... ?
9:04 PM
@flawr Because you only take the first letters of major words. Otherwise it looks stupid.
@ETHproductions Why would it matter if it looks stupid?
But in some rare cases, it works out better that way: "Game of Life" => GoL
9:05 PM
GoT game of thrones
@flawr Would you want to live in a country with a stupid acronym?
@TimmyD Calling your country United States of America is already a pretty big slap in the face, considering that there are other states in America. Using American as from the USA is just wrong. It may be commonplace in English, but it's still wrong.
That's still stylized with a lowercase 'o' to show it's not important
@ETHproductions Who would want to live in the USA anyway?
It would be USoA, and people would just drop the o anyawys
9:06 PM
@flawr good point
@flawr ಠ_______________UNK_____________ಠ
Well switzerland is technically also an union of states
@Dennis Maybe we should have had a focus group or some test markets first before national roll-out.
By the way, the demonym is estadounidense in Spanish.
9:07 PM
Called the swiss confederation
D'awww, Urbit's developer docs are in development...
So if someone is talking about the united states, I am never sure whether they are talking about switzerland.
@Dennis I thought that was norteamericanos
I hope I did not offend too many US-americans here.
9:09 PM
@HelkaHomba February 21, per somebody's request. I didn't realize back then that he forked it from your repo.
disclaimer: I am US-american
@flawr To. Late.
But then again, you can never offend too many us-americans.
@flawr ಠ_______________UNK_____________ಠ
What is UNK?
9:09 PM
@EasterlyIrk ಠ_______________USA_____________ಠ
@TimmyD No, that's North American, which includes Canadians.
Unknown token.
@flawr See the Beep Boop Maggot room
That sounds like something from QC
Lojban has merko for USA-ian, bemro for North-American, bemjoitco for Pan-American.
9:10 PM
But couldn't estadounidense mean someone from Mexico, by similar logic?
_INK is out of things to say error.
@RenderSettings where are you from?
@flawr QC?
@EasterlyIrk Questioable Content
@TimmyD It’s a bit different: anyone can be a bunch of united states, so calling yourself “The United States” is just egocentric; whereas America belongs to other people, so calling yourself “America” is closer to cultural theft.
9:13 PM
@TimmyD No. While the official name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos, nobody calls it that. The proper demonym is mexicano in that case.
@EasterlyIrk America ;D
I'm reading the Urbit whitepaper. It's... interesting, for lack of a better word.
And yeah, there isn’t really a collision. America is a name many people claim for many different things, but nobody calls Mexico the United States
Not even Mexicans.
Ok, so barring a name change of the country (which is not going to happen in today's climate), what convenient term should we use for people from the USA? US-Americans is unwieldly, to say the least.
9:15 PM
From the US is as many syllables as American
@SetBigO Ussians?
Well, seeing as how the US was here first, I'm retroactively calling "dibs." :p
Jul 24 '15 at 3:51, by Dennis
You guys are called estadounidenses here. Unitedstatesler or something like that.
> seeing as how the US was here first
@Lynn You can't use that well in many cases. "We have a coalition of Germans, Mexicans, and From-the-US."
@Lynn Oh, come on ... super joking here.
Some day I'm going to write a book How to efficiently offend US-Americans
@Dennis There's a difference between what others call us and what we call ourselves in our native language.
This is true for many countries.
I know some people who just use 'Murricans for people from USA, but that's more of a joking thing
also generally used in the north to talk about people in the south
(parts of USA, that is)
I propose Murkins for general use :)
9:21 PM
(nsfw if you BiGoogle that)
Yea... good point. Maybe something with a different pronunciation.
This used to be a rant
I like Ussian ... like "Russian" without the "R"
9:25 PM
Wow I feel a lot better now.
@zyabin101 Where's the option for "this doesn't matter in the least to me"? I used the 'close tab' button, but it didn't show in the results.
I obviously vote everyone.
@SetBigO This is a poll. You don't need to vote, if you don't want to.
@Lynn Searching on Bing or Google ... it's also a play on bi
@TimmyD Good luck getting the votes needed to change it to that ;) The Cold War is fresher in some minds than it should be.
@SetBigO I find it's more pleasant to ignore users who I don't think add much to the chatroom
9:27 PM
Yeah, we just need to scheme a plot that shows that "R" is eeeevvvvviiiiilll
@Mego I feel like I should be part of that group, but I remember you responded to me the other day because we were talking about RWBY.
@Mego I don't really like the ignore button. Sometimes I manually ignore people, but it's very rare that I'll let the software do it for me ;)
Another possibility would be US-ian.
@BrainLot RWBY?
@TimmyD Something with the Toys R Us giraffe would work. They use a backwards R anyway.
9:29 PM
As in "You-Ess-Ian" ... ?
@TimmyD Yes.
@BrainLot There's a difference (to me, at least) between "hangs out in chat and occasionally says funny/interesting things" and "almost nothing posted is worth reading/replying to"
@SetBigO I use the ignore button pretty liberally. I think currently I have 4 users ignored.
> pretty liberally
> 4 users ignored
The problem with anything just US (like US-ians, or whatever), is that no other country does it. Who calls themselves Democrat Republicans or DR-ians, for example? It's just awkward, and not any more specific than Americans is, so it's not a good replacement.
9:30 PM
@TimmyD Compared to most people, who I would imagine ignore a max of 1 person, that is pretty liberal :P
@zyabin101 It's a show by RoosterTeeth, the folks who did Red vs Blue. My brother works for them.
@Mego Fair point.
@Mego Ò_Ó
@SetBigO That's true.
@BrainLot A really good show
9:32 PM
Obviously we need to form Jesusland.
Granted, with the exception of RTES, Strangerhood, and 1-800-PANICS, everything RT has put out has been really good imo
@TimmyD Ugh.
So is NewSandboxedPosts really slow, or did I accidentally hit the ignore button on him, too?
It's usually pretty slow, unless you mean >20 mins.
I heard he runs every 15 minutes. But that was a long time ago so I may be misremembering
9:33 PM
That way, we'll have The United States of Canada who can be Canadians and Jesusland who can be ... umm ... Jesusians? They can't be Jesuits, as that's a religious organization ... Hmm. This didn't solve anything.
@SetBigO Then I propose USAers, pronounced "you-sayers".
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoGenerate a waveform from audio Given an audio file, in any common audio format, as input, output an image, in any common image format, of a waveform representing the audio input. The input audio should be sampled at 44.1 kHz with 32-bit floats, and sample points should be plotted every 5 pixels....

There it goes
The Untied States of America
@Zgarb "You-sayers" has somewhat of a nice ring to it.
9:36 PM
It can also have whatever connotation you want it to have.
It does. Good luck getting it past Congress ;)
...or we could just all start using it everywhere, and hope it becomes a generally accepted term.
Oh dear ...
Q: Unable to find the .lit file reader app clit

j0hI have some lit files I want to convert from Microsoft reader files to something my other devices can read. My friend says I should have clit, in $ which clit /usr/bin/clit but I cannot find it. I tried locate clit but the results are unrelated. So then I tried sudo apt-get install clit but i...

They reworded the title. Took long enough...
9:39 PM
Awww, they renamed it
The no-fun police have arrived.
It's slightly better
Did you see the comments before they got nuked? People are terrible :D
hah yeah
> I tried locate clit but the results are unrelated
9:40 PM
@SetBigO Just shows that, really, everyone has a dirty mind.
@SetBigO I saw them. They were exactly what I expected.
That is so clearly intentional...
man clit
No manual page for clit
> Is clit a standard package? where can I find it?
@TimmyD I've met some people that either really really didn't or were absolute masters at concealing it. In general, I am not a fan of these people.
9:42 PM
Hmmm. On the "no strings or numbers attached" challenge, do you think +42 would work? It's not the literal atom 42, just "snag index 42 in the context"
So the mods nuked the comments, but didn't edit the original post at all
@SetBigO I have a terribly dirty mind, but I try to keep it in check for the sake of civility here :)
As long as you let it slip sometimes, you're okay in my book ;)
Some things are just funny, that's all.
what is that package even for
ebook related stuff. It's a valid question, even if it's also obvious bait.
9:43 PM
@Liam You'll understand when you're older
It's impossible to Google safely at work
That's what I was thinking
Some people never do find out, though, so maybe an explanation is in order. Kids, close your eyes.
@Mego ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
9:45 PM
This is purely educational, correct?
Educate yourself: the clit package
How will the kids learn anything with their eyes closed?
<-- scared to click link
stupid defcon
@BrainLot Errr. Little kids, close your eyes. Better?
9:46 PM
@Mego The best thing is watching movies that I watched as a kid, and going "Holy cow, they snuck a lot of stuff past kids" ... and then wondering how much would get past kids now-a-days
I learned my lesson after the last three defcons I got tricked by
There, I edited the link :)
@TimmyD Looney Toons were great at that.
@SetBigO Disney, man. They had so many leud references
9:46 PM
I thought defcon was just a rickroll
I wouldn't call them "great" I think they just didn't care
But yea. Speaking as a parent, they can and do still get lots past the kids :)
The smiley face at the end of that line made it a bit creepy
Timon and Pumba serenade Simba with an Elton John song while he hakunas Nala's tatas. Kids see singing animals. Adults see voyeurism.
@Liam Only a bit? Damn, I'm normally better at that :(
9:49 PM
should have used the winky smiley face
Hindsight 20/20 and all...
Winky smiley faces make everything +50 Creepy to me.
@Lynn Only +50? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
9:50 PM
(Lynn’s eyes melt)
Why is that flowchart screaming like that?
@Lynn That might look nice, but I think the alignment makes this extremely hard to follow.
@SetBigO Why is it a GIF?
9:52 PM
Good point. Maybe that's why it's screaming.
There's a lot of screaming in SQL, though.
Maybe SQL developers are just angry all the time.
I would be, if I had to program in SQL.
I'd probably need a tougher keyboard.
2 days ago, by RenderSettings
writing SQL while not screaming at the top of your lungs is a syntax error
Well, time to make dinner. Chicken Alfredo, I choose you!
On the other hand ... Caps lock is cruise control for cool.
9:56 PM
@TimmyD I did SQL programming for a little over a year at my last job. Combined with the fact that we had to write code in this monstrosity, it was a nightmare
@TimmyD Even with cruise control, you still have to steer
@Mego Best. Analogy. Ever.
I didn't come up with it
That follow-up to "caps lock is cruise control for cool" has been around on the internet at least as long as I have
So, like, a couple months?
TimmyD ... away!
10:00 PM
This MatterOfScale game is so addicting.
It's like CookieClicker but not as pretty
that page is blank
Is it blank for anyone else?
Better question, is it not blank for anyone but me?
I see it
One of my favorite games: adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com
@NinjaBearMonkey Thanks. Had no idea!
@flawr Because abbreviations omit words that aren't capitalized unless necessary to create a word.
10:15 PM
there's really no comparison to kittensgame
@Mego Wow. I was feeling happy and then "One of your huts burned down. All of the villagers inside perished."
What a downer.
@BrainLot It's a really fun game that gets more and more interesting as you go on
10:32 PM
I feel so happy I just successfully did a fork in J
What's a fork
(verb1 verb2) (noun) = noun verb1 (verb2 noun)
^ that's a fork.
10:52 PM
Would someone with a Windows machine mind doing me a favor and trying this out?
It's a minimal Cygwin install, with just enough to run Seriously
Why would you do that?
Because it's a pain in the rear to run Seriously on Windows
I thought it was a Python script
10:55 PM
wat is cygwin
@feersum It is, but it requires a module that uses a C extension and thus things get complicated when trying to compile it, since MSVC doesn't support the C99 features that the extension uses
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ POSIX compatibility layer for Windows
That sounds like a bad thing.
Which part?
"POSIX", "compatibility layer", and "windows"
They do not belong in the same sentence.
10:57 PM
They should :P
POSIX is really nice
POSIX is like 6, but for posers, right?
Consistency is a cool thing
@Mego Why can't you compile it with mingw?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Right. Windows already has a POSIX subsystem, why would you need a compatibility layer?
Ah, nevermind. Looks like that we removed when XP came around
11:04 PM
@feersum Because Python's setuptools doesn't support MinGW, as far as I can tell from my attempts at making it work. It's either gcc on a Linux/UNIX system, or MSVC on a Windows system.
install gentoo
@Mego Cygwin is none of the above though..
@feersum Cygwin pretends to be a Linux/UNIX system, so Python recognizes that and uses gcc, which works
11:30 PM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ POSIX is like what everybody but Windows uses so everyone has to build special cases around whether the code is running on Windows.
Windows is a nightmare for developers unless you're using .NET
I can imagine
I've only ever developed in .NET on Windows
And if you're using .NET, nobody else will use your code unless they really like dealing with Mono
I haven't used Mono but I haven't heard anything bad about it.
It's not very easy to get it set up and working properly (from my last experience with it from about a year ago)
11:32 PM
When I installed it, I just went to their site, downloaded it, and followed the instructions, then it worked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I meant getting it working on Linux :P
It's a bit more involved from what I remember
@Mego That's not true at all.
That should be the Linux tagline: "It's a bit more involved from what I remember."
@mınxomaτ I had huge difficulties getting it installed on Debian about a year ago. It may be easier/better now.
11:34 PM
On all sane linux distros you just install the mono-complete package. On ubuntu you merely have to add the up2date repository to apt (because ubuntu has an outdated package). That's it.
@Mego You probably just installed the default package. Debian has outdated mono packages, and they refuse to update for whatever reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@mınxomaτ That's entirely possible
I ended up having to compile/install it from source, which was unpleasant
Another case of "RTFM". I learned that the hard way, too.
I have no idea about the setup on OS X though.
11:37 PM
Root Toot For Moot?
@mınxomaτ Download .dmg, install, done.
Read The Farting Manual
@AlexA. Thought so.
There's probably a Homebrew formula for it as well.
@Mego I'm already an expert on this, I need no manual.
11:38 PM
Windows Mono install procedure: Download .msi, install, hope you don't get a random BSOD from something else during the install, done
@AlexA. brew install mono
@Mego but you don't really need mono anyway cuz you're on windows
What's next, Cygwin for Linux?
11:39 PM
Q: combinations of characters

pycoderWrite a function that takes two arguments, len (an int) and chars (a list). It should output a list of all the possible combinations of length len of items in the chars list, with repetition allowed. Example: f(3,['a','b','c']) Outputs: ['aaa','aab','aac','aad'...'ccb','ccc'] Scored by ch...

@Maltysen Some things run faster in Mono. And Mono's compiler adheres to the full C# 6.0 standard, not just a part of it like Roslyn (.NET).
Want safe code? Use Mono.
Though the developer preview of Roslyn already implements some C# 7 features.
Want a bad time? Get mononucleosis.
@AlexA. I thought I had mono for a year. Turns out I was just really bored.
Did you vomit out of boredom?
11:42 PM
@AlexA. Well, it's something to do.
I can think of many more things I'd rather do when I'm bored than vomit.
You must not be truly bored.
Well, at least at the moment I'm not; I'm here with you fascinating folks.
@AlexA. You should try adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com
11:51 PM
@Mego This is interesting. You should try lightbox.doublespeakgames.com.
@AlexA. flags as offensive
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hey, that link makes me uneasy ._.
It's just a link. To somewhere on the Internet. Which is a vast, dark place full of horrors.
I was just reading the SO rules and it had a rule against sharing things that make people uneasy, so I thought I'd exercise my rights.
11:57 PM
@AlexA. most of it actually has a light background :P
@Skyl3r Good thing this isn't Stack Overflow. ;)
@Maltysen How right you are!
The rules said "This site is an extension of Stack Overflow"
The Be Nice rules apply here
Stack Exchange.
I'm being nice.
I'm just being mysterious.

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