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3:01 AM
@Liam Well, he is A Dong, so...
And today trump admitted how much his wall would cost.
I would how much a CR wall would cost?
changing names is the new cool ?
> I guarantee it's better than purchasing WinRAR - Alex A.
@Optimizer Only when I do it, really.
The others are just bandwagonners >_>
who are you? Downgoat?
3:04 AM
Not on your life.
@BogSite BeoGits
It would be funny if people legit switched names and avatars though, instead of just anagramming themselves
Nah, that would be more chaotic than funny ;)
@BogSite O, Big Set
@ZachGates Set Big O isn't bad.
3:05 AM
what other ones have you already used
Umm, Geobits, Bigtoes, I Go Best, Bog Site.... I think that's it.
Not bad for seven letters I guess.
@Liam change your name to Mail
don't do that please
Q: Who said that? 2016 Presidential election

soktinpkIn this challenge, your task is to make write a program with less than 300 characters that takes a short paragraph or a few sentences that a candidate has said and output who said it. Input: Can be taken as a parameter to a function, input to a program etc. It will be a short paragraph, properly...

3:14 AM
Yo-Yo Ma
@SetBigO Dang, beat me to it
3:16 AM
@AquaTart ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ?
3:16 AM
3:17 AM
night teeth
@ZachGates I have to be able to assign it to sys.stdin.
3:18 AM
day teeth? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
We should change our chat name to ninetieth byte and see if anyone notices.
@mbomb007 sys.stdin = MySTDIN()?
we should revert everyone's names and disable the ability to change them
@Doorknob only after you fullfill your destiny and become dork noob
3:20 AM
@Doorknob Evolve to your final form
@NinjaBearMonkey You should change your name to Keen On Binary Jam instead.
@Doorknob please do
@ZachGates Super saiyan doorknob mode
"You fools, this isn't even my final form!" - @Doorknob
I guess it's back to PicklishDoorknob then.
<-- I am L(egend)
3:28 AM
@Liam I read that as <!-- language: I am L(egend) -->
I don't know what that means
I think it means he spends too much time staring at HTML and/or markdown.
how are you changing name this frequently?
Magic Ponies
are you changing it on different sites then making that site your main profile?
3:36 AM
That doesn't sound like magic ponies at all.
I like the incomplete redaction on the names there.
Very well done.
it wasn't me hah
It showed up on my facebook
with the caption "I'm about to go buy a mac"
Pfft. Save your money and just install a better OS on the hardware you've got, amirite?
i.e. a linux distro?
just run unix on your gameboy color
3:41 AM
The GBC is my kid's though. He saved up his own money for it :/
where did he even find a place to buy a gbc...
"internet" would be the answer I guess
He got it at a retro game store in the mall. It wasn't as much as you'd think. He got the Pikachu edition, though, so it was more than the $40 they want for the regular ones.
oh yeah that's a cool one
It doesn't matter. You'd install unix on a GamePak
then you could just "borrow" the actual device
True... or I could just not :P
Sounds like I'd need some hardware to write to it.
And I can't imagine typing would be easy.
@Liam he actually meant DOS
@Liam That's a tease D:
maybe when they get out of the commitment phase we will have an answer
I bought an N64 on eBay the other day, only to realize that I have no games to play
yeah, that's me. what's up?
Why would you want to connect an Apple Newton's fax system to a modern fax?
Let me be more specific: Why would you want to deal with a fax machine at all?
ahhhhhhh darude sandstorm is playing on TV what is this
@Doorknob 2002
fn eat(&self) {
eat a reference of yourself?
4:10 AM
Rust promotes autocannibalism
@AlexA. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
like a snake eating its own tail
swallowing it live and forming multiple loops due to it..
you searched it actually?
I searched for Pypy because I know their logo is the ouroboros
4:13 AM
@AlexA. it's an example question
and like the only decent feature of the Apple Newton system
@Quill Examples are based in life, Quill.
besides the handwriting recognition
> retro
It's retro computing
That means it's not real
haha I didn't know you could use "retro" to mean that :P
Adjective: retro ‎(comparative more retro, superlative most retro)
  1. Of, or relating to, the past, past times, or the way things were.
  2. Affecting things past; retroactive, ex post facto.
  3. retro m, f ‎(plural retros)
  4. retro...
Noun: Wikipedia
  1. retro ‎(plural retros or retroes)
  2. Something, such as a fashion, from the past; a retro trend.
  3. A retrorocket.
  4. retro m ‎(invariable)
  5. back, rear, reverse
Adverb: retro ‎(not comparable)
  1. back
  2. retro
  3. behind
  4. retrō (not comparable)
  5. back, backwards, behind
(4 more not shown…)
> or the way things were.
Fax was the way things were
close enough
4:15 AM
I know that use of it
> That means it's not real
I haven't heard of "retro" meaning "unreal."
So was mine
I have other answers
@Quill I saw that, that's really interesting
@Quill I have a feeling we were both joking and neither of us knew the other was joking. #internetinteractionisbestinteraction
@Quill: Does the proposed site cover all devices or computers exclusively?
4:19 AM
Someone asked about an Atari
@ZachGates IDK, I'm assuming it covers all devices
i.e. game consoles, handheld devices, etc.
Maybe make a discussions question on the proposal
That's the Area51 term for Meta
I found some game console-related questions on there
so apparently they're covered
@Mego did you hear we reset the ppcg minecraft server?
4:26 AM
@HelkaHomba No, I didn't. Any reason in particular?
(I haven't played MC in a while, in case you haven't noticed :P)
@Mego Upgrade to Minecraft 1.9
@Mego (Same)
Oh yeah
@Mego What is this?
4:26 AM
For 1.9 and a fresh start - lots of discussion about is here yesterday: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/24544/ppcg-minecraft-server
I'm not all that interested in 1.9 actually
Lotta newer players wanted the chance to build stuff.
@AlexA. Ouroboros
@Pietu1998 ditto on the mc reset
I'm actually liking the new combat system. Much more realistic.
4:27 AM
One of the things I like about Minecraft is the lack of realism
Idk how much I'll like the new combat system
Punch a tree, get wood, tree doesn't fall over
Punching trees gives me wood
The biggest change is that you can't effortlessly pummel mobs to death.
Now you basically need a shield, and you need to strategize.
4:29 AM
There's dual-wielding too.
I can mine with a pick in my main hand and torches in my offhand.
@El'endiaStarman That is one of the two things I like about the 1.9 updates I just read
Does a torch in your hand provide any light?
The other thing is the expanded villages
@AlexA. No, but it's super easy to place.
4:31 AM
Oh gotcha
So the discussion about installing Linux on a GBC - is that actually possible?
gotcha getch thatch
@Mego It will evolve the Gameboy to a Gameman.
@Mego expanded villages?
@HelkaHomba Sorry, expanded end/end villages
4:35 AM
The sentence got away from me
Hey non minecraft players - which one of us has the best avatar (scroll down)?
@El'endiaStarman Your and @Eridan's skins are kinda creepy..
@HelkaHomba You should update people's SE usernames
ConfusedMr_C, FlagAsSpam, etc.
@HelkaHomba I've barely done any work on mine.
I really need to finish it...
@HelkaHomba Either @phase or @PhiNotPi
@AlexA. ehhh, yeah but hard to keep all up to date
(the chat links are there anyway)
4:40 AM
@HelkaHomba I made it myself on my phone on a bus; I think it turned out well. :P
> He's champin' for a clampin'!
Um what
4:45 AM
@HelkaHomba Clearly me :P (I'm missing actually)
Yay recursion!
@Sp3000 oops, fixed
4:56 AM
FYI, all three astronauts that returned from the ISS today are safe and sound. Chilling out on chairs in the middle of nowhere in Kazakhstan. :P
In particular, Scott Kelly is back after 340 days in space.
@El'endiaStarman on chains?
I completely don't get that reference.
You said "chilling out on chains"
nuh uh!
CHAIRS it says!
@El'endiaStarman I completely don't get that reference.
5:02 AM
I thought you were making a joke/pun.
In part because you replied to the wrong message. :P
In other news, it's super tuesday: nytimes.com/elections/results
That's a fantastic link
haha why?
Dunno, I just like it
Charts and graphs are my forte
5:07 AM
Opioid Induced Constipation?
@ZachGates s/fantastic/frightening/
Insufficient Bernie ;-;
+1, Trump
5:09 AM
Wait, really?
A dong is right. It confirms Trump will almost surely be the nominee.
Also, I'm a Dong Wot not a dong
@AlexA. [Trump, Rubio, Carson, Kasich, Cruz] in that order
Those are your picks?
Preferred GOP candidates in order from favorite to least favorite
@ADongWot Maybe he was talking about a different dong
5:12 AM
@ADongWot There's a lot out there
[everyone else, Trump]
@ZachGates One of them is winning the Republican nominee :P
[Bernie, Hillary, literally any other person in the US, Trump]
5:14 AM
@AlexA. does "person" include goats/dong wots?
@ADongWot What about dongs?
@ADongWot I would legimitately prefer a goat as the leader of our nation to Dongle Trumpet.
Well you're in luck:

Chatgoat for President!

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Bookmarked Feb 26 at 3:18 by A Dong Wot

Chatgoat will beat Trump

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5:17 AM
@ZachGates I have a feeling we have very different political ideals. Sounds like we both align with the stereotypes of our respective states. :P
@AlexA. Perhaps
36 mins ago, by Zach Gates
> He's champin' for a clampin'!
I still don't understand that
@AlexA. You remember Clamps, the mafia bot?
Oh yeah, I think so
I thought that was the stabby guy
yeah, roberto
@AlexA. youtu.be/2EMpHRUif2s CLAMPS
5:22 AM
@ZachGates I'm genuinely curious: what makes you think Trump will be a good leader of the United States? Near none of my friends and acquaintances have openly supported Trump, so I have very little idea of why they think the way they do. I wish I did, because then I'd have a better understanding of them and Trump.
I think he's the most capable of repairing our economic condition. From lowering taxes and boosting small businesses to creating job opportunities in Big Business (and consequently small businesses). He may not be the most diplomatic candidate, but he's a brilliant marketer and businessman.
He's definitely not the most diplomatic candidate. :P
But okay, I see. I can see why he might be attractive to some people in that regard.
He's an incredible self-promoter. He says all these outlandish things for the publicity, and at exactly the right time to capture and hoard the media attention.
Economists now agree that tax cuts don't stimulate the economy.
@ZachGates Notice how when Rubio started getting media attention for his mass support, Trump announced that Chris Christie was backing him in the election.
5:27 AM
@ZachGates But how does that relate to being a good president?
@AlexA. yeah says Henry Blodget from businessinsider.com in 2012
@ZachGates Part of what concerns me and other people though is that he displays very little compassion and honesty in what he says.
@ZachGates He's citing an actual academic study
@HelkaHomba He is clearly able to understand the effects and resulting impact of his words/actions, which is something that he remains uncredited for. That's a great presidential quality
@AlexA. Last time I did research on that (a couple months ago, regarding whether raising taxes helps or hurts the economy), the sense I got was that it wasn't really very clear-cut, and that one's conclusion would probably depend on what one believed already.
5:30 AM
@El'endiaStarman Right, but in the state of our nation, compassion isn't what's needed. These are [inter]national politics, not a suburban town-hall.
Sorry, but as someone who's served in the military, anyone who advocates "going after their [terrorists] families" is automatically unfit for office. It's a war crime and should send a chill through the hearts of any serving at the retaliation it would bring.
That's in addition to other reasons, but a big one.
@ZachGates I'd argue that compassion is exactly what's needed. If we always answer threats with force and violence, the problem is never solved. At best, the solution and end to conflict is only postponed.
@SetBigO Again, he almost certainly does not actually advocate killing (presumably) innocent people
Presidents have to be international diplomats, and I think compassion is certainly a requirement there.
5:33 AM
@El'endiaStarman Look throughout history. If you don't respond with force, you lose
@SetBigO the worst part is that Trump is actually (IMHO) the best in that regard
out of the republicans & clinton
@Maltysen What do you mean?
@SetBigO Also, that depends on your answer to "Does the end justify the means?"
@ZachGates Then he shouldn't say it at all. For all those people who think Trump "tells it like it is", he's nothing but a fraud. That's not presidential, it's entertainment.
@AlexA. I'm not a trump supporter, but he's the one saying we should get out of everywhere and that all these war were a bad idea. The other ones are like "let's see if we can make sand glow"
5:35 AM
@ZachGates Of course it doesn't. I've been to Iraq. The means are terrible.
@SetBigO It's exaggeration to clench the vote. All the candidates are doing it, whether it goes unnoticed or not
Sorry, but killing civilians is an exaggeration too far in my book.
@SetBigO I don't believe his means are sending in troops to kill families. Rather using drones and other automated tactical aids to remove the "upper management" of the organizations
I mean
let's make donald drumf again
@ZachGates Drones kill indiscriminately. They wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an enemy soldier and a child.
5:38 AM
@AlexA. Drones have pilots
And that would be something I'd listen to. But he hasn't mentioned that. Instead he tried to play up his tough guy image by threatening atrocities.
@AlexA. Trump even said that he will be neutral between israel and palestine, and was like, wow this guy sometimes makes sense.
then he talked about his wall
@Upgoat OS-Esque, hehe
also, when did the 19th byte turn into a politics chat?
5:39 AM
We talk about a lot of things in here
also, idk if i should change username to something more unique
Oat Pug
You should change it back to what it was.
To Guap
@Upgoat recently
Gap Out
5:42 AM
@Upgoat At Go Up
I'm so confused so who's @Upgoat and who's the Downgoat one
is @ADongWot the one who used to be vihan?
And Upgoat was somebody
then who's upgoat?
5:43 AM
Upgoat == somebody
@ZachGates Hmm, I'd dispute that, but I'll note that deaths and wars have been decreasing throughout history. Conflict only breeds more conflict, but cooperation and compassion end and reduce conflict. If another nation is our ally, we don't need to waste time, effort, resources, and human lives to fight them.
Why not Wot A Dong?
@SetBigO fixed
How many of us are straight white male citizens? Truth is we'll probably do alright no matter who wins.
5:45 AM
@El'endiaStarman I agree, there's no point in risking human lives, but war is the only effective way to secure a given way of life. Compassion and cooperation can only get you so far.
@HelkaHomba Haha, let's just sit back and watch
Should we want "a given way of life" that can only be secured by war?
@HelkaHomba Well, y'know, I don't only care about myself...
Believe it or not, even military members are drilled that war is the -last- resort.
@El'endiaStarman No, but it's human nature to want to further/spread what we have/believe. Preferably, the world would abide by a single set of internationally agreed-upon statutes
Or should I say, especially military members. Maybe they just have a better appreciation for the things that can go wrong by jumping in.
A: CSV for fun and profit (mostly neither)

ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ𝔼𝕊𝕄𝕚𝕟, 1 char / 2 bytes ï Try it here (Firefox only). This one just outputs the input; however, with arrays, the brackets and quotes are discarded, leaving only the items and commas.

I uh... think I uh... won with ESMin!
5:51 AM
@ZachGates Building a big wall across a continent seems a great way to get started on that
@HelkaHomba I was referring to more of an "in a perfect world" sort of thing. Obviously that won't be happening (at least not any time soon)
Unless World War III kicks up
A: CSV for fun and profit (mostly neither)

DowngoatTeaScript, 0 bytes An empty TeaScript program does this

@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ Congratulations on "winning" a poorly-defined challenge
@Mego Yay... I guess
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ Winning is winning (although you didn't)
5:54 AM
@WotADong I thought 0-byte programs were disallowed (although I could be wrong)
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ Well it's not a 0-byte built-in because TeaScript auto-casts to string but even without that, it'll only be 1 byte
I don't know, is it?
@WotADong I don't know. Is it?
(Kat mode!)
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ I'm not sure if I'm not sure what you mean.
@ZachGates I agree. I was raised as a Bahá'í and taught that "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens." I just don't think walls and uncompassionate rulers are the path to that.
@SetBigO Oh you goin' Marky mode?
5:58 AM
@HelkaHomba Agreed, but I don't believe the world will be moving in that direction any time soon :-/
@SetBigO Where the Chatgoat mode at @WotADong
It's worth at least trying to move that way, isn't it?
@WotADong Hello. Meow.
5:59 AM
@WotADong wrong reply..
@SetBigO Hi Chatgoat
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ is PPCG better than Code Review?
@WotADong wrong reply...

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