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9:07 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing bruih
@RecursiveCo. shouldn't we flag that as off-topic
or VTC - it's at -40
does anyone know how much -fsanitize=undefined typically slows your code down? (the gcc flag)
@Razetime It's a lot better to work with emacslisp than vimscript or whatever. I find it very easy to work with.
@RecursiveCo. same
Which message are you replying to?
@RecursiveCo. it's a reply
click the arrow
9:17 AM
Oh, got it
@WheatWizard i like this idea a bit better than neovim. does it have package management?
Yeah. It is emacs afterall.
no I don't get it
did I miss half of the conveersation
No, not really
I wonder why we are targeted by Indonesian Gambling Spammers
maybe we could make a filter which filters out Indonesian posts
can mods do these sorts of things?
9:27 AM
posted on June 16, 2021 by Derrick Williams

Originally from Code Golf. I thought I'd continue making more drawing challenges here now that ...

> Display name may only be changed once every 30 days; you may change again on Jul 15 at 9:41
anyone know how to make an LL(1) parser in Python>
@RecursiveCo. We nuke them fast enough, every site has to deal with some amount of spam
Codidact seems a little lonely. I registered, but there are no challenges except the new one to answer. Maybe we should all join if we haven't already.
Should I change my profile to an identicon?
9:41 AM
@RecursiveCo. you can always answer old challenges
Not many challenges, though.
there are a few
43 to be exact.
well yeah, it was introduced few months ago
in The Nineteenth Bakery, May 24 at 9:38, by New Posts
Q: Phụ kiện tủ bếp inox INOX TRUNG THÀNH

Inox Trung ThànhPhụ kiện tủ bếp inox là những món vật dụng vừa trang trí cho không gian nhà bếp thêm tính thẩm mỹ cao, lại vừa mang đến sự tiện dụng và tiết kiệm thời gian cho các công việc nấu nướng trong bếp. Những mẫu phụ kiện tủ bếp inox giá rẻ sẽ giúp chị em sắp xếp được đồ đạc ở trong bếp gọn gàng, ngăn nắ...

Gosh, non-indonesian-gambling spam!
9:45 AM
note that you can be a lot more unoriginal on codidact(which can be a relief while writing challenges)
reposting from here may help a bit, but not as much as having relatively unique content
I don't understand that one @Ausername
95% of the spam we get is Indonesian poker.
Apparently, thanks to GTranslate, it has to do with stainless steel accessories
When you have something not on here, you want to put it on here.
@RecursiveCo. We had one for Outlook 365 or something :p
I just realised SO gets more spam questions than we get questions.
When does the gambling spam usually get posted? Today was the first time I saw an Indonesian gambling spam post.
Although once I saw an Indian ad for a glasses shop.
9:48 AM
As far as I know
@Ausername I know
why is it all poker
It's the most common gambling game
not even a mention of blackjack
9:49 AM
If you have a look in The Nineteenth Bakery transcript you might be able to find a pattern
One thing you must note about the gambling spam posts is they have these random tags that have nothing to do with the actual content.
The last gambling spam had "code-bowling" as one of them
Probably trying to confuse us
Well more flags for me
@RecursiveCo. lol
what's a CM
Also curious what a CM is
was just afraid someone might go "what! ydk what a CM is?"
Community Moderator I think
9:53 AM
what! ydk what a CM is?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2Write a shortest bijective program from String to Object. You can specify two sets of chars \$C_1\$ and \$C_2\$, both of which consist of at least 4 different chars[1], and define: String: string consisting of only chars in \$C_1\$ [C₁]* Name: non-empty string consisting of only chars in \$C_2\$...

@cairdcoinheringaahing lol
CMs are "Community Managers" - they're the members of staff at SE whose job it is to engage with the communities and feed back to the company
@SandboxPosts That reminds me, I have two challenges to sandbox and one to attempt posting.
what is the full frm of CGCC i forgot lol
9:55 AM
Can I just run one of these by you guys before I try?
Let me see them
@MaanasB Code Golf and Coding Challenges
@MaanasB go to the front page
@RecursiveCo. Ok, my idea was "Create a quine with as few distinct characters as possible".
holy the notification sound scared me oof
This is why I don't go into the Nineteenth Bakery - it's a dark place there
9:56 AM
@Ausername I'm not good at quines
The only one I know is in JavaScript: f=_=>`f=${f}`
Ok, but does it sound like a good idea?
@RecursiveCo. I found 3 in Python 3
HQ9+ for the win!
Ok I'll sandbox it
@RecursiveCo. I might have a CW for trivial answers where it's the standard quine in tthat language
9:57 AM
@MaanasB haha, it happens a lot
Could you just link to the sandbox post?
wait is window 11 a thing??
@RecursiveCo. Una momento
@Ausername Jelly, 3 bytes, 2 distinct characters
@RecursiveCo. it'll turn up here.. eventually
10:00 AM
Y'know, a few days ago I was playing Scrabble and the app said "Quine" was a valid word, and it said it was something to do with Scottish women.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameMinimal distinct character quine code-challenge quine Your challenge is to construct a quine using as few distinct characters as possible. Scoring The fewer distinct characters, the better. Meta More tags? I know this thing is tiny, is there anything else I need to say?

Here you gop
The whole thing fits in the onebox :p
Add rules
like "no reading your own source code"
I finally figured out what the standard python quine does
@RecursiveCo. huh lmao it's a word from the 1600s
hmm i should a command to my esolang to make it a 1byte quine
10:03 AM
@SandboxPosts I get the feeling that this is just going to be the standard quine in each language
standard loopholes disallowed,
@Ausername speaking of which, you can add that rule
@MaanasB No, it's a waste of a single byte command
I added "Standard quine rules apply".
please no-one snipe me I'll be out for an hour
on the sandbox question
Challenge: write a program which takes in a bar chart image and outputs the category with the value closest to the average. Answer: #myEsolang, 1 byte B ## Explanation This code uses my single byte command which I devised for this purpose.
That's a standard loophole.
10:06 AM
what are some of the most useful esolang commands for code golfing? in specific array commands / integer commands etc
What architecture is your language, e.g. Stack based, tacit, prefix based?
Actually, that idea I came up with to give an example of a standard loophole makes for a good idea. Anyone thinking of sandboxing it?
@Ausername idk stack based probably
@Ausername Let him know on Discord, he might get annoyed at that
10:08 AM
I recommend having a look at the codepages of other languages like 05AB1E, Jelly, Vyxal, etc.
@cairdcoinheringaahing I unhas discord.
CMC: given a string, append un to the beginning of each word. However if it starts with un and then a consonant, remove un. (so university should be ununiversity, not iversity. While unfavorable should be favorable not ununfavorable.)
lag :(
Test case: He went to the university yesterday, but his interview was undesirable. -> Unhe unwent unto unthe ununiversity unyesterday, unbut unhis uninterview unwas desirable
10:13 AM
Grammar doesn't really matter as long as you follow the spec.
because university starts with un, but the letter following that is not a consonant
So, looks like the Codidactyl is the most popular choice for the Feed's pfp. However, it isn't the same 16x16 pixel image as the other feeds/bots - is it worth making a pixel version?
@RecursiveCo. JavaScript, 74: s=>s.split(' ').map(x=>x.match(/^un[^aeiou]/)?x.slice(2):'un'+x).join(' ')
@RecursiveCo. nice challenge where is the sandbox for this
Good job. unHe is acceptable. Also note you can use slice instead of substr
@MaanasB It's just a CMC no sandbox yet.
10:19 AM
what is a CMC (idk full forms)
Chat mini challenge.
similarly, CMQ -> chat mini question.
Q: What are our specific abbreviations and terms?

AdámNewcomers to codegolf.SE are often compelled to ask what many of our abbreviations and terms mean. Let us list them here so this information always will be easily available. Return to FAQ index

@cairdcoinheringaahing thanks for that
@ArtOfCode 69
@RecursiveCo. So we have to handle case?
10:24 AM
@RecursiveCo. nice :D
@Adám No, I accepted ArtOfCode's submission even though it said unHe instead of Unhe.
@RecursiveCo. Can we then assume input is all lowercase?
even though my test case had a He
@RecursiveCo. unhe - alternate term for when MtF trans people transition :P
@RecursiveCo. QuadR, 25. Try it online!
10:29 AM
Looks good
do you need parentheses around [^aeiou ]
sorry idk quadR
@RecursiveCo. Isn't, though. You need a test case with un inside a word, e.g. nun
@RecursiveCo. Yes, as the parens form a capturing group such that \1 can refer to it.
The made-up word trunis also works
Now that would be valid
@cairdcoinheringaahing Heh, my son just pointed out that I turn 36 today.
@Adám Happy birthday!
10:36 AM
@Adám Happy birthday!
@RecursiveCo. It is just pairwise PRCE; the first n÷2 lines are search patterns, and the remaining n÷2 lines are their substitution patterns.
Feels funny, I've not been a square number of years old since I was 25…
I've always been curious how APL works, maybe I should start learning, just for fun
especially with the encoding
APL = Annoying Programming Language??
just A Programming Language
lag again? :(
A Programming Language :P
10:40 AM
very original, I know.
CMC: Given a string s output all permutations of "s"
happy birthday @Adám !
@RecursiveCo. I'll be happy to assist, but we should probably take it to the APL chat room, apl.chat
@MaanasB Extended Dyalog APL, 9 bytes: ⌂pmat∘≢⊇⊢ Try it online!
APL doesn't have a 1-byte builtin?
Not for this, no.
Œ! in Jelly.
@Ausername It does, however, have a 1-byte built-in to compute how many such permutations there are: !
10:50 AM
@MaanasB Can we take an array of chars?
If so, then 71 in js
@RecursiveCo. yes, by default i/o rules
Want a random permutation of a string with up to 9 letters?
Pick a string and I will pick one for you.
That's just a shuffle of the letters, no?
RoksMciuc is a permutation of...
11:00 AM
@RecursiveCo. ok here is the string "lorem hi"
CMC: Given a [a-zA-Z_¯] string, flip case and flip _/¯.
Ugh, Unicode outside of Jelly's code page
E.g. lOOK¯aT¯mY¯cOOL¯vARIABLE¯nAME ←→ Look_At_My_Cool_Variable_Name
@Ausername Can we take the chunk size instead of the number of chunks?
11:04 AM
@Adám I meant chunk size, sorry
CMC: Create a simple language? 3 instructions; a single variable. "+" increments the variable by 1, "-" decrements the variable by 1 and "." prints the variable. Example program ++. prints 2
@MaanasB loe mhir
That's the permutation
11:06 AM
That's it
@MaanasB So the variable starts at 0. Is ++.-. valid?
Seems like it.
@RecursiveCo. No clambers is an anagram of scramble
@Adám yes
But the output was truncated so it would never reach scramble
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameSquare chunk my matrix code-golf array-manipulation Your challenge is to write a function/program that takes a matrix m and a number n as input and: Splits the matrix into n by n chunks Replaces each chunk with the most common value in that chunk (In case of a tie, any of the tied values is fine)...

So good to post then?
@Ausername More tags maybe?
And get rid of
@Ausername Clarify what type of values can appear.
11:10 AM
Maybe due to involving the mode.
If you think so
Ok, posting'
11:12 AM
@Ausername You still didn't answer if we can take chunk size instead of number of √chunks.
@Ausername You've been the top user of the site for a while
only behind caird in terms of monthly rep
lag :(
@Adám I meant chunk size originally, sorry for being unclear
I'll allow both
@Adám I'd assume not
It's a scramble, try to guess it
@RecursiveCo. depots
11:20 AM
@MaanasB APL, 36: a←0⋄{0::⎕←a⋄a(⍎⍵)←1}¨ Try it online!
@RecursiveCo. posted
Q: Square chunk my matrix

A usernameYour challenge is to write a function/program that takes a matrix of integers m and a number n as input and: Splits m into n by n chunks Replaces each chunk with the most common value in that chunk (In case of a tie, any of the tied values is fine). Outputs the resulting matrix. Note: You ca...

11:22 AM
wow just in time
how convenient
@Ausername are you going to post the minimal distinct characters quine question
That's in a few days
oh ok
11:24 AM
Glad I grabbed that
just realized we have the same number of gold badges
Hey same!
1 yeah@
is yours fanatic?
I've logged in every day since I joined
11:27 AM
You two both have fanatic where I have electorate
@RecursiveCo. sure is
Due to reasons I'm on day 49
@RecursiveCo. how many days are you on?
not many
I joined on groundhog day
Visited 136 days, 136 consecutive
@lyxal 49? I seem to be ahead
11:28 AM
@RecursiveCo. Visited 841 days, 670 consecutive here
I've seen every day of the last 2 years of code golf lol
@StackMeter what's 49?
I think he wanted to respond to A username
@Ausername 49 in a row - I have 52
11:31 AM
Good night.
@Ausername it's 12:30
the sun is at its highest
you were half an hour late ;)
oh ok
but still
It's searing heat where I am
@StackMeter where's that?
in Manchester
I'm memeing across the Channel
where did everyone go
11:41 AM
There's a challenge on main :P
and a shockingly awkward one at that
@Ausername Wow, you left it in the sandbox for over a week, and now you're getting so many questions. Sandbox fail.
Jelly's chaining patterns with make it annoying to use on anything other than a monad :/
It would be nice to have a quick that meant literally "Do that link again", rather than "Duplicate the link in the code"
Like how , in MATL means "Run this loop twice"
11:50 AM
That'd be ⍣2 in APL?
and jelly has , but that's not especially helpful most of the time in golf
Plus, dyads don't work well with ¡
is there something like the unicode keyboard a hexadecimal keyboard that enters unicode characters
dyads work incredibly poorly with ¡
@UnrelatedString Or incredibly well, depending on the task :P
11:51 AM
Anything vaguely fib-like and it's golden
@MaanasB What do you mean? How would it work?
@Adám What would something like 2 +⍣2 3 result in in APL? I'm guessing 2 + 3 + 3 = 8?
@cairdcoinheringaahing It'd be 2(+⍣2)3 and gives 7.
@Adám a keyboard with 0-9a-f as the only keys. Typing any combination of these hex chars will insert a unicode character
11:54 AM
Oh right, reversed args. I meant adding 3 to 2 twice, which would be 3(+⍣2)2?
@MaanasB Try Hex Editor Neo
@MaanasB What if you want a Unicode char above FF?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yes. In general, APL functions take the main data on the right, and a parameter (if any) on the left.
@Adám that is what the keyboard is for: for example in the keyboard i type 03b4 it inserts δ
should do that, but doesn't (gets parsed as 2+(2+3)) and doesn't either (gets parsed as (2+3)+2)
@MaanasB How does it know when you're done with a character?
@Adám enter key?
11:58 AM
@Adám just have a terminator
@MaanasB In Word and Excel, you can type 03b4 and press Alt+x
@Adám adding to that; in vim insert mode type ctrl+v u 03b4
@Adám i am talking about all other applications
@MaanasB OS?
windows (i know about the character map application)
well; people might create a custom mechanical keyboard for that (and custom firmware)
12:07 PM
Did I miss something?
@Underslash depends on what flow control it has, for instance it might be possible to translate FRACTRAN into it
@lyxal last 2 years is 731 days, not 670
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KeizerHarmDo these points approximately make up a regular n-gon? code-golf geometry The input is a set of integer coordinates. Take them in whatever form you want. The question is: can you draw an n-sided regular polygon with vertices at the specified coordinates? n being the amount of coordinates provided...

12:24 PM
This just got sent to the VLQ review queues, despite being 7 years old. Can anyone see why, it looks ok to me?
12:38 PM
Looks ok to me too, it just doesn't have an explanation (but that's all right, right?)
1:02 PM
@user (yes)
I think commonmark migration counted as an edit and made it eligible for another review but idk what made it update
No flag raised on it that would send it to the queues?
1:19 PM
nope, there are no flags on it
for anyone with 10k, i've reproduced the funny interaction that Andrew T. did and got 4 undelete votes on an answer
> Answers to deleted questions cannot be undeleted
I've been lied to :P
ah, so it is just mod abuse :p
1:34 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wait, so they can be undeleted?
@user Mods can undelete them
But how can an undeleted answer exist without an undeleted question?
Or does the question get undeleted with the answer?
@user there isn't really anything preventing that
the answer is just not deleted and the question is
So <10k users can see the answer, but not the question?
Answers are treated (mostly) independently from questions
1:47 PM
<10k users trying to view anything on a deleted question (unless they've answered it) get a "this was removed" page
Oh ok
seems like the codidactyl is the most popular option
If you answer every question, then you can see all deleted questions.
Is it just me or is the "starred by me" tab on the "starred posts" page sorting by most stars instead of recent, as it usually does?
@RecursiveCo. Big brain
@user Starred by me always sorts by most stars
1:50 PM
Okay, I will now make a bot to answer every question as soon as it's posted, and then immediately delete that answer
@cairdcoinheringaahing Huh, I thought I remembered it sorting by recent. Time to turn my brain off and on :P
That means you can try and decipher that Indonesian Gambling Spam to see if there are any patterns.
There's a pattern: each is Indonesian gambling spam
Maybe a pattern with the usernames
they're probably just random
They have "88" in them, or "poker"
Really? "88"? Didn't know that.
1:54 PM
4 hours ago, by caird coinheringaahing
So, looks like the Codidactyl is the most popular choice for the Feed's pfp. However, it isn't the same 16x16 pixel image as the other feeds/bots - is it worth making a pixel version?
Nah, I prefer high-quality images of dinosaurs
is there a way to download my default github profile picture???
@MaanasB what is your github
In which case, @hyper-neutrino mind making the Feed pfp as codegolf.codidact.com/assets/codidactyl.png?
1:56 PM
the link in your stackoverflow profile is broken
@MaanasB Right click and choose "save image" perhaps?
we just need someone to post a challenge :p
@hyper-neutrino github.com/PyGamer0 its the default picture
@hyper-neutrino I'm gonna be petty and say that my statement had nothing to do with pterodactyls and I said it just because :P
wait i found how
1:57 PM
@hyper-neutrino backfeed?
generally you can just right click most images and click "save as" to save it :P
@user i meant on codidact, and also i just realized someone already did and it got posted here through the feed
@MaanasB Take a picture of your screen, take a picture of that with a polaroid, scan it, fax it elsewhere, print it, take a picture of that, hire an artist to draw it for you, package the painting and send it to Microsoft HQ, threaten the employees you'll destroy everything they love unless they download it fo ryou?
@hyper-neutrino I'll repost on Codidact too :P

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