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6:00 AM
i think all of us can agree that ai generated live captions are sometimes very funny
6:11 AM
@MaanasB ai continuation of conversations here is much funnier sometimes
Any final feedback? I'll make some testcases as soon as I'm ready to post, but suggestions are welcome.
Is there any reason to complicate it as "absolute difference divided by two plus minimum" instead of just "average"?
slaps face
you mean facepalm? haha
is slaps face a thing?
6:16 AM
same thing :p
I'll edit that in - otherwise good ?
on second thought if you were taught to do it by min + absdiff / 2
it's not necessarily a problem to leave it as such
i'm tempted to say it's sort of
but yeah i don't think it's a big deal either way
i was about to say it could also do with some testcases but i kind of misread the message lol
tags btw?
It's going to be but what
else is applicable?
6:24 AM
Q: Drawing a grid using '_' and '|' in Python using the least bytes possible

AdamWrite a subroutine in Python that draws a grid based on the two provided parameters. (See example below) The subroutine should not return the grid, it should output the grid to the console/shell. The subroutine does not need to be call DrawGrid (as used in the example below). The subroutine shoul...

*sigh* op keeps spamming edits and ignoring us
i'll just hammer it so hopefully they read the feedback and address that first
I feel like it was a dupe
Wait can <50 users comment on their own posts?
if it was a dupe closing it as a dupe would be
a bit less than what's warranted
@Ausername yes
idk about answers to their own questions but i believe so
50 rep is just the "comment everywhere" privilege, not the comment privilege itself
@Ausername True, I did post the cat's game one. I wasn't sure that it was clear, and I wasn't sure that it was set up to be as interesting as it could be. But I was honestly really confident with Mr. Binary Counterman. It's just a simple sequence transformation, so I'd honestly as is I'd do it again for something like that. I feel comfortable with the layout for a problem like that.
But feel free to downvote or leave comments pointing out glaring gaps, and my confidence will be eroded until eventually I sandbox everything!
6:35 AM
Q: Trapezoidal Riemann Sum

A usernameGiven a list of coordinate pairs, output the Trapezoidal Riemann Sum of the values given between the first and last x-coordinates. You will be given a sorted list of coordinate pairs, like this: [ [1,2], [3,5], [5,11] ] Note that x-coordinates will always be in increasing order, ys may not...

@AviFS It's not that it was at all a bad question - you did it really well, but it could've been a dupe (you'd be surprised just what a huge variety of questions get posted on here).
now I don't feel bad for not resisting the urge to sandbox snipe this challenge in particular
(mostly because the approach I thought would work is not working as well as I thought when I first got the urge)
This is a glitch.
wow i just checked minimum age for stack exchange network
6:38 AM
its 13; i created my account when i was 12ish
Quick, report!!
after 3 months i turned 13 or something lol
now i am about to turn 14
SE might need to burn the data they have about you from before you turned 13.
Wait, no! Actually?
6:40 AM
i didnt ask anything pretty inactive
Take it back, take it back!!
It's fine.
SE doesn't need to do anything right now. Note to anyone reading. The user above is not underage right now. Nothing needs to be done.
6:41 AM
@Adám I'd be really surprised if they did. Sexual underage stuff yes, but I'd be surprised if something like that was really enforced here. You think?
anyways i wanted to show this dumb language i created when i was 12ish github.com/PyGamer0/FIR
@hyper-neutrino You don't want anyone else to go through what you had to...
Uh oh, what happened?
the annoying part wasn't having to deal with that just over that one or two days, it's that my account history is permanently broken now
6:44 AM
I remember when I needed my my mom to e-sign that I could make a club penguin account because I was under thirteen, haha
@hyper-neutrino Ouch. Did you just casually mention it in a chat room, and then people actually did something?
can someone who has 10k+ rep try to upvote/downvote this answer and leave a comment, and then reverse the vote?
Darn, not me.
No K here
@AviFS I was around 2 weeks away from turning 15 and mentioned I made my SO account when I was 12, and then got my profile nuked
fortunately you can merge profiles but my account history is strange
No f*ing way, are you serious?
I didn't believe @Adám at all. People do these things?
because the account age is younger than my earliest answer so it looks like i posted before my account existed. which is true, this account has content on it that predates the existence of this account
@AviFS legal issues
COPPA does not allow you to hold PII of people below 13
so SE does not allow people below 13 to participate
6:47 AM
@hyper-neutrino unless you have complicated paperwork and parental consent or something like that
if you are already past 13 then there is no issue anymore; data from before you were 13 is now legally held (i beleive...?)
@pxeger Ah yeah, that's what I needed for my Club Penguin account
I remember I was only 8
@pxeger right, yeah. and that'd be too much of a pain for SE to want to deal with
Very interesting. Moral of the story:
If you made your account when you were under 13, don't ever mention it!
@hyper-neutrino Done.
6:49 AM
@Adám huh, cool, thanks. and the vote worked fine, no problems or weirdness?
lol (bruh i made my gmail account under 13, not SE i am dumb lol)
@hyper-neutrino None.
alright. thanks for testing
yeah so seems like answers can just be undeleted independently of the deleted question and it just works fine, until it hits the next hour and the script kills it again
Wait, hyper. So how old are you now?
@hyper-neutrino Oh, I never noticed. Odd.
6:51 AM
@NewPosts rephrased this would be a good question imo
@AviFS Oh no, time to make me feel old. Again.
@AviFS almost 19
something like "given an integer n, output the nxn grid" using - + and |
@Adám We're all young at heart!
6:52 AM
@hyper-neutrino Nice! Are you the youngest mod ever here?
eh, those are somewhat different
Can you be a mod under 18?
don't think so
considering they only draw single boxes, as well as only use 2 characters
not anymore
6:53 AM
@WheatWizard Why did you fix the grammar and formatting of that recently closed post?
I think the hard 18 age limit was relatively recent (like the past few years?)
@hyper-neutrino Interesting. But just honor system?
Asking for a friend...
they don't force you to ID yourself because privacy things. but it's part of the mod agreement IIRC
lemme check
@AviFS Unfortunately, that doesn't cure bodily aches :-(
Haha, if only!
6:54 AM
hm, I can't find it. but I definitely know there's an 18-y/o limit
when I first said I'd nominate myself, I was 17. the election happened a bit over 2 months after I turned 18
CMM: In light of codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/229765 and other difficult challenges, are partial/unfinished answers allowed?
sorry, meant to ping Adam with that
would it be a bit scummy to post a grid-type challenge assuming it doesn't exist?
I think a partial answer would count as ignoring part of the spec.
@AviFS Ummm... time to get older at heart
but if you are going to update it later?
6:57 AM
Keep it deleted until you turn it into a full answer
by policy it should be deleted until you update it to be valid and then you can undelete/flag to undelete
:58351808 No, that'd be fine.
@AviFS there is an impostor among us
You can always create a new chatroom to discuss in-progress solutions though
ok, I'll throw it into the sandbox to see if people would like it
6:58 AM
"among us" summoned lyxal
:58351837 you can put a dash before the image link or markdown link it to prevent it from taking too much space
@RecursiveCo. Why are you fixing grammar on a post that seems abandoned?
@hyper-neutrino Thanks, I like hogging space though. I just wanted the top to be visible
7:00 AM
@hyper-neutrino Could you tell what I'd searched for?
Time to put on my grown-up suit
yeah. i noticed it too :P
Before I posted the search?
See, how can I possibly respond to that with anything but "haha?"
I swear texting deforms the mind
7:02 AM
@AviFS haha
the most interesting thing is that the only other use of "haha" is in a reply to you, suggesting HN subconsciously picked up your mannerism
That is really funny. Nice catch
There were lots of other hahas going farther back, but for the past 5 days it's been all me
Then again, only 120 pages
And in 5 days I took up half a page
7:07 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Underslash(Based on this closed challenge) Draw an Ascii Grid Given an integer n > 1, draw a grid composed of the characters: "-" "+" and "|". However, since I want the grid to look nice, the horizontal component should be 2 wide. Trailing spaces for each line are not required. Examples: n = 2 | --+-- ...

how on earth do you name things (sometimes i dont know what to name a variable)
@Adám Why should I not?
@WheatWizard Just seems odd to me.
@MaanasB well you know what they say: The 2 hardest problems in programming are cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors
7:11 AM
@pxeger true statement
@MaanasB solution: use tacit programming, don't have variables, don't need to name variables
hello everyone
Is Jelly TC (without Python eval)?
use java naming and make a variableNameFactoryGenerator that creates names for your variables :D
@MaanasB stack or tacit programming dosen't require variabled that much
in stack you push values and pop from it with functions, but you might need varaibles sometimes, then register will fill your need
7:13 AM
@pxeger if you mean turing complete, it should be since you can write a brainfuck interpreter in it no?
@MaanasB I name functions by what they compute (not what they do), and I name variables by what they are.
id imagine almost all golfing languages are tc, except maybe the regex ones
@pxeger why not, many absurd jobs has been done with jelly
@MaanasB base64 the code up until the variable declaration
7:15 AM
@Wasif doesn't make it TC tho
@MaanasB E.g. length = Length(all)
@Adám you're saying you dont name functions "addOneToInputThenMultiplyByTwoAndReturnTheAverageOfTheInputs()"?
@hyper-neutrino I can't believe Jelly is not TC
@Adám ooh no. I always name them about what they do, not what they return, because it makes it easier to avoid name collisions
@Underslash Right, It'd name the the function by what the result represents instead.
@pxeger I use a naming convention that avoids such clashes.
7:17 AM
capital letters are gross though
please tell me you at least use caps in class names, right?
ok what about names of apps?
snake_case_for_everything_no_exceptions if it were my choice. I follow languages' conventions, though, even if that means camelCase in JS and PascalCase in Python class names
@Underslash Me? I name classes using lower dromedaryCase.
7:19 AM
quietly throws up
as long as its not snake case for classes
@MaanasB What is an "app"?
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 9 hours ago, by user
Or even better, rEVERSE¯cAMEL¯sNAKE¯cASE
@Adám a program not an app oops
@hyper-neutrino i would start using that instead
@hyper-neutrino has humanity gone too far
7:20 AM
@MaanasB I name by semantics. If a program behaves like data (taking no arguments), then I name it like data (lower dromedaryCase).
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

chunesImplement a cleave function functional-programming Think of cleave as the conceptual inverse of map. If map applies a function to each number in a list... map([1, 2, 3], x -> x * 5) -> [5, 10, 15] then cleave applies each function in a list to a number. cleave(5, [x -> x * 2, x -> x - 1, x -> x ...

@hyper-neutrino How many languages actually allow such naming?
I hope not many would allow it...
Well, how many languages allow unicode variable naming?
7:22 AM
Y'all are being stupid with your variable naming conventions. Like why are y'all going to all the effort to rename variables in code copy-pasted from Stack Overflow?
@lyxal i dont usually copy paste from SO
i think it's also an issue of how many languages allow unicode symbols in identifiers
@MaanasB that's one of the biggest lies in coding communities :p
7:23 AM
@MaanasB wow, look at this guy over here :)
yeah i make programs that dont make sense (ok i copy from documentation)
When copying from SO I prefer to transcribe manually with my keyboard because it forces me to read the code so I understand it
@MaanasB and the api that you're referencing was ultimately copy-pasted code from stackoverflow, so checkmate
can Anyone tELL ME how mAnY cASES are IN tHe worlD?
7:27 AM
as many as the amount of times you used caps in that sentence
@Underslash hOW aRE yOU sURE
well write a program to make a word into different CaSeS
stop yelling :(
@Wasif 2
@MaanasB that's just 2^n
7:29 AM
@StackMeter never
actually, has there been a challenge for random capitalization yet?
well there's only uppercase and lowercase. unless you include title, snake, kebab, etc. then VTC as opnion-based/unclear
that would be a short and good one
it's 4C0 + 4C1 + 4C2 + 4C3 + 4C4
now wth is kebab case
7:29 AM
which is 16
sounds pretty delicious food, err case
@Wasif a briefcase made from kebabs obviously
@StackMeter the direct 2^n formula makes more sense than unpacking the binomial expansion IMO TBH
who uses (neo)vim
7:31 AM
i use it as my main IDE/TextEditor
I use spacemacs in evil mode.
I used to use vim and then later neovim.
@hyper-neutrino IK, but as someone who does a lot of math for a hobby, I prefer to show all the necessary steps
I have always used Notepad, nothing is better than iy
wow that was quickly yote
7:32 AM
:58352170 dang it couldn't even get a spam flag in
10 seconds. new record for me
I use plain notepad for quick stuff, vscode for something more serious
@hyper-neutrino you deleted?
@Wasif yeah, just via spam flag
7:33 AM
and gitpod for something I want to upload to github (which uses vscode interface)
@Bubbler that's fair.
what is git on local :P
wait not notepad++, just straight notepad?
i am surrounded by psychopaths
7:34 AM
I quickly switched from vscode, IDEs and editors don't let you code freely
@Underslash you're on codegolf.SE, what did you expect
@hyper-neutrino did my flag register
I expected not notepad
it doesn't even have syntax highlighting
@StackMeter yes and I declined it
@hyper-neutrino how come?
7:35 AM
Oh right, my favorite IDE is Try It Online!
read the flag feedback
TIO is my favourite because it dosen't have syntax highlighting and intellisense
most IDEs autocomplete brackets and braces which make a lot of frustration
oh plus i like gedit too
It's best when the code runs on it and I have less than 200 lines or so
7:37 AM
@Wasif i hate autocomplete for brackets
It's worst when the code doesn't run on it because outdated
I see
see y'all later!
@Wasif o/
7:39 AM
also, please don't ask me if your flag's registered every time you flag. if it said "thanks, we'll take a look at it", it did. i will see it and address it in due time. you will get the feedback for it shortly after i handle it; it doesn't update immediately on your end i think, but it does on my end
@Wasif that is the only reason I can see
anyone know why my icon isn't in the running?
what do you mean by that
did I need to register it
in the running for what
7:40 AM
Real story: Having a weird toolchain configuration on a Rust project broke the syntax highlighter, so now it only shows red and yellow squiggles on monochrome text. I actually like it.
@Adám nice
That's actually slick
@hyper-neutrino probably the vote for the codidact feed icon
stackmeter didn't post an icon though??
7:52 AM
is that what you even meant?
on anthoer note, pushed an edit to a question that was closed recently
mind checking it out @hyper-neutrino?
@hyper-neutrino yes
it's my current profile icon
sorry one of your messages didn't load
CMQ: What is your favourite golfing language feature?
the icon I would like to submit is my current profile icon
@lyxal the factorial
why would we do that
7:57 AM
do what?
@lyxal obviously the print function
@StackMeter use your identicon as the feed icon
it's cool
and in no way representative of codidact or code golf
7:59 AM
ok, that's fair
did you see my edit for the grid question - this one
yes, I already rejected it
good news: added addition operator to my esolang
@hyper-neutrino What's up with that post? It has been closed as off-topic, and is quite downvoted, yet people keep editing it.
now i can finally know what is 1+1
@MaanasB Did you write QAs, though? It should give 10.
8:05 AM
@Adám nonsense. 1 + 1 doesn't equal 10, silly.
@MaanasB best estimates place it to be somewhere between -3 and 17
Obviously, it equals a window
@lyxal 11?
@Adám ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who tf knows...
@Adám still no
8:06 AM
you all are wrong it is equal to inf
if someone wants to make a challenge inspired by it they are more than welcome to sandbox one like someone already did
@lyxal It's like 20-year-old joke to me
even better news: my esolang can add, subtract, multiply and divide
@RedwolfPrograms Yes, TIO is the first link in the Answering section
8:20 AM
oh hey caird. good morning. this is my cue to go to sleep now lol.
more like "good nightoverflow"
i stumbled across this channel youtube.com/channel/UC2yCXh4rUJGya9uCrYhTIkA
amazing i subbed
@WheatWizard does it improve upon what neovim does?
I might actually switch to that
@Adám how many lines is )ed
@AviFS Doorknob was 14 IIRC when appointed mod
@hyper-neutrino Try last 6 months
8:35 AM
random thought: what if the hello world feed was expanded to include more classic questions (like quine, language showcase, etc)
probably would be good, cause how often does Hello World get answered?
At least once a month
Also, we can just direct new languages to post to HW if they haven't done so already
> At least once a month

More like once every 3 days
@Razetime Dunno, I can probably find out.
8:51 AM
Wow, the reddit meme about not seeing the homepage of Stack Overflow ever was debunked. Just saw the (frankly) beautiful homepage.
@NewPosts As soon as hyper goes to sleep as well :P
For the record, this post is talking about the lottery (I understand it)
@RecursiveCo. You know Indonesian?
Yeah, it's just some more Indonesian Gambling Spam
8:53 AM
Reminder: don't VTC. Just downvote, flag as spam and then chat about it here
Basically, "to have a higher chance of winning, you must buy more tickets. The negative part, however, is that you must spend more money to get the prize".
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why downvote?
The funniest part is the tags
Downvotes: 8, views: 4
@Adám I like seeing how low score-wise they can get :P
@RecursiveCo. Spam flags cast an auto downvote
Race to the bottom, of sorts.
8:56 AM
Still not as low as word stays a word
Yep :P I've seen stuff on MM hit -25 before being nuked
I finally understand the "Indonesian Gambling Spam" reason
1 handful of coins added to a bank

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