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12:05 AM
Q: US Tax Due Dates

arcyqwertyIntroduction In a standard* (e.g. not 2020) tax year, estimated payments are due quarterly according to the schedule outlined in Publication 505. Payment Period Due Date January 1 – March 31 April 15 April 1 – May 31 June 15 June 1 – August 31 September 15 September 1 – December 31 ...

@NewPosts This has to be a dupe
12:19 AM
cue me scrambling to learn jelly while in a meeting
Good luck, Jelly is awful on challenges :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing would it count if I only accepted dates
* days
You'd have to ask the challenge writer, not me
hmm I think I have the beginnings of a last-place answer
i have a totally noncompetitive answer. it's a pypi-available Python lib xD
shows himself out
12:35 AM
how does one make a list [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,...,365] in jelly...
365R should work

 Jelly Hypertraining

Practice your Jelly :) Rules and stuff are here: golfingsucces...
^ is a room for learning Jelly, if you'd like to request access we can talk there :)
i have remembered that i was once doing that
wait, so are we supposed to split on the month or on the 15th for this challenge?
Looks like the 15th, but it ain't too clear
12:47 AM
this shouldn't be too hard in theory, assuming i'm interpreting correctly
@hyper-neutrino there's a different between calendar year quarters and this special 'fiscal year' challenge
'fiscal year' is a tad different in this challenge and is basing it on the fiscal year. Which isn't how US Tax Dates work for quarters ;)
huh. lol
but it looks like they're trying to ID when you need to make a quarterly tax payment
i'm just confused cuz the two tables differ. but i'm sure op knows what they're saying - i don't know as much about finances as i should :p
based on the pay period which is really tax due dates
so if i remember my tax law for S/C-class corporations right...
12:50 AM
Do we need a meta question on "Should challenges require being a tax lawyer to be understood?" :P
yes :P
no, that doesn't jive with what I know about S/C class corps either
I don't think that can reliably be golfed
because ther'es completely different time periods in that table
pulls up Pub505 for reasons
Q: Make a Webcrawler dictionary writer

AIDAN GREENNotice: for any text within <> tags, please ignore any .'s. These are simply added so that they are treated as plain text, and not code. Your goal is to make a program that acts as a regular WebCrawler, but also writes a dictionary using the websites. You should have a list that is used to store ...

1:33 AM
maybe someone can ask this on the law se
Q: Is there a single straight line in the matrix?

caird coinheringaahingInspired by Wzl Determine if a given square binary matrix has exactly one row or column consisting of entirely 1s, and the rest of the matrix is 0s. For example, these are all true: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0...

@NewPosts I have a hacked together 13 byte Jelly answer. I'm sure there is an elegant solution to this in Jelly, and am offering a bounty of at least +50 (maybe more if I really like it) for such an elegant solution (I'll be the judge of "elegant", but generally, it should be single digit length)
2:30 AM
@NewPosts Recently closed challenge was sandboxed here; OP does not have enough reputation to chat so I am requesting feedback on their behalf for it. Been there for a day, +1/0 no feedback comments, so it was not ready for posting.
2:40 AM
Hmm, it's surprisingly hard to make it right
I thought I got a 11 in Jelly but then found another counterexample
if you rotate each subsequent row by 1 more, you get the identity matrix
doubt this is of any use
it could be
there's probably some linear algebra relation that makes this trivial
calling it now
...except for the cases with an all-ones row :P
yeah that feels like the case
2:48 AM
Oops, the blog was supposed to be posted today
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is it fine if it's posted now?
2:59 AM
;Z§Ṣṫ-⁼1,⁸L¤¤ seems to work but since it's a literal port of dingledooper's i don't feel like posting it
13 bytes though, idk if it's similar/equal to caird's
I guess the blog can be posted tomorrow. I was busy today and completely forgot about it.
And I think caird is offline now
@hyper-neutrino i am really not getting below 13 bytes for a correct answer
I just got something that passes the test cases in 8 bytes but I feel like I can find a counterexample
...maybe even the counterexample to the one you posted lmao
i wonder if there's a reason caird constrained it to square matrices
(i think someone speculated on this alr)
I thought I thought of something but it made zero sense
I mean it could be helpful for concatenating the matrix to its transpose
so actually yeah that
...is that a 15 byte j answer
3:06 AM
it's a shame i don't understand J at all
update: the counterexample to Razetime's solution that I thought would also kill mine did in fact kill mine, the testing harness just messed it up :P
oh by the way
there's an extra newline before the e that... might mess up test cases
just saying
unless you fixed that alr
I updated it to just remove that
3:10 AM
that was waht was messing it up lol
@UnrelatedString deleted lmao
posted on June 17, 2021 by Derrick Williams

Make the Server Fault logo using the following criteria:

3:26 AM
anyone know 05ab1e well enough to write an automatic tester for makonede's answer
ah well it's just a port of dingledoopers anyway
just found something pretty cool...
wow what
wow, this will be my best answer ever
blame the years of brachylog ~g
oh rip works for matrices of size 2 and 3 but fails for 4 :(
3:31 AM
@UnrelatedString yup it does look correct
let's go
I also feel like there might be some way to golf the LW$
hm so this is like
of all row and column sums, exactly one sum is greater than 1 and it is N
i still feel like there's some linear algebra relation... but i can't see it rip
@UnrelatedString i think you can request n be given as input
in which case you can make this a dyad
hm but then chaining breaks
3:36 AM
@UnrelatedString how do we remove eveything except the length
dyadic chaining would probably not be helpful but worth a try i guess
@Razetime fL
and you'd need { after the § and } after the W
I tried that in some of my stuff and it didn't seem to work but
Try it online! this should work?
it's bugging out on the test suite
could slap a NN or something in the footer
3:37 AM
@Razetime i think you mean not
hm. actually maybe not
convert from decimal?
that's under-dot
this is dequeue; z => z[1:]
oh ok
i was gonna suggest ḟL and return with negated truthiness but uh it seems that that won't work if the false case is due to insufficient/no 1s
3:45 AM
porting factor gives 14 bytes: ,ZE€€Ạ€ẸȧFS=LƲ
although this could probably be done in shorter by someone who knows what they're doing
I feel like I have to have tried that at some point but I don't think I did
oh that's such a good use of I
I want to say I was thinking of some way to something vaguely like that but
@hyper-neutrino this'd fail on parallel lines i think
at the same time I feel like there's a counterexample somehow
no because then the 2s end up in the end result
unless you mean perpendicular
wait yeah no there can't be a counterexample to Bubbler's because to make something happen with a non-maximal sum of 2 you'd need a maximal sum greater than the length
3:55 AM
i wonder if generating all possible lines is short enough
...wouldn't surprise me
idk how to do that so I'll let someone else do it and steal later
for now I shall post @UnrelatedString cool and good fix
wait does jelly not have identity matrix builtin
don't think so no
3:59 AM
I tried L=þ but it's a bit long
basically a port from APL
Greetings humans
i have Ị}þ`ṙⱮ⁸;Z€$i for 12 bytes
accepting N on the left and the matrix on the right
4:02 AM
oh nice
even more 10s
This is a problem. It was sandboxed, but we didn't handle it, and they couldn't post in chat, and wouldn't've known anyway :(
this is until jonathan allan makes us all look like scrubs
I mean Bubbler already did
4:02 AM
@Ausername i already mentioned it here
and a day is too short anyway
@UnrelatedString wait wat
@hyper-neutrino Did they know that?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i let them know in a comment though
wait I got the brute force down to 9
let's go
@hyper-neutrino I'm upvoting them so they can post in chat
4:04 AM
that's not an appropriate use of votes
@UnrelatedString lmao YES
oh wait my sol isn't even valid lol
cuz it needs to be two consistent vals
so instead of i it's e@ for another extra byte :c
@hyper-neutrino uhh
> Two families of values, one of which consists of values that are truthy in your language and the other falsey (for example, natural numbers and zero)
> You should take a square binary matrix of side length n≥2, in any reasonable format, and output 2 distinct, consistent values to indicate whether it has a single straight line.
i have been scammed
like,indonesian gambling scammed?
4:10 AM
yes :p nah like either i can't read or i misunderstood that and can't read
\$test 2\$
hello pygamer
no there is no mathjax in chat
we have a sandbox for testing chat features
@Razetime :(
4:12 AM
you can find a bookmarklet for chatjax in the math room (here)
if only I didn't feel like I could golf mine more
I am beginning to hunger
hello everyone
missed many delicious challenges last night
Apparently I got serial DVed yesterday lol
4:19 AM
They went along my list of top questions by votes lol
why lol
Hmm. If someone makes 100 serial downvotes and it gets reversed the next day, does it count towards Legendary?
6 lols in consecutive messages
@RedwolfPrograms woo nice dub
4:20 AM
@Bubbler -200+200=0
@Wasif the next day
i don't think it would count towards the rep cap, same as bounties
I would love to try this experiment
the badge isn't based on capping though
just need a 100 users to help out
4:22 AM
Getting a bounty does count towards Legendary (remember, its requirement is not to rep cap, just to get +200 on a single day)
it's based on achieving a net hypothetical change of 200 reputation based on received bounties and votes
huh, TIL
by "net hypothetical" i mean it's not really "get 200 rep" because you can get mortarboard etc. on meta
@Razetime who would DV on you
4:22 AM
you need at least 3 voters to help
because of the 40 vote cap
Three socks I guess (for your three feet?)
@Wasif basically anyone?
oh wait this would severely rate-limit the rate at which you could use the 1-rep mod abuse to obtain (count of answers + 1) rep
I could just create 3 accs myself
@RedwolfPrograms you need at least 165 rep on 2 of them and 145 on the third though
4:23 AM
Done :p
@hyper-neutrino question dvs are free though
if you create sockpuppets you need to feed all of them some rep to able to vote nearly 375
oh right
idk how i didn't think of that. you need question dvs otherwise you need 4 socks
because of the 30 vote limit
I only knew there's 40 vote limit in total, what is 30?
4:27 AM
on answers
anyway this would be really nice to test on sandbox.SE. lol
I'm kind of curious who serial voted me now...
probably someone with 125 or more rep
Completely unrelated: who was the first person to think "hey do you know what would be cool? Taking the objects that chickens push out of their private area, breaking them to get the stuff inside it, heating it and then consuming it"?
does serial downvoting get your account banned
not automatically
4:29 AM
then i could *Definitely use some help with this experiment
but repeated evident voting abuse will get you manually suspended
and voting fraud (like socking for rep) at all will get you suspended
@hyper-neutrino manually supspended by you??
or SO admins?
well whatever mod notices and does something about it on whatever site you're on
@hyper-neutrino That limits it to approximately 7019 users :p
I imagine that three accounts serial-downvoting the same set of posts would likely get caught pretty quickly (or not?)
4:34 AM
no clue how the script works
@hyper-neutrino can you please not notice this experiment
@Razetime let me know what accounts you will involve and the procedure you will follow and i will consider allowing this
I can contribute a sock if needed
user image
@PyGamer0 this says a lot about susiety
4:37 AM
@lyxal pigiety
so we need 4 accounts with >125 rep who are willing to lose 30-ish rep each for downvoting my answers
@PyGamer0 when the set pig is sus: 😳
@RedwolfPrograms you're just as sus buddy.
CMC: Given a string s replace all "sus" with "pig"
I will upvote your answers to compensate for rep drain
4:38 AM
@Razetime That shouldn't be necessary, I'd imagine the voting reversal would reverse it for both
in case the reversal doesn't happen
anyway, any volunteers?
@Razetime I may or may not be Redwolf's sock. Just checked, I have the rep needed to volunteer.
ok neat, 1/4
or you could just downvote questions
there's a 30 vote limit for answers but you can expend all 40 votes on questions if you'd like
the system encourages question voting
4:55 AM
Does serial downvoting of the type that happened to me typically have any consequences if it's determined who did it?
@Razetime do note that serial upvoting is also subject to reversal :P
@hyper-neutrino this only gets -40
I need a -200 that hopefully gets reversed
received question downvotes are -2
source: redwolf's screenshot of being serially DV'd :p
@RedwolfPrograms since I haven't observed any previous strange voting patterns or problematic behavior from this user I am just issuing a warning; for first time offense this isn't something I'd immediately suspend for, unlike sockpuppet upvoting of oneself
Vyxal is not on TIO? How is @lyxal hosting an interpreter on web
TIO hasn't added or updated languages in several years
5:05 AM
they are just using pythonanywhere lol
@hyper-neutrino ?
they just made their own server and website
The trick is to make a JS-based language, that way you can host it without a server (made by Risky gang)
5:07 AM
so @lyxal is using pythonanywhere for hosting and Flask?
many people have made similar execution environments either for general use (pxeger's ATO, bubbler's TIB) or just for a specific language thing (lyxal for Vyxal, me for a few languages, redwolf for Risky, many others exist)
@RedwolfPrograms i dont know JS
I'm starting work on an online interpreter soon as well
i strongly dislike JS tho lol
but i also don't want to get trolled by ACE so... i may just not make an online interpreter
but it'd make it unlikely people would want to use my language so
maybe i'll try shoving it in a docker container or smth dumb. idk how to computer
5:10 AM
@hyper-neutrino oh, received
hm then you only need 2 socks?
If I make my own TIO-like site, it'll have a straightforward process for adding your own languages. Having a zillion different single-language interpreters is both annoying, and a potential security risk for multiple parties
probably optimal
@Razetime 40 * 2 * 2 < 200
The 2021 trick is to use wasm. Who needs JS
yeah 2 sockpuppets
@user we need your ollaboration
5:12 AM
@RedwolfPrograms It is a security risk when you have a server that runs arbitrary code sent from the user. The solution is to move to browser :P
how easy/hard is it to run python on a server without allowing the user to run arbitrary code and cause security issues?
@Bubbler And that works so well for Python/Node/Bash :p
i don't suppose make a docker image and yeet it into docker is a real solution
It's probably fairly nontrivial
For non-simple-languages, at least
I've seen docker and/or rlwrap solutions, not sure if rlwrap is enough to isolate the environment (or what rlwrap really is, actually)
5:14 AM
rlwrap is for repls afaik
idk if i should add a python-eval (or if i decide to use js, js-eval) but there is definitely still enough room to cause harm in any reasonable language via just like
spam consuming memory
yeah i might just use js. i've had the misfortune of using it enough due to making websites that i can probably survive extended exposure to it
@Bubbler what are the new languages planned for tryinbrowser so far
(and how hard would it be to port existing golflangs to it)
github.com/RustPython/RustPython might actually work for poting a ton of esolangs
@Razetime Probably depends on how RustPython integration goes, but porting to plain Rust should technically work (I'm pretty close to lifting the single-stepping restriction now)
5:20 AM
they even have a WASM demo
Yeah, I saw it, but the page doesn't support stdin
Just run something like this :p
So I need to check if the VM supports feeding stdin (also command-line args)
@RedwolfPrograms Well, Python is pretty heavy and damn slow, so I don't expect that to practically work
Currently playing Minesweeper on Windows 98, running in my browser :p
It's quite slow though
5:26 AM
@Ausername hello
@RedwolfPrograms try in a VM
I left this tab open for a while and got 150 uread messages.
I am in mobile now so dunno how many unread messages were there since I went for a while
I forgot to ask if we were allowed to output a flat list representing a matrix in your challenge.
if not I'll rewrite my answer
is there any way to check it in mobile?
@RecursiveCo. don't think so
5:28 AM
Should I attempt to run IE in Windows 98 in Chrome in Chrome OS?
@RedwolfPrograms yes
Starting it up.
Then run the Rust-python demo in it.
5:30 AM
And run 'import antigravity'
I am craving to see how worsely CGCC would crash in IE
This is probably going to take a while :p
Yay, got the bronze tag badge in code-golf! (Not trying to brag, just pointing out)
5:35 AM
Update: IE has started loading!
My next is ascii-art - 90/100 score
Still long way from badges in other tags, though. In math I only have 15 score.
No, 25.
But still a long way
Wrong screenshot
My tag badges are going pretty well, mostly because I've been doing way too many Vyxal answers.
You're very passionate about it
why, is it because of the bounties or genuine interest?
I learnt Vyxal for the bounties, but I'm sticking with it.
5:38 AM
I'll meet you in another 12 months to finally claim my math tag badge at the rate I'm going.
there are a lot of tags where i have more than enough answers but not enough score
either that's how the thresholds work or i just have consistent mediocre answers lol
@hyper-neutrino Yeah, same.
I have enough answers for gold code-golf, but only a third of the required score.
just discovered that vyxal interpreter has a keyboard
shame it only works on the code field
5:44 AM
Generally, the higher votes-to-answers ratio a question has, the more complex it is, although there are some exceptions
CMQ: What's your highest-votes-to-answers-ratioed question? This is mine.
jelly's even has documentation in the tooltips
it is time; find bugs in github.com/PyGamer0/s1mpL3
@Ausername Unless there's some super obscure challenge of mine, probably the reverse zip bomb one
@RecursiveCo. congrats
i would very soon get silver code-golf badge
5:48 AM
I'm just over halfway to silver, I need more score :/
@PyGamer0 very nice
i'm eligible for 4 silver tag badges by answer count but not score, and 2 bronze
@RedwolfPrograms you can try in a VM it would run very fast
Takes the fun out of it :p
i'm just waiting for browser windows 98 to crash
5:50 AM
Or not. Interestingly, these two have the same.
I am just near to math tag badge just need 9 more score
is Visual Basic dead?
i'm still aiming to be the first person to get the gold badge
@PyGamer0 no
@Wasif who uses it?
5:59 AM
VBA is very alive
@PyGamer0 me and many other people

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