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12:00 AM
@user you only just discovered it?
do you know about golf.shinh.org?
@rak1507 Yeah
From a lot of the responses in the "Why are you here?" thread, the answer was "I saw <insert very popular question here> and thought it was cool". We've had 3 questions hit 100 that have been posted in the past 2 years. Those are the questions that are likely to be posted elsewhere on the internet
@rak1507 I think I've seen it linked to a couple times
How do we encourage 100+ questions? That seems to be the way to get new users
@rak1507 Has that site been around a while?
12:01 AM
100+ questions are things that are hard and novelty like game of life rubbish
@user probably idk
looking through the top questions, most of them aren't very good, so idk how to get more
@cairdcoinheringaahing TBH I might turn that into a meta discussion, it could be good to have a proper "to do" list
often it seems like the questions are only upvoted because there's a really impressive answer, which is odd, because the question itself could be not very good
@Bubbler I disagree. I really, really, really do not support making asking require rep or anything like that.
I would never have joined this site if I had to answer first.
Some people just like making challenges, and I honestly don't care if we get a few garbage challenges from a user if they go on to make really good contributions to the site
We have mechanisms to deal with bad posts, more sophisticated than any other site I've seen. No need to waste that.
TBH if we got more new users and just allowed them to post whereever they wanted to, that'd scratch Lyxal's moderation itch :P
12:22 AM
CMQ: If you've developed an esolang, what percentage of your esolang uses jelly source code?
Vyxal is 1.4953271028037385% Jelly
Technically I have a re-implementation of Flurry (a language by Esolanging Fruit), which is written in TypeScript and therefore uses 0% Jelly
@Lyxal any amount of jelly source code is a curse
12:37 AM
@UnrelatedString that ping startled me
thanks alot (not ;p)
so now you know how it feels
Because I'm just here listening to ttfaf but its sans undertale and all of a sudden i hear my fridge.
@Lyxal 0%, and I'm proud of it.
Tbh a few lines may actually be valid Jelly
12:47 AM
@user ffs not you too. Stop startling me
@Lyxal Given that I'm working on Peanut Butter (a "better" version of Jelly, no not my fork), quite a lot :P
*"butter" version of Jelly
i regret to inform you that you did not in fact fix that for him
*did indeed
Oh I cannot wait to win the RO election so I can absolutely abuse my powers against Lyxal :P
For legal reasons, that's a joke :P
12:54 AM
some people just can't appreciate ironic unfunnyness.
tf? font-size: smaller makes my button's text larger than font-size: small.
well done html
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Battery charging tracker
Ugh, Tit for tat in the koth is brutal against Low Blow. It's easy to win against it, but Simple Killer's approach just racks up points with it :/
I was considering making another bot but I realised how much of a mild dislike I have towards spending time strategising when there's a heap ton of other bots
That's why you do stupid bots like FunnyNumber and Zoidberg :P
2:00 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Didn’t you find Zoidbergs optimal number through a bit of work?
Just submitted my first OEIS sequence!
It's a real one this time, not one I found that turned out to just be the fibonacci sequence but with the third term miscalculated!
@RedwolfPrograms :clap:
dang bro SE chat needs inline emotes
It's actually kind of interesting to golf, so I'll make a CGCC question on it if it gets approved
sandbox it now and then edit a link to oeis in if/when it's up
2:08 AM
I'll probably do that soon
tumblr: update me pls. me: how about I don't
@RedwolfPrograms hello, where's the link?
@Wasif oeis.org/A343327 probably
yeah it is
that's the correct link
@RedwolfPrograms be prepared to make edits if they ask you to. You'll probably have to make a few changes before they approve it. Source: personal experience
2:24 AM
@Lyxal Sorry
yeah well I don't have my headphones on currently so your attempt at startling me was futile and wasted
@Lyxal Startle you? Me? I would never do such a thing! :P
@user I brute forced it to get the range 45 to 51, then tried each of those numbers "by hand", so not really :P
Took me maybe 15/20 mins
Eh, still a lot more effort than I put into Crab :P
2:40 AM
@user your crab is unbeatable
I adjusted my bot Hard coded but still loses with in 1 round woth you
Only in wins. Low Blow ranks second in wins and first in points at last official runs
(Although Tit for tat has ruined that :/)
You know, the challenge is actually quite ironic: the people who would normally try and count sensibly are counting stupidly and vice versa
You think I'd allow such a thread to get up to 100 IRL?
Actually yes
Is my assumption incorrect?
Low Blow was based on what I'd do: fuck over my opponent to the point where I'd rather we both lose than they beat me :P
I'm not a friendly person when it comes to game theory :P
2:44 AM
huh, TIL
My first bot is very bad
@Lyxal I'm nice when there's nothing on the line. As soon as victory and glory is at stake, no holds are barred :P
Ok my another sandboxed challenge: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/…
Please give feedback!
Which may be why I use Jelly :/
@Wasif Just so you know, NewSandboxPosts posts new sandbox posts into chat for us, so we don't have to :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing relatable. I wasn't about to let Redwolf beat my fizzbuzz lol. :p
2:47 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing sorry i forgot about the fact, next time I'll let the bot do ping the post here
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WasifPacking numbers to interval code-golf, math Interval notation is a way to write complicated range bounds more conveniently and concisely than writing an inequality. Like a list 1, 2, 3, 4 can be written like [1,4]. There have been already challenges on interpreting interval notations to number ra...

@NewSandboxedPosts so that's why a list molding built-in is useful
I never really knew why until I thought of potential algorithms
To solve the challenge
Huh, apparently I was discussing the need for new ROs with caird as early as Jan 2. My memory and attention span are clearly pretty bad :P
took less than 4-6 months tho
@Lyxal You overestimate my maturity.
@user you're an exception to the rule
So it doesn't apply
2:55 AM
I estimate it to be that you would screw the chain both bot wise and irl
Is that accurate?
I am slightly nicer than my bot IRL
@Lyxal It is :P
Sometimes it just amuses me to piss people off
@user I didn't give you permission to dig inside my own personality.
2:58 AM
@Lyxal Our personality. Have you forgotten about the hive mind already?
@hyper-neutrino Yep, I remember noticing the RO inactivity just before the new year :/
Though I suppose 4 months to "fix" a problem is quick for SE
I definitely just forgot about it from probably not being too active in chat and thus only really clearing up flags on main; I should've organized it during the weeks between my first and second term when I had more time though :P
Kind of excited for the voting, it's going to be close
Hopefully we don't get any last-minute nominations cuz I have the election thread pre-written already just to save me time on Tuesday when I'm decently busy already
Imma gon vote then not look at the voting until the results come out
3:02 AM
Oh wait I still need to add in the message count stats for each user lol
I'll leave that til Tuesday night for the sake of accuracy
Will election be tomorrow?
It will start in 45 hours
I wonder, within the last week (as of this Tuesday), how much of this room's activities will have been from me or an RO candidate?
@hyper-neutrino normal i think
No severe or visible change
no like I'm specifically wondering what percentage of activity, lol. I don't think the activity has really gone up or down just because of the RO process
It seems that I am the second most talkative person currently in this room
3:08 AM
Who is the first most talkative
if i have time/motivation i should graph every (reasonably active) user's activity over time :P
Who is third (let's make a ranking!)
Lyxal's probably third
But I didn't look at people not currently in the room
lyxal's currently in the room in the fourth slot on my screen
3:10 AM
Fourth is probably Hyper-neutrino and fifth is ???
I'm measuring talkativeness by the daily/weekly stats
Then fifth is likely Original/user
user appears to be in fourth for daily, but beats Lyxal for weekly
@hyper-neutrino There’s only one of me here.
@user that's as far as you know
3:12 AM
After fourth it seems to be hyper then Wasif then Unrelated String
@hyper-neutrino It’s fine, my evil twin was banished to Code Review :P
Adám beats me 282/week
Though he is not in room currently
Oh Wezl isn't either
What are their stats?
Where are y’all seeing this?
Wezl too beats me (204/week)
3:15 AM
@user It's displayed on the profile page for chat users
I am getting drowned....
@RedwolfPrograms Oh it’s per user
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WasifTwo player tic-tac-toe game Create a Tic-Tac-Toe game that allows two human players to play against each other. The drawn board can be either in ASCII or graphical (You can use 1-9 digits as a place holder in tic tac toe board) Program should randomly choose whose turn is first and randomly give...

To be fair I probably have a really low signal:noise ratio :p
I have 652 messages per week. I spend way too much time here :/
3:17 AM
@user are you going to reduce your activity
I couldn't believe I had 120 messages a day until I counted yesterday's
@Wasif Probably
Speaking of which, good night
Good night!
@NewSandboxedPosts you sure are sandboxing a lot of posts
Mind giving me some of that creativity?
I've been finding myself unable to come up with challenge ideas for a while
I haven't posted a challenge since early october last year and xnor found a closed form to it within a few hours and it basically just became "implement this closed form in every language" :/ lol
at least there were creative ways of implementing that formula and it wasn't too trivial
I've got a KotH I really want to run, but making the controller is going to be really difficult
3:30 AM
@Lyxal how to give you creativity :P
I am also planning a python KotH on the game Robots
Oh lol I forgot to actually send the draft in for review, glad I noticed that now and not two months from now
@Wasif send it via email maybe?
@Lyxal what's your email?
@Wasif Lyxalcgcc@gmail.com
I have 2 challenges in mind i'll gonna send you one
3:42 AM
A new fast food chain opened near me today. The really ironic part is that it's right next to one of those 24 hours do-your-own-exercise gyms
As in, the two businesses are 2 stores apart
You can't tell me this isn't coincidental
you can enter an infinite loop of being hungry, eating fast food, exercising to counteract the unhealthiness, being hungry from exercising, etc
Or you can just skip the exercise part and go straight to the eating part
3:57 AM
CMQ: Those who contribute to Google maps, what is your most viewed photo?
Mine is a box of cereal with 13.7k views
without contributing to google maps, I can see there is clickable page for our house. I wonder who added the page
Wait why is there a location for your house on maps?
I don't know why
Besides our home there is a very small less known shop, it's even indexed in google maps location
Oh okay that's why it's on google maps. It's probably accidentally mislocated.
4:32 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WasifExchange of money in least notes Suppose A and B are two good friends. A has borrowed \$n\$ dollar from B. Now B wants the money back from A and A is also ready to give it. But the problem is A has only \$x\$ dollar notes and B has \$y\$ dollar notes. They both want to keep the number of notes in...

5:02 AM
@Wasif very good challenge idea. 10/10 would sandbox again
5:20 AM
Wow good job new sandboxed posts
really good how you haven't posted my two sandboxed posts yet
New Posts FTW
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LyxalPrint Every Code Golf tag code-golfinternet Huge omega thanks to @wasif for emailing me this challenge idea in it's basic form Everyone knows that questions on StackExchange require tags - labels that allow posts to be grouped together by category. However, most of the time, I barely know which t...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LyxalAre All the Items the Same? Given a list of positive integers, return whether or not that list is all the same number. Rules Input and output can be taken/given in any reasonable and convenient format Test Cases [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1] -> True [1, 2, 3, 4] -> False [69, 420, 69, 69, 69] -> False ...

6:01 AM
@Wasif I don't know how but you sending me creativity actually worked - it's somehow broken my inability to create challenges.
If anyone wants to have an undertale ost listening party with me, I'm currently up to youtube.com/…
I'm not listening to it anymore
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LyxalExecute a Befunge Chess Board code-golfbefunge Befunge Chess is an esolang mini-game I invented that is centered around the Befunge esolang. The general gist of the game is to make the instruction pointer land on a specific target cell while avoiding the opponent's target cell. Today's challenge ...

1 hour later…
8:19 AM
@Bubbler Seems good to me, although I'm not looking forward to implementing it ^^
2D grids are a pain in Haskell
And yes I'm a Haskell one-trick
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WasifDraw the flag of Bangladesh The flag of Bangladesh is very simple. It looks like below: The flag will be in bottle green and rectangular in size in the proportion of length to width of 10:6, with a red circle in near middle. The red circle will have a radius of one-fifth of the length of the fla...

@Lyxal I gave it up. Again. But I can't program programming languages. I came till "Hello, World!" and "99 Bottles of beer..."
@math what is pylite?
@Lyxal BTW, how do you know it? Github?
@Wasif A programming language I tried to make.
@math based on what language?
I am interested
8:30 AM
Actually Javascript.
Don't know from where I had that name
From name I thought its a lighter version of Python :P
I tried to make it from python concepts
don't try to search the github repo. My javascript code is terrible
@math I wanna see your code, I don't know javascript much, so It would be never be terrible for me
@math correct
I was looking through your github
Ok, here it is
But the online compiler is not updated
8:34 AM
Because I look through a lot of cg user's github
I still don't have a reference / tutorial
but the format is like this: module function parameters
@math don't give up completely though. Esolang creation is often quite a rewarding experience
@Lyxal Ok, I'll try it once again
Start simple and work your way up
@Wasif print is this: Pylite say "String"
@Lyxal Ok, I have a structure, I just need some more functions
8:37 AM
@math It looks a little like Perl though
Pylite say "69 haha funny number"
@Wasif Really? I don't know perl.
@Lyxal Do you mean caird's code? :P
@math how to define variables?
@math no I mean my constant desire to be the sharer of dead memes :p
@Wasif I came till declaring variables on startup.
I still have to make a function to define them
8:40 AM
Hmm.. What kind of syntax for variable you want to make?
def "abcd" "1234"
Btw, I'll remove the Pylite in the prefix.
looks silly
Yes only say is enough
Esolangs need to be short
@Wasif not necessarily
Take intercal for example
@Lyxal yes i know that but brevity is more acceptable :-)
Not only intercal but also Deadfish~
8:44 AM
@Wasif except done right, novelty/long programs get more votes
Source: my scratch answers
Scratch isn't esolang right?
Hexagony gets good votes too
How about Brainf***
And mornington crescent
Those get good votes too
@Wasif I do love me a good game of Mornington Crescent
I forgot what my own code does. What does splice do again?
8:50 AM
The splice() method changes the contents of an array by removing or replacing existing elements and/or adding new elements in place.
Oh, right
you can just google splice js
9:24 AM
Q: A problem of rarity

G. CiardiniGiven a positive input \$n > 0\$, output the amout of two types based on their rarity. The two types are called \$A\$ and \$B\$, we know the followings: \$n\$ is a limited input and the maximum is \$nmax\$ At the start \$B\$ is twice as rare as \$A\$ As the presence of \$A\$ increade the rarity ...


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