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10:12 AM
it's ya boi
back with an extra 18 rep
that's right
Hi StackMeter
sup Wasif
Weren't you in 69 rep when you last came here, so you haven't you got extra 24?
it was 61. then down to 49, then up to 79
anyone else keep getting BSOD after the most recent windows update
i think my computer decided to update itself despite me telling it it wasn't allowed to do that and now it keeps crashing because microsoft is utterly incompetent at everything
10:21 AM
@Wasif About the Bangladeshi flag: How shall we do rounding?
i haven't updated windows yet, to what build you get BSOD
@Adám Now what is rounding (sorry)
@hyper-neutrino One of my colleagues has reported something like that. Apparently about 5% see issues after the latest update.
Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎2020-‎11-‎06
OS build 19042.867
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0
@hyper-neutrino get a load of this guy, updating Windows! :p
I just never let it update
@Adám oh, only 5%? unlucky then, both my brother and i encountered this
see i tried to not update but i left my computer asleep last night and it seemed to have decided to update anyway
10:22 AM
Wow imagine not having a sleep and don't update option
Made by surface gang
i've frequently had instances in the past where my computer network just stops working entirely or it keeps freezing or just crashes and almost every time i force restart it applies an update when it reboots
@Wasif Let's say I render a 30px by 50px flag. The centre of the circle should then be 27.5px from the left edge. But what if I cannot (easily) address half-pixels?
i'm starting to wonder if my system intentionally causes issues to force me to restart so it can apply the update that i really don't want to download
it's something i could see a company like microsoft doing
@hyper-neutrino what brand is this forceful computer?
@Adám Then wouldn't you choose a different resolution?
10:24 AM
@Wasif Should I? If so, you must specify it in your post.
never mind, just got to 89 rep pog
@Lyxal HP
we might hit 100 soon
@Wasif Am I allowed to render a 6×10 pixel flag?
@hyper-neutrino hp is just generally bad
@StackMeter you might.
10:26 AM
@Adám I am getting confused with the pixels, how about setting the minimum res to the res of the given picture?
@StackMeter One never knows how soon things can happen
@Wasif Either way, you have to specify a minimum resolution in your post.
And we still need rounding for the irrational numbers at the edge of the circle.
@Adám okay i'll do it soon
@Adám might just double the size
to eliminate fractions
@StackMeter It took nearly a month for me to get past 1 rep in Stack overflow, who knows when what happens
10:28 AM
though the rounding must still stay for the circle
@StackMeter There's no multiplication factor that'll eliminate fractions of irrational numbers.
but for the half-pixels it would work
Sure. I was just using it as an example of what rounding means.
but yeah there is gonna be rounding, no way around it
I would say keep it as close as possible for the resolution
@Adám is 286*176 ok? (The res of example image)
10:31 AM
@Wasif Up to you, as long as you specify what to do regarding rounding.
That seems fair
rip spelling
I know right
@StackMeter you can edit your post
@StackMeter spelling hard
@StackMeter Pro-tip: Press UpArrow and fix it.
10:32 AM
instead of posting broken messages
yay it fixed
@StackMeter Next up: fix that message.
press f to pay respects
CMC: Implement a stack meter, i.e. return/print the depth of the stack at the point where your function/program was called.
that's ⎕SI or something right
10:35 AM
Yeah, StackMeter←{≢1↓⎕SI} should do it.
@Adám is depth the deepest dimension or is it length of stack?
@Lyxal I mean the calling stack.
@NewMainPosts I'm going to be the first answer on this problem
@Adám but is depth length or deepest/highest level of nesting?
in python, lambda:len(stack(0));from inspect import*
10:38 AM
@Lyxal You mean to ask what the technical term "depth" means in APL land? afaik, a call stack is a linear list without branches. Correct me if I'm wrong.
@Adám len(inspect.stack(0))???
You can see the whole call stack from inspect.stack(), so currently taken depth would be len(inspect.stack(0))
need to import inspect like hyperneutrino's answer
@hyper-neutrino @Wasif not sure what the 0 does, but are you sure it isn't off-by-one?
@Adám oh right. You mean function call stack, not array depth
But in APL land, what is depth?
not sure what the 0 does, but removing it seems to work :P
10:40 AM
changing it to another number... doesn't seem to change the result either.
I think it is the current depth of stack
inspect.stack() gives the whole call stack
> for the caller’s stack
Ah, so no, it isn't off-by-one, then.
well it's almost 7am here and i don't seem to be getting any progress on this assignment so i'm going to sleep now o/
what's the assignment (if you're allowed to say)?
10:44 AM
@Adám Vyxal, `ʀ¦_∧ǔ`E
@hyper-neutrino bro I have a 1000-word essay I put off for a week to play Minecraft
put that through ROT-13, it might say somethin
@Lyxal this only works in the offline interpreter
it pushes the compressed string "context_level" and evals it as python
Vyxal keeps track of the levels of depth your program flow goes into internally
@Lyxal Does it have TCO?
In computer science, a tail call is a subroutine call performed as the final action of a procedure. If the target of a tail is the same subroutine, the subroutine is said to be tail-recursive, which is a special case of direct recursion. Tail recursion (or tail-end recursion) is particularly useful, and often easy to handle optimization in implementations. Tail calls can be implemented without adding a new stack frame to the call stack. Most of the frame of the current procedure is no longer needed, and can be replaced by the frame of the tail call, modified as appropriate (similar to overlay for...
10:47 AM
probably not
it only stores the depth so that the implicit input system knows which arguments to use
Ah, so you're actually hacking the system.
pretty much
I'm eval'ing a function defined in the interpreter
hence why it only works offline
How so?
it doesn't work online because the online interpreter has safe eval on
Why, though?
10:49 AM
because if I just used regular python eval, people could try and eval bad things
Ah, you don't have a sandbox.
I don't know how to do that
and it seems too much for a simple programming language not used by many people
Right, so it is like TryAPL.org which also uses a safe eval.
let me find the pattern i have
(\[(((-?\d+(\.\d+)?)|\g<1>|"[^"]*"|'[^']*')(, *)?)*\])|(-?\d+(\.\d+)?$)|"[^"]*"|'[^']*'
oh christ
10:51 AM
that somehow works
that is a regex and a half
I recently enhanced TryAPL's safe eval so it allows using eval in eval but automatically makes sure to replace your eval with the safe one, ad infinitum.
@rak1507 there's a reason I switched away from re to regex
that makes me want to cry
it's recursive too
10:53 AM
why would you do this
@rak1507 What does?
that regex
To allow (some) eval in code.
surely there's a better way
10:54 AM
Worked for me.
@rak1507 this is for an esolang mind you
you're considering extra work for code golf
the whole point is that we hack stuff together, pray it works and then relish in our mess when it gets fake internet points
Are you not worried that you missed something and might expose your server?
@Adám it's pretty much all open source anyway
and besides, it's a free server
as in I'm not paying anything and I don't own it
10:57 AM
What server?
wow well done markdown.
Yeah, I have to be a bit more careful with our TryAPL server, even though it is running inside Docker inside a virtual machine. But the virtual machine is running on our own hardware in a data centre.
@NewMainPosts ayy, first answer on a question
first time too
@Lyxal is flask multithreaded or whatever? does it support multiple concurrent executions?
10:59 AM
@Adám If I was actually paying for/maintaining the server I'd probably be more careful too
@rak1507 honestly I don't know
never tried it
quick everyone run a slow vyxal program and see what happens
app.config['SECRET_KEY'] = 'n3vagljfd;lkgern;glkn4erg]po_*&)#M(VNP#UC<P{M@OW#X*()R#M*R<JP(R' hmm
I'll tell you the results in a minute
because I set it to timeout after 60 seconds by default
lol I hope that's not important
my phone and computer are both running {} at the same time
so far so good
11:01 AM
okay the phone just finished
it timed out as expected
the computer is still going
I want to write a simple golf site a bit like anagol but I'm not sure what to use for it, I thought flask might be too slow, looked at IHP a bit, but it looks quite complicated
okay it just finished too
sounds like it's not concurrent then
can you do an experiment where you run something slow and try and run something fast on a different device?
11:04 AM
the computer will be running ÞF 10000Ẏ (take the first 10k Fibonacci numbers)
the phone will be running 0 1000(n+), (sum the first 1k numbers)
phone finished almost instantly
while the computer was running?
computer just finished
I nominate the legend who upvoted 4-5 of my posts today
for owner
thank you
i appreciate
11:13 AM
It wasn't me who upvote you :P
47 mins ago, by Lyxal
@StackMeter One never knows how soon things can happen
ok then
I nominate Lyxal for owner
I got memed on by Wasif; gg to them
also finally downvotes pog
Let's relax! I was sweating on excitement, its too golfed now in 170 bytes
there's no such thing as too golfed
ok I think Wasif is done
he can't golf this much more
11:26 AM
I think so
Good luck
20 minutes
20 minutes
and he halves the byte count
Last else is not needed as return breaks out of the function
I should have known
but this is it
11:43 AM
@Wasif what challenge is this for? It can probably be much shorter
oh please god no my code has been compressed to deadly levels
how do you even do this?
no, but seriously, how?
to compress it further, you'd have to change the underlying code itself
and I don't know how to do that
What do you mean by the "underlying code itself"?
@pxeger the recent rarity challenge
@StackMeter my golfing is just nothing
Deadliness is still remaining....
@StackMeter you know what they say: it takes a community to golf an answer
@cairdcoinheringaahing out of interest, how are you testing that?
11:54 AM
codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/223303/95516 how come this takes two inputs when the challenge says to take 1?
I don't get what the problem is
gotta go make another edit
that's 6 at this point
please could you add test cases on TIO? (it's good practice to do that with all your answers anyway)
oh, so it takes n and nmax?
@rak1507 Heh, ⍎'⎕SI'⍨ should work.
11:58 AM
sorry @Lyxal we're already down to 140
@StackMeter where?
It's currently 145
Not 140
on the answer itself, in the comments
I got it down to 92
Our community effort shorten the code by 1/3
can you return it as a tuple of numbers not strings with a and b?
12:02 PM
Let's give StackMeter bit rest :P
He may be tired of editing
xnor will probably come along with a 50 at some point
It's just one last edit
@rak1507 yeah probably lol
How many edits have been there
8 afaik
idec at this point
how did we get from 266 to 85 bytes
magic :-)
12:05 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I've just seen your recent bio changes, and I happen to know of someone called Jay who uses mixed pronouns and lives in the UK... is this a crossover episode? Do you happen to know a Beth?
@StackMeter by not golfing it in the first place and changing the output...
Inb4 jelly 6 bytes
@math i was going to tell you this but you went offline. I have just translated pylite in python: github repo you might be interested
@StackMeter the program in the answer doesn't match the byte count
@Wasif Wow, nice.
12:16 PM
it's 83 characters, and 83 bytes
My byte counter says 89
It's definitely 89 as it is in the post
@Wasif Looks like python is an easier programming language to program programming languages. I used JS though, because I wanted an online interpreter. I don't know how to make that in python (other than Flask)
Flask is easy enough
You just need to wrap the interpreter in a function
@Neil Running local arenas, and I added in a print functions after each match so I can see the points breakdown
12:18 PM
rip - posted the worng code
@Lyxal Really? I thought Flask only runs in localhost?
you what
@math the vyxal interpreter uses flask
@math no, you can put Flask on a server (e.g. Google App Engine)
@pxeger I do know someone called Beth (a couple of people called Beth actually), but not very well, all the Beths I know are casual acquaintances
12:19 PM
Yes you can try Flask
@math have you planned the rest of the syntax
@cairdcoinheringaahing hmm ok. The Beth I know knows the Jay I know very well
@math pythonanywhere.com is where you can host flask for free (example site: lyxal.pythonanywhere.com/)
@pxeger Is the Jay you know openly gay?
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't know Jay directly at all, and I don't know Beth very well, so I don't know. All I know is that Jay changes pronouns regularly when Beth talks about them
@pxeger I'm guessing that we don't know the same Beth :P
12:22 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's a shame. I was hoping for a crazy coincidence
Unless there's a Beth on my life who talks more about me than I know about them, which I suppose would be more concerning than if we have any social connection to each other :P
@Lyxal Thanks, I'll try it. I'm definitely more comfortable in python than in JavaScript.
@cairdcoinheringaahing I highly doubt you'd have a girlfriend without having noticed
@math I suggest you look at the flask_app.py file and the execute function in Vyxal.py for a look at how I did it
@pxeger Well, as I alluded to before, I'm openly gay, so I'd be very confused if I did have a girlfriend at all :P
12:25 PM
well yeah
@Lyxal Ok, I think I'll start again from scratch (except the html file) to design to code.
12:42 PM
@Lyxal Then the name will be better. :P
Arnauld just got outgolfed
Pog, where?
It's using Node.js and Arnauld's using ES6, but I don't think they're using any features specific to Node or V8
12:49 PM
Q: Taxi Helper Program

mathImagine you're a Taxi driver. Everyday you drive, pickup passengers, pay for fuel, and get paid for driving. Your daily routine: The starting place is the Taxi Garage. Drive the taxi from on place to the other. Every Place has an event, like add numerical passengers, print a passenger to stdout,...

1:02 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pxegerInterpret ASCII control characters like a terminal code-golf string typography Given a ASCII string containing control characters, compute what it should look like when printed to a terminal. Imagining the behaviour of a cursor, this is how to treat each character in the input: 0x08 backspace (\...

1:21 PM
@Adám Thread.currentThread.getStackTrace.length, I think.
1:48 PM
My OEIS sequence got rejected because the first 100k terms are identical to another one
I mean, I kinda get that. It's not like they list the first 100001 terms of each sequence :P
I should submit "Terms in A343327 with an offset of 100000" :p
That could actually work :P
Actually because of the way the sequence works it'd just be the original one but incremented
I'll still make a challenge about it because it's interesting to golf
Only 4 users have ever gotten 2 or more different tag synonyms approved (table): Alex A (2), me (2), Peter Taylor (2) and Martin Ender (7)
1:56 PM
@RedwolfPrograms that's interesting that it becomes different, what is the sequence?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Would've been me but I let you take :p
@RedwolfPrograms More like I sniped it out from under you :P
@rak1507 It's minimal coin changing, basically it becomes different because the other sequence used coin denominations up to 50k, while mine continues 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, ... and so on
I'll happily let you do the next one :P
@RedwolfPrograms how do you define so on?
there's a very short apl solution to that using generating functions btw :P
oh no, minimal, not number of possibilities, nvm
1:58 PM
It's the hyperinflation sequence, a(3n) = 10 ** n, a(3n + 1) = 2 * 10 ** n, a(3n + 2) = 5 * 10 ** n
> Editing a question tagged with a synonym tag causes it to be replaced by the master tag
That's a helpful feature I didn't know about
> All good tag synonyms should eventually be merged (source). This retags all questions tagged with another tag – which is not automatically done when a synonym is created. As merging is not (easily) reversible, it should be done with caution. Only moderators can perform a merge.
Should we be bugging the mods to merge the tag synonyms that are still around, such as or ?
2:14 PM
It's so weird posting a challenge and seeing New Posts immediately update
I'm used to twenty minutes of forgetting I just posted a new challenge until NMP reminds me
There are a few really interesting approaches to finding the nth term of that sequence that I know of, so it'll be interesting to see which one's shortest
2:30 PM
I have 47 bytes in JS, can't wait to see Arnauld or tsh do it in 20 :p
Q: Number of coins needed to make change

Redwolf ProgramsRelatable scenario: I'm going to the store to buy a single item, but only have a $100k bill. As a result, I need exactly $999,979 in change, and in the fewest coins/bills possible because I'm quite obviously a very practical person. The denominations of these coins/bills follow the hyperinflation...

@rak1507 i can't really say what it is but i need to use a language called MMIX which i'm not really a fan of so far :P
@RedwolfPrograms "precisely $999,979": a) shouldn't it be $99,979 and b) how is this relatable?
a) yes and b) it's not and that makes it funny :p
2:57 PM
@RedwolfPrograms is New Posts double posting for you or is it just me?
Wait, it's not double posting, it's misattributing answers
It's misattributed Arnauld's and Delfad0r's answers: i.stack.imgur.com/qUeuA.png
Yep, two answers were posted at the exact same time pretty much
There's not really anything I can do about that
It only happens under extremely rare circumstances, and only if the answers are on the same question, so it's not really that important imo
3:17 PM
Husk, 05AB1E, and Jelly are tied lol
It annoys me that Husk has no way of doing integer compression :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Compress a string, convert to int, I guess
uḲ[“0112212233}s is the shortest I can get in Ash :(
Maybe I should make my compressed integer operator useful in more situations
3:33 PM
I swear to Christ Python can't win anything
2 hours of sheer optimisation and a 75+% reduction and it's still in last
It isn't exactly a golfing lang :P
Not when competing against golfing languages, no. But answers compete with answers in the same language, because it just isn't fair otherwise
You can compete against other Python answers
Try golfing in C++ :P
though I am proud of this community for tearing into my answer and stripping the 2 from 266, leaving it as 66
3:35 PM
C++ lambdas may actually be shorter
Or maybe not
It still takes 4 or 5 bytes to declare a variable though (int or auto )
I guess that's why there's a "per language" leaderboard, since some languages would basically be nonexistent otherwise
@StackMeter I've reduced the strikethrough in the header, as it's kinda obtrusive, and just done some general formatting fixes, feel free to rollback anything you dislike
No, that's probably for the best since I can't format to save my life lul
Q: Variable length Fibonacci word

zdimensionChallenge For any two strings A and B, we define the following sequence : F(0) = A F(1) = B F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n+2) Where + denotates the standard string concatenation. The sequence for strings "A" and "B" starts with the following terms: A, B, BA, BAB, BABBA, ... Create a function or program tha...

3:53 PM
do you know he funny thing
I unlocked upvotes in two days but it took 1/2 a year to unlock downvotes
literally just unlocked it today
apparently I have 22 downvotes cast (ignoring deleted posts, since they don't show up)
@StackMeter Yeah, it's not a good thing :/
Leads to the FGITW effect when a question hits HNQ
i convinced my friend to post a handwritten assembly answer to a fastest-code challenge cuz everyone was posting in C and his opinion after getting a bunch of upvotes was basically
"seems whoever writes a moderately interesting answer first just gets all the upvotes"
which is, unfortunately, pretty accurate, sometimes minus even the "slightly interesting" part
I have cast a total of 0 downvotes
I'm not wasting rep on that till I hit comma levels
@hyper-neutrino The bang! question?
3:59 PM

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