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12:03 AM
@MDXF Fun fact: Charcoal was originally going to have canvas pointer forking
@ASCII-only What's canvas pointer forking?
> at least you closed all of them
Is it what Forked's written around?
(totallyhuman, earlier today)
so I cc'd you ;P hope you don't mind
12:05 AM
Closed all of what?
I'm very confused :P
@MDXF Charcoal always has a canvas pointer (like IP, just for output)
Ohhh now I see. lol
it's a joke because you kept forgetting to close quotes and brackets yesterday lol :P
@ASCII-only That's really cool
@HyperNeutrino Yeah ಠ_ಠ
Apparently you can only have your StackExchange profile be 3k bytes :(
12:06 AM
Bytes or chars?
Like I tested the difference :P
Why wouldn't you? :P
The only Unicode characters I ever use are ÿ and ಠ, for the memes
But Unicode includes ASCII
@TuxCopter ÿಠu knಠw what I mean
12:09 AM
what is this eldritch horror
@MDXF :| not really lol how would an ASCII-art lang work without a turtle-like object (I suppose V doesn't have a turtle but it's V)
@TuxCopter Why exactly is your parent profile JudaismSE?
@HyperNeutrino Mine was SO until last week when I realized I got to choose what it was
@ASCII-only No idea, never written/used one
@HyperNeutrino So I can have a different name & profile pic than my PPCG account
@TuxCopter Says you: TùxCräftîñg
12:10 AM
@TuxCopter Ah I see.
@MDXF English, 2 bytes: no
* nಠ
* ñಠ
@MDXF * 🅱️ಠ
12:12 AM
@HyperNeutrino nಠ, ñ is nಠt memeÿ
@MDXF 0/10 breaks things without unicode support
0/10 what dಠesn't have Unicಠde suppಠrt
@MDXF plz no D: also question: does using ಠ in place of o affect dyslexia?
Does anyone know if GitHub supports StackExchange-style Markdown links? i.e. [link] <newlines> [link]: https://link
@HyperNeutrino Yes but it's wಠrth it
@MDXF 0/10 test it out yourself >:-D
12:15 AM
I don't wanna waste a commit lol
@MDXF no it isn't it affects me reading it and i don't even have dyslexia ಠ_ಠ
ha ha ha - or, the meme version, hಠhಠhಠ
Or the unmeme version, o_o
@MDXF ħಠħಠħಠ for maximum Unicode
12:17 AM
@HyperNeutrino 0/10 do not recommend
@MDXF W̡̓h͇̎y͙̅ ̬̀N͚̕o̗̐t̞̿?̜͂
@HyperNeutrino heh I can't even read that :P
@MDXF exactly >:-D
It gets even better
12:19 AM
W̛̜͍͓̦͖̮̬̫̒͑̔̿͋́̕̕͜h͓̣̭͕̝͉̗͈̞̉̒̌͌̀̊͂̄͝y̡̺̞̫̲̩̞̻̪̎́̓̆̀̐̔̎̍ ͉͓̙̝̖̰̬͇̙̑̑̍̑͊̇́͗͝N̢͖̝̮̠̪̘̦͇̂̾͋̉̈́͆̐̽͝ơ̧̘͕͉̭̫̠̮̗͐̆̊̀̂͆̆̕t̨̲̥͓̬̱̝́̿̓̇͐̀̏͗͜͜͠?̛̍̋̑‌​̧̝̲̫̮̻̳̦͈̀̌͊͑͆
I can't read that either because my computer doesn't support enough Unicode to render that
10/10 much recommend
0/10 do not recommend. Use eeemo.net
12:20 AM
0/10 do not recommend. uses too much f-word
Heh true :P
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I care slightly less about swears on not-StackExchange. But only slightly lol
I'm in high school so I'm used to it :P
yay :D
0/10 you have too many languages on TIO
12:25 AM
> too many languages
not possible :P
Wait until Forked gets on there lol
(•◡•)/ I think forked is gonna be my best language yet
Also yay
12:27 AM
but I'm not actually gonna implement it until the end of the summer
@MDXF Is this like your 5th language this week or something???
Nice name btw, good job thinking of one
13 secs ago, by MD XF
but I'm not actually gonna implement it until the end of the summer
@HyperNeutrino It would only be the third, anyway
thanks :P It was destructible's idea iirc
> only
@HyperNeutrino Destructible came up with Cubically's name too. He's pretty inspired IMO
> third
12:28 AM
A: What's your most controversial programming opinion?

Jas PanesarLess code is better than more! If the users say "that's it?", and your work remains invisible, it's done right. Glory can be found elsewhere.

ftlog it took you about as long to create a language as it did just for me to make just my tokenizer... oh wait you don't have tokenizer ಠ_ಠ
What do you mean 'tokenizer'?
A tokenizer is a function that splits a string into "tokens"
Yeah, Decimal was hardcoded, rk was space-delimited (IIRC), shortC is tokenized, Cubically is ... a mess :P
Instead of evaluating character by character, it groups it into tokens first and then the interpreter goes through them
12:30 AM
E.g., in C, a tokenizer might take the string int main(){ puts("Hello"); } and split them up into the tokens "int" "main" "(" ")" "{" "puts" "(" "\"" "\"Hello\"" "\"" ")" ";" "}"
Yeah. shortC and rk are tokenized
In the case of my language, almost every character becomes its own token because it's a golfing lang :P
'course, rk took three months. but shortC took thirty minutes
I thought about making a language specifically for golfing
> thirty minutes
and it turned out so bad I purged it from the face of the Internet
12:31 AM
It took me that long to set up how the tokenizer would work >.<
@HyperNeutrino Oh that's right, shortC is a golfing language! :D
I was talking about Confuzzlicated
which is (thank the mods) not on TIO
12:32 AM
also it doesn't look tokenized to me
@MDXF mods or gods? oh wait same thing
@HyperNeutrino Exactly :P
@HyperNeutrino it's tokenized by C delimiters and capital letters
@MDXF er I don't see a tokenizer...
@HyperNeutrino Either I have no idea what a tokenizer is or it's built in to the interpreter
I used to have a tokenizer that was constructed with regex
12:33 AM
Also I don't like the way your program finds strings, etc.
Oh heh duh shortC isn't tokenized anymore
the first version was
@HyperNeutrino which one?
Oh wait nvm I'm dumb
12:34 AM
That's for autoclosing
Yeah the autoclosing stuff saves about four bytes every program
12:36 AM
Also I think out of all my language names (including the one that is literally named after my initials), shortC is the least inspired
But then again... Pyth = PYTHon, Japt = JAvascriPT. C = ... C
> C = ... C
Accurate. You can't exactly shorten a one-letter word
Unless there's some magical Unicode half-C
@MDXF -1 bytes use jQuery. Have you tried jQuery?
(source: here)
12:39 AM
hello i have quetions how does shorten a one character word i try for thirtee minutes but nothing comz to mind i already try jQuery thanks
@MDXF 0/10 please do not talk about mods in that way
Wait shog9 is a developer :o
@HyperNeutrino no, that was a StackOverflow meme a lot longer ago, I'll try to find it
@MDXF well I mean that's the first place I saw it
12:41 AM
see link
@MDXF ಠ_ಠ how were you so fast
What's funny is, that was an actual question, but Bobince memeified it
(Bobince started the Zalgo meme too)
There's an actual screenshot of the entire thread "Q and A" though, I'm gonna hunt for that too
@MDXF obviously you take all the zeros out
12:44 AM
Found it, if you can see deleted posts, which I can't :(
wait was this actually a thing for people to troll JS n00bs using jquery
No, but jQuery is really great and does all things
@HyperNeutrino no, there was a meme on reddit and the poster saw it and the answerers saw it
@DestructibleLemon Oh yeah, there's a comment: "Is this based on a joke seen on reddit? I'm guessing yes"
oh lol
12:48 AM
Inspired by Bobince, I was right
@MDXF lol the comments
hmm... I can't seem to remember who the other user was...
@HyperNeutrino I don't get it :P
Oh. ASCIIrisk. ಠ_ಠ
> Sorry for violating the policy. Thank you for ignoring my comment by replying to it.
1:05 AM
Well I mean that's not a reason for a user to get deleted (I mean posting a stupid answer)
Yeah but with spam (ish) like that...
That was a singular answer
I know, I'm saying if he repeated the offense
Oh true.
It's not really like I can search his profile :P
1:06 AM
@MDXF How can you figure that out?
I love how literally all the high-voted answers from that thread are from users who never really did anything else
@HyperNeutrino I can't, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but it'll be pretty obvious if you do 'cause it'll take less than a month :P
@MDXF true :P
1:22 AM
Is there a way to make a scale without anything elastic like springs? Not a balance.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

noreWriting an anti-quine Task We say that a program is an anti-quine if it outputs exactly those bytes that are not in its source code, once and only once. The size of the output of an anti-quine is thus 256 minus the number of distinct bytes in the program. Your task is: write an anti-quine! R...

@HelkaHomba yes!
use piezo electricity
I'd say I learned it in school but really school told me to go learn something about accelerometers
Piezoelectricity /piˌeɪzoʊˌilɛkˈtrɪsɪti/ is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure. It is derived from the Greek piezō (πιέζω) or piezein (πιέζειν), which means to squeeze or press, and ēlektron (ήλεκτρον), which means amber, an ancient source of electric charge. Piezoelectricity was discovered in 1880 by French physicists Jacques and Pierre Curie. The piezoelectric...
wait whoops that's simple english :P
1:52 AM
I was thinking more purely mechanical
by "not a balance", do you mean "can't work like a balance" or "must give weight rather than just comparing two weights"?
if it's the latter, you can imagine a sort of metal tape that curves in one direction only and trails along the ground, you can use a pulley system to balance it against the thing you're weighing
then the distance that gets lifted into the air (as opposed to trailing on the ground) is proportional to the weight of the object you're weighing
@HyperNeutrino as far as I know, it's basically Jelly that uses infinite-precision arithmetic
I'm not sure whether it does it using symbolic numbers or computable reals
Ooh. Interesting.
A very old version of Jelly that uses infinite-precision arithmetic.
1:59 AM
what specific infinite-precision arithmetic method does it use?
Whatever comes with SymPy. :P
oh, if it has "sym" in its name, it's almost certainly using symbolic arithmetic
ಠ_ಠ D doesn't exist in M?
That would be my guess as well, but I honestly know very little about SymPy.
@HyperNeutrino Sure it does. Only works with integers though.
@HyperNeutrino Ugh, line breaks. .oO(Why do I keep writing these on my phone?)
2:03 AM
there's actually another possibility I thought about for golfing languages: retroactive arbitrary-precision arithmetic, where you store an approximation and an error term, and if the error is too high to know what the program would do, you rerun with a greater precision value
@Dennis Oh. I was testing with a float :P
although that would be very similar in nature to computable-real-based solutions, just with a different evaluation order
@HelkaHomba water?
like put the floating thing on some water, then put the object on the floating thing, then see the amount of water pushed up
tbf this kind of works like a balance
@Dennis What does .oO mean?
2:23 AM
.oO(thought bubbles)
I used oO all the time to indicate surprise, which seems to go perfectly with .oO()
ಠ_ಠ why is this getting reopen votes? It's not clear enough yet ಠ_ಠ
Q: LCM of Rational Numbers

JungHwan MinThe lowest common multiple (LCM) of a set of numbers A is the smallest integer b such that b/a is an integer for all integers a in A. This definition can be extended to rational numbers! Task Find the smallest positive rational b such that b/a is an integer for all rationals a in the input. Ru...

it's a pity close and reopen votes are anonymous until the close/reopen goes through, because you can't figure out who to ask about their reasoning for the close/reopen
2:31 AM
I'm feeling excluded by the latest SO survey analysis. It talks about how much money is made by people who use spaces or tabs, but it doesn't say anything about people who use neither.
@feersum Wait what do you use...?
@ais523 True. I agree.
formfeeds, obviously!
??? why would I need whitespace? It doesn't do anything.
2:32 AM
for some bizarre reason, most programming languages interpret formfeeds as horizontal whitespace
@feersum Wait so you don't indent?
@ais523 wait what that doesn't make sense
(my guess is that they're using something like isspace to detect whitespace, but are just comparing to newline to see if it's horizontal or vertical)
@ais523 While I'm sure those would render fine, I think it might bork languages that expect to receive spaces or tabs.
actually formfeeds don't render very well at all in most programs
2:33 AM
I was being sarcastic.
ah right
Also why is this getting reopen votes, it wasn't edited since I cast the final close vote ಠ_ಠ
And then there's this; there's a reason a mod nuked it right away ಠ_ಠ
I'm under the impression that almost any closed question at all will get at least one reopen vote
getting four is a bit more unusual, though
Yeah. (Those are the three that show up in modtools :P)
2:37 AM
(the fundamental problem is that close and reopen votes each lock out the other sort of vote until voting is complete, so if you see a closed question and agree it should be closed, you can't actually express that opinion until it's reopened)
for "the dot is chasing me", at least one person has given a reopen reasoning in comments
you might want to reply to that
yes. i will look at the comments for those
@feersum not sure whether this is preferable to tabs
I certainly hope people aren't reopen voting just because they want to answer...
I used to use tabs, that I got tired of changing the settings on every IDE or text editor I use.
can anyone give me feedback on why my koth is unpopular? is it just because it is python and not dead simple like rps?
2:44 AM
CMC: Given a string s and an int n, replace every run of spaces at the start of a line with tabs, replacing every n spaces with 1 tab. If the run of spaces at the start of a line is not divisible by n, leave the remainder as spaces.
that reminds me, I should add regex to anyfix. brb
Does production APL look readable, at least?
@Phoenix V, 8 bytes: Try it online!
Sorry, 9: Try it online!
@DJMcMayhem How does it work without a tab literal or \t?
2:59 AM
Question: Should I be using GitHub's "releases" for my languages? Does anyone do that?
Python, 110 bytes... TIO:
while 1:s=input();a=max(x for x in range(len(s))if s[:x]==" "*x);print(a//n*"\t"+a%n*" "+s[a:])
@Phoenix ô is equivalent to \t
oh cool
Poll: Would you rather be a dog or cat?
3:05 AM
I would read all the files
wait a minute someone else answered my question but I didn't get a notification
@LeakyNun I feel less bad about how long my ruby attempt was.
@Phoenix how long is it?
@Phoenix Python, 87 bytes TIO:
f=lambda s:"\t"+f(s[n:])if s[:n]==" "*n else s
while 1:print(f(input()))
3:13 AM
Wait no
@Phoenix Python, 84 bytes TIO:
f=lambda s:" "*n==s[:n]and"\t"+f(s[n:])or s
while 1:print(f(input()))
@LeakyNun 63ish bytes, may change as I figure out why it's not working.
69 bytes, Try it online!
$><<STDIN.read.gsub(/^ {#{n}}+/){|i|"\t"*(i.length/n)}
66 bytes, Try it online!
$><<STDIN.read.gsub(/^ {#{n}}+/){|i|"\t"*(i.length/n)}
I would use p and not $><<, but p outputs \n instead of literal newlines.
Maybe I should post on main
What's a sufficiently clickbait title? I'm fond of Make less money, but not everyone has read the relevant blog post.
Don't post on main, the rich kids will downvote you... (lol just kidding :D)
3:30 AM
@Phoenix I feel like someone posted this on main before? IDK
3:46 AM
wait a minute wtf
wtf steam
it's bizzare when browsing ftp games and finding a paid game
Anyone here play Minecraft BedWars?
@DestructibleLemon I guess the devs miscategorized their game. I guess you should shoot Steam Support an email?
ehhhh I'm too lazy for that
3:50 AM
Join that
do you want me to play?
k then
will you do me a favour?
Make a bot for dungeon of botdom koth
Q: Dungeon of botdom

Destructible Lemon– of crisis and martyrdom (that's the subtitle because subtitles are cool) In this king-of-the-hill challenge in python (yup; you need go no farther to know you may not submit in java), you need to create a bot that plays a game very similar to welcome to the dungeon Rules You submit a class,...

3:55 AM
I can't python
learn python then
it's not too massively complicated. you can probably figure out how to make a bot from the examples there
like the code is like pseudocode most of the time
what is your username again?

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