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12:00 AM
@Adám Removal of some programming languages from it?
@Arjun Probably, but that can wait.
Yay I'm in the top 50 users of all time (sorry Adám)
@WheatWizard NP.
Should we add non-language software? Brain-Flak's esolangs page lists this as an influence, despite it not being a programming language
Also, we do not need every single Python ancestor ever created
This is not useful for the purposes of the graph
12:05 AM
^ Please
Q: Implement the CairdSort! - Cops

caird coinheringaahing This is the Cops thread, the Robbers thread can be found here Cops, your task is to implement the CairdSort on a single input string. In this post, alias sorted = "lexicographically ordered" (sorted means "are the characters code points in order?") This is how to CairdSort a string: Fir...

Q: Implement the CairdSort! - Robbers

caird coinheringaahing This is the Robbers thread, the Cops thread can be found here Welcome Robbers! Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to do the following steps. Step 1 Go to the Cops thread and find any non-safe, non-cracked solution to the code and find an interpreter that runs that language. Step...

@Arjun Can you please stop mass adding ancestors to languages?
@WheatWizard Dunno. I was considering adding mathematical notation as a parent to APL and Brachylog.
@WheatWizard I didn't know that existed. I just thought of the name, and that was the inspiration for naming it
Ah ok then definitely not
12:08 AM
Is Rail a PPCG-created lang?
@ATaco Why?
It simply clogs up the graph with too much unnecessary information.
@ETHproductions I'm not sure. When I added it, I forgot that we are doing PPCG langs only.
It's really stretching the chart, so I say remove it
@ETHproductions Thanks.
12:11 AM
C++, Perl, and Java only inspired Python once, thankyou
That's better, thanks ATaco
Also, /// is not inspired by Perl, I'm quite sure on that one.
> Actually -> Seriously
@ETHproductions indeed
Seriously guys, get the order actually right!
12:14 AM
double facepalm
Seriously, Seriously actually inspired actually
surprised we haven't gotten a literally lang yet
or a really
Wasn't Jellyfish inspired by Jelly and ><>
are you all including languages that aren't really related to other languages?
I think so
12:16 AM
Wait, J and not Jelly (nor ><>)
Oh sorry, misunderstood your question
Yeah, you can include unrelated langs, as long as they were created by PPCG users
its name was just derived from both of them
Also I have no idea what Charcoal is inspired by lol
I guess it's kinda C-style? (with overloads)
@ASCII-only Chalk.
12:18 AM
what is the easiest way to check how old a github repo is?
@DestructibleLemon oldest commit :P
Or check one of the graphs
I thought Charcoal had Vim inspirations.
@ETHproductions was asking because I created one at one point
@ATaco You must be getting it mixed up with V
@ASCII-only well if we want to have the old post hoc ergo propter hoc, we could say charcoal was based on Turtlèd
12:20 AM
Hah, I got Labyrinth, Alice, and Hexagony right next to each other
And Retina too, once I remove Rail (again?)
@MistahFiggins Although Del|m|t is a little broke ATM
also I would like to claim my bragging rights for being frist ascii art thing that we made that one time
@DestructibleLemon ???
12:22 AM
@ASCII-only That was a joke. Charcoal is good at drawing - inspired by kids' chalk.
@Adám I know :P
@ASCII-only I made my ascii art thing before you
What about all of Conor and Tux's languages :P
and I would like to claim the bragging rights
We're working on them :P
@WheatWizard Gosh darn it, lambda calculus messed up the graph arrangement
12:24 AM
@DestructibleLemon noooooooo ;_:
of course you get the bragging rights for first ascii art lang with notshit interpreter
so there is that
at least I think you do
I didn't check that crayon thing
Uh, the graph is becoming unreadable.
Oh my... the graph thingy put the BF family on the opposite side of the rest of the esolangs
@ETHproductions It actually looked fine, but someone made an edit while I was adding things and the two edits clashed
nope that was a month after you as well
12:25 AM
That may have been me
I think Turtlèd is inspired by BF
@Adám We need to get rid of all the bloat in the middle caused by all the non-ppcg langs
(looking at you python)
in fact the simplest TC proof is basically compiling bf really easily
@WheatWizard Yeah.
Is math.js a programming language?
Looks better now
@Adám Not really, and it's also not created by PPCGers so I'm not sure why it's on there
12:27 AM
Wait is Mathematica actually inspired by APL
@ASCII-only Wikipedia says so.
Also why are Haskell and Binary Lambda Calculus there
and what are FP and FL?
I've personally used Math.js as a programming language.
It's surprisingly TC.
@ETHproductions We can probably get rid of those. They were inspiration to create J from APL.
12:29 AM
@ATaco Well yeah it is a programming language but it isn't created by PPCG users
Also Retina isn't inspired by PCRE (it's based on the .NET regex engine)
Lisp isn't doing anything useful, nor is LISP
Fair enough, we can knock it off if we want to.
Ah, that was an assumption on my half, too.
Thank you "someone" for cleaning up.
We need an arrow from Java to C# as well, and from C to C# and Java
@ASCII-only Yes, I thought of that
12:31 AM
Also someone probably needs to reduce the number of arrows going to JS
The only real influence is Java
Can I cut out Binary Lambda Calculus?
@ETHproductions lisp is inspiration for pyramid scheme and brainflak
that's pretty cool right?
then those arrows should probably be added
I would have added them but too fast edits
12:35 AM
I don't think lisp was an inspiration for Brain-Flak
It wasn't
Not really
are you sure
why do we still have C#, ObjC and Pascal?
12:36 AM
I know nothing about lisp, sans that it uses lots of parens
@ComradeSparklePony Please do not add languages that are not ancestors of PPCG-created langs in any way.
I was wondering why I have not yet gotten on this question I have over 5x the votes that the accepted answer has.
I think the accepted answer has to have more than 10 votes or something
@ETHproductions Kill Mathematica-Mathics-math.js?
12:39 AM
@ETHproductions It does
Mathics is a PPCG language, right?
Or was that Mthmtca?
@Adám I already killed math.js
@ETHproductions Mathics is just a free Mathematica clone.
kill C#, ObjC and Pascal?
> answer with score of more than 10
Man that sucks
12:40 AM
@ASCII-only wait a minute you typoed this
Well now it does have more than 10, see if you get the badge in the next 24 hours
lol i was maybe about to do that
@betseg Yup.
I have 3 answers that have more than 2x the accepted, but none of the accepts have over 10
@ETHproductions ok lol
@DestructibleLemon No I didn't, one tear is rolling off, the other isn't :P
12:41 AM
@ASCII-only suuuuure
How is "Illuminator" even possible? How can you answer 500 questions in 24 hours?
1. you become Jon Skeet
srsly tho
@ETHproductions My bad, sorry.
12:43 AM
@Mendeleev I don;t think that means what you think it means
@MistahFiggins what does it mean?
Can anyone figure out what the syntax error is?
Also, why is your profile picture the number 8192?
@Mendeleev >_> That's not what it means
You have to do it 500 times not necessarily in the same 12 hours
12:44 AM
@ComradeSparklePony Not a huge deal, but it clutters up the graph with stuff unnecessary to the main point.
it's essentially earn the explainer badge 500 times
Should I connect PCRE -> APL because (Dyalog) APL is a superset of PCRE?
i don't think anyone will ever get the tenacious or unsung hero badges given that everyone has a lot of answers and upvotes are common among accepted answers
And accepts are becoming less common over time
(hopefully we can have the accept system abolished entirely)
12:48 AM
I sorted everything alphabetically. Much better now.
you made it worse :O
Poor Jellyfish.
It's parents are from such different families.
I didn't say anything negative about it's families, I said it's parents are from separate families.
It's like Romeo and Juliet, without the death.
12:51 AM
@ATaco actually it's kind of like the opposite because a new language was born
I actively influence the APL language. Does that make APL a PPCG language?
@betseg Now it is good again.
The question is do you ever make decisions based on ppcg?
How long ago did you start working on APL?
@Adám Yeah, it's surprisingly good now.
12:58 AM
@WheatWizard I hope not.
Also I see some graph thing, please give link?
@Phoenix Links in the question
sorry answer not question
What answer?
I literally just came on
A: What are the relationships between programming languages created by PPCG users

AdámUsing the format of Webgraphviz. Links to pages about the languages can be found on TIO. digraph G { "///" -> ReRegex "05AB1E" -> "2sable" "><>" -> Jellyfish "><>" -> Klein "C++" -> Mathematica "><>" -> Minkolang "><>" -> Vitsy "C++" -> Java "C++" -> Lua "C++" -> Perl "C++" ->

1:00 AM
Why were lambda calculus and grass removed?
(and lisp is still there)
@Phoenix I first started campaigning for the addition of a primitive in October 2015. It is being added with the version coming out now.
Nevermind they are still there
they just got disconected from haskell
Add AGL?
which makes sense
@Phoenix Nah, it is to APL what math.js is to JS, no?
1:04 AM
can we unstar the racist/xenophobic comment please
@DestructibleLemon Too late.
@Phoenix Wait for .
Link Jelly to TacO (because 2D tacit Lang)?
Nvm it's there already
I did the TacO linking, I know it's inspirations.
1:08 AM
Remove every language that wasn't created by a PPCGer or didn't influence a PPCGer-created language?
@betseg Yes.
Why is mathematical notation listed
@Phoenix Made APL and Brachylog's symbols.
But not a Lang
@Phoenix Neither is lambda calculus. I think both are useful to have on the chart.
1:11 AM
Lambda Calculus IS a lang...
Kind of.
@ATaco A programming language? No. A notation? Yes. So is math.
I'd argue it's more acceptable to consider it a programming language than Mathmatical Notation.
I think lambda calculus is a language without a syntax to go with it.
Do we add miniflak?
Also, Assembly->Sesos
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Comrade SparklePonyIs the string lexicographically ordered? Your task is to write a program or function that given a string s, prints/returns a truthy value if s is lexicographically ordered and a falsy value if it is not. A string is lexicographically ordered if it's bytes increase or stay the same in value from ...

1:16 AM
@Phoenix I forgot to might be worthwhile
Like the new colors?
Why is there a floating SVG node?
@ATaco which one?
lambda calculas is a mathematical esolang, just like a turing machine would be. except it's maths designed rather than eso designed
1:29 AM
@ATaco Somehow there is a syntax error on the last line. Feel free to fix if you can.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Congratulations on your Fanatic badge!
ooo nice
@Adám wait so can I edit in my own eso-golfing-langs?
I swear I haven't seen him around some before like two weeks ago.
1:33 AM
(to this)
@Phoenix lurking counts too :P
@HyperNeutrino Go ahead.
yay thanks
Also, I fixed your syntax error.
Wonder why no-one hase made a golfed Java. There's lots of golfing potential.
@HyperNeutrino Thanks. What was wrong?
1:35 AM
@HyperNeutrino I did that with shortC, then I wrote two more langs in a week and decided it's not worth it to keep up
@Adám The extra newlines near the end. The end should be [color=yellow]} :P
@MDXF ah I see :P
proof that you write too many languages ಠ_ಠ
> too many languages
Grass shouldn't be yellow
1:36 AM
not a thing :P
and the interpreters are demonic ಠ_ಠ
if that's a word
not all of them!
Only Decimal
Or maybe it should
What is the yellow about?
@WheatWizard not root node
1:36 AM
@WheatWizard PPCG lang
@HyperNeutrino The shortC interpreter is a work of art. It takes less than ten seconds to add a new conversion
@ATaco 404 not found when I click it
@Adám Grass is not a PPCG lang, and so are a bunch of the yellow ones
@WheatWizard Feel free to correct.
@ATaco seriously came before actually
1:37 AM
Sesos does not need to be yellow twice.
I don't know how the new formatting works
@MDXF well at least it's extendable :P
@HyperNeutrino Yeah lol since I realize I need a new conversion more or less every time I golf in it :P
Ah :P
ಠ_ಠ the syntax error is back
1:38 AM
nvm got rid of it again
I'm debating adding Unicode chars to shortC but I don't wanna go to the effort to make my own codepage
@MDXF 0/10
@MDXF use Jelly SBCS
@ASCII-only ಠ_ಠ you added Unicode to your language and your name is ASCII-only
@HyperNeutrino pls link
1:40 AM
@HyperNeutrino It's ASCII-compatible, right?
All you need is Win-1252
What the heck is the Jelly dictionary about??
Also guys
Look at the second top network question
@MDXF string compressors
@HyperNeutrino Ah, cool
1:42 AM
Yup >:D
ooh satanic git
Definitely was repbait
@MDXF bugs because i'm bad
Good idea, whoever told me to post it as a question :D
that was phoenix I think
1:42 AM
@HyperNeutrino That message was a long time ago haha
I was also hoping to get some stars/contributions to Forked, but no :(
nvm it's caird
@MDXF lol rip
Didn't his name used to be I like my dog?

How to get SO rep

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Bookmarked just now by Hyper Neutrino

1:43 AM
don't think so
@MDXF he's gone through 10 usernames in 3 months, and that was one of them
@HyperNeutrino :o
I have never changed my username nor profile and I never plan to
I changed it once lol
(not counting the initial change)
Of course, if anagrams become a meme again, I might make it something stupid like FD MX just to troll everybody
@HyperNeutrino initial change?
1:44 AM
actually twice, but once was just to make HyperNeutrino -> Hyper Neutrino
I changed my name once but also it was anagram based
@MDXF yeah, I used to be called user42649...wait no that's chosen on account creation nvm i'm stupid
@WheatWizard If Grass is not a PPCG lang, then it needs to go.
@DestructibleLemon Wasn't your name Destructible Watermelon before?
@HyperNeutrino :P
1:45 AM
Which isn't really used anymore :I
@DestructibleLemon or was it just melon, not watermelon
@MDXF true
i'm too lazy to find it
ATaco denied my PR :(
1:46 AM
nope but melon is anagram of lemon and it was close enough
@MDXF this is like the 100000th time isn't it?
@HyperNeutrino the water was used to grow the lemon tree
@HyperNeutrino Um.. no?
I'm pretty sure we didn't make Befunge
@ATaco PPCGers? Yeah we definitely didn't
1:47 AM
Also @DestructibleLemon you're creative at coming up with names
I need a real name for shortC, as "shortC" is trash, seeing as how it's just a shortened version of C ಠ_ಠ
hey I just remembered one time I made a 2d language but then didn't finish the last command
i should make one sometime; i've never made one before
They're really fun and actually quite easy
it was one of those super eso langs
like ///
except 2d
1:49 AM
The hardest part of Triangular was getting the interpreter to read the file into the buffer properly ಠ_ಠ
i'm also considering temporarily pausing ANYFIX dev to make a quick esolang that's based around different cores mailing info to each other and timing the mailing system
@MDXF well then 2d langs should be pretty easy
58 secs ago, by MD XF
They're really fun and actually quite easy
@MDXF In Ruby it's File.read filename...
except you need to figure out an original idea
1:49 AM
but that sounds like funicton (?)
@Mendeleev No not like that lol
@Mendeleev but it's C so it's [insert 5000000 bytes]
speaking of which I figured out an original idea but procrastinated stuff
@DestructibleLemon i procrastinate stuff by making languages lol
@HyperNeutrino All you need is you open a file to get a file descriptor, then you fscanf
@MDXF What did you mean?
1:50 AM
@HyperNeutrino HA me too
@HyperNeutrino me too but I also procrastinate making langs so I'm a meta procrastinator
@ATaco Fixed.
@Mendeleev s/neam/mean, and I meant it reads the file as whatever shape, ignores whitespace, and stores it in the buffer like a triangle, such that buf[0] is one character, buf[1] is two, buf[2] is three, etc
@MDXF lol it's why i got a one week suspension. but i still didn't catch up 100% fml
@WheatWizard Grass fixed. What were the other non PPCG yellows?
1:51 AM
@MDXF Oh, I see now
@HyperNeutrino ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I thought about asking for a ban but I'm probably gonna talk on TNB during my lunch breaks / after work, just not go on main
Java could really be taken out with no loss.
@Adám What are you guys working on?
Also, We most definitely did not make Brainfuck
A: What are the relationships between programming languages created by PPCG users

AdámUsing the format of Webgraphviz. Links to pages about the languages can be found on TIO. digraph G { node [style=filled] "///" -> ReRegex "05AB1E" -> "2sable" "05AB1E" -> Anyfix "><>" -> Jellyfish "><>" -> Klein "C++" -> Mathematica "><>" -> Minkolang "><>" -> Vitsy "C++" -> ...

1:53 AM
@ATaco yeah we did
I actually made it, then someone stole my idea and made it use characters instead of whitespace
Although we recreated it a thousand times.
@Adám shortC is on there :D how do people even know about that??
@ATaco fixed
@Adám Ohh you're just looking at Tio
@Mendeleev Not sure how old you are, but BF is 24 :P
1:55 AM
@ETHproductions It's a joke about WSF
I'm 15
I was 15 (or 14 or 13, I can't remember) when I was writing rk-lang
> rk-lang
>.< brace yourself for utter trash
and lack of README
Also please do not post a response similar to my bot -_-
I'm fairly certain we didn't make /// either
1:56 AM
github.com/aaronryank/rk-lang ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ
I think that is ours actually
Really? I'll check
> invented by Tanner Swett (User:Ihope127) in 2006
There was a challange about it and everything
Don't recognize either name, or the other languages they've created (esolangs.org/wiki/User:Ihope127)
eh, my mistake
1:57 AM
@MDXF Seems like Python + Ruby with weird escape characters
AHK's escape character is `
@ATaco Why
@Mendeleev No, it's utter trash + Dyslexia-based delimiters
@MDXF It's just my first impression
You were 13
No idea, probably because it's not used very much by the language
1:59 AM
I know I was being silly :P
It's better than WSF ffs
WSF? pls link
WhiteSpaceF***, I'm guessing?

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