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4:02 AM
226 views in 2 days? Feelsbadman
they kicked me ;_;
Who did?
from the minecraft ;_; @Mendeleev wai
Sorry was accident
I'm not the only one that hates security questions right?
4:13 AM
You are not.
@MDXF Fixed but too lazy to check if competing or not
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

musicman523Is it an open question? code-golf Challenge Given a positive integer, determine whether that number represents an open question on our website. Scoring This is code-golf, so the shortest answer in each language wins.

@ASCII-only Can you add the builtin being described to the output of the explanation generator? e.g. '├G: Hollow Polygon'
@ASCII-only Heh nice job. +1
@Phoenix hmm ok
4:22 AM
Btw why is your GitHub somebody1234? :P
Yeah, the explanation is nice but hard to follow right now.
SomeBODY once told me...
@MDXF Just look at my first SE username
@ASCII-only How do I check that?
@MDXF parent user -> network profile
4:28 AM
Oh :P still... why?
so anyway @Mendeleev I can't play with you now
it's fine
the game is over anyway :)
Anyone interested in helping with Cubically? I need help finding some algorithms
@MDXF Well it started back in the old days when I made my AdventureQuest account (it wasn't exactly somebody back then though)
4:37 AM
@MDXF Then it became somebody1234 for pretty much everything else
AdventureQuest seems like the kind of terrible name I'd give to a project directory when I haven't thought of an actual name yet.
adventure quest was a single player game where you couldn't play if too many people were online
like wth
@Phoenix Done, just have to wait for Dennis to pull now
@DestructibleLemon The walking animation was terrible + load times were insanely high
4:39 AM
@ASCII-only ...ok
Dammit I need to know what this game is now.
slightly less weird than my name though
I don't remember that game featuring walking
Even if it does sound terrible.
are you thinking of adventure quest worlds?
the classes in that game are insanely unbalanced
@Phoenix the guys who made it made a bunch of similar games
4:40 AM
@DestructibleLemon Yeah, probably my bad experiences from AQW/MechQuest
> On July 14, 2010, the server cap has been removed permanently.
Healer was super op class
How long ago did you play this game..?
like the only reason to play anything else is that you buy a new class to try and diversify or something
While we're on the topic of old games, has anyone else here played Omega-RPG?
This dates back to DOS
4:41 AM
@Phoenix a while ago
I mean after aqw no real reason to play the original
Should I bother trying out this game. (or AQW for that matter)
the main thing I remember about mechquest was that the best weapons were some pizza joke items
@Phoenix Never
I mean there were merits to club penguin
in that it was just club penguin
4:43 AM
@DestructibleLemon Oh yes they were >_> also there was this broken event where I got 15k per mission = get rich easily
but aqw doesn't have that
@ASCII-only I kinda just got bored after hitting that cap
I had fun in Club Penguin
Some of the minigames were excellent.
I sunk an embarrassing amount of time into ninjitsu (or whatever it was called)
I never played club penguin ;-;
4:44 AM
:38196625 That's the name of a Lego thing
ps I'm inspired to make a ninjitsu koth
I just realized
They made a bootlegged Club Penguin you can play
Fully featured.
4:45 AM
@Phoenix even being unable to buy igloos without paying money?
I have a book of funny George W. Bush quotes. Should I post some?
I swear club penguin was a giant money farm
@DestructibleLemon I think everyone just gets free unlimited money in it.
my brother actually bought club penguin membership
like how embarrassing is that?
So did I >_>
I was 8, I think?
4:46 AM
@DestructibleLemon Yes it is >_> click pay money to access this bonus feature pls click somewhere else pls pay
nah I have a thing about spending money
my brother was older than me at the time and I thought it was dumb
Still, it was only a month, I still managed to have fun.
mfw my best answer is a Puzzling answer
also puffles ran away if you didn't come back often enough
@ASCII-only I noticed that on your StackExchange profile >.<
4:47 AM
that was annoying
Really? I had no clue!
Poor 8-year-old me was traumatized by my puffle's disappearance!
also there was an insane amount of videos about rockhopper's club penguin account
@Phoenix I actual want a link because this appears to be difficult to search on my own
I have also discovered this just now.
in that game my username was like r6f4 or something because I was really mad about all the usernames being taken
also you couldn't type numbers in chat so that made it difficult to say my username
I wonder why games like those were even that successful
4:53 AM
because kids love those kinds of games
@DestructibleLemon badly made ones? :P
List of known Club Penguin private servers
@ASCII-only the mmos with the money spending
I thought that link was about C++
4:55 AM
except that it was relating to something I posted so I actually knew it wasn't
/r/bannedfromclubpenguin has that link in its sidebar
@Mendeleev And you'd find Dennis' totient function at the top of the page
I got banned from a game once for making a guild with a nonce word name
4:58 AM
also club penguin taught kids class stratification with its paid servers
ok there are no people on this server but there is ice fishing so its worth it
5:16 AM
@DestructibleLemon haha
I don't expect many of the servers to be populated.
I never really Club Penguin'd for the multiplayer aspect anyway.
learning how to catch the big fish is a rite of passage
I actually don't know anything about that game, other than that getting banned from it is a meme
5:16 AM
also the community was kind of nice so there was that
I assume it's aimed at children, though
It's like MLP, to a lesser extent.
CMC: Find an challenge for me to do in Charcoal
Did you do Output a Pretty Box
@Phoenix Pls link
5:22 AM
Q: Output a pretty box

PhoenixYour challenge is to exactly output the following box: .................................................. .................................................. .. .. .. .. .. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++...

@DestructibleLemon do you remember how to access the secret agent thing?
How old is Charcoal?
@LeakyNun Like 9 months
@ASCII-only I don't think you have.
@Phoenix Yeah I haven't done it :P
It would probably be easy, make a couple of squares.
5:29 AM
@ConorO'Brien What challenge?
@Phoenix no
Oh well.
I managed to softlock CP by talking to the Card-jitsu sensei
workplace.se has some pretty funny entries in their top voted questions: workplace.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=votes
Q: Can I talk to my rubber duck at work?

kukisI have noticed I have had great success using another co-worker as a metaphorical rubber duck (sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally). It improves my productivity vastly. However, I know that it probably distracts others when I am using them in that way. That's why I want to buy a l...

@ASCII-only You should do the pretty box thing. It seems like a very interesting question.
@Phoenix :| 28 bytes
5:43 AM
That's not terrible.
Not 1st place, but not bad at all.
I need a function returning "01122110"[n] for input number n`
Beats almost everything, in fact.
Numbers can be swapped around
@Phoenix Still behind 4 non-ASCII-art oriented languages
@ASCII-only: I edited to reflect upon the actual size of the box and added some clarification.
@WheatWizard your language design one
5:51 AM
@ASCII-only Well, hopefully you have some ideas for improving Charcoal, now.
@Phoenix Not really it's just I was using the really naive approach :P
And I don't mind losing to languages with matrix support for the simpler challenges
Would adding matrix support be reasonable?
CMC: Return [a, b, b, c, c, b, b, a][n % 8] where a, b, and c are each a different one of 0, 1 and 2
@Phoenix I guess? Not that ASCII-art oriented but I already have parts of the Wolfram Language in Charcoal so why not I guess :P
@Phoenix Halp is it too confusing
5:54 AM
Yeah, I have no idea what that CMC is.
@Phoenix python list item selction
takes 4 args: constructs a list as shown, then picks one of the values based on the last value
Wolfram Language actually has subpar matrix support compared to e.g. matlab. Yeah, there's dot product and such, but there's no real concept of a matrix, it's just a rectangular array.
@DestructibleLemon Wait no
@ASCII-only you should post anyway
>.< I was trying to fix a regex bug in my language but the error was actually because I accidentally typed != instead of == ಠ_ಠ
5:56 AM
which exposed the actual regex bug ._.
Well just this
13 mins ago, by ASCII-only
I need a function returning "01122110"[n] for input number n`
Oh k
@ASCII-only Specific language?
@HyperNeutrino this is incredibly relatable
5:58 AM
lol yes
@HyperNeutrino Just need an algorithm
I was trying to specify a while-loop condition but then I accidentally specified a termination condition ಠ_ಠ
@HyperNeutrino This is like me introducing an off-by-one error in Actually
Can we assume that n < 8 (for 0-indexing)?
5:59 AM
@HyperNeutrino Yes
so 0 <= n < 8
lambda n:[y for x in[range(n+1),range(0,n+1,-1)]for y in x]
Oh wait no
@Phoenix Isn't this like way longer than naive
That approach is probably crap anyway.
@ASCII-only Yes.
lambda n:sum(map(int,bin(min(n,8-n))[2:]))
6:02 AM
Still longer than naive but that's the approach I had in mind
Jelly, 6 bytes:
Proposed Psuedocode (for a golflang): range, duplicate, sort, palindromize
@HyperNeutrino How does it work?
eh whatever here
6:06 AM
lambda n:2-abs(n-4)//2-abs(n-4)%2
7_«µBS  Main Link, argument is `z`
7_      Evaluate `7 - z`
  «     Take the minimum of that and `z` itself
    µ    Start a new monadic chain (to prevent the `B` atom from affecting the minimum)
    B   Binary digits
     S  Sum
@ASCII-only What's -sl for?
@LeakyNun eh WHAT? nice :o
oh wait I see the n//2+n%2 trick, right, sum(map(int,bin(x)[2:])) was nowhere near that :P
6:08 AM
what do about my koth to make it more popular? do you think a bounty would help?
@Phoenix I know I'm late, but here, have a 20-byte Anyfix solution: " "ɠ#×@ɦ€¡"\t"®ʂ»»Y'
Yeah, I should post to main
It's late
I'll do it tommorow
@HyperNeutrino do you use the anyfix feature to golf many bytes?
6:12 AM
@DestructibleLemon It usually doesn't actually end up saving any bytes :P
Also thanks for the name idea :D :P
did I say that?
also you should add anyfix to the esolang wiki; both the lang and the -fix
I think so
Right, I should do that.
tbh the -fix has a better effort to benefit ratio probably or something
6:15 AM
uh halp what does 9338205183>\#+:#*9-#\_$.@ evaluate to in Befunge
@HyperNeutrino idk, TryItOnline?
too lazy
eh nvm got it
but the captcha changed on me >.< because the output contained a trailing space so I had to re-eval
6:19 AM
@Phoenix Done.
This doesn't seem that hard for Charcoal but I don't want to do it :P
does anyone have an unpopular koth in python I can answer in return for participating in my challenge?
6:39 AM
@ASCII-only that statement basically sums up everything I've ever (not) done life.
s/for charcoal//
6:57 AM
Should I post some of the Gorge W. Bush quotes out of the book I have?
> Gorge
7:32 AM
lol it's 3:30 for me here I have no idea why I'm not tired
ehhh it's kind of outplayed
especially when we have covfefe and Sad! now
Someone should make a compilation of Trump quotes and publish it.
There's always "Well, I think if you say you're going to do something and don't do it, that's trustworthiness." - George W. Bush, Aug. 30, 2000
"It's clearly a budget. It's got lots of numbers in it."
"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully"
Bushisms are old now
7:35 AM
Yeah I know
The book is from like 2004
I still found them funny
Bushisms are at least a bit more of an intellectual kind of funny, as opposed to Trumpisms, which are just stupid.
I think if you asked george bush about these things, or one of his team members (at the time or something)
they would say "yeah it's a gaffe"
ask trump or his team about his gaffes, they'll either: deny they ever happened, or act like they make sense
More like, his team will try to say it makes sense, as Trump loudly says he has no idea what you're talking about.
Sean Spicer has stated covfefe was not a typo. I think that's the real comedy of trumpisms
I should make a book of Trump quotes
7:39 AM
@Phoenix meanwhile the team denies accusations, trump admits it happened but makes it fake news leakers fault
I'm surprised he hasn't blamed Russia for hacking his Twitter account for anything yet.
anyway we should wrap this convo up before we get 100 messages trashed
actually the best trumpisms are the trump criticises trump quotes
@DestructibleLemon WHy would the messages be trashed?
7:41 AM
because mods aren't interested in the entire room being trump bashing
regardless of political leaning
@Mendeleev or left
@DestructibleLemon Or centrist
Seriously please submit quotes
I've found that people who identify as centrist like to vote for one of the "off-parties" that have no chance of winning.
Bushisms seem like a symptom of some sort of aphasia or something
7:44 AM
"It's clearly a budget. It's got lots of numbers in it." sounds like an actual attempt at a joke.
We need a President who isn't a laughing stock to the entire World. [...]
@DestructibleLemon "There's a huge trust. I see it all the time when people come up to me and say, 'I don't want you to let me down again.'" - George W. Bush, Oct. 3, 2000
it makes a weird sort of sense actually
should I submit full quotes or truncated quotes
Full please
lol I just 10/10 sprint-followed a random guy (minecraft) who was placing blocks as he/she ran along on a bridge 10/10 not falling into void
7:51 AM
it's called "Scaffold"
nm I misunderstood you
? 0/10 out bridge has a 20-wide hole in it??? since when lol
What server?
bedwards HP
7:55 AM
@HyperNeutrino Go to this video at 2:38
That what I thought you were talking about
shoot i just lost 16 diamonds 5 emeralds and like half a stack of gold
should've jumped over the guy
@Mendeleev oh i see yeah I was talking about where the bridge already exists and then the player started placing blocks on top of it to try to slow me down
Oh, that
7:58 AM
it's annoying
also 0/10 green team built a 5-block-wide bridge and i still knocked one of them off in a single hit
can I play with you
probably not cuz i'm going to sleep after this game, sorry
8:02 AM
i mean it's 4...lol
It's 1AM here
lol EDT for me
hmm... bow 3 or diamond sword?
8:05 AM
Por que no los dos
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sword, i need the emeralds for epearl
I never use those
Wait, are beds ded?
i don't buy stuff until bed ded lol
8:06 AM
You just go around with leather armor and wood sword?
I try to get dia armor asap
yes lol
I can usually get an average killstreak of 2-4
heh nice
maybe higher if I stay on a bridge
Except when you get lag >.>
8:10 AM
lol true
oh snap 0.5 hearts managed to get away by epearling back to base but i almost fell into the void because i jumped then pearled >.>
now I need more epearl
i only have 1 left
Don't epearls damage you?
8:14 AM
How? wat
I thought they took off 2.5 hearts unless you have featherfalling
not on bedwars
interesting... hmmm
oh my god yellow team is actually building a 3-level skybase
ono sudden death
8:15 AM
Out of what?
omg i was killed by invisible person 0/10 me
Good night
What was the skybase made of?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ good night lol i will be very dead tomorrow(today)
@Mendeleev wool
ono rip hyper ded
@HyperNeutrino Why not just fireball them?
8:17 AM
@Mendeleev i did
but my teammate killed the guy right before it hit lol
i heard like 5 epearl sounds around me overall lol
Is there an eval(x) analgoue in C ?
8:23 AM
well doesn't c take a while to compile?
@AlexKChen No, it's a compiled language
@Mendeleev have you ever made a koth?
I should
They look like they would take a lot of work
from my experience, honestly I would not recommend
I need to make a simpler koth I guess
8:35 AM
maybe I'll just recontextualise the snowball koth
and pretend it is new
Rock paper scissors KOTH with memory peeking?
My sister has a finger game called "Chopsticks"
Chopsticks is a hand game for two players, in which players extend a number of fingers from each hand and transfer those scores by taking turns to tap one hand against another. Chopsticks is an example of a combinatorial game, and is solved in the sense that with perfect play an optimal strategy from any point is known. == Rules == Each player uses both hands to play the game, the number of digits extended on a hand showing the number of points that the hand has. Both start with each hand having one point — one finger extended on each hand. The goal of the game is for a player to force th...
Oh wait, it's solved lol
^^ was gonna say
maybe I'll make a simple dungeon based koth and then link to the other koth
;_; seriously though why only 2 answers
Car racing KOTH?
8:38 AM
but that's more complex
@DestructibleLemon I just had the best idea
BedWars KOTH
nope too complex
Seems fun
I should make an online 2D bedwars game
I don't know how
Someone should
I too have no clue how to make online things
@Mendeleev How to make it 2D
8:44 AM
top down view
you can place blocks around you
@DestructibleLemon It's called a server
everyone has a certain block view (rectangular play area)
you can't break blocks behind things
@Mendeleev So basically exactly the same but 2D
@ASCII-only still have no idea how thanks
There's shops and weapons
@ASCII-only Yes and online (HTML5/JS)
8:47 AM
@DestructibleLemon There's something called learning
And online tutorials
And collaborative websites and asking on TNB
Q: why case limits or border cases in question are never required?

RosLuPBorder cases why case limits or border cases in question are never required? For example what to do if some variable overflow in calculations or some argument of the function is wrong or it is the wrong type . Why are not discusses limits of arguments for function? etc

9:21 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

officialaimmLong Spanish names One of the Spanish naming-convention follows this pattern: (first name) [second name] (paternal last name) (maternal last name)|(husband's paternal last name) {The portion in square braces is optional. If the person is female and married, her maternal last name is replace...

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10:28 AM
Would there be a logical reason for my Wi-Fi to suddenly stop working and show this message (although a site is loaded in about 3 minutes): No internet Connection (on iPhone)?
(Excpet for a problem from the ISP)?
@Mr.Xcoder Probably not

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