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10:00 PM
@FlagAsSpam you did not.
@El'endiaStarman Console.Write("Message "); String s = Console.ReadLine();

@TimmyD Never said what language to use the answer in tho
@El'endiaStarman You don't, really.
guess what THOSE are
10:00 PM
SLOWLY move your cursor up from the caret in the message below the ಠ_ಠ
@Mego That doesn't seem to work in CoderPad.
You can get input with Console.ReadLine()
But you can't evaluate it like Python does
It'll just be a string.
@El'endiaStarman ?
@FlagAsSpam un-starable
@El'endiaStarman I dunno if CoderPad does weird stuff but that's how it should work
10:01 PM
Zero-height. ^
@FlagAsSpam I'd star that but I literally can't.
I can't get my mouse over the star button.
@FlagAsSpam ಠ_ಠ just do the zero height one and leave it there. dont post anything else until someone else has posted above and below your zero height
10:02 PM
Oh, well, yeah, because it has to show my name.
It's just a half-box on its own..
@FlagAsSpam see!! the same with mine
such a tubelight.
No. Yours is a full box.
10:03 PM
@quartata I actually don't like ideone's interface very much.
FlagAsSpam wins.
@El'endiaStarman Right, I just wanted to show you that it does work.
What was your code in coderpad?
10:04 PM
@FlagAsSpam dammit mine is 1 mm longer!
@El'endiaStarman It's a CoderPad issue, you can't do console input
@Optimizer ಠ_ಠ
@quartata Here: coderpad.io/Z9JTQAQQ
But it looks like I'll have to find another website.
10:05 PM
@Mego I seriously want to ignore you so please dont ping me with weird reaction to unrelated messages.
@Optimizer There's a button for that
I'll give you a hint to my unicode character - there's literally nothing there. xD
not on web
10:07 PM
Oh god what've we done?
Not my character.
@ev3commander that is zero width char.
10:07 PM
not the same
aka u+200b
zero-width ≠ zero-height
That's the common one anyways. :P You can still do it with about 600 other unicode characters.
(I counted. :D)
10:09 PM
> Who's the liar?
> I am.
> mind explodes, the labyrinth wins
(That's the stabber)
10:11 PM
why was that starred o.O
ಠ_ಠ that lagged my chat.
The reversal char works in my terminal. .o.
10:13 PM
@Rainbolt awww
looks like no emojis here
10:15 PM
The html for FlagAsSpam's message is just <div class="clear-both" style="height:0">&nbsp;</div>
@Rainbolt sanitized, control char removed
If I'm making a simple challenge, is it customary to prefix the title with "Simple"?
10:17 PM
How do you add the tag-like styling?
@FlagAsSpam do it one more time!
Testing some other chars. c:
@AlexA. Hello
@SuperJedi224 Hey!
10:19 PM
that was \u0000
i did it with inspect element
@AlexA. Hello... is it me you're looking for...
but how did u even get it to copy?
Ah it's [tag:king-of-the-hill]
Don't have to.
10:19 PM
@FlagAsSpam Uh... nope. :P
@FlagAsSpam so that was u0000 ?
@AlexA. ಠ_ಠ Wow.
@Optimizer Ya.
how do you type that?
10:20 PM
@FlagAsSpam Haha <3
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

usandfriendsPairs of normal and inverted exclamation/question marks code-golf string Challenge We're going to give exclamation and question marks inverted buddies! Given a body of text containing sentences ending in ., ?, or !, prepend inverted question marks, ¿, to interrogative sentences (sentences e...

With magix.
Like that. ^
+1 @newsandboxedposts's logo
It was drawn by @PhiNotPi, along with that of New Main Posts and the other chat feeds.
10:21 PM

I missed it, how do you write it?
Would've thought the escape character did something funky.
I meant your original zero height one
Actually really simple on Mac. xD
so u0000 is your original zero height?
10:22 PM
It's uncopyable. So don't try. xD
guess what i did
10:23 PM
Well done.
You gets cookie.
cjam helped me!
0c then drag and drop output
ಠ_ಠ cheater.
because windows wont copy anything below 0020
No cookie for you.
Side note: I can't think of an OS that does.
Mac doesn't.
Ubuntu doesn't.
10:25 PM
but on windows, unicode are hard to type as well. ascii code is easy to type
Someone who figured it out should post because meta.stackexchange.com/search?q=zero+height+chat
I figured it out originally, I think. ;)
flasp figured
I'll ask for a fix. :P
I knew the trick eight years ago but I don't want to spoil it
10:26 PM
well, even before that, we figured the u202 one
@Rainbolt o_o
@Rainbolt yeah yeah, thus your trial for &nbsp; :P
just accept your loss
I wish I could vote to close homework assignments as too broad.
^ I do that.
I want to close them as homework assignments itself
10:27 PM
My approach to homework and tests: Did the rest of the class have as much trouble as I am having? If yes, the professor is the problem. If not, I'm the problem.
I agree with your sentiments. In this case I don't have a problem with the material or anything like that, it's more just that I don't want to do this project.
Is it a "Do whatever you want" project?
10:29 PM
Now the pressure is on to do something cool
I'm not particularly interested in the course but it's required in the program.
I had projects like that. I enjoyed the ones where we had to run the topic by our professor during the first week of class. He would actually spend five minutes talking about it with you individually to make sure you were not doing something stupid.
I did not enjoy the ones where I didn't know if I was doing the right thing until I got my grade
> make sure you were doing something stupid
I assume you mean "weren't"?
Lol, whoops
-5 points, this is insufficiently stupid
10:31 PM
Getting ready to submit my largest apgsearch haul thus far
@SuperJedi224 I have absolutely no idea what that means but good luck!
I'm stuck using the python version because I couldn't get the C++ version to compile properly :(
According to the website, the C++ version is supposed to be significantly faster
@Rainbolt I'm suspicious of the fourth person.
10:33 PM
Salut ^_^
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Bonsoir.
@SuperJedi224 o-o
How goes it here?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Thomas KwaSimple ASCII Representation of a Screw Head TODO: Story Inputs are a string and a number. If the string is "Slot", the number will be 0, 60, or 120. If the number is 0, output --; if it's 60, output /; if it's 120, output \. If the string is "Phillips", the number will be 0, 45, 90, or 135. I...

Well enough.
10:34 PM
That's fine :D
> Dependencies: Python, Golly
Well golly gee whiz, mister!
@AlexA. Winterbash countdown
@Doorknob :o
About 28.5 hours.
Wait, really?
10:36 PM
I actually really like how they applied boids to numbers.
How'd you figure that?
How can the C++ version be only 7 times faster than the Python one?!
Only 7 times faster.
That's a hell of a lot faster.
@Doorknob Gimme a moment to get the current number.
It's obvious: C++ is too long. It would be faster in C >:3
@AlexA. Except Python is usually x100 or 1000 times slower than other languages
10:37 PM
@El'endiaStarman 17363 minutes
That's ~12 days
@feersum Python isn't slower by about a constant factor
Maybe the Python one is a wrapper around some C routines which do most of the work.
@Doorknob [smacks forehead] Dropped a factor of 10 when I did the calculation earlier.
Sometimes, the Python interpreter is bad at optimizing something because it doesn't have the builtins, but other times most of the time is taken by system C calls
10:38 PM
@feersum The python version is a plugin for a cellular automaton simulator program
@SuperJedi224 Yeah I figured
What problem did you have compiling C++?
Well, Command Prompt choked on the makefile, Cygwin32 choked on the actual C++ code, and Cygwin64 successfully compiled it- into a nonfunctioning executable.
See, the problem is that you're using Windows.
Do you have GNU Make installed? Makefiles just hang otherwise.
Happened to phase too.
Yes I do.
> a4d6b924 Fixed pathological bug caused by dirty rake exhaust.
10:42 PM
Well that's not cryptic
You shouldn't be running a makefile with Command Prompt directly.
Do make .
@feersum That's what I did.
Wow, it looks like we don't have a US state -> two-letter abbreviation challenge.
@ThomasKwa I think that's a subtask of an existing challenge, maybe?
I remember one involving that.
10:47 PM
There's codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/38499/… but that's closed and was a popcon
It was one of those occasions when people started to think their code might be used to do real-life work and got agitated.
Yeah that one.
Here's the actual link for the question: codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/38499/18487
There was "States and Capitals"
@AlexA. Why is this starred?
10:48 PM
@Rainbolt Oh, hello self. Didn't see you there!
thanks @Rainbolt
@ThomasKwa AdministrativeDivisionData[Input[],"StateAbbreviation"]
mathematica amirite fellas
@quartata wait is that actually?
@ThomasKwa Yep.
I don't know if that wins, actually
10:51 PM
Probably not.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Thomas KwaNumber of electoral votes from state name Given the name of a state of the United States, return the number of votes the state has in the Electoral College. Write a full program or function, and take input and output through any default I/O method. Here is a list of all inputs and outputs (sour...

Dennis' answer to the chemical element ->symbol question was 200 bytes, and this is much easier, because all state abbreviations are derived from the names.
I sandboxed that because I thought we already had an abbreviation one^^
@ThomasKwa Technically, all element abbreviations are derived from their names as well. Just not necessarily their English names.
@Mego I fixed the code - ideone.com/fork/U95Wmo
@SuperJedi224 I'm guessing that wasn't intentional, because you didn't use italics
10:54 PM
@ThomasKwa I think you got the wrong answer
@quartata why do I keep doing that? this is the one I meant
Somehow, those who wrote Microsoft's Arrays in C# tutorial neglected to mention how to append to arrays...
@El'endiaStarman I think it's just .Append
okay Vim sucks
I know StringBuilder does that too
10:56 PM
you know why?
>>> :q!
  File "<stdin>", line 1
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
@Doorknob ಠ___________ಠ
this is why
@Doorknob That's Python silly
I do this way too often
Also, the count has reached 1.35 million soups.
10:57 PM
@El'endiaStarman You don't
^^ is excellent without context
(to anyone from the future who is confused: @SuperJedi224 was talking about counting Conway's Game of Life patterns by running simulations of large random boards called "soups")
I intend to answer this question. Eventually.
Q: Paint a still life (or a moving one) - draw an image in the Game of Life

NathanielYou are given as input a greyscale image. Your task is to find a static or looping pattern in Conway's Game of Life that resembles the input image as closely as possible. Your output can be either a still image or a looping animation in some format that can be converted to gif. The output image ...

@ThomasKwa Don't help the future people!!!
They are our enemies.

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