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6:00 PM
verizoncraft seems p awesome
there's a deleted answer on my KoTH
but it looks like a valid answer
do I just ignore it?
@NathanMerrill user chose that, so yes
maybe he's refining ?
its a pretty dumb answer, he always votes himself
> Hey, Eumel wants to send me an .exe of his LabVIEW code for one of my questions
> Trouble is, SO and SE don't have private messaging and I'm not keen on giving out my email address
> Any idea how we can send stuff?
6:02 PM
not sure how much refining you need
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

JustinSuicidal entries to King-of-the-Hill challenges. EmoWolf was funny the first time, but it's getting out of hand. While some not-too-serious answers are often necessary to kickstart a king-of-the-hill challenge, purely suicidal answers put in little effort and tend to get more upvotes than serio...

@NathanMerrill test please, off the books results...
@NathanMerrill test with that player, curious about the leaderboard
and off the books = don't update the question
ah, ok
I'm not bothered by suicidal submissions
6:05 PM
Q: How should I tile my kitchen?

Nathan MerrillI recently ordered a new and colorful to replace my boring old white tiling for my kitchen. However, when the tiling arrived, they were all in a weird shape! Therefore, I need a program to figure out how to arrange the tiles so that I need to use as few of my old boring white tiling as possible...

Q: Can I place the rubiks3cube pieces in the distorted position I intend to get?

supremumRight now I am trying to get the distorted position like this: in each face only one diagonal is solved and no similar colour is on a face other than the diagonal pieces mentioned previously. For example: If I am looking at the white face, there should exactly be two corner pieces in that face ...

OK, just mentioning it as it's apparently caused issues in the past
@NewMainPosts ughh
@CSᵠ I'm going to run it, but I'm pretty positive it won't do well. I previously gave the player everybody (including himself) as input, and when I added self-filtering to min and max player they did significantly better
therefore, I now only pass in the player's opponents
42584 WeakestLink.Players.Sniper
37976 WeakestLink.Players.MaxPlayer
32257 WeakestLink.Players.MeanPlayer
26591 WeakestLink.Players.RandomPlayer
23690 WeakestLink.Players.MinPlayer
1339 WeakestLink.Players.IDontWantToPlay
@NathanMerrill how are you running it now? there are less than 9 players
I allow for duplicate players
6:11 PM
wow, awesome
@NathanMerrill and when you get over 9?
there will be the occasional duplicate player
I randomize the list
'select 9
keep remainder
repeat through remainer until I can't fill
then randomize everybody again
and pick to fill the remaining slots
actually, random 's random
heya door
6:14 PM
@Doorknob that is really coool
what's winter bash?
hey! I won that race!
@muddyfish can you remove your comment/downvote on the suicidal?
I'm actually ok with suicidal answers
> what's winter bash?
@aerox you can undelete your answer
(hope that worked)
he's never been in this chat, so I doubt it
6:17 PM
@NathanMerrill invite user to room first
then ping
in scg, I have r for range so 12r -> [0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11] what should two-argument range (like range(5,7)) be?
@Doorknob What's that !!!!! website?
well, it looks like he isn't in any chat
so I can't invite him
and I don't want to just edit the post
ah well
@NathanMerrill 40 players, 9 seats = 273 mil combinations
not that bad...
40 players?
6:21 PM
feeling optimistic
I was thinking about entering that KOTH, but it requires my making sure I have haha development at up
That countdown page... looks like somebody got bored :)
> > what's winter bash?
Wow java got autocorrected to haha off screen
Smooth move SwiftKey
6:24 PM
@quintopia if there are any bugs I'll probably fix them and let you know
Oh neat
Hmm how about a challenge for writing an optimal notakto player
@Geobits Thanks :D
@quintopia that's a solved game
so it'd need to be a code-golf
oooh, it involves multiple boards
Well, this was pretty much a perfect fit for TI-BASIC
6:33 PM
ugh, my github avatar was removed
wait no, it's just a bug
Q: How many squares, cubes, fourth powers, etc. do I need to sum to n?

Sherlock9You are given a nonnegative integer n and an integer p >= 2. You need to add some p-th powers (p=2 means squares, p=3 means cubes) together to get n. This is always for any nonnegative n, but you don't know many p-th powers (of any integer, negative or positive) you'll need. This is your task: f...

@Sherlock9 so if it doesn't have to be efficient, can I just return 1^2 + 1^2 etc etc?
@ThomasKwa I hope that brute force doesn't win either, but my own implementation in Python 3 is very brute force
@anOKsquirrel Well the output needs to be the minimum number of squares you need
how can you be sure it's the minimum? greedy algorithm?
@anOKsquirrel And when I say, doesn't have to be efficient, I mean that the algorithm can be brute force
6:36 PM
@anOKsquirrel That's the challenge.
@Sherlock9 oh dangit. so much for my one char cjam answer
@anOKsquirrel I have an algorithm that brute forces stuff to check your answers, don't worry
@Sherlock9 source?
@anOKsquirrel What was it? * curious *
@anOKsquirrel I wrote it
@Sherlock9 r 34 2 > 1^2 + 1^2 etc
@Sherlock9 source code
gtg bai
6:38 PM
I think J or K might win this
@anOKsquirrel I'll put it up as an answer when I'm satisfied with its golfing
@anOKsquirrel 34 = 25 + 9
Outer product by sum with all the powers, repeat until an element in the flattened array is equal to the input.
@NathanMerrill removed comment, will remove downvote if it becomes undeleted
@muddyfish thanks
if I ever design a language I want it to have a super complex type system
like, instead of an "integer"
make it a "range(0-100)"
@NathanMerrill Golfing or non?
6:45 PM
or "double(0-1)"
At first sight, that sounds painful to code in. What are the advantages?
static assertions
if you can say that X is going to fit the following bounds
then you can determine whether certain functions/actions are allowed
for performance?
@CSᵠ How do you have a phi in your name?
no, assertions
for example
I currently store a large array of doubles
the array will always be of the same size
and the doubles will always be from 0.0 to 1.0 inclusive
if I could turn that into a "type"
then when doing calculations within that type, my compiler will be able to tell me whether those calculations are correct
for example, if I took an int X (from 1 to infinity), and stored (X/(X+1)) in the array, that would be valid
but if I tried to store X/2, it would throw an exception at compile time
6:50 PM
hmm, interesting
The little change name display says it can only contain letters, numbers and some other stuff, but I see tons of people with not letters in their names. :I
/me grumbles.
7:08 PM
Anyone wanna refresh my profile? :P
@VoteToClose Going to rename Vitsy to Flasp?
What? No. Why?
What is Flasp?
VoteToClose ... VTC ... ViTC ... Vitsy
we are going to need a 2016 challenge
FlagAsSpam ... Flasp
7:14 PM
Oh. No.
I think it's too late
now we'll all call it Flasp
VTCAKAVSMoACE is what that comes from.
Not VoteToClose
Flasp. I love it.
Flasp it is.
ಠ_ಠ You guys suck sometimes.
7:16 PM
@VoteToClose "sometimes" ...?
yeah, the times where we don't call it flasp
Uh. Wut?
Even without flasp, flagaspam sounds like some terribly ill-conceived breakfast food.
@Geobits Sounds Scottish.
O>O Whatever happens, don't anagram that one.
7:33 PM
import sollux; is calling a variable named "sollux"? @Eridan
Or is it creating a variable named "sollux"?
Why is this directed towards me?
I don't use Python.
Wrong person :P
My fault, my fault
Don't worry about it.
7:35 PM
It wasn't Python, btw, it was regarding this question.
Oh, alright. clicks
Yes, that is setting a variable. :P
You're right, that makes no sense to me either.
Yeah /:
Because it "calls" a variable sollux.
It calls it, then sets it
By the way: here are the anagrams to FlagAsSpam, but, be warned, if you're offended by certain words, I'll be amused: wordsmith.org/anagram/…
7:39 PM
"A Flags Maps"
import THIS;                    //calls variable "THIS"
~ATH(THIS){EXECUTE(++++)}       //sets the value of "THIS" to 4
bifurcate THIS[THIS1,THIS2];    //deletes "THIS", creates variables "THIS1" and "THIS2" both equal to 4
This makes no sense to me
@NathanMerrill It is a solved game. I intended it to be a code golf.
what's the best way to test ES6 code?
the latest question is pretty much impossible
not sure if we should close
@quintopia JavaScript? I use the Chrome console.
"The latest question" - link?
I voted to close the ~ATH question as unclear
7:43 PM
@ZachGates I thought it didn't support ...
Q: How many squares, cubes, fourth powers, etc. do I need to sum to n?

Sherlock9You are given a nonnegative integer n and an integer p >= 2. You need to add some p-th powers (p=2 means squares, p=3 means cubes) together to get n. This is always for any nonnegative n, but you don't know many p-th powers (of any integer, negative or positive) you'll need. This is your task: f...

pretty much impossible
Oh, I liked that.
@quintopia Give me an example
2220422932**3 + -2218888517**3 + -283059965**3
for example type that into Python (or another arbitrary precision calculator)
7:44 PM
Right then, I'll set some bounds
@Sherlock9 just say that you won't test it for n and p that require really huge numbers
@ZachGates What's unclear?
@quintopia Why not set limits directly?
@Sherlock9 that won't work
@quintopia The whole thing
7:45 PM
@ZachGates Makes sense to me
5 mins ago, by Zach Gates
import THIS;                    //calls variable "THIS"
~ATH(THIS){EXECUTE(++++)}       //sets the value of "THIS" to 4
bifurcate THIS[THIS1,THIS2];    //deletes "THIS", creates variables "THIS1" and "THIS2" both equal to 4
@ZachGates Declare a variable, set a value z, print the variable name z times
Why are we "importing" THIS but "bifurcating" THIS1 and THIS2?
It doesn't say "declare" a variable.. It says "call"
@ZachGates "call" is a synonym for "name"
@ZachGates Bifurcate means make two variables the same. a=b=0
7:47 PM
@quintopia No, it is not
@ZachGates in plain english it is
@ZachGates In this instance, since that's what it's being used for, it is declaring the variable
"call variable THIS" is like "call me quintopia"
Hello, everyone!
@orlp Then the minimum number of powers from [-n, n+1)
7:49 PM
@quintopia You aren't calling anything. You're declaring or defining a variable.
@Sherlock9 at that point your question is incredibly dull and lame and is just direct bruteforce and should be downvoted
@ZachGates Wrong definition of "call"
@orlp Fair point
@orlp Should I go delete it?
@ZachGates a poor choice of wording in the comment of an example program does not make the actual specification given above that any less clear
@Sherlock9 you can post a question about Waring's problem
but now you know why Waring's problem is limited to even powers :)
7:50 PM
@quintopia In my opinion, it makes in unclear. Especially to someone who may be new to our site.
@orlp Powers of non-negative integers but yes
You don't have to agree. My goal is not to persuade you to see it my way
@ZachGates This is about flagging a question, so we have to agree on something
@orlp Should I limit it to only powers of positive integers?
@orlp Gets me 27 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 30 for 30 3
@orlp But yeah, I should have remembered that from Numberphile
@ZachGates just downvote it then. Or edit it to be more clear. The question is not entirely without merit.
8:01 PM
@ZachGates I think you're mixing languages due to cognates. The challenge is defining a new language, ~ATH, with statements like import Var that creates a new variable named Var. Equivalent in other languages could be int Var or [int] $Var or even I HAS A Var if you're into LOLCODE.
8:13 PM
Q: I don't understand why this is "unclear"

James LuThis is the question in question (no pun intended) It was put on hold is unclear. I do not understand what is unclear. I asked a flagger why it was unclear. @Mego: 1) There is no objective winning condition, so it's unclear. 2) There is no requirement on what the program should do, so it's...

how do I run the java controller?
on ubuntu?
Q: You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye

Nathan MerrillThis king-of-the-hill challenge is based off of the game show, Weakest Link. For those unfamiliar with the show, the crux of this challenge deals with who you vote off: If the other players are smarter than you, then you have less of a chance of getting the pot. If the other players are dumb...

@orlp javac controller.java && java controller
@Doorknob I don't understand what I'm looking at
8:24 PM
@AlexA. Four exclamation points.
It's a link to something about SE Winter Bash, I just don't understand what it is.
@AlexA. countdown
@flawr No socks attached. — FlagAsSpam 9 secs ago
@AlexA. If you're referring to the winterbash thing, I can see some figures that look like 17495
its a bit slowk but those people stand to represent a clock
8:25 PM
@orlp Sorry to bug you again, but would restrict to powers of positive numbers help?
@FlagAsSpam arghh so many people chaging usernames
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At least mine's related.
@Sherlock9 yes, but still very computationally intensive
but at least not potentially impossible
@orlp Hallelujah, that's a good enough start
Editing now
@FlagAsSpam You will always be Vesty
8:27 PM
tribo ne1?
@Mego ಠ_ಠ What does that even mean?
@Mego doesn't work
get errors while building
@FlagAsSpam It means vesty
oh now it works
@Mego hiss
8:28 PM
@FlagAsSpam <3
@Mego Flasp.
@Mego @TimmyD HISS
Are you some kind of snake now?
No more snakes in here!
8:30 PM
@FlagAsSpam boo
We don't wanna be invaded by the nerds again
Lennipede. c:
No snakes on this plain
@ZachGates Snakes are un-tile-able.
8:32 PM
@Optimizer hiss
@Mego I'm getting errors
Game/PlayerFactory.java:13: error: ')' expected
        playerCreators.put(RandomPlayer.class, RandomPlayer::new);
@orlp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Mego What the hell do you need the Goldbach conjecture for? XD
@orlp you probably aren't using Java 8
@Sherlock9 min_powers(2,n) is 1 if n is a perfect square and 2 otherwise, assuming the Goldbach conjecture
8:35 PM
@NathanMerrill when I was I got version mismatch errors
Err wait
But p >= 2
@orlp not sure how to solve that, but I definitely am using Java 8
8:36 PM
Snakes can be tiled
@NathanMerrill it compiles when I use java 8
I had a wrong default for java
javac Game/*.java Players/*.java Main.java && java -cp .. WeakestLink.Main
@orlp If it's anything but rm, it's definitely wrong
8:39 PM
@NathanMerrill I only need to edit PlayerFactory, right?
@Zgarb >.>
and create a new Player, yeah
@PeterTaylor I'm not sure I understand your comment
I think you are correct, but not sure what the formal definition of "lattice" is
8:42 PM
@AlexA. This poll doesn't even specify which syllable is stressed!
Voting to close as unclear.
@AlexA. Flasp.
"Lah-teck" wtf
@TimmyD I don't know what that means
@feersum That was by design; I'm more interested in the vowel sounds and the ending.
@AlexA. It's @FlagAsSpam's language
8:46 PM
@Mego That's prboably what I hear most (second syllable stressed)
@AlexA. That's very important for the vowel sounds.
It's LaTeX, pronounced like latex
Anything else is unthinkable
It's not clear which vowel sounds you intend either.
Hard g and latex and spaces
@Mego Hard G in GIF?
8:48 PM
2 hours ago, by TimmyD
Flasp it is.
It's LaTeX pronounced like Fla-sp
@feersum "Lay," as in lay to rest. "Lah," as in la la la.
Idk what else one would use
> And in case you were wondering, «LaTeX» is pronounced «Lah-tech» or «Lay-tech», to rhyme with «blech» or «Bertolt Brecht» (almost).
I pronouce it «Lay-tech»
Like latex without the trailing "s" sound.
So for once, . Sort of.
@AlexA. No I'm just a hard g
8:51 PM
Damn son
If the first syllable is unstressed then the vowel is like uh
@AlexA. Nope. It's latex.
@feersum I stress the first syllable: LAY-teck.
@AlexA. Sure but that's not the only option :P
@Mego See link to latex-project.org above. :P
@feersum Oh it isn't? :P
8:52 PM
Anything but pronouncing it like the plastic material is OK.
If you pronounce it like that then you have marked yourself as clueless.
Which is what 4 people here do
Per my poll
@AlexA. Creators can be wrong about how to pronounce their things. Just look at the tool who made gif
@feersum I pronounce it how it looks
@Mego OK, "may-gee"
8:54 PM
@TimmyD I have no idea how a rational human being would come up with that pronunciation
Yeah. Where the hell did "may" come from?
@Mego I'm rational?
@TimmyD That's a loaded question
ev3commander.github.io/strawpoll.html use with a prompt-able browser
^strawpoll tool
for results
@feersum why must same spellings have different pronounciations?!?
8:55 PM
Apparently Timmy == π, which implies that PhiNotPi != Timmy.
Hey all!
@NathanMerrill Welcome to the English language
@AlexA. Voting to close as unclear
Wow ninja'd
8:57 PM
@Mego Mod reopen because yolo
@ev3commander what browser is not a promptable browser?
Here's my take on pronunciation:
IE 1 maybe
1. If it looks like LaTeX and feels like latex, it's latex.
Netscape Navigator best browser.
8:57 PM
2. Why does it matter how we pronounce stuff when we chat in a text-based medium?
3. You all are so wrong it's unbelievable for all of you except Alex to be that wrong
8:58 PM
@Mego Because it's fun to argue
@Mego Yep
By the way, where did the name "Mego" come from?

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