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12:00 AM
^ we're all here :P
I've come up with a new language with only two symbols: "A" and "B". "A" returns a function that accepts any program, and determines if it finishes. "B" returns a function that compiles my new language.
I have both a language spec, and a compiler!
time to use it on PPCG
12:15 AM
Anyone here any good at Go? (the language, not the game)
12:46 AM
That feeling where you think of a few bytes you can golf out of a solution, but have to wait through a full workday before you can implement it.
1:04 AM
so heyy


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@Calvin'sHobbies @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ @quartata That was fun
@AlexA. Yeah! :D
I really like R
Are you the one who said you were downloading it or was that quartata?
That's a really nify site
I really can't recommend RStudio enough for anyone who wants to use R.
Especially on Windows. The R GUI for Windows is awful.
1:31 AM
oh wiat
@Calvin'sHobbies Yes. How'd you find it?
@ev3commander ಠ_ಠ
@AlexA. I used to use stypi for quick collab projects but it was down so looked for alternatives and found coderpad
1:36 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Oh nice. Well thanks for inviting me to come play around in R. :)
@AlexA. Anyone can make a coderpad page. I want to keep that one around for PPCG shenanigans
Good plan
@Calvin'sHobbies I bookmarked it
It'd be interesting to collaborate on solutions to challenges.
...who knows Haskell?
1:38 AM
@El'endiaStarman true!
@Calvin'sHobbies I sorta want to learn it
not really
I don't know it at all.
@Calvin'sHobbies Same you don't know it or same you want to learn it?
I think it looks really weird. I don't like the syntax.
Fewer puns
You mean there are fewer puns you can make with the name "Haskell"?
1:44 AM
Same goes for Fortran
I was the leader at the battle of Ardin but my whole fortran away.
That moment when you realize that the reason the lasagna you're eating tastes weird is because it has crumbled tofu between the layers. .__.
I love tofu but not in my lasagna
1:50 AM
That's really cute
Is that the Trello mascot?
it keeps popping up on coderpad telling me to join
oh guess not
Trello = Tennessee Jello?
1:52 AM
Will the adorable cartoon dog come to life and be your friend forever if you join CoderPad?
@AlexA. Probably
@Calvin'sHobbies No
@Calvin'sHobbies trello.com
@Calvin'sHobbies joins coderpad
1:53 AM
> home-taco.png
I was about to post that
@Calvin'sHobbies His name is Taco
1:53 AM
i got ninja'd
@AlexA. Home Taco
@Calvin'sHobbies That's not his name. His name is Taco but that's the image for the homepage
I would know. I am Taco.
@AlexA. Taco Bird?
i.e. chicken taco
Bean taco
Haskell isn't being nice to us ;_;
2:01 AM
@AlexA. Where have you bean all this time?
@Calvin'sHobbies In a park hiding in a bush eating beans
> Expected type: (((a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t
Actual type: ((((a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (((((a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t) -> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> a)
-> ((((a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t) -> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (((a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t) -> (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> t)
-> (a -> a)
-> (a -> a)
-> t
I should probably try something simpler than Fibonacci... :P
2:05 AM
@ev3commander your arm fell off
Oh god, glue it back on!!
@El'endiaStarman add two numbers
Good idea. :P
ill do it
2:06 AM
add three numbers if you want a real challenge
> Is Haskell a real language? Let's see if we can add two numbers!
@Doorknob four numbers if you feel like going through hell
@Doorknob ok
everyone okkk
chosen by fair dice roll
by moi
@ev3commander How do you have time in your day to do that!?
2:08 AM
about 30minutes
he's a programming genious
> genious
(on poipuse)
@AlexA. That was me.
2:10 AM
poor poise
@ev3commander how long did that take you?
@El'endiaStarman From Jersey
I feel like doing a codepad about Groovy.
about 3 seconds..
2:11 AM
@quartata You'll be the only one on ;)
@ev3commander WOAH you're like the best programmer I've met
@quartata not available
*21 seconds
That's four whole numbers!
@Calvin'sHobbies Rats.
2:11 AM
I just wanted to show the world Groovy
Well, goodnight people!
Have a Groovy night ;)
wtf it has support for clojure but not groovy
@El'endiaStarman I can confirm that Haskell can do this.
@quartata Oh, I confirmed it myself within a minute. :P
SUCCESS! Implemented "addMany" (i.e., sum of a list) in Haskell!!!
Took some looking at the docs to know what keywords to use though. :P
2:20 AM
Just recently I've been noticing a lot of really old challenges getting dredged up back to the home page for some reason
A: Find the absolute value of a number without built-in functions

quartataRotor, 2 bytes sS Challenge predates this language by two years, so this isn't competitive. Squares input and then square roots it. Nothing special.

It isn't like I've given up on Rotor or anything
I think ##ppcg is pretty much dead. Even @Doorknob and @quartata are gone. ;_;
eh too much effort to go there :P
@AlexA. I haven't been on IRC in ages
@quartata A lot of older challenges that I answered in Seriously popped back up yesterday because I went through and fixed permalinks on all of them
I ought to do that.
2:24 AM
That's funny I can't connect to Freenode
Oh, nevermind.
I just left :P
Most answers I made when Minkolang was 0.9- will not work.
I don't even remember my Freenode password shit
y u no Keepass
Keep ass?
Mine isn't going anywhere
2:25 AM
Actually I use just a text file + OpenSSL but
It doesn't seem to be in there
I just set LimeChat to log me into automatically.
My ns registration got dropped on Freenode because I haven't used IRC in like 3 years
@Mego Yesterday in Miaou you asked why it wasn't IRC. I figured you'd be interested in joining our IRC channel. :P
@AlexA. I am. I just haven't used IRC in years :P
2:28 AM
Also trolling, don't forget that
@Mego ಠ_ಠ
IRC is still a thing? o_O
yes... ಠ_ಠ
@Geobits I didn't know what it was until about a month ago when Doorknob made ##ppcg.
It's pretty neat
Should I try to remember my AIM username, too?
2:32 AM
@Geobits Know Haskell? coderpad.io/GMD6794F
Hey guys
A: Make your language unusable

AH LBash sudo rm -rf / RIP computer & bash. Running it should show a warning but theoretically, if you could run it without one, bash should no longer work ...

Not really. I toyed with it a bit some time ago, but that's all.
I'm getting sick of answers like this on that challenge
1. On most modern Linux systems you need --no-preserve-root for this to actually do anything. 2. Since it uses sudo, I can just simply CTRL-D or enter my password wrong and it won't execute. 3. Bash builtins would still work. — quartata 1 min ago
2:39 AM
So I'm trying to compile GHC from source
@Dennis APL question for you. Say I have an array like 6 3 3 10 0 2 4, for example. I want to start a variable X at some value, say 5, and for each element of the array, do X = 6*X + a[i]. How do I... how?
checking for ghc... no
configure: error: GHC is required.
Well no shit I don't have it
Is Haskell one of those languages that's written in itself?
2:40 AM
@Doorknob Like Crystal
@Doorknob No.
@AlexA. Or Rust
@Doorknob Or Rust
OK, well it is partially written in itself.
But it's mostly written in C.
> Written in‎: ‎Haskell and C
2:41 AM
Oh, and C-- I suppose
So you do need Haskell to compile Haskell
The term self-hosting was coined to refer to the use of a computer program as part of the toolchain or operating system that produces new versions of that same program—for example, a compiler that can compile its own source code. Self-hosting software is commonplace on personal computers and larger systems. Other programs that are typically self-hosting include kernels, assemblers, command-line interpreters and revision control software. If a system is so new that no software has been written for it, then software is developed on another self-hosting system and placed on a storage device that the...
just got his copy of Exploding Kittens
:25836682 Perl is written in Crayon on a truckstop bathroom wall.
2:43 AM
You'd think I'd know more about my favorite language
It's written in C.
Which is basically the electronic equivalent of crayons.
Even I knew that :P
@AlexA. Wait, you saw that? I didn't know you lived along that interstate.
(I'm glad someone appreciates my work)
Self-hosting langs are supposed to be able to bootstrap themselves
Not necessarily I think
2:45 AM
From the docs:
In particular, you need GHC installed in order to build GHC
How the hell am I supposed to get ghc if it's not in my package manager, then?
As I understand the term, no lang has ever "bootstrapped" itself. Sure, they can compile or interpret themselves, but some other lang is needed at some point to build the initial machine code (even if said lang is the machine code itself)
@quintopia Bootstrapping means building itself once using other tools (often with minimal features) in order to fully build itself using itself
@Mego Download a binary?
2:47 AM
@Mego Ah, so something can bootstrap itself using something else. Well okay then.
@quintopia PyPy does that. It builds a minimal version of itself using gcc and regular old Python, then fully builds itself with that minimal version.
That doesn't seem very impressive since it has the same features as Python...
Well, that was fun, playing with Haskell, but I'm gonna go ahead and stop now so I don't get stuck in this rabbit hole.
2:50 AM
@Mego Why wouldn't it just... build itself using Python completely?
@El'endiaStarman That was my mistake when the room was set to R. I lost so much time. ;_;
@Doorknob It needs to wear boots
@Doorknob Building something entirely with Python would probably take a couple of weeks.
Oh haha
@Doorknob Because fully building itself with Python is slow. PyPy is much faster than CPython.
why can't I type
2:51 AM
CPython == Cython?
@AlexA. Very much no
Very much okay
CPython = "normal" Python, where the interpreter is written in C
Oh okay
I know what Cython is. I've used it (though that was a long time ago)
2:53 AM
Cython = a superset of Python that allows emitting C code for better speed
@Mego How is that?
How is it faster you mean?
@quintopia JIT compilation, better memory management, and stackless mode
2:57 AM
> “If you want your code to run faster, you should probably just use PyPy.” — Guido van Rossum (creator of Python)
okay, i can see how JIT compilation and memory management improvements would help, but i have no idea what stackless mode means
@quintopia Micro-threads sharing memory instead of a stack and function calls

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