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shit i got rekt
ah jeez how do I do 9
Oh, nevermind.
you serious? I guessed one off from the correct number
@Calvin'sHobbies 7/10, missed #1/6/9
omg i falied that
4:02 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies 4/10
(not bad for a noob eh)
i don't even know what a Dennis number is
it was a challenge
I just hope everyone got 4
I hope everyone got 10...
Q: Generate Dennis Numbers

Calvin's HobbiesThis challenge is a tribute to PPCG user Dennis for winning the robbers' part of The Programming Language Quiz. Looking at Dennis' PPCG profile page we can see some pretty impressive stuff: He currently has over thirty-seven thousand reputation, making him second in rep overall, surpassing th...

4:03 AM
@Doorknob That too
I actually got 7/10 because I didn't read the last question carefully enough
But I don't count it since it was subjective anyways
Guess that means 7/9
@quartata ಠ_ಠ
Jeez the font is hard to read
You mistook Code Review for PPCG?
By the way, more people need to join dystroy.org/miaou/1216?PPCG_off-topic_chatter. :P
4:05 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies No
I thought it said is PPCG worse than Code Review or something
It's late I'm not thinking too clearly jeez
Star troll
Ugh, 7/10.
Seems to have a hard upper limit of 7 :P
I guessed what trichoplax used to generate his avatar correctly
I knew that one. I remember the challenge.
I did not. I do not know who trichoplax is.
4:09 AM
I just knew he used Turtle
which is a Python thing so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Mego hax
@Doorknob no hax just brainz
Liars! Cheats! Off with their heads!
4:10 AM
@Mego u haz 2 meny brainz
you had brains enough to wait until we said all the answers before taking it ;P
No, I had brains enough to wait to take it until I finished taking out the trash
I wish you could see the answers you got wrong after the quiz ends
I got 1,6,9 wrong
4:11 AM
Because I've already forgotten which 2 they were
@Mego You can, right? Just look at the bottom thingy
I don't see a bottom thingy
I missed the one about the origins of code golf
Because I thought it was APL for some dumb reason
4:13 AM
Even though I knew it was Perl
@Mego APL was technically the first one to have such a sport.
But they didn't call it code-golf.
@quartata That's what I was thinking
Read the question carefully, it asks where the phrase came from
In this case, it came from Perl
4:13 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies 8/10 WOOHOO! I guessed the number of 20k users!!! :D
What are people getting wrong mostly?
@El'endiaStarman I was one off! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I knew the # of 20k users because I was looking at the leaderboards just before I took the trash out :P
@Calvin'sHobbies 1/6/9
I got the BF derivative and the code golf origin ones wrong.
4:14 AM
I got BF derivative and 20k users wrong.
Oh yeah the BF derivative was the other that I missed
I thought they all were so I guessed
What'd you guys guess for the BF derivative one? I guessed RoboCritters because I figured Lenguage was one and so was Brackit.
@quartata Those are tricky
I guess RoboCritters too
4:15 AM
@El'endiaStarman Same
Q: Translate RoboCritters into Brainf***

Calvin's HobbiesRoboCritters (etymology) is a brand new esoteric programming language (don't bother searching for it, I just invented it). It's a variant of Brainfuck (BF), slightly more complex than the usual operator substitution schemes. Every program in RoboCritters is a rectangular grid of text that only co...

I should create a quiz
I want to try one where I don't know the answers
In the future, will humanity be able to calculate where butterflies are based on current wind patterns?
I could write a quiz based on languages from the esolangs wiki. @Calvin'sHobbies are you up to date on those?
4:19 AM
@AlienG 1) Theoretically or practically? 2) How far in the future?
@quintopia Not the ones that don't get posted here, but go for it!
@El'endiaStarman No clue, but that would be awesome, if it were possible.
@Calvin'sHobbies only if you would want to take it.
@AlienG Well, I guess the problem is really that by the time humanity accumulates enough technology to answer that question, we'd also know where all of the butterflies were anyway...
@El'endiaStarman That's probably going to be an average coding challenge by then anyway.
4:21 AM
Nah. That'd be one year later. :P
@AlienG Sufficiently far into the future, butterflies will be extinct. If humanity is not, then the answer is obviously "yes".
Vacuously true.
Yeah I'm just pointing out that the hard question embedded in that question is "In the future, will humanity be?"
@quintopia Butterflies will be extinct? Who the hell would let butterflies die off?!??!? There would be at least 1,000 rich people who want butterflies as "exotic" pets.
4:27 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies here you go goo.gl/69dzDl
@quintopia Yes, we will be dirt.
@AlienG And probably keep them inside where they can't generate wind currents anyway.
@quintopia AHA!, but the tanks will be vented! there will be an impact on the leaving air!
Holy crap, by then we could locate anything based on wind patterns.
(As far as whether it will ever be possible to collect enough data about air movement in enough places at once to determine where all butterflies are, I'd gamble on "no")
@Doorknob 1/10..............
4:28 AM
@quartata will enjoy this
Well... but I never specified a date!
@Doorknob 3/10
shhh this is totally fair
@Doorknob 2/10. Go to heck
4:30 AM
I didn't win, making it bad. :P
@Doorknob 5/10. Despite never playing.
@Doorknob 1/10 -____________-
The jaguar is f. That's all I learned
f for feline
I chose j, know why?
4:32 AM
Know why I included that as an option? :D
j is "jelly"
@Calvin'sHobbies Because j is for jaguar?
goo.gl/I5pI8c <--- my quiz
(and guess what dogs / canines are? c? wrong! they're d. >:D)
@Mego ಠ_ಠ
@Mego 3/7 :/
4:34 AM
@Mego 3/7 :/
rofl they're literally the exact same message
@Mego 2/7 :(
4:35 AM
@Mego uh....1/7. :'(
got the last one right, somehow
@Mego 3/7 :/
@CSᵠ I wonder how
So I made a really tough quiz :P
no idea :)
4:35 AM
Those were tricky.
Btw on the last question, one of them is not correct, and the order is randomized
Have fun!
Ok I lied I marked them all as correct
But I should have done that
Just got a message from Webfaction.
> Your total allowed memory is 512MB and your current memory usage is 1093MB.
I blame you, @Mego.
4:37 AM
@Mego Um, yeah. That was the only one I got correct.
Guess I don't know the site as well as some people do. ;-)
Wow I stumped the great CJY
@El'endiaStarman that sounded like a programming game, was disappointed when I looked it up
@ChrisJester-Young It helps when you're allowed to look stuff up while making the quiz :P
@El'endiaStarman Heroku
4:38 AM
Nobody yet has gotten Q6 right :o
a long while ago, somebody posted a graph indicating activity on PPCG
anybody still have that?
or anybody know when the best time to post a question is?
@NathanMerrill Whenever you damn well feel like it
@Mego We see them all turn green when one is selected
Psh, I want lots of people to participate
@NathanMerrill They will. A lot of people answer questions days after they're posted.
4:41 AM
Case in point:
A: String Zip and Sort

Brad Gilbert b2gillsPerl 6, 33 bytes {[~] flat ([Z] @_».comb)».sort} Example usage: say {[~] flat ([Z] @_».comb)».sort}(< abc cba >) # acbbca my &code = my $code = {[~] flat ([Z] @_».comb)».sort} say code "HELLO","world","!!!!!"; # !Hw!Eo!Lr!Ll!Od say ((<cba abc>),(<testing gnitset gttseni>)).map($code); # ...

One week after the challenge was posted
@NathanMerrill Any time not on the weekend is good. Questions a few hours old can still easily get on hnq
I'm not looking for hnq
@NathanMerrill was that @PhiNotPi? or @Doorknob?
4:42 AM
looking for PPCG frequenters
@NathanMerrill We answer everything
@NathanMerrill Then look at the 19th byte graphs: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/240/the-nineteenth-byte
(everything that we can, that is)
@Doorknob R's feature set overlaps with Matlab enough that when I was doing a Matlab course (I majored in statistics), I asked the lecturer if I could do all the assignments in R. It was allowed.
oooh, my title gave me the prompt that my question is likely subjective
4:43 AM
Reminded me of a CS course I did which used Common Lisp, but I asked if I could do the assignments in Emacs Lisp instead (because I was a masochist, in hindsight). That was allowed too.
@Mego LOL at last question. The answer is wrong though.
@Calvin'sHobbies perfect, thank you
I had never since volunteered to do anything in Emacs Lisp.
4:44 AM
@Dennis :O
@Dennis That's awesome.
Is it really that surprising that Dennis did better than everyone else at something?
@Dennis We (the peasants public) don't know who it belongs to, so until that information is learned, we assume Alex.
@Dennis brings up two avatars...
@Calvin'sHobbies Yeah, the other one is a sock.
4:46 AM
Uh huh.
@Mego It's not Alex, for the record.
(Thank goodness for mod tools that allow me to find this out with one click.)
It's (censored).
@Calvin'sHobbies Here's an esolang quiz for you: goo.gl/IbtFeB
@ChrisJester-Young :)
Hey I made one too: goo.gl/0xYcGE
4:50 AM
@quintopia 3/10 :(
@AlexA. 3/8
@quintopia 2/10
@AlexA. 6/8 :)
Martin is a mod elsewhere?
Computer Graphics
Ohhh yeah
4:52 AM
What was the other one you got wrong?
@AlexA. Your first question is wrong, BTW.
@quintopia 2/10 :(
> Which former moderator had the shortest stint of moderation?
I chose dmkee
@quintopia 3/10
@ChrisJester-Young >_____> oops
What's the correct answer?
4:53 AM
I'll answer in the other room.
@ChrisJester-Young hey now
@AlexA. 5/8
It's not like its a trade secret
@AlexA. 5/7. Also, when I saw the last question, I checked back here to see who posted the quiz. :P
4:55 AM
@El'endiaStarman Alex emits the most love anyhow
The first question is wrong because I'm very, very bad at counting.
Fixed version: goo.gl/0xYcGE
@AlexA. 7/8, but I think it should be 8/8. The first one seems wrong.
It is
See messages directly preceding yours
4:56 AM
5 current mods + dmckee and Chris, ahhh
Mods are indeed scary
@AlexA. Question 5 sounds like a trick question.
Is it?
@AlexA. Yayyy 8/8! :P
5:01 AM
@El'endiaStarman After having already taken it once and gotten 5/7. :P
Wait, 7?
There's that counting problem again.
Oh hey this room is full of blue! :P
5:02 AM
There's only one Blue Room, and you know it.
Well, actually, at least two.
Um. When you talk to a CM about the Blue Room, it is a reference to a very specific room.
Ahhh, I did not know that.
(Hint: it lives on chat.SO.)
So then, at least three mod-only chat rooms that are not for site-specific mods.
5:04 AM
lowercase-b blue rooms :P
Q: Emoji Vending Machine

geokavelCan't see emoji? Click here. You will simulate a vending machine. The items are 56 different emojis, which can be represented as two surrogate UTF-8 characters, from: 🍅(U+D83C U+DF45) to 🍼 (U+D83C U+DF7C). In HTML these emojis can be represented in UTF-16 form as &#x1F345 through &#x1F37C. In...

@NewMainPosts I wish the OP had waited for more than 3 upvotes on their sandbox post.
Part of me wants to make the threshold 10. But then that would significantly reduce our daily question rate, which is not ideal either. Meh.
There's a threshold?
Also, many challenges have been posted with <= +3 Sandbox score and did just fine.
5:08 AM
I guess. :shrug:
@ChrisJester-Young Tab complete emojis like on GitHub. :P
> This game has been played times
The interface is kinda hideous
Woo, 114 seconds and I made it :P
Q: You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye

Nathan MerrillThis king-of-the-hill challenge is based off of the game show, Weakest Link. For those unfamiliar with the show, the crux of this challenge deals with who you vote off: If the other players are smarter than you, then you have less of a chance of getting the pot. If the other players are dumb...

5:15 AM
@quartata You said you knew the avatars: superteachertools.us/speedmatch/…
@AlexA. Lol, we don't have any emoji support except that you can paste in Unicode emoji.
for some odd reason, my chat avatar hasn't updated
even though my codegolf avatar has
@Calvin'sHobbies 294 ;_;
5:16 AM
@ChrisJester-Young Right, that's why it's a feature request :P
@NathanMerrill You need to change your SO avatar since that's the parent account (and maybe you need chat refresh)
Or change your chat parent account to ppcg
@Calvin'sHobbies why is my SO the parent of my PPCG chat?
or is there only 1 account for all of chat?
@NathanMerrill The parent applies to all chat rooms for chat.SE.
5:17 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies this thing has the worst interface ever. 4m21s
The majority of the time I spent was trying to figure out how to scroll down in that weird interface.
I couldn't even scroll down after the first one.
Didn't stop me from trying though
Same. I failed.
holy shit:
A: Easy way of memorizing Sin Cos Tan values for the unit circle.

Jair TaylorNote the pattern: $$\sin 0 = \frac{\sqrt{0}}{2}$$ $$\sin 30 = \frac{\sqrt{1}}{2}$$ $$\sin 45 = \frac{\sqrt{2}}{2}$$ $$\sin 60 = \frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}$$ $$\sin 90 = \frac{\sqrt{4}}{2}$$ This is something of a mathematical coincidence as far as I know, so don't try to extend this to other angles; an...

5:19 AM
I refreshed your profile for you
*mind blown*
the little icon next to the chat box is different
I see your face now :O
I can't stand it
5:24 AM
55 :D
I killed chat :(
I should go do something real...
@NathanMerrill stopit!
@Calvin'sHobbies No
I have the 2 lowest scores.
@Zgarb Hi
5:34 AM
@AlexA. Hi, I'm just about to go to sleep, just checking emails and stuff one last time...
@Zgarb Okay. Goodnight! :P
@Zgarb You're mad to check this room "one last time" before bed.
@El'endiaStarman This place is peaceful compared to dystroy.org/miaou/1216?PPCG_off-topic_chatter
5:58 AM
That place is scary
In a good way
Eh. Maybe just scary.
6:10 AM
Like the spinnning beach ball of death
what is happening to me.. its taking ove...
Is @Mego still in here?
@Calvin'sHobbies What are your commands master?
@CSᵠ your code still has a bug, you need to assign it to an Object[] instead of int[]
@Optimizer Give away all your scarves
6:14 AM
@NathanMerrill ah
guess you fixed that in the test?
:) nice thnx
@Calvin'sHobbies I don't have any
@NathanMerrill fixed! ?
6:15 AM
anyway, i got 2nd place
I know it's not obvious but I don't write jabba
if it ends up that nobody can beat the Max player, then that'll be super depressing
@Calvin'sHobbies /me stares...
That's.....so mesmerizing...
6:19 AM
@NathanMerrill didn't you try some smart voting strategy? like.. to beat maxplayer's odds
@CSᵠ Nope. Just going off of hope that Max isn't optimal
technically, you could target the max player and bring him down
but then, at that point, the optimal strategy would be to "go max"
@Sherlock9 What's up?
Yeah, stared at that one too.
@Calvin'sHobbies yes tiger master what do you wish all glory to the hypnotiger
6:24 AM
I struggle to comprehend this one:
Like, I know what's happening. But my brain can't quite make sense of it. :P
@Mego I don't think printing the numerator and denominator will be easy
@Mego You have to print Fraction.numerator and Fraction.denominator
@Mego That will cost several bytes
@Sherlock9 Yeah, I thought there was a simple/short way to format Fractions as n/d, but I was mistaken
@Mego If there is another way to write up a fractions without using import fractions, I'm all ears
@Sherlock9 Not that I'm aware of
@El'endiaStarman fish-eye fun youtube.com/watch?v=7Am3Mou2qI8
6:32 AM
@Mego AH WAIT. After reading the docs, I see I can use str()
@Sherlock9 That didn't appear to work when I tried it earlier, but I may have done something dumb
3 hours ago, by Doorknob
By the way, more people need to join https://dystroy.org/miaou/1216?PPCG_off-topic_chatter. :P
@AlexA. why
I miss you
That's y
6:40 AM
@Mego Will post momentarily
6:51 AM
@AlexA. aggressively downstars
@Mego >_>
Too many chatrooms for my tastes
There's also an IRC one and we have a couple other site rooms in SE chat
(IRC is unofficial, as is Miaou)
And now I have a statistics quiz to let kill me
See you guys later.
@Sherlock9 Looks good
6:56 AM
@Sherlock9 Stats is the best! :D I have an undergraduate stats minor and I'm in an applied stats master's program.
@AlexA. .oO(There is also an SO channel (also very very unofficial) on IRC somewhere, not that this has anything to do with PPCG. :-P)
Let me know if you need help. :)
@ChrisJester-Young I have a feeling they're more on-topic than PPCG :P
@AlexA. What do you mean by "more on-topic"?
What's a "topic"?
@AlexA. Programming questions and questions about SO are specifically off-topic for #stackoverflow. :-P
6:59 AM
@ChrisJester-Young Well, The Nineteenth Byte is entirely off-topic for PPCG, so I assumed that anything associated with SO would be closer to SO than TNB is to PPCG.

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