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3:00 AM
Though that works too for solving it, but you have to start from n=1 and count up until you get the right # of equal values
Hmm now that you say that, lemme get another case up...
So what if more than one group aligns at the same time? Given 2,[1,2,3,3,3], after two seconds you'll have a group of 2 aligned and a group of 3 aligned. Does that count as exactly 2?
@Geobits Nope
That is 5 hands aligned.
So not only do you have to check that n values are aligned together, but that all others are distinct?
3:05 AM
That specific case would be invalid input, because it is impossible for exactly 2 hands to be aligned
@Geobits Correct
Oh boy :/ didn't think of that
K, you guys have fun with that :P
Now I think we're in the "uh oh" territory
Mini-challenge: Given a string containing -=o interspersed with single .'s, output any one of the guys who is the most awake. o.o = 100% awake, o.= and =.o = 75%, o.- and -.o and =.= = 50%, -.= and =.- = 25%, -.- = 0%.
-.- -> -.-
o.=.- -> o.=
-.=.o.=.- -> o.= or =.o
=.=.-.o.- -> =.= or -.o or o.-
-.=.o.o -> o.o
=.-.= -> =.- or -.=
3:09 AM
I mean, this means that a n = 4 where the solution is 2 groups of 2 is okay then?
@Sp3000 Yep :P
... question needs more clarification, again D:
@Calvin'sHobbies Main site challenge please :P
If n=2 then I choose two groups of one hand each: 2,[3,4] -> 1 :P
@Sp3000 But so silly :P
but maybe
And that's a problem?
3:10 AM
That one's a little less trivial that the others, tbh
Fine, after french toast.
@Geobits The groups must be of size 2 or greater
French toast? Where?
I want it
In my frying pan
Oh damn son
3:11 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies I'm agreed with Sp3000. That's more like a main site challenge. :P
A hand cannot be aligned with itself
You don't want to join it
No, but I want to join you in consuming it
@Calvin'sHobbies Don't tell us what we can and can't do with our lives. As some philosopher probably hasn't said, "Sometimes you're the frying pan, and sometimes you're the French toast."
@Eridan It's just that your shoes would be melting and all..
3:13 AM
@Sp3000 Clarificated
@Mego In light of recent chat, I think the "invalid" example is wrong. For 2,[3,4,12] you'd have 4 and 12 aligned at 6 seconds.
@Geobits Ooh yeah you're right.
@Mego In light of recent chat, I propose that Mego solves this one by hand: 5, [4, 14, 36, 50, 63, 180, 210]
I second. All in favor?
3:14 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies As if there is any question
Dutch babies? o_o
@Calvin'sHobbies waffles duh
@Calvin'sHobbies 1.) What is a Dutch baby? 2.) French toast is not a pastry
any MSE-dweller knows that waffles is the correct answer :P
3:15 AM
A Dutch baby pancake, sometimes called a German pancake, a Bismarck, or a Dutch puff, is a sweet popover that is normally served for breakfast. It is derived from the German pfannkuchen. It is made with eggs, flour, sugar and milk, and usually seasoned with vanilla and cinnamon, although occasionally fruit or another flavoring is also added. It is baked in a cast iron or metal pan and falls soon after being removed from the oven. It is generally served with fresh squeezed lemon, butter, and powdered sugar, fruit toppings or syrup. A basic batter incorporates 1/3 cup flour and 1/3 cup liquid per...
@Calvin'sHobbies Oh, I've had those, just haven't heard them called that.
You seem to have forgotten palacsinta
Besides, the answer is clearly crepes, despite the meta.SE brainwashing factor.
Q: What is up with the waffle fetish?

John RaschSetting aside the fact that waffles were created in the seventh circle of hell, cause suffering and apocalyptic horror wherever they are witnessed, and are instruments of pure evil, where did the obsession with talking about them in every thread arise? Can we stop this and have more waffles? A...

@AlexA. That falls under crepe
3:16 AM
(Tim Post closed that because he hates fun)
Tim Post sent me swag (for a fun post at that), so I do not speak ill of him.
@Calvin'sHobbies ok
@Geobits Did he send it from the Tim Post Office? :D:D:D:D
@Geobits Tim Post is indeed Lord of All Swag, but here on SE telling someone that they hate fun is a compliment. :P
@AlexA. ...
Why are there no votes for pancakes? Pancakes are legit. ;_;
@Doorknob I gotz teh swag cos I word good.
3:19 AM
@AlexA. Pancakes are like french toast without the egg. They're an inferior subset.
@AlexA. If you wanted votes for pancakes, you should have voted for pancakes :P
@Geobits Also in light of recent chat, 2, [3,4,12] has a solution after 4 seconds actually
@Geobits I gotz mien cos I pictur gud.
^^ Nice
@Mego My French toast has no eggs. I don't see the issue.
3:20 AM
@AlexA. That's not French toast then. That's just toast.
@Geobits I wanted votes for pancakes but it wasn't my first choice.
(Still waiting for Mego to solve aforementioned problem :D)
They're nobody's first choice, that's why they have no votes.
@Sp3000 Working on it while doing other stuff :P
waffles are objectively superior to pancakes
waffles are pancakes with built-in syrup reservoirs
3:21 AM
(I'll actually be pretty impressed if you get it by hand without brute forcing all ticks starting from 1)
@Doorknob yusss
Every time I have waffles, I fill all the pits with syrup.
Me too! I always have to make sure to get at least some syrup in every one. Otherwise the integrity of the entire meal is undermined. :P
Don't forget the butter :/
I usually don't eat waffles with butter.
3:23 AM
The swirling mixture of butter and syrup is what goes in the pits if you're eating them correctly.
I eat waffles with peanut butter
Off-topic: tentative prediction of start of Winter Bash on December 14.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 1 min ago, by SmokeDetector
@NormalHuman HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash will begin in 23 days, 20 hours, 36 minutes and 59 seconds. :D
@Mego It has batter, the batter just doesn't have eggs.
@Rainbolt That's probably very good, but I'm going to insult it on general principle because it's different from what I do.
3:25 AM
@Rainbolt Don't
Too late
Throw it away
Eat it
Please tell me that isn't chunky.
It's especially nice when the waffles is hot enough to make the peanut butter runny (no, not chunky @Geobits)
3:27 AM
Oh, ok. In that case it looks pretty good ;)
@Rainbolt Eat the shit out of it
Hot peanut butter doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth nearly as much as cold peanut butter
But still, see my previous comment about differentness.
@Mego Ewwwww.......
@Rainbolt Cold peanut butter?
If you fold it in half, you can hide the peanut butter. We can hide our differences.
3:28 AM
@Rainbolt Except you stole that picture from wikihow.com/…. :P
@AlexA. I'm using cold to mean "not hot" in that sentence.
@Doorknob You sure they didn't steal it from him?
Oh, okay. Peanut butter should never enter the refrigerator under any circumstances.
@Doorknob My waffle looks exactly like the one on Wikihow, obviously.
i eat peanut butter on pancakes but it doesn't seem like it would be as good on waffles
3:29 AM
@Rainbolt Ah, I see. Okay then, nothing suspicious here.
@Doorknob Nah, he just adds a Wikihow watermark to all of the photos he takes.
1 day left on this bounty, it will be awarded to the shortest solution posted after the bounty was created:
Q: Golf Me An OOP!

MegoGolf Me An OOP! Two important components of object-oriented programming are inheritance and composition. Together, they allow for creating simple yet powerful class hierarchies to solve problems. Your task is to parse a series of statements about a class hierarchy, and answer questions about the...

@AlexA. Of course, of course.
Let's see.
Peanut butter plus pancakes = soft + creamy.
Peanut butter plus waffles = soft + some crispy + some soft.
Some crispy is much better.
3:29 AM
Other things that should never be refrigerated: bread, apples
1) Rainbolt takes picture of delicious waffles 2) WikiHow steals it, adds watermark 3) Rainbolt loses picture 4) Rainbolt searches online and finds original
And my waffle is still hot after this is all done.
Yea, people are quick to steal nowadays.
Things move fast on the Internet.
3:30 AM
Not even watermarks can temper my waffles
@Sp3000 1260
Too high
Wait, 1260 doesn't even work - 6 hands align right?
I got 1260 as well.
3:33 AM
Ooh yeah I missed that
But yeah, you're right.
It's 315
I don't feel I've gotten enough votes on this poll, and since we seem to be abusing strawpoll.me again, I figure why not ask again?
Still too high :)
@Geobits Cloud/Barrett/Vincent is the only option
3:35 AM
The poll says otherwise so far.
@Geobits I have absolutely no idea what this is asking
@AlexA. I expect this of Doorknob, but I thought anyone considered an adult would recognize the names >_>
Well... tbh I only know about 3 names in the whole poll
3:36 AM
@Geobits You consider Alex an adult?
@Mego ಠ_ಠ
Well, biologically speaking anyway.
i've never played FF7 but i know enough to give you a ಠ_ಠ for saying "aeris"
Is FF Final Fantasy?
What's wrong with saying Aeris?
@AlexA. Yes.
3:37 AM
that is her name
@Geobits Oh. Okay. I've never played any Final Fantasy game.
^ Same here.
I've played 6, 7, Tactics, and Tactics Advance
@undergroundmonorail No it isn't. Not in the original game, in either English or Japanese.
And I tried 10 and 13, but couldn't get into them
3:38 AM
The only time "Aerith" shows up is later, in crappy sequels and remakes.
@AlexA. no it's Firefox
@Doorknob Oh. Okay. I don't use Firefox.
@Mego btw in case you're wondering, I made this test case especially because you mentioned 360/x*n%360, and if I'm correct I don't think that approach works
I heard that Doorknob uses Internet Explorer for Linux.
Based on the fact that you got 315, I think I might be right
3:41 AM
@AlexA. I sincerely hope that doesn't exist
@Geobits i can't find a source for this, everything is backing up my previously-held belief that aeris was a mistranslation that they fixed
i meant to reply to the other message oops
@Sp3000 360/x is the angular velocity of the hand whose rotational period is x. 360/x*n gives you the total number of degrees traveled by the hand after n seconds. 360/x*n%360 gives you the displacement in degrees. I don't see how that doesn't work.
When the hands don't align at a whole number of degrees
Just checking: was 315 from your solver or by hand?
3:45 AM
What does your solver say the state is at 45 seconds?
[90.0, 77.14285714285711, 90.0, 324.0, 257.14285714285717, 90.0, 77.14285714285714]
^^ float precision error
Do I smell floating point precision issues? ಠ_ಠ
3:46 AM
import fractions to the rescue
Heh :P should be better, although fractions seems to do funky things %1
@undergroundmonorail Meh, they originally changed it in Kingdom Hearts IIRC. Saying it's more right in a related game than in the original makes no sense to me, but whatever. I don't get upset or anything when people call her Aerith, but she'll always be Aeris to me.
Not sure if that'll affect anything though (might not)
エアリス still even sounds like Aeris IMO.
... nvm, I just wasn't using fractions right it seems
3:49 AM
@Mego once you have the Seriously interpreter code to run it., how do you take some code in Seriously and run it?
Can confirm, 45 by hand.
I'm using their prime factorizations. :D
:) heh nice
@TanMath ./seriously.py -c '<code>' or ./seriously.py -f code_file.srs
2000 4
1001 14
2200 36
1020 50
0201 63
2210 180
1111 210

0210 45

0110 15
Got 45 with fractions
3:51 AM
@Mego OK... Thanks!
All good then :)
Stupid Perling floating point errors
I'm gonna go double-check all my other examples now
You made me paranoid
3:51 AM
For that set, solutions for n = [2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] are [9, 525, 18, 45, 90, 900]
Hopefully that 525 isn't something wrong with my solver
@Sp3000 I also get 525
k, was just curious that it jumps so much
If the requirement was rational solutions, it would be a more linear set
Rational? Aren't all solutions rational?
(Perhaps you mean integral?)
But because the requirement is integers, it takes a lot of revolutions for 3 to be aligned and an integer amount of time to pass
3:55 AM
@El'endiaStarman Rational in that 1.5 would be an acceptable solution for 2, [1,3]
ahh, gotcha
This problem is way more interesting than I originally thought
@Mego then how will I deal with inputs? Will it ask me for an input?
Blame @Geobits
3:57 AM
@TanMath Yes
My original idea was much more complex
It was planetary orbits, with integral year precision, using Kepler's Law
@Mego astronomy? What is this?
Man I got a lot of notifications while I was gone. Oh wait I didn't get any because I have no friends.
@phase Check out the oyster egg in Seriously's online interpreter
4:01 AM
@TanMath Yep :D
@Mego reminds me of the super blood moon challenge I was trying to make a while back
@Mego but I can't find it
@phase view source
@Mego you gonna have an astronomy challenge?
@TanMath God no. The challenge I have sandboxed now is a much simpler problem with a similar idea
4:02 AM
never sandboxed it because I was too stupid to get the reference implementation working
I really need to finish the Draughts controller for the Draughts KotH I have sandboxed
Might give it another crack
@Mego oh darn I did that and searched for "oyster" but didn't find anything, but then did "egg" and it worked
@Mego linky?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoClock Hand Syzygy Given a positive integer n and a list of positive integer rotational periods for a number of clock hands (in seconds), output the smallest positive integer x where x seconds after starting the clock with all of the hands aligned, exactly n of the hands are aligned. They do not ...

4:04 AM
@phase So what do you think? :P
@Mego What is it and how does it work?
@phase Input the Konami code on the page using arrow keys, "b", "a", and the enter key
Does anyone think codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/64308/… has an input format that's too strict?
@ThomasKwa tbh I haven't looked at it much
@Mego I'm stupid and can't get it working
4:11 AM
@Mego COOL!
@phase Up up down down left right left right b a enter.
@El'endiaStarman I was doing up down up down ;(
@Mego I love it <3
Anyway, apparently, there's no Binary Space Partition challenge on the site?
@phase Thought you might :P
4:15 AM
That's one of the secrets :P
oh no there's more?!?!?!?
There's another one, but it's in the interpreter itself
Much harder to figure out
@Mego can't I just look at the github code?
@TanMath Sure, good luck breaking SHA256
4:21 AM
github got a new layout?!?!
It did! I like it.
What changed?
@Doorknob It looks so much better! Different, yet staying true to the original.
,,, is it the coloured bar?
A: Showcase your language one vote at a time

MegoSeriously Length 10 snippet ?????????? I added two easter eggs to the Seriously interpreter recently. The first one (from this commit) involves doing something special when your code starts with a certain 10 characters. However, I don't want to spoil the secret, so until somebody figures it o...

4:23 AM
Length 10 snippet added :P
@Sp3000 Navigation/stuff buttons on the right side got moved to the top.
That's one change.
Some of the buttons got longer names (such as "Find File" and "New Pull Request"), to fit with the new design
the README looks nice
Oh... it's opt-in, riiiiight
Reading that, but trying to find said button
4:27 AM
the opt-in button?
it just appeared at the top of the page when I checked out a repository
I don't see the button yet :(
you're not special enough :3
4:30 AM
2 3 4 5...
10/10 I think that's wrong.
Q: Who is the sleepiest of them all?

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program or function that takes in a string of the characters -=o. where the -=o's and .'s always alternate, character to character. The string will have an odd length greater than one and always start and end in one of -=o. Basically, the input will look like a line of emoticon faces tha...

@phase mod 4
4:32 AM
I'm dumb
@Calvin'sHobbies Yay
Well no that still works
@Calvin'sHobbies That's a cool one
4:36 AM
1 hour ago, by Calvin's Hobbies
Mini-challenge: Given a string containing -=o interspersed with single .'s, output any one of the guys who is the most awake. o.o = 100% awake, o.= and =.o = 75%, o.- and -.o and =.= = 50%, -.= and =.- = 25%, -.- = 0%.
It was originally just a chat challenge
The O IDE wasn't working, giving an Internal Server Error. I pulled the most recent code and manually pushed it to Heroku (which automatically pulls from the GitHub repository after every new commit) and it worked fine. I changed nothing and it stopped erroring. I've got the magic touch.
Was that interpreting K code?
oh man that's a good idea
@Mego What does this line do?
Q: Who is the sleepiest of them all?

Calvin's HobbiesWrite a program or function that takes in a string of the characters -=o. where the -=o's and .'s always alternate, character to character. The string will have an odd length greater than one and always start and end in one of -=o. Basically, the input will look like a line of emoticon faces tha...

Q: Test a string for balanced parentheses, brackets and braces

LocoluisThis is my first question here, so I'll pose you a relatively simple challenge, which may or may not have been done before: Write a function that checks its input for balanced parentheses, brackets and braces. ( is balanced with ), [ is balanced with ] and { is balanced with }. As an added diffi...

@phase Something
but I don't know python well enough to know what it does
something with variables?
If you put in the correct magic 10 bytes at the start of your program, it unencrypts a certain string that has been XOR-encrypted with the 10-byte key and execs it
4:44 AM
Your oyster egg
Probably penguin ascii art
urg y it python 2!?!??!
Because it be
4:49 AM
@NewMainPosts Maybe it's a dupe of this?
Q: Fix unbalanced brackets

Vladimir ReshetnikovConsider the alphabet A ="()[]{}<>". Think of the characters in the alphabet as opening and closing brackets of 4 different types. Let's say that a string over the alphabet A is balanced if it is empty -or- it is not empty -and- the number of opening and closing brackets of each type match -and...

Not necessarily. A competitive approach might not be able to fix unbalanced brackets. IMHO anyway.
Q: Fun with Matching Braces

acbabisThe contest is to make a program or function that takes an arbitrary string resembling source code and checks to see if the "braces" follow the basic rules for brace matching. That is, the number of left braces and right braces have to match, and you can't have a right brace without a correspondi...

dupe of this
One step closer to a lightsaber!
@Mego Did someone say... xor encrypted?
looks at source
Oh... right. nvm.
man, this sleepyness challenge is everything python is bad at
string, check
argmax, check
4:59 AM
@Sp3000 ?
Good night people
Awkward moment when you edit in a golf and realise 10 seconds later that it's completely wrong
Awkward moment when you shave off 3 bytes of a golf and realize you had the wrong score on it to begin with
Actually... maybe it wasn't wrong, hmm
@Sp3000 Shouldn't l3ew2%{:i:+}$W= work just as well?
I have better I think, just need to check it's right: l3ew{'.-$}$W=
5:20 AM
i saw one like that but you still started at 1 and the board was huge
@Sp3000 Yes, that should work nicely. l3ew2%{$}$W= would still be shorter though.
... actually it doesn't work nicely :/
Needs the 2%
Huh? My port to Pyth passed all test cases.
I meant my version
I think I'll just leave l3ew2%{$}$W= for you to post :)
what's the score to beat for Pyth?
5:28 AM
atm, 12
i think i have 8?
lemme make sure
i feel like it's so simple i have to be missing something
I think I may have found the longest code-golf answer
A: Hello World 0.0!

Bad Cat EyeUnary, 135355035383718478211689815430260770357593218344293942000623984520583816006869631028659947851816653899127870943284025802454563133135630892154160258417867379506405935958144491826772587082077413807836 bytes I'm surprised that no one's done this yet... It's too long to post here, but it's 1...

5:30 AM
Did you check every Unary/Lenguage program on the site?
No, which is why I said "I think I may have"
@Sp3000 I've just updated my Pyth answer. I think it's only fair if you post CJam version. After all, sorting the emoticons was your idea.
Well, it's not anything you wouldn't have gotten :P
@xnor =.-.o
@Sp3000 of course, thanks
is xsot's python answer making the same mistake as i did?
Yes, I do think so
I think you need to max by sorted as Dennis and I have been discussing
@Calvin'sHobbies That's clever :P
btw @Calvin'sHobbies re the f= comment: did you want to specify a named function, or...?
No, it's just he makes use of f in the code. i.e. I should be able to name it what I like
Or have it prenamed
... oh right, yes
Sorry, didn't see it was recursive
@Sp3000 In that case, thanks! :)
5:54 AM
A: Who is the sleepiest of them all?

DennisCJam, 12 bytes q3ew2%{$}$0= This prints the sleepiest emoticon. Try this fiddle or this test suite in the CJam interpreter. Credit goes to @Sp3000 for coming up with the idea to use sorting.

I was hoping to negate the need for the 2%, but I'm having trouble
Seems tricky. The fact that '.' > '-' doesn't help.
Yeah :/
It's way to easy to waste your guy's time :D
5:58 AM
Argh! I got an unaccept. Looks like I won't get 200 today...
Lies Dennis, lies.
OK, that solves the problem. Thanks! :)

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