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2:00 PM
Q: Random indexing for sparse matrix generation in direct triplet format

greenwomThis question/challenge falls under the programming puzzle area. For those familiar with the sparse command, you know that Matlab takes references to a location in an array (e.g. C(i,j)) and stores them in a triplet format (i.e. cid(index) = i, rid(index) = j, s(index) = C(i,j)). Now, the probl...

@NewMainPosts Well, that's at least the same field as Geobit's question ...
He's still learning. Give him a few more years of questions to data mine.
Aww, we're cultivating our own little Eliza-bot. How quaint.
I'm only 13 rep away from 2000! :D
Given the topics in this chat, I feel sorry for any bot that gets cultivated here ...
2:08 PM
I've been tempted to write a Markov-bot and feed it the whole transcript :)
It would eventually just loop between "Alex is wrong" and various random words
Probably a lot of carrots, too.
Room is blue
I mean unusually blue (until I posted)
you broke the streakj
Too bad there's no way to get a full room transcript without crawling each day/period. There are at least three requests on meta for this, but all have received zero answers, not even a [status-declined].
2:15 PM
Not the streakj!
Aug 29 at 16:48, by Martin Büttner
I've been wondering for a while... is there a non-vulgar but similarly catchy equivalent of "dick move"?
Richard Action :D
Not very catchy though.
oh my god
it's 9:16 AM and Richard Action has already made my day
i want a comic book about a superhero who will save your life but be kind of a jerk about it, and by day he's mild-mannered Richard Action
2:17 PM
I love the term Volkswagening :)
Not related to the "dick move" concept, but I just came across the comment and thought it worthy to share.
@undergroundmonorail So.... Batman?
"Richard Action" sounds like a hotshot news anchor
>>> "Bruce Wayne" == "Richard Action"
you did it
That would also say Bruce Wayne isn't Batman, so...
2:19 PM
of course, that part's a secret
> I'm just saying, have you ever seen Martin and Batman in the same room together?
Batman is kind of a jerk about it sometimes, though.
i don't disagree i just specifically like the "Richard Action" part of it
Well right :P
@Martin Okay, we've settled on Richard Action I think ;)
You could also translate that to Rick Roll, which is itself a dick move.
>>> "Rick" == "Dick"
2:26 PM
Multiline strikes again.
>>> user("VoteToClose").canFormatCode()
-.- How you do?
no backticks 4 spaces
I'd tell you, but you look very sleepy there.
2:27 PM
@Geobits -.- is a glare, not a sleep-deprived primate.
Calvin has decreed it such.
@Geobits very catchy.
@Geobits I'd imagine < and > simply get a numeric parameter that indicates along which dimension you're moving the tape head
I guess that could work. It's better than what I got from NewMainPosts for sure.
Yeah, he's often having trouble staying on topic. Gets distracted very easily.
Two nights in a row I've been at work until midnight. The result is a 2000 line T-SQL query that is misindented, half uppercase, half lowercase, large swathes of commented code, comments that no longer make any sense, and some random debug-oriented select statements that don't actually contribute anything to the query. And we are delivering it, because apparently making it look pretty puts the integrity at risk and we cannot afford that kind of risk right now.
2:41 PM
Sounds about right :/
I'll just make it pretty in the next version I guess
I figured out the secret to making SQL queries faster
Golf it as much as you possibly can, and suddenly it becomes easy to see what you need to do to fix your query
I just realized - isn't Rainbolt a derogatory term for something? I might be mistaken, but I swear I've seen it used that way.
You jerk. You were in here yesterday, I know you were
>.> Is that where I've seen it from?
goes back and looks Er. Yup. Sorry. >.>
What a Richard Action >_>
2:46 PM
-.- I swear that was accidental. xD
Maybe you're just sleepy ;)
My proposed new definition of rainbolt is still not posted
I swear one of you did this to me five years ago
You knew that PPCG would be born and that I would join
Is the proposed definition as over-the-top as most names on UD? Looking at those, you'd think everyone in the world was the best person ever and extremely well proportioned.
> soul purpose
2:49 PM
i tried to be nice and my internet died
i guess that's a sign that i should stop being nice
You just made my day
SE knows. XD
@undergroundmonorail Or that the internet really hates Rainbolt :P
we know that to be true from urbandictionary
@Geobits My day has no downvote button so stop trying
2:50 PM
> 40 cigarettes per business day
Does he not smoke on the weekends? o-o
A coworker wouldn't be able to count those smoked on a nonbusiness day.
He only smokes on buissnees days
It definitely sounds like a disgruntled employee type, though.
@Rainbolt This definition is obviously libelous. It has far too many typos to be accurate.
I can't see my definition proposals anywhere
I don't know if it was rejected or is still being processed
2:53 PM
turns out that Doorknob is an employee of UD and is denying them with glee
I followed the rules and didn't make it about a real person. I said something like "A lightning bolt made out of water." and the example was "Bobby was struck by a Rainbolt."
Side note: it also defines it as an adjective when it is clearly defining a noun.
Makes about as much sense as most things on UD I guess.
is there any justification for a 1000-line SQL query?
2:55 PM
I feel terrible when I go over 10 lines, but I only use SQL for the most trivial of things and I'm pretty sure I don't format it "correctly".
@VoteToClose that's what I thought, the person seemed to be proud of it
For example, upper case in SQL is a dumb convention IMO.
If you are talking about me, I am not proud. The point was that the query was bad because we were here late two nights in a row.
@Rainbolt ohh, I haven't read yours, was that a single query too?
2:57 PM
17 mins ago, by Rainbolt
Two nights in a row I've been at work until midnight. The result is a 2000 line T-SQL query that is misindented, half uppercase, half lowercase, large swathes of commented code, comments that no longer make any sense, and some random debug-oriented select statements that don't actually contribute anything to the query. And we are delivering it, because apparently making it look pretty puts the integrity at risk and we cannot afford that kind of risk right now.
what I talk about is a production code in an agile development
Since when does Kamehameha mean "Giant Turtle Wave"? Sure, kame is turtle, but that's about it. Jeez, I can't believe UD let me down like this.
at least I know that 1000-line SQL queries exist in the wild at other firms too
This is by far our largest, and it won't remain that way for long
A lot of stuff we did belongs in C#, not T-SQL
It's just difficult to develop quickly when you have to make code changes instead of SQL changes. You can apply SQL changes immediately, but you have to rebuild and redeploy in order to make C# changes.
Okay this is really throwing me off. This guy walks by my desk and every time he trips. But the last two days it's been really bad - like hands touching the floor to recover from the fall bad.
Sounds like he's trying to get your attention.
3:04 PM
@Rainbolt is he tripping on something? or just the floor?
The floor (which is like a tough carpet)
and I know about the 1000-line SQL because they were bragging about it as some great thing...
3:42 PM
i have an autohotkey script that types "strawberryvanillachocolate" when i hit mouse4, who can guess why
@undergroundmonorail ^
@helix you got it
i forgot to say "google is cheating" this time haha
3:48 PM
i like chocolate ice cream and i like vanilla ice cream but neapolitan ice cream is ruined by the strawberry
@undergroundmonorail I'm not sure we can be friends
does it at least help if i'm ashamed of it
i like strawberries. i even like strawberries in ice cream!
The good thing about neapolitan is you can just scoop from the side you like and let your sane friends/family have the rest.
A little. I'm still going to give you the a shifty-eyes ... >.>
I have no problem with someone not eating the strawberry part and leaving more for me.
4:02 PM
TIL this is called Neapolitan ice cream=)
So what are the bets right now, when is Doorknobs message going to get the 60th star?
@flawr Five minutes, Turkish.
I just noticed that I wrote up my DND challenge completely wrong lmao
@El'endiaStarman I was actually planning on making one, but I was uncertain whether it should be a or
Incidentally, @flawr, that animated GIF showing the distance calculation is really neat.
@TimmyD Thanks=)
hey @quartata I'm learning Perl during study hall because I have nothing better to do :P
(we have no homework the day before Thanksgiving break)
4:17 PM
@Doorknob Good for you!
Once you learn it you'll realize that all other languages are but grease stains on the wheel of time compared to Perl, and you'll regret having used them
uh sure
No I'm just kidding. I'm not a Perl monk.
my %hashthingy = ('alex' => 'wrong');
sorry Alex
It's still useful enough to know, and if you know Ruby you'll probably understand it fairly well.
The only thing you need to remember is that $_ is great
heh, yeah, I've written very simple Perl scripts before and it seems like a powerful command line tool
4:19 PM
Mathematica users (and people who want to test Mathematica answers to their questions), good news.
@PeterTaylor Wait, Mathematica Online has a free subscription level now?
Any thoughts on my new and proved (read not completely wrong) challenge:
And a new name.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

quartataDND Level Tables In 3rd edition DND, there a lot of stats that you have to keep track for when you level up. Let's fix that by making some nice tables for them. Crash Course on 3rd edition DND 3rd edition DND is very complex since it does not have "classes" in the traditional sense of most RPG...

@PeterTaylor Hm, nice.
What's the catch?
@PeterTaylor is this not a 15 day trial ?
although my 15 day trial never ended :D
They're hoping you'll use it to prototype some online form thing, which will then have enough traffic that you have to upgrade.
15 day trials would be pointless. Nowadays any fool knows how to create throwaway e-mail accounts.
@quartata Frankly, it seems to be a lot of text to describe something too simple to be interesting. Also, your divisibility notation is backwards from the one I learnt at uni.
4:30 PM
@PeterTaylor That was a LaTeX error, fixed
When I see [1,2,3,...,n] summed in a loop it makes my brain hurt.
@Geobits Would you prefer I used n(n+1)/2?
n*(n+1)*500 would be even better.
Fine so picky jeez
I was only half awake when I wrote this code
Also before some comments on the strange indentation that's a problem with Meta having MathJax
Hmm. Except it's offset by one, so more like 500*(n*n-n).
4:38 PM
@Geobits No, n(n+1)500 works fine
@Geobits is 500*(n*n-n) ever not 0
never mind i forgot my order of operations for a second there
@quartata If you want it to match your chart, input 1 would need to be result in 0, which isn't the case for n(n+1)500.
Oh I see what you mean.
So more like (n-1)*n*500
Right, that's what I said :P
@Geobits you should change your name to "Downvote"
4:43 PM
Why? That's a dumb name.
@TheDoctor Why?
I think "Geobits" is a perfect name, since the "Geo" part indicates his status as a force of nature.
"Downvote" wouldn't be as subtle, really.
Oh, I didn't realize he actually did. I know it's been used in here before.
@Geobits He was that for a while I thought
Wow, chat fail
@quartata To be fair, Geobits isn't intended to be subtle or obvious. It's just a name ;)
@Geobits Then that means your unconscious is being subtle.
It's obviously commentary on how downvotes are part of the natural cycle of SE.
4:47 PM
Nope, been using Geobits or variants of it longer then SE has existed.
(I'm just kidding)
No you're not.
You're right, I'm not.
It just seems too obvious of a connection.
@quartata I know. I can tell by your facial expression.
4:48 PM
You should work on your posture, too, by the way.
I need to work on my poker face, really.
using python for personal use and C for school sucks so much. i know how to program but i'm being tested on how to use C :P
i know what a pointer is but which way does the syntax go, etc, etc
Need some... pointers?
nah i'm good, thanks though
Whew. It's been years since I messed with C, so I've deallocated most of my memories of it.
4:54 PM
@Geobits ಠ_ಠ
I'll never understand how people see that face as disapproval instead of a small child about to start crying.
@undergroundmonorail You're comfortable with brainfuck, right?
brainfuck can be translated by text substitution to C.
A: Where to find an online testing environment for specific programming languages?

TimmyDTutorials Point Coding Ground has a ridiculous number of available IDEs and terminals. Some may require registration, some versions may be old/outdated. Terminals: CentOS IPython Lua Memcached Mongo DB MySQL Node.JS Numpy Oracle Octave PowerShell PHP R Programming Redis Ruby Scipy Sympy IDEs...

the variable `a` lives in a hotel. to find the room it lives in you would look for the door labeled `&a`.

another variable lives in the hotel. it lives in the room with the door labeled `42`. to find that variable you'd look for the one named `*42`.

i think.
So just do your exams in brainfuck and then substitute them.
4:56 PM
i doubt i'd get many points for style
@undergroundmonorail i forgot that backticks don't work in multiline messages oops
Is this Hilbert's hotel?
@feersum hahaha
a computer has infinite ram. google chrome has infinity tabs open.
Only in theory.
The housekeeping staff at that place must be overworked.
4:58 PM
A true Turing machine would be I suppose.
@Geobits But what if there is infinitely many of them?
Then, in theory, they aren't working at all.
Strange things happen in Hilbert's hotel.
If all of the infinite housekeepers never work, then nothing gets cleaned.
If there was one for every real number they'd be too unreliable. You just couldn't count on them.
you can tell that i'm unreasonably proud of that joke because i bothered with capitals and periods
@Geobits Technically, dividing up infinity rooms among infinity housekeepers would be an undefined amount of work.
unreasonably irrationally
Maybe they are both working and not working. That'll make it extra confusing.
5:01 PM
:25568247 oh man how did i miss that
@undergroundmonorail reply failure
yeah i don't know how i messed that up
last two digits need to be swapped
@quartata Schrödinger-Hilbert Hotel
Do you reply by typing the number out by hand or something?
@TimmyD When in doubt, throw in quantum mechanics.
5:03 PM
> You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.
no but i erased the last two digits by accident somehow and when i tried to fix it i did so by clicking the permalink on your message, glancing at the URL and typing them in
i did not glance carefully enough
@TimmyD Is this a git joke now?
@Geobits Took me two reads to get this. +1
@Geobits I dunno ... do the Eagles run git now?
fun fact: i wouldn't be able to do my lab exam today were it not for the fact that i purchased a wii u earlier this year
5:05 PM
@undergroundmonorail What?
@TimmyD Probably. I thought everyone did by now. How else would they track their changes?
@undergroundmonorail Do you have MarioKart 8?
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος You whipper-snappers and your MK 8.
the whole course is done on raspberry pis and i use mine via ssh, but during the lab exam we have to bring our pis in and plug them in to the monitor. my only hdmi cable came with the wii u
MK 7 was the only modern Mario Kart that mattered
5:05 PM
There's no reason to have a Wii U and not have Mario Kart.
i'm not really a fan of mario kart. all i have is mario maker and splatoon
@undergroundmonorail haha
> "MarioKart Wii, Wahoo!" by Mario
Actually ... I wonder how a VCS would work for making music. Hmm. Crowd-sourcing pop songs sounds like either a million-dollar idea or a terrible idea.
Ugh. I want Mario Maker, but I have to wait until Christmas :(
5:06 PM
@Geobits It's not worth it.
Make some real ROM hacks.
All you'll ever need
Believe it or not, Mario Maker sounds like more fun to me.
i don't think mario maker or splatoon alone would be worth owning a wii u but together i'm very happy i have it
ROM hacks have always been around, and I've never been interested.
I like the anti-gravity thing about MK8, and that you can customise your vehicles.
@Geobits Heck, Super Mario Bros 2 (USA) is a ROM hack
5:08 PM
@Geobits That's because you haven't seen any good ones. There are some really realllyyy good SMW rom hacks...
We don't talk about SMB 2, though, do we? :P
rom hacks are really cool but SMM's accessibility means you have a lot more people making unique levels and it's a lot easier to find an audience
both have their place
@Geobits I actually liked SMB2
@quartata I've seen plenty, I've just never been interested in doing it.
@Geobits What don't feel like memorizing RAM maps?
5:10 PM
anyway i'm going to go write the lab exam
I've never seen an editor which was user-friendly at all, for one. If there's one thing Nintendo is really good at, it's making things easy to use.
@Geobits I'll agree most editors suck. Lunar Magic is actually really special though.
I've never tried it under Wine though, not sure if it would work. I use a VM isntead.
Wanna see some cool live ROM hacks? Check out some of the things that "TASBot" does with Games Done Quick
@TimmyD I've seen that.
Probably the only executes arbitrary code TAS you'll ever need
I never got into the TA speedruns thing.
5:18 PM
@El'endiaStarman I do not think so, but what kind of challenge are you thinking of?
AGDQ 2015 they live-hacked Super Mario World (SNES) to be a full recreation of the original Super Mario Bros (NES)
@TimmyD I still like the pi one better, sorry :P
That SMB one they had been planning since liek 2013 but they couldn't do it because of memory limitations
I'm still not sure how they pulled it off this AGDQ but it's pretty cool
@Geobits Did you see the ABC video I just linked?
Stop saying "meh" start saying "wow"
5:23 PM
It's impressive (I guess), but I don't see the point at all. So he beat a boss without pressing A in a tool assisted environment? Wow!!!!!!!
So this closed question
@Geobits It's the culmination of two years of work.
Q: Random indexing for sparse matrix generation in direct triplet format

greenwomThis question/challenge falls under the programming puzzle area. For those familiar with the sparse command, you know that Matlab takes references to a location in an array (e.g. C(i,j)) and stores them in a triplet format (i.e. cid(index) = i, rid(index) = j, s(index) = C(i,j)). Now, the probl...

And it's not just the boss, he also got the red coins.
Was closed as possible SO material
But it was asked 2 days ago on SO
Q: Tricky indexing for triplet format creation

greenwomFor those familiar with the sparse command, you know that Matlab takes references to a location in an array (e.g. C(i,j)) and stores them in a triplet format (i.e. cid(index) = i, rid(index) = j, s(index) = C(i,j)). Now, the problem is to create this sparse triplet format without ever generating...

5:24 PM
Neither the fact that he got the red coins nor that it took him two years of work makes this more impressive to me. Sorry.
@ThomasKwa Link?
Oh there we go.
@Geobits Not two years of practice, but two years of research on such glitches.
And someone said in a comment that it would belong here
It used to take 10 A presses
We really need to stop other sites from redirecting questions here that don't belong.
I think he said it took him 3 days of work to actually TAS it.
@ThomasKwa Seriously?
I still think if we change our name, some of these issues would stop...
5:25 PM
@ThomasKwa That's not really possible without monitoring all the other sites 24/7
@Geobits SmokeDetector!
As long as it's in its own room and I don't have to look at it, sure.
@Geobits Maybe. It makes the whole network look bad though.
Oh I know. And I usually comment in reply when I see things like that.
5:27 PM
(hmm, what if we split PCG into a code golf site and an actual programming puzzles site?)
@RobinEllerkmann Questions without an objective winning criteria do not belong on PPCG. Please in the future do not redirect such questions to us. — quartata 46 secs ago
@ThomasKwa That would be a great idea!
@ThomasKwa nah
-1 Would not want to have to interact with both sites.
programming puzzles meaning questions that you failed to get an answer on the first try on SO?
5:28 PM
Does Puzzling currently accept programming puzzles like codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/8554/39328
@ThomasKwa y not ppcg?
i'm puzzled
@ThomasKwa I think I've seen one or two of them there, but don't know the official policy or anything.
@feersum I'm worried about that too
5:31 PM
Worried? I thought the idea of the PP site was a honeypot to divert unwanted questions from our site.
Why split them up? I don't see how that's a gain in any way, to be honest.
(disregarding the honeypot theory ;)
very desktop
much off-topic
@TheDoctor Such icons.
5:33 PM
@TimmyD wow
That system tray (or whatever Apple calls it) looks far too cluttered for my tastes.
most of the icons are third-party programs
@Geobits "system tray"?
only like 4 are there by default
@ΚριτικσιΛίθος The top bar. I clearly said I don't know what they call it :P
@TheDoctor I figured that, but still...
Mine has two third party icons total.
5:36 PM
I should probably get rid of one. I don't ever use ps3mediaserver since I got a Chromecast.
System Tray? You mean the Notification Area? msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn742495.aspx
@Geobits Oh Chromecast
I forgot that was a thing.
@TimmyD he means taskbar
5:38 PM
Truth machine only needs 175 more views for 10k the suspense is killing me
It's been like this for days ;_;
if every active chatter here visits it thrice, you'd have your gold
You people are all confused. I use linux; it's a system tray.
@quartata ? They work great ;)
5:41 PM
@Geobits My chromecast stopped working after a few days
Huh, that sucks. I've used mine daily since about the time they came out.
I had heard there were a lot of "duds" that stopped working, but I've never had any problems with the two I've bought.
Did you try returning it to get a new one?
I honestly don't know where the chromecast is right now... o_o

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