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12:00 AM
His avatar isn't listed so no
I have not laid eyes upon him for a fair time.
Writing this is really difficult I forgot how complicated it is to explain DND to non-DND players
Look who's here
@quartata The sheer complexity of D&D is a significant barrier to entry.
In elementary school my neighbor tried to teach it to me. I lost interest very quickly.
@AlexA. It isn't THAT complicated
I'm just try to explain 3rd edition which sucks and is the most complicated
12:02 AM
Why explain that version then?
When did @El'endiaStarman become a bard?
@AlexA. You'll see, alright?
@quartata #cantstopwontstop
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ @Seadrus Hi
@SuperJedi224 Herro
12:15 AM
@SuperJedi224 hi
12:30 AM
almost done writing this
I remember now why I don't play 3rd edition anymore.
12:47 AM
i've only played 3.5 and i liked it
i would be willing to try any of the later versions but from how they've been described to me i don't think i would like them as much
A: Cat goes "Meow"

phaseO, 22 16 14 bytes 29 bytes - 15 Q"tac"`J=J" goes \"Meow\""+Q? It's long and can be golfed more

1:03 AM
@Doorknob !!!
@Doorknob Is something supposed to happen on this page?
The tab says, "Nothing to see here, move along"
hahahah I just finished typing a question about OCaml for SO and get this:
> suggested tags:python
@AlexA. these are not the hats you're looking for
@Doorknob But they are the hats I'm looking for D:
1:11 AM
writing the reference implementation
Once I've got that this challenge will be good to go
It hasn't even been posted by the sandbox bot yet. :/
I haven't posted it yet.
Oh, okay. You mean "good to go" as in ready to be posted to the sandbox?
@AlexA. Yes.
Oh, okay. I thought you meant to main.
@Doorknob Vim question for you
You know how <esc>A goes into insert mode at the end of the line?
1:20 AM
no just A
Assuming I'm not already in insert mode that is
you should be in normal mode 80-90% of the time anyway
You know how I love insert mode
I'm in it 98% of the time
1:21 AM
y u no vim right
I use it for quick things; I don't try to use it effectively.
How do I get to insert mode at the beginning of the line?
that's a capital i
you're welcome
1:23 AM
That's funny. I knew about I (and in fact, that's what I usually use), but not A. :P
My method of using Vim is to hyperventilate and frantically mash the keys in hope that one of them will exit.
TIL one must submit one's timesheet on time or one does not get paid. :I
I figured that out aftetr mashing the keys a few times :P
1:25 AM
@feersum My method of using Emacs is to accidentally enter Emacs because why else would I get in there myself then Google how to get out of it
my method of using vim
Type  :quit<Enter>  to exit Vim                               0,0-1         All
(that actually happened when i tried to close vim once)
at least vim says this when you hit Ctrl+C
The only commands I know: I, :q, :q!, :w, :wq, and maybe yy and dd. :P
1:26 AM
... how do you "maybe" know something?
@El'endiaStarman I like dG
s/I/A and we know the same things
And a, of course. Doorknob knows how I love insert mode.
@Doorknob I basically know what they do, but I rarely use them.
@AlexA. ಠ_ಠ
@El'endiaStarman dd is delete line. dG is delete the contents of the current line and everything thereafter.
1:28 AM
Useful for clearing out temp files
d is delete, any operator doubled operates on the current line only, and G is the motion to go to the end of the file.
Why would you want to make a temp file empty instead of deleting it?
I know yy is "yank line", but usage is a bit confusing. Oh, and that you can type a number before hand, I think.
So G in normal mode goes to the end of the file, yG yanks to the end of the file, and cG changes to the end of the file.
OH, almost forgot: select text to copy it, and right click to paste.
1:29 AM
(for when a plain ಠ_ಠ isn't enough :P)
@feersum I have a file on my desktop for testing submissions. I do cd Desktop && vim untitled.jl, write code, :w, :!julia %, :q. Then next time I come in and dG the old crap and write new crap.
cG (delete everything and go directly to insert mode) is a character golfier
Finally you're embracing my love of insert mode
......golfing vim commands. Welp.
1:31 AM
well I mean you have to be in insert mode in an empty file because otherwise you can't really... do anything :P
vim golf is a thing
@El'endiaStarman We have some vim golfs here
oh, huh
it's quite fun actually
1:32 AM
i've seen people golf keystrokes and also apparently there is a scripting language or something? i have seen people golf in that
Wow. You people have even LESS time to do productive stuff than we do! :P
It makes no sense but it's better than Emacs Lisp
@El'endiaStarman "productive"? huh?
Oh I'm sorry, HERESY.
1:32 AM
@Doorknob this chat is probably one of the only places on the internet you don't need the word "actually". this chat is well aware of how fun reducing characters is :P
@AlexA. it does make sense! except when it doesn't which is like 95% of the time
@undergroundmonorail :D
Vimscript: The Good Parts
user image
have you guys seen The Birth and Death of Javascript? i watched it again today and it is funny as well as interesting
it's by the wat guy
1:35 AM
"the wat guy" :D
Wet guy?
Does he require a towel of some kind?
@Doorknob tl;dw
also the Useing You're Type's Good guy
and the A Whole New World guy
@AlexA. JS is weird and so is Ruby
1:37 AM
and also the Boundaries guy but that one is obviously more serious than the rest of them
@Doorknob I thought you loved Ruby
@undergroundmonorail oh I remember watching that one too :D
@AlexA. I do!
> butt
llama@llama:~$ irb
irb(main):001:0> a = a
=> nil
irb(main):002:0> a
=> nil
> llama@llama
1:38 AM
as opposed to:
Obviously, Doorknob is Optimizer's sock.
llama@llama:~$ irb
irb(main):001:0> a = b
NameError: undefined local variable or method `b' for main:Object
	from (irb):1
	from /usr/bin/irb:11:in `<main>'
(Which I'm sure has been joked upon before.)
@El'endiaStarman Oh no! I've been discovered!
seriously just watch wat it's 4 minutes and 16 seconds long destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat
1:38 AM
@Doorknob irb == Institutional Review Board? (i.e. an ethics committee)
@El'endiaStarman yes, the connection between my username and Optimizer is a Standard Joke that is No Longer Funny
@AlexA. interactive ruby (REPL)
@Doorknob I know
@Doorknob It's well known that your love of llamas predates your love of Optimizer.
@Doorknob Thence called a SJNLF
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

quartataDND Level Tables In 3rd edition DND, there a lot of stats that you have to keep track for when you level up. Let's fix that by making some nice tables for them. Crash Course on 3rd edition DND 3rd edition DND is very complex since it does not have "classes" in the traditional sense of most RPG...

Don't forget to tell me how much it sucks
Also @AlexA. I wrote the reference implementation in your favorite language
@Doorknob I have the 3rd edition of this sitting on my desk.
It says "Covers JavaScript 1.2"
I feel out of date
1:54 AM
Did I tell you how awesome ES7 is going to be?
@quartata -1 for implementing in Perl
@AlexA. hue hue
Oops there's some formatting problems
JavaScript ES7 supports exponentiation. a ** b.
And async functions
@quartata Perhaps because Meta still has MathJax, which makes code blocks stupid
1:55 AM
What the heck
@quintopia Fastest pythonista in the west
@AlexA. Ohhh...
See, they don't show up in the edit preview...
Especially because Perl overuses $, which MathJax just eats up
Do I have to escape the dollar signs?
Is that a question there's no question mark edit: yes it was
1:57 AM
^ nor is there one there :P
Escaping the dollar signs fixes it but keeps the dollarsigns
Yay I motorboated yesterday :D
@Mego You mean mortarboarded, right? :P
@AlexA. melp melp
@El'endiaStarman Yeah that
1:59 AM
@quartata Idk what that means

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