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12:00 AM
@TanMath Then you should probably not post it as a solution

Charcoal HQ

Where smoke is detected, diamonds are made, and we break thing...
the only bluer room than this one
There are many bluer rooms
Believe you me
12:05 AM
*that i've seen
In fact, I know a certain room that currently has 63 blue people and no non-blues...
da ba dee da ba die
@Doorknob is it mod-only though?
@Mego yeah, so?
12:10 AM
So don't post it until it works
@AlexA. yeah, so?
12:14 AM
If you don't want to delete it yourself, I can do it for you...
@Doorknob I already deleted it!!!!!
ah, okay
What, you guys didn't know that?
47 mins ago, by TanMath
@Calvin'sHobbies maybe...
12:22 AM
I assumed "maybe" meant "maybe," as in you were unsure whether you were going to delete it
@AlexA. I guess I may have not been clear
So why doesn't it work?
12:37 AM
Cuz all programs don't work >_<
Including the code on this site.
King of the Hill challenges are trivial or add nothing new, close option under the off-topic sub-menu (we already have two: belongs on Stack Overflow. The question you should be better for the site in the code-golf gibberish we all? Here's what I propose: As a site is a bit different in a ridiculous amount of upvotes still stay at the top. Answers posted, say, none of them are very because it is the first challenge that point No arguments what a "character set" is just "use jQuery or some other
@Doorknob what
like seriously what
"Wisdom from the Book of Doorknob"
I wanted to see if someone recognized the Flack Overstow. Apparently not. It's super fun if you plug in your meta.* profiles :P
@Doorknob I am not amused with my non-meta >_<. Most of this is Simplex code/explanation!
There. That's right, this is yet another user to, the message/^ above. A rarer occurrence is when a pattern is formed with the amount of characters in the English representation of text contains a valid pumpkin. The cosmic number! There is an old comic strip that relates to this technique in a BATCH program before, because it saves bytes! Your challenge, should you accept it, would be an octagon, with all slanted sides equally long, with a slope of x^N. This is where the popularity
contest comes in: the program that interact with redstone) should be each border piece, there is an orthogonality or diagonally adjacent to it. The input read most recently You might be one or two posts that is, I don't know how to output using Redstone Lamps, if all slanted sides equally long, with a program so that, when run, opens any XKCD comic in a browser.
12:50 AM
@Doorknob Haven't seen that in at least a year.
Any suggestions for a title image for an esoteric-programming-related manuscript? :P
> Is it misleading to introduce continued fractions by using an unpredictable series when I want users to the top often, but it would make more sense there anyway; meta is for discussion about this Stack Exchange site, while main is where users can ask "Is this a new user would be much more posts and probably not as many people reviewing them (proportionally, not necessarily absolutely). I have a suggestion: lets encourage one another to review Sandbox to Main, we would lose this.
> So what should we do? I volunteer to lead this effort if it means the Sandbox stays on the stack at once, though I found again here. It is about this Stack Exchange site, while main (from the question): Users with less.
Like half of this is from my answer to the "Move the Sandbox to Main" question. :P
Mine always has code blocks
i have spent the past 3 or so hours editing a video for a challenge i'm going to sandbox
1:01 AM
it's not even particularly important to the challenge it's just "if you want to see visually how we get that result, click here"
i can't wait until it's done rendering so i can close vegas and not have to look at it any more
i feel like i'm getting burn-in in my eyeballs haha
> Because this "language" is a subset of javascript, you can run this error message.
@SuperJedi224 Is it JSFuck?
It was a variant thereof.
But that sentence there was generated by FlackOverstow.
Oh haha nice
@SuperJedi224 Because JavaScripts generates all of its error messages as runnable statements. :P
It was towards the end of an unusally long generated paragraph.
1:14 AM
I had an hour today at an interview to reimplement logrotate in python
A challenge that I chose myself
I spent almost half the hour installing packages and failing to remember how to use vim effectively :/
:/ Do you feel it went well otherwise?
Were you able to get a working implementation within the allotted hour?
1:25 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ kekekekek
truth :: Integer -> IO();
truth 0 = print 0;
truth 1 = do print 1; truth(1);
main = do i <- getLine; truth((read i :: Integer));
@quartata Why do you only use bad languages
Perl, Haskell, Groovy, ...
@AlexA. Perhaps ...
Haskell seems legit
@AlexA. I was really embarassed that I couldn't remember how to do multiline selection and indenting in vim. It was very flustering.
I did manage an implementation based on hard coded configuration that would rotate a given list of files a certain number of times on a daily or minutely basis
they gave me a VM to do python development in, without vim (or emacs), without python installed!
without working mouse-in-terminal support, so everything was keyboard based
What the hell. That sounds incredibly shitty.
I think I was the first person they did this with, in that environment
So basically you had to install Python and vim then write a Python program in vim?
they had done the set-your-own-challenge thing before, but this might have been the first time they gave someone a fresh bare OS vm instance to start with
I mean, I didn't have to write the program in python, or do the editing in vim
but unless I wanted to edit in vi[not-m] and code in bash/sh/perl, I had to install an editor and an interpreter
not even sure perl was installed...
but yeah, asking me to develop without a mouse, installing my own packages on the fly... seemed crazy. I hope it was a test.
I mean, I can edit without a mouse... but not ALSO without memorized shortcuts for selection, copy/paste, indenting, etc
1:34 AM
Yeah. I'm impressed that you're able to do it at all; I can't do anything without a mouse.
well now you know how to insert at end of line in vim :P
hello all!
@TanMath Hi
hiya @TanMath
But with vim/i3wm/cvim/pentadactyl/tmux/zsh/etc., I can basically do everything I need to do on my computer without ever touching a mouse. Highly recommend (if you have lots of free time to overcome the learning cliff :P)
1:35 AM
i love the hospitality here...
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ hahaha...
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I was about to say "why didn't you include the 'but when I do...' part?" when I realized that was the joke!
@TanMath Smooth XD
@Doorknob I've been heavy into vim+tmux for console work before, when I had to use it every day.
But... I don't. I have no reason to do code editing in a console.
Even without using the mouse, I'd rather be using SublimeText
I can open files over SCP/SSH/SFTP in sublimetext and "save" them right into the shell I'm working in.
so can I, with vim+netrw
@Doorknob I'm saying that's why I never have to do my editing in a program on a server.
And if I'm not stuck with the software on the server, I can use whatever I want locally, and what I want is SublimeText.
I used vim for about 10 years. Then Kate for about 5. I've been on SublimeText for about 4 years now and don't expect to change in the near future.
1:45 AM
@Sparr You mean tmux? I don't use tmux's server stuff. I haven't touched anything on a server via tmux for... a long time. All I use it for is the multiplexing stuff.
Nothing I just said applied to tmux
just text file editing on a server
When did I ever mention anything about a server?
implicitly, by joining a conversation about editing source code inside a vm instance
It was a tangential point, only slightly related to the conversation. Also, I don't read :P
@AlexA. I'm trying to learn Haskell, and so far it looks real cool.
I haven't decided whether I like it yet.
It's pretty neato though, especially how logical it is.
1:50 AM
I don't think you do
I've never seen a language like this.
Functional programming is fun :D
Also I would like to point out I use a lot of languages. Name the ones that pass your good/bad criteria
Bad: Java, PHP, JS(ish), Ostrich (glances at @AlexA.). Good: mostly everything else I've used; I'm not too picky on languages. :P
@Doorknob ._. JS is good and necessary.
1:53 AM
Necessary? Absolutely. Good? Well...
What would you suggest, then, instead of JavaScript
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ That someone makes a language written in JS that doesn't suck
I just said it's necessary.
There are no alternatives
1:54 AM
@Doorknob Bad: PHP, JS(ish), Ostrich (sigh), Haskell, Perl, many others. Neutral: Java, C#.
*what would you want to see in a language that would replace JS
Uh, a better language?
That's not JS :P
What do you have against JS? ;-;
@AlexA. What's wrong with Haskell?
∧ ∧
. .
1:57 AM
It's a dog!
@Calvin'sHobbies +1 extremely cute
@Doorknob It's bullshit, that's what.
Also, not so cute on the starboard.
@AlexA. I... see.
Actually, I don't. :P
1:58 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies it looks more like skifree
Someone should make a language to replace JavaScript and then build a browser that supports it.
Haskell is awesome for lazy people like me
@AlexA. flagged as offensive
A: Back to the chemistry class

TanMathPython, 0.9*195 = 176 bytes i=raw_input() if i[1]=="H":print"2CH4 + 4O2 > 4H2O + 2CO2" else:O=3*int(i[1:i.find('H')])+1;C=2*int(i[1:i.find('H')]);print"2"+i+" + "+str(O)+"O2"+" > "+i[i.find('H'):]+"H2O"+ " + "+str(C)+"CO2"

@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I would like to see a 100% pure OOP language that has a JS interpreter so that you can use it with Node.JS and in the browser
1:59 AM
it works..
That way both of my dreams could be fulfilled:
A pure OOP language
And something that isn't JS
Pure OOP is POOP, literally.
I've had enough of you JS haters :P Good night.
I mean, OOP is okay, but completely pure OOP languages are meh. :P
@Doorknob lmao
2:00 AM
I got to spend half an hour geeking out about marbelous at my interview today
well, in the dead time between lunch and the next step of my interview
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ night! Don't let the JS bugs '0' == false ? 'bite' : ''!
@Doorknob That's why you use goddamn strict equality: '0' === false
@quartata What even is "pure OOP"? (cc @Doorknob)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ flagged as offensive
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Any language that requires you to type === to get sane behavior is bad in my book. :P
@AlexA. Java!
(and others)
err wait not Java
Abstraction Encapsulation Polymorphism and something else I always forget
2:02 AM
I think
@Doorknob Oh come on. That's like disregarding Pyth because it doesn't have a stack.
@Doorknob Smalltalk is the primary example of one.
how is my answer?
Java is not pure.
And seriously good night :P
2:02 AM
Yeah I'm pretty sure Java isn't pure OOP because it has primitives. Or at least as far as I remember.
Seriously! Ha!
ahem G'night!
Oh right, inheritance.
@Doorknob Yes, plus string concatenation is + which is not a function and violates abstraction
@TanMath I'd check, but I'm on mobile atm sorry
@Sp3000 so?
@TanMath I'll bet he doesn't have Python on his smartphone.
2:08 AM
@El'endiaStarman but he has the internet! otherwise, how could he even be here?
He probably wants to actually run the code
@TanMath Do you routinely run python on your phone? When you do, then you can complain about Sp.
Also, "my answer" is hard and annoying to find from mobile without a link.
^^ that - I could give suggestions, but I wouldn't be sure whether they'd work
@Doorknob I wouldn't consider primitives a disqualifying factor
2:10 AM
Can I define a language right now called Python++ that is the same as Python (2.7 or 3) but every program starts with the equivalent of "include *" for the default python distribution of modules?
@Calvin'sHobbies i use ideone.. so yes, I do
@SuperJedi224 Well, technically everything isn't an object since primitives exist, right?
@Sparr yes, if you don't care about the chance of getting downvoted a lot
(you would have to write an "interpreter")
@Sparr I'm not sure how that wouldn't basically be a trivial substitution...
Even primitives can be used as objects.
@TanMath It would still be a pain
2:11 AM
@SuperJedi224 Maybe, but they aren't objects.
@Calvin'sHobbies well, maybe for you guys...
@SuperJedi224 what's that O_o
@SuperJedi224 Something tells me you like generating money.
oh well.. i can wait.. I am just saying it is possible to do it all on your phone, with not much trouble...
2:13 AM
@Sparr Yes, if you write a simple interpreter first, and put it on github or the esolangs wiki, or a pastebin at least.
@Doorknob Bloons TD5.
@Eridan I have healthy bananas in that version, so that makes it even better
@SuperJedi224 Were the names SuperJedi1 through SuperJedi223 all taken?
We don't have embedded youtube videos, right? I know Arqade does but I think that's special for them, not every site on the network
I think the 224 was originally rather arbitrary.
@El'endiaStarman is there something wrong with trivial substitutions?
2:14 AM
@undergroundmonorail Arqade and a few other sites have it; not us.
@Sparr They're boring. :/
That's what I thought, thanks
@AlexA. why is this starred?! what is so funny, witty, or informational about this message?
@Sparr They're rather disliked, in general.
@Doorknob 1-10 character penalties per keyword because the language is unnecessarily verbose is boring
@Sparr why?
Golfing in verbose languages can be incredibly fun.
2:15 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies I think if I write an interpreter, I'm also going to make it accept minimum-unique-prefix versions of all keywords.
@TanMath I don't know; I wrote the message, I didn't star it. :P
@Sparr thank you for giving me an idea for a new feature to include into my new language...
@TanMath because people agree with it?
@Doorknob yes, I'm familiar with golfing-within-your-language, but sometimes I want to golf to win
2:16 AM
@Doorknob but that is why we do this - "^"
@Sparr so use CJam or Pyth :P
@TanMath sigh
@Doorknob what?
I don't want to use CJam or Pyth. I do actually want to learn at least one of those languages for golfing purposes, but that's unrelated.
I remember on codegolf.com, when it was up, that between perl, python, ruby, and whatever their fourth language was, there was often intense competition between languages for the top spot
on PPCG, 99% of the time the winner is one of the four(ish) stupidly dense languages
@Sparr Writing your own golfing language is possible without them simply being trivial substitutions. You can write an interpreter that first "compiles" things to <your language> and then runs them.
@Sparr Even if you do do what you're thinking, CJam and Pyth will probably consistently beat it anyway.
2:17 AM
@El'endiaStarman I suspect Pyth will beat anything I can shorten python to
Pyth beats everything. Pyth even beats Pyth.
But nothing beats Dennis-Pyth.
I want a pyth interpreter written in pyth
we can call it pypyth
Or, even better, a Python interpreter written in Pyth!
and no I don't mean the trivial "read input, interpret as pyth" option :p
2:19 AM
It'd be called the same.
Awww, that's what I was thinking...
You were ninja'd like 5 messages ago. :P
A golfing language that uses one <i>or two</i> characters to switch to Pyth code and uses all other characters for other commands
P'<pyth code>'<rest of the non-Pyth program>
P' is two characters
2:21 AM
@Doorknob Sigh, fine
@SuperJedi224 I see that sniper.
@El'endiaStarman Yeah, he's not hiding very well
Is "Pyth" meant to be a pun on "pith" (as well as "Python" of course)? As in only the pithiest parts of the program are kept. I shoulda realized that by now. (@isaacg)
Isn't the pith part of a plant?
@Eridan yes...
2:23 AM
Me while writing a Sandbox post:
> The variable to be minimized is the parameter.
@Eridan It can also just mean the essence of something
No, it's perimeter.
Oh, didn't know that
@Eridan only some plants have that..
Saying "part of a plant" uses fewer keystrokes then "part of some plants"
2:25 AM
English is hard enough already. Let's not golf it too.
@Eridan but it is not technically accurate!
@Eridan Is not the fabled "pith" a crucial element of a subset of the local flora?
@El'endiaStarman it is some golfing everything!
(I'm mostly kidding. :P)
Gofl is hard. Golfing is hard. English is hard. Everything is hard.
2:25 AM
> Gofl
is hard
Golfing on the floor laughing
It's like rofl for golfers
This site has ruined my ability to type the words "gold" and "bye."
2:27 AM
Haha, this is golf! Alright, have to go, byte
♪ Everything is difficult // Everything is hard when you're part of a team // Everything is difficult // When we're coding their dream... ♫
@AlexA. why gold
@Doorknob There is no \ from TNB
@TheDoctor It's like "golf," which I end up typing far more often.
@AlexA. stares at sentence for 10 seconds ... oh, I get it
2:28 AM
@Doorknob :P
After I finish learning the basics of Perl, I'm going to take the next logical step and start golfing in it.
Because that's the best way to learn the best practices of a new language.
@Doorknob Absolutely.
@El'endiaStarman Lego movie reference..love it!
Do we have any convex hull challenges?
2:34 AM
@TheDoctor escape
One, looks like.
Q: Find the Convex Hull of a set of 2D points

belisarius has settledWhen you hammer a set of nails into a wooden board and wrap a rubber band around them, you get a Convex Hull. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find the Convex Hull of a given set of 2D points. Some rules: Write it as a function, the point's list coordinates (in any ...

@TheDoctor Smallest convex polygon that contains certain points.
@El'endiaStarman ooooooooohhhh i thought you said 'languages' not 'challenges'
I tried and failed to implement an algorithm for it during Google CodeJam last year :P
2:35 AM
was confoozled
> I accidentally just VPN`d into my house, from my house
very confoozled evening
what's that?
Was looking for something else and ran across that. File name had "fibonacciWeb" in it.
That's without the colors.
2:38 AM
very accurate
woah obviously
Okay, what's going on in the image is that a typical Fibonacci tree is being drawn, but the endpoints are rearranged to be evenly spaced around a circle.
2:40 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies Yes it is. Pyth is pithy python.
Is that how it's supposed to be pronounced? I've always said it like the first syllable of "Python" in my head.
Me too... PIE-th
@Doorknob technically it is "pith" but all of us say "Pyth" even me...
@isaacg what is int( and str( in pyth?
pith·y adjective
1. (of language or style) concise and forcefully expressive.
synonyms: succinct, terse, concise, compact, short (and sweet), brief, condensed, to the point, epigrammatic, crisp, thumbnail; More
2. (of a fruit or plant) containing much pith.
definitely #2
2:44 AM
I pronounce it the same is pith, you may interpret it as you like.
@isaacg i interpret it online thanks
^^^ Majority Rule cellular automaton with three colors.
@TanMath int is s, str is backtick
2:46 AM
votes for all of them
@Calvin'sHobbies surprised that website supports emoji...
@El'endiaStarman Where are you getting all these nifty images? Are they from old things you've written?
@Doorknob Yup! :D
And I finally found what I was looking for!
I think I'm going to hold off on pyth until there's more documentation.
and/or broken down examples
2:47 AM
Okay, THAT one I remember pretty well, actually.
@isaacg thanks!
Generate a bunch of random points and then successively widen a rectangle to include each point in order from the center outwards.
@El'endiaStarman look at the door in the center!
I see it as a downward tunnel, actually.
i see the door
do you ever spend so long writing up a challenge you're sick of it by the time you hit post
Okay, one more "nifty" picture.
@Doorknob @Doorknob do you see the door? you can be the knob!
2:52 AM
i have spent like 4 and a half hours on this sandbox post and i'm so excited to finally post it and get it out of the way
@quartata front
@quartata middle
@El'endiaStarman wooooah
2:52 AM
@quartata right
@El'endiaStarman Is this a BSP?
What is this
Three-dimensional Majority Rule, biased towards empty space.
@El'endiaStarman whoa
You have a ton of awesome stuff just lying around :P
2:53 AM
I had an idea for a starfighter game where you would fly around in something like that.
You could shoot lazers and destroy blocks.
But I never did figure out how to know when a laser beam intersected a block.
@El'endiaStarman mini challenge - make this in minecraft.. and obviously, not a code challenge.. posts pics...
@TanMath ew effort
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

undergroundmonorailOptimizing Food Club Bets code-golf Every day in Neopia, 20 pirates participate in an eating contest known as Food Club. They are randomly separated into 5 arenas, and every arena has its own winner. Many people like to gamble on the outcome of these contests. Each day, you can up to 10 bets, ...

2:55 AM
@Doorknob Eight years of programming, and most of that was "Oooh, I have a cool idea, let's do it." :P
A: Back to the chemistry class

TanMathPython, 0.9*195 = 176 bytes i=raw_input() if i[1]=="H":print"2CH4 + 4O2 > 4H2O + 2CO2" else:O=3*int(i[1:i.find('H')])+1;C=2*int(i[1:i.find('H')]);print"2"+i+" + "+str(O)+"O2"+" > "+i[i.find('H'):]+"H2O"+ " + "+str(C)+"CO2" Try it here

Did Alex ever mention what he considers to be good languages
> If you thought this was going to be a challenge about probability, you're mistaken: This is a challenge about laziness.
I'm kinda curious now since he seems to hate Haskell too
2:56 AM
@El'endiaStarman lmao
My favorite challenges are the laziness ones
@quartata @AlexA. likes Julia and R and thats about it
@Calvin'sHobbies lame
Speaking of Neopets, Hannah and the Pirate Caves was awesome.
this is absolutely correct but i can't figure out how to make shockwave work
Especially since they gave you an editor to make your own maps.
Same here. I haven't been able to play it in years...
2:59 AM
@quartata Julia, R, C++, Python, Ruby (maybe, I don't know it well but it looks nice), and uh... idk. cc @Calvin'sHobbies
I can tolerate Python and C++.
I guess that means I know some good languages.

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