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4:00 AM
Good job.
can you ping me now...great. can you ping me now...great. verizon reference
@aking1012 Ping.
@aking1012: can you wait until later tonight (or early tomororw) to submit? I'll be able to look at it in detail in a couple hours.
@JasperLoy yes, i can hear you now
4:01 AM
I would like if it is done soonish though :/
@izx take your time. i'll bookmark the opening. i assume it's not going to close imminently, since i had at least one weird viewer
I really think it should be an account setting if not already, the ping thing.
a googledocs viewer that didn't map to AU responses
Can you do something like Word's review/commenting on Google docs?
@JasperLoy userscript to the rescue
4:02 AM
@izx yes
hasn't really used it for more than basic stuff
@aking1012 Eh, that should not be the way.
@izx yes, i would have to grant you edit access to it though
@JasperLoy agreed
What? I can't comment?
Gimme comment access
Well, it looks like you should see us in the access list (gmail IDs)
4:03 AM
do i have your email?
you only show as anon users
ping my email, aking1012.com@gmail.com and i'll see you in the approved comment list
@jokerdino - approved
I changed to can comment.
I wouldn't want to edit.
It's fine...if you want to lmk. It's one of those things. It's not like it hot-updates an application or anything ;)
4:08 AM
you can now edit too
I thought i just flipped the switch.
well, anyways. let's polish.
I think I proved UA isn't self aware. I couldn't set my location as because it said it didn't recognize that location.
So...you wouldn't believe the amount of spam SMS since the defcon talk was approved
@CoreyWhitaker I thought you were gone with the fiancee
@aking1012 She's sleeping at the moment and in the interest of my health and safety, I'm not waking her.
4:10 AM
@aking1012 I be making harsh comments now. Don't get upset.
it's fine. it's better to get harsh comments from chat than harsh comments at an interview table
gotta go eat my veggies...:P
catch you all later...
btw, in this case, we are looking LP and not ubuntu.
i mean, you contributing to Ubuntu doesn't mean it is the right job to work as a writer for LP?
4:14 AM
sort of. i think they're def related. one might be a requisite to the other (which i fulfill), but not a guarantee it's the right fit. so basically my idea is that you must be one to be the other, but it doesn't mean you're necessarily right
basically, anyone can become familiar with bazaar. launchpad is a plus. they're both required to do the job the way they want it done (which is fine), but i think being able to think and do in general is vastly more important than what particular tool you use
i get your point.
feel free to correct my thinking at any point
i would want to emphasize on LP and bzr though.
highlight your prior experience with LP more than Ubuntu
fair point. on LP is easy...bzr is harder since i'm a git fanatic atm
they wouldn't know you too well :P
4:19 AM
i think they are sort of in competition...so...
chuck in your blog posts about technical stuff somewhere
link to your ppa
add more details about your degrees.
that's easy, but i think i already have a link for lenstoggle
@aking1012 no, your blog posts.
on degrees will do
@jokerdino in my blog posts
add your speaker notes on your defcon and what not
@aking1012 well, you have more than just about lens toggle right?
4:21 AM
i am just thinking you should show that you meet their requirements.
@aking1012 other blog posts?
@jokerdino got it...thinking about more ways to check boxes
i only have about 4 altogether... it's one of those only post meaningful stuff things
Hmm :/
maybe i should post something like a how-to on getting lauchpad to work as expected with the text i posted earlier
ok we can workaround
@aking1012 yeah, your packaging notes on Gdoc and the earlier stuff posted on chat should be published.
4:24 AM
probably valid. i need to think about exactly how to frame that though
@aking1012 Added to plus/invited to chat -- does that ping?
got the ping...let me check g+
@jokerdino Agreed 100%. Preferably not a check, check, check, but more organically.
@izx yep. should be weaved in.
Can anyone help me out here?
I want to show all of the files in a directory, along with their last modified date and filesize, and then sort by filesize. (with final output being in following order: name, date, size)
4:26 AM
I haven't gotten the G+ bit yet, but it could show up any time
@soandos specify gui or cli
@CoreyWhitaker, ls -S removes the sizes, and just sorts by them
@soandos Did you already search on AU? If there isn't a good answer please ask the question. Thanks :)
@soandos I'm sure it can be done... I know ls can sort by file size, you may have to use ls and pipe it into awk
@izx, will do
@izx @aking1012 start a group chat on Gchat
4:28 AM
@soandos Please post link here when done...
@CoreyWhitaker BTW for your health and sanity, thought I'd let you know that you can get max 200 rep from upvotes in a day :)
Accepts and bounties are excepted.
@jokerdino Can you add us?
i have you both on G+ last time
but both of you are offline or something
got barn/jok
@izx Thanks for the heads up... that'll slow me down a bit. But I think I'm gonna lay down soon anyway
I'm invisible....
@izx pfft
4:30 AM
and don't see either of you
:/ open gchat to your circles
@Raynos Did you already search on AU? If there isn't a good answer please ask the question. Thanks :)
Hangouts :S
Trying to get triple monitor setup to work on ubuntu 12
4:31 AM
@Raynos works for me
I dont even have a decent graphics card
I have a stock one :(
@Raynos Did you already search on AU? If there isn't a good answer please ask the question. Thanks :)
@Raynos running lspci | grep -i vga should show you what video card you have
4:32 AM
Intel Corporation Ivy Bridge Graphics Controller
Most AU threads assume an nvidia or ati graphics card
ewh :( I don't like integrated Intel but I think they have open source drivers, don't quote me on that.
Ah yes
@aking1012 I missed it
4:36 AM
@CoreyWhitaker (this kind of open source driver? phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=OTM4Mg )
my browsers keep crashing :/
@izx @jokerdino that
hmm alright then
@Raynos - Looks like it but I don't use Intel so I can't be sure.
intel vga is oss afaik...but it has issues recently. blob drivers from ati/nvidia just plain work better
on recent hardware
<-- still hasn't made it to the sushi store. must do soon
4:41 AM
Ok installing drivers seems painful
One more upvote on one of my answers and I'll get a silver badge :)
someone is badge fishing
just let it happen...it'll happen
@Raynos Ivy Bridge support is only stable in kernel 3.4+, so you may have to try a Quantal kernel
No additional drivers should be necessary.
i dont know what quantal kernel means
I have a dual monitor setup working, things just break when I try triple monitor
<-- somewhere between a wallbang and a headdesk
4:45 AM
Q: Launcpad Norwegian translation

user66987At the moment there are no suggestions that is checked or accepted/rejected. It has been like this for quite awhile. Is there any chance to appoint a new team, that will actually do something? I would be happy to a part of it. I am regulary in and post translation suggestions, but there aren't ...

@nitstorm added a comment as well
@aking1012 Cool :)
Quantal is ubuntu 12.10 ?
Would ubuntu 12.10 a2 be too unstable to use as a development machine?
4:53 AM
don't know. i am upgrading right now
you have to use unstable if you want it in main or something mainline
see freeze
@you might as well do QA ISO tsting ;-)
4:55 AM
version freeze. if you don't use unstable, then version freeze would lock you out for a new app if you didn't want to go the ppa route afaik
naptime. hit me up with comments when you're ready @izx
good night @izx @aking1012
How do I select a field/column from the output of `ls -l`? http://askubuntu.com/questions/161802/how-do-i-select-a-field-column-from-the-output-of-ls-l?atw=1 #commandline
@aking1012 will do
Beats me what this is about:
Q: How does xtpp work when I push T?

lkfjldjfklasjfasI plotted the login against time, but it seems that xtpp doesn't allow HTML fonts. Is there a way to multiply the conductivity by a large factor to bypass the quality filter? I think so :)

Anyone care to explain?
5:14 AM
@izx name, tag makes me think it is a troll
Yes, CV'd as NARQ.
This seems to be a dupe :
Q: VMware Virtual Neetwork Device error

ClintI am trying to install VMware on Ubuntu 12.04 and I get an error "See log file /tmp/vmware-root/modconfig-21799.log for details". I have searched high and low for a patch/kernel to sort this issue out but it persists. What am i doing wrong?

Q: Is it appropriate to downvote an answer to a question which I have also answered?

vasa1I have a specific question in mind and will provide it if needed but I'm asking in general for now. In any case, a downvote should be accompanied by a suitable comment so should I just comment and not downvote? It does feel odd to downvote a "competing" answer.

check the profile
> Delete me please. I was a mistake. Sorry.
Well we'll let the mods take care of it.
That Nirmik notify-send question is an unholy mess.
5:18 AM
close it and delete :D
@Raynos I keep seeing a horn on your head from your gravatar.
I am not a unicorn\
haha, you read my mind
ummm guys, evolution always had data stored in ~/.evolution right?
never used it :/
Me neither :(
5:56 AM
@mateosalta, created a self-QA with PPA and instructions/examples, because existing Q was just too messy and off-topic-ish:
Q: Can notify-send replace an existing notification?

izxWhen I use notify-send to show a notification on the desktop, and then use it again to show a different notification, I have noticed that the second one only shows after the first one has disappeared. Is there a way to get notify-send to immediately replace an existing notification with a differ...

@GeorgeEdison Nope, I'm not joking.
is there a way to fix hd bad sectors?
@msPeachy No, 99.9% of the time you rescue data, replace HD and move on. Usually friends will soon join the first bad sector ;)
3.5 kernel sucks
6:06 AM
how so?
@izx i can't do anything in QQ from 3.5 kernel
@jokerdino As in...no wifi?
resolution is way off, wifi doesn't work
Time to start asking AU quest....oh wait :P
6:09 AM
nah, i am asking QA team
oh @ajmitch pops in
@ajmitch can i be your understudy?
6:36 AM
o/ all
naptime over
hmm that was fast
well...you know i'm working on the polyphasic sleep conversion
yeah, so i am on QQ now.
you're on crying now? oh you mean quetzal
@jokerdino Just FYI, I rebooted into on Precise and display/wifi/otherwise are rock-stable
6:41 AM
qq is completely different in gamer lingo
Blame DELL
i always blame dell
@aking1012 dude pfft
@izx q kernel on precise is solid
Did you install the linux-image-extra package?
before or after upgrading?
before don't think so; after, cant locate the package
6:46 AM
no, after, of course but nvm, you have the devilish BCM4313
instaling extra package o.O
hm how'd you know i have 4313?
bcm is a constant source of fail
can't disagree
that lshw you pastebin'd earlier
right. forgot about that
6:48 AM
Install packages from top: (20-Jun-2012 timestamp)
As for display, you seem to be using Intel HD so dunno why that fails
the resolution is buggy
and can't login to unity
6:59 AM
@izx yep that fixes my problem
see if some of these weirdo questions come from the +1 kernel /me prays they can be closed as OT
haven't seen any similar issues. anyway, installing that extra package was nice
btw, new workspace switcher has landed.
someone just bountied a bunch of questions.
7:19 AM
Q: I accepted an answer to my question - does that mean I should upvote it, too?

Tomas LyckenA while ago, I asked a question about something. An answer was provided by another user, and although it did help with my original problem, it created new problems that were discussed in comments. After a while, I ended up reinstalling the troubling software instead of trying to fix the installat...

i despise this question
Q: GtkFileChooserButton 'Select Folder' mode returns no path

user8592I have added a GtkFileChooserButton to my app via Glade. It is set to folder selection mode. When the widget is clicked it shows a dropdown list of Nautilus bookmarks with an 'other' option in the end. A new file chooser dialog is launched when 'other' is clicked. The button is not connected to a...

@izx see meta q
@jokerdino you despise it too :/
heh, i actually ignore app-devel questions
i think it's one of those areas ubuntu should focus...but, i may be misguided i suppose
7:23 AM
what? reply to some msg so i know what you are talking about
the most valid complaint i hear is "i can't do X with ubuntu"
hmm okay-ish
so when you re-read the prev with that mindset it makes sense?
it doesn't but i thought it did
oh well
tesla wasn't understood in his day either (he still sort of isn't)
7:25 AM
i have a meta q and a rant on AU in mind. so i can't follow your thoughts
okay, i think it makes sense now.
@jokerdino hi
Bounty offered: Boot time seems unusually long on MSI GX660R (bootchart included) http://askubuntu.com/questions/157770/boot-time-seems-unusually-long-on-msi-gx660r-bootchart-included?atw=1 #boot
@msPeachy hi?
@AnwarShah heya
7:38 AM
@jokerdino, hi.
just read your comment on a question
Good day to all
@AnwarShah good day
@msPeachy which question was that?
what does this mean: failed command: READ DMA
status: {DRDY ERR}
it's good i promise
7:40 AM
@jokerdino oh about that guy with the launchpad translation thing, complaining why it was closed down
@msPeachy no idea
@msPeachy well yeah. i am trying to be constructive.
@aking1012 dubstep
i heard dubstep was aliens trying to communicate with humans =)
Anyone have recommendation for image annotating software?
Like the one @izx use for his screenshot.
it's normal music until about 1:45 if you're not a fan of dubstep
@AnwarShah shutter
7:43 AM
^^^ that
OK, trying. I guess, i can also write on them
Thanks @jokerdino @izx
cracked.com/quick-fixes/… (language might be a problem)
I had Katy Perry songs. And then I dumped it after reading that article =)
if you're on cracked...
btw, that explains why Bruno was listening to Skrillex yesterday.
@izx do you have an idea what this error means?
failed command: READ DMA
status: {DRDY ERR}
error: {UNC :
I/O error, dev, sda, sector *****
7:47 AM
@jokerdino thanks for the ping, I answered it. Mountain out of a molehill, but that's just IMHO.
@msPeachy bad sector, just bad bad bad bad
you think this might be the cause of the boot issue...?
@aking1012 the heck.
if you get it it is hilarious
@izx not a bad issue actually.
7:49 AM
@aking1012 i did.
@jokerdino It's a great canonical question, I'm just playing up the role of victim ;)
@jokerdino was trying to be the good guy on that question
@msPeachy why yes ofcourse thank you!

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