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5:04 PM
There'll be a comet in the sky on New Year's Eve -- here's how you can see it. http://cnn.it/2hPU4HK https://t.co/GHHWNht2ao
5:20 PM
well just bought a Nikon DSLR D3400
@TheXed lucky you if you not in an area with much light pollution then, would love to see some pictures
I live a 20 minute walk from a nature reserve
@Tim I have a nature preserve in my backyard :-D
Well kind off...across a field and a creek....then nature preserve...
@ByteCommander get a faster ssd
Revodrive is 750 mb/s
Do i read this error log right, i think theres a circular dependency issue
5:30 PM
@Tim Cool stuff. Name the reserve?
o/ @jokerdino
5:35 PM
It's not black. There are stars in it.
that's a 60 second exposure - hence the stars are lines not dots
I can't spot the UFO.
@Rinzwind E: package 'faster-ssd' depends on 'budget' which is not available
@Tim cool!
What camera did you take that with?
@nathannvm i mix up users already, time for my good night pill soon
5:41 PM
@ByteCommander sudo apt-get install budget
@TheXed Gah - you Canon traitor.
Package 'budget' is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

E: Package 'budget' has no installation candidate
@NathanOsman ^
@Tim I'm really interested in astrophotography as well - usually what I end up doing is image stacking.
@ByteCommander you need the budget PPA.
(I have no idea where this analogy is going...)
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:budget/money
Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:~budget/ubuntu/money'.
ERROR: '~budget' user or team does not exist.
@NathanOsman well but budget as well depends on work
@Videonauth the package rich-parents would serve as alternative dependency as well...
5:45 PM
which as well conflicts again with pensioner
922 FP reviews so far, I might get the gold badge for reviewing 1k during winterbash...
@ByteCommander I could create that team, you know... :D
@NathanOsman And then you're going to provide a package that makes my SSD faster?
@ByteCommander Firmware update >:)
@NathanOsman that's a Panasonic lumix DMC XS1
5:58 PM
@NathanOsman Although I'm really admiring you coding skills, I doubt that this would work...
@NathanOsman I wouldn't recommend it, dust gets in the lens
It doesn't work, just turn the screen black, forget to mention i´m using mate — Ambrosius 5 mins ago
There surely is a dupe target for when only the screen goes black instead of suspending the laptop?
@ByteCommander I had my boss pay for it
@Tim when?
good afternoon
man, I forgot to clock out from work yesterday
6:12 PM
just trying to get the source of ubuntu's grub2, wanna see how grub-mkconfig is implemented, as in my arch I don't have it
but git clone says "remote HEAD refers to non-existant ref, unable to checkout"
here's where I'm getting grub from - https://code.launchpad.net/~tribaal/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+git/grub2
any ideas?
and just remembered as I was about to fall asleep
2 messages moved from Raiders of the Lost Downboat‌​
@NathanOsman when??
@Videonauth: :D
6:18 PM
That a concept as old as the world tho, but i guess new in the software field
@Videonauth the efficient worker dilemma
6:21 PM
it's still 29th december here :o
@Zacharee1 your hat game is abysmal
can you please step it up
Just upgraded my RAM... I now have a total of 24GB!
VMs here I come!
@IanC yes i remember the wimes i had in the industry with people running around with stopwatches and timing every step you take, we all agreed in working slower when this happened to not screw the pesum for anyone
@Tim Nice pic. But, I think the ISO speed is too high. It's a bit grainy.
@Tim I once did a pic at night at ISO 80 with a 5-minute exposure. It turned out amazing!
6:24 PM
@Videonauth that kind of attitude on the company is a bit counterproductive (because it will end up making people avoid working better than the average), but I'm not sure what would be a better solution
I mean, the ideal (and utopic) would be if the people who work at the company feels valued, believes in whatever the company stands for so they would do their best with no need to be tracked by stopwatches or anything
see the problem is they account not in troubles when doing those measurements, like tool breaks or something, and if youre quicker than the average, they set a new estimate for everyone
@Tim you said dust gets in the lens.
because one can do it all others have to do it
I didn't understand when you were saying it would get in.
@IanC Same :)
@arda The included Disks application
6:27 PM
@Videonauth not only that, but each day is a different day.. can't expect peoples productivity to be a constant
do i get more hats?
@IanC but this is how tose buisseness analysts tick sadly ;) and this is reaching around the wole company
ills we heir from the industrial revolution
and if you not meet the amount of units they estimate you could do, well you dont do this often to be very blunt
they will simply fire and hire
and that's a big contrast between working for state and working for private companies @Videonauth
6:32 PM
since on state companies you have more stability (they can't fire you easily) you get the opposite
you get to see lots of people who don't really give a damn, who don't feel like improving their work
while on the private company you see people who are doing so but under a big pressure
and I feel like there should be something in between
I hear ya, really i only can point ot to free industry/private industry perspective because i experienced this first hand
I like doing a good job on whatever I'm doing, I work with mooring at the docks right now and even there I try to do my best
I see me worrying about safety while other people don't really give a damn, just want to finish the job and get going
even on higher positions than I'm
it's a simple work, but if something goes wrong there's a lot at stake, imagine a 78000 tons ship accidentally releasing itself from the pier
or a mooring line snapping
see my first hand experience in a small company, i got hired as a cnc milling machinist, over the two years of my employment i raised the output rate from 2 units per day to 20 units per day. Did it get valed? No it didn't, as i dared to ask for a raise after those two years i got fired for
6:41 PM
since then, i give a damn about improving i just do the job by the book and nothing else
@MarkYisri suspended, so what should we do?
@KazWolfe the account is suspended till jan 17 so nothing :))
@MarkYisri wat
This account is temporarily suspended for rule violations. The suspension period ends on Jan 12 '17 at 0:52.
@IanC or if they want me to improve it they have to pay me beforehand
I don't think you're wrong @Videonauth
6:43 PM
A: Can't boot after upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 - services failing to start

hattermanA moderator might change this to a comment, but I will enter it as my answer for now. I have never really understood the desire to perform an upgrade, I have always found it much easier to perform a fresh install. I always have (at least) 4 partitions on my systems. 1 swap, 2 system and 1 larg...

um.... user has rep, admitted it to being a comment, and still made a comment?
@IanC wrong maybe, i just learned of an error i did once
@MarkYisri what'd xjob do?
@KazWolfe idek
@Videonauth I don't think you're wrong in assuming first hand that the company will not value your hard work before doing it
in SOBotics on Stack Overflow Chat, Dec 26 at 18:39, by Bhargav Rao
@jokerdino I don't mind helping out. But I don't think it'll be much useful to non-SO sites as it uses SO based heuristics. If you are free do set up a room for the bot on chat.se, I'll join you there.
@KazWolfe There are some interesting bots in SOBotics room.
@jokerdino I'll head over there. Maybe I'll get some inspiration for CoyoteBot
6:45 PM
because that's true on many cases unfortunately @Videonauth
hmm, sure.
@IanC well i just got more caeful, and i guess you would agree with me if a worker raises the efficiency ba 10 times and gets a wage of 8,50 € a payment raise would be in order
they made 2 years 10 times the profit as before but wouldnt feel entitled to forward their earnings
of course, that's valuing and giving incentive for improvements
but some companies don't think that way
I don't think the place I work in looks at me really better than they look at the person who doesn't give much damn about safety while doing the job for example
many dont think that way
i still like wolfbot because it's easily moddable
6:48 PM
Did I ever tell you that I got my Go package for chat sort-of working?
Dec 4 at 23:52, by George the Dev
test post from a Go application
Once that package becomes more mature, I'll write a Go=>Python bridge that can be used.
@NathanOsman: Is that a cheap fork on your face that you are trying to wear as a hat? :D
MODS! MODS!!!!!!!!! MODS!!!!!
@KazWolfe I is mod.
@NathanOsman you're not a site mod.
6:50 PM
@NathanOsman I thought you ditched Go
@Zacharee1 wat
from our friends at arqade
@NathanOsman mmh yes it may have been after i took it to the beach not sure
it wasnt covered by warranty.
6:52 PM
@KazWolfe looks sarcastic
start reading the preview, @Zacharee1. It's an amazing work of literature.
@KazWolfe WHAT
6:53 PM
suspends @Nathan's bot for eternity
Yo lol. It isn't even here.
P.S. I can unsuspend as a mod. as well.
@NathanOsman so you could have unsuspended me when I was nuked for 30 minutes because a certain pencil abused the move function?
yeah well I didn't actually suspend the bot ;)
6:55 PM
I never knew anything of this...
That Amazon book is hilarious, BTW.
Audits, don't do this to me ;-;
I see a spam post in VLQ, I go to flag it, boom, audit.
BWAHAHA. The one negative review.
> "Bought this book as a Christmas present for my brother, its blank, a complete joke and politically offensive. TRUMP FANS DON'T BUY"
another one from The Bridge.
cc @NathanOsman
Yeah, I saw that.
7:03 PM
speaking of, i got offered a job as a PHP backend dev.
lolno. Rejection was "When I did my internship here, I coded almost exclusively in Java. Why the hell do you want me to use a language where the only thing that is remotely sane is the number of equal signs for various comparisons?"
hey wait what, i just got mail from two ISP's who gave me so much grief that i changed to a competitor, they are offering me alot to come back. My answer ... NO
but i'll probably get a tech support job at that company anyways, so.....
Bacon hat !!!
7:07 PM
I'd rather do tech support for a bunch of sales/marketing people and executives than touch PHP.
@Serg I have a bacon hat too !
hi-fives Mark
27 hats and counting.
Two short from every single secret hat :D
@Kaz Are you doing anything in the WolfBot den?
not rn, no.
don't have a server to run the bots on anymore.
7:10 PM
I can run a server for WolfBot
not sure how you will access it though
people i hate: useless tag edits.
where? @Kaz
@AndroidDev thanks for the answer. I'm gonna try to run the code, but first . . . I'm gonna optimize it. It just pisses me off when people do stuff like echo "$VAR" | grep "something" | awk '{print $2}' . . . . just use awk for all searching . . . And please, no 25 lines of echo, please. cat <<- EOF . . . is what they need
@MarkYisri taken care of.
also, no, fdisk, why do you show ramdisks now? :(
@KazWolfe That has something to do with transition to systemd. I found an answer about that couple days ago. Want me to try and find the link ?
7:15 PM
no, i know why it does it.
i just don't like the fact that I can't just tell people to use fdisk -l for output anymore.
Tell them to use sudo parted -l
@KazWolfe too bad. I do that all the time
Hi KazWolfe
7:20 PM
welcome @zx485, thanks for swinging by here.
In case anyone is feels like they need a little bit of cringe ^
just wanted to have a quick couple words about edits, particularly to tags, as I've been sort of catching them live.
First off, you're doing an awesome job on edits, so keep that up.
though, i have noticed that you tend to be a tiny bit verbose with tags and command outputs, so I just wanted to mention a couple improvements.
Thx (my 'x' key is somewhat defect ;-( )
7:21 PM
@KazWolfe @Serg @MarkYisri You can still use sudo fdisk -l /dev/sd?
k, I'm all ears...
First, it's better to keep command outputs as code instead, just so it looks cleaner. There's no need to blockquote them, and using blockquotes can break things if formatting/whitespace (like for parted command output, etc) matters.
For example:
Model: ATA ST1000LM024 HN-M (scsi)
Disk /dev/sda: 1000GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B
Partition Table: gpt
Disk Flags:

Number  Start   End     Size    File system     Name                  Flags
 1      1049kB  1184MB  1183MB  fat32                                 boot, esp
 2      1184MB  496GB   495GB   ntfs            Basic data partition  msftdata
 3      496GB   497GB   851MB   ntfs                                  hidden, diag
 4      497GB   744GB   247GB   ext4
 5      744GB   991GB   247GB   hfs+
Model: ATA ST1000LM024 HN-M (scsi)
Disk /dev/sda: 1000GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B
Partition Table: gpt
Disk Flags:

Number Start End Size File system Name Flags
1 1049kB 1184MB 1183MB fat32 boot, esp
2 1184MB 496GB 495GB ntfs Basic data partition msftdata
3 496GB 497GB 851MB ntfs hidden, diag
4 497GB 744GB 247GB ext4
5 744GB 991GB 247GB hfs+
As for tags, they tend to "imply" each other. For example, you don't need to tag something both and .
Just is fine in most cases, specifically if the question is about dual-booting. Which brings me to another quick suggestion for improvement.
Well, ok. The thing is if I tag a question with more tags, the one who answers it will get rep for each tag, don't they?
No, you only get rep once for the question.
@ByteCommander true, that still works. i'd say there's no need for either fdisk or parted, when the goal is only to display partition list - that's when lsblk works, and that's what i use a lot
7:25 PM
Well, I didn't mean rep, I rather meant score...
You get awarded an upvote in the tag (ie, for badges), but it doesn't affect reputation at all. The thing with tags though, is they're about organizing questions as opposed to getting people points.
And as such, editors should avoid using "irrelevant" tags. As in, instead of adding a tag for (even though the question mentions it), that tag may not apply to the question, as covers everything needed.
Tags should be what questions are about, not about what they contain.
Like I said, tagging is hard, even for the best of us.
k, I'll keep low on tags, no problem.
but otherwise, yeah, i really like the review path you're going down, and I encourage you to keep going at it. Just be sure to look back in your edit history and see why/how things were accepted/rejected and look at what changed. You'll figure things out pretty quick.
And if you have any questions about any of this, feel free to drop by here whenever you want. We're (usually) friendly, and are more than willing to help.
Review path on what sites?
clarification: the edits you've been suggesting.
7:30 PM
ok. Thanks for approving my approach. It's always nice to get some feedback.
AND @KazWolfe convinced @zx485 for keeping on low tags :p
no problem!
You can always look at this page to see all past suggested edits and how they go.
otherwise, keep up the great work and come by here more often!
thx. and cu.
tosses a block of foam at @KazWolfe for no real reason other than to do something
7:35 PM
@ThomasWard ow. also, hey, at least i'm trying to improve the site!
Hard foam, soft foam or wet foam?
soft foam
aww, how gentle
though that's just the beginning
puts away snowballs laced with paperclips
7:36 PM
looks up at the massive flaming stick of foam flying down from the heavens
incoming kinetic strike foam, everyone take cover!
steps 5 feet to the left
also, what's the mass and starting height of your massive kinetic foam?
100kg of mass, starting height is mid-earth-orbit
it'd safely burn before it reaches us
What material?
about 160km, launched at a speed of a Saturn V Rocket at max. acceleration
@NathanOsman secret composite material that has foam like qualities but isn't really foam.
7:43 PM
slaps @Edity with a large trout
maybe some heat resistant polymer foam would make your block of foam reach ground level from mid earth orbit, we should work on the aerodynamics of it now @ThomasWard
all these people wanting to get an electric car to "save the environment" while I want one just because they're cool af.
@KazWolfe Hey, give me my large trout back. I need that for lunch.
@KazWolfe Aha, so I'm not alone :D
@NathanOsman Was your trout green?
Nope, it was bright orange.
7:47 PM
how long does the batteries last?
Then this isn't your trout. See? It's grey.
@IanC During use or in standby?
during use
@KazWolfe Nice paint job.
@IanC They usually get at least 350-400 km.
@IanC POssibly.
7:48 PM
that's quite some good autonomy actually @NathanOsman
@IanC but that's probably highway driving, not use within the city.
But if you're in the city, recharging is easier anyway.
The other option is a higher orbital orbital kinetic impact strike weapon that uses tungsten rods of decent length, launched at >= 800kph
@ThomasWard what's this about LOIC?
yeah. i'm not stupid. I know they're not environmentally sane because there's still clean coal in the grid. I just want one because 0-60 real fast, no gears, and a lot more cool things.
@NathanOsman LOFC
7:49 PM
and LOKIW platform
activates DDoS mitigation
low-orbit foam cannon, and low orbit kinetic impact weapon platform
@KazWolfe self-driving wizardry.
@KazWolfe Behold, it is too late.
if i had the money, i'd have a P100D right now.
7:49 PM
The packets. They come.
Arbor shield, GO!
@NathanOsman T̘͓̪̩̤̀̅͋́̔̈́͋͗̓̈ͅH̨̨̙̟̣̝̦̓͂̔́̏͆̀͑͑͜͞ͅÉ̶̛̤̭͓͚͖̈́̈́̈̚͜͞Ÿ̳̯̤͈̭̫̏͒́̂̕̕ C̛͎̣͚͉̳̺͚͎̓͋̌̏̿O̸̧̫̥̞̞̻̻̅̀͑͂͋̆̍͑̕͟M̻͉̹̰͒̔͊̉̅̋͌̈́͢͠Ḙ̢̹͓̓̓̏̌̓͒͂̕͢͠
crap, I need to get ready for work
what's the Trendsetter hat?
wut! how did you do this voodoo ascii magic? @ThomasWard
7:51 PM
@Zacharee1 change hats, we think.
@IanC extreme evil
@KazWolfe hmm
@ThomasWard oh, this guy's posting a bunch of NAAs askubuntu.com/users/492399/uk-gumok
hm. my server host promises 1 Tbps mitigation...
@Zacharee1 the name suggests you were the first to get a hat.
@NathanOsman false.
7:52 PM
@KazWolfe Meh.
I want someone to test that.
Mitigation + Project Rain + AWS/DigitalOcean, i'm curious to see what would happen.
@KazWolfe *cough* AWS *cough*
@NathanOsman well I did apply the bacon hat and I don't see anyone else with it
ping -f KazWolfeServer.com
@Zacharee1 change your hat at least once on each of 3 consecutive days on the same site
7:54 PM
@ByteCommander ah
@NathanOsman huh. 1 Tbps protection per server, plus failover servers... Combine that with a custom load balancer to move things out to AWS and DigitalOcean...
I think that, at least. Might be I missed some annoying side-condition though, but that should be it.
I'm not sure my server can get knocked down :D
Famous last words.
Just ask GitHub.
7:55 PM
eh, the attackers will need to keep up with my DNS records changing every 2 minutes.
tbf that was the DNS servers, not their servers
and i'm like 70% sure CloudFlare can survive a DDoS attack against their own DNS.
yeah CloudFlare are pretty amazing
@KazWolfe what's your address?
that and I don't use just one nameserver, so...
@Zacharee1 are you going to DDoS MCCN? Fired.
7:57 PM
I'm gonna walk in and physicaly knock the computer over
you have access to our server room?
It is not an answer, but might still be useful in general.
7:57 PM
cool. can you plug these flash drives into the machines? OVH wants to charge us like $60 to do it.
@Zacharee1 most effective DoS attack ever, hitting the server with a baseball bat
@KazWolfe you'll never know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(your test server is not the entire network anymore :D)
7:58 PM
@KazWolfe we have servers?
@Zacharee1 i have other environment servers for testing of network protocols and switching.
I did recently get my hands on a PowerEdge 2950 with 22GB RAM
not gameserver-ready, but yeah, i do have some test things for things.
@Zacharee1 dude wat
@NathanOsman At first glance, I read "FRIED"...
7:59 PM
@NathanOsman yeth
how to get suspended in this chat:

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