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12:06 AM
you mean like how AT&T tried to buy T-mobile in 2011? Yeah no.
12:28 AM
@Seth well a partnership is different than a buyout
and speaking of AT&T becoming a monopoly again, why were they allowed to buy DirecTV?
oh btw, I found out why the FCC doesn't list B17 for my phone
the test sheet only listed the bands being tested, not the advertised-compatible bands
what's weird though, is that the Honor 8's FCC test sheet also shows the specced bands
but nowhere lists B17 as compatible, except Phone Arena, which also lists 28 and 31
1:13 AM
Did PhoneArena give a reference?
1 hour later…
2:45 AM
So , looks like my ICMP spam hasn't stopped, but at least it works
I thought it might be my router, but it is definitely has something to do with either chrome or openDNS now that i have new router and modem
3:40 AM
@Serg fix your router yet?
4:00 AM
this is boring :-P
it is really hard to carry a conversation with oneself....and people look at you like you are crazy,,,
@Seth @NathanOsman Someone did... every single image on SU that was like that at one point
(then vanished for a while ;p)
So at one point all images on SU were imgur?
@NathanOsman yes.
someone fixed every single image he could find that wasn't
@NathanOsman an alternative would be a smokey like bot.
@JourneymanGeek hey hows it going...
Scans for links that need edits, uploads the images, and whoever wants to fix em can grab both off chat
@TheXed same ol same ol
4:05 AM
Cool, I am waiting for the 2-3 inches of snow to roll in...
@TheXed I sort of did. So, the new modem had to have VCI and Annex options configured, whatever that means. So yeah, now I am with new modem AND new Wi-Fi router, which sits on different channel from other neighbors and higher frequency , yay for that
@Serg I blame the snow on you BTW...
@Serg is the new one 5ghz?
@TheXed nope, it's still bgn, I just switched channel width from 20 kHz to 40 kHz. At least according to our professor that's supposed to improve the signal
I blame whatever cold front is coming from up north by the way. I've a friend geologist who told me about it
@Serg hmmm...I always thought you should lower the channel width to reduce interference...but maybe not...
@Serg I blame you because you where the first one to mention it...
I've been measuring the wifi signal, it's around -40 ~ -50 dBm around the house and -50 ~ -60 indoors
@TheXed well, I'm still not exactly clear on which frequencies are better. One thing for sure is that regardless of what WiFi I have, I'm still using DSL to get interwebs , so no improvement on that side of things
4:11 AM
@Serg cool
@Serg yeah DSL kind of sucks...
My neighbors all are using channels 1,6,and 11. Looks like nobody ever bothers to change those
oh, there is one on channel 2
-33 dBm in my room right now
yeah, I think mine is set to auto right now
hmmm, I should move to a better channel maybe
I can't access my routers web portal o,O
TIL Windows has a default group called "power users".
4:16 AM
Telnet ? @TheXed
@Seth same as admin ?
if anyone is using telnet for something they need a serious slapping.
@Serg no. apparently it gives you some elevated privileges but not all. like installing software.
@Seth disabled...
@Seth on your home LAN it's alright
I can ping it....
@Serg I disagree. It provides a false sense of security.
4:19 AM
I have never had this problem with any piece of network equipment.
not to mention still terribly insecure.
@Seth I know it's insecure. Been capturing my router password with wireshark as well. Thing is, if one knows what they're doing in the first place and secure router/modem to prevent access from outside the LAN, then it's OK, in my opinion. If the bloody user still have default admin user name and password . . . even worse, if admin password is not enabled, then yeah - slapping should be incoming
Also, I've learned that TP-Link router for whatever f*cking reason has ssh enabled, which is supposed be for their android app, but not for desktop
i.e., not for actual clients
@Seth What... it's the fastest way to perform an HTTP connection by hand.
@Serg it is enabled, but I have never been able to log into my tp-link via telnet...
so tp-link must not use the default username and password for telnet, and they must not have ever told anyone what it is...
@TheXed odd. does it have specific username and password that needs to be set ? Consider that
4:25 AM
I have never found a way to change it.
Well . . . let's just say TP-Link software isn't that great . . . but good news is that some of it support DD-Wrt !
yeah mine does, but i never installed it.
Now a question , who has experience installing Oracle Java ?
I took a class in Java Programming...
but I didn't really learn anything...
I enjoyed Java until I was faced with a pretty tough professor in CompSci 2
I'm planning on getting Matlab so I decided it'll work better with Oracle's Java
4:33 AM
It was okay, until we got to looping and logic statements...
I understand the concept, could never get the syntax right...
What about Python ? Ever tried it ?
I like python but same thing...
Yeah, I guess it just takes time to get used to syntax and just "speak" the language
@Serg - there's a canonical question on site about installing oracle-java ... not sure if the package from webupd8 is current but here
4:48 AM
@RobotHumans oh neat. I knew about this one but was wondering if someone tried the rpm way. Accepted answer had only tar version which looked like PITA
Turns out there is rpm answer too
@edwinksl moto 2017
Should be adopted accross the nation
Dammit winter ur cold
although getting one's s*** together is easier said than done
huh -7 in denver? it's about 0 here in boston
time to quit smoking . . . too cold outside for that
does vaping cause smoke alarms to go off
i have no idea
doubt it
No idea, but it could if you're vaping like directly under it or in close proximity. Steam from shower was causing the smoke detector near my room to beep , so i'd assume yes . . .
4:56 AM
smoking is expensive too
you can save money and spend it on, uhh, gadgets
well, sorta . . . i mostly smoke same brand my mom smokes, so if I stop smoking and she won't - there's no real savings there
I could really save up on hamburgers though
Like half of my paycheck goes into lunches
I have successfully logged into the Stack Exchange network using my Go package.
Yay . . . .what's that package supposed to do ? ( aside form logging in , of course) Is that gonna be a new bot ?
now , the question is . . .do i need to get rid of openjdk or not
Well, it's going to make it easier to interact with chat using Go.
So yeah, it's pretty much for a bot :D
But others will be able to use it.
And it's going to be a lot more robust than the other stuff out there.
well, looking forward to it !
5:20 AM
Lol. I think I broke my neighbors wifi with my new router.
I see that it has changed channels.
@TheXed it's probably on auto as well
Time for your neighbor to turn on all his microwaves!
Wi-Fi Wars - has a nice ring to it, no?
@serg maybe but it has always been on channel one.
@Nathan yes it does.
Problem is neighbor is a doctor so he has money to keep buying fancier routers with bought antennas
But I have the knowledge.
Bigger antanaes.
"Wi-Fi Wars" plot: each neighbor buys successively larger antenna for their router until the final episode where one neighbor buys a satellite-dish size antenna and the signal is so strong it fries his neighbor's brain. Then there's a spin-off series where the family of the neighbor that was fried tries to get revenge on the guy.
meanwhile , a more peaceful neighbor simply buys shiz-ton of ethernet cable, and runs bunch of switches upstairs , downstairs, and into bathrooms . . . .well , you know, for those times
That probably would be me
5:29 AM
That doesn't sound like it would make a good reality TV show :P
^ and that's exactly the problem with modern society
Problem with Ethernet is it doesn't help with mobile devices.
There's adapter for almost anything nowadays
USB c?
micro B OTG
5:34 AM
you need one for USB C ? looking up
@NathanOsman but but, proper picking of channels and 5ghz
Hehe, it's market, it's business guys. Companies know new Macbooks only have usb c, so they seize opportunity . . you know . . .
@JourneymanGeek ENTERTAINMENT.
Also, it helps drive sales of wireless equipment.
@TheXed I have a USB-C OTG cable.
Is that what you're looking for?
5:55 AM
Yes it is a lot of fun to watch to grown men come to blows over wifi so their child can watch power puff field on Netflix without interruption.
Power puff girls
Powder Fluff Grills . . .. because no reason
@Serg Its the coming thing
also, most laptops are likely to have at least one USB OTG port
Hmmm , do i go with MATLAB alone and 3 add-on toolboxes or do i go with a big bundle ?
6:19 AM
Greetings, I installed Tex Live 2016 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS using

sudo apt-get install texlive-full
after that Biblatex stopped working
Q: TeX Live 2016/Debian: BibTeX stopped working

MYaseen208I installed Tex Live 2016 on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS using sudo apt-get install texlive-full Now References are not working. MWE is below with its output: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[style=authoryear]{biblatex} \bibliography{myrefs} \begin{document} \textcite{lamport94} is a good referenc...

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
6:39 AM
Intel Dual-Band Wireless AC-3165 (internal wifi adapter) does support Packet injection and monitor mode..I've checked it ..I don't know why Aircrack-ng administrators didn't mention this adapter in their compatibility section..They have mentioned mostly those wifi adapters which are expensive
I want to make a report so that they can make updates to their compatibility list
7:37 AM
@user334283 might be cause its newer
7:50 AM
@Serg here's the auth implementation: github.com/nathan-osman/go-sechat/blob/master/auth.go
8:13 AM
Phew! Installed elementary (DE) finally!
Has to fix search not working in Slingshot, Transparency problem of top bar
Wrote two answers on Elementary.SE!
@Anwar awesome :D
ibus-daemon was the culprit..I think I can without it auto starting
9:11 AM
Matlab takes forever to download
700mb and plus two addons
Any cairo dock expert and/or German speaker here who could do the site a favour and fix this answer? askubuntu.com/questions/798674/…
@ByteCommander probably could translate that
I hate it when people upvote... and undo within ten or twenty seconds. Happens every day currently :(
10:04 AM
Greetings @Anwar, I have some problem with texlive 2016 in Ubuntu 16.04
Would appreciate if you can help me, please
Soooo . . . my partner used a symbolic math toolbox for matlab and didn't tell me. . . .now i had to spend additional 30$ and wait for those 270 Mb to download . . . I am totally OK . . . I am totally not nervous or angry . . . I am totally enjoying engineering . . .
10:47 AM
Good morning ! :)
@MYaseen208 Hey ... so you got ubuntu 16.04 properly installed and it seems that you are on a working desktop right now ... that's some good news ! :)
Thanks @cl-netbox, Yes I installed Ubuntu 16.04 but it also comes with some problems
I have now issues with Texlive 2016
Would appreciate if you can help m
@MYaseen208 You're welcome ! :)
I found that Ubuntu 16.04 has bug with Texlive 2016 @cl-netbox
Mismatching Biblatex and Biber packages in TexLive 2016 on Ubuntu 16.04
@MYaseen208 This is more a problem with texlive and not an issue with ubuntu ... :)
@cl-netbox, You right it is bug with Texlive not Ubuntu 16.04
10:58 AM
@MYaseen208 Please wait ... I check something for you ... :)
@cl-netbox, Thanks and waiting for your help.
Open a terminal and execute these commands :
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/texlive-2016
sudo apt-get update
Then try to install the packages ! :)
@cl-netbox, I already did this
now trying it again
@MYaseen208 okay ... hope it works ... otherwise I have no further ideas ... :)
@cl-netbox, which packages to install
but was not able to find where texlive is installed on my machine
11:05 AM
@MYaseen208 This is something you must know ... I don't use texlive ... here you can check which packages are available -> launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/texlive-2016
1 hour later…
12:14 PM
we should get rid of the dangerous code here right? askubuntu.com/questions/856850/cronjob-isnt-working
12:34 PM
@cl-netbox check your Hangouts :)
@Zanna maybe it should be put on pastebin, with a comment on top saying "DO NOT USE. MAY CONTAIN MALICIOUS CODE." (and I'm serious, not joking)
I don't think that code is even needed to answer the question... I am going to redact...
@Zanna Is it even malicious? Looks like a memory leak exploit
Are you sure you can remove that @Zanna?
@MarkYisri what do you mean?
12:41 PM
Well, aren't you supposed to edit the post without changing huge chunks of it? What you did was remove an entire code snippet... I hope the system won't raise a mod's attention and flag it as spam.
hmmm I have made bigger edits than that
@Zanna sorry about not helping out wht CVs btw
haven't been sleeping
@Zacharee1 no worries! nobody is paying you...
I wish lol
@Zacharee1 sorry to hear that :(
The CV queue will be there whenever you want to look at it haha
12:57 PM
I have to get back into it soon
I hate when people emphasize words with capitals
> This phone is NOT SUPPORTED
@Zanna I have edited. It maybe useful without the link
@Zacharee1 He should use bold (not supported) instead.
@Serg ah..Nice! enjoy it :)
@Anwar thanks... I agree... it's not LOA
1:02 PM
fixed ibus starting at startup problem too
somehow using this different question askubuntu.com/questions/135548/…
I write this about 100 times every time I visit SE:
This is not an answer. To request feedback or critique an author, please use comments. — Mark Yisri 14 secs ago
@Zanna If that is dangerous we should just use flag maybe?
@Anwar instead of editing?
Verizon's website is terrible
@Zanna If that is intentionally bad?
1:11 PM
@Anwar I don't think it is intentional by OP to cause harm, do you?
not sure myself
well, flag it if you think it should be nuked...
my cat is a huge tick magnet
SNL is really laying into Trump in this one o_O
@Zacharee1 If you mention that name, we'll never ever see Kaz Wolfe again.
it may be a little late for that
1:26 PM
@Zacharee1 We hope he will return. If he doesn't,
(sees into the future, image shows Mark starting to sob like crazy)
we (sob) will never (sob) see him again (sob, sob, sob)
@edwinksl If your toaster went nuts, maybe you should feed it some hazel (nuts) or pea (nuts) (if you're not allergic).
2:04 PM
@muru after upgrading kernel, the [ OK ] boot messages reapeared... magically I deleted that topic tks
2 hours later…
4:33 PM
does anyone know how to put a password on phpmyadmin?
when I installed phpmyadmin following a tutorial, it showed how to set password but somehow I undid the password because it no longer asks for it. I think it was because I changed file permissions
5:11 PM
@Seth figured it out! LTE B17 is a subset of 12. It's just more restricted, so it gets its own classification. There isn't a different spec because it's the same.
1 hour later…
6:23 PM
When typing in a browser's text boxes you will often get a little thing below the text box which offers you different things you've typed in the past. Is there some specific terminology for these typing suggestions?
And what would you specifically call the way it displays options to choose from below the text box?
So do you think you could call it a dropdown menu then?
the type of menu is a dropdown, yes. Form history is the exact feature in the browser.
6:41 PM
@Seth: Right, thanks! :)
7:16 PM
What's so offensive about this question that it has two delete votes? askubuntu.com/questions/848950/vpn-for-free-on-ubuntu
The one it's duped to has a delete vote too!
Maybe those could be merged (new one has the accept, so idk if it's better forward rather than back... the first one is a better formatted question...
some people are very delete happy
Hmm maybe I'm delete-happy too :S but that seems like something useful that folks want. Anyway, idk anything
7:36 PM
Have you checked edit history? Maybe there is a hint there as to why ?
The one with two delete votes has never been edited. I remember muru came into chat requesting we close, which was fine... but idk why delete
Heading into the tube, back in 20 min
Tube ? As in YouTube ? Or is that british slang for bath ?
In case you guys didnt know Tube in YouTube refers to TV, which probably was reference to transistor tubes back in the day
lol tube as in london's metro/subway
7:53 PM
Haha thanks @edwinksl
i forget if the tube announcer tells people to mind the gap
Any German/Dutch people here for translation?
Q: Unity Dash empty

user2343618I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and recently noticed that Dash home is empty with a message that no applications could be found. This has happened over the last few days and is not because of the upgrade to 16.04 which occurred months ago. If I start a search in Dash the apps are found. After opening the...

@edwinksl they do indeed
@Serg cathode ray tube
8:08 PM
@MarkYisri did it. It simply meant "timeout was reached". It was German btw.
@Zanna You know, there was a button to switch the language to English on the linked site... — Byte Commander 29 secs ago
@ByteCommander oops didn't see that, I was looking for information to add to the post
Thanks... do you think it's upvoteable now?
not sure, probably good enough
8:24 PM
Great, one less unanswered question :D
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: help installing EcoTank printer for 16.04 by vishyarmand on askubuntu.com
8:45 PM
@Zanna still around 80k unanswered...
9:03 PM
@ByteCommander I refer you to the parable of the starfish...
Good afternoon (evening for some) everyone.
afternoon :)
9:47 PM
Welp, i am kinda starting to understand the way my partner's matlab code works but i still don't know $#!7
I should have dropped the class probably.
you'll get there @Serg :)
@Zanna i hope so. I am just very frustrated, especially when i don't get the material. Just . . .so very frustrated . . .
yeah, I get that, tough times >_<
10:33 PM
@Zanna 257 to go
@Zanna - Thanks for the pointer to the wiki on permissions/attributes. That'll be handy. I'm a little too used to the Arch Wiki XD
@ThatGuy I love Arch and I love the Arch wiki - I use the Arch wiki to write our tag wikis (I wrote the wiki, full disclosure)
@edwinksl ;)
ooh! someone actually doing something useful with tag wikis. nice.
@Zanna - I agree. The Arch Wiki is one of the best community resources I've ever come across in any Linux Community. It's clear, concise and sane. I wish more Distro based Communities were similar.
@Seth I have learned so much working on them :D
@edwinksl but feels like nobody upvotes any more? is it just me?
damn, this person has serious issues... askubuntu.com/questions/857051/…
10:49 PM
@Zanna hmm, no idea, i didn't really notice anything different
@edwinksl I must just be writing rubbish then hahaha
teach me how to write rubbish to get 19.7k :)
@Zanna i have no idea what is happening there lol
@edwinksl me neither... :/
my friend tells me :\ is weirder than :/
i suggest you change
@edwinksl hmm I think it was the olden days when I got that stuff haha
11:00 PM
hey :)
how goes it
has the world ended yet?
anyone notice the massive uptick in Mint posts today?
@ThomasWard nope!
@ThomasWard - I noticed a few.
probably 'cause I've been squishing them on and off today
11:11 PM
That makes sense.
nice squishing
@edwinksl I'm the easily influenced type :S
really? windows is awesome, you should use it as your daily driver
fsck that
not that easily influenced after all
11:22 PM
Brilliant idea #1965: autonomous cars that run the Windows operating system.
(By brilliant, I mean don't ever do that - ever.)
@NathanOsman - The cars would all ask for administrator permission every time you changed the GPS navigation; Crash every time you installed the wrong drivers; BSOD and core dump every time you tried to update the the engine firmware; ask you if you think you would like to write a letter every time you tried to indicate turning a corner and allow the NSA to track your every move, while all the time telling you that they're so much more private than all those other operating systems.
I'd forgotten about this one. This was a long time ago, but still relevant to MS Cars: hcs.harvard.edu/pnw/microsoftjoke.htm
@ThatGuy ...and while you're making a complex left turn at a busy intersection a voice would come over the audio system and say "would you like to upgrade to Windows 10?"
@NathanOsman - Haha! Too true :)
11:52 PM
test post from a Go application
It works, it works!

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