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12:02 AM
Goodnight folks! :)
back from camp, phone storage not full, tired as fsck
The cello sliding sounds really cool.
12:04 AM
@Serg welcome to the club :D
I came to the same conclusion.
Events seem like a better idea. Like going out for dinner or going snowboarding or something.
sooooooo TIIRED, sudo apt-get install energy-drink
hold on
You need food.
You need... Bacon.
12:11 AM
I'm getting a little annoyed by presents too
I don't really like having things
or just eating ramen
@ThomasWard hi
geez ! literally?
Q: I see no use for this crap

xjobWhat use has this? This is what it output. sudo apt-get install thisttahthath CAn anyone help?

@NathanOsman screw bacon.
12:22 AM
bacon = cholesterol, too much bacon = death
oh mark already posted
also junk:
A: Avoid entering password when launching Hadoop in Pseudo-distributed mode

xjobCan I answer now or will you hold me hostage?

same guy
let's downvote into nothingness ! :D
or flag
This is both spam i hope you flagged accirdingly, 7 flags and it is gone and the guy aswell banned from posting here
12:25 AM
or someone else :D
@Videonauth i would be careful with spam flag, as this one isn't spam but simply not an answer. Abuse/misuse of flags can also lead to you being banned as well ( or whatever the consequences are )
oops, was me... auto-report userscript...
I flagged as rude/abusive and metasmoke immediately picked that up.
@Serg well @serg i have a very positive flag count
with very few wrong or disputed
12:29 AM
1 more 20k+ delete vote and it's gone too.
@Videonauth well, keep it up
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
the Q needs 2 more 20k+ delete votes...
@Videonauth just remember that flagging for wrong reasons has consequences. It's not something I think, it's just SE rules.
12:30 AM
I know but this in connecition with the question turns out to be just oposting for tha sake of posting crap and that is whats called spam
Spam is technically content that promotes a product. This guy isn't promoting anything. There's even post on Meta somewhere about what is considered spam. This particular post is Not An Answer , just that
for example: spambots posting beauty product post links.
o/ @Seth
is he, promoting a product?!?
can also be viewed as abusive IMHO
12:33 AM
hai thomas
but not spam
@terdon stop stealing my hammer of doom
Sigh . . . I've no mood for answering right now. I'm just waiting for 2016 to die and that's it
@ThomasWard May I direct your attention (and evilness) against this user askubuntu.com/users/625585/xjob ?
@ThomasWard Not my fault if you're too slow. . . High street at noon?
12:34 AM
@terdon hard crash of Unity
so silence nub
@Edity Can I drop you in the bottomless pit over there?
holds @Edity over /dev/null
@terdon @ThomasWard stop exchanging clever comments and get to nuking posts :p
@ByteCommander Details, or the hell hammer comes out. Please.
DELETE C:/Users/ThomasWard
12:35 AM
@Serg High street at ten past noon?
@ThomasWard allow me to speak
Ah'm a gonna be wearin' me pippy longstocking bangs.
@terdon make it 3 pm , i'll need to wake up first
@terdon I drag thou to a different room
12:37 AM
replaces dev/null with pencil shavings
@ByteCommander both are gone already
I must also say I am amazed by this music video:
pretty sure this isn't the first time xjob has spammed crap
i remember that name
account hacked?
for camping we went to hastings and rotorua :)
hastings though, took 5 HOURS.
@ThomasWard no of course not
@ByteCommander You've got two diamonds looking into the user, enjoy the darkness left in your soul in the interim.
12:45 AM
@George May I ask what made you suggest this edit? I don't understand it... The formatting you applied is absolutely nonsense.
@ThomasWard \o/
lol half of the top 5 stars are filled with serg
Because I'm awesome like that
@Serg Some of us are more awesomer
... but less Englisher.
@ThomasWard Hinting at your mod powers , eh ? Wait till the next mod election, I'll be joining you there
12:48 AM
@Serg I wasn't talking about the diamond
And the derp hammer shall rise again
@Serg I was talking about how some of us are Linux Gods. :P
and no i'm not one of them.
@ThomasWard there's very few that I'd call Linux Gods, and they include Linus himself, G. Kroah-Hartman ,Gilles and Stephane Chazelas.
who is linus???
@Serg I'd add Paul Vixie to the list... but I know things, so :P
Paul Vixie, God of DNS
(he knows his Linux too)
12:51 AM
le ancient linux gods
OK, fair enough
Somehow I don't trust that cyber security site . . . le irony
@ByteCommander handled for now,
Vixie? Hasn't he been one of the guys who fought that famous worm of which I forgot the name?
Heartbleed ?
Paul Vixie is an American Internet pioneer, the author of several RFCs and some Unix software. Vixie attended George Washington High School in San Francisco, California. He received a Ph.D in computer science from Keio University in 2011. He authored the standard UNIX system programs SENDS, proxynet, rtty and Vixie cron. At one point he ran his own consulting business, Vixie Enterprises. == Career == After he left Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1994, he founded Internet Software Consortium (ISC) together with Rick Adams and Carl Malamud to support BIND and other software for the Internet...
12:55 AM
Might it have been conficker?
Sigh . . . there'll never be a wikipedia article like that about me . . . sniff . . . OK, back to youtube now
Yup, it was Conficker. I've read a book about that story maybe a year ago.
reject suggested edit, please askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/659000
@ByteCommander I wanted the make the main points in the answer stand out.
But please don't format something as code that is neither code nor literal console output.
1:05 AM
You might have done it with bullet points for example.
Or just using linebreaks without any further special highlighting.
Anyway, thanks for understanding and all your other edits that improved many posts a lot. :)
drags @terdon back to this room
puts the Hell Hammer back on the wall
so, how's everyone this evening?
@Videonauth Yeah, they rock. ^__^ Did you note how their bows look before and after a song? They play half of the hairs off in a few minutes.
1:09 AM
@Videonauth I know the feeling, heh
Thank you for making me better with your counsel
@ThomasWard yeah being awake now since saturday
@Videonauth sounds like you need a sleep aid
or the doctor
yeah todays evening i will take one, (its 2 am here right now)
or both
1:11 AM
just don't wanna take pills every day, they are highly addictive
@ByteCommander Yes i have seen that, crazy
@Videonauth Well, if you want to see it like that, sleeping is addictive too from the first day on.
@ByteCommander well yes but would you like to ruin your liver and your brain by taking valium and rohypnol every day ?
well I certainly don't
The question is whether sleep deprivation is ruining it more or less.
what the
everyone is white
1:18 AM
i mean their user profie pic
imma screenshot this
(sry, kidding)
holllllllllld up
@ByteCommander less, i believe in what my doctor tells me
All user avatars are purrfectly normal on my screen
1:19 AM
@Edity Maybe you should F5? Or hard Ctrl-F5?
waiit not yet :3
@ByteCommander or maybe Alt+F4
Oh, you mean the side icons
i hate the bugs -_-
1:23 AM
@Edity seriously, try refreshing or restarting the browser
in /dev/chat, Oct 18 at 20:21, by Gilles
@Junaga I'm not a god, I'm only @StéphaneChazelas's prophet
@Serg naw im having fun with the bugs :3
@terdon close enough ;)
@Serg Indeed :)
@Serg Alt+SysRq+O
1:24 AM
@ByteCommander it's Alt+SysRq+REISUB
O is supposed to power off
(do not press that, it immediately hard-poweroffs your computer).
you restarted my pc..?
@Edity starship troopers the only good bug is a dead bug
1:34 AM
lol, bug reported to meta-stack, lets hope that bug gets killed
@Zacharee1 if you're going to flag something as a merge candidate, at least include what you think it should be merged with.
guys can you reopen this:
Q: HP Stream 13, no wifi (other guides haven't helped)

JeffI just got rid of Windows 10, which was utterly destroying my wife's low RAM, low SSD-space HP Stream 13. After a fresh install (with enabling third party software and hardware) I have no wifi at all. "No network devices available" I've been looking for like 6 hours and reading and I see a lot ...

I have the exact same laptop and the solution
@Tim you have a few minutes before I close it
though the question is pretty unclear either way
@Tim just post a new question/answer. Preferably a clearer question.
@ThomasWard well mobile is stupid, and you can't see the dupe target? I figured that'd be assumed. Oh well
@Zacharee1 I'm on mobile too heh
but with hax.
1:44 AM
@Serg well, you have my respect. fwiw :)
Desktop mode?
@Zacharee1 only for the mod panel, yes.
@Chan-HoSuh what'd serg do?
:3 thanks
1:44 AM
@ThomasWard hueeehueeehueee
and it doesn't behave right.
@Zacharee1 see starwall.
On mobile. K
@ThomasWard Can you reopen hammer it?
@Serg you have tons of respect on AU
@Tim I think reopen would be more like glue. Repair the smashed post
1:46 AM
@Tim If you can make the question less unclear, sure.
@Zacharee1 doesn't feel like i get any from my father though
@ThomasWard Well I'd rather edit it than post a new one tbh
@Tim so edit it?
you can edit while it's closed
it's not locked.
@ThomasWard I am editing
@Serg move to the east coast. We still have pho
1:48 AM
Heh, then i would consider it. As long as there's Pho, i can live there
@edwinksl she did die ?
Stress from her daughter's death?
Earlier there were news she was rushed to the hospital with stroke, but . . . wasn't saying she died
1:50 AM
Now she is
Hey, at least we found the gene for AlS
@ThomasWard Edited, is that okay?
better than it was. Reopened.
2:19 AM
Dang. 2016 still isn't over yet.
I can't figure out why I'm not getting my trend-setter hat and I can't remember the link to the hat room to complain to sympathetic souls
Good thing 2016 isn't over yet because there are hats to win on Dec 31st`
How's Calgary treating you @NathanOsman
@WinEunuuchs2Unix he moved?
@Seth Thanks for the link. I think he is visiting in calgary
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Warmer today.
@Seth just visiting.
Like jail in Monopoly.
@NathanOsman Yeah we warmed up over last night and today was like +1 or something.
@NathanOsman If you learn "GO" you collect $200 :D
2:26 AM
so, @WinEunuuchs2Unix, what can I do to get a green checkmark?
@KazWolfe I gave you a green check mark a few days ago for something on...
... LAMP!
you did?
SE's screwing up again then
You did answer my LAMP on Desktop question right?
Q: Is Ubuntu Server required for LAMP server or will anything break if I install LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop?

WinEunuuchs2UnixI've already seen a similar question that was closed as a duplicate of this (What's the easiest way to set up a LAMP stack?) However no where in that Q&A does it answer the question. A little background: I have a 2007 laptop with dual core 2GHz CPU and 4 GB Ram. I want to repurpose as a web serv...

this one, right?
It appeared I only virtually clicked it before
I just clicked it in REALITY.
2:29 AM
I blame it over stress over trend-setting hat not working :)
yey, worthless internet points.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix new hat three days in a row.
@KazWolfe you asked for green checkmark, right ?
I thought you had to change your stupid hat 3 days in a row.
printf $'\033[1;32m\u2713'
There you go ^
2:30 AM
haha Serg
@WinEunuuchs2Unix yeah.
Well I've been changing my hat like 2 times every day for 5 days in a row now :(
You know life is funny... I need a gold medal to get a hat... I can get a gold for close voting 60 more or so... It used to be close votes were >100... recently close votes are <10 :(
On that note I'm going to have some real fun and empty the Dryer :D
In 2017 , i'm not staying home for other than to sleep or longer than a day or two
i got to protect a question today! :D
This environment affects my psyche way too much

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