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12:05 PM
Is XFCE also built on Compiz? askubuntu.com/q/868870/367990
I don't think so
To me that question looks as if OP is going to hurt themselves badly...
(virtually, not physically)
Q: Xubuntu and Compiz XFCE

mihajlo kaurinI installed Xubuntu yesterday and made some changes to my desktop, its original xfce, i installed Docky and i've read about bluring, needs Compiz, so i've installed an older version that has Blur Plug-in. I edited it a bit and Enabled it. Now, when i for example want to start compiz, it starts, ...

god, i hate it when I know i answered something similar in the past, but I cannot find it in the sea of my old answers
i think there may be a dupe target for this q&a? askubuntu.com/questions/869040/…
12:16 PM
@ByteCommander I know you don't like to decode, I love decoding :), it's the joy in my life!
@Serg You probably know this, but search for:
<keyword> user:me is:a
@JacobVlijm i know, but i still cannot find it. Either i am entering wrong search term or the user deleted their question
@edwinksl where's the canonical flash in 16.04 question? I very much doubt Xubuntu is any different to other *buntus
i don't know, i thought i saw one before, but i haven't searched for it yet
What's worse is that I cannot remember user's name
They were quite a frequent user a year ago
Yay, found it !!!
12:31 PM
zach with the memes early in the morning
A meme a day keeps the doctor away psychiatrist near.
@JacobVlijm You've got strange joys... :P
@JacobVlijm decode this: helu jacb hao r u am gud am u gud
that is too easy
surely you can do better
@edwinksl 4 felow nubcake iz very easy
12:35 PM
pls there is only one nubcake
but vlim iz not nubcake
Yeah, Oli's busy these days.
@jokerdino wat
Otherwise, he will hand out candies to Zach.
@Zacharee1 deeeepends on the language...
12:36 PM
@JacobVlijm derpish
wait, let me answer don.joey
classic avoidance
@Zacharee1 I guess running that through base64 will make it easier to read... :P
Which direction shouldn't matter.
@ByteCommander probably
Anyway, tank time!
12:37 PM
@Zacharee1 nothing to wait for, package unavailable in 16.04 repositories :/ so . . . yeah, it was pointless
@Zacharee1 y u edgelord
@edwinksl wat
@Serg lel
@edwinksl maybe their solution is good and unique and we should tell them to fix their post?
@Zanna the post is fixed but there are a couple others who question OP's method
ok, lol, bye, sleepy much very . poof
12:42 PM
by derpwofl
@edwinksl I saw the other solution in many posts, for example askubuntu.com/questions/576562/…
how poetic Serg becomes when he's sleepy...
Neo-Shakespeare style.
it's no though
12:44 PM
@Zacharee1 OP writes like you do
ask and you shall get...
@edwinksl ah'm frum the sowth, ah say hibahnate
need more "na"s
you can even stick in "zanna"
that is truly art
and guess who edited that post
Hahaha ^_^
Easy find question askubuntu.com/q/869059/367990
I'm busy though
Not at my box, so can't test :(
Haha I just tested it with Termux but @terdon was too quick for me, should have trusted my knowledge :)
1:05 PM
already sniped by terdy
Ah well, I wouldn't have fancied it up with man page stuff, so his answer is better than mine would be :)
but you are also away from box
poor lonely toaster...
1:20 PM
Q: Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster?

ydaetskcoRI've inherited an old PC from my girlfriend's dad and when setting up the printer I got a bit of a surprise: Two questions spring to mind here: Why does Windows think my wireless keyboard is a toaster? Why does Windows even have an icon for a toaster in the devices menu?

that classic
@Zacharee1 my machine - 32GB storage, 2GB RAM == toaster
ah yes
@ByteCommander that answerer lost so much rep to caps
1:39 PM
I have a new and special hat! :D
@Serg watching the Markiplier animated shorts
I wonder if I can take over the starwall a second time
@Serg so much for sleeping
@edwinksl wat
@ByteCommander: Reason 2 is clearly the answer:
1:42 PM
A: Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster?

Kenneth LReason 1 Because Microsoft made a toaster driver sample. In the sample there is the line <DeviceIconFile>Toaster.ico</DeviceIconFile> and there is a chance that your keyboard manufacturer took that sample. Reason 2 Look at the back of the keyboard for some place to insert a slice of bread…

1:47 PM
Any android apps good for flight tracking?
Ah, Shog9:
Q: If you're gonna talk Politics, you must respect those who disagree

Shog9This is sort of a follow-up to two past discussions: Toward a philosophy of Chat Does the Be Nice policy require SE users to "be nice" to people who are not SE users (e.g. public figures)? Over the past year, there's been an uptick in discussions of politics in chat. JUST LOOK AT THIS CHART! ...

We haven't had too much of that in here lately have we?
Aha, now I understand why I never became a politician :)
1:55 PM
@Zacharee1 hmm thanks
@JacobVlijm too honest? Happens to the best of us
:) I tend to be too certain of my point of view. At the same time, I am never truly asking someone to agree, although it may seem that way.
ooh I love key changes in songs
@JacobVlijm :p
they're so much fun
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating characters in answer: Is there any need to install nvidia graphics drivers if I am running Ubuntu Server? by raah on askubuntu.com
1:58 PM
@edwinksl lol, i fail at sleeping . . . and at trying to close all my AU tabs
@Zacharee1 Some of the animations are just priceless, like octodad and the blacksmith
ok im gone now
You're gone... and back.
@SmokeDetector lol
2:00 PM
@jokerdino raah
2:04 PM
Cartoon Network before it turned to trash
barely cutting it though
Wah? :(
in terms of time :p
I used to watch it when I didn't understand a single word they spoke.
1080i o_O
most of the staff went to this show en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_Hooks
2:25 PM
I'm crying xD youtube.com/…
2 hours later…
4:09 PM
having issues finding bluetooth devices on my ubuntu machine
neither bluetoothctl, hcitool, or blueman was able to find devices that I know are there, and more mature debian installs on other laptops find them without issues
dmesg says this: bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for brcm/BCM.hcd failed with error -2
although I don't know what to do with that
@towc Please ask a question on the site where everyone can see it and you have more chances of getting the attention of the expert(s) who can help you.
Q: What tag should be used for "first-timer" questions?

guntbertI found a few questions erroneously tagged with ubuntu-one where OP seems to have intended to express "I am new"... e.g. Novice computer user - How will it effect how I use my computer? Startup error Uncleared pch fifo underrun on pch transcoder I had updated ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 but thats not...

4:25 PM
"Nobody's an expert in newbies." -- terdon
@terdon ok, sure
Q: Ubuntu 16.04 can't find bluetooth devices

towcRecently got a new laptop and successfully installed Ubuntu on it. However, unlike my other debian laptops, this one seems unable to discover my bluetooth headset. I tried using bluetoothctl: power on agent on default-agent scan on no error messages, but no results came out. Then I tried hci...

4:57 PM
@towc duplicate vote added...
5:23 PM
@ThomasWard - OP wants a mod to migrate askubuntu.com/q/869101/518562
5:43 PM
@George please don't use >` ` to mark code. Instead, indent by four spaces, which can be done by selecting the text and pressing Ctrl-K or clicking on the {} icon in the editor toolbar
Am I the only one who never uses the editor buttons then?
I just select the code and hit tab.
Although I might have an extension for that.
This one, probably:
Q: Better handling of indentation and the TAB key when editing posts

balpha About This user script changes the behavior of a few keys (most notably the Tab key) within the post editor to behave more like it does in IDEs or text editors: When multiple lines are selected, Tab and Shift-Tab indent and dedent these lines When nothing is selected, Tab and Shift-Tab i...

the only button i use is the image one
Same here.
6:09 PM
Same here.
I've memorized all the markdown shortcuts by now.
What does Ctrl-R do?
<H1>, I think
@muru sure
@jokerdino Oh? It inserts --------
6:22 PM
Yeah, it inserts HR.
Ah yes, sorry. That's what I meant. I haven't actually used the <hr> tag in many, many years.
i just type these dashes like a noob
@terdon easier to suggest the editor button than to explain about userscripts and all
H1 is headings, isn't it?
@muru True, I thought it was default behavior, I've had the script for so long.
@jokerdino yes
6:24 PM
All right, all clear now.
I just copy to an external editor (usually Vim) and do my editing there. It's the only way to correct repeated formatting mistakes and stay sane.
Sometimes you need to do :s/*//g just to get readable text.
Yeah definitely. Replacing > with 4 spaces manually is a killer.
it is really snowing
it snowed yesterday, but nothing collected.
6:39 PM
except disappointment
It snowed here yesterday.
you're in canada of course it snowed :p
Not all of Canada gets this much snow.
The west coast usually gets rain.
Although this year was unusual.
Saw this today
6:56 PM
Windows XP?
No, Windows Embedded...
That sounds right
Pretty much the same thing...same Kernal IIRC
7:09 PM
I don't think it's unclear but it's a dupe.
Any youtube-dl users here know how to make it play well with ffmpeg?
I'm getting torn up on omgubuntu's comments on a particular article because I said some unpopular things.
But I dare anyone to prove to me that some of the things I said aren't true.
What's the link?
BTW don't expect me to reply :)
7:27 PM
Comments with citations that support your position usually work better than asking people to disprove them, no? Having said that, I'm not having much fun with systemd either...
@RolandiXor You are? I only see one comment replying to yours and that's just noise.
@RolandiXor Thanks for sharing the comments. I don't think you're wrong as such, but maybe a little overly pessimistic. But did I miss something, cause I didn't see a lot of response to you. Were comments deleted?
Another user bumping: askubuntu.com/posts/869157/revisions He did that on another question, got downovted, then deleted. This is the second time.
Why do users who bump like the tag so much?
@chaskes probably.
People were being personal, though of course when I pointed that out the response was the usual "Who me?" :)
(And, no, I do not mean one person - I got the emails from disqus so I saw the comments from other people).
I just find the whole thing funny lol
I may be pessimistic, but at least I'm being honest.
Ah, never mind, found what you were referring to.
7:32 PM
@RolandiXor unfortunately I have to agree 100%. systemd is just a small part of this though (like you said)
and by small I don't mean it's not a big problem, it is, but rather that it's only a small part of the decay
@Seth it's only one of the things I mentioned iirc. Oh and btw, since the switch to systemd, I've had two systems (one of them not even mine) be unable to use lightdm on startup.
It's been a joy! /s
@Seth exactly.
also hi! you gonna be sticking around? :)
I was here (on chat) earlier this week but I didn't see you.
7:35 PM
@muru insert GNOME insult here
Yeah. My life got a lot busier in 2016 and hasn't shown signs of slowing down anytime soon.
Zach, insulting GNOME? gasp
@Seth mine got busy toward the end of 2016 and is now settling back down.
@Zacharee1 you made a mistake, should be "si"+"hg"[::-1]
7:38 PM
you meant "sigh" I assume... Ah, you fixed it
that's why I edited it
You don't read enough python
the Bacon Canadian!
7:39 PM
Bacon or spam?
@Zacharee1 lol
@NathanOsman Hi!
@NathanOsman nice...
Some people have great titles for their questions...
"How to resolve this problem?"
@JacobVlijm I like the ones that have "Help!" somewhere in the title.
@TomBrossman my favorites too!
7:44 PM
The one that drives me crazy is the first line: Title says it all.
How's everyone this afternoon?
....Else you wouldn't know what to do.
@Chaskes yeah, and than the title is unclear as can be :)
yep. :)
@Nathan Fine! (in the evening here) How is your afternoon during my evening?
@NathanOsman We're all this good right now:
7:47 PM
I am not sure he looks too happy ^
That's "Hide The Pain Harold" Try an image search for some lulz.
@Zacharee1 that's the professional approach, often comes with....
@JacobVlijm This user is copy pasting the same answer everywhere now 4 same answer http://askubuntu.com/a/869163/529390
7:51 PM
@JacobVlijm and then the comments every 5 minutes Help me plz, I need help!!!, etc
@Hizqeel I think a flag- candidate!
I did already
@Hizqeel cool! maybe he is suffering from amnesia :)
7:53 PM
@JacobVlijm speaking of.... ^^
@Zacharee1 That one is HILAREOUS!!
Hit yourself on the head with a frying pan 10 times a day. — Navid Vafaei 14 secs ago
7:58 PM
and gone
@Zacharee, you are unstopable tonight :)
@Zacharee1 +1
@Seth http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/01/ubuntu-phone-ota-15-ditched#comment-3084639598

found the right link!
@Seth That makes.. Zacharee2?
7:59 PM
I'd turned off notifications but looks like some people actually agreed with me :)
So maybe I'm not insane (or foolish) after all!

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