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12:00 AM
@Zacharee1 I heard cornflour works :p
@NathanOsman it was fun! waves weren't perfect but it's fun either way :)
and I ran into a friend from college on the water (what a small world)
@Zacharee1 pre-GMM
man, another day I'll not code :/
at least I got to read more about SMP systems and locks
but I got into a complicated part of the article, got a little lost
i have a laptop here that's refusing to listen to shift during grub
Before going onto winter break, i planned to read so many things. Well, not a single page has been flipped yet
@KazWolfe put loud speakers next to it
12:14 AM
Taylor SHIFT
@Serg I'm about to finish the vim book, and there's so much I want to read after that I don't know where to start
maybe the book about sed and awk
@IanC that's a good idea. AWK is quite useful, occasionally works where sed doesn't. I'd also recommend once you go through sed and awk, try picking up Perl
> Your contact Chester The Molester (@ChesterTheMole1) is on Twitter!
I'm sorry, what?
@Serg it will take me a while to finish sed & awk book though, over 400 pages :p
but once I'm done I'll try to get the basics of Perl
12:22 AM
@Zacharee1 lol, poor Zach, you've acquired a molester
Hey everyone, I'm back
Oh, no, he's back, run !
I'm still having my GRUB/Ubuntu issues :/ and my HDD/SSDs all seem to be healthly
I even ran boot repair: paste.ubuntu.com/23761259
@Serg you drunk?
@Zacharee1 not yet, but if you want me to get drunk, i can provide
12:26 AM
=> Grub2 (v1.99-2.00) is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks at sector
1559238064 of the same hard drive for core.img, but core.img can not be
found at this location.
drunk serg best serg
@HarrisR that looks interesting
@edwinksl drunk textz
popcorn ready
12:27 AM
I'm not sure what to do anymore, and it's still to vague to ask a question on the main site
@Zacharee1 yeah, they're like poetry, with amazing flow
ugh. reading y u so hard.
y u nub :p
@Seth audiobooks ftw
@Serg for IT books?
12:29 AM
so . . . should i stay behind my dual monitor desk or curl up in bed with my electronic gf, aka laptop ?
It's not that I'm a bad reader, I'm actually quite a good reader, but the content is either super technical, or so basic my brain starts thinking of other things.
@Seth hey, there's anything these days on the internet
Apparently Lindsey Stirling performed at a TEDx conference?
12:34 AM
Lol , father : "That's a car air-flow temperature sensor. Any idea how it works?" , Me: "Nope." , "In all the time you've been in university , I've asked you about electronics and you never been able to answer". "Well, I can't know about thinks I don't work with everyday"
man, gotta go sleep
I'm trashed
hope there are no hard works tomorrow
good night folks!
Good night buddy
Sleep well
@Serg Serg: "This is a hard drive. Any idea how it works?" Dad: "Nope." Serg: "It's just a magnet reading a plate being spun very fast by a motor. Come on, this is really simple stuff."
12:42 AM
Lol, that ^
also he called it the wrong thing.
A mass (air) flow sensor (MAF) is used to find out the mass flowrate of air entering a fuel-injected internal combustion engine. The air mass information is necessary for the engine control unit (ECU) to balance and deliver the correct fuel mass to the engine. Air changes its density as it expands and contracts with temperature and pressure. In automotive applications, air density varies with the ambient temperature, altitude and the use of forced induction, which means that mass flow sensors are more appropriate than volumetric flow sensors for determining the quantity of intake air in each cylinder...
@Serg Thanks, you too!
I mean, later, when you go sleep
@Serg that is a really stupid question and assumption there. I'm sorry you have to deal with that :(
ask him how the car reads the PWM output of the MAF.
@Seth Meh, I'm used to it by now - it's been years like that
Lol , "You're electrical engineer, you're supposed to fix this" XD
12:47 AM
really, @Serg. Ask him that. He'll say something along the lines of "the OBD and auto sensors pick it up and use it to regulate intake"
but be sure to ask how the car turns the PWM output from that into something it can use to process and decide how much air to let in/out
@edwinksl sigh disq.us/p/1f2pb7v
@KazWolfe meh, let him just watch a few youtube videos and figure out whatever he needs. My nerves are too precious to waste on stupid conversations like that
@Zacharee1 noice
Q: Recently installed Ubuntu - Grub, HD0 read errors & Boot repair creating another partition

HarrisRBoot repair paste: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23761259/ PC Stats: http://valid.x86.fr/yqzi7y Recently I installed Ubuntu x64 16.04.1 LTS as a dual boot OS. I created a ext4 partition of around 120GB on my second HDD (WD Black 3tb) for Ubuntu to install on. I install Ubuntu and it then prompted m...

12:57 AM
@Zacharee1 Reminds me of the "special commands" of your Discord bot...
can't see anything
still a sub 10k nubcake
@Zacharee1 !w.help 5
@ByteCommander check discord
wow 2017 technology
that occasional stutter though
i wish slack has voice channels
What's up?
1:07 AM
Playing Owl City in Discord
@NathanOsman ^
What is that?
That is a function word used in the English language for several grammatical purposes. These include: as a complementizer/subordinating conjunction. ("He asked that she go.") ("That" is not used this way in American and Canadian English.) to introduce a restrictive relative clause ("The test that she took was hard.") In this role that may be analyzed either as a relative pronoun or as a conjunction as in the first case; see English relative clauses: That a relativizer instead of relative pronoun. (In American and Canadian English, "that" is only used in this way if the verb could affect the...
@TheXed rly
if "something".is_that() : print("Yeah, that is it")
1:31 AM
nathan MIA
1:54 AM
Thanks for nothing LOL.
Python, dudes.
if something is that:
The problem with lolcode is that the language specification changes so often.
Yeah, i sort of mixed up python and ruby there, because i just put up a ruby one-liner into one of the edits of my answers
Anyway, whatever works
if list haz a 4 then variable hazFour iz totes lit
print "lol"*5
How's that?
2:06 AM
*5 is still shorter though
2:18 AM
god I hate Realtek
I need the driver installed because my speakers sound terrible without it, but then Windows only sees one output, so no separate volumes for headphones and speakers, and loopback sounds horrible
@Zacharee1 their wireless cards are good though
Audio is terrible though
Trying out Windows 7
2:34 AM
Realtek NICs are worse.
I had realtek in my old laptops, and have like 4 usb dongles with rtl8191
never had an issue
please fix it asap
looking forward to listening to your playlist
Gotta finish updating windows 7
endless updates hue
it is also getting late
2:46 AM
shh iz all ok
LOL. "Windows' MMC helps lessen user interfaces administrators have to learn" when literally all it is is an iframe for other interfaces. hahahaha
3:01 AM
this discord voice channel is nuts
3:49 AM
Thanks, but I think I'll have other concerns if there is a nuclear blast nearby.
That's like saying "if the earth blows up, remember to stay fit by taking a walk every day"
why is serg not in discord
we could use some good music
@Seth have you seen the Umbrella Beach music video?
4:04 AM
serg is on youtube, watching things from my subscriptions and browsing amazon books
wagakki band song played in your honor
Yay, Ganbare Wagakki !
4:36 AM
About to make 48 million line file . . .because YOLO, that's why
come to the other chat
it's fun
On discord ?
we have waifus
4:40 AM
I have a gf, thank you very mush . . .
not everyone does.
@Zacharee1 yes
5:02 AM
That Discord thing has made me laugh so much tonight.
Thanks everyone. I really needed some laughs.
this is what happens when everyone has full permissions to do anything
And it is fun.
Obviously not productive and shouldn't be done here.
But every once in a while, it's fun to see what happens when everyone is in charge ;D
5:29 AM
Good night
Nighty night
Better shut off my computer so it isn't streaming shitty music all night...
5:44 AM
hey it got good
You meant to say , it git --gud
6:13 AM
Should I throw my scripts into separate repository or keep it in the one I use for AU ?
6:42 AM
Melodyne is $800 USD.
4 hours later…
10:49 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Nitro MXS - Maintain your Energy Level by user639745 on askubuntu.com
2 hours later…
12:34 PM
what's the mild mannered hat?
Windows, how am I meant to read a 500MB log file???
opinion-based :
Q: What is the key advantage of using Ubuntu OS

user639774I would like to know what is the key advantage Ubuntu offers over systems like Windows and MacOS. Which is the official copy of Ubuntu. Is there support and how much does Ubuntu cost.

12:48 PM
@MarkYisri can we please reopen that for a moment? I was just about to post a complete answer.
@ByteCommander ask a mod
1:11 PM
Although the question about Ubuntu's key advantages is very subjective, I'll try to name a few points. The list can of course not be complete and not everybody might agree on every point, but it's a start:

- free, open.source operating system and standard software
- huge central software repository with checked and verified software
- PPAs (private package archives) that allows every developer to provide packages for Ubuntu in an easy and user-friendly way
- freedom to also install software from external sources (although not recommended for security reasons)
^^ would be the answer I wanted to post to the closed question above. Is it good enough to reopen it for a minute? @jokerdino
1:21 PM
- being free and open source is a philosophy; not perse an advantage.
how can it be a disadvantage?
of course it's good.
if I am a malicious person I can read the software, find an exploit and abuse it.
When it is closed source I 1st need to bypass the compiled software
But there will also be a benevolent person reading it as well, finding the exploit and fixing it.
(naming the openssl debacle as an example)
@ByteCommander openssl... it took how long to find it again?
You can modify the source code and compile a customized version yourself.
Clear advantage.
1:41 PM
... and then distribute it That last one is not allowed with Windows and MacOS ;-)
for educational purposes you can strip both windows and mac os.
@Rinzwind how long did it take for hackers to find and use it?
@Zacharee1 we do not know. That hack left ZERO traces.
that's the whole problem ...
there is a new law in the Netherlands: if I have data on my system and that system gets compromized I have to inform every person I keep personal data from. So if I have a list of names, adresses, emails, password or things similar ... I am screwed if I find out someone had access to it that should not have access to it.
So you better not find out, eh?
1:56 PM
yeah :X
well I took the other route: I remove everything on my system D:
by the way: they also included passwords in that (so VPNs saved passwords are out too :**( )
2:38 PM
Whops, sorry. Trying out two browser windows on my tablet...
lol the security update for my phone that was supposed to patch DirtyCow was actually from 4 days before Google released the patch
no one wanted to try rooting the new firmware because it could've bricked the phone, but someone finally did and the new build is still vulnerable to Dirty Cow
3:05 PM
Q: Windows 7 doesn't dim the screen as far as Windows 10

Zacharee1I want to start out by saying I'd rather avoid third party programs like Dimmer, PangoBright, etc if possible. I don't think I need them, since I know my hardware is capable of what I want. I have a tri-boot of Windows 10, Windows 7 and Ubuntu. In both Windows 10 and Ubuntu, I can get the screen...

closes as... oh
4:09 PM
Q: Asus ux501vw Nvdia gtx 960m Ubuntu 16.04 lts fan problem

donetello41laptop's fan is very fast work so my laptop isn't install ubuntu.Fan is insane

1 hour later…
5:38 PM
@DavidFoerster removed thanks
5:53 PM
@KazWolfe Radiation per se isn't harmful. Infrared isn't harmful, unless you stare directly into a high-energy beam weapon. Ultra-violet isn't harmful, unless you stay in the sun for too long, microwave radiation isn't bad unless you stick your hand inside a microwave oven for more then a few seconds at 1 KiloWatt etc...
Ionising radiation is bad for you: don't eat Plutonium...
(It's not only highly energetic, it's poisonous too...)
You might get away with eating Uranium, unless you do it daily...
that said, having plutonium or uranium will probably bring evil upon you very quickly
I have some Uranite and pitchblende lying around in my rock collection...
THEY may think you are doing this: (see the picture) nukeitfromorbit.com
(I Don't own any Plutonium though)
And as a kid I built a wooden scale model of little boy and painted it silver.
Today that would probably get me arrested...
6:10 PM
yes, yes it would
6:37 PM
oooh, just got my gold pimp hat
@Mateo nice
good afternoon!
afternoon ian
how are you doing @RobotHumans?
@IanC well-ish. a little in limbo right now and sorting some things out, but doing better than i was. you?
@RobotHumans all good, trying to rest from yesterday, guess I'll take the day to finally code a bit :)
6:52 PM
@IanC Yeah. I got some writing done recently. Now I'm tweaking that pandastalib library thing I was working on to fix some bugs and add a feature or two.
@RobotHumans pandastalib? what is it about?
@IanC it's a library to bulk precompute stock indicators etc as provided by talib by just pushing a button right now. the bug is I don't close some subprocesses when they run out of tasks and the feature is adding a new precompute and normalilzing the data to -50 to 50 regardless of type (price % movement -1:1 -100:100 etc)
@RobotHumans I'm terrible with economics, but sounds complicated :p
@IanC not really complicated. it's honestly mostly glue code now. most of the hard math was already done by talib.
the idea ultimately is to normalize the data, restrict the sample sets to things that are results from "stock strategy" parameters, then feed it to a pybrain feedback learning simulation to try and train strategy specific bots that are more accurate than hoomans.
@RobotHumans your idea is to use it to automate your investments?
7:04 PM
@IanC not exactly. to give me another red or green light. might reach automation eventually, but I'ld settle for keeping a human in the mix
@RobotHumans nice, what programming language are you using?
@IanC the thinking is, no i'm not trying to build a robot to beat the market. i'm trying to take human strategies and let robots fine tune them.
@Serg - the hoodie backwards is also a popcorn bucket built in to your shirt
@RobotHumans that's nice, I think it's better if you keep it from becoming completely automated, specially when it's your hard earned money at play :)
@IanC Yes. Remember that flash crash around 2000 b/c of bunch of big trading house bots decided the market was shit and it was time to sell all at the same time?
Market closed, and there was a government mandated "do-over"
There's one more trick I'm using, but I'm not entirely sure I should talk about that one. If it works out \o/
@RobotHumans I didn't remember that, but complete automation is ignoring one of the defensive programming principles, of assuming bugs will show eventually
7:14 PM
wow I missed Windows 7
waiting for the "NOT" @Zacharee1
Windows 7 is great
@IanC Yeah, in the US around that time frame, there was a day where they all got together and just said "today doesn't count"
@Zacharee1 come to discord
@Zacharee1 maybe I'm a bit windowsphobic
@SmokeDetector lol
rare flag used, good stuff
2 hours later…
9:48 PM
Got a new power strip now I have enough room to plug in my rpi :-D
10:20 PM
@Serg Whoops :D After looking at Jacob's script, I didn't even really look into what your script includes, I thought it was written in Python as well... I couldn't find that option as of yet, but perhaps I'll check again. Thanks. — bertalanp99 13 mins ago
OP tried to run my shell script with python interpreter
Well, duh, of course it won't work if you don't read instructions
10:41 PM
hey @Serg!
10:51 PM
@IanC hi, just back from shower
how are you doing man?
@IanC alright, just getting ready to go to friend's house for dinner
how are you ?
All good! Took the day for coding a bit, now I'm trying to find myself on the mess I wrote :p @Serg
Lol , comments, man, gotta put comments everywhere so you don't forget what's it doing
it's not that big, it's because I started with an idea, and almost all the way through I had to rethink something
I'm going to have to use pthreads on that code
it's good because it finally made me read about threads
I'm wondering why I never learned it before, but all at its time right?
guess I didn't have enough information before to really make threads useful and not another source of bugs :)
11:35 PM
well, going to get some rest here, have fun on your friend's house @Serg, see you later!
@IanC alright, see you around ;)
11:51 PM

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