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12:03 AM
Calgary weather can be a lot different from Edmonton. Today was about minus 10. I had wore my snow boots all week and decided not to wear them or my parka today. As a consequence it snowed :p
This morning around Edmonton there was freezing rain (but not Downtown where I live or West End where I work).
12:19 AM
Does it take awhile to run it a billion times?
hail the dark evil of me
is not feeling well, so is supremely evil today
12:32 AM
@NathanOsman u no it tru
Haha I want 1984 back :p
Um not the book, the year so I can do it differently knowing what I know now!
I was born in 82...
I started college in 81
or 82... so long ago I forget
I started pre-school in 86
maybe it was 87
pre-school wasn't invented yet when I went to school... all the moms stayed home.
12:37 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix what do you think about this board? newegg.com/Product/…-13-157-676--Product
@Seth you should watch the Metropolis music video
@TheXed I don't think it'll fit into my Laptop's optical drive caddy
In all seriousness my laptop is always running 15% utilization doing all I need to do.
@Zacharee1 I have.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I meant for my new build, not your laptop..lol
@Seth it's interesting isn't it?
12:40 AM
to say the least.
@TheXed Is it for work or home?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix home.
@Seth he needs to make more music videos
they're so weird but so cool
@TheXed I think 1 TB SSD super fast is better investment for your pictures and stuff.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix have to have something to attach the SSD to...
12:41 AM
Plug it into what you are typing on now :D
and that board has 3 M.2 slots...
SSD plugs into SATA port, don't you have a controller already for SATA III?
I would have no benefit plugging it into my current computer...
Nope, Sata II
yikes I don't know that guy Xed, is he a friend of yours?
12:43 AM
@Zacharee1 this is why I need a computer...it is starting to show its age...
@Zacharee1 that and I have the money to do it...
This Ubuntu 16.04 is installed on an mSata III drive attached to SATA II channel.
gimmmeh @TheXed
@Zacharee1 so I can afford to be picky...
alllll teh moniez
@Zacharee1 I only have 8k left....
12:44 AM
Nathan also has 8.4K inheritance.... the chatroom is flooded with money.
@NathanOsman pls
~$4k has been earmarked for Disney I guess...
Sounds too cheap... stay in Disney hotel instead... well worth it!
Room service for $8 fries and $5 milk is a little difficult to swallow (pun intended) but the memories are worth it.
Don't forget VIP pass for front of line!
@WinEunuuchs2Unix I don't know what it will cost...I was just guestimating...
12:48 AM
Oh yeah and... buy Kaz a hat
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Mickey hat?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix or goofy hat?
think he wants a "Ubuntu Wolf" hat
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Not sure I will find one of those at Disney...
It's really weird on my system they've lowered the volume of the sub-woofer thunk with the pings @TheXed
@WinEunuuchs2Unix ttt
12:50 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix that is awesome.
I was joking about the hat and Kaz's hat fetish.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix o-O
Now that you pinked him he'll really want a hat! LOL
You're going to Disney World I assume and not Disney Land?
didney worl
12:52 AM
didney worl
is that badladin?
iz didney worl
12:56 AM
I got an orange cat!
TNB would hate me for doing this
plz stop zach
@Seth wat
pls reed repli
nubcake no see direct reply
12:58 AM
does it really need replying?
@Seth this one
I'm confused.
wat @ orange cat
lmao what's going on
12:59 AM
@edwinksl typical nubcake stuff
@Zacharee1 just sith things
Hmmm my Ubuntu grand father clock correctly dimmed the volume when it chimed at 6pm just now. Usually it's broken with volume dimming waking from suspend.
I wonder if Pulse Audio was updated
Can't wait until January 20th when Trump takes office... It'll be soooooo interesting :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix the 21st will be even more interesting...
oh... let's not be anal retentive!
1:04 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix it is what I get paid for :-P
There's an old saying invented just for you when you are reading what I type "Listen to what I mean not to what I say" :)
@WinEunuuchs2Unix hah, I tell my kids to do what I am thinking not what I say...if they get really good at it, I won't have to say anything at all...
what's going on?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix of all the things on that specific list, hats are not there.
@Seth wat
1:10 AM
looks like my tiny cell phone screen I can't read.
No wait... I can read the triangle, circle, square at the bottom... I"m OK now :p
@Seth ohhh
@KazWolfe nougat easter egg
@Seth did you know you still have the Marshmallow Land easter egg in Nougat?
I didn't!
@KazWolfe [le lenny face]
@Seth use QuickShortcutMaker and search for Marshmallow Land. It's under SystemUI. You can go all the way back to the KK tile thing if you want
I can't believe how much @Zanna is doing for this site. It's amazing.
@Zacharee1 someone has to pick up the slack
@Zacharee1 "QuickShortcutMaker" sounds promising.... does it help finding girlfriends quickly? Yes Zanna is amazing.
1:17 AM
@edwinksl from u
@WinEunuuchs2Unix hurhurhur
@Zacharee1 no, u
no ur mum
and cvs
Hey everyone
1:23 AM
familiar... craigslist.org/asd
man, I'm finally getting understanding an article I downloaded long ago about SMT mutex :)
shame I chose to read it right when I gotta go to sleep
technically inaccurate answers should be downvoted, not deleted.
Done.... My first CV in 3 days.... don't tell Zach.
1:29 AM
@KazWolfe it's in low qual queue. I recommend deletion
Some reason my long message isn't being sent
@WinEunuuchs2Unix aeprouihgeqrboqipb]apj g]eripgje[]spiobj]rpibj][n ]qeptigbnq]etoipgn tgetg
@HarrisR there's a limit to how much you can put in a message in chat
cc @Seth on this, isn't there a flag reason saying flag/deletions are not appropriate for technically incorrect answers?
@HarrisR Break it into multiple messages or translate it into Chinese with link to google translator to translate :D
@KazWolfe flags aren't, but is recommending deletion a flag?
1:31 AM
Q: Flagging old invalid/incorrect/wrong answers

skiwiI want to share a case that I do not understand, it is about the following answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/21573215/2057294 The answer had one upvote yesterday, I spotted it and downvoted it as it is incorrect and misleading. What worries me most is the one upvote it had, because that means ...

@Zacharee1 no
I got recommend deletion....
@Seth so then I can recommend deletion?
@KazWolfe yes. sometimes we delete the most oronious ones, but I don't recommend trying your luck with a standard flag.
@Zacharee1 you can.
i mean the answer is salvageable by OP, so let OP fix it before deleting it.
1:32 AM
doesn't mean you should, but in this particular case I'm not going to care.
@KazWolfe if OP fixes the answer, it'll be a duplicate of another answer there
sudo apt update isn't going to change anything
@Zacharee1 then we can deal with that problem appropriately, when it comes up.
There aren't duplicate answers.... only duplicate questions.
@Seth could that answer deserve the VLQ?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix oh buddy
1:33 AM
@Zacharee1 mm, maybe.
@Zacharee1 yes buddy?
@WinEunuuchs2Unix hi buddy
Q: Is it acceptable to add a duplicate answer to several questions?

Won'tLet's say there is a user who has found a satisfactory answer to a common question asked on Stack Overflow (or other Stack Exchange website). This answer may be a snippet of code, or an addon, or a framework, or something else. Is it acceptable for this user to formulate an answer for one que...

That answer up there seems flat out dangerous
but probably not. It's not "incomprehensible garbage" and mods aren't supposed to judge technical accuracy (although we sometimes end up doing that)
1:34 AM
@Kaz I meant duplicate answer on same question.
Q: How should we deal with duplicate answers?

dbrDuplicate questions are "solved" — it's clear what to do with them, there're tools to deal with them... but what happens when two users post the same answer? This happens a fair bit, particularly on questions with simple answers ("Click this button"-type ones). Do we upvote both answers, since t...

@Seth but the answer is flat out incorrect, OP obviously has no idea what they've written, and if it gets edited to have the correct package name it still won't be better, and if it's edited to point out the error, then it's a duplicate error. It qualifies in my mind
I apologize I'm on mobile atm.I'll post it when I get home
1:37 AM
@KazWolfe I had to migrate an answer last night to a historical question because the question in question was closed as duplicate... so the answer isn't really a duplicate: askubuntu.com/questions/528072/…
> flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer
@Seth but it has severe content problems, and will unlikely be improved through editing
@Zacharee1 actually i can improve it right now.
but i'm not going to because it's not my job to fix bad commands.
@KazWolfe if you're editing it to be the same as the other one, then it's not improved
"I can but I won't because I don't care" :p
1:38 AM
@Zacharee1 actually it sorta does. in the context of just that answer, it's fixed. and no longer VLQ.
@KazWolfe but then it's NAA. If editing it brings it to NAA status, it's not improved
@Zacharee1 VLQ only means "handle this answer, nothing else"
@Zacharee1 That was a 14.5K user we get to flag as link only.
does it?
when you fix a VLQ, it doesn't matter what other answers exist, if any.
1:39 AM
@Zacharee1 NAA does not apply to "duplicate" answers.
are you sure?
@Seth what does?
mod flag?
@Seth, when I raise a VLQ flag on an answer, do you take into account the other answers?
@Zacharee1 Yes, that's a custom flag.
@KazWolfe not usually, no. We're not shown flagged posts with context beyond comments. If there's special context, use a custom flag. Makes things 100 times easier.
@Zacharee1 --^
1:41 AM
Sometimes certain clues will make us look at other answers, but by default no.
why was I allowed to say that twice??
network issues
Would any one have any general tips for the pastebin I posted earlier? (I'll post official when I get home
@Seth I don't understand how you can be a mod and have the patience to put up with the likes of us!
@WinEunuuchs2Unix That's literally a moderator's job description.
1:42 AM
Does anyone remember a website that was just a infinite wall of text?
literally was 2016 term :p
that you could edit...
@TheXed this one?
bye karel, hi karel
@Zacharee1 no...
1:42 AM
new phrase for 2017 is "you got trumped buddy!" (sorry Kaz)
rip Kaz
It was kind of like this, but I don't know if it was :yourworldoftext.com
@WinEunuuchs2Unix :)
@TheXed [NSFW, content can be... strange]
dinner time...back in a bit
(or bite)
1:44 AM
@KazWolfe who is at work?
@TheXed hi
@KazWolfe at 5:45??
@Zacharee1 yes
@KazWolfe why are you here if you are working?
1:45 AM
@TheXed because my monitors are facing a wall.
@KazWolfe where do yo uwork?
@TheXed telco company
So you abuse people that want to use the phone?
1:48 AM
he's shibboleet.
@Seth wat
i'm just a backend engineer
"oh don't mind me, just the person keeping this place running"
i got another sim card for mah phone :3
1:49 AM
@Edity how do you afford
why is LTE so fractured?
not my department.
there are like 7 UMTS bands and almost all phones support all of them
but then there are 50+ LTE bands, and most phones are lucky to support 14
1:52 AM
guess what sim card i brought :3
@TheXed and i have come to the conclusion that that site is literally cancer.
Verizon @Edity
4@KazWolfe Oh? When are we going to die?
1:52 AM
i already have vodafone
@Edity Telecom Mobile
whatever that means, its Spark here.
and, naw.
its predecessor is New Zealand Post Office lol
I'm surprised they aren't connected to T-Mobile
it's the exact shade of Megenta
1:55 AM
I'm gonna finish this cup of coffee I made 2.5 hours ago eventually...
@Edity oh, I think it is Telecom Mobile
i have a SK-Telecom sim, unused
@Zacharee1 correcto, and its SPARK HERE
Telecom changed their name.
are you in Korea or NZ??
@Edity you get free Spotify Premium
1:57 AM
im in nz >_>
@Zacharee1 yass.
you said you have an SK-Tcom SIM
yeah but i used it in korea now its in my unused sim card hall of fame
That pink German giant...
We normally make fun of their quality here.
@ByteCommander really? It's great in the US
and I get free roaming in DE
plus free data, texting in pretty much every country
calls are 20¢/min but who calls amirite?
They're probably not that bad.

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