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@DavidFoerster Sprintime?
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1:24 AM
Any mods around? Can we implement this?
Q: Maybe [hdpi] is not high enough, add [hidpi] as a synonym?

muruI have seen posts tagged with hidpi twice or thrice in the past, and each time I replaced it with hdpi, whose tag info reads: High DPI (dots per inch) screen resolutions, e.g. 4k/UHD/QHD screens in a relatively small form factor, e.g. laptops/tablets. Use this tag for issues relating to t...

Q: Why is my question still on hold?

user9885Why is my question still on hold after a day? I made it more specific.

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4:35 AM
can I get the repen for this, askubuntu.com/questions/987015/…
Actually, i'm going to to take it to a community that is more suited to answer it.
Panther answered the question in quite a straightforward way. He's not a maintainer of the vlc ppa or daily build repos, so it's not really his problem anyway. If I was running daily, I wouldn't even try to run ppas. It's begging for trouble.
Q: What is the root cause of "E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."

Evan CarrollPreviously, I was getting this error when I merely tried to update. I believe this problem is related to the VLC PPA which has always been total and utter trash on Ubuntu. I had to actually remove a file that was under package control with rm in order to purge the *vlc* packages. Now, that I dele...

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5:57 AM
@EvanCarroll Now that you asked the above question on Unix & Linux, do you still want it to be reopened here?
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10:12 AM
Could someone running Wayland please test whether the answers on this question still apply? I'd like to set a bounty in case neither xclip nor xsel work under Wayland.
Q: A command-line clipboard copy and paste utility?

Peter.OIn Windows I used command-line clipboard copy-and-paste utilities... pclip.exe and gclip.exe These were UnixUtils ports for Windows (but they only handled plain text). There were a couple of other native Windows utilities which could write/extract any format. I've looked for something...

10:25 AM
all i can tell is that under Xorg xclip wors still
@Videonauth the Xorg session will still be available in 18.04, won't it?
thanks for testing and good morning btw ;)
erm i can tell you in a second, i just fored up a 17.10 VM with wayland to test if theyre working
but to be honest since both tools are based on X i heavily doubt that they work
@Videonauth Yes, me too! That's why I want to set a bounty now, so that people have enough time to find a Wayland equivalent before 18.04 is out.
well it seems basic xclip seems to work
really? yay! =)
10:39 AM
the two lines saying test was me simply pressing ctrl+shift+v to test
@Videonauth great, thank you very much!
shall i test xsel too ?
now I don't have to worry all of my scripts will fail to work in Wayland at least for this part :)
well i use an alias most time wanna know it ?
@Videonauth if you want – it would certainly improve the answers (I would add this information there then)
@Videonauth an alias for what?
10:42 AM
alias toclip='xclip -sel clip'
i normaly do cat file | toclip
I'm just writing a script for remind notification with using yad, where I want the content of a certain variable to be copied into the clipboard…
echo -n $var | xclip -f -se p | xclip -se c
well xsel works still too under wayland
(note: that is a completely unaltered 17.10 installation which is only updated to the latest proposal)
@Videonauth amazing :>
so, now to your question if xorg is still on 18.04 :)
fires up 18.04 VM
i would say yes ;) since i get a cogwheel at startup to choose between Ubuntu or Ubuntu on Xorg
Still upsaet with wayland tho, reading "wontfix" on requests to support screenrecording and vnc software makes me upset
10:57 AM
@dessert applications can freely write to the clipboard (aka copy). Only the application with focus is notified that the clipboard has been modified and can read from it (aka paste). Worse, the clipboard for applications running under the XWayland is independent of the clipboard for native Wayland applications, so something needs to sync them (IIRC the KDE KWin window manager does this, not sure if GNOME Shell does).
Informative read:
true i not tested pasting in other windows except the terminal
@Videonauth That's what I thought: Wayland may be the future, but I will stick to Xorg as long as it's not possible to properly control it from the command-line.
@muru Wow, thank you!
11:52 AM
@TheWanderer Well, that's title of the YT video. Not much I can do about that.
@NathanOsman: Could you please fix askubuntu.com/a/90/175814 if it still applies?
12:04 PM
Q: Full reset of WLAN interface on Ubuntu?

wolf-revo-catsThe Wifi-USB-stick is Edimax EW-7811Un. After some 12 - 24 hours in use, the connection speed usually slowly deteriorates to the point of stalling (the Wifi-USB-stick is still associated with the AP, but not even pinging the AP will work). There is nothing in dmesg when that happens. After reboot...

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1:39 PM
@karel No, I don't.
(the answer on Ask Ubuntu is utter trash)
Anyway, luckily the StackExchange network still has expertise over at Unix.SE. This site seems more lost everyday to Microsoft's "Power Users" who just use Linux because it "looks cool".
Hi @EvanCarroll. Since it's you and I know you know the rules, bye Evan.
I'll just leave this here:
I got a ticket for a server being down and the building is literally on fire!?
2:02 PM
@terdon askubuntu.com/q/987015 ... (edit history)
@Videonauth I deleted the question.
Dec 14 at 16:00, by terdon
Wow. Not a lot of intelligent people out there, are there?
just not sure if the answer cant be salvaged/merged to another question
@terdon askubuntu.com/a/987149/522934 merge to following question: askubuntu.com/q/986350
Ah crap, no I hadn't seen there was a perfectly decent answer. I undeleted.
@RobotHumans Oli's reply :D
2:13 PM
Yeah. He posted the "When you know your firewall game is off the charts" after I dropped it here. I chuckled. The comment chain on that one is great.
@Videonauth Isn't that a dupe?
well i could not find a dupe the problem is actually the newest builds of that daily-master ppa
and it would IMO a shame to get an answer to nirvana because of a deletion
Well, even just posted an answer.
@Videonauth ?
panthers answer on the question you just deleted
3 mins ago, by terdon
Ah crap, no I hadn't seen there was a perfectly decent answer. I undeleted.
2:16 PM
10 hours ago, by RobotHumans
Panther answered the question in quite a straightforward way. He's not a maintainer of the vlc ppa or daily build repos, so it's not really his problem anyway. If I was running daily, I wouldn't even try to run ppas. It's begging for trouble.
ah ok then yes the second might be a dupe of the first
user image
@DavidFoerster “I was here” :D
2:37 PM
Hello :)
@RobotHumans Hi :)
@DavidFoerster Wow. Although, I did say someone would get extra cool points when Apple banned the use of Pepe in any context on iOS, that if someone could get an app to compile that had ASCII art of Pepe when viewed in a hex editor.
2:59 PM
Has anybody run Oracle XE on Ubuntu 16.04 server? am contemplating it for a web site...
Q: Ubuntu Server 17.10 GRUB install error: disk lvmid/... not found (software RAID 0 + LVM) with MSDOS partition table

gregory112I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 17.10 on a system with BIOS. I have two HDDs in which I wanted to setup a basic RAID 0 with mdadm. Also on top of the software RAID, I created an LVM volume group consisting of the root partition (that means including /boot too) and a swap partition both in the...

@terdon - My suggestion is just delete all the comments =) askubuntu.com/questions/987015/…
Question / answer - lock
3:16 PM
I think the OP wanted more than this site generally provides or the question morphed into too broad in the comments
And perhaps some of the comments to the question also, but some are / were helpful
3:44 PM
@Panther - I think he wanted to install a daily build of VLC that doesn't exist because of a bug in the way it got pushed to launchpad. So, an unsolveable problem that can't get answered beyond download the source and build it yourself or open a bug on launchpad. Your answer was perfectly sufficient imo.
Good on you for entertaining the question at all. I just ignore questions about daily-builds, because my answer would be "Wait a few days, and it will work itself out"
@RobotHumans - Thanks for the input. I think he may have been able to solicit help if he was not so frustrated =)
It would be an interesting feature to tack on to the launchpad build system to ensure that every package is installable, or even though it's built - just not present it to users. So, if there's an unsolve-able dependency because A got pushed before B, then the package is just hidden on the back end.
They have a testing framework to do that, but it is not automated
and generally the -daily ppa are for testers , developers, and packaging not end users
Yeah. See where I basically said "you don't get to complain about daily-build."
If you are interested wiki.ubuntu.com/ProposedMigration
packages will move a bit faster if they are security related
I broaden that a bit - "you don't get to complain about ppa" lol
although some ppa are better maintained than others
3:57 PM
A recent update on arch bricked some people, because a systemd dependency borked. I use PPAs, but expecting daily build on Ubuntu to just work is like begging for trouble. And I don't complain if one goes wooly.
Ouch, I hate it when arch updated create bricks
Happens with any distro at some point, seen it with Ubuntu and Fedora as well
Yeah. The faster release cycle in Arch makes it happen more though. I like the release cycle now, and I don't mind using arch from time to time, but I would never run arch edge on anything critical.
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5:13 PM
@muru so, NerdOfCode and NerdOfLinux turned out to actually be one and the same ?
The previous time, yes. Nobody seems to have taken action this time, so probably they're playing it safe now
Seems so anyway, not sure what the mods saw or did
How can I test whether a file's last line ends with a newline character? I want to append text to the file, but I can't be sure I always end the last line with a linebreak – and I don't want to create empty lines, needless to say.
A: Print all complete lines of file

terdonA simple approach is to use perl: perl -ne '/\n/ && print' file If you just want to check that the last character of a file is a newline, you can do: tail -c1 file | grep -q '^$' && echo yes || echo no But the -c option is not POSIX, so it isn't portable.

Heh, these two accounts have been around for a while and theyve been mentioned in chat before. It's funny mods haven't looked into it earlier
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Don't make assumptions.
@dessert alternatively, if you just want to check manually, you can do:
$ tail -c1 file | od -c
0000000  \n
5:18 PM
@terdon Oh ? Mods werk in mysterious wayz
That they do.
@terdon Thanks a lot!
@terdon think you can do meta.askubuntu.com/questions/16875/…? showed up again yesterday
you're welcome
@dessert you've been doing it already with your while loop, actually. That || [ -n "$line" ] part
@terdon I think I asked before but forgot. Can mods see IP addresses?
5:21 PM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy That does the trick for the loop, but for echo 1 >>file it's not useful…
@muru done
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy yes but our access is monitored
@dessert OK, I'm waking up so still i don't quite understand what you're trying to do
$ echo 1 >nl
$ echo -n 1 >no_nl
$ echo 2 | tee -a nl >>no_nl
$ cat no_nl
@dessert this should fix all lines that don't end in a newline and leave other files untouched:
perl -i -pe 's/$/\n/ unless /\n/' *
5:31 PM
That's the problem – of course I want 1\n2 there, not 12. terdon already solved it with tail -c1 though. :)
Test it first
I only tested on a couple of examples.
And you can make is safer with perl -i.bak -pe 's/$/\n/ unless /\n/' *
But that means a .bak backup of every file, changed or unchanged.
Um. We are not in any way shape or form a US site. On the contrary, this and every other SE site is explicitly an international community. — terdon ♦ 17 mins ago
@terdon Thanks for clarifying that, I was worried a bit there…
Yeah, no idea where Kaz was coming from there.
I'm not even sure "most users are from the US". Many, sure. Maybe even the largest minority, but a majority? I don't know.
5:51 PM
folks, anyone here who can provide some quick help on which source my machine is getting updates to google chrome from?
6:09 PM
Q: delete history within a bash script and run with sudo

user4839775I delete the history with this command: cat /dev/null > ~/.bash_history && history -c && exit but when I put this command in a bash script (in /etc/init.d/) and execute it with "sudo" privileges, the following error occurs: sudo: history: order not found This error occurs because "history" ...

@EmilioPisanty apt-cache policy <package>
Welp, very soon I shall revoke my Ubuntu card, and become proud full time user of another distro. You may begin booing and throwing rotten tomatoes now
6:25 PM
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Ubuntu is a gateway drug, so no hard feelings from me – I also think about trying Fedora once. :)
@terdon That works like a charm, thank you – do you want me to write a U&L question about it?

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