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Hi, everybody.
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Q: Cant find from where fiail2ban getting ssh logins from

MirageI have one prod server where fail2ban was installed before i joined company. Eveyday i get email like this Hi, The IP 158.140.XX.204 has just been banned by Fail2Ban after 6 attempts against ssh. Here are more information about 158.140.XX.204: Lines containing IP:158.140.XX.204 in /var/log...

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Q: Can anyone help with this error while running my tcl script in ns2?

Ahmed Alfarishile running my tcl script for new protocol in ns2 it shows error as: num_nodes is set 108
invalid command name “Agent/HEBM” while executing “Agent/HEBM set radius_2” (file “balance.tcl” line31) please, reply as soon as possible, it will be very helpful to implement my project.

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Q: Badges getting cut in half

Deepak MahakaleSeems like the badges are getting cut in half. Attaching the screenshot below

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@Videonauth Yeah, KazWolfe raised a FP.
How do I get an account though?
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@Fabby nice :D
co-workers once made a backup on a friday of software we adjusted the past week. 3 people where at it for 10 hours 4 days. he deleted the backup and the rest of the directory by adding a space to the rm.
he got seriously lucky... one of the employees had to go early that friday and he was reasponsible for the backups. The backup was done minutes, if not seconds, before he did the rm :D
so we wasted another 4 hours waiting for the restore :X HE paid for diner on the way home :+)
Q: Laptop does not connect to wifi and ethernet with Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Janina NuberI switched from Windows to Linux on my HP laptop. I first installed Ubuntu 16.04, then Ubuntu 18 and then Linux Mint (my current OS), but with all three I have problems with my wifi and ethernet connection. With certain networks like the one at my home, I can connect, but the connection is very ...

9:21 AM
Q: The StackExchange website keeps me logged in between sessions without asking me

BroadswordeThe login screen for StackExchange/AskUbuntu has no option to select or deselect a "keep me logged in" function, but it retains the login by default. Retaining an everlasting login session without the user's permission has got to be some kind of bug or design flaw. The security implications are...

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Q: Unexpected behavior

damadamI don't know what is special about this question : Use sleep with minutes and seconds This question is about the use of a basic shell function, can anyone explain me what is difficult about a command like that (which need just to read a little the manual, and like we say : RTFM!)? This question...

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Good day
Is it possible to add new user with password in one line? I did hope, that `useradd hello -p world` would work, but then I found the note, that "*The encrypted password, as returned by crypt(3).*"
Asking because I want to add one more user within Dockerfile instead of default provided root user.
10:44 AM
Okay. Nvm. Found it. serverfault.com/questions/868092/… Very nifty solution.
Q: notify-send with crontab in i3

munHungerSo, I've read a lot of forum topics on this, but none of them seem to help and I just cannot get this working. I am trying to create a cron job that sends a notification via notify-send. I am currently trying this: */2 * * * * DISPLAY=:0 DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/$(id -u)/bu...

11:38 AM
On 18.04 in the normal repositories there is a package called python3-exif which is great because I want to parse EXIF with Python.
But how to find documentation for it? There are so many different EXIF parsing Python libraries, I can't figure out which one is in that package.
@NicolasRaoul the package contains a file called /usr/share/doc/python3-exif/examples/EXIF.py, maybe that’s helpful?
@NicolasRaoul also there’s /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/ExifRead-2.1.2.egg-info/PKG-INFO, which may contain package info ;P
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Q: Can I use SysV init scripts for systemd

robertIn Ubuntu 14 I have a bunch of SysV init scripts (/etc/init.d/). After migration to Ubuntu 16 they do not really work, as I understand Ubuntu 16 generates systemd unit files on the fly. Some services can be started but some not. My idea is to: relocate SysV init scripts (/etc/init.d/ -> /var...

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@Rinzwind Yeah! :)
@Rinzwind Really lucky!
I wasn't: we lost 1 or 2h of work but had to restore 1 full backup and 2 or 3 incrementals. (=1 entire day lost)
(we started doing differentials soon after)
1:20 PM
@Fabby ping one of the admin in charcoal hq and you can make yourself an account on metasmoke
when you have this you can ask in charcoal for privileges
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@Fabby yeah well. it wasn't me ;-) as of today and I have been using computers 1993 I have only broke 1 thing and that was a 40Gb disk I tried formatting from BIOS where I mistyped the cylinders, Never did I mess up commands in linux >:)
my rm's are always 1st done with an "ls"
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@Fabby we've all had misclicks/bunged up commands. I keep 2 trees of all code for that reason. Meant to delete something - deleted something else critical. Copied it back from tree 2. You fat finger something from time to time. It happens. As long as you're prepared for it, it's no big deal.
2:32 PM
I got backups of backups of backups of backups. Heck we use google instances and every instance does a real time copy to another google instance as a fallback + an amazon real time copy as fallback 2 + our chinese also does this to alibaba. And each of those has a real time backup with incremental change log. Then we make manual copies each friday. Plus I have my own personal copies D:
screw that new privacy law >:)
Q: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS keyboard is disabled tried standard solutions already

Vladaar MalaneOkay, so this is what happened. I came home and noticed my kids had tried to log on my laptop when I was at work. A massive keystroke password was there. However, I found that I when I restarted the computer I couldn't use the keyboard at all. I was able to use Accessible onscreen keyboard ...

I'd make the kids fix it and give them only water and bread until they do.
@RobotHumans I also backup my money. So if one bill is lost, I still have the other. ;-)
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@Fabby so no day off for you ? :( ... anyway, the next weekend is nearing ! :)

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