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12:11 AM
=) thanks @Fabby, so great I hope this comment will be removed, yes I did flag for it
Happy Weekend =D
@Benny You too. Mine won't be: DR Test on Sunday.
Disaster Recovery
oh man
hope you will do great!
I hope so too!
12:26 AM
Israel on the Moon!
12:51 AM
Q: Ubuntu ARP reply configuration

RyanI am wondering what/if there is any configuration that enables arp replies. I have an Ubuntu machine with two interfaces - one is ethernet to a non-public LAN, the other is Wifi which connects to the public internet. I need internet access on the private LAN for one computer temporarily, so I se...

Q: How shall I create a physical volume from a partition containing `/`?

TimI have a laptop running Lubuntu 18.04, with a single hard drive as a bootable disk, and two partitions on it: EFI System Partition and a bigger partition contains everything else (e.g. / an /home). $ sudo parted -l Model: ATA TOSHIBA MQ01ABF0 (scsi) Disk /dev/sda: 500GB Sector size (logical/phy...

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2:22 AM
I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.1, everything is up-to-date, just now I ran into a printer issue. When I went to print a color document, (HP OfficeJet 4500) the colors seem to be reversed, and the entire background is cyan. This has never happened before, I've done lots of color printing. Printer test page is fine, I re-started both the printer and computer. Has anyone else run into this? B&W prints fine
4 hours later…
6:12 AM
Hello, everyone
Any ubuntu expert up here who can help me with recovering my database file over SSH
I accidentally deleted it with rm command
I am ready to pay if someone can do this for me
1 hour later…
7:40 AM
@JProgrammer I don't think that's allowed here...
Which database? How did you delete it?
8:08 AM
says he used rm
8:19 AM
He's screwed without physical access anyway unless he has a backup.
1 hour later…
9:21 AM
@JProgrammer if you have multiple partitions or drives you might be lucky getting some files back with testdisk/photoresc but since you need to install that the chances re really pretty slim, if you have no backup you can assume that you're screwed as @fabby said. If you're heavily relying on that database you only can send it in for data recovery which will be hard - impossible if you have no physical access to the machine and a crappy provider support.
You might call them if they have a backup maybe, some providers, especially smaller ones do that to protect their customers from hardware related data loss.
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy are you maybe able to translate that => askubuntu.com/q/1120568
@Videonauth I'm on it
@SergiyKolodyazhnyy Thank you a lot, the cyrillic characters are trowing me slightly off :D
9:39 AM
Ugh, I was going to write an answer in Russian and English, but I am missing russian input and I just removed other locales to save disk space yesterday
talking about perfect timing
oh yeah :)
anyways the quesition got closed pretty quickly
Right . . . Well . . . It could have been useful . . .
yes i mean the two answers existing adress it a little bit but there could have been more information right in this place

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