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12:03 AM
If anyone knows KickStart, I would say have at it: askubuntu.com/questions/868904/grub2-wont-load-kickstart Other than that, I might call this one off topic.
@WinEunuuchs2Unix Hello =)
Ready for the weekend?
Yes and no. I have to work some this weekend. But I will get some free time. Yay! =) You?
I"m tired of work so looking forward to sleeping in. Plus hopefully get around to making a 17.04 boot... My system throws up on the UEFI boot image and I'll have to patch OSXLINUX somehow.
12:09 AM
Sounds like fun! ;)
It will be if it works :)
=) I hope so.
@StefanoPalazzo Hi. I added a new answer on a thread where one of your answers had a broken link. @muru has figured out how to fix the broken link. He suggested adding my answer into yours as an edit. What do you think? Thanks ;) askubuntu.com/questions/47447/…
Let's throw a bounty at it and see what happens:
Q: R9 270x with AMDGPU driver under Ubuntu 16.04 with new 4.9 kernel

HyperCubeI heard that the newest mainline kernel should be capable of using the AMD-GPU driver for my AMD R9 270x graphics card. However, I could not find any information on how to set it up under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Would it be sufficient to install the new kernel (from here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~ker...

12:22 AM
I've given up on AMD video cards. just too much to try to get one to work. They used to be awesome, in my opinion.
@Terrance they are still awesome. The open source driver works perfectly. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. Only problem is that it doesn't support OpenCL and performance is a bit slow.
But the parts that do work are great.
@NathanOsman I would love to feel that way, but a simple C552 AMD card at work locks up our towers. I have lost faith in them.
Windows they work fine, but Ubuntu locks up hard with them
That's a shame.
If you're not gaming or doing rendering, Intel works well.
We are using the onboard cards for now in these systems
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 06)
@NathanOsman You through a bounty on a kernel 4.9 question that means it can't be closed so Pilot6 and @Fabby will freak out :p
Personally I installed 4.9 the day it came out and it works fine.
Actually I just installed 4.9.1 (came out 6 hours ago). rebooting...
Yup 4.9.1 works ok....seemed to boot faster but that's subjective :)
12:54 AM
But it's been released.
My vga is part of the reason I don't put Ubuntu on my desktop...
Video Graphics Array...
is that a really old term?
I know what it is.
I can't believe you are using it.
DVI-D and HDMI bro.
I could use DVI-D, but I don't have the cable lol
I have never taken the time to buy one...
1:01 AM
They are cheap.
Just order one on Amazon.
I know I have about 50 of them laying around at work...
@NathanOsman I sent you an email via launchpad (just so you know it's legit)
Should I install SteamOS on it?
@Serg that came up on my youtube too...I did not watch it thogh....
It has pretty sick specs , tons of RAM and like tons of disks. But . . . this is 9000$ . . . and it's pretty much as heavy as desktop . . .
It kind of defeats the purpose of laptop form, but it sure looks cool
@chaskes thanks!
No prob!
1:47 AM
@Serg Johnny Ives nightmare fuel :P
I've no idea who Johnny Ives is , but it probably is a nightmare fuel O_o
@Serg RAZER made a concept laptop on display at CES that has three screens. The two side ones slide out. They made it just to make it; probably never actually going on sale
@Serg Jony Ives is the new Apple designer, since iOS 7
@Serg he is main apple designer, the guy with British accent in their promo vids
the guy who thinks it's a good idea to remove all function from a product so it looks prettier
as long as you don't actually want to use it, of course
I don't see why you can't use it
if you want more ports just buy another laptop :P
1:49 AM
@Downgoat as soon as you want to do something on that new MBP, you need an adapter, which ruins the design
or if you got the new Jet Black iPhone 7 and you want to use your old headphones, you use the included BRIGHT WHITE adapter
@JonyIveParody, A White Room
I'm Jonathan Ive, the best fucking designer since Dieter Rams. I invented #Minimaluminiumalism. I am *NOT* on Instagram. (PARODY, not affiliated with Apple.)
22.9k tweets, 68.7k followers, following 5 users
@Zacharee1 yeah. And now all my old thunderbolt adapters are useless thanks to USB C
.@realDonaldTrump thinks “intelligence briefing” is a term for smart underwear. #CES2017
ROFL , that guy shared the link to that laptop,too
more than once
“Apple is so expensive.” http://thenextweb.com/gadgets/2017/01/04/acers-9000-predator-21-x-worlds-first-curved-laptop/
9K for that laptop means it won't have many sales.
1:55 AM
I almost could have afforded it...
Maybe in a few years the used price will be $2000 :)
The CES sounds like fun... it would be sweet to go.
It’s a complete mystery as to why Mac gaming isn’t more popular, what with us giving you the latest midrange AMD and Intel integrated GPUs.
Really looking forward to @nvidia unveiling the GTX 1080 Ti that you’ll never fucking see used inside a Mac. #CES2017
^^^^ This chatroom community service message brought to you by ZachTheTwitterBot :D
@WinEunuuchs2Unix relevant:
I think I spend too much time on twitter
I don't have twitter.
2:01 AM
@Zacharee1 ye mac sho gud
he also makes fun of Android's update problem
but I don't think he knows that's really just Samsung :p
my only goal in life is to play games on a iGPU in mac at 5 fps
why am I just now seeing CVs from 2015 in queue?
not me
no, the CVs themselves (dupe votes) are originally from 2015
2:03 AM
@Zacharee1 oh i meant i wasn't the one to initiate those CVs
@edwinksl I know
feel free to blame, uhh, everyone else though :p
not me
oh wait... there might have been one :(
@TheXed well it's closed now, so the dupe comment is gone, but it was this askubuntu.com/questions/166903/how-do-i-install-itunes
Tim made the comment
but he's not listed as CVing
2:06 AM
That's from 2012, not 2015
@WinEunuuchs2Unix the CV comment was from 2015
oh you mean the first CV was 2015.... I've seen Questions from 2014 CV'd that never made it to queue and then I added onto them again.
@Zacharee1 i count 3
have another drink and you might see more :p
@edwinksl oop lel
@edwinksl DO YOUR CVS
2:09 AM
no food til cvs
2:14 AM
user image
ive been out-hue'ed
In that case, for my encore performance, I present to you an owl. A great owl. The best owl.
small loan of 1 million mice?
Koala baby says no:
...which I am sure is equally disturbing.
2:22 AM
@NathanOsman is that Trump Jr?
Who even knows.
I wouldn't mind one of these.
creepy felted fox?
Or this one :D
(I may or may not be joking.)
that one's good
2:26 AM
I can't tell if this one is absolutely abysmal or absolutely awesome.
Fair enough.
It would make for an interesting conversation piece.
Q: Live without the touchscreen or try another distro?

ozoneI'm trying to make a simple music player for my garage out of old computer parts. I've loaded Lubuntu onto a mini-ITX form factor board and for the most part it worked right away. I like this option a lot because I don't have to pay for a Windows OS that will probably not run on this weak machi...

2:42 AM
much puns, so humor, wow
@Serg saw a comedy skit recently, and i'm totally thinking about bombing a couple of threads with an "I'm the machine" moment.
@Serg pun overflow. i'm just going to lumber along like it never happened
2:54 AM
Ooooo, that would go quite well on Area51. I'd support, maybe even become meow-derator
I don't think it would come off purrfectly
Stack Exchange could use some humor every now and zen
buddha don't wanna disappoint anyone with horribly bad puns...
i so hope nobody bookmarks this in the chat log and throws it in my face later. that would be a mix of catastrophe and indifference
Yo gotta embrace your inner punness. I never miss an oporTUNAty to make a few bad puns in the chat
We need to smile more
Also VR porn is a thing apparently. I kinda suspected it will appear at some point. Link is from youtube, so pretty safe for work, btw , but click at our own risk
this fishy conversation has been had before...
3:09 AM
@Serg As if it weren't bad enough in 2D... sigh...
@NathanOsman Human nature. Ever since cave people started painting on the walls , it was there
Oh I agree. But lots of bad things are part of human nature.
Pornography isn't bad, as long as it's done with class and consent of all individuals
I still don't have 11 hats <.<
bad things... shrugs... the machine reference
3:11 AM
23 hats \ (^_^)/ here
Considering that I'm almost 24/7 on AU, I got pretty decent amount
@Serg O_o o_O
Good job, BTW.
lol, thanks . . . maybe I really should spend less time on AU
3:15 AM
nobody would condone spending less time being helpful... @NathanOsman - any thoughts after the pyside thing had time to percolate?
To be honest, I haven't even had a chance to take a look at the announcement yet.
3:37 AM
@WinEunuuchs2Unix meh, I'm not freaked out if @NathanOsman did it... If it was him, there must've been a very good reason behind it.
Honestly, I didn't know kernel 4.9 questions were bad.
I mean, the kernel has been released.
It's not a beta or rc.
I don't keep track of kernels unless Canonical releases them after extensive testing...
Custom kernels are off-topic on AU.
50 Mbps SDSL gets converted to 1Mbps SDSL when using VPN... :@
I guess not that many people are building custom kernels :D
@Fabby I honestly did not realize that.
:D I thought you something??? :O
Now I feel bad for putting a bounty on it.
3:50 AM
Q: Do custom kernels constitute off-topicness?

hexafractionOriginally, this question was closed due to a mis-wording, and is now in the process of being reopened. Another user pointed out to me that they believe that a custom kernel makes a post off-topic (while the original post may have been mentioning a proxy configuration, that is beside the point). ...

maybe we could revisit this question
@edwinksl we have , here: meta.askubuntu.com/a/16392/295286
@Fabby custom kernels are not off-topic , see ^
that's only one answer
i am looking for a solid consensus if it exists
@edwinksl I think the amount of votes on both the one you linked, and the one I liked provides sufficient consensus
no there isn't sufficient consensus
there are plenty of dissenting opinions in the old post
@Serg Last time I didn't downvote because it was you, but upvoted the question.
I disagree as it is opening a whole can of worms ...
I will stop closing as off-topic however if I see a custom kernel and will instead leave a big fat warning for other users.
4:03 AM
yeah i am vacillating too
@edwinksl but not enough downvotes, so unless the number on Serg's question becomes negative, the consensus is to allow custom kernels.
@Fabby I don't mind downvotes, feel free. There's no can of worms to be opened here. It's the same as if I installed VLC or any other 3rd party software. That's cosidered usage of Ubuntu. Second, it's under administering Ubuntu, because without kernel, Ubuntu (or any *nix) is as useful as my old Windows hard drive
(* bad comparison , but what i mean, is that kernels are not off-topic)
No, it's not like installing 3rd party software...
A custom kernel is like changing the engine of the car
A 3rd party application is installing a non-branded upgrade
there are some questions that have definitely been closed as off-topic because custom kernels were used. if custom kernels are on topic, we may want to reopen them
(like nitrous oxide)
4:06 AM
@edwinksl I'll provide my vote
@edwinksl Ask the question on meta!
Good discussion item....
i am personally 50/50 on this matter
@Fabby That's true. Although if all you do is recompile the generic kernel to add one driver.
@Fabby and it will be closed as off-topic
4:07 AM
so i will just follow whatever the consensus is
@Fabby By that same logic, installing custom drivers is like changing parts of engine , because that's what big chunk of Linux kernel is
@NathanOsman Yes, I know... I would do it as well if push comes to shove, but would not expect great support...
@Serg It's like changing the spark plugs or belt engine.
Changing the entire engine IMHO is one bridge too far! ;)
Still affects the engine though , and it still doesn't come from "official manufacturer"
but hey, don't feel bad about it! We just have our first difference of opinion.
I can understand both sides of this one.
4:10 AM
@Serg Yes, absolutely right, but again: Changing the entire engine IMHO is one bridge too far! ;-)
Meh, I don't feel bad about it. I personally would love to hear mod's opinion on this
On the one hand, once you deviate from shipping kernels, you're using an unsupported configuration.
On the other hand, most minor tweaks won't make any difference.
@Serg The mods don't decide. Community does and mods serve the community.
But then again, that isn't likely to be relevant to the question anyway...
@Fabby power to the people! \o/
4:11 AM
i am almost certain mods serve their own financial interests
The mods are our slaves, not the other way around! ;-) >:-) :D
@edwinksl ??? Financial??? They don't get paid to do this...
@Fabby :p
They're volunteers like us...
Maybe they sell our data to Nigerian scammers :P
Any 25K Rep user can do that...
4:12 AM
No wonder I've been getting all that spam lately
@Serg LOL
(but then again, my email is all over interwebs )
I'm going to grab a bite to eat...
4:13 AM
No, there is information even 25k users can't access.
@edwinksl 1047481448@qq.com , that's the same one I put into all of my scripts and on github
not even binary, pleb
That's also my Launchpad PPA, 1047481448-2
Whatever QQ gave me, I'm stuck with that now. That's actually a good number
too many "4"s, chinese hate that
And easy to remember: yao ling si qi, si ba, yao si si ba
Yeah, but if you combine those 4's, they become 8s ;)
4:15 AM
I actually don't care about my email address anymore.
nathan.osman@gmail.com <--- have at it spammers
Well, with my 12-letter last name, spelling the email is pain in the lower regions
Numbers ? Everybody understands numbers over phone
Compare that "Excuse me, can you repeat that. Serjey . . . Serjay . . Sergjeez ?"
I think I have one of the world's shortest email addresses.
4:53 AM
Oh yes. I forgot. It's Friday night. Therefore, spam.
how do you forget it's friday night
totally unclear what he's asking...
Meanwhile winter:
0/10, can still see the roads
I'll try harder next time.
5:08 AM
----------99999999999999/10 major disapointments
@NathanOsman now that's a real winter
Fair enough.
note that the "skiers" are skiing on a major road
OP,OP,OP , OP AskUbuntu style
( disregard my moments of derpness and excessive listening to k-pop )
5:19 AM
so summer here :3
the sun is shining, the breeze is flowing
@edwinksl Where is that?
Looks like Siberia... >:-)
Pensioner spends years praying to Saint Anthony until she's told it's a Lord of the Rings figurine… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/817575768599437312
5:43 AM
O_o type edwinksl in haveibeenpwned.com and it says he got pwned in gawker
5:58 AM
6:20 AM
One of my email addresses is in there.
I entered in the haveibeenpwned.com website and there was one breach.
It was for GeekedIn which scraped the email from my GitHub profile.
So not really a breach since the information was already public.
Googling GeekedIn reveals that their database has been breached and 8 million profiles were leaked
GeekedIn: In August 2016, the technology recruitment site GeekedIn left a MongoDB database exposed and over 8M records were extracted by an unknown third party. The breached data was originally scraped from GitHub in violation of their terms of use and contained information exposed in public profiles, including over 1 million members' email addresses. Full details on the incident (including how impacted members can see their leaked data) are covered in the blog post on 8 million GitHub profiles were leaked from GeekedIn's MongoDB - here's how to see yours.
6:35 AM
Yeah, but just information that was already public in my case.
grr @Edity stop loling
Well... I had ought to go to bed now.
Goodnight everyone.
self-moderation @Edity
@NathanOsman good night, sleep well
Thanks. Also thanks for the reminder that I forgot to turn my speakers down :D
I am a bit absent-minded sometimes.
night nathan, dream about bacon
mmmm. bacon.
user image
6:43 AM
ooops, sorry :D hope those speakers weren't too loud
Q: Please don't use underscores for formatting

muruSE Markdown supports both underscores and asterisks for marking italics and bold: _foo_ __foo__ *foo* **foo** foo foo foo foo However, the SE editor (both in browsers and apps) only recognises (and uses) asterisks. If you select an underscore-delimited italic or bold word, and use the key...

2 hours later…
8:54 AM
I reviewed the late answers and I could upvote every one after editing \o/ :D
yay, AU quality increases (?)
9:22 AM
Maybe :) anyway, happy days
9:56 AM
@ByteCommander Nice golfage: askubuntu.com/a/748552/295286
Although I'm confused as to why you didn't f.close()
10:55 AM
@Edity the BACON woke me up
I really need to find an actual blanket...
11:10 AM
I'm probably gonna go get some sleep. I'm running out of energy
11:31 AM
@Serg It is not golfed. One could omit at least 2 more spaces.
And f.close() gets called by the GC in CPython, so although it isn't best practice, for such short scripts it's okay to omit.
@ByteCommander still looks cool, and it's like first time i see someone use unpacking with files
Oh, btw Jacob wrote a script for my screen locking question.
Oh, ok. I guess i won't need to write one,too, then
A: Lock screen after period of inactivity, but not on closing the lid

Jacob VlijmThe background script below will do pretty much exactly as you describe switch off the screen after x seconds lock the screen after y seconds The script #!/usr/bin/env python3 import subprocess import time # set screen off after x seconds off = 300 # lock screen after x seconds lock = 360 ...

@Zacharee1 thanks for the comment :) just saying that here to acknowledge rather than cluttering the post :)
11:44 AM
@JacobVlijm Why don't you use subprocess' universal_newlines=True argument? That way you get Unicode output and don't have to decode the bytes?
You also wrote get instead of set in the gsettings command.

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