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8:00 PM
@RolandiXor let's not get too ahead of ourselves now :p
@RolandiXor I thought I added a comment to that!
@Seth lol
@RolandiXor all the comments are disappearing from your post.
It's hilarious (but infuriating at the same time) how human beings are able to get so entrenched in camp mentality and group think that we fail to see problems that are right in front of our faces.
@Seth That's good! :)
@RolandiXor tell me about it. One of my professors is ex-NSA. He really does not like Edward Snowden. Like a good "brainwashed" military person.
8:04 PM
@Seth Oh wait, you have to expand comments to see it
@Seth lol :D
@RolandiXor I don't see a button for that?
"Captain, we appear to be approaching a small sun."
"Full speed ahead!"
@Seth scroll down to the bottom of the page and "load more comments"
It's a second comment I made
@RolandiXor I still don't see any of them.
8:08 PM
@RolandiXor I also just loaded the additional comments. I'm still going to say your overall point is not really wrong (if too pessimistic) but the later thing about being a joke is way too far, I think.
@TheXed ha!
Jo-Erlend Schinstad is really good at trolling though.
@chaskes what later thing about being a joke O_o?
Ubu has lost direction and become...
@chaskes oh...
Well it's true.
If you step outside of the "ubuntu" community for a while - you will find out that's how most others see "us" right now.
And I have to be honest... they do have a point.
8:12 PM
@RolandiXor Well, I respect your opinion but I disagree with that point. I do my best to stay up with linux in general and what's going on in other distros and regularly also use Debian, Fedora (and Korora), and OpenSuse. Things sometimes get tricky with Ubuntu questions since Canonical is a commercial company.
@RolandiXor gonna go to a Harlem Globetrotters game...
@chaskes I'm not sure how anything you just said ties into what Roland is saying?
Another candidate for the great question titles award:
Q: Ubuntu newby needs help

LooneyTunes HornerI want to install ubuntu on my Windows 7 laptop. I downloaded the files to a disc and changed the boot options in the bios but still Windows 7 boots up

@TheXed football?
@RolandiXor basketball ;-)
8:13 PM
@ByteCommander he/she does.
ubuntu/canonical decided we need to write unity, and mir, and do snaps, and phones. They divided all their resources into 5 different places and now we have a bunch of half written stuff lying around while the desktop stagnates.
@Seth I meant: 1) I don't agree Ubuntu is a joke; 2) Roloand suggested looking outside the Ubu community and I pointed out that I do that already.
@RolandiXor yes basketball
@chaskes I'm talking about the people - not the code/software.
@TheXed lol I am so bad with sports :D
@RolandiXor Oh, ok. Point taken. Still, that's bound to bring a strong response from Canonical employees. But again, I don't disagree with your larger concern about what's happening.
8:17 PM
@chaskes maybe Jorge knows something we don't, but he really does have a tendency to blindly defend everything :/
@RolandiXor silly question, but is your name, used on the linked page?
@chaskes I've run into that territory before :)
And the thing is, none of the decisions ubuntu/canonical have made were wrong, they were just wrong all together. I mean, unity is great. Snaps are great. Ubuntu touch is great. Mir is.. at least ok. But all together? You've got 4 half written buggy apps now. Do you agree @RolandiXor? Alone, one at a time, they would probably have been fine.
@JacobVlijm yep
@chaskes I'm accustomed to "swimming with sharks" all the time. (Meaning, saying things that others will not like).
@Seth I agree with your comment and the larger point you just made as well. but I'd argue there's no stopping the move to cloud/mobile and the question is how to bring the desktop along. I think the problem is both more difficult and more expensive than MS, Canonical, and Apple have thought it would be so far. But the half-started then semi-abandoned projects (from MS as well) is absolutely a huge problem.
8:19 PM
@Seth exactly!
@Seth @RolandiXor Points about Canonical people and prior experiences well taken. :)
@RolandiXor Ah, I meant what is your name....
...used in the linked page...
I think we need a name for the "start something then abandon it" syndrome.
@JacobVlijm Roland Taylor
8:20 PM
@NathanOsman I have that syndrome except I don't have a huge company or an OS with millions of users ;P
I have it too but I'm fighting it.
@chaskes you're not wrong, there was no stopping it, but the way canonical dived right into both at once, while also trying to tackle mir, snaps, unity 8, etc, put ubuntu into a nose dive that anyone could have predicted.
@chaskes the desktop was coming alone fine... until people (in all three companies) panicked, thinking that they needed to make the desktop "evolve" in order to stay relevant.
but yeah, they definitely underestimated the cost of all this. the strange thing is, most of the users seemed to be able to tell that, but not themselves?
@Seth Agreed. And I suspect everyone greatly underestimated the amount of money they would need to spend.
8:22 PM
You don't just write a display server on a whim. Or a mobile operating system. heck, even a packaging system.
@Seth Well said! That's the failure of groupthink, inside the box, etc
Cloud: integrate cloud services with the desktop.
Mobile: integrate mobile + desktop through systems of the ilk of KDE Connect. Nothing to panic about.
but they did that. Along with other projects they wanted to tackle. at once :(
@NathanOsman I am as well, but I fear it might be winning :D
it is special basketball thought. Look them up on youtube @RolandiXor
8:23 PM
@chaskes yeah. I don't know much how other communities are organized (you probably know more about that) but the ubuntu system seems to be collapsing.
@TheXed special as in special olympics? or special as in bells whistles and rocket ships?
Oh and don't even get me started on the many long time and valuable contributors this mess has burnt out so bad they aren't coming back..
bells whitles and rocket ships
and a circus act that happens to be really good basketball players too...
@Seth They need investment capital, which probably explains Ubu on Win. And part of the problem is the inherent conflict between Canonical and the Community (as part of larger open source).
I can't say I know much about other communities either, but one thing that I know has never worked, is having a big company mothership hovering over the heads of an open source city.

Look at Novell. Look at Red Hat (out of it came CentOS - and it is a success). Look at Cyanogen (it isn't just that they couldn't compete with Google).

Not saying having a company behind you is bad, but a company that basically has their hand on your head telling you where to turn is going to cause issues in a *community*.
@TheXed ohhh
8:26 PM
@RolandiXor Exactly!
Everyone says Canonical is just part of "the community" (I've even said it) but it has become much more than that.
It has never been.
Remember when we complained that window controls being on the left was a bad move?
don't let Mark see you guys talking
"Our way or the highway."
Remember when we wanted to minimize apps on click?
"Our way or the highway."
(Eventually they let us have it - when Unity7 was about to be abandoned and they didn't care anymore).
Redhat/Fedora have a different relationship than Canonical/Ubuntu (I'm agreeing with your point here). But Cyanogen needs cash and is now letting MS call the shots in return for investment.
@Zacharee1 lol
@chaskes I haven't heard anything about MS being involved - link?
8:29 PM
@chaskes while completely shutting down the projects that allowed for its success
@RolandiXor There's a lot of links, just google it please. There's was a flurry of articles 4-6 mos ago?
@RolandiXor no, because that's where they need to be :P
What I do know from what I've read is that Cyanogen seems to have had a similar problem to Ubuntu - vibrant community + (at odds with a) + vibrant company.
locking them there was a bad move, however..
@chaskes lol
8:30 PM
Of the three (Unity, Touch, and snaps), I wish they would have just taken on snaps.
@NathanOsman well, unity needed an overhaul, but yes.
One at a time.
@Seth oh yeah, because "innovations that will never exist require them to be on the left"
Debian packaging is... a bit overly-complex.
@RolandiXor no it's just better than the right :p
And prone to breakage.
So snaps are a good idea.
8:31 PM
@NathanOsman Have you tried snaps? It's not much better. I've utterly failed to snap anything useful.
Unity is okay although it has stagnated a bit.
And the multiple times I've gone to the snap people and asked what I was doing wrong, they told me I needed to modify my app to fit the snap format.
@Seth in principle they are awesome.
The tooling is poor right now.
@NathanOsman principles alone don't get you very far..
@RolandiXor Here's the original ones (almost a year ago it turns out):


8:32 PM
@Seth lol because Mac?
@chaskes thanks!
Oh what the heck. Run everything in Docker :D
@RolandiXor right because Windows?
I already do that on my server.
I like the left better. No need to mock me about it.
@NathanOsman Qt Unity sans Mir would have been a good solution.
@Seth haha
8:33 PM
Or even just cleaning up KDE.
I'm just giving the reasons that seem to have come out of our benevolent overlords (though not in those exact words).
If we're honest - Ubuntu has been evolving into Mac for a while.
And when the community complained we were always given the vague "It's for a reason (which doesn't exist)" excuse :)
I'm really tempted to give Arch a shot.
@NathanOsman it has crossed my mind too, but I'd have too much risk :(
Yeah, I already borked one Arch install.
But then again, I was compiling a custom kernel.
@Seth Right now, I need to re-learn hardcore Java for work and don't have much time for other things; but even apart from that, the Canonical Churn long ago caused me to stop wanting to hack Unity, learn Scopes, learn Snap or anything Ubuntu specific. I'll wait for all of that to settle down.
8:36 PM
@chaskes yeah. I'm learning the hard way.
@NathanOsman pacman is so awful though... and I need a system that works.
I've stopped reporting bugs since most of them ended up going in circles.
@Seth it is?
@NathanOsman yeah
How come?
8:37 PM
@chaskes if our local educational system weren't a mess, I'd have continued on studying computer science and who knows... maybe I'd have contributed too or come up with my own something.
NitroShare will be inviting new contributors as soon as I get the next version out.
Have to finish rewriting it first though.
New plugin system :)
Best part is that it runs on nearly any Linux distro.
@NathanOsman the syntax is extremely confusing.
@Seth ah.
8:39 PM
@NathanOsman do I remember correctly that you were rewriting it in Go?
So what it really needs is a new front-end.
@Seth yes and I changed my mind due to technical issues.
@NathanOsman Ah. So back to Qt and C++?
@Seth And it's the same with WPF and lots of similar issues with MS tech.
I'm going to break up the negativity by saying if you have an Android, you should really try Pulse SMS
8:40 PM
@Seth yup.
@chaskes totally, but MS has the manpower to push through anyway if they want.
@Zacharee1 Y THO?
@Zacharee1 sorry, I encrypt my SMS.
@Zacharee1 ????
@NathanOsman lel
8:41 PM
Signal FTW.
waits for zach to mock privacy
@Seth Pulse encrypts and syncs it
@Zacharee1 not e2e
@NathanOsman I haven't been able to get anyone to use that yet :/
@Seth no, but carrier SMS doesn't do that anyway
i'm curious about what Signal and Pulse SMS is...
8:42 PM
@Seth Excellent point...yet they still seem to start and abandon tech projects regularly. In fact the extra cash might exacerbate the problem with them: just when you think, "It's been 18 months, this is sticking around" and start digging in...they end up killing it too.
@Zacharee1 and yet all my SMS to family and close friends is e2e encrypted with the signal protocol.
@Edity Signal isn't SMS.
opens up google play
@chaskes fair point.
@Seth but you need to use the Signal app, which isn't SMS
8:43 PM
@Zacharee1 no, I don't. It's called OSS ;)
ah so signal is a private messager..
@Seth sigh
@Zacharee1 silence.im ftw
and pulse sms is something I don't know and care about, although it has watch compatability, so great with my watch
8:45 PM
@Seth "all messages are ecnrypted locally"
it only does e2e if the other person uses Silence
@Seth @NathanOsman Btw, an I the only one thinking: Ah, robust, informed, polite discussions in AU chat, just like old times? This is a good day to be hanging around.
Does anyone use Telegram?
oh dear lord no
@Zacharee1 I'm not stupid..
(that stupid)
@Seth nubcake
8:48 PM
@RolandiXor no to the no to the no no no
@RolandiXor yeah. it's not that secure, but it is very convenient.
more secure than hangouts tho
Hangouts is secure?
@Zacharee1 I don't mind as long as you don't use it as an insult. Like that.
@Zacharee1 that's the point :P
@Seth iz never insult
@Edity LOOOL
I have it but I don't use it.
8:51 PM
I basically like android apps that has cross-compatability with Wear.
I wanted a pebble 2 :(
@chaskes we try to be civil here :)
@Seth rip
@NathanOsman haha
@Seth yeah, that one's quite sad.
@Zacharee1 huehue.
8:55 PM
color hue?
No, huehue hue.
Le hue.
@NathanOsman try.
8:57 PM
@chaskes :D
soo much hoihoihoi :D
hats die off tommorow
9:08 PM
urgh, still having issues
Q: Ubuntu won't play videos on either browser or native client

towcI have a standard Ubuntu 16.04 laptop (recent install), which just won't play videos at all. If I went on youtube, the video would load, and I can jump from various places in the timeline and see the frames, but the video just won't play. No errors in the console. I then look for examples of html5 <

Okay I'm black now.
@TheXed I didn't realize you meant circus show literally :D
@RolandiXor wat
@Zacharee1 I'm black again :)
It's an inside joke ;) (between me and someone not even in this room)
(or on AU)
9:20 PM
but anyone can join in haha
join in to what though?
the joke
but idk the joke
it's a pun
9:20 PM
and you say you aren't crazy
I said I'm not in sane.
Never said I wasn't crazy }:>
I left sane ages ago.
1 hour ago, by RolandiXor
So maybe I'm not insane (or foolish) after all!
@Zacharee1 see, no mention of crazy :)
9:23 PM
they're synonyms lol
@Zacharee1 not always ;)
5 mins ago, by Zacharee1
you're more troll than @KazWolfe
zach is biggest troll pls
@RolandiXor any ideas?
@Zacharee1 I'm the best troll. The best.
9:31 PM
oh noes
@towc I'm thinking it might be that you need to enable va-api acceleration but I could be wrong.
I don't know much about the Atoms off hand.
you know anyone I could ask?
@towc not really, but I'm sure someone will come along soon.
have you tried VLC btw?
9:38 PM
tried installing through ubuntu-software, but for some reason it wasn't installing it right away so I gave up on that
oh, vlc plays local videos just fine
@towc oh?
Did you just install it?
Try Gnome-MPV now.
wtf it works
9:44 PM
and youtube works as well
You were missing libraries.
damn, thanks
I figured it might be that once you said VLC worked.
but it's weird that sometimes it half-worked before I installed vlc
Sometimes installing 3rd party codecs fails for some unknown reason. I've never figured it out myself.
Half worked?
9:45 PM
as in, after reboot I could play a few seconds of youtube, then it would stop working
which is why I thought it was some kind of memory saturation issue
That is mighty weird.
anyway, wanna post it as an answer?
and now still having problems with enabling a2dp sound...
@towc a2dp?
9:48 PM
bluetooth headset
What issue are you having specifically?
oh, kinda works now
kinda works?
I got it working by some blueman magic...
9:50 PM
and it was fine for a few seconds
then youtube stopped working again
lemme check vlc
@towc it? You mean video playback, right?
(You need to be a bit clearer ;))
it = everything
video playback AND a2dp
ok, vlc works
youtube and gnome-mpv no longer do
Oh, it was only @Zacharee1 pinging me. I thought for a second it was someone important.
no one's important enough for you @KazWolfe
youtube started randomly working again
9:54 PM
False. There are only three people important to wake me from a nap. You are not on that list.
@towc O_o
@KazWolfe well why are you up?
Because I thought you were someone relevant
let me try rebooting, maybe those libs still need a bit more settling?
9:56 PM
SE is not relevant @KazWolfe
how can zach become important enough
@Seth um.... o.o
@towc shouldn't be the case but rebooting never hurt anyone lol
(except for me, it has hurt me badly)
@Seth And then you walk through a metal detector at an airport and have to explain why your pants are beeping...
9:59 PM
youtube is working as expected
still having issues with a2dp

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