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8:00 PM
@Serg: Have you seen this one by the way? :)
Do you know where I may be able to find the long version?
Q3 ends in a month. I want to get #1 for it
@ParanoidPanda Why the heck is YouTube blocking a Japanese video in Germany because of GEMA restrictions???
@ByteCommander Because copyright! :D
8:02 PM
murica ftw
@KazWolfe But GEMA is there to protect German artists, not Japanese ones!
@ByteCommander DRM! :D
Should I fire up TOR...? Nah.
Copyright law is stupid.
Anyone knowing a good free VPN service for such stuff?
8:04 PM
like tariffs, the idea of protection here is to prevent foreign things from entering
I had set up a few earlier, but those stopped workiing with Ubuntu somehow...
i used finchvpn sometimes. don't know how good they are
That reminds me of the guy in the Person of Interest series. He was also called Finch IIRC. But never heard of that VPN. Looking...
@ByteCommander Windscribe gives you 10GB/mo free
you need an acct though
and Chrome
Chrome? No thanks.
I used to have SecurityKISS and hide.me VPNs...
8:08 PM
@ByteCommander well it also works in Chromium
@ByteCommander oh it also works on FF and Opera windscribe.com/download
@ByteCommander someone should make the UI from Person of Interest with OpenCV
I'd love to be able to scan an area and know who people are.
I think this is not a dupe @Anwar askubuntu.com/questions/818395/…
@KazWolfe as long as it isn't me...
they want to know how to do a clever trick, apply sudo after editing the file
I actually liked this guide finchvpn.com/guide/ubuntu/openvpn
@Zanna thanks.
8:12 PM
hi @ThomasWard
what is his obsession with ASUS? askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/610518
@ThomasWard Tag Syn requests.
"no company tags"???
8:14 PM
don't have enough votes in either to suggest them
@KazWolfe on my phone, not brave enough to fuss with the system
since the last ten times I messed with anything mod-powery over the phone it fubar'd something
then grant me power? :P
@Zanna and then the next one too. And he wanted to add media-buttons to a question about brightness shortcuts
or which mod should i summon for that?
gives @KazWolfe exactly one five-billionth additiona power
8:15 PM
@KazWolfe Seth
@KazWolfe Metapost
or @Seth
earlier the vibe was we should make -> not vice versa
If I may be honest:
bash-on-windows is easier to read imo
@Zanna wsl is shorter, but less recognizable
8:15 PM
you may wish to meta post to get discussion on it
bash-on-windows will show up in the tag suggestions more, and people will be more likely to select it
OK but it wasnt me arguing that, I only read up on WSL today
I saw wsl and was like, "what does that mean?"
but others said that was canonical
@Serg: Just read about your app here! Good stuff! ;)
8:16 PM
@ParanoidPanda he's famous now
A-list celeb
doesn't talk to plebs like us
@Zacharee1: Let's hope that the fame doesn't get to him. :P
Or may it has already. :D
@ThomasWard your strict wording guidelines askubuntu.com/questions/818398/…
@ParanoidPanda dunno. He's already insane :p
8:20 PM
@Zacharee1 Not my rules/guidelines, the rules of the site (see the edit history).
@ThomasWard uh oh. They're angry
@ThomasWard Sarcasm..... :p
@ByteCommander Shouldn't be a copyright issue, the band give these videos to this official channel as a sort of advertisement and promotion. They don't want it to be censored.
@ParanoidPanda Let's call GEMA. 1-800 555 GEMA
@Zacharee1 E: No Coffee, Sarcasm Detection Offline until Energy stores are replenished
@ThomasWard $_POST["COFFEE"]
8:22 PM
@Zacharee1 406 Not Acceptable
@ThomasWard $_POST["Doubleshot_Espresso"];
because the server is offline.
8:24 PM
@Zacharee1 fite
oh they don't want to use sed :(
@Zanna sad sed
@edwinksl fite
i would fite but i am on mobile now
@Anwar it's a Window Manager. idk why they call it a distro
@edwinksl fite :(
@Zacharee1 calls in an orbital strike
8:27 PM
@ThomasWard FITE
Q: Tag Synonym Request: Asus-Related Stuff

Kaz WolfeRecently, Asus tags have been getting created left and right. I'd like to propose the following synonyms: asus-pc -> asus asus-laptop -> asus The ASUS tag seems good enough to cover almost any question that requires ASUS (which honestly, shouldn't be many at all). I am unable to submit this ...

Q: Tag Synonym Request: [wsl] -> [bash-on-windows]

Kaz WolfeThere are currently two tags covering Bash On Windows: bash-on-windows and wsl. I propose that wsl should be a synonym of bash-on-windows, as the latter is more readable and intuitive. I am unable to request this synonym myself, as I do not have enough votes and it seems to be a controversial s...

they deleted it
@ThomasWard woot woot deleted
but I was typing a zinger :/
said zinger probably would have been target-locked by me, deleted, and then everyone would get slapped
needs more coffee and sleep, but also needs food
no, it was just me saying they never actually said anything about it being acceptable
and they're on SO, so they must know that question would probably work there...
8:31 PM
bloody new users
@KazWolfe 3yr10mo on SO
one would think he knows what he's doing
Advice needed guys
@Serg kill it with fire
8:32 PM
Should i just keep 2 classes ?
@Zacharee1 i would if could
@Serg what's the other option? what are all the classes? why do you consider keeping only 2?
2 or 3 classes ?
how stressed are you?
@Zacharee1 NICE CAPS
8:36 PM
@AskUbuntuMeta Done because it makes sense.
@AskUbuntuMeta Waiting for community consensus/agreement/discussion
goes back to declaring war against his python IDE
@ThomasWard import sword from weapons
8:40 PM
@ThomasWard do you not like swords?
from ArclightArsenal import RailGun as ArclightRailGun, EnergyCannon as ArclightCannon, LightArms as ArclightSidearms, HeavyWeapons as Endgame
@ThomasWard I have a suggestion for tags, while we're still somewhat on the subject. Should I ask your opinion first or go to Meta?
@Zacharee1 you can ask, but I'll probably point you to meta unless it's super clear :)
@Anwar I will upvote your answer to the sudo save as question tomorrow
(the asus tag merges were pretty damned easy because it made absolutely perfect sense)
8:42 PM
@ThomasWard there are a ton of obscure-ish and specific Dell tags, like dell-mini-9 and dell-mini-10 and del-xps-13 (or whatever). They seem a bit redundant with dell-laptop existing
@Zacharee1 mod level orbital strikes make sense
@Zacharee1 masi is truly a legend
@edwinksl yet Masi needs to adapt to the tags - the decline on their review should help
@ThomasWard we've been declining them and nothing's changed
8:44 PM
i meant that sarcastically btw :P
@Zanna well 2 clAsses is less pressure. 3 classes means i can buy an insurance
@Serg insurance for what?
@Zacharee1 health insurance. I'm 26 , by law required to have one , otherwise have to pay fee wwhen i do my taxes
I'll poke them then
@Serg oh yesh
take teh clasz
8:45 PM
if they don't listen to mod-level squishing and declining of edit suggestions
@Masi you may wish to read Meta, and note that asus-laptop and asus-pc are now synonyms of asus. Adding asus-laptop and asus-pc are no longer going to help, and removal of asus tags won't help either. Tag merges confirmed. (Please check Meta, specifically this synonym request)
1 min ago, by Zacharee1
THERE we go http://askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/610534
Sigh . . . .my college life is shiz , so much mistakes and so much bs
@Serg can you deal with the pressure? Do you need the insurance?
I revived my 2GB/month, >3Mbit/s VPN from hide.me now. Surfing from a Dutch IP address now :)
@Zanna yes i do need insurance. don't know about pressure. I'm also considering internship opportunity , so it might be a bit tough
8:49 PM
@Serg if you're an intern, do you get insurance from the company?
haha nice comment
calm down and check the cable
@KazWolfe I added an answer to your synonym request for the Asus stuff if you want to accept, though that status-completed helps :p
@Serg if insurance is not optional then is there really a choice here? Or can you get this insurance some other way?
So @ThomasWard about the Dell tags
or did I blank on your answer
@Zacharee1 I got busy
@Zacharee1 compile a list, metapost it
a mod'll review/get to it
8:51 PM
or the community will crucify you
or both
without a list of what tags you're suggesting be merged/aliased, I can't really help much :)
well I gave you one :p
but I'm asking
I'd still put it on Meta
is about to go offline anyways for a while
@Zanna purchase from other companies or through a job.
@Zacharee1 its college internship so not sure about that
Set up Canadian and Singapore servers as well - that should be enough to bypass YouTube GeoIP restrictions, even although it uses insecure PPTP.
8:54 PM
@ByteCommander eww PPTP
@Serg hmm
ok so if you have money you only need to do 2 classes and easy life, or if you get a job you can take only 2 classes but still have pressure from job?
@Zacharee1 I could have installed StrongSwan, but last time I tried, it messed up everything.
@ByteCommander no, don't use that. It messed up my computer too
I still use TOR browser for everything that requires privacy though, this VPN is just to make YouTube think I am no German.
synonym requested
9:10 PM
Q: Tag Synonym Request: Dell Tags

Zacharee1Right now, we have dell (1643), dell-vostro (60), dell-mini-10 (17), dell-studio-xps-16 (10) and dell-mini-9 (8). Since those tags, except for the dell tag, barely have any questions, it doesn't really make sense to keep them. If they were more popular, like the MacBook tag, then it would be use...

Q: Are brand tags necessary?

Kaz WolfeWithin the past few hours (of writing) have had two tag synonym requests to clean up branding tags and to unify them under some centralized tags. However, this brings up the following question: Are brand tags (like asus) even necessary for the site? Tags are meant to define what a question...

@Zanna i think with job i could handle the pressure. depends on how much i work
but it is uncertain now? you have job offers to hand, or anticipate a challenge on that front?
so i can squeeze in one more computer science class to two engineering classes already
@Zanna uncertain. Applied on linkedin but no response
I see the problem
you have to decide imminently?
can you drop a class later without consequences?
not immediately but asap. Consequences could be if i dropb below 6 credit hours. I am at 7 right now
9:17 PM
so could you not get job applications in the pipe, take 3 classes, and ditch one when you get a job?
o/ @FamousParanoidPanda
@KazWolfe: \o :)
@Zanna possibly yes
that seems to me that least stressful option because knowing you have to get a job and not getting the job immediately is very stressful, imho
if stress is what we are trying to cut down on...
should I just post this as an answer? askubuntu.com/questions/818403/…
or should we close the question, since it isn't Ubuntu?
9:25 PM
i'd say cannot be reproduced or Not Ubuntu.
yeah I agree, hardware problem so OT, right?
different OS suggests that.
OT it is
custom VTC FTW
@Zanna add a third message :p
lol I voted for yours
I'm a supporter
not an originator
aww :(
9:30 PM
I wanted to make it so all 5 VTCs had unique messages :p
I started writing a comment here to tell them to install tree but do we know what the dir structure should look like? askubuntu.com/questions/818419/cant-execute-a-bin-file
i'm actually curious about what the system would do in that case
well I failed in my supporting duties if I thwarted your desire then @Zacharee1 haha
we should have a sandbox.stackexchange.com site where we all have every privilege save for mod powers.
which of the custom reasons should i pick hmm
9:32 PM
use the one from the higher rep user :D
or zach's. it honestly doesn't matter
they say the same thing
alright 2 votes for each
@KazWolfe Why
who is going to cast the 5th CV
@Zanna :p
@edwinksl and which'll it be o_0_O
9:33 PM
i like how kaz just threw Super User under the bus
@edwinksl muahahahahahhahaha
eh, they get enough terrible questions already
what's one more?
@KazWolfe it's worse now
see, i should have a delete button for that post.
but i don't. which is dumb.
don't you need -3?
9:35 PM
I can't make anything of that but maybe I just lack experience in the topic. Whatever the topic is meant to me
i think some other conditions
@Zanna no it makes no sense
I have reviewed a total of 15 reopen votes... that gold badge could take a while hehe
> You must wait for a question to be closed for 2 days before you can vote for deletion. This restriction is removed for trusted users when a post scores -3 or lower. If you feel a post should be deleted despite having lots of votes or for being new, please flag it for community moderator attention.
yep i see that.
9:37 PM
So you need to wait 2 days or get 10k more rep
and sockpuppet it down 2 times
@KazWolfe eh, just hack a mod acct
using my 10k powers to nuke 1 question tags. this is fun!
@Zanna why are your answers not accepted???
quite the streak you got going
9:44 PM
@edwinksl Is there a tag for stuff like date/currency formats?
no clue, i ain't no tag lord
Goodnight! :)
i haven't tagged much at all
@ParanoidPanda night!
Been a long day.
then it is.
9:47 PM
well in at least 3 cases they are not accepted because OP can't find the accept button
added "thanks" as a comment or answer etc
who wants 5?
Maybe folks don't like it when a girl tells them what to do...
i didn't know until today
@ByteCommander askubuntu.com/questions/805761/… -- do either of these tags make any sense?
because i think just replacing them with is good enough
@KazWolfe Don't know if this [x-apps] will ever be a thing on Ubuntu, if yes it would make a valid tag I think. However, [pix] seems to be too specific and not useful to me. It's all just my humble opinion though.
9:53 PM
alright. if [x-apps] becomes real, we can always make the tag. until then, i've just burned it
@KazWolfe you found a way to use your powers
@ByteCommander I'm guessing it's typically a good idea to burn tags about specific programs with only 1 question and no wiki?
@KazWolfe do a search. If there are other questions about the same thing, then you might want to consider
someone said something about 15 questions for a tag to be created
you want some more to burn? there's some new rubbish
9:55 PM
i have a list of every tag made in the last 30 days.
i think i already managed to halve it :D
thank you
until mods yell at me for doing something
It was painful to look at the view
Believe me, those "mod tools" (which are just an info panel) get boring pretty soon...
i thought the review queues would do that too
9:57 PM
@KazWolfe kill this one askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/x10
it has no questions
i can't delete unused tags
i can only disassoc them from questions
or more accurately, i don't know how to nuke tags
9:59 PM
is this one you can do something with Lord ZAMD? askubuntu.com/review/close/610362
@KazWolfe wait. All it gives you is the ability to delete tags without editing the question
pretty sure only mods can purge tags
@Zanna so on that GIMPShop subject
check out what the gimpshop.com page says
you fixed it?
10:05 PM
> Gimpshop.com is distributing the original unmodified software, obtained directly from GIMP's repository website, and does not modify it in any way. These installers comply with the original software manufacturer's policies and terms & conditions. DownloadAdmin™ is an install manager, which manages the installation of your chosen software. In addition to managing your download and installation, DownloadAdmin™will offer free popular software that you may be interested in.
> You are not required to install any additional software to complete your installation of your selected software. You can always completely remove the programs at any time in Windows' Add/Remove Programs.
the site is literally redistributing GIMP, but with a monetized download manager
hahaha yeah I just found that
so gimpshop is fake
that site is
is it legal for them to make money redistributing GIMP?
up there where I mentioned Lord ZAMD I meant you @Zacharee1 did you click? ^^^^
I know it's open source, but they're not modifying it at all
I am soooo not an expert on licenses
10:08 PM
@Zanna I took a look, idk
I skipped it
is gimpshop actually a thing now then?
GIMPShop was a thing, but it was put on hold in 2006
like I said before you killed my GIMP
I said it's been abandoned long time 'go
10:12 PM
I'm lost :p
but you said nah zanna install this deb I found down the back of the sofa
4 hours ago, by Zanna
not your fault :) @Zacharee1
whistles nonchalantly
hahaha I stand by that statement
but ima still joke about it
there was no doubt it was going to be horrible haha
10:14 PM
so it is legal to redistribute GIMP for profit as long as the GPL license is included
doesn't look like they include the license though gimpshop.com/terms-and-conditions
it's a badly recreated T&C from somewhere it I think
quite a few grammatical errors and vague statements
hlelo @Seth
so question. can regular users purge tags?
or just mods.
10:19 PM
@KazWolfe the only way to purge tags it to leave them with no questions.
and the system will remove them after a while?
> Note that you cannot simply give a link to the GIMP ftp mirrors: it should be the exact source code that was used to compile the binary package that you are selling and you have to cover the costs of redistribution yourself. If you sell and distribute the binaries online, the GPL requires you to make the source code available “from the same place” so giving a link to the GIMP mirrors is not sufficient
I think I should contact them and ask for their source code. See what they do
do it
the T&Cs are like... conflicting with the GPL violently? or is it just that IANAL?
but they have the T&C, which do seem weird, and then they also have the GPL
10:23 PM
which says the opposite
should we go to [legal.se]?
looks painful. if a post is all in caps I copy it into the terminal for example and alt+l through it
hah but that wouldn't fix it all in that case hahaha
i think im overestimating my capabilities....just squeezed in job in addition to classes on monday
10:28 PM
you got job?
most likely you are underestimating yourself hehe
@Zanna computer labs still willing to hire me, so i made up schedule and still will apply for internship.
everyone needs a sysadmin
@Serg congrats :)
@Zanna that site is a disaster. Not sure I want to ask :p
@Zanna and seeing as you have better received questions here, you know how to do it better anyway :p
100 rep so far today
little more than an hour to go for UTC 0
10:40 PM
yeah who knows what they will send you pretending to be source code hehe
I'll open it in a Linux VM :p
btw, I meant Law, not GS.com :p
and not Goldman Sachs
isn't there an open source SE?
I dreamt it?
I would just email Richard Stallman directly
there you go
@Zanna I still think you'd be better at asking it :p
10:44 PM
my brain is not totally in S3 yet
@Zacharee1 if you want I will ask, but tomorrow, it's 2344 BST
remind me, my absent-mindedness is legend
we'll see if I remember o-O
hehe one of us will remember eventually I hope
later folks :)
Q: sssd /w AD not recognizing loginShell or homeDirectory

BMorgenthalerI've configured a few Ubuntu servers with SSSD connected to a Windows 2012 Active Directory. On the new installs it works just fine (Ubuntu 16.04). On the older installs (14.04 & 16.04) that were previously authing to OpenLDAP, SSSD seems to lose/ignore it's configuration. For example my user ...

11:13 PM
good evening
11:38 PM
I think this fall i will step away from askubuntu a little bit
I'll need to put more work into my studies
I :( too , because i love AU , but i need to end this madness called college ASAP

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