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3:02 PM
Is OUYA available for normal buying yet?
3:20 PM
I'm starring that fo' sho'.
@Almo stuff the game with ads
Like I want ads when playing a console game in my living room.
@Almo nope, but you can do it on the loading screens or the main menus
at least you will get some revenue
Not worth supporting another console in my opinion.
better off just making a PC or Mac game
or just make an initial version with ads and a paying version without ads
obviously :p
3:23 PM
Why do 1k+ question keep getting bumped by 101 rep users who have no activity within the question?
I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I'll be surprised if anything but an already-established title (like Angry Birds) makes any money on that console.
Hey @ToddersLegrande - Nice hat.
@ClassicThunder Ugh. More sock puppet stuff I think. They're creating answers and then deleting them it looks like.
@Blue thanks...
Well that was a good ban.
3:30 PM
@Byte56 Was wondering the same thing. Takes a 10k rep user to see that. Thanks
Yeah, this is on the first question you linked: i.imgur.com/amL3aJQ.png
Just copy/pasted from the other answers.
What's odd, is that it takes someone with a decent amount of knowledge about how the site works to keep pulling stuff like this
@LucasKauffman @Caleb @tombull89 was 90 minutes really necessary for quoting a song somebody else posted thats all about how we need to chill over being politically correct? While the content may have contained stereotypes, do we really think it was offensive?
@ToddersLegrande I didn't flag it
it was not clear you were quoting a song
I did not flag it either
3:33 PM
I want to know what was offensive about it that warranted 90 minutes
Jew is a politically correct term....
as is "white"
saying they have all the money is not
@ToddersLegrande Nor I. Nor did I validate. But if you get flagged for more than one something the automatic timeout time goes up.
ojbective-c and overriding setters fun
"For more than one something" ?
Like more than one comment?
Or the same comment more than once?
3:35 PM
@ToddersLegrande The former I believe.
I'd like to know the second comment then....
I'm sure I could get flagged for quoting NIN lyrics. :)
@Almo its not really the fact that it was lyrics
@ToddersLegrande In any case see my lecture above about throwing jokes that include race into the middle of an ongoing dispute over a racial slur. That's just not the time to do that. And you know it's not a matter of the term being PC or not, PC terms can be used wrong too.
Hey. Why here: gamedev.stackexchange.com/a/… it calls the user as user32223? His account was deleted/banned?
3:38 PM
@Jantomedes deleted yes
@ToddersLegrande I was just saying because I thought it was funny. :)
Someone is in the process of farming rep, so there's strange activity.
I think the flagging system has done a wonderful job of interrupting a perfectly normal day of chat and creating drama.
@ManishEarth But why?
no clue
could have requested deletion
could you link?
you gave an incompletel ink
3:40 PM
A: How do you find games with a similar idea?

user32223I would like to add my own answer, which had elements already propositioned by the other two users here. However, their suggestion isn't the same as mine. As Patrick said, "There is no shortcut to experience" and Byte56 said, "It's a research task." Both are great answers, and both define quite ...

@ClassicThunder I don't think you've been in an unregulated chatroom where bad attitudes destroy it. These chat rooms work because they are heavily moderated.
hey all
hey modeconkey
3:41 PM
@Caleb no I get that. It was clearly an inappropriate time in hindsight....
i cant really find a better place to ask
The other user involved in that question, FallOutDeviant (user32223) was also deleted.
@Jantomedes OK, no clue
so forgive me if this is the wrong place
And when I got the 30 minute ban I was like ok... my mistake
3:41 PM
but i wanna ask a vim related question
@Byte56 same guy
nuts. can't set custom properties on .ccbs included in other .ccbs
@codemonkey shoot
but when it jumped to 90 minutes I got the feeling some people were on a power trip
not the right place
but you can try
I know a little vi
3:42 PM
@Almo I know, I'm sorry
like I edit bash scripts with it. :)
so go ahead :D
is there a quick way to select the word under my cursor, and search for it?
some viw
to select visually the word
must be but I don't know
B if I'm not mistaking
and then / something to find it?
3:42 PM
I know how to change the word under the cursor: cw
@ManishEarth I suppose so huh. There was Harold and FallOutDeviant.
yeah, i know cw
B. obviously. vi is so opaque
@LucasKauffman what does B do?
@Byte56 It could also be a migrated question, but it doesn't look like that
3:43 PM
I like it, but it's a steep learning curve
wait not B
@ManishEarth Nope, I saw it answered here.
Namely, Tom.
@LucasKauffman ok
3:43 PM
let me fire up vim
sure, tyt
thanks for your help
@Byte56 You said something with farming rep?
@codemonkey there isn't a function built in natively like that but what you can do is install this plugin vim.wikia.com/wiki/Search_for_visually_selected_text
Strange behavior yeah. Users answering questions then deleting their answers.
thanks @luca
ps: where would be the appropriate place to ask such a vim related question?
3:46 PM
@Byte56 link?
Just check out the active questions.
@codemonkey I think superuser
Lots of high view/vote questions getting answers that are then deleted.
@LucasKauffman ok, thanks mate
3:47 PM
They post on high traffic stuff to get some quick upvotes
Then delete, the rep vanishes after awhile
But it gives them enough time to proliferate through the network
Well, looks like someone is cleaning up.
yeah I'd go to superuser
Community is on the case.
@Noctrine we saw one pass on that on chinese.SE earlier
@ToddersLegrande Wasn't me even the first flag and I wasn't watching after that. And I don't think I'm privy to more details of flags to see how that went down, but chances are more than one thing got flagged so the timeout got extended. Right or wrong we can't give the time back or even identify the flager so I'd just let it go and move on, you didn't miss much :)
3:49 PM
@LucasKauffman I noticed some of these users had accounts there.
for whoever likes realistic sniper action, the 2nd sniper elite is part of the latest indie royale bundle, among other goodies
@Caleb you can see which messages of his were flagged on his profiles
Oh god
I don't like the starcraftII & diablo3 patch system
1setup 2playable 3optimal
@Noctrine Yes my child?
3:52 PM
@user11177 why not. that's pretty cool.
@Noctrine there's a meta question for it somewhere, let me dig it up
@ManishEarth Why so I can. Learn something new ever day. Well in that case @ToddersLegrande it was only the one message, but six separate people flagged it. In the future I suggest A) not playing with fire B) not throwing gas on fire and C) if not doing either of the above, being more generous with textual clues like formatting with blockquotes and adding attribution.
@Almo just normal download and then PLAY is cleaner and better in my opinion.
@Caleb fair enough. Thanks for looking into that.
3:55 PM
@user11177 if you want that, then wait for optimal to finish. If you're in a hurry, start earlier.
Q: What's up with this question?

Joachim SauerSomeone seems to be playing with the Stackexchange Hot Question algorithm: 这是一个专门创建的社区Wiki集学习中国普通话的资源,它已经批准由社区本身 This question seems to be the coordinated work of about a dozen entirely new users (created today) to post a "question" that gets a high "hotness" score. I don't know any Chinese an...

it does clutter up the interface a bit, but it's only the loader. :)
@ManishEarth showed it earlier
ok, a quick vector question
to get right, is it up X front
or front X up
right hand rule
point fingers along first vector
curl fingers to second vector
3:58 PM
@Almo automatically when reading that I extended my fingers xD
thumb points third vector
a friend of mine showed up a breakfast with NO written on his left hand. I asked why. He said "Physics test."
4:13 PM
Wait... Why "NO"?
Am I missing some very clever Physics ref# or is it simply NO - DON'T CHEAT NEWB
LOL @Blue
Same reason that people who are about to have a limb surgically removed write "NOT THIS LEG" on the good limb
He just didn't want to accidentally use his left hand for the right-hand rule
Which... could be considered cheating, but meh
it feels good, when you are not active on the site, and you reputation goes up time to time
Yup, little by little
and mostly it's those answers not well appreciated when you first wrote them :P
4:18 PM
by the way why is the room extra crowded?
do you guys know any dlna server for windows supporting mkv and flv?
Is PS3 Media Server DLNA?
I think so, but I doubt you could run it on windows.
windows media player is a good enough DLNA server itself, though it doesn't support those formats
I'm looking for some app, which works just like wmplayer, as a service in the background.
4:25 PM
PS3 Media Server runs on Windows
"with versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X."
4:36 PM
this looks like it's going to be Amnesia 2's competition
and the most system shock game system shock fans are going to get anytime soon
@AlexM. Oh yeah, I forgot about that
Looks good.
wish I could play them
couldn't take more than 10 mins of amnesia lol
switching the focus on my mainframe->stations a bit
having specialized stations that do their own work independently is a better idea and leads to a more decoupled design
I like in that trailer, how a minute in, without even knowing there's anything bad going on, they're already peaking around corners.
I'll keep the mainframe for services only
e.g. streaming music to stations that request it, so that there's really no need for each station to have its own music db
but to have a station that is an independent web browser for example, it would be silly to keep it communicating with the mainframe for each user input
5:00 PM
Those games need occulus rift support
Now you're talking
@ToddersLegrande yes
Jay Hanlon on June 25, 2013

It pains me when I hear people say that our sites are unfriendly, or that we chase new users away. But it’s a hard problem, because our highest priority has always been the quality of content on our sites.  And it still is. We can’t lower our standards. We won’t.

But we have been working hard to make our sites more welcoming, reminding users that feedback can be clear and nice, and helping new users learn the ropes before they get frustrated.  And, as of today, we’ve completely overhauled closing. …

I saw ur evil plan
@CodeAssassin I know, that amature using public channels to communicate like that.
5:06 PM
Unfortunately, we still don't have "On Hold"
I was more interested in the "my plans" than the "nobody look"
woa everybody left
Ah man, I'm still chuckling about that one.
Trolls can be so adorable sometimes.
Start game for first time windowed or fullscreen with option to change in preferences?
So, is the goal still "fighting against the high rep users", for the little guy?
I do wonder what you get out of this.
5:14 PM
Troll destroyed
(has no parent user)
So... chaos for the sake of chaos?
@ManishEarth I was questioning the suspect!
@Byte56 Meh. Don't feed the troll
what a loser :(
The more you humor him the more fun he has
@Tetrad or anyone - does a duplicate question just have to have an answer, or does it have to have an answer that is marked as THE answer?
5:17 PM
It has to have an accepted answer
It's not clear whether that means, an answer with one upvote or an answer that has actually been accepted.
Ah ok.
@ToddersLegrande No thats the wrong way to think if it imo. It should have to be the same question. Sharing an answer is not a duplicate question.
i think upvoted answer
5:19 PM
@ClassicThunder I think thats been the expectation with some exceptions getting through. I was just curious about the linking - it mentioned needing an answer to link a question and I wanted to know if it could be any old answer or if it had to be an accepted answer
But we can no longer mark as duplicate unless that duplicate question has an answer.
Very likely upvoted answer.
Kind of an issue when people ask the same question again because the question they wanted answered doesn't have an answer.
Its definitely an issue when its a new user that asked the question because they couldn't comment on the answers on the other question.
@Byte56 mods can override
5:21 PM
@ManishEarth Well I guess that'll work.
If a user wants a different answer than whats posted based on a set of criteria, is that worthy of a new question / won't get marked as a dupe?
I would say yes as long as thats clear
@ToddersLegrande bounty
or re ask if the criteria are sufficiently different
Bounty would work for the exact same question but wanting more answers
not necessarily
New users can't bounty.
5:23 PM
then re ask and make is different
or edit and pray
I've opened bounties for people who couldn't yet, or wanted updates on a question. Kind of a time consuming work around though.
Hmm. It would have been nice to have no voting on the questionnaire.
I guess we don't have a good way to enforce that on meta.
There need to be a no vote option on meta imo.
If only for the elections.
I guess it doesn't happen often enough to warrant it
Troll alert.
claw/claw/bite, right?
5:36 PM
Yeah, but puff up first to scare them.
the weather's cool now after yesterday's rain
went outside at 3AM, in shorts only. nothing more amazing than a chilly gust of wind after combos of 33+ degs
Why, in Flooby Nooby, there's no need for puffery.
this was also the first morning in which I did not wake up all sweaty
5:39 PM
33F would be a chilly gust in shorts.
in quite a long time
33F is our weather in early December
33C is our weather, like never. :D
33F (0.5C) is the transition between jacket and longcoat for me
always a nice time of the year
@JohnMcDonald we go up to 40C in hot summer days
Cairo, Egypt here
sounds like typical summer
ALL summer
17C right now in my town
no wonder it's so awesome <3
the laptop is also more silent
5:42 PM
"Hot" here is like 25C+
maybe I'll go to the seaside in August
it's the only place where those 40C are actually cool for me
though I have to admit I'm mostly attracted by the nice malls in Constanta, not by the beach itself :(
I enjoy drinking cocktails near the beach, but that's about it
ever since I saw a guy dying right next to me after being taken out of the water
I'm not that confident in swimming
At least he made it out of the water?
I thought you were going to say that's when the drinking started.
the only thing that started then was me not wanting to go in the water anymore
actually, I did go for a swim last year, but it was just once in a full week, and lasted 20 mins or so
5:46 PM
I rather like swimming in the ocean.
I thought it would be a waste to go to the seaside (it's pretty far from where I live) and not try the water out at least once
But only with goggles that cover the nose too.
I'd gladly swim each day in an Iron Man suit with swimming addons
Then swimming under the waves and looking up at the sky is fantastic.
I'd gladly do a lot of things in an Iron Man suit.
I was never able to float on my back
everyone seems to be able to do it, except for me
5:47 PM
@Byte56 everyone wants to be TONY STORK
@CodeAssassin Bringing the babies?
@Byte56 I just want his tech and his iron man suit - that is all.
@Byte56 lol :P
quick question: when writing documents in Word or anything similar, you can organize stuff in chapters and subchapters like this:
1 Title
He can keep the babies!
1.1 Subtitle
1.2 Subtitle ...
anyone know what these are actually called?
5:49 PM
It's called a table of contents
I'm sure I can do it in LibreOffice, but I have no idea what to call the function
And yes, you can do that in Word.
Iron Bird.
@Byte56 let's see
found it, thanks!
I used to do it manually
but when exporting to pdf it wouldn't work obviously
Yeah, it should auto update with page numbers and what not.
5:51 PM
I want to be TONY STORK too
Ha, someone made an image for it already.
That looks nothing like a stork.
@Code Assassin every nerd wants to be tony stark
This is a stork.
5:54 PM
is this birdman?
False. That's an image of a stork.
Oh good point :/
(False != True) == Fail
the wizard for the table of contents is so complicated
I'm not even sure what I want anymore

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