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12:56 AM
@Bob must be enjoying the newest Firefox versions' startup performance improvements
1 hour later…
2:05 AM
in Chat feedback, Oct 18 '10 at 9:14, by Feeds
All feedback welcome!
The very first chat message.
@BenN lol. still in beta but I saw those come up in Nightly News a month back
though tbh it's not so bad now, even in 54
Firefox used to be awfully slow to shut down after a long session.
Especially with all the memory leaks the browser had.
It's much better these days, but Firefox still leaks small amounts of memory over time.
Remember this error message?
> Firefox is already running, but is not responding. [...]
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3:15 AM
Hey, AMD Family 17h (Zen) Software Optimization Guide is up (not sure when, though): support.amd.com/TechDocs/55723_SOG_Fam_17h_Processors_3.00.pdf
June 2017.
Hey, Soul Sister... 🎢🎢
Good morning!
Life is cool
3:31 AM
> The AMD Family 17h processor employs a reduced instruction set execution core with a preprocessor that decodes and decomposes most of the simpler AMD64 instructions into a sequence of one or two macro ops. More complex instructions are implemented using microcode routines.
Apr 28 at 3:03, by Journeyman Geek
@bwDraco technically arn't most modern x86es risc-like internally?
@bwDraco In practice not terribly important -- the big compilers, GCC and Microsoft, already have support and optimizations for Zen from much earlier in the dev cycle due to proactivity on AMD's part (working with and contributing to GCC, and working with Microsoft)
most user programs will just compile with those compilers and get enough optimizations for free
Well, AotS saw massive gains after it was optimized for Ryzen, anywhere from 15-30% or more.
maybe they had to recompile using a newer compiler? not sure what exactly they did to optimize "for Ryzen"
I would be surprised if they're writing assembler for a game - more than likely, MSFT C++ based on what I've heard Stardock does in the past
huh, they actually went into detail about the nature of the changes, neat
3:40 AM
Probably ASM code.
could be some inline assembly in optimized inner loops I guess...
when you're writing your own engine from scratch like Oxide did, you have to write all those optimized inner loops yourself
some game devs (many, these days, probably) that use engines like Unreal or Unity might not even have developers on staff with enough knowledge to write optimized assembler that beats the C/C++ compiler in performance
impressive work by Oxide
if you're building on someone else's engine, the most important part is understanding enough about that engine (and the graphics API) to get the best use out of what's already there... but I doubt those folks do too much assembler or even low-level code, just calling a ton of C++ APIs
Jul 18 at 3:54, by bwDraco
The very fact that the game brought a 2P/16C/32T server to its knees is a testament to the incredible engineering that Oxide Games put into the Nitrous engine.
Stardock seriously needs to consider licensing it to other developers. It's an engineering masterwork.
I'm sure the engine will scale to more than 16 threads if they wanted it to.
Chances are good that Oxide is working with a 16C/32T Threadripper engineering sample to do just that.
I want to see AotS peg a Ryzen Threadripper 1950X on all 32 hardware threads.
4:00 AM
@bwDraco yup, cause x86 instructions are actually pretty cheap, and risc-like designs actually work better in a lot of cases
Its also why they could try stuff like the dual arch processor zen was rumoured to be
@JourneymanGeek I believe AMD K12 was supposed to be an ARM version of the Zen architecture...
It's getting late. Good night.
1 hour later…
5:14 AM
@bwDraco They fixed that ages ago.
@bwDraco Memory leaks actually, counter-intuitively maybe, make shutdown faster
The fix was to intentionally 'leak' memory.
@Bob wha
Because cleaning up memory just before you release it to the OS is slow and absolutely useless.
Better to just save what you need to and exit, leaving the rest of the memory to be reclaimed by the OS in one go.
"reclaimed" meaning "mark as unused"
FYI most of Firefox's memory usage previously wasn't leaking either, but rather address space (free space) fragmentation.
A leak implies it's no longer tracked correctly.
It was still tracked, but hard to allocate because it was in lots of little blocks where a single large block was requested.
Happens when you're constantly dynamically allocating/releasing memory in small chunks, and it's a difficult problem to deal with.
@Rahul2001 hii
@Avery :)
How're you?
5:21 AM
@bwDraco Dunno if I said it before, but... that's a pretty meaningless argument. I mean, I could say "the game brought a <overkill server> to its knees because it's incredibly poorly optimised" ;)
It does show it attempts to use many threads/cores. But it does not, by itself, show that it uses them efficiently.
I've seen workloads that use more cores and slow down (overall) in the process due to lock contention.
@Rahul2001 not much, trolling a bot
@Avery cool
I set my finalized server up last night
Am super happy
5:39 AM
I taught the bot my name
6:03 AM
Someone help me out here
Why does the page superuser.com/users/432540/rahul2001?tab=profile access scorecardresearch.com?
I don't like this. Too much tracking
There's a main meta post on things like this
@JourneymanGeek linky, please?
Q: Are some SE web tracking beacons more important than others?

bmikeI'm starting to block lots of javascript trackers using the Ghostery browser extension for reasons. Currently Stack Exchange seems to be using the following tracking technologies across multiple sites according to my brief analysis: Adzerk - http://static.adzerk.net/ados.js (and 4 other script...

and that's from Joel, so roughly as canonical as it gets
Hm, ok
6:18 AM
Most places wouldn't document it. Or even bother ;p
6:36 AM
@JourneymanGeek I do on my website!
No tracking, no non-essential cookies, no storing of logs.
@Rahul2001 tbh, compared to SE... you're a drop in the ocean ;p
@JourneymanGeek Still... doing my bit :)
7:02 AM
* *
@Rahul2001 Is it snowing? ;)
@DavidPostill I wish... I've never been in real snow...
@bwDraco didn't you have a dead nexus 5?
7:35 AM
how do i find out what the hell keeps triggering the busy spinner cursor i.ytimg.com/vi/6IN34Kuyv50/hqdefault.jpg
@user2476549 Are we supposed to guess by just looking at a picture? I don't know what it is a picture of, or what you are trying to do when it happens. You need to give a lot more information.
7:51 AM
that cursor that indicates a background process is doing something. id like generic instructions on how to identify the process that is triggering that cursor. it happens every few minutes, on its own, through no input of my own. going by CPU usage isn't enough because there isn't anything that stands out in particular
@user2476549 Close programs one by one until it stops?
I don't believe there's a generic way to find which process is setting cursor state.
by "close programs", you mean start killing processes :P i was hoping I wouldnt have to do that.. god i hate windows
@user2476549 for most part, this place is more for talking about things than actually asking questions - we do troubleshoot sometimes, but that works better when you';re famiiar with the place
it could be anything from slow storage to ram to solar flares to rogue butterflies.
yeah sorry about that. i really dislike the non-verbose nature of windows, the effort to hide all the technical details from the user
@JourneymanGeek I have two.
8:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek a friend of mine I going to come online here in a minute from my sock account because he wants to inspect the CSS.
Hope that's ok?
in theory .... not really. In practice. Meh
Just for a couple of minutes.
I'll create another room maybe?
@Rahul2001 If you hadn't told us we wouldn't have known it wasn't your sock ...
precisely ;p
@DavidPostill meh.
Okay plan cancelled, I'm coming online from my sock account.
8:09 AM
Quick everybody, leave chat ;)
I am playing with something dodgy, and I have a non dodgy problem
and I can't ask because the thing I am playing with is dodgy
@JourneymanGeek You could try asking anyway and use β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ where appropriate :)
there should be a black market version of stack exchange for such problems
Well I'm certain its git related
@user2476549 uhhh
There already is?
Don't ask me, I'm not going to link it
8:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek @user2476549 nah, cursor busy is explicitly set by an application
if you really wanted to, I suppose you could try to intercept the relevant API call
or try to log them at least. there's audit applications that can do that
@JourneymanGeek lol. steam? :P
worked around it tbh
@JourneymanGeek sorry ;p
Where's my rolled up newspaper when I need it ...
@Rahul2001 Find one that doesn't start with dQw ;)
Youtube needs a browse mode like Twitch has... You can play a video, then continue navigating the site while the current video is playing in a corner.
@MichaelFrank yess
Mobile kinda has that
9:18 AM
Hi, can any1 tell me how the System32\drivers\etc\services file should look?
9:54 AM
Hello, superguys and supergals!
(I was going for "Hello, supermen and superwomen" but realized I might be sued for copyright infringement.)
...and superdogs. Hello to you too.
lol it's easy to train chatbots
with like
making it associate it with random unrelated stuff
# Copyright (c) 1993-2004 Microsoft Corp.
# This file contains port numbers for well-known services defined by IANA
# Format:
# <service name> <port number>/<protocol> [aliases...] [#<comment>]

echo 7/tcp
echo 7/udp
discard 9/tcp sink null
discard 9/udp sink null
systat 11/tcp users #Active users
systat 11/udp users #Active users
daytime 13/tcp
10:01 AM
@HermanTheGermanHesse I uploaded a full "services" file for you: pastebin.com/K9dm64fc
10:12 AM
Annoyance of the day: UK Job Adverts offering UKP 7.00 / hour. This is below the UK minimum wage:
> From April 2016, all workers aged 25 and over are legally entitled to at least £7.20 per hour.
10:34 AM
might be on purpose
@Rahul2001 no it doesn't. mobile will replace the video if you open a new video page.
just being able to navigate searches/lists is nowhere near enough
@Bob yes I know
@JourneymanGeek Maybe. But then they are doing something that is also not allowed - Age Discrimination, by restricting the jobs to under 25s
or getting people wgo don't know their rights
11:05 AM
@DavidPostill amusing fact, the cheapest childcare we can find around here is £4/hr, meaning if you have 2 kids it aint worth working
Maybe you should find a job in childcare then. Maybe you should do mutual childcare!
Or maybe having two children with enough time distance between them, so that one can care for the other.
I think there was a film about doing this too. Ramona and Beezus, I think.
What's worse is that is for a job with unsociable hours:
> The hours of work will be evening cover between Friday to Sunday with hours of 4.00pm - 10.00pm.
Bloody hell. What job is that? Night guard?
11:13 AM
No premium for working all evenings and including weekends.
@FleetCommand Call centre
> Free parking and weekly pay are just some of the benefits
Bloodshedy hell. Call centers kill the soul.
Yeah. Weekly pay is a benefit?
Benefits for Satan, not the worker!
Being unemployed is depressing :/
And that's the best part of it.
11:16 AM
The worst part is... well, not having any money.
I once experienced it firsthand.
@FleetCommand Yep. I'm way over qualified for these call centre jobs but I have to apply for them :/ Or lose my UKP 1.75 unemployment benefit :/
I'm applying for every call centre job in Liverpool and still not getting interviews.
That's at least 10 applications / week
Maybe I should apply to pick up litter. It's the same bloody pay ...
@DavidPostill Well, do that! At least in my country, it is better than a call center. You get to wear a respectable uniform and thick gloves. The smell is the only problem. Still, better than the call center.
@FleetCommand I was going to say that thick gloves are horrible but then I remembered you're talking UK weather :P
might need a raincoat though...
I remember when I was a little child, the streets were cleaned with brooms. Now, robots do that.
11:26 AM
They're still cleaned by brooms here
At least the pavements
Roads are cleaned by those huge trucks with spinning thingies
Yeah. We call them robots. They used to have drivers; sometimes, they still have.
huh, that's a new one
click HNQ, see picture of kitten genitals
11:51 AM
@Bob At least it wasn't fox genitalia ;)
Today I proof-read a rather embarassing typo in a newly authored draft. Someone had added an extra letter to "pop tester" by mistake.
@FleetCommand You are allowed to say "poop" here :)
@DavidPostill I don't want to.
@Bob .....
12:02 PM
@FleetCommand Or was the typo "pope tester" :)
@DavidPostill Argh! You got to it! I would have bet nobody would even think of it after finding about the thing you say I am allowed to say. Good thing I didn't bet!
@FleetCommand :)
@FleetCommand rofl
otherwise the popo tester....
or the oppo tester...
@FleetCommand Well I'm going to risk posting a link to a SE question :)
Q: Were the medieval popes examined on a toilet-lid-like chair to establish their masculinity?

Elberich Schneider Is one of the consequences of the Pope Joan story, whether it was true or false, the use of a marble chair with a large, toilet-like hole in its seat? As the picture above shows, it seems that that chair has been a part of the papal enthronement, when the pope-elect had to sit on the seat nake...

12:10 PM
@JourneymanGeek No. I clearly said "added an extra letter". You altered the order.
"I have altered our arrangement. Pray I do not alter it further"
Is that a quotation from someone? The Audacious Alterer?
The Empire Strikes Back ;)
tho it seems I misremembered it
12:19 PM
Yeah. I can imagine Darth Vader saying it now. With his peculiar overpronunciation.
@Bob what concerns me is sexing your small animal is something your vet does along with their shots...
@JourneymanGeek yea that ... could be better phrased :P
looks innocent
@JourneymanGeek As long as you don't read the Urban Dictionary :)
Is there another name for "gudgeon pin"?
12:29 PM
I think most muggles wouldn't know what that is ;p
Well, no-majs are calling it "wrist pin".
12:41 PM
@FleetCommand "Piston Pin"
It's a "Wrist Pin" in the US/Canada.
1 hour later…
2:02 PM
Hello :)
2:15 PM
would the real @Rahul please stand up? ;p
2:32 PM
please stand up
2:57 PM
@JourneymanGeek hi!
3:21 PM
Catching up on what happened last night...
10 hours ago, by Bob
This is a big problem for me. I don't have a critical eye.
I seriously need to reread what I'm writing.
@Bob: Sorry. There's clearly a problem. Any hints?
@bwDraco there's no problem
nitpick=> it doesn't really matter, I'm just being incredibly pedantic, meh, ignore it.
@JourneymanGeek Nexus 5X. Is there something relevant you're trying to say?
@Bob Well, I care a lot about being precise and I really should reread my words with a critical viewpoint before they're posted.
@JourneymanGeek I hear weird scraping sounds occasionally from PC in horizontal orientation
This isn't normal?
Oh wait it had a DVD in the drive
Maybe this was the cause
Well, I have a tendency to draw conclusions that do not necessarily follow the facts given.
Ah well. At 24, there are many things I don't know. There's no substitute for experience.
Going forward, I'll be checking what I write more closely.
@Bob It happens enough times that it shouldn't be ignored.
@bwDraco I said ignore me; I was rambling
You didn't say anything wrong. STOP OVERTHINKING IT
now if you'll excuse me imma keep watching the csgo major finals
we seem to be having this discussion daily
it's okay to be wrong
I'm wrong damn near all the time
3:34 PM
I guess it's nothing to worry about.
@bwDraco guess? There's no need to guess, we keep telling you.
but this time you weren't even wrong
I was just nitpicking at nothing
@bwDraco Dude, learn to chill.
Go watch Limitless, the TV show
become like Brian
I don't really watch TV.
@bwDraco Make an exception
3:36 PM
No, I'm not going to watch.
Watch the first 3 episodes
Meh, your wish
@Rahul2001 I... wonder if you know just how relevant that sentence is :P
@Bob Maybe...? :P
...eh, this is causing more harm than good.
Jun 7 '16 at 15:23, by Rahul2001
@bwDraco no, actually limitless (http://www.tvmaze.com/shows/2473/limitless )
3:36 PM
Got stuff to do.
@bwDraco good luck
@bwDraco eh, I'm procrastinating about a dozen things
It happens to be the same as my first name.
@Rahul2001 uh. do you ... not know my name?
3:37 PM
@Bob Bob isn't an alias? Huh.
@bwDraco Very cool coincidence :P
@Rahul2001 oh, I chose Bob for fun
most definitely
nothing todo with my real name, noooooope
@Bob Hey, I'm not that bad :P
@Bob these operating temps are okay for servers?
@Rahul2001 well, you're obviously not dealing with server hardware, so that's a bit of a nonsensical question
they're alright idle temps
3:45 PM
@Bob Yeah well
@Bob Ah okay, that's what I wanted to know
acceptable temperatures depend on the hardware
not on the role of the device
Because this thing is lying inside a close cupboard
@Bob Hm, as a everyday home use PC?
I'd wonder more about the load temps, personally
I only put "as a server" in there because server software is resource intensive?
@Rahul2001 tbh, you'd actually be alright with server hardware idling at higher temps
3:47 PM
@Bob huh
because they can really kick in the fan when things start up
@Rahul2001 "server software" covers about a billion things
it can be number crunching or rendering jobs that peg the CPU
@Bob Well, apache :P
Hm, okay
it can be mostly-idle webservers that sit at basically no load
consumer hardware tends to not be designed for long-term load, so you'd want to keep them a bit cooler
but at the end of the day the CPUs are probably fine
I'd be more concerned about the mobo, maybe RAM, ...
3:49 PM
A: How to get hard drive serial number from command line?

bwDracoIn the same vein as Moab's answer, but using PowerShell this time: Get-CimInstance Win32_DiskDrive | Select-Object Model,SerialNumber This command essentially outputs an instance of the Win32_DiskDrive WMI class which contains the model of each disk drive in the computer and its corresponding ...

...corrected answer content.
4:16 PM
i run boinc 24/7
i dont use stock hsf norm,al;lly tho
What thermal solution?
@bwDraco There's also the somewhat more memorable Get-PhysicalDisk cmdlet, but it's only there on Windows 8 and newer
And Get-Disk is supposed to do something along those lines too, but it sometimes decides to return nothing at all and I don't know why
Get-PhysicalDisk | Select-Object FriendlyName,SerialNumber
It also has a Model property
I tried it. Model does not include the manufacturer's name.
4:30 PM
Weird, it does for one of my drives
There is a Manufacturer property but neither of my drives have it filled
Oddly, on Bifrons, the system eMMC comes up as VID:45 DF4064. The drive displays correctly in Task Manager as SanDisk DF4064.
No such problem occurs on the main laptop (Dragon), which has Samsung and Plextor SSDs and a WD hard drive.
Does anyone know why I get this error, even when the file clearly exists?
Looks like you have mismatched DLLs
@BenN Okay, this is weird
That error is saying that, despite the file being there, the entry in the export table couldn't be found in it
4:32 PM
I only get error if:
extension_dir = "F:\PHP\ext"
It's trying to access a function that's not in the DLL.
Not if ` extension_dir = "ext"`
But the extensions still don't work
Do you need to escape the backslashes?
> Error: Please enable "mbstring" php module.
Are you sure those extensions go with that version of PHP and/or your web server?
4:34 PM
Yes, I am
Just confirmed. 64-bit everything
Did you compile these binaries yourself, or did they come from something?
64 bit, thread safe
A: Can't find ordinal 372 in WAMP/Apache's openssl.exe

Adam AlbrightTo fix the issue, two things are needed: 1) Make sure that you don't have symbolic links for libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll in your Apache bin directory (For example, mine is: C:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.23\bin) If you do have symbolic links (i.e. the file size are 0 bytes), you need to do...

I think the issue is with me installing everything on F: and not C:, which is default
That answer might be relevant, but I don't know much about PHP :/
4:39 PM
@BenN nope, isn't working :(
This question might be more relevant
And you're sure that you got the extensions for the right PHP version?
@BenN They come packaged with download from official website
   echo "SW: ", extension_loaded('mb_strimwidth') ? 'OK' : 'MISSING', '<br>';
This gave me an error
Does it say the extension is missing, or does that line fail altogether?
There might be a line in php.ini that you have to uncomment to enable OpenSSL
5:05 PM
@BenN other extensions aren't working either
@BenN php -m shows them
Hmm, are you still seeing the error about needing mbstring?
5:21 PM
@BenN yeah
Still get error here: pyrotech.cf/rr.php
It looks like mb_strimwidth is a function, so I'm not sure why something named extension_loaded would check for it
Are you sure you're working with the right PHP installation, if you have more than one?
In that screenshot it looks like php is under C, while previously you had things under F
do you have multiple php installations?
6:05 PM
@Burgi just one
@BenN shifted stuff to C drive to see if it would fix stuff
It didn't
6:51 PM
I think it would be cool to switch my browser URL bar to be com.google/page instead of google.com/page
Any ideas?
7:21 PM
T-Mobile LTE-A in Brooklyn, 4th & 87th. Relatively busy area.
@William I have to ask.... why?
@djsmiley2k its how servers are organized and also java class folders
It is one of the things Tim Berners Lee admits he wish he did differently.
7:40 PM
Well the first point is vague but the other are true to my knowledge
@JourneymanGeek What did you find out with those two rooms where when you plugged in WAN port router in one it allowed to other room Internet access via assigned DHCP addresses? I'm a chat room rookie so sorry if there's a better way to ask this, etc.
@NotDog oooooooooo this'll; be good
1 hour later…
9:04 PM
@bwDraco, you were discussing M-discs and drives the other day. A year ago, I hunted for a cheap laptop that still came bundled with Win 7 and found a deal on old stock being liquidated (an Acer manufactured in 2014). I just noticed a sticker on it that says M-Disc ready. Kind of surprising.
9:45 PM
Speaking of slightly antiquated media types... I was in a pawn shop the other day and they had about half a rack of HDDVDs
symbol and I are tidying and just found (a) "Biology with CBC" on 3.5" floppy and (b) a CD-R labeled "2001 shareware freeware and demos"
I think we need to find out what's on the latter
10:15 PM
AHA!!! I have solved my apache on win10 issue
A: Apache Server (xampp) doesn't run on Windows 10 (Port 80)

bjorkblomYou may need to terminate SQL Server Reporting Services as well.

@Burgi This drove me up the wall with my Server 2012 box
I just port forwarded 80->8080 at the router instead.
That Question really needs those answers to be consolidated...
i know
i think only a mod could do that
@Burgi Not something a mod normally does ...
wouldn't they delete all the old answers after a community wiki article was created?
@Burgi You could, of course, write a new canonical question and answer on Super User which is a consolidation of the answers on the Stack Overflow question ...
@Burgi Community Wikis are no longer in favour and are not used very much.
10:29 PM
the consolidated answer would be lost at the bottom of the lost with no votes or views
if you remind me tomorrow evening i'll write a canonical Q/A
@Burgi Exactly.
@DavidPostill aww crap now i'll actually have to do it... ;)
@Burgi There you go. I've pinned a reminder for you :)
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