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11:11 PM
@McDonald's errr. I switched ports on the switch and it works normally
@JourneymanGeek Well that's a rather belated reply..
Oh... no it's just a very long and drawn out convo ha
@MichaelFrank I was asleep
@bwDraco ahh. If its a similar problem, bringing it back to life would be plausible
@Rahul2001 Overbroad. Depends on wht the sound is ;p
11:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek The Phantom Rickshaw - Illuminata 🎶
@Burgi your real problem is you are running Apache on Windows 10
dev environment!
apache on OSX is really buggered at the moment
Dude. Virtual machines
11:45 PM
i just wish i'd kicked my GF out earlier so i could have got some work done
who has time for VMs?
tbh i tried to get vagrant working on win10 and that was mega faff
I installed ESXi on one of my spare boxes the other day... Now I have VMs!
@Burgi scratch that who has time for getting an SO
significant other
superfluous otter
11:55 PM
@Avery ah now, you see i was rather clever. i have a legacy girlfriend running in a VM.
@JourneymanGeek WSL
windows subsystem for linux
@Burgi it's kinda hard to emulate men
@Avery its easy! just drink beer and talk "sports" loudly
at least thats what i do ;P
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